Best Meal Of The Day Is The Post Workout Meal


Let’s peek into the definition first: What does that term mean?
“Workout is a physical exercise to make your body fit.” And in this age of competition, to be fit is the most important thing to work upon. If we refer to a doctor’s advice: workout or any physical exercise is compulsory on regular basis so their sane advice is that every individual should add some sort of exercise or workout in their daily schedule to live a healthier and more balanced lifestyle. Workout makes you fit and if you stay fit; you automatically feel happy. So while you are up with a well- trained workout, it is important to take a healthy and good diet after workout to improvise and increase the results.


Eating after a workout is important even though it does not matter at what time of the day you are working out. Want a logic behind it? Here you go: At the time of the workout, our body losses its glycogen and protein and if we don’t eat a good meal, our body muscles get break down. To avoid this awful thing to happen, here are some wonderful tips from the experts.

One should follow up these simple rules to gear up their body:

  • Eat within 30 to 60 minutes after workout: Meal which you had after workout is like a “Recovery” meal. So, it is better to have it as soon as possible. As we know that during workout, we lose our pretty high amount of energy and nutrition; so, to “get back” our energy and body strength, a meal after workout is compulsory. If you do not eat a proper meal, you can get weaker till the next workout and hence, the effect of the workout would be adverse.
  • Think beyond Protein: “Protein” is the most desired ingredient you take after workout but just the protein factor is not sufficient to “get back” your strength. So, some amount of fat, nutrition, lots of vitamin and starch is the need your body wish.
  • Keep it real: During a workout, we lose all of our energy and if we do not have a healthy diet, our muscles break down very steadily. Not only a post meal is necessary; but meals which we intake the whole day should be healthy and full of nutrients.
  • Don’t Overcompensate: If losing weight is your main motto, then dear peeps, please don’t punish your body with your “so-called” illusion that you have to decrease your diet to get in shape. We agree that it is important to have a perfect diet but a perfect diet should at least compensate the amount of calories you had burned during the exercise. And besides gaining that much back, an addition of some healthy substitutes is a must.
  • Rehydrate: Dