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Are the white Spots over your fingernails making you worried??

Well, we understand your concern. Though this is not a big health issue but their appearance still makes you worried. Rather, you should be. The healthiness of nails is equally important as the healthiness of the entire body. In some of the people you may find these white spots in the form of tiny dots or lines whereas in some others you may find it in big dots that are expanded. So, it varies from person to person and so do the causes. There are certain causes that result in these white spots on nails:



  • Any injury to the nail
  • Inadequacy of minerals and proteins in the body
  • Infection caused due to fungus
  • Due to allergy
  • Manicures done very frequently

Any of the above could be your reason and if not, then it is better to consult your doctor to know the exact cause. But there is no harm in following few home remedies that can help you to get rid of such white marks completely. There are no side effects and the results are just mind blowing.



Apple Cider Vinegar is enriched with anti-fungal properties and this makes it an outstanding home remedy for curing white spots over the fingernails. Take consistent quantity of apple cider vinegar and water in a bowl. Put it over your nails and permit it stay for 15 minutes. Then wash your hands with regular water.

Be a regular follower of this home treatment and you will see the ridges disappearing in no time. To add on, you can even prepare a fungicide scrub with this ingredient. Make a paste with some rice flour and little ACV. Scrub your nails gently with this paste. This will eliminate all the dead skin cells and keep your nails healthy.


Another pick from your kitchen is: White Vinegar. Take a bowl full of lukewarm water and the quantity of vinegar should be half of it. Now drench your fingernails into this liquid for 15 minutes. Then dry your nails in order to ward off fungus. Isn’t it a simple yet wonderful recipe? Do give it a try.

Mind you, in case if you feel any sort of infliction, reduce the quantity of vinegar. Stick to this remedy for a month and the results will make you happy at heart.


Orange oil is also an effectual home treatment to clear off the white patches popped up over your fingernails. You can even use this oil by mixing other oils to it. The ratio of orange oil should be equal to those of other oils. Use a dropper or cotton to apply it and give yourself a good rest for an hour. Then wash your hands thoroughly with moderately warm water.

Note – Do pre-examine the effect of oil over skin. Take a drop or two and check if you are not allergic to it and then only go for this remedy.


Tea tree oil is a magical medicament that has the potential to treat numerous skin issues. For treating white spots, take little olive oil and merge it with tea tree oil. The remedy is ready for the use. Apply this commixture to your nails and allow it to persist there for 15 odd minutes. Then you can wash your hands with lukewarm water. You will definitely experience its magic.


Garlic has accilin within it which is a known component to prevent the emersion of fungus. Thus, the oil of garlic also comes out as a superb treatment of white patches over the finger nails. What you need to do is – Unify garlic oil with an equilibrated amount of vinegar to make a perfect home remedy for curing ridges in nails. Apply this mixture over your nails and wrap it with a bandage or a cloth.


The ridges in the nails are not a good sign and so needs to be cured instantly. Baking soda is one such home remedy that restricts the further formation white patches over the nails and cures the existing ones. The remedy requisites are:

  • One-fourth cup of Peroxide
  • Half cup of Epsom salt
  • Half cup of baking soda
  • Four cups of hot water

Mix all the above ingredients and home remedy is ready to use. But before you put this concoction make sure to plunge your nails into one-fourth cup of vinegar for one minute. Then apply this homemade remedy. When applied, cover your nails with a soft cloth.


Continue to follow this procedure for one month. If you are sincere enough to do so, this home treatment for white patches will leave you speechless.

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Lemon is a rich source of Vitamin C and so, citric acid is also present in abundance in it. This makes it capable enough to restrict the emersion of bacteria which are responsible to cause infection over the nails. This infection is then visible in the form of white spots or patches on the nails.

Just squeeze the juice of lemon and put it directly on the nails. Now forget it for ten minutes and then cleanse your hands with moderately warm water. Keep doing this treatment for a month regularly to get completely rid of white spots over your nails. You can even mix lemon juice with olive oil and give a gentle massage to your nails.


Listerine mouthwash is regarded as a medicated solution which works surprisingly well as a bactericide. Take a small bowl and merge lemon juice, Listerine and vinegar into it. Now put it over your nails with the help of cotton and allow it to rest for 10 to 15 minutes. Then wash your hands with normal water.


Vicks Vaporub also serves as a wonderful home remedy to flaunt your healthy nails. You will just need to apply it over your nails and then cover them with a patch (bandage). But before you apply, do not miss to properly wash your hands and cut the extra grown nails. Let your hands dry and then only put the Vicks Vaporub.


Oregano oil is nothing less than a perfect remedy for curing white marks on fingernails. In order to cure white spots, mingle a few drops of olive oil with oregano oil and apply it over the nail. You can take the help of cotton ball. Follow it punctually for some weeks and the results will leave you amazed.


Coconut oil is said to be an efficacious antimycotic agent – an agent that restricts the growth of fungi. You need to do is: Dip a cotton ball in the coconut oil and apply it over the impacted area. Replicate the same thrice in a day and see the results.

Also, being a fungicidal, coconut oil restricts the nails from getting in contact with moisture. Hence, this precludes the emergence of fungus over the nails. So overall, this turns to be an amazing home remedy to cure the problem of white patches on nails.


Vitamin E oil is also an incredible way to get rid of the problem of white spots over the nails. All you need is a cotton ball to swiftly apply Vitamin E oil over the affected nails. Do it whenever you mind remind you! The more you apply the quicker will the results.


Strip the skin off from an onion and cut it into the circular slices. Rub it over the septic nails which have white spots over it. Make it a habit to follow this treatment twice in a day and you will experience its effect in no time.

  1. YOGURT:

Yogurt is considered to be a pro-biotic edible that aids in the treatment of white marks on finger nails. All you need to do is to just put some amount of yogurt over the white patches on nails. Let it stay there for some time and then clean it with water.

Apart from the above home remedies, you need to take care of few other things as well. Protein plays a significant role in keep your nails healthy. So, always intake a diet that is copious with protein element. Milk, cottage cheese, fish, chickpeas, peanuts, chicken and baked beans are some of those foods which contain protein in abundance.


Lavender oil is bestowed with multiple uses to treat fungal related problems. It not only works as an astounding remedy to heal white marks on fingernails but also cures the problem of discoloration. Apply this oil on to the nails and then wrap it with a soft cloth. This will enable the oil to engulf effectively.



All you need to do is:-

  • Keep yourself hydrated as much as you can. Make it a habit to drink three to four liters of water every day.
  • Add more of green veggies and healthy fruits to your daily diet. This would also strengthen the immune system of your body
  • Always keep your nails neat and clean – away from any sort of dirt
  • In order to get rid of toxic elements from your body, it is advisable to drink cranberry juice on regular basis
  • Immediately confer with a doctor in case the white spots over your nails are progressing and stringing out.


