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80’s fashion trends : Like it or Leave it!

80’s fashion had a charm of its own. The popularly called retro style is followed in many theme parties or even adopted as a different style statement altogether in the twenties era. 80’s costumes were highhanded in terms of looks and expenses. It was a common practice then, to show off wealth and class through garments. Talking of clothes, shiny, bright and expensive costumes became a part of big magazines like Vogue; during the late eighties.  Accessories were equally vivid to match up with the garments. Large gold earrings and pearl necklaces were class statements in the 80’s. 80′ s clothing donned sequins and diamonds, to exhibit the richness.

Talking about hair: Hair styles in the 1980s were typically puffed up in bouffant style to adorn it with 80’s dress style. But 80’s fashion trends took turns to change at intervals in that decade. Early 80’s attire was simple and tame in comparison to the late 80’s. Even middle 80’s had its own set of style statement. So, to take you to the world of old fashion, we would like you to take a look at the changing trends adopted by the 80’s fashion women. 





The Early 80s

  • Fashion sense in early 80s reflected aestheticism and class. Clothing colors were far from bright. Subdued colors like brown, tan and light orange were fashion for the ladies. Accessories were not so much of a highlight till then.
  • Sweaters and pullovers were highly fashionable in the early 80s. The sweaters either donned the turtle neck, V shape collar or some had the crew neck collars. If you see now in the current fashion scenario, some pullovers are styled by the 80’s fashion sense. They are still considered as the hit retro style fashion. Fur line puffer jackets and velvet blazers were classics of the early 80s.
  • Leather tunics had special place in the 80’s outfit. Do you know that crop tops and tube tops had their origins during the early 80’s?
  • Knee length skirts and flowing knee length dresses were a rage in the early 80’s. Tube tops and crop tops are girls’ favorite even today at clubs and discotheques. Low necklines were in vogue in the early 80’s too. Necklines were self assessed in early 80s. There were no hard and fast style statements for necklines when it came to dresses. Both high necklines and low necklines were in fashion then.
  • High waist loose trousers were a typicality of early 80s. Along with that, embroidered jeans entered the style zone of early 80s gradually.
  • Accessories of early 80s were mostly carry overs from late 70s. Embroidered jeans were accessorized by knee high boots and thin belts. Thick kitten heals were also in.




Women were as much of a fitness freak in 80’s as they are in the 21st century.  Sweatshirts and sweatpants were the common fitness wear. Tracksuits, by early 80’s were already in the sports fashion list. Sports accessories in 80s were very athletic in nature.  Those included leg warmers, wide belts, head-bands and for the legs, it was either sneakers or trainers.

Corporate Wear

Women that step out for work were very serious about their equality in the corporate field. Their seriousness was reflected in their professional clothing.  Knee length skirts and wide legged slacks were topped with a matching blazer. To make it slightly striking, corporate women wore different colored blouse under the blazer.

The Mid 1980s

The early 80’s subdued clothing style, took a bright turn in the mid-1980s. From knee length skirts, the style went to either tight miniskirts or long flared skirts.  Women preferred tapered trousers rather than loose trousers. Pastel bright jumpsuits and heavyweight sweaters started pouring in as the new trend. Mid 1980s saw the introduction of large scarves and beanies.  During winters, women started wearing leather gloves along with leather jackets. Rather than sneakers, the plums and keds became more popular as sports shoes during the mid-80s.

Madonna, the famous pop star was a huge influential fashionista in the 80s, especially from 1985. She brought in the style of skimpy skirt worn over tight leggings.  That was her famous “street urchin” look!

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She popularized the fishnet stocking and laced or finger less gloves.

Black was considered as a fashionista’s colour, unlike in early 1980s.

During 80s, visible undergarments straps were either a taboo or a fashion faux. But mid 80s witnessed a drastic change in this respect. Women wore fancy slips and the visibility of lacy straps took an entry into the fashion list.



Television shows like ‘Dallas’ and ‘Dynasty’ had powerful impact on shaping the shoulder pads as the new style statement.  Taking influence from the daily soap ‘Dallas’, women started dressing in sparkling clothes and expensive jewelries.

Pointed toed shoes and spiked heels were a rage in 1950s and 60s. The style revisited in mid 80s too as corporate friendly shoes.

Power dressing was a new concept in the mid-80s. It was largely an attempt to look masculine and powerful in and around workplace. Thus large sleeves, padded and wide shoulders were in high demand in the mid-80s.




Another women, whose style statement was attracted like a magnet in 80s, was the British Leader, Margaret Thatcher.  The single toned color suit, with matching hat, jacket and knee length skirt were a rage among st the women power fashionistas.

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Late 80s

This era was totally committed to consumer friendly fashion. Fashion designers were all in all into making short skirts. Though knee length and long skirts were not totally out of fashion, but miniskirts still ruled. This trend was popularized more by young and teenage girls. Large shoulder pads were shifted towards smaller shoulder pads. Baby doll dresses and pouf dresses were the new “cool” statement in the late 80s. Jumpsuits, jackets and reversible coats were equally in fashion.

Neon hues, plum, gold and bright wines were the popular late 80s colors.

For accessories, bright colored sandals with long heels were preferred. Beaded necklace and plastic bracelets were more popular. Lacy gloves were also a rage in the late 80s.

So, in the conclusion, you see in a decade, 80s saw quite many fashion varieties to talk of. The most striking part is, some of the fashion trends and styles are coming back in the present century as well. So, grab some fashion out of this article and apply it today. Nobody would say it is out of fashion! Even if they say, who cares! Right girls? Just dress up like you want with a charm of confidence! Good luck.

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Nose Piercing : how much time will it take to heal?

Want to go for nose piercing? It is one of the most common and kind of compulsory custom for Indian females to get their nose pierced before marriage. But, do you dread getting this thing done? Well, if you are, let me tell you some tips and facts about this not-so-happy practice.

After an earlobe piercing, nostril is the second prominent place to be pierced. Getting your body pierced is always a rousing inclusion to your look. This excitement can change into incubus if the area gets infected after piercing. Having your nose pierced is such a wonderful way to adorn or accent your face but wait, are you pampering it right?


Healing process after nose piercing takes quite a time. Familiarize yourself with genuine care techniques so that your piercing heals as quickly and uneventfully as possible. It’s very important to follow the aftercare tips provided when you pierce.


  • Touch your piercing as less as possible. But when you touch it, always wash your hands and do not let anyone touch your piercing at least for six weeks.
  • Cleanse your piercing regularly with an antimicrobial or antibacterial soap. Antimicrobial soaps work better because they eliminate bacteria, viruses and fungus. Use branded antimicrobial soap. You can also try to speed up your nose piercing healing with Almay’s Hypo-care. Soaps with high content of dyes and scents can irritate your piercing, so make sure to avoid them.
  • Never use hydrogen peroxide or isopropyl alcohol. Both of them are excellent germ killers, but they are only use for unbroken skin. They will dry out your skin or otherwise hinder your nose piercing healing.
  • Avoid putting makeup on your piercing and remove stale makeup that’s been placed near it. Dry the area by patting it with a paper towel or facial tissue as cloth towel carry too much germs.
  • Do not use cosmetic products such as hair sprays or skin lotions unless you are sure that you have taken appropriate measure to protect your piercing. They contain ingredients that can irritate your healing skin.
  • If you smoke, then slow down or stop until your piercing heals. It’s true that tar, resin, and smoke residue can accumulate on or around the piercing site.
  • If your piercing begins to look infected, you might see a yellowish boil or a pimple. If you have oily skin, antibacterial soap is used but you can also use warm salt water soaks to relieve discomfort and to help the skin heal. It’s best to look for a saline product that contains sea salt; the iodine in table salt can irritate your piercing.

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Do not remove your jewelry unless your piercing professional instructs you to do so, because you run the risk of trapping the infection inside your skin.



  • A sea salt solution is a good idea while your piercing heals if there is no infection. It provides a good way to remove the crusts that accumulate around the piercing or on the jewelry. It will also draw impurities from the skin. Many people also say it feels comfortable and relieves itching during their nose piercing healing process!
  • If you choose a nostril screw as your first jewelry at the time of the piercing, take extra care that it doesn’t get caught in your clothing or on your towel.
  • Avoid swimming while your piercing heals, but if you must go then cover it with a water proof bandage.
  • Try to sleep on your back or on the side; away from your piercing. It will heal faster if you don’t have your face on the pillow and the jewelry will be less likely to pull on your healing abilities. Drink plenty of water, eat extra protein as it helps your body to build new skin tissue. These are really good recommendations while you are recovering from a healing!
  • Always look for fine quality jewelry for your piercing. Nothing less than 14k gold or possibly stainless steel should be used for your first nose jewelry.



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Sometimes a piercing will obviously be infected. Other times, the infection might not be so easy to identify. When you first get a piercing done, there might be some initial bleeding, swelling around the piercing site, sensitivity, bruising, itchy irritation, and a whitish-yellow discharge (which is not pus) coming from the piercing. The discharge can form some crust on the jewelry, but that crust formation is okay and normal. Knowing the difference between normal side effects after having a piercing done, infection side effects can help you treat your infection better. Some of the most common signs that your piercing is infected are:

  • Persistent itchiness and/or redness that continues after the normal healing period.
  • Persistent soreness and tenderness that continues after the normal healing period.
  • A hot, burning sensation.
  • Yellow-green seepage of liquid, such as pus or blood, from the hole.
  • Bad smells coming from the piercing site.

Healing time of piercing largely depends on the professional who did the piercing. Nose piercing takes 6 to 8 weeks to heal completely and it also depends on the skin type. Once you are pierced, you should not change your jewelry at least for 6 to 8 weeks and if you want to change your jewelry in the healing period, you should proceed to professional piercer to do so. Do not do it by yourself.

Well, to sum up, you need to take these proper measures to let it work for you or if something bad happens, immediately consults a doctor. But, do it all without fear!

Because as they say: Girls, you need to bear some pain to have some gain! Cheers!

Feel free to leave the comments or any query below! Happy piercing!

The danger of cutting your cuticles

Who in this world today doesn’t take care of their appearance? Every other person is concerned about their looks and image, even tiniest of things are paid attention today and one of those “tiny” things are nails. People spend hundreds of bucks for proper care and maintenance of their nails. The first thing that comes to mind as far as nail care is concerned; is manicure. It is a really nice way to treat your nails as it pampers the nails well and also the hygiene is kept in mind. But what if I say that it is not that good as it seems and might be harmful too? You might be wondering what picture am I presenting to you but don’t worry my dear friend, you are going to have some amazing revelations.

Everyone would agree to the fact that there is nothing better than getting a manicure because after that short procedure, your nails are evenly shaped and all of your cuticles are cut properly. Your nails shine and look amazing as never before. But wait, this is actually the half truth and the other half might be a bit astonishing.

  1. Manicure involves cutting the cuticles; which some reports suggest; is greatly harmful. The people in salon often suggest on snipping away those cuticles and then once cut, the cycle needs to be repeated over and over again as they grow fast and not as pretty as they were before and quite look like fray and gills of fish. There is perpetuation of an endless cutting cycle. This is quite a problem as then, they need to be cut periodically and if you cannot do this yourself at home (which you better not), this means taking good deal of time in having appointments of salon, getting stuff done is all you would run behind to and nobody is so idle to devote large amount of time in a salon!!
  2. But is the above mentioned point the actual harm we are all thinking of? No, not at all. This is not the major cause of concern as this is only regarding the beauty and appearance of the nails.
  3. Some experts view this as a serious problem as these cuticles were never meant to be cut or it may lead to cuticle infection. It is not good to trim them though pushing them back is okay. Cuticles are nothing but skin tissues attached to nail plate and they serve a purpose which is why they are there, right? They do the extremely important and brave task of stopping the infectious microbes and bacteria and other foreign materials from entering your body through cuticle nail. So, by cutting those cuticles, all you are doing is paving a way for easy entry of all these germs and infection causing bacteria right inside your body. That sounds bad, doesn’t it? The infection that develops usually is called paronychia and is very painful and unsightly. Therefore, we all must know how safe it is to not cut those cuticles; a truth that was well hidden for long. Health comes before everything, so instead of adopting ways to improve your appearance, we should be more concerned with ways that helps in improving our health.
  4. Instead of cutting the cuticles, push cuticles back gently, make sure to emphasize more on the word “gently”. Pushing them back would not only give the perfect ridge you yearn for but will also help you get rid of the problems that might arise due to cuticle cutting. But one thing to keep in mind is that it has to be done gently otherwise if forcefully pushed back, it might result in growing of nails in horizontal ridges and then the nail beds would look disgusting. One thing that needs more care is the instruments used. Before using such devices in manicure, make sure they are sterilized and not too many people have used them without proper cleaning before. Such healthy practices would definitely help you in the long run.
  5. Some nail care tips are listed below so as to help your nails shine and look good:
  • Moisturize the nail bed properly: It will help the nails grow faster and would not let cuticles dry; which in turn, will prevent nail from breaking due to the lack of moisture. Apply oil near nails to avoid chipping, cracking and splitting of nails.
  • Use biotin supplements: According to some researches, using biotin supplements can increase nail thickness and prevent nails from splitting and breaking.
  • Limit professional manicures: It is hard not to have pampering and soothing manicures and pedicures quite often; but not having them frequently is in your best interests. As during manicures and pedicures, nails and nail beds are exposed to lot of chemicals and harsh ingredients which soon can lead to dry cuticle and brittle nails. Some people who undergo manicures a number of times also suffer from nail bed infections which are difficult to be treated and make you loathe your nails.
  • Avoid acetone based nail paint remover: They are the biggest contributors in making nails dry, dull and brittle.
  • Don’t overdo washing: Washing hands is a healthy practice; but don’t overdo it. Coming in contact with water and harsh chemicals like detergents, washing powders etc. more than often, can do more bad than it seems. It would wipe out all moisture from your skin and nail beds; making nails look dry, dull and not at all nice.
  • Remember toe nails too:We usually forget toenails and are prone to give them less attention as we don’t come across our feet that often and kind of forget them but they actually need extra care than your hands. Staying in dark and compact environment that our shoes offer, toenails and skin are easier to get affected by fungus or other germs.
  • Also, make sure to cut toenails straight and not in edges otherwise, it would increase a higher risk for ingrown nails and infected cuticle.

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So this was it! I hope you all are now well informed about the cuticle cutting of fingernails and toenails, its harms and preventive measures. I bet it was as shocking to you as it was to me that even these small cuticles plays such important part in our body and fulfill a great purpose which is sabotaged by the usual cutting during manicures. So, as now you are all enlightened by this not so big but definitely not less worthy knowledge, I hope you will make sure to keep these things in mind the next time you go manicuring and save your nails before it’s too late…

Ladies to the rescue…*snap* Make sure to follow the above mentioned nail care tips to make your nails go stronger, healthier and better.

Do not forget to tell if you liked it and your suggestions are always welcome in the comments below. I sign off here. Have a great day!

How Tattoos can harm your skin ?

What comes in our mind when we hear the word “TATTOO”?
Probably some bikers or rock stars showing off their skin, tattoos on celebrities ranging from name tattoos to something that they strongly believe in or idolize and even young girls showing off their butterfly tattoos or angel tattoos. This is the picture that comes in our head almost instantly and it also appears quite intriguing to some who even admire these people and their tattoos. Tattoos weren’t in people’s interest earlier but now, they have entered the mainstream and people from young adults to old ones, children to teenagers, all think of getting a tattoo at some or other point in their life. There are plenty of tattoo shops boards flashing a red light that says: “tattoos for men” or
“tattoos for women” to brag some attention from the people passing by.
But BEWARE! We should ponder some words of wisdom to begin with: “Always think before you ink”. People sometimes take just a fraction of seconds to think with their own head rather than just following the crowd. They are never bothered to even know the complications that might occur after getting tattooed and then after it is all done, they rant about themselves being ill-informed and blame it all on the circumstances. You don’t want to do the same, right?
The image might be appealing but it is quite deceiving too. You actually aren’t aware of the threats it hides within. So, here is a quick guide to tell you everything you need to know when it comes to your safety and if you are planning on getting inked!

1. To start, first of all it hurts!! It is a really painful process to get a tattoo and one needs to be strong enough to go through all that process which, in fact is no less than a torture on skin.
Let’s dig it more deeply: The tattoo process involves penetration of ink needle into the skin repeatedly and a tattoo takes about 1-2 hours at least and if the figure or symbol to be tattooed is complicated, it might even take more hours sitting that awkward way and taking up all the pain. So, just imagine it as multiple hours of needle penetration into the skin which is traumatizing for you. Not all are brave and strong enough. Are they?

2. The agony doesn’t end with the pain during the process, it is much more sometimes after the tattoo is been made.
Let’s come to the complications it might lead to: Getting a tattoo done is not safe. I repeat, it is not at all safe!
It might lead to some infections. The reports from various surveys indicate the involvement of Mycobacterium bacteria which is the cause of many serious skin problems ranging from mild rash to even serious abscesses that require surgery and several months of antibiotic therapy. Some infections aren’t common but they do occur, so they cannot be overlooked. Evidence suggests presence of some bacteria which is difficult to treat and it infects the whole body making the tattoo its base. These infections do not find a way with everyone but yes, in many cases they certainly are present. The most common reasons of these infections are:

a. The artist and his studio: Not all the artists have license to run their tattoo shops and practice this profession. They might not be registered with the concerned authority nor are their techniques acceptable in some cases. Many don’t use sterile techniques and this gives home to the infection and it can spread quite easily. Sterile techniques refer to the use of sterilizing tools, sterilized needles, washing hands, using gloves and even using sterilized water to dilute the tattoo ink. Some states and countries have even set standards but not every artist follows that.

b. The tattoo ink: Tattoo ink is nothing but a cosmetic product. It needs to get approved before being used but as certain standards have not been laid down properly, people aren’t aware of the good or bad products and are mistaken sometimes. This definitely is quite bad as someone might end up getting into inevitable circumstances. Also, a proper authority has not been formed regarding this act, so no proper check holds the place. After all, the tattoo is just a puncture wound made deep into the skin filled with a cosmetic ink.

What can be done to ensure you are undergoing safe tattooing?

a. First, get the tattoo done only from a licensed or registered tattoo artist. This would reduce the complications to a bare minimum.
b. Always ask the artist about the sterilization techniques he/she uses and make sure he/she has the experience tattooing.

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c. During the process, always see if the artist uses sterile new needle and wears a new pair of gloves. If he doesn’t, make him do that immediately.

Having a tattoo done without infection is a testament to safe practices of an artist and the ability of human body to resist the infection. But after the initial care, it is important to prevent any kind of infection from haunting you later in life. So, here are some measures you should follow:
a. After a tattoo session is over, take off the bandage within three to five hours. Wash your hands with antibacterial soap and warm water and then wash the tattooed skin. Pat dry with a paper towel or clean cloth towel.
b. Allow the skin to air dry for 5 to 10 minutes. Then apply a very thin layer of Vaseline, Aquaphor, or other ointment.
c. Repeat the washing, drying, and moisturizing process three to four times a day for four days.
d. When the tattooed skin starts to shed a thin flaky layer of skin, do not scratch or pick at it. At this point, you can switch to a moisturizer—don’t let your tattoo dried out for the first few weeks.

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e. Call your doctor—not the tattoo artist—if redness or swelling persists after a few days or you have a fever or you notice a rash in or around the tattoo.
6. Last but not the least, quite a few people are fickle minded and they don’t stick to their decisions for long, they might do something one day and the other day regret it. Tattoos are permanent, once done, it is nearly impossible to get it removed. So you need to be double sure before getting a tattoo as it would be a mark on you forever. Though nowadays, some techniques for tattoo removal have queued up but they are not only expensive but the pain they deliver is excruciating and not in the least terms delighting or easy; to be honest!


So, you have been told what all it is and what all harmful effects it may cause. So now, it is your call and your wish to decide but you should always know the repercussions of your actions and should accept the situations it might lead you to. So to conclude with: Happy and safe tattooing.*sarcasm intended*
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Makeup is a girl’s best friend (forget diamonds!). Every woman likes to lug makeup with them. Makeup not only enhances our physical features, but also arise the much needed confidence. When we put out the step towards learning the eye makeup; we usually get an idea that the eye makeup is quite tricky and intricate. From consummate eye makeup, we can change our personality and make our self more attractive. There are diverse types of eye makeups in the industry today and you can pick any one of them to give out your look!

Eye portion is too sensitive, so it needs more dedication and care. If you acquire perfect eye makeup, you can change your fashion statement altogether. There are certain eye makeup tips which will help you get your desired eye makeup look. In this piece of writing, we will let you know how to do eye makeup properly.

Let us teach you how to apply eye makeup; not less than an amateur makeup artist:

When we talk about eye makeup, we talk about covering our full eye and fundamentally there are three scraps which we need to coat; we need three things to overlay our eye: eyeliner, mascara and eye shadow. These three are primary eye makeup tools which must be in every girl’s makeup kit. If you do not have these tools, buy them today and start experimenting with your looks!

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Below are some eye makeup tips to start with:

1) EYELINER TIPS: Getting perfect eyeliner is the most salient and tricky part of eye makeup. So let’s know how to make it perfect:

ssq                                                                          Source:

    • Firstly, choose your eyeliner and keep this thing in mind while choosing a liner that your eyeliner should be a quality product and if you are using a liquid liner, make sure its brush is smooth and gentle.
    • Use a makeup remover to make your eyes oil free. It will also provide you with consummate texture.
    • To make your eyeliner flawless, keep your eyes open, look straight in the mirror,   and outline the outer corners of the eye. In the first use, it may not be perfect, but after using it frequently, it will surely be flawless.
    • Make sure you apply the eyeliner as close to the lash line as possible so that it appears to be a part of your natural lash line.
    • To achieve soft smokey eyes, try using a pencil eyeliner. It tends to be much softer and creamier. Apply it on the eyelids and smudge it with your finger so that it looks more natural and gorgeous when it comes to the smokey eye makeup.
    • And to change your look, you can use the colour eyeliners which are in the trend nowadays. If you want to acquire a different look for a particular occasion, you can try some coloured eyeliners. To enhance your look, you can use a lot of mascara to go along.

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2) MASCARA TIPS: How can it be possible that while talking about the eye makeup, we don’t talk about the mascara?
Here are some valuable tips to use the mascara:

sqs                                                                         Source:

    • Start applying mascara from the roots of your lashes and not the tips. This technique gives you enough volume and doesn’t weight down your eye lashes. Otherwise it touches your skin and it will look messy
    • To prevent your lashes from looking clumpy, coat on layers of mascara, depending on the desired volume.
    • To make your mascara last longer, avoid pumping the wand while pulling out the mascara. Instead, swirl it. This also doesn’t dry out the mascara.
    • In case you are using an eyelash curler after applying the mascara, ensure the mascara on the eyes is semi wet and not dry.
    • While applying the mascara on the lower lashes, place a tissue paper right under your lashes to prevent smudging of your makeup.

If you want perfect eye lashes, then a variety of artificial eyelashes are present in the market to give you the full volume and beauty.

3) EYE SHADOW TIPS: Eye shadow deliver the final touch to your eyes. Here are some tips to let you know how to apply the eye shadow:

cc                                                                         Source:

    • The technique for applying the eye shadow is to start with an eye primer or an eye base and apply it all over the eye area (up to the brow line).
    • Invest in good quality brushes. They last for years and ensure better blending. The flat brushes are for depositing the eye shadow and the fluffy brushes are for blending.
    • If you want the eye shadow colour to really stand out, then use the white pencil on eyelids just before applying the eye shadow. This technique makes the colour pop out more efficiently.
    • While creating a smoky eye, use creamy eye pencils as the base for a stronger and intense effects. If you are going for brown smoky eyes, opt for a brown pencil as a base.


    • Use a blotting paper to remove the excess eye shadow; without disturbing the eyeliner.
    • A great tip to curl your lashes instantly is by blow-drying your curler right before you curl your lashes. But ensure that it is not too hot.
    • To avoid eye shadow fall out, finish your eye makeup first then proceed with the base. This will ensure that the makeup looks fresh.
    • Focus on one feature at a time. When wearing loud eye makeup, keep the lips subtle or nude and vice versa.
    • Highlight the inner corner of the eyes by using a light colored eye shadow as this will make your eyes much brighter.
    • Fill in your brows and define them by using a concealer or a foundation on the outer corners of your brows. This helps in defining the brows completely.

In this era of fashion, looking our best is an absolute necessity and through makeup, you can catch that glimpse of beauty to enhance your look. So, always try to use quality products which will not harm your skin severely. So, stay safe and keep experimenting with your looks more!

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Where Should You Plan Your Vacation This Winter

Winters are almost here and so is the traveling!  Winter is one of the most alluring season to visit places as one does not experience fatigue due to excessive heat. So, if you are fond of traveling, then winters are the best recourse. It is the perfect time to pack your bags and leave for a winter vacation. The pleasant weather makes the vacation more pleasurable and a bliss to your senses. So, where do you plan to travel this winter?

Everyone wants to wander in their dream vacation spots and here is the best time to make it real. If you are still confused, we are here for the rescue! Below listed are some best vacation spots to visit this winter:



Manali, Himachal Pradesh is situated at an altitude of 6752 feet. It is not only the paradise for honeymooners but also a bliss for the adventure seekers. The weather conditions are really cold and the temperature falls up to -1-degree celsius. So, as it is really cold, one can enjoy the scenic  white view and snowfalls easily.

  1. GOA


Goa, the party capital of India; is at its happening best during December. The Saturday night market is operational in full swing, which is often termed as a hippie’s paradise. The most loved music festival like the sunburn festival and supersonic are hosted in December. The weather is cool and the beaches are soothing as ever in December.



Lachen, in Sikkim, is located at a height of 2750 metres. This town is literally washed up with the snow during the winter months and it looks like a fantasized world out of a fairytale book. Lachen is the base for some of the most popular treks, which include the chopta valley and gurudongmar lake. If you love photography then this place will serve you the best.



If you want a southwest vacation in your winter break, Pondicherry could be the best option for you. French colonial past is visible in its architecture. Aurobindo ashram, Promenade beach, Auroville and numerous other churches are certainly the charmers in Pondicherry. The weather in December is very pleasant and soothing which makes Pondicherry a “hit” place to visit this winter.




Mussoorie is a hill station situated in the Dehradun district of Uttarakhand and is popularly known as the queen of hills. It certainly deserves this title, and deserves it more during December. Located at an altitude of 1880 metres, this hill station has numerous places to visit and several adventurous activities to perform too.

6. OOTY:


Ooty in Tamil Nadu is known for its numerous tea estates. This hill station is at an altitude of 2240 meters and its scenic beauty will totally make your vacation a memorable one. Dense forest, lush green mountains and miles of tea gardens will definitely leave you enthralled!




Jodhpur, the second largest city in the state of Rajasthan is often referred as the sun city and the blue city. Forts, temples and palaces are famous tourist spots here. You can visit Mehrangarh fort, Umaid Bhavan palace, Jaswant Thada and many more historical beauties to know about Jodhpur’s rich history. It is onshore Thar desert and hence you can even get a glimpse of the life of the desert folks. The temperature drops down to 15 degrees in December,  hence winter is a perfect time to visit Jodhpur.




Kovalam is a lovely beach town in Kerala. Kovalam termologically refers to a grove of coconut trees and this place lives up to its name. Kovalam has three beaches in total. During December, Kovalam’s weather is enjoyable and you can enjoy the beach part the most as it is usually not as crowded as other beaches of India.

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The great Rann of kutch is a salt marsh in the Thar desert, Gujarat. While the summers are too hot, winter temperature falls down to 0 degrees. The government of Gujarat organises an annual 3-month long festival called the Rann Utsav. It will be held from mid-December to mid March 2015. You can surely visit kutch for this festival.

In the conclusion, I would say, Winter is coming guys, so get ready to make your winter memorable this year! You can choose any of the locations described above and conclude your trip as the best one.

Some tips to get along: If you are travelling in winters, always carry your cute winter outfits. I personally feel that we look our best in the winter outfits and the food is much more enjoyable in winters!

December is the month which flags the winter weather and it is one of the coolest months of the year. If you want to spend your vacations with your family, you will not get a better option than sporting out this winter. So, peeps, Just pack your bags and get ready to enjoy the most lovely weather of the year with your loved ones.

Tips To Hide Your Age Gracefully

Let us give the ‘my age’ notion a serious thought. Do you really need to hide your age? What about aging gracefully?  Women are meant to carry themselves with awe, strength and grace. But it can only happen if they are slightly aware of the factors which bring early signs of aging on the face and skin. That is where the age discrimination bubbles up. I am not at all in for hiding age. It is an inevitable and irrespective phenomenon for men and women, so everyone should accept it with pride and honour.


Each country has an alternative age calculator system to calculate the actual age of a person in numbers.  But age is more of a psychological phenomenon than physical. It is a strong belief that your age is exactly what you perceive it in your mind. You should instead be happy about each passing year that makes a way in your life.

One must try to wipe off the early signs of aging which grabs the light either due to stress, depression, lack of sleep or proper nutrition.

Let us look at some tips which was evolved from our grandmother’s everlasting stories:

1) Do not leave your skin dehydrated.

If you are still not particular about this, then start today! Our body was regularly used to the massage with oil; while we were a kid. That was a nourishment for both our skin and bones. But why don’t we practice it as we grew up? Our growing skin needs more nourishment than it needed when we were young. I understand that oil massage may not be feasible every day; but you can at least moisturize your skin every day with a body lotion. Use a day cream on your face and neck. You can also use an overnight moisturizing cream on your face and neck at bedtime. Religious use of body lotion and cream will keep your skin guarded from fine lines and wrinkles and keep up your real age.

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2) Do not sleep on your stomach

Sleeping on your stomach may be an ultra-comfy way for you to sleep; but to think wisely, your face rubs the pillow the entire night! You don’t know what this position does to your facial skin. Your skin becomes rough and scaly every night when the pillow and bed cover rub your face. I know switching position may not be as easy as advised. According to dermatologists, you should sleep on satin pillow covers. Those are soft on your face and do not rub your skin as harsh as the cotton does.

3) Quit straw

Do you have the habit of sipping iced tea or cold coffee often with a straw? If it is a once in a blue moon kind of a thing, then it is fine. But if you do it quite often, you are squeezing your mouth hard to get early wrinkles around your mouth. Instead, sip from the glass directly. It will save you from the early unwanted wrinkles that may form around your mouth and would queue you in the row of “aged women”.

4) Do you believe in Vaseline?

I am not underestimating any of those new age moisturising creams! They may be very good for your skin but sometimes those orthodox and old products and tips work wonders. Keeping this concept in mind, I vouch for the original Vaseline cream. It heals cracked heels, lips and rough elbows or knees. In the same way, it will heal your skin from inside too. So once or twice a day, massage the old gold Vaseline on the face, neck and hands. Follow this routine especially during the winters.

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5) Do anti sagging massage

This is a simple but a smart trick. Do not massage your face and hands with much pressure. It disturbs the blood vessels on the skin surface. When you are moisturising your hands and face, be gentle and massage with an upward stroke. This simple technique controls the early age sagging of facial skin and the body skin.

Take special care when massaging around the eye. It will be a gentle rounded stroke around the eye. This will retard the fine lines and wrinkles cropping around the eye.

6) Condition your hair with coconut oil

Shiny and beautiful hair will always make you look attractive. But you have to work a bit on that. Market shampoos and conditioners are good alternates to try and judge which suits your hair the best. But the age old coconut oil will never lose its value. Massage your hair with coconut oil, as often as you can. It conditions your hair and make the roots stronger. The nutrition from coconut oil prevents early greying of the hair too. Thus, one product can equip your hair with quite a many good value.

7) Exfoliate your skin

You will find many exfoliating face washes in the market but are you aware of the primitive exfoliating process? Believe me, it can still do wonders for your skin. To test, take a soft textured light coloured cloth to wipe off your face after the wash. If your skin is dry, you will notice some white flakes and scales on the cloth. That is a classic way of exfoliating your face. Follow it up with a light moisturizer to lock in the moisture in your face for a brighter skin.

