BBdoll sex doll head survey (silicone-type)


Generally, Sex dolls’ heads are put together from two types of manufacturing materials. The first is the TPE sex doll head, while the other is the silicone sex doll head. Today in this write-up, we will discuss lengthly about the silicone sex doll head made by BBdoll company.

BBdoll is a brand that focuses on making and developing silicone sex dolls. They design and test run their sex dolls for like three years before selling them in the market. Over here in BBdoll, it’s our topmost priority to make sure everything is perfect with our product before it gets into the market, “the manager of BB doll said.”

OK. Now Let’s review the BBdoll sex doll head,you can check their link here

30+ Silicone Sex Doll Heads for Choice

  1. In BBdoll, making sex dolls is with the best materials available. The BBdoll sex doll contains 100% silicone. The silicone utilized in making the dolls is a more secure and innocuous material, compared and contrasted with the TPE material. It also has breasts, vagina, and anus with a striking resemblance to its human counterparts in texture, shape, and structure. The silicone material is top quality.
  2. The silicone sex doll molded in the best way possible makes it more expensive than the TPE material. It is also resistant to heat and is impermeable to bacteria and other diseases. Also, the silicone material does not stain like the TPE material and is easy to clean. The TPE is thermoplastic rubbers. They are delicate to an expansion in temperature and permeable. It makes them susceptible and powerless to certain microscopic organisms.
  • The sex doll head made of silicone material gives a better feeling with no oil. The silicone doll head is odorless with no oily features on it, the TPE on the other side has a sticky/gummy feature in its head and body containing oil which makes the silicone material better than the TPE material.
  • The hair of the BBdoll silicone sex doll implanted in the head is just like the hair on the human head. This implant feature gives the silicone sex doll head a realistic feel and makes it more alluring and appealing to the human eye. For the TPE sex doll, they place wigs on its head. It causes some problems because, unlike the silicone type sex doll, a user has to change the wig on the sex doll head more often than not to make the sex doll more attractive and appealing to human beings, while for the silicone kind, the user only has to clean, wash, and comb the hair already implanted on the doll’s head.
  • The eyebrow on the head of the BBdoll silicone sex doll is implanted and not drawn on the face from time to time. The eyebrow implant feature makes the sex doll look the same as a real lady.
  • The 4-layer make-up on the face of the BBdoll sex doll
  • It makes its face looks real, natural, and very beautiful. The make-up on the head gives the sex doll very admirable and human-like facial components, which draw in many individuals and make them become hopelessly enamored and want to get it. BBdoll makes it a top priority to apply the 4-layer make-up on the face of all their sex dolls to beautify their face and give them a striking resemblance with the natural female face.

Why do many people buy sex doll heads?

  1. Many sex doll lovers have more than one sex doll. They buy more heads to get more varieties of sex doll looks. The BBdoll silicone sex doll head is a perfect fit and can coordinate with various types of the sex doll body.
  2. Some new sex doll lovers buy a sex doll head first to test its quality. If the quality of the sex doll head is good, they will try to buy a whole sex doll.
  • Just for love and fun:

Some people love beautiful things and making up. This set of people buy the silicone head of the sex doll for the sole reason of wearing it make-up and taking pictures, be it for fun or business purposes where they showcase the sex doll face to their prospective customers to attract them to their make-up business.