6 Perfect Honeymoon Locations For Adventurous Couples


Romance is in the heart of every human, even the most reserved individuals. And when you find someone you want to spend most of your life with, sealing it up with an incredible honeymoon comes to mind.

Your honeymoon must be a moment to reflect on where you’ve started and where you’re going. But it’s also a time for pleasure, fun, and thrill. Away from the world. Away from friends. Away from family. Away from all the distractions on social media and every other digital attachment. It’s a time to connect with your partner and set the pace for a long-life connection and friendship.

There are many reasons why people opt for a particular honeymoon location. For some couples, the location might be what they have always dreamt of visiting. For other individuals, it might be because of the reputation of the city for being a romantic destination, and people even choose a destination based on some distinct desires – it might be as simple as preferring the destination because it affords them to find legal sites to play slots online and make money while having fun.

Six Places To Enjoy A Romantic Honeymoon

Everyone wants to be immersed in beauty and adventure during a vacation. There are several continents in the world, and they all offer what you seek – happiness. We have found these six places for you for a fun-filled adventure.

1. Switzerland

There are several things to do in Switzerland, and one of them is to immerse yourself in the Alpine beauty. The beautiful country features some of the finest hills, lakes, snowy Alps, forests, and farms. You will find hills to go hiking in if you want to spend quality time around nature. And if you want fun and pleasure, you can go skiing. You can even go boating in Rhine Falls or go for wine-tasting events in some of the best breweries in the country.

If you’re up for fun, you can go paragliding in Interlaken to have an amazing view of the lakes and mountains while floating in the air. You can even go surfing in a cable car, ride to the peak of Mount Pilatus to see the alpine scenery, and still cruise in a boat later. You can also see through the power of cascading waters at Rhine Falls while holding your partner’s hand or sharing passionate kisses.

And if you want to go to Europe’s highest-altitude railway station at Jungfraujoch, you can take a train to the 3,353 meters above sea level location for a spectacular time with nature. There is also a chance to tour the beautiful cities by car without missing a beat of any fun places you’d love to go.

2. Reunion Island

This is a place for a fancy honeymoon on a secluded beach with an absolute sprinkle of exoticness. You can start by cruising around in some of the finest rivers, watching dolphins do their thing, going for an underwater sub-scooter flex, and paragliding.

If you want more adventures, you can start by seeing the active volcano of Piton de La Fournaise, see the canyon at Trou de Fer, visit the Piton des Neiges, go hiking at Cilaos, Salazie, and immerse yourself in the beautiful waterfall at Takamaka Valley.

3. Singapore

If you have seen Crazy Rich Asians and loved the characters, the movie, and the songs, some of the scenes were shot in Singapore. It’s a place for skyscrapers, luxury shopping, and nightlife.

This doesn’t exonerate going wild when you want to. You can start by going to the gardens by the Bay, visiting the Marina Bay Sands for the museums and resorts, and catching a glimpse of the entire city from the Skypark Observation Deck.

You can hold hands, visit the world’s finest rainforest zoo – the Singapore Zoo, and be stunned by nature. And if you want to try some Chinese food, go to Chinatown, a city bustling with excitement and hustle. You can also flex at some of the finest beaches like Tanjong Beach, Siloso Beach, Palawan Beach, Changi Beach, Lazarus Island, and East Coast Beach. All these are places of merry and thrill.

4. The Balkans

If you’re a sucker for culture and would love to experience one of the finest in Europe, go to the Balkan region. This place has a cultural, scenic charm that leaves you anticipating more. You can indulge in watersports, flex in the many historical museums, have candle dinners, and visit different countries in the region.

Since you want adventure, you can go to places like the Peles Castle in Romania, Lake Ohrid in Macedonia and Albania, Lake Bled in Slovenia, and many other places in the region for boat cruising, skiing, and other variety of fun. You can as well go to the Krka National Park in Croatia, which houses waterfalls, crystal waters, and stunning mountains, or visit Mostar in Bosnia and Herzegovina, a place with perfect nightlife scenery.

Adventurous couples can also visit the Stari Most Bridge, called the Old Bridge, for one of the finest cultures of Turkish heritage. You can also see the hilltop temple monument at the Acropolis of Athens, the interlinking waterfalls at Plitvice Lakes National Park, the monastery in Meteora, and the Athenian temple in ruins, Parthenon. These are extremely historical places, but you can have extraordinary fun there.

5. Venice, Italy

If you want something that feels like France in Italy, it’s Venice. The City of Water is where you may get butterflies in your lover’s belly again. There are tiny 118 islands in the city, but you’d find many canals and about 400 romantic bridges like the Rialto Bridge for a romantic adventure.

You can also visit the Doge’s Palace, a Gothic-style museum, the Saint Mark’s Basilica, a cathedral gilded with domes, and the Grand Canal. If you’re looking for a place with friendly locals and adventure, Venice is the place, and going boat cruising is one of the most pleasing things to do.

6. San Francisco

San Francisco is one of the finest places to go if you’re from the US and don’t want to step out of the States. It has some unforgettable sights, and you can start from Big Sur. You can take a long drive into the place and visit the Bixby Creek Bridge and the Point Sur Lighthouse.

You can also try Angel Island State Park, your go-to place for a romantic proposal. Also, consider getting on ferry rides at the park and freeze your excitement with the clicks of pictures. You can also go hiking at the Twin Peaks to experience the scene, exhaustion, and pleasure. San Francisco has the perfect scenery and places to make your vacation pleasurable, adventurous, and memorable.

The Bottom Line

Your honeymoon can be a lot better if you visit the right places. If you love pleasure, ease, and adventure, visit Switzerland, Reunion Island, Singapore, The Balkans, Venice, and San Francisco.

All these locations offer a complete experience that will last a lifetime. Once you’ve decided to go on a honeymoon with your partner, there is no need to delay your plans. You can start planning as soon as possible to get the best deal and spend a few days away from familiar environments in one of the most adventurous locations in the world.

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