5 Best waterfalls in the world where you should visit


In this world, there are many travelers. Some of them love the mountains; the rest love the jungle and the sea. If you are a mountain lover then you are bound to fall in love with the waterfalls also. When the cascade comes down through the mountain, it can’t be realized without seeing it with your eyes. If you are planning to visit such places, then look for spice jet booking for any other flight booking in advance to avail some discounts.

The best waterfalls in the world that you should visit are

·         Jog Falls, India

·         Niagara Falls, New York, and Ontario

·         Angel Falls, Venezuela

·         Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

·         Gullfoss Falls, Iceland

Below are the waterfalls shots that will help you

1.The majestic Jog Falls

In India, Jog or Joga is the 2nd steepest waterfall. It is located in the state of Karnataka. This fall flows over the river Sharabhati. Seeing its flow is bound to catch your eye. In the rainy season, its beauty becomes more apparent. This fall is created by the river and drops 253m(830 ft). This is the third-highest waterfall in India after Nohkalikai in Meghalaya and Dudhsagar in Goa.

When is the best time to go here?

The month of April to July is the best time to visit this place. This is a must-visit to have an impeccable experience.

2.The famous Niagara Falls

If you want to see two countries together, you must come here. Niagara Falls is located on the border of the US via New York and Canada. This falls is linked with the US by the Rainbow Bridge. The height of this falls at 167 feet. The scenic beauty of these falls is fascinating. Its form can be felt in a great way by both the countries.

When is the best time to go here?

If you see the beauty of the rainbow and blue skies, you should visit this place between May and September.

3.The enchanting Angel falls

Angel is the world’s highest singular waterfall. It is located in Venezuela. Venezuela is also a remarkable place for tourists. Angel Falls is honored for one more reason. It’s considered a world heritage site. This marvelous fall is also famous when the great explorer sir Walter Raleigh discovered the city of El Dorado.

When is the best time to go here?

The most beautiful time to go here is between June and December. That time the water level was also high enough and the view was impossibly beautiful.

4.The captivating Victoria Falls

There is no doubt that Victoria is one of the most famous waterfalls on the earth. It is located on the border of Zimbabwe. The largest waterfall in Victoria is famed for swiftly falling water; all of the visitors who have come here described the beauty as ‘lifetime achievement’. Once in a lifetime, you have the opportunity to see such a beautiful scene. These iconic falls are technically not tallest, It is largest (355ft or 107 meters)

When is the best time to go here?

The best view for the clearest skies is in the middle of March and August. At this time water is full to the brim.

5. The celestial Gullfoss Falls

The world’s most iconic waterfall is Gullfoss. It is situated in Iceland. These waterfalls are the only snow-capped facade in the world. The cascade is 104 ft(32 meters) only. You won’t find such ice-toned beauty anywhere else. Gullfoss offered a sizable sight of this place.

When is the best time to go here?

The recline of Iceland, Summer is the ideal time to visit this place. The best glow over cliffs is around 3 to 4 pm.

Therefore, if the rainy season is your favorite time for traveling, then you should unquestionably go out to see the places above.