This post is based on the 5 Most Beautiful Canal Cities in the World other than Venice that one must visit in 2020.

Not only Venice is famous for its water canals! Many years ago, such city’s feature had a crucial strategic significance – it helped citizens to trade their goods and earn money. Today, the original reason is not that important. However, canals became very attractive tourist attractions, enchanting people with small boats and one of a kind view.

So today, together with our friends from Travel Ticker, let’s take a tour to five beautiful cities in the world built on water!

Here below are most beautiful and amazing Canal Cities to visit in this vacation season in the world that are other than Venice.

  1. The Dutch capital city Amsterdam is the most famous city built on the water after Venice. It is literally carved with hundreds of water channels located all over the city. It is indeed the channels that give the city a romantic and informal spirit and leaves no room for cold Europeanism. In addition, the water creates the perfect harmony with the beautiful stone buildings.

beautiful canal cities in the world

The most romantic place for dinner for two in Amsterdam is on a barge or boat. As you walk along the channels, we firmly recommend visiting the old town, and the outstanding artists district Jordan.

2. Suzhou city in China, which is nearly half plunged in water, known as the Venice of the East. In fact, almost along all the narrow sidewalks, you will also find water channels. Citizens often use boats and this form of transportation is also offered to tourists as well. Such boat tours will gift you an incredible opportunity to admire the city, which for centuries has been an important economic and cultural center of the Eastern world.

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Suzhou and the surrounding areas are also famous for their high-quality silk, which made the city flourished. In fact, all the money earned from the silk trade was invested in city’s infrastructure and made it more beautiful as well. Here you can also admire the beauty of the gardens overhanging water channels, which over time has become a major tourist attraction.

3. St. Petersburg, in Russia, is famous not only for its white nights but also because of an unusual location. The city is situated on 100 islands, and the main Neva River meanders through the city way to the Gulf of Finland. However, apart from the Neva, a lot of other small rivers and man-made canals flow through the city. So much of water gives this historic city it a unique charm without any doubt.


One of the most popular ways of getting to know the city is by the boat. In addition, the Neva River is regularly full of steamboats as well, so you might get lucky to admire this city’s beauty from one of these too. This is one of the  most beautiful canal city in the world other than Venice that you must visit with your spouse and family.

4. In Copenhagen, channels range the city, like the body is varied by blood vessels while bike trails encircle the entire city too. So a boat is really an excellent way to get to know this city. However, we recommend you to spend more time in one of the most popular areas of the modern capital of Denmark New Port.


Life here does not stop for a minute: during the day hordes of tourists visit this district. Its colorful houses, artificial channels, and a vast array of moored sail boats indeed are worth a shot. At night, locals and travelers visit New Port to relax and have fun before the dawn at various bars and nightclubs there, so here you will have what to do both at day and at night.

5. An excellent way to get to know Bangkok is to “cruise” in its rivers and canals. During these excursions you can see all the Thai capital’s exclusivity for sure. Here, in addition, to the high skyscrapers, centuries-old temples and traditional buildings with the “falling” roofs create a very extraordinary but charming panorama. Moreover, in Bangkok the so-called Ruea Hang Yao are pretty popular too – they are long-tailed boats, which will let to travel even through the tightest city channels and enjoy city’s beauty even better.

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Another symbol of Bangkok are floating markets. There you can buy local delicacies, vegetables, marine products, spices and get a good taste of the original Thai cuisine you will love!

We hope these most beautiful canal cities in the world that are other than Venice can help you in setting your vacation plan with friends and family.