5 Benefits of Donkey Kick Exercise


If you are looking to tone up your butt without the use of any equipment and strenuous moves then donkey kick is the perfect workout for you. Otherwise known as quadruped bent-knee hip extension, it came to be popularly known as donkey kick because of the movement literally looking like it. Donkey kick is a great exercise for building up core strength, helping with mobility, and improving balance.

What makes donkey kick effective in tightening and toning the rear end is that it targets the deep muscles of the gluteal region, specifically the gluteus maximus, working on which can really give a lift to the butt. It is a convenient alternative for squats, as squats while being effective in lifting the butt, can put a considerate amount of strain on your knee joints. What else makes it exceptional is that it has several variations that can be adopted and modified according to different fitness levels.

Apart from just targeting the glutes, this specific exercise imparts several other benefits to the body, which will be covered in this article.

Benefits Imparted By Donkey Kick On The Body
As mentioned before, you do not have to worry about attaining certain other body strengths to proceed with this specific exercise because this can be done by casual exercisers as well, and it makes a great warm-up exercise too.

  1. Gives The Booty A Lift
    Being effective in specifically targeting the gluteal muscles, donkey kicks can help tighten, strengthen, and lift up your booty in no time, given that the action is performed appropriately. They can really shape up your booty and provide firmness to it as well.

  2. Improves Range of Motion
    Donkey kicks also target the shoulders, hips, and core, therefore by targeting these areas it can help improve mobility.
  3. Improves Balance
    Targeting the core means that donkey kicks also help with improving stability. Thereby proving as a great exercise for preventing age-related balance issues.

  4. Builds Up Core Strength

As donkey kicks help improve muscle strength without putting strain on the joints, along with improving range of motion and balance, and burning body fat, therefore, they help in building up core strength and can considerably lessen the risk of injury.

  • Improves Posture
    Let’s face it, we all need posture improvement even if we do not sit at office desks for a long period of time. To make matters worse, bad posture leads to the development of backbone issues which only worsen with time and can cause great discomfort in performing day-to-day activities. Donkey kicks target the hip region, hence also affecting the lower back muscles and supporting them and the spine.

Can Help With Weight Loss
Finding the right workout moves to facilitate in weight loss goal can become a headache, especially when you are not much of a gym person.However, donkey kicks can help you achieve lean muscles, while increasing physical strength, as they target multiple muscles at once without being much of a pain on the joints.