3 Essential Supplements That Can Reduce Anxiety and Depression Along With Improving Health


In this busy and hectic work schedule, we all find ourselves suffering from major fatigue, lower energy levels, and shut down of the brain just after the start of the day. We remove the dizziness we only rely on a hot cup of coffee to get the energy we need. However, this is not the best or an appropriate alternative that gives you enough energy you require to increase your productivity.

One of the major causes behind chronic diseases like depression is due to deficiencies of essential nutrients, medication side effects, workload, inimical agricultural activities, and pressure on the mind due to traveling for work purposes.

So how do we keep ourselves productive at the workplace and reduce our sufferings from such depression and anxiety issues? Here, we are mentioning three essentials supplements that boost your health instantly and help you work more productively.


Magnesium is a vital nutrient that plays a crucial role in biochemical processes that involves optimizing the mitochondrial function, regulates blood sugar level, creation of ATP, and activates nerves & muscles. Magnesium helps absorption and metabolism of calcium, phosphorus, sodium, Vitamin D and potassium which is crucial for one who is suffering from anxiety and depression

Vitamin B12

Deficiency of Vitamin B12 leads to symptoms like low energy, mood disorders, fatigue, irritability, bad memory, cancer, and learning issues. Consulting your doctor or taking Vitamin B12 supplements can help remove these issues.


A small amount of zinc daily can aid in maintaining good health and improve the essential daily functioning of the body. Deficiency of zinc leads to myriad diseases and symptoms like ADHD, seizure aggression, chronic depression, and even sometimes violence.