All that you don’t need to do:

  • Do not apply nail paint over your nails
  • Do not get worried on finding tiny white spots over your nails because they are of no harm at all. Moreover they get vanished soon.
  • Reduce the intake of white sugar as it promotes the development of fungus
  • Stay in less humid environment


Hope this piece of information helps you to ‘Just take a little more care of yourself!’ Do leave your comments and please share your feedback.

Mouth Ulcers: Types, Causes, Symptoms And Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Them

Mouth Ulcers can be called as the synonym of pain, discomfort, irritation and annoyance in one or the other sense. They are something that will take your comfort away from every angle, if not treated properly. There are lots of reasons behind their emergence; so there are many ways too to get rid of them. In this article, you will go through every bit and byte about mouth ulcers which will serve as a guide to you.


Mouth ulcers can attack people of any age. You will be surprised to know that even mouth ulcers are of different types and one can easily differentiate them according to their symptoms. Generally, there are types of mouth ulcers:

MINOR ULCERS: As the name speaks, minor ulcers are the small sized ulcers that cover the diameter of about 2mm to 8mm. In comparison to the other types of ulcers, minor ulcers take less duration to get mopped up; ranging around 10 to 15 days. They are less painful to those of other types.


MAJOR ULCERS: The name clarifies that these types of ulcers are larger in size as compared to the minor ulcers. The roots of major ulcers are hidden deeper into the skin tissues and hence they take various weeks to be recovered. Such ulcers normally have an aroused border and are blamed to leave the scrapes behind even after they are cured.


HERPETIFORM ULCERS: Herpetiform Ulcers are also termed as Herpes Ulcers and these are caused due to the herpes virus. They are commonly found in clumps and appear like pocket-sized pinheads. The worst part of HU is that they can re-occur speedily even after being cured and the situation always gets worst every time they pop up.


One fine thing about HU is that it is not transmittable like the herpes is. Moreover, it has also been discovered that HU occurs more in females than in males. Also, it attacks the aged adults in good number.


Apart from the above three, most common type of ulcers is the standard ulcers. They pop up on the inner side of the cheeks and takes about a week’s time to get cured. These are painless and even get healed without any medical treatment.



As mentioned; mouth ulcers are painful and the trouble can even get toughest to bear especially on the intake of drink, food or bad oral hygiene. So, one must know the symptoms of mouth ulcers so that necessary medical intervention can be taken on time without any delay. The symptoms of mouth ulcers could be any of the below:


For the Standard Type of ulcers:


  • Infliction around the sore portion
  • Annoyance in the impacted area
  • Swallowing becomes troublesome
  • Beginning of pain close to the sore area


For Minor & Major Ulcers:


  • Appearance of circular shaped wounds that are yellow, gray or white in color from the mid and is with red bordered
  • One or more dreadful sores cropped up over the tongue, cap of the mouth or over the cheeks
  • On the uttermost eruptions of mouth ulcers, the sufferer can also feel lethargic with fever and puffiness in glands


For Herpetiform Ulcers:


  • Unending infection thus resulting into their rapid reoccurrence
  • Increment in the size of the sores
  • Can emerge at anyplace inside the mouth
  • Gradually merging in one another to form big and getting worst each day
  • Highly painful and not getting cured within a week


The causes of mouth ulcers differ from one person to the other and so one cannot detect their actual cause. But there are few common causes that are responsible to give birth to the problem of mouth ulcers. The causes could be any among these:

  • Laying off to the habit of smoking instantly
  • Any dental set up that is causing fray to your gums and mouth like: braces, poor-fitting of dental plates or any other
  • Any injury in the mouth
  • Daily consumption of very spicy food, citrus fruits or the food which are responsible for sourness
  • Hereditary reasons
  • By mistake biting of cheek or tongue
  • Regular intake of medications like pain killers and beta-adrenergic blocking agents
  • Tension or anxiousness
  • Intestinal issues
  • Oral cavities
  • Weak immunity system
  • Changes of hormones during menopause, pubescence and maternity
  • Due to any peculiar medical condition
  • Excess inadequacy of nutrition, iron or Vitamin B12 in the body



You need not to go anywhere outside to search for remedies for mouth ulcers. There is almost everything present right in your kitchen. All you need to do is to accumulate them. We bring best 15 home remedies that will help you in treating and healing mouth ulcers very quickly. In the meantime, these remedies will also work as a pain reliever to you.

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Turmeric is considered to be a marvelous antiseptic and antibiotic to cure the infections internally and externally both. So, there is no doubt that how effective its anti-inflammatory and disinfectant qualities will be, to heal mouth ulcers speedily.


What needs to be done – Take a rough bowl and make a paste by mixing one tablespoon of water and two tablespoons of turmeric in it. Now, with the help of a finger apply it over the mouth ulcer and let it remain there for two to three minutes. Then clean your mouth with normal water. Do the same twice in a day; morning and evening, till the ulcers get cured.



Epsom salt is copious in those minerals which possess antibacterial attributes when put over the mouth ulcer. Hence the remedy is really effectual.


What needs to be done – Your requisites are: One glass of moderately warm water along with two tablespoons of Epsom salt. Now mix it well till the salt completely dissolves. The remedy for curing mouth ulcer is ready. Just gargle with this solution for a minute or two and then mouthwash with normal water. It is advisable to gargle with Epsom salt for about twice to thrice during a day.



The allicin present in garlic gives it the power to fight against the bacteria and germs causing infections. Hence it becomes easy in treating any sort of infections very effectively.


What needs to be done – You will need to take one garlic clove and cut it into half. Now gently and slowly rub it over your mouth ulcer for about two minutes. Then leave your mouth as it is with the effect of garlic clove. After half an hour, wash your mouth with regular water. If comfortable, try doing this thrice in a day.



The cabbage juice is highly rich in anti-inflammatory properties which also aids in curing the problem of mouth ulcers.


What needs to be done – water and one raw cabbage are the requisites. Take a container and pour water into it. Now boil the cabbage into it till you find the water is left half in quantity. Then pour out the left over water into a glass and keep sipping it. This remedy will serve as a reliever against pain caused due to mouth ulcers. As there are no side effects of the same, you can consume three to four glasses of this cabbage water in a day.


  1. HONEY:

When it comes to cure mouth ulcers, honey is a beautiful gift of nature that provides relief against the irritation caused by them. Being a germicide, honey is plentiful of the qualities that help in curing any sort of injuries.

What needs to be done – All you have to do is to take a little honey on your finger and put it over the ulcers. Allow it to stay for some time there. Make sure your hands are properly washed before you do so else the infection might spread due to unhygienic reasons. Repeat the procedure within every hour or two.