8) Trust the classic Ponds and Charmis cold creams

With all due respect to the new line age control moisturising creams, it is still hard to beat the cult oldies. Ponds and Charmis hold a record of indomitable quality. Our grand mom and mom used them all their lives. So, let us try them too. After a face wash, apply any of these creams on the face and neck to get that classic moisturising effect on your face.

9) Grab your full quota of beauty sleep

Beauties, your late night power point presentation preparations or late night chat sessions are taking away the brightness from your skin. Skin cells regenerates in the night when you are asleep.  If you force yourself to be awake till midnight, the cell regeneration process gets retarded. So, do not underestimate a good night’s sleep as that will help your skin stay soft, supple and lively as long as possible.

10) Love vegetables

If you intake green and leafy vegetables, you are supplementing goodness to your skin from within. Early days our grandmothers and mothers have been upfront from consuming vegetables.  They are rich in antioxidants that fights off radicals under the sun. So, in a way, it is a natural protection for your skin from the harmful UV rays. So leave all the negatives and start eating broccolis and beet as it will gain you a long lasting lovely skin from within.

11) Love yourself

As I have mentioned earlier, keep confidence in yourself. Age is just a number. The concept ‘aged woman’ has to be changed and you should be the change. Age discrimination should be based on the experience and maturity of a person. When it comes to the looks, after forty you should look even lovelier. Work on your skin so that you do not have to hide those dark spots and fine lines under that heavy foundation. Walk out with bare minimum make up and be more confident than the teenagers. And that attitude, my ladies is termed as grace!

So ladies, now is the time you come out of that so called aging process and show the world what you are capable of!

Feel free to write or ask us anything you wish in the section below. Stay beautiful always!

Tea Or Coffee ? Which One Should You Prefer

Tea or coffee? It is hard to choose one of them. Are you also wondering which one you should prefer? Tea and coffee both have discrete benefits and what we prefer; depends on its usage: like if we get up in the morning, then coffee is a sturdy choice and if we endure sleep and wants some refreshment to open up our eyes straight, than tea is a better choice. (Many people have opposite choices, I know!)

Tea and coffee are two most common beverages in India. Found in almost every Indian household, coffee has become a part of the Indian culture. With the influx of coffee joints like Barista, Starbucks and Café Coffee Day, drinking coffee has become a style statement. Coffee had become an excuse to hang out for today’s kids and teenagers.



According to a recent study, India is the fifth largest coffee producer in the world. Karnataka alone is responsible for the 70% of the total coffee produced in India. The top coffee brands in India are: Tata, Nescafe, Bru. There are so many types of coffees but black coffee is more preferable and its beneficial too. It serves best when no additives like milk and sugar are added to it. Many don’t exactly know how to make coffee and that is why they miss out the perfect blend of it to acquire the perfect taste in the end.

Talking about the TEA…

Tea is one of the greatest uniters. There is no such crises which can not be solved by a cup of tea. There are some reasons why tea is better than coffee:


While coffee can do the same, tea has added the benefit of generally being just pure H2o with that awesome tea flavor, which means, if it is hot summer then it’s more beneficial to have a sip of tea either hot or cold to replace any fluid deficiency you had through excessive sweating. It is good for your skin too and you get hydrated while consuming some.


Scientists have ensured that tea is proficiently linked to the improvement of your health. And looking at the history, 5000 year ago an emperor also wrote about it.


Tea contains much less amount of caffeine than coffee. If you want something to keep you going throughout the work day, tea is the best choice.


Isn’t it? It is the best reason to prefer tea over coffee, jokes apart. Place a teabag in a cup of hot water, remove it after few minutes, and you are done!


Antioxidants are fantastic for keeping your body ticking and feeling fantastic. In short, antioxidants keep you fresh.


Tea is also good if you wish to maintain a good set of tooth. Drink a reasonable amount and it would keep your teeth in their original color unlike coffee, which delivers the unwarranted side effects of discoloration.


An advantage we can all use from time to time. While the physical cause behind this remains unknown or murky. But, tea surely is a great source to reduce those wrinkles from your forehead.


Relatively recent research has indicated that green tea might be a great aid for people who want to loose some weight. It is a fact that green tea helps kick start your metabolism and so, is helpful in shedding that extra kilos off your body.


An Australian study shows that people who use tea regularly had stronger bone density than those who don’t. And drinking tea promotes healthy bone formation. While I am not suggesting you guys to drink too much of tea; a cup of tea in a day is sufficient to keep your bones stronger and healthier.


It is like a security software for your computer. A cup of tea can give you a sudden boost as drinking tea can really help your body to set up and improve the immune system.



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While on the other hand…

There are many types of coffee, the finest quality being the arabica coffee, which today holds 59% share of the world’s total coffee production. The interesting part about the Arabica coffee is that it is the only species with 44 chromosomes of coffee!

Green coffee” is the best coffee in the world. Coffee can only be good if its source is the finest. So, you need to find a coffee roasting company that has an excellent green coffee import to bliss your tastebuds.

Coffee contains a high amount of caffeine, most of us like drinking coffee but want to limit their caffeine intake for some reasons. For those people, decaffeinated coffee is an excellent alternate. Decaffeinated coffee is just like a regular coffee, except that the caffeine has been removed. It is a coffee from the coffee beans that have had at least 97% of their caffeine removed.

Likewise, there are many types to tea too: Teas tea is created by Japanese. Teas tea is a collection of all tea leaves and it is the  purest form of tea you can have.

Have you ever heard people criticizing your choices of having caffeinated drinks like coffee or tea? Though over-indulging in anything will have negative consequences, having an extra cup of black tea might not be as bad as you imagined.

I personally prefer and love a cup of tea. Its how I like to begin my day and I want it as soon as I am awake! Well, that’s my personal take. What about you?

Do let us know about your preference in the comment section below!

Are You An Introvert?

The Ancient Greek aphorism “Know Thyself” is exactly why you are here.

Maybe you don’t know if you are an introvert or already know the fact, but came here to know more about it. You must know that a 2/3 of the total population is of introverts; that is; 1 out of every 2 or 3 people you know! This may seem weird to you as most of the people you know are more outgoing and you may not recall many introverts you know. But the thing is, you cannot spot an introvert in just a glance. There is so much in them than just being in solitude or being quiet.  Stereotypical Introvert may be the one sitting alone in a party away from the cool people. No. It is not as easy to spot an Introvert personality.

Some people even think they are not introverts because they are not “shy”, but this mind-set is not as bizarre as they think. There is no such thing as an “outgoing introvert”. Most of the people I know think that being an introvert is more than just devoting time alone. There is a huge difference between an introvert and extrovert.

