7 Stunning Designer Blouse Back Neck for a Perfectly Stylish Look


If you are planning to make heads turn in a gorgeous saree, then look no further.

With sarees, a lot of your overall look doesn’t only depend on the saree of your choice but the blouse you decide to pair it up with; after all a blouse can make or break the look of your saree.

For instance, a simple saree can level up your wardrobe game if paired with the right blouse while at the same time, a gorgeous saree can be just a piece of clothing if paired with the wrong blouse.

We’re sure by now, you understand that if you want to sport a gorgeous saree, the blouse is key.

Now, knowing that your blouse can make or break your look, we have enlisted some exclusive e designs that you must consider for your blouse.

1.    A round neck blouse

One of the most basic blouse neck designs on this list, a round neck is perfect for daily wear sarees. It should be your go-to design if you prefer to keep things simple yet classy.

We all love sarees but none of us deny the hassle that it takes to wear one, so a round neck blouse will at least help minimize it. These blouses are evergreen and suitable for all body types. Further, this classy pick can make your simple embroidered saree beautiful.

2.    Square neck blouse

Women who are thin and lean, listen carefully because a square neck blouse is rather apt for your body type.l. The thing with square neck blouses is that it gives you a sophisticated look without much trouble.

However, square neck blouses can also be easily tampered with, so tailoring plays a crucial role here. Be sure to go to the right tailor to get the perfect look.

If you are based in Bangalore, explore designer blouse stitching in Bangalore and choose someone with good experience in tailoring.

3.    High neck blouses

High neck blouses are somewhere in the middle of Chinese collar blouses and close neck blouses. So, look at it as a mix of the two.

For simple saree lovers, high neck blouses can give your look an edgy vibe.. For women with well-toned collar bones and elongated necks, a high neck blouse is a must-have!

You can easily be a show-stopper at the party if a high neck blouse is paired with the right saree, which is usually easy to find. And let’s not deny it, who doesn’t love the attention! 😉

4.    Chinese collar blouse

Not many people know this but Chinese collar blouses are inspired by classic Mandarin blouse necks. The season for Chinese collars seems to never go away because people are in such awe of this look.

Pair Chinese collars with embroidered cotton sarees and gawk at yourself in the mirror. These blouses require minimal tailoring, so a win-win for both – you and your tailor.

5.    Princess neck blouse

A princess neck blouse is one of the extremely versatile designs that allow you to flaunt your shoulders and neck. Pairing something simple like an embroidered saree can do wonders with a princess neck blouse.

6.    Sweetheart neck blouse

Sweetheart neck blouse is often underrated but personally, it is one of my favorites. It makes you look admirable, especially if you are gifted with an hourglass body.

7.    Halter neck blouse

This one is in total rage right now. A halter neck blouse highlights your back muscles. So, if you have a sexy back, what’s stopping you from flaunting it? Use fabrics like chiffon or georgette, and don’t forget to tell your tailor how much skin you wish to show.

In the end, let me conclude this think-piece with one final piece of advice, spend and invest equal time in deciding upon your blouse than you do on your saree. Trust me it makes a big difference and can help you attain your desired saree look.