This remedy fastens the healing treatment of the mouth ulcer thereby keeping it away from any sort of infection. Moreover, it also abbreviates the discomfort and puffiness caused due to mouth ulcers.


A virgin coconut oil is also a clinically proven medical treatment for mouth ulcers. It serves as an ‘anodyne’ which means something that provides relief against pain.  The anti-inflammatory and disinfectant qualities are present in abundance in this oil. All these factors help to treat mouth ulcers naturally thereby minimizing infliction and swelling caused due to it.

What needs to be done – Swob two to three drops of virgin coconut oil on the mouth ulcer and leave it over. Try doing it for few more times during the day. For more effective result, do not forget to apply the virgin coconut oil over ulcers before going to sleep. This will make the oil stay for a longer duration without any disturbance.

  1. ALUM:

Alum has been very efficacious in inhibiting and destructing those micro-organisms that creates health issues in various parts of the digestive system in the body. All the credit goes to its antimicrobic qualities. Thus alum serves out to be an awesome remedy for healing mouth ulcers.

What needs to be done – you will require three things: water, cotton ball and crystals of alum. Now squelch the crystals of alum into a fine powder. Then soak the cotton ball in clean water and squeeze the excess water. Plunge the cotton ball into that alum powder and right away put it over the mouth ulcer. Let that stay over it for one to two minutes and then properly wash your mouth after removing it. Replicate this procedure only twice a day.

Attention – Mind you that alum might prick a bit, so have a mind set for the same.


Orange juice is robust source of Vitamin C. As per a research, it has been found that even the inadequacy of Vitamin C also causes mouth ulcers. So, the best way to regain the contents of vitamin C lies in this remedy. Moreover, Vitamin C boosts the immunity of your body thereby defending all sorts of infections.


What needs to be done – Simple & Sweet! You will just need freshly squeezed orange juice daily to heal mouth ulcers. Keep drinking two glasses of orange juice daily until and unless the mouth ulcers disappear. Moreover, orange juice has many other benefits too; so anyways it is healthy to drink.



Sodium Bicarbonate is the other name of Baking Soda. The antibacterial elements present in it are fully responsible to maintain healthy oral hygiene. It is one of the main ingredients of the kitchen world and also is an amazing remedy for curing mouth ulcers too. Right from providing comfort from the pain; it fastens the cure procedure too.

What needs to be done you will require one tablespoon of water and one teaspoon of baking soda. Take a glass and mix both the essentials in such a manner that it becomes a paste. Then with the help of a finger, put this paste over the mouth ulcers. Wait till it dries a bit and then clean your mouth with normal water. Gargle properly so that it is entirely cleaned.


Salt water is a sort of medicinal drug which is full of antiseptic properties. The gargle with salt water is meant to leave a soothing expression thereby saying goodbye to the annoyance caused by mouth ulcers.

What needs to be done You will require one glass of moderately warm water with one tablespoon of regular salt in it. Merge both of them well and gargle with this solution thoroughly. Once done, clean your mouth with normal water so that you get rid of salty flavor. This remedy can be followed several times during the day.


Apple Cider Vinegar has a long unending list of qualities. Being the king of kitchen, it equally contributes to the medicinal world too. The sourness factors present in it are effective enough to destroy the bacteria causing mouth ulcers thereby curing it.

What needs to be done half cup of lukewarm water and one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar is the requirement of this home remedy to treat mouth ulcers.  Mix both of them well in a glass and the remedy is ready to use. Swoosh this liquid all around the mouth for about two minutes and then gargle your mouth with regular water. It is recommendable to replicate this remedy both the times of the day; morning and evening, daily till the problem of mouth ulcers vanish.


Clove oil is known for its healing properties to treat oral issues very speedily and efficaciously. You are sure to experience a lot of easement when it works on ulcers.

What needs to be done – A cotton ball and clove oil is that you will need for this remedy to treat mouth ulcers. All you need to do is to immerse the cotton ball into clove oil and directly put it over the place of ulcer. Let it be there so that the oil could be sopped up by the skin in order to cure the ulcer. As a piece of advice; before you follow this remedy, wash your mouth with lukewarm water in order to cleanse the entire area around ulcer.

Replicate this remedy of mouth ulcer for about twice to thrice in a day.


Like the others, toothpaste also possesses effective disinfectant elements that fight against the infections and bacteria causing the problem.

What needs to be done The requirements of this remedy are: A toothpaste and Q-tip. With the help of Q-tip, apply the toothpaste over your mouth ulcer and let it stay over it for some time. Then clean your mouth with normal water till the remains of toothpaste are split away. Keep following this therapeutic till the whitening part of the ulcer becomes invisible.

Attention – You are sure to undergo prickling sort of sensation after applying this toothpaste remedy for mouth ulcers. So it is advisable to apply little aloe vera gel later on post to this remedy.

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The core job of cayenne pepper is to render relief from the pain in case of infections. The capsaicin present in it contributes it its hotness which benumbs the painfulness. Hence it also helps in destroying the bugs and germs surrounding the mouth ulcer.

What needs to be done Cayenne powder and a Q-tip are needed for this remedy. Put a slender layer of cayenne with q-tip over your mouth ulcers and forget it for few minutes. If you do not have Q-tip you can even use your fingers. Then after some time, rinse your mouth with plain clean water. Repeat the same twice during the day.

Attention – You are sure to go through a slight stinging pain when applied cayenne so be prepared for the same.


Fresh coconut milk serves out to be wondrous home remedy in the treatment of mouth ulcers. You are sure to experience a great comfort from the pain thereby letting you to eat normally. Such is the smoothness of coconut milk!

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 What needs to be done – Coconut Milk is the only required item for this remedy to treat mouth ulcers. Following this remedy is the simplest of all. Take some coconut milk in a glass and gargle your mouth thoroughly with it for few minutes. Then just mouth wash with plain clean water. You are advised to follow this process at least thrice in a day.

These were some of the top home remedies to cure any type of mouth ulcers. They are sure to grant you a sigh of relief. Make a sincere use of them and the results are bound to be in your favor.


Below are the reasons when you should neither delay nor try any sort of remedies rather contact a doctor immediately. So, go through:

  • If you are facing the problem of mouth ulcers frequently
  • Emergence of painless ulcers in the mouth a one or more places
  • If the period elongates for more than three weeks
  • Emersion of ulcers result in fever
  • Ulcers seem expanding to larger area
  • Sort of strange ulcers which pop up in a new manner in the mouth
  • Ulcers are getting enlarged and causing unbearable pain
  • Ulcers caused due to any changed or new medicament

So, it is sincerely advised not to take any chance if any of the above symptoms persist. Kindly contact the doctor at the earliest.