Introvert Definition: To define introvert, “Introversion is a basic temperament. So, the social aspect — which is what people focus on — is really a small part of being an introvert. It affects everything in your life.”  Dr. Marti Olsen Laney, psychotherapist and author of “The Introvert Advantage,” said in a Mensa discussion to define introversion.


Now, the question remains: What it really means being an “introvert”? Check on your own if any of the following signs applies to you:-


1) Parties scare you


When an invite comes, it seems as if you will have to prepare for a war. Well, not exactly a war but you really want to prepare for everything. Though, when you go to the party, you don’t really MEET people or socialize much. Meeting new people is not at all a good idea to you. You are the person who hangs on with the food bowl and that’s OKAY!

In the end, you find your battery draining and you need to refill it by cultivating some time alone. Solitude, for some, is the air they breathe.

And yea “I hate people” is your constant inner monologue after these social parties!

2) Small talk is one thing you hate the most


“Hi”, “what’s up?” are not so pleasant phrases to you.

You don’t like small talk at all. You, in fact, are a sucker for deep, thoughtful and intellectual conversations with people. Their long stories won’t bother you a bit and you think they are more engaging than those regular party chit-chats that mean nothing and seems shallow to you. You crave meaning in conversations. If deprived of that, you have no interest in their gossips. Also, you hate making the first move; you don’t know what to say to the peeps out there or how to talk. Words just don’t follow your way.

3) You often feel “alone” in a room full of people


This scenario is common to you. In a crowd, people are talking and laughing and doing things, while you are “just there”. You think you should take part in their conversations but you give up as they are doing nothing but draining you out. People think you are rude and for overcoming this misconception, you try to smile. In the end, all through the conversations, you were just smiling at them and taking in the torture. But when someone talks about your passion or your interest, you can have a full long conversation on it with that twinkle in your eyes. These kind of conversations are the ones you love to talk about; even with the people you don’t share a bond with.

4) Giving a speech in front of 500 people is less stressful than networking with them:


According to the statics, Introverts are great leaders and public speaking don’t really scare them. An estimated 40% CEO’s are Introverts. Many famous personalities like Elena Roosevelt, Rosa Parks and Mahatma Gandhi were introverts. So, you don’t shy away from spotlight but struggle with talking to people in person. Psychologists have proved that Introverts are as competent of giving a seminar on a topic as extroverts. But when it comes to communicating with those in the audience, Introverts cringe while Extroverts do it happily as they are their opposites and they get charged up while doing so. The psychology behind this is that an introvert; while giving a seminar or delivering a speech; keeps all the things prepared and they give their 100%, but when it comes to talking, they are not prepared for it and gets anxious.

5) You are extremely fascinated by art



Reading, Writing, Creating art, Music, etc. seems to be a treat for you. You enjoy practicing them as they help you refill your energy and make you happy. In fact, most Introverts are “the creative ones” in a crowd. You are an expert in observing. You feel like you see things with a different perspective than your friends and it are scientifically proven too! That makes your idols mostly creative personalities and you love their art with all your heart. Your hobbies include one of the many art forms. “Good Listener” and “Observant” are some of the tags you can recognize yourself with. These traits are very crucial in order to be successful and many Introverts also benefit from it.

6) Unexpected Calls are often left unanswered



They screen all their calls if they are not expecting it. Even if their closest friend wants to talk to them, they just don’t answer. It doesn’t mean Introverts are rude or ignorant; they call back when they think they have enough “energy” to have a conversation with someone. Unexpected calls just don’t make them happy. To them, texting is the way out. They love texting and can talk to you all day but they cringe when it comes to taking a call. They hate those long silences and often fell like they are taking too much of your time talking to you on the phone. That is why texting is a better alternative for them and they don’t feel like they are bothering others too much. So that everyone remain happy!

7) You have a small group of close friends


It’s not like Introverts “hate” people. They just aren’t comfortable much when it comes to socializing with a lot of people. They tend to have a couple or more best friends. It’s just that they choose carefully whom they should socialise to. They cherish deep relationships rather than the shallow ones and can do anything for the ones they invest their most of the time with. While, it is true that new people scare them a little, but once they past that and show their sincerity towards the relationship, they can have an amazing relationship.  Other people just have to make the first move and that’s it.

8) Social Anxiety and Being Judged


Your social anxiety’s foundation is the horror of being judged. You may like people giving you attention, but you also think when they stare you, they are judging you, based on anything you are doing; so you get anxious. This anxiety is at that point that even when you are talking to really nice kind of people who love you, you still think that when you left, “that” joke on which they were laughing was about you!

9) People Pleaser


You are constantly pleasing other people even if it means displeasing yourself. You are too serious in life, but you think of others more than you think for yourself, which is horrifying sometimes. You say yes when you want to say no and say no when you want to say yes. Even when it’s not AT ALL suitable for you; you just can’t help it! You think people will think degradedly of you if you don’t do it. It’s OKAY though, you cannot please everyone in the world! You are not a jar of Nutella for God’s sake!

This is the reason why you don’t get into many fights either. You agree with the people even when they are rude and mean to you and offend you. What you do at most is that you just stop talking to them but you can’t rebuke!

10) People tag you as “Quiet”, “Boring”, and all sorts of those words


Well there are people, and their stereotypical thinking. They just can’t see through you and what you are capable of doing. They tag you with names thinking that being “quiet” is all that is in your personality. But your real friends know you. Once you get close to people, how amazing you can be! How exciting can you make your life and show them that magic of living a happy life that is the secret hidden only with you. Not largely, but you are content with your life and always look for ways to make it more amazing. And as Taylor Swift says: “Haters Gonna Hate, hate, hate, hate, hate… But I am just gonna shake shake shake! So just Shake it off and let no one fuse down your spark!

These points may not all be relevant to your personality and maybe you have some different traits hidden too. But if you can relate to more than five points from this post, then my dear, you are a celebrated Introvert! Be Proud! Feel free to talk about it on the comments below! Stay Positive. Good luck.

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How to meditate: Techniques & tips

It’s a busy world. Every person in the world is running a rat race, a seemingly endless one. We are all a part of this hullabaloo; getting up early, running to offices/schools/colleges, attending meetings, meeting deadlines, participating in stressful activities and sometimes even managing the tedious household chores. And what does it result in at the end of the day?  An exhausted you!

Of all the activities that you do, how much time do you give yourself? How many hours do you just sit with yourself and connect with what’s within you?  Ask yourself this and you shall find that you do not really spend any time with yourself. How often do you feel drained out? Stressed? Frustrated? Unable to think clearly? If, quite often is your answer then, you are reading the right space. The solution to all your problems is one word: Meditation.

Now the question arises: what is meditation and how to do meditation?

Meditation in simple words is the process of spending time with yourself. Meditating is the act of sitting peacefully with your own self and enjoying your company. Many people join classes, watch videos, or buy DVDs to learn guided meditation. You do not need to do all of that. Just read on and find out how to overcome your stress and spend time with yourself.



  1. Find a quiet, peaceful place:
    This is a primal step for meditating. Look for a quiet place. Meditation is all about peace and hence, can only be done in a noiseless environment. If you live in a city, chances are that your place is devoid of tranquility. A noisy environment is likely to distract you from your purpose of finding peace. Find a quiet place in your house. It can be your bedroom where you can lock yourself away from the world, or maybe even your praying room, if you have one.
  2. Fix a time:
    It is important to fix a time slot to meditate so that you gradually get into the habit of meditating. Setting a time slot also acts as a reminder; it helps you remember that you have to meditate at this point of time. Not only is it necessary to fix a time to get into the habit, but, this also brings in discipline which is very essential for meditation. Wake up early in the morning to meditate when the day’s bustle has not begun or you can meditate right before bed when it has all ended. Pick a time when you do not have anything on your mind; no errands to run, no deadlines to meet.
  3. Get comfortable:
    Wear comfortable clothes before you sit for meditation. A loose, oversized t-shirt or a kurta are great while meditating. Free flowing clothes keep you comfortable. Ill fitted or tight fitted clothes adds to the distraction and discomfort which disable you from meditating in peace. If you wear tight clothes, all your attention will be on them and the likely discomfort they may cause.
  4. Sit at ease or lie down:
    The best posture to meditate is to sit cross legged or in the Lotus posture, preferably on a flat, even surface like the floor. You can also lie down flat on your back, or sit on a chair. The most important thing is for you to be at ease and feel relaxed. While sitting, keep your back straight and keep your face in alignment with your chest. Your palms must either face the ceiling or connect your index finger and the thumb. It is important to keep your eyes closed to avoid any outer distractions that will keep you from meditating.
  5. Breathe deeply :
    Breath is the life force that drives. It is vital to breathe deeply during meditation. Concentrate on your breath. Counting your breath helps. Try inhaling for a count of 6, holding for a count of 2, and exhaling for 6. Giving your mind this simple task to focus on will help clear your head. It is has been found that we do not use our lungs to their full ability. Inhaling deep breaths will increase the intake of oxygen and therefore, more oxygen will reach the brain, making it more alert, aware and awake.
  6. Chant a mantra or hold a rosary:
    Meditation is the process of becoming still. It is important to focus on a single point all throughout the meditation. You can chant a mantra that will not only help you concentrate but also calm you while you chant it with each breath. You can also hold a rosary and count the beads to keep yourself from distracting. It may seem like a challenging task to still your mind and keep it bereft of thoughts. But eventually, once you practice it every day at a fixed time, you will slowly be able to calm yourself and rest your mind.
  7. Observe your mind:
    Your mind is like a restless monkey, always jumping from one branch of thought to another. Your job while meditating is to train it and tame it. The foremost step is to observe it carefully, closely. The moment your mind starts drifting, analyse the thought that is building up. Once you start doing this and practice it, your thoughts will become more stable and you will achieve an inner balance.




Meditation Techniques

The way exercise and yoga are for keeping the body fit; similarly, meditation is to keep the mind healthy. There are many techniques to meditate:

Guided Meditation:
In such meditation, you can meditate under the guidance of a teacher or a trained practitioner. It can be via a written text, sound recording, video, or audiovisual media. It can induce mental imagery and involves visualization to help focus.

Concentration meditation:
This is the easiest technique of meditation. It does not require any guidance and can be done at home easily without any aid. It involves focusing on a single point. It can entail watching the breath, chanting mantras or a single word like Om, counting rosary beads, gazing the candle flame or listening to music that calms you and brings tranquility. This meditation allows you to refocus your awareness by paying complete attention to a particular object whenever you notice your mind wandering and wavering. You do not have to make an effort to pursue your thoughts, you have to simply observe them and let them be. It improves your concentration.

Reflective Meditation:
This sort of meditation involves focusing on a particular question. It is also called analytical meditation or disciplined meditation. In order to do this meditation, pick a question and analyze it and reflect upon it. Not only will it help you to keep yourself focused but also help you get an answer to that question. It will help you develop a clear understanding. It will expand your consciousness and help you react better in day to day situations.

Heart centered/ Heart Chakra meditation:
This meditation is about focusing on the heart area of your body while meditating. Sit comfortably in a quiet place and focus on the heart area while inhaling and exhaling slowly. This meditation relieves you of your fears and depression. It helps you connect to your heart and stabilizes your emotions.

Meditation Tips

  • Never meditate on a full stomach: A full stomach will make you feel sleepy. But, do not meditate on an empty stomach either; your hunger will keep distracting you.
  • Breathe slowly but smoothly: Make sure your breathing is not jagged. Breathe slowly but smooth. Clear your nostrils before meditating especially if you suffer from sinus.
  • Try Pranayama: You can easily do a breathing exercise to refocus. It will awaken your senses and will help in concentrating better.
  • Keep your back straight: Do not be stiff. Keep your back comfortably straight. If you are too stiff, your back may start hurting and will disrupt your meditation. Do not have a slackened posture. Your spine must be straight at all times
  • Keep your eyes closed: Do not open your eyes while meditating. When your eyes are open, you tend to get distracted by things around you which arouse thoughts.
  • Do not meditate when angry: It is difficult to meditate when you are struggling with strong emotions. Strong emotions tend to breed stories and your mind will keep wandering.
  • Do not control your thoughts: While meditating, it is natural for you to have thoughts. It is the nature of the human mind to think all the time. Do not control these thoughts. The more you resist the more they will persist. All you have to do is simply observe them. Let the thoughts flow. Observe where they stem from and then let them go.
  • Try Meditation Music: If silence does not work for you, try meditation music or mantras. The sound of music will drown the chatter of your thoughts. The soothing music will calm you down and your thoughts will eventually die down.
  • Begin meditating with a short duration: Since, you are not used to sitting for long hours in a single position for a long duration, begin meditating with a small period of time. Start with 10 minutes and gradually, according to your comfort level, increase the duration. Sitting for a long time in the beginning may cause discomfort and numb our legs.
  • Enjoy meditation: Be relaxed and comfortable while meditating. Do not treat meditation like a daily chore. It is for you to relax and spend time with yourself. Enjoy while you are at it.

This is to all the people who find meditation a boring activity, please follow these tips and you will start enjoying it for sure!

Feel free to share your experiences in the comments below!