7 Ways to Freshen Up Rooms with Throw Pillows


Decorative pillows give the interior of any room a special character and unique charm. Firstly, people used them only for sleeping, later throw pillows began to be used as an interior decoration of a house. To freshen up a cloying style, designers advise using the bright spots effect and scattering a lot of beautiful throw cushions around the house.

So why should you have them at your home?

In addition to their ‘direct duties’, designer pillows create a special feeling of coziness and warmth in the house as well as have a positive effect on our emotional state. And if they are also unique, your interior will get one-of-a-kind.

How to use them to achieve harmony in the interior?

We are going to be looking at 7 ways you can use when freshening up the rooms.

Choose Main Color

If there is any piece of furniture in your room that creates a splash of color and brightness, make sure the rest of the room’s furnishings highlight it. The interior shot through with such elements looks unified.

If the color steals the show, the interior design gets boring. To avoid this, add another color to the palette of the room with the pattern on the rest of the pillows. For example, you have a coral ottoman near the sofa. Let the throw pillows with the same color lines highlight the ottoman color. And these amazing purple pillows will help to pick out the main color.

Combine Patterns

With different patterns and their combination, you create intrigue, keep the eye involved in the design. Imagine a pillow with a chevron pattern, then some neutral pillows for balance, and finally a vintage cushion with floral print echoing with most of the shades in the room.

When choosing pillows, you need to imagine their interaction with specific objects in the room, not with the room as a whole. Then, some of them will highlight the beauty of the walls, while others will enhance the color of a couch or carpet. Together they enhance the textures of all objects in the room.

Choose the right combination and the interior of the room becomes a work of art. 

Play with Proportion and Shape

The shape and proportions of decorative pillows can be varied. Round, square, oval, rectangular, hexagonal — all depends on designers’ and your imagination.

Now you can find variants fitting every taste, but if it is difficult to find exactly what you need, you can always sew them by yourself or order the necessary cushions.

Today, roller pillows are often used. They are of an elongated shape and filled with padding. The edges of the roller are usually decorated for your own taste: You can sew braid or tassels or make folds.

Experiment with Materials

Velvet, silk, suede, cotton, linen, wool, rayon, faux fur, sheepskin, and tapestry — you can use any materials. The most important thing when choosing is texture, as many fabrics are not able to “get along” with each other.

For example, such expensive fabrics as brocade, velvet, and metalized fabrics, are unlikely to be appropriate for ordinary upholstery, you need to decorate them with something.

If there is a leather sofa in your room and you want to decorate it, use organic fabrics like linen to get the contrast between a piece of furniture and decoration stuff.

Don’t Forget about Finishing

Tassels, embroidery, fringe, beads, sequins, cords, lace, and buttons — now the choice of finishes is simply huge, especially for designer pillows.

When choosing material for finishing, it is important to determine whether it will harmonize with the fabric. If you decorate cushions, for example, with cords, pay attention to their ensemble with the interior of the room and select the cords in the same style — art deco, modern, country, hi-tech.

Pay Attention to Size

Firstly, determine the number of pillows on the sofa: There should not be a few as well as a lot. Try to strike a balance. Three to seven pillows will be enough for a composition on the sofa.

The easiest and most appropriate way for decorating a seating area is to use throw pillows of the same size. But their size should conform to the size of the sofa. As many modern sofas are very wide, using a common size will not look very appropriate.

Highlight the Accents

Such a simple and small thing as a throw pillow gives great possibilities to your interior. It has a bright focus and usually serves aesthetic purposes. They can be used to decorate any area of ​​your home — children’s room, bedroom, study, kitchen, or even porch.

The interior is a reflection of your personality. Psychological and emotional well-being will depend on how your home is decorated and organized.

The Bottom Line

Be creative in organizing the interior and use decorative cushions to create bright accents in your home. They will bring to your home a feeling of warmth, beauty, style, and comfort.