The outgrowth of mouth ulcers is completely unpredictable but there is no harm in not doing those things which can give them birth. Moreover, there is no particular precaution to follow for preventing mouth ulcers. If they have occurred once, they are likely to recur again. All we can take care of is:

  • Always keep your mouth and teeth clean and tidy through brushing and other means to prevent mouth ulcers
  • Some medications do not suit everyone and hence turns out to be the cause of ulcers. So, do have a word with your doctor if there is any such change
  • Say NO to those eatables that can either spark or aggravate the symptoms of mouth ulcers
  • Avoid those things and reasons which have become your cause of mouth ulcers in the past

At least, what lies in our hands is to make efforts to not giving them the chance to emerge intentionally; in fact minify their severity by understanding their causes. Try to stay away from the reasons that are the cause of their growth.

Hope this article proves to be a great help to you. Please comment and let us know about your feedback.


Hickeys can be commonly seen nowadays. A hickey is something that is not for a gender in peculiar; it can happen or be given to both men and women from their beloved partners as the sign of their love making. For few, who wanted it willingly; it is a matter of proud as they do not shy on getting this love mark from their partners rather they love showing it off. But for few others who got it unwillingly, hickey becomes a matter of disgrace. They want to get it removed as soon as possible or they keep hiding it. So, opinion differs. It is true that hickeys are mostly seen in women in comparison to men but then this does not signify that men do not have them. The only difference is that some hickeys are hidden while some can be well interpreted.   Generally, hickeys are neither painful nor dreadful but then situation varies from person to person. Here we bring an article to acknowledge you regarding every little and big thing about hickeys.


A love bite or a kiss mark is generally termed as Hickey. It is a sort of contusion caused due to aggressive sucking, kissing or biting. This aggressiveness ensues in cracking of the small and soft blood vessels, known as capillaries. As a result of which the blood oozes out into the environing tissues making a red colored mark over your skin.



If you are the one who has got hickey unwillingly, then the first question that pops up to your mind is “for how long will it lasts?” Well, do not worry at all because a hickey is not everlasting at all. It withers away with the passing time; leaving no proof behind as if it ever existed. On a general note, hickey usually endures for a week or two and there are two reasons behind why it takes so much time. They are:

  1. Severeness: Some of the hickeys last for such long time and also takes a good time to cure. The length of time taken to heal entirely depends on the amount of destruction caused to the blood capillaries within the skin. The severe the hickeys are, the more time it will demand to mend.
  2. Your own health: Your own health also defines the time period a hickey will take to fleet. The healthier and stronger you are internally, the quicker the hickey will vanish. So, live a life; healthy life!


For the ones who do not feel fine to flaunt their hickey and are looking for the ways to get rid of their hickey, here we bring some of the most amazing home remedies to get rid of hickeys quickly. Check these out:

1. Magic of Massage

This is an awesome home remedy to get rid of hickey is massaging. You can take any essential oil that suits your skin to massage. But yes, you need to do in a proper manner. For this, put two fingers over the affected part and firmly rub it in a round gesture. This massaging should be always done in one direction for first two minutes and then the direction can be changed. Do it for at least 15 minutes and then you can repeat the procedure at any time of the day. Moreover, don’t be surprised if you observe some outlines after the massage. Though it is rare, but nothing to worry about.   Basically, massaging disperses the clogged blood thereby abridging its color. It is believed that the potency of massaging completely counts on the severeness of hickey. So make sure that you do it in the best and right manner for effective results.

2. Rubbing Alcohol

Well, this method of getting rid of hickey will only work if it has been just some hours around after you have got a hickey. The chilling, bactericidal and soothing elements of rubbing alcohol will make you attain your goal speedily. Take a cotton ball to apply alcohol. If not painful, you can a gentle massage through the same. When done, do not forget to put on a moisturizing cream or lotion over it. This is because of the dryness caused by the alcohol. Rubbing alcohol is experienced to be the quickest method to get rid of hickey. But just do it for a day or two and that too twice to thrice in a day. Don’t forget to apply a lotion every time after you are done with it. Isn’t it the simplest home remedy to get rid of hickey?

3. Cocoa Butter

Another effective home remedy indeed! Cocoa butter is an excellent gift of nature to not only cure hickey but also other injuries. It serves to be a fantabulous beauty product by being a natural moisturizer thereby enhancing the development of skin tissues. In order to cure hickey, you will need to massage the affected place with cocoa butter for some duration and leave it for a while. To add on, if you are looking for more effective result, apply cocoa butter after the procedure of warm compress. The results are sure to leave you amazed.

4. Arnica Salve

Arnica Salve is a clinically tested and proven curative emollient or balm. It is also considered as an efficacious home remedy to get rid of hickey. This ointment not only helps in repairing the collapsed blood capillaries but also trims down the irritation and puffiness caused due to hickey. Simply, apply Arnica Salve over the hickey and impacted area nearby to it. You are sure to feel much better.

5. Peppermint

Peppermint ameliorates the circulation of blood due to the stimulant impact it leaves. It also assists in the mending of capillary blood vessels. When applied over the affected area, one might feel the prickling sensation but it dilutes within few minutes. For the ones who want to get rid of hickey, you can either apply a toothpaste containing peppermint or even use peppermint oil. As an alternate to peppermint oil, the use of olive or almond oil is also advisable.   All you need to do is to gently rub either of them (peppermint containing toothpaste or oil) and let it rest over it for some time. Once you stop feeling the prickling sensation, remove it through a warm washrag. Remember few things: if you apply peppermint ointment immediately after getting hickey, then it will disappear in no time. Secondly, the application of peppermint should be done only once in a day. If exceeded then it might result into skin irritation.

6. Peel of Banana

Now this is something that will give you instant comfort right in your home! You will need not to go anywhere for this remedy of hickey removal. But what is it? Well, it is a fruit that is always available in our homes. Banana peel is the way to get rid of hickey this time. The peel of banana is bestowed with many natural curative properties to impart comfort in many conditions.   You will just need a ripe banana for this remedy. Cut a new and clean piece of banana peel from it; somewhat as the size of your hickey. Now put that piece over the hickey and let it rest over it for 20 to 30 minutes. The cooling and soothing effect of banana peel will lend you great relief from the discomfort. You can repeat the process thrice or even more times in a day to get speedy results. Just make sure that you throw away the used piece and use a fresh one every time.

