Beginner’s Guide To Using A Treadmill


Are you planning on using a treadmill to fulfill your fitness needs? If so, you have made the best choice since the treadmill is an excellent gym machine to provide you an effective cardiovascular workout. Anyone, regardless of their age, weight, or size, can use this incredible machine and make the most out of it. 

If you are new to the fitness world, you probably must be wondering where to buy treadmills. You will find plenty of treadmill models available in various fitness stores. Be sure to pick a model that will best suit your fitness requirements and budget. 

But, before you step on a treadmill as a beginner, you must bear in mind a few things to make your workouts fun and safer. The features and functions offered in each treadmill model may vary from one another. Thus, it is better to be familiar with them before you start using the machine. 

This article aims at guiding you on how to use a treadmill as a beginner. We will highlight crucial factors that you must take care of before getting on a treadmill to gain maximum benefits from the machine. So, let’s dive right in. 

  1. Check The Treadmill’s Stability

Everyone wants to feel comfortable and easy while working out on a machine. No one would prefer to run on a shaky treadmill. Therefore, it is imperative to see if the treadmill you are about to use is placed on a stable and flat surface. 

A folding treadmill must be completely reclined and secured in place. Make sure the deck is fixed in place before you begin running or walking on it.

If you plan to use the treadmill at your home, be sure to double-check that the machine is not placed on the end of a rug or an uneven surface. To stay safe while working out on a treadmill, be sure you first check the machine’s stability and balance.

  1. Look For Emergency And Start Key

After you have made sure the treadmill is stable, check if the emergency key is in place. The machine will not start if the emergency key is not in its place. Once the key is in place, you are good to go!

Then, look for the start key. Most models come with a feature of a Quick Start button that lets you start the machine with merely a push of a button. 

It is better to stand on the side of the rails before pressing the start button to be sure of the treadmill’s speed. Once it starts, you can safely step on the treadmill and begin at a pace comfortable for you. 

  1. Get Acquainted With The Handrails And Console

Get acquainted with the treadmill’s handrails and console. Some models have their controls installed on the console or motion sensor controls built into the arms. Before you hop on the treadmill, you must familiarize yourself with the placement of incline, speed, and other controls on the machine. 

Some models also come with various entertainment options, such as a headphone jack and audio port. Know where these functions are located and how they work on the machine you are using before beginning your workout. This way you would not have to struggle and waste your time trying to get your favorite music started. 

  1. Spot The Stop Key And Speed Dial

Before getting started, the most crucial buttons to look for on a treadmill are the stop key and speed dial. These buttons ensure your safety if you trip over while working out on the treadmill. 

If you find yourself losing balance while running, you can simply pull out the stop key to turn the machine off immediately. It prevents you from getting a severe injury.

Once you are familiar with the controls and functions of the treadmill, you may move on to interval training for efficient workouts. 

The Bottom Line

Anyone who is just starting their workout journey must know the correct usage of the machines first. If you are a beginner at using a treadmill, you must give yourself some time to understand the different features and functions of the machine. As a beginner, try to get a reliable treadmill suitable for entry-level users to get you started. 

Knowing about the features and functions beforehand will allow you to have efficient and enjoyable workouts. So, now that you know how to use a treadmill, it is time for you to hop on and start running!