7. Vitamin K

Vitamin K is also used to get rid of hickeys and discomforts caused due to it. Its decoagulant qualities are capable enough to dispel clogged blood in your body thereby hastening the therapeutic and curative process of your hickey. Wondering, what you need to do?   Well, without a delay, begin the intake of those food supplements that are plentiful in Vitamin K. These will instantly alleviate the curing process. Also, there are various medicated creams and lotions available on the medical stores which work effectively on hickey removal. Just pick one of them that is rich in Vitamin K and apply it twice or thrice in a day to get the healing results quickly.

8. Vitamin C – Lemon or Orange

Vitamin C has plenteous bleaching properties which also makes it an incredible element for curing and clearing the marks of any sort of bruises. Thus it also helps in getting rid of hickeys. Lemons and oranges have the highest amount of Vitamin C in them. So, you are advised to drink freshly squeezed lemon or orange juice as soon as you discover a hickey. It will add on many other health benefits too. You can even make the orange pack and apply it over the hickey as a substitute. If any of these forms of vitamin C are followed, then hickey is sure to get vanished as if it was never there. So, a little extra effort can help you gain quick results. A home remedy that also serves as the fastest way to get rid of hickey removal!

9. Use a Toothbrush

To your surprise; yes, using a toothbrush is also an amazing home remedy to get rid of hickey. But you will need a new toothbrush with strong and firm bristles for this remedy. Comb can also be used as a substitute. What you need to do is to gently brush the hickey and area around it with the comb or a toothbrush. Then give a break for 15 minutes to observe the outcome. You will notice that after brushing, redness and puffing has also scattered. Don’t, don’t worry! It will become a lot okay after 15 minutes.   As a word of caution; ‘Do not press it too severely while brushing, else the results might be worst.’ Only if required, replicate the procedure else do not. If you are thinking, how effective is this remedy? Well, this entirely depends on the harshness of your hickey. But yes if you are lucky enough then this method can turn out to be a savior for you within no time.

10. Cold Compress

Cold compress is one of the fastest ways to get rid of hickey. Now the question is what to do. All you need to do is to take a towel and roll four to five ice cubes in it. Then just press that wrap and roll over the hickey for about 8 to 10 minutes. Ice plays an important role in curing the pain and swelling stimulated by hickeys. Never place the ice cubes directly onto the skin as it may result into destruction of internal tissues by freezing or even ice burn.   The other way of using cold compress method is by placing a frost metallic spoon inspite of ice cubes. For this, you will need to put a metallic spoon in deep freezer for about ten to fifteen minutes. Then take it out and enfold it with a towel type of cloth. Press it over the impacted skin or gently rub over the hickeys. You can make use of these cold compress methods as many times as you are comfortable. The more time you invest in taking care of it, the sooner it will cure. The primary role of this hickey removal method compresses the collapsed blood capillaries and minimizes bleeding.

11. Hot Compress

Here comes a question for you… what do you do for the stubborn type of hickeys? Are you fed up of trying everything? Well, we have a magical solution to your problem. Hot compress is the way to get rid of obstinate sort of hickeys. Where all the efforts go in vain, this method kicks off the problem with root. Check out on what you need to do. Dip a washcloth in hot water for few minutes. Then take out the washcloth and twist and squeeze the excess water from it. Put this washcloth over hickey and impacted area for some time. Dip it again if required and follow the same process. Inspite of a washcloth you can even use a recyclable a heat patch. Heat patches are easy to execute with least investment required and stay hot for longer duration. You can get them from a nearby medical shop.   Now how does it work? The warmth exerted from the washcloth aids in distending the blood capillaries. This further allows the fresh blood to enter to the hickey thereby removing the clog of blood. Even the hair dryer can be an option for hot compress to treat hickey. Turn on the hair dryer at normal speed and massage the place with two fingers.

  1. Aloe Vera

Here comes another endowment of nature! Aloe Vera, known for its countless qualities, also serves as an effective remedy to get rid of hickeys. This is also used as a medicine to reduce inflammation by providing relief for various causes. Cut a piece of fresh aloe vera and massage its gel over the impacted area. Do it at least three times in a day. Aloe vera accelerates the healing process of the cracked blood capillaries thereby minimizing the skin sensitivity too. It is also said to be a natural moisturizer hence you can also apply the Aloe Vera grounded cream, gel or lotion as a replacement if you do not have an Aloe Vera plant nearby. Thus, Aloe Vera serves to be an incredible hickey home remedy.


Well, there is no magic that will make hickey vanish instantly within few seconds so let’s be practical and learn on the methods to hide it. There are times when hickey pops up on the place where its visibility becomes an issue. The reason to hide can be either: you have to go to a party or there are guests coming at your home or any reason which is valid enough for you to hide your hickey. It could be anything.   Now the question is ‘how to hide a hickey?’ One way is to hide it through the art of makeup. Apply concealer and other make up tricks that will surely help you to hide hickey smartly. The other way could be to wear such clothing which hides it automatically. When it will not be visible, your mind will be automatically relaxed. Such are the ways to hide a hickey.   Hope all the above home remedies prove a great help to you. Do comment and let us know which home remedy proved to be a savior to you and also share other remedies if you have any.

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Best Makeup Brushes And Tips On How To Keep Them Clean

A huge range of makeup brushes are available in the market by renowned brands for lending flawless makeup to the owners. These branded brushes are highly qualitative in terms of fibre quality, bristles gripping, and firmness in sticking the product. Above all, they bestow you with a makeup that you will cherish forever. So you can go for the branded ones or make a combo of the ones which not only gives you the desired results but fit in your budget too.

But if you do not take the best care of these makeup brushes, then you are sure to lose your favorite beauty blenders soon. Polish up your knowledge with this special guide on types of makeup brushes and ways to keep them safe. So, are you ready to transform yourself from simple to stylish?

Types of Brush Textures

  1. Natural Bristle Brushes

Natural bristle brushes are made up of animal hair and so they are quite pricey. The best quality about these brushes is that the products stick to them firmly and thus blending is done in an amazing way. If you are thinking to buy one, then Sonia Kashuk gives you the best of all. Unluckily, these natural bristles make up brushes have a tendency to slough. Even the cleanliness of these brushes is a challenge due to the quantity of pigment they catch. As word of caution, do take care in case you are allergic to animal hair as they are originally made up of them.

2. Synthetic Bristle Brushes

Next that comes is; Synthetic bristle make up brushes. Though it is pretty easy and quick to make coating with natural bristle brushes but for the ones who are allergic or do not prefer to use animal hair, then synthetic bristle brushes are just the right choice. Comparatively, they fit in your budget much easily and do not require extra efforts for cleaning. Many people have the views that the synthetic brushes are not as soft as natural ones but then the choice differs from person to person.

Types Of Makeup Brushes

type of makeup brushes

There is wide range of types of makeup brushes in the world of beauty to enhance your look from every angle. But here we will highlight few of those makeup brushes that are used most commonly. Check them out:

Duo Fibre Brush

Burnishing and blending colors is the peculiarity of this duo fibre makeup brush. Its hair is an accumulation of synthetic fibre and blend of goat which are extremely light in weight. With a flat and round feathered head, this duo fibre makeup brush strikes amazingly with any cream, liquid or powder to bestow a tinge of luminance to the brow bones and cheek.

Foundation Brush

A perfect foundation makeup brush lends your makeup with a flawless finishing. Its specialty is hidden in its bristles which are firmly packed with the help of a pointed tip for applying foundation.  First of all; moisten your foundation brush in lukewarm water and properly squeeze the surplus water over a tissue or towel. This will enable you to attain a much better and even distribution overall.

Blusher Brush

The apples of your cheeks get a perfect highlight with this circular headed blusher makeup brush. The delicate fibers blend and swing on your cheekbones so elegantly that it delineates the brush upwards within the hairline.

Concealer Or Camouflage Brush

A concealer makeup brush also known as camouflage brush is the best way to add the magic of makeup by applying concealer underneath the eyes and spots. It is a flat makeup brush which has a sharpened tip, broader base and gentle bristles. It also assists in treating the camouflage affected areas like portions of discoloration and cracked capillaries.

Bronzer/Powder Brush

This makeup brush works ‘two in one’. It can be used for both; bronzer and compact powder. The bristles of this powder makeup brush are smooth and so plentiful that it lifts up the perfect measure of color without leaving any faults behind. The circular design of this brush enables it to spread the bronzer or powder very cleanly over the skin. All you need to do is to blow away the extra powder from the brush before swinging it over the skin.

Eye Shadow Brush

The eye shadow makeup brush has a chamfered edge which allows it to confer a fluent application without embroiling the eyelid. It is short, flat and brimful of bristles which cover it superbly for an even application. It makes the task of putting color much easier and better.

Makeup Brush For Eyebrows

The firm bristles of this spiral shaped eyebrow brush masters for reclaiming the unmanaged hairs. It organizes the eyebrows well into shape by brushing them in the upwards direction. If required trimming can be done for the excess growing eyebrow hair to attain a neatened eyebrow look.

Smudge Brush For Makeup

Smudge makeup brush is basically a sort of eye pencil with the double ends. The tip of this brush is frothy and foamy which helps in softening the abrasive line of the pencil thereby rendering a smoldering touch to the eyebrows. In addition, you can apply eye shadow with the larger one end.

Lip Brush

The short and stiff bristles of this lip brush forms a graven tip on the top. This helps in imparting an unflawed line to the lips that too with the utmost perfection. Now let’s learn on the cleaning methods of the makeup brushes.

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How The Makeup Brushes Can Be Cleansed At Home?

Mainly, there are two methods that are considered safe and quick to clean the brushes at home.

How The Makeup Brushes Can Be Cleansed At Home

1. Spot Cleaning

Simplest and Speediest! If you are running short of time, then spot cleaning is the right method you can opt for. During eye makeup; there are times when artists run short of available brushes. All that is needed at that time is clean brush.  Thus, spot cleaning is the only way to come out of the trouble. And such brushes can be cleaned easily on the spot.

What Are The Requisites For The Cleaning Of Makeup Brushes?

  1. Paper Towel tops the list.
  2. Then comes is makeup brush cleaner. MAC, Clinique and ELF are all the amaze balls.

Methods To Spot Clean The Makeup Brushes With The Help Of ELF Brush Bleaner:

  1. Spot Cleaning Process:
  • Select your product: Makeup brush cleaner is what all you need.
  • Make your brushes wet: Dampen the brush by spraying the product on the brush.
  • Whirl on paper towel: Lightly whirl the makeup brush over the paper towel. You need to twiddle until the product is popped off from the brush.
  • Replicate the steps: get rid of extra moistness and replicate the same steps with the other brushes.
  1. Deep Cleaning Process:

Spot cleaning is just not enough if you want your brushes to be thoroughly cleaned. Foundation brush is one such makeup brush where the remains are still found even after done with spot cleaning process. Hence, deep cleaning is compulsory. Deep cleaning process ensures that your makeup brushes are completely devoid of any sort of remains which later turns out to be bacteria.

Essentials required for cleaning of makeup brushes:

  • Olive oil
  • A soft baby shampoo or dish soap
  • Vinegar (if you wish to)
  • Paper Towels
  • A soft bar shop
  • Gloves or Cleaning Brush Silicon Mat (it is optional)

What is the proper way to deep cleanse makeup brushes with a gently dish soap or baby shampoo?

  1. Pick your product: Using glove is optional so you can squelch little baby shampoo over your hand along with a drop of olive oil. It assists in keeping the brushes firm and moisturized. Also add few drops of vinegar if you wish. If the number of brushes to clean is more then you should prefer buying a silicon cleaning glove. These silicon gloves won’t make your hands go dry.
  2. Choose your cleaning surface: Your cleaning surface could be either a silicon mat or a silicon glove. Gently whirl your brush over the squeezed shampoo.

III.            Mildly rinse: Put your makeup brush under the flowing water of tap once you have enormously removed the traces hidden in it. To save the bristles of the brush from any sort of damage, make sure the temperature of water is not too hot. Also, the pressure of water should not be too much.

  1. Use a paper towel to clean it and let it dry: Squash surplus water from the brushes. Use a paper towel to dry them and then lay them down for whole night so that they can dry completely.

What Is The Right Way To Deep Clean Makeup Sponges?

Beauty blenders need an in-depth cleaning too; so do not miss it. Here comes the usage of soap bar.

  1. Choose your soap bar: soap bar makes your task of cleaning beauty blender much simpler.
  2. Select cleaning surface of your choice: Twiddle the sponge over the bar to acquire soap. Once done, whirl it over your hand or gloves.

III.            Wash: Wash the brushes properly beneath the tap water and assure that all the makeup is rinsed.

  1. Recur the same: If needed then repeat the full process.
  2. Let it dry: Squeeze the extra water in the brushes and let it dry all-night.

The cleaning of every makeup brush is completely your responsibility when you are using it. If you expect something to give you the best results then taking care of them is equally important from your end. If you ensure time to time cleaning of these makeup brushes then you will have to never regret on spending good amount on such beauty enhancing products. The cleanup of makeup brushes make sure that your skin always remains healthy and beautiful. There are many good brands which sell brush cleaners as well so do not forget to buy one along with these makeup brushes. This will make your task quicker and easier.

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How Often Should The Makeup Brushes Be Cleaned?

How often should the makeup brushes be cleaned? This is an important question that needs to be answered. One must keep all the information up to date on records. Bacteria develop in the unclean brushes very quickly. Hence, cleaning of makeup brushes should be done each and every day without a miss. This will always help to stay hygienic and healthy skinned. But it happens that due to hectic schedule of our daily lives this is not always possible. So, if not daily then cleaning process should be done at least twice a week.

But there is no escape for those who have a delicate and sensitive skin. Either they have to follow the cleaning procedure of makeup brushes daily or they have to keep ample brushes so that they can use different brush daily. Do not use the used brushes without cleaning at all.

Take care of few safeguards and tips that will be a real help to you in the cleaning procedure of makeup brushes:

Safeguards and tips to be followed for the proper maintenance of makeup brushes:

  • Always keep an arrangement for backup brushes by keeping two sets of brushes. This will help you when one set will need cleaning.
  • Never make brushes stand in upwards direction while putting them for dry. If you put this way, the water will flow inwards towards the glue part which holds the bristles firmly. Thus it will weaken the grip by letting the brushes exuviate faster.
  • Here comes a reminder. If your skin is delicate or prone to acne, then always make the use of new brushes only. Never use the unwashed ones.
  • Keep doing deep cleaning on regular intervals.
  • Mark your calendar for cleaning your brushes every weekend. Book some time in particular for this task. To make it enjoyable, put some soothing music on and then begin with cleaning.

Well, we hope that after understanding the importance of cleaning makeup brushes; you will never miss out on this important task ever. Make it interesting by doing it along with chatting with your beloved, conversing with your kids or listening to some good music. Let it be a stress buster rather than a bothersome task.


A blessing to the world by the nature! Turmeric is the spice known for its meditative magic, since ages. This yellow-orange colored aromatic spice is an amazing antioxidant with high anti-inflammatory qualities within it. Its taste is distinct and subtle from other spices. Moreover, it is used all over the world as an important ingredient in preparing curries and veggies. This is one way of consuming turmeric on daily basis. The other way that has become popular is by making turmeric tea and enjoying it. Few sips of this tea regularly are equal to countless health benefits. To stay healthy and happy life long, do not miss to add this turmeric tea to your daily diet.



The amazing anti-inflammatory quality of turmeric tea works wonders on the patients of arthritis. It assists in allaying swelling and inflammation in them. As per one study, it has been discovered that Turmeric tea possesses an active element known as curcumin. This element is said to be highly effectual for the arthritis patients in terms of decreasing pain caused due to osteoarthritis. Hence, this benefit of turmeric tea is really beneficial.


Another advantage of turmeric tea is equally amazing. Despite of many researches; Alzheimer’s disease is such a rare disease whose actual cause is still not known. But what has been discovered is; the element, curcumin detected in turmeric might help in forestalling it. Also, big thanks to the antioxidants which are abundantly present in Turmeric. Researches prove that these antioxidants are highly capable of precluding damages like: accruement of amyloids and synaptic market loss that can contribute to Alzheimer’s.


According to The National Cancer Institue, curcumin present in turmeric has been acknowledged as an efficacious anticarcinogen that aids in preventing cancer. To add on, along with being a powerful antioxidant; Turmeric is bestowed with such magical medicative components and anti-inflammatory factors that it could turn out to be a savior for cancer patients. So, add on this benefit of turmeric tea to your regular diet.


The treatment of Ulcerative Colitis is also an addition to the list of benefits of turmeric tea. Ulcerative colitis is such a recurrent medical condition which results to ulcers of the rectum and colon. The anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric can serve as a great help in suspension of symptoms of ulcerative colitis. In accordance with the University of Maryland Medical Center, one of the study has detected that the ulcerative colitis patients in remission who have consumed turmeric had importantly lower reversion rates.


The stronger the immune system of your body is, the healthier you will be! The medicative factors present in turmeric are so magical that it boosts the immune system. The ones with immune disorders are advised to consume turmeric as it is efficient enough to cure your problem. And turmeric tea is one of the best ways to do so.


The cholesterol level in the body needs to be maintained for a healthy living. Increased cholesterol increases the risk of giving birth to various serious diseases like: stroke and many other heart diseases which are hazardous for the life of any person. So, why to take a chance when turmeric can contribute a helping hand in it! The curcumin present in turmeric maintains the level of cholesterol in your body and keep your heart healthy. Isn’t it an incredible benefit of turmeric tea?


The inflammation of iris causes Uveitis. As per the researches done earlier, it was discovered that the curcumin present in turmeric can serve as an effective cure for Uveitis but only if there are no side effects. HOW TO MAKE TURMERIC TEA? Heard about the wonders of turmeric tea and so the next point that comes to the mind is to how to prepare turmeric tea. Isn’t it? Well, here comes the answer. All you need to do is to follow these few steps.

  1. Switch on the gas and put three to four cups of water for boiling.
  2. When the water starts boiling, put two teaspoons of turmeric in it and stir.
  3. Then slow down the gas and let it simmer for five to ten minutes.
  4. Once the time is up, switch off the gas and filter the tea in a glass or cup.
  5. To add flavor and additional healthy benefits, pour little milk, few drops of honey and lemon or orange juice. And the turmeric tea is ready.

Sounds pleasing to the sense of taste!! Also Read : Benefits of Green Tea

WHETHER EVERYONE CAN HAVE TURMERIC TEA? Well, turmeric tea is something that is highly rich in medicinal properties and hence it is regarded safe for almost everyone. But yes, diabetic people or ones who intake blood thinners are advised to have a word with their respective doctors before you drink this tea. It is always better to be safe and secure rather than risky. So, consult and then act.

Advisable quantity: 15 grams of turmeric root in 135 ml of boiling water is the right amount to consume at once. You can drink this turmeric tea twice in a day.


Wondering if the title of the article is right or not? Also thinking if turmeric can ever have any side effect? Well, answer to both the question is ’yes’. A famous proverb says’ A little knowledge is a dangerous thing’ and so here comes the entire information about the turmeric tea. With all good and bad, we have brought all necessary information under one roof.

1. Risk to increased bleeding

Though the intake of turmeric in any form has always been a great healthy benefit but in certain medical conditions, things are not the same. If you are the one bearing bleeding disorders, then turmeric might raise the risk of bleeding and contusing. Also, at times it can happen that turmeric might not go fine with some medicament which in result can lead to increase bleeding.

Prevention Method

Immediately stop the intake of turmeric tea in such condition.


You must be thinking this as an advantage of turmeric but here the sense differs. Here ‘lower blood pressure’ means the excess fall in blood pressure which can make the situation turn worst. It has been found that redundant intake of turmeric can make your blood pressure fall to lowest, thereby putting your life on risk. Hence, blood pressure patients who are or are not taking medications, both must take extreme care while devouring turmeric.

Prevention Method

Always consult your physician before taking a decision yourself.


Turmeric, if taken by mouth by men, might lower testosterone levels and decrease the sperm movement. This might eventually lead to infertility. Men need to be highly careful while ingesting turmeric directly by mouth. Wondering why? Well, this might lead to infertility in them thereby reducing the sperm motility and depressing the testosterone levels in their body.

Prevention Method

Avoid excess of turmeric in any form and take only in a required form.


If the dose of turmeric is taken in the form of cooked veggies and curries, no sort of gastrointestinal and tummy related issues are detected. But conditions might differ if you over take it directly from mouth for chronic conditions like joint ache or arthritis. The troubles related to abdomen and gastrointestinal are sure to occur. Moreover, in case of hyper acidity and dyspepsia (upset stomach), you should say a big NO to the turmeric consumption. It can also result in heartburn problems. At times it has also been found that overdose of turmeric than the required amount (400mg to 3g) for longer time is expected to cause the above given problems peculiarly in adults.

Prevention Method

The only way to prevent such health issues is to take turmeric within the advised quantity only.


A chemical known as oxalate is found in fairly large amount in turmeric. Thus, its presence is the cause of increasing chances of gallstones in an individual. So, 20 to 40 mg supplementation of turmeric are accounted to raise the possibility of gallbladder compression. This fact has also been proved by one of study that was printed in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, which says turmeric has immensely raised the degree of oxalate in urine as equated to placebo.

Prevention Method

Instantly discontinue the consumption of turmeric if you are suffering from any sort of gallbladder problem. Also ignore if you are taking any sort of medicines for the same.


The excess of anything is not good and similar is the case with turmeric. The reason is the good quantity of oxalate present in turmeric which has the power to adhere to calcium to figure indissoluble calcium oxalate. Now this is the major reason which is causes the problem for kidney stones. So, if you have the possibility of forming kidney stones, delete turmeric from your diet menu.

Prevention Method

Not only kidney stones, but also in case of any sort of kidney issues, stop the consumption of turmeric or make it least in usage.


With the increased dose of turmeric, also come two major health issues: Diarrhea and Nausea. This is due to cur cumin factor present in it which has the propensity to bother the gastrointestinal tract. If we analyze the clinical study done in this regard, persons who supplemented just 3.6 to 8 grams of cur cumin on daily basis also went through mild nausea conditions. Hence, this proves that even least intake of cur cumin can evoke nausea in few individuals.

Prevention Method

Take turmeric within limit. If you observe any symptoms, stop the intake and consult your doctor immediately.


As a word of precaution, for all those individuals who are on the blood thinning medicines like Coumadin, Warfarin etc are notified to not consume turmeric. It is because of the cur cumin present in turmeric that is responsible to drop-off the functioning of platelets thereby impacting the health adversely.

Prevention Method

If you are the one who follows the medicament of blood thinning, then turmeric is not meant for you. So, it is better to avoid it rather than facing any serious health problems.


The studies done in regard to turmeric have discovered that the compounds available in it stick to iron. This in return lessens the body’s power to engross the components of iron from the food we eat, thereby further causing iron inadequacy in a person’s body.

Prevention Method

Do not forget to go for a time to time check up of your body. This will help you to keep updated about the level of iron in your blood. Moreover, if the iron deficiency already exists, then it’s better to stay away from its use.


For the ones, who have to go on any surgery, are apprised to abstain from taking turmeric at least two weeks before. The reason is the propensity of turmeric to curb the blood clotting procedure.

Prevention Method

Follow the above given information as an advice to not to consume turmeric from 15 days prior to the surgery.


The usage of turmeric can also become the cause of allergic reactions in the body. The reactions can be either through consumption or skin contact or both. The reasons could be any: if you are allergic to yellow colored food or if you are allergic to ginger or turmeric itself. Most of us are unaware about the fact that turmeric is said to belong to the ginger family line. To add on, there have been various medical reports which prove that the intake of turmeric also causes urticaria and dermatitis. Now this is due to curcumin present in turmeric which is also said to be an active allergen. Even skin eruptions like: abruptness of breath and skin rashes are also its allergic symptoms. Prevention Method

Simplest way to stay away from such allergic reactions is to exclude turmeric from your diet completely.

  1. Preggers & breastfeeding women

The supplements of turmeric are said to be harmful for mothers-to-be. But if it is consumed as a part of veggies and curries, then it is perfectly safe. This is what The University of Maryland Medical Center has said. As a word of precaution, always remember that if you are allergic to turmeric then it is a big NO during pregnancy too. Well, there is not ample of information present over the side effects of turmeric on breastfeeding and expecting mothers but because this period is delicate, it is better to avoid the ingestion of turmeric on temporary basis.

Prevention Method

Because there is no sufficient details mentioned in this reference, it is advisable to not include turmeric in the food list during the time of pregnancy and breastfeeding. Well, this was all about the fallout of turmeric. Hope this accumulation of information will prove a great help to you.


In addition to the all above knowledge, there are few such medications with which intake of turmeric do not make a good pair. Let’s check them too:

  • First and foremost is the medication that is taken for diabetes. Turmeric should be ignored with those medicines.
  • Secondly, the medicines like aspirin, warfarin and clopidogrel are used for in blood thinning purpose. Ingestion of turmeric with any of these is also not advisable.
  • Thirdly, medicines used to cure stomach acid like omeprazole (Prilosec), rantidine (Zantac), cimetidine (Tagamet), lansoprazole (Prevacid), famotidine (Pepcid) and esomeprazole (Nexium) should also not be combined with the intake of turmeric.

To add on, when turmeric is consumed with herbs like ginger and black pepper might cause allergic reaction to the body. Though nothing clear has been mentioned in the same regard but do consult your doctor before you make the combo of turmeric with any of these two herbs.


Inspite of few side effects, turmeric is considered to be very beneficial for health. All you need to take care of is the right dosage at right intervals. Check out the quantity of dosage:

Dry root in the powdered form: 1.5 to 2.5 grams daily.

Standardized powder form of Turmeric: 1.2 to 1.8 grams daily.

Water-based extract: 30 to 90 drops of this extract daily.

Tincture: 15 to 30 drops of this tincture, four times on daily basis.

Conclusion:- Turmeric is one such spice that can never be excluded from the kitchen. Any delicious dish tastes incomplete without turmeric. But to our amusement, it has got certain fallouts as well. Well, this does not mean that you totally obviate its usage; after all it has so many amazing benefits too. Make use of it in moderation and equally take care of the above given details. **Always take the advice of your doctor ** Hope this article has highlighted each and every thing one must know regarding turmeric tea. Do comment and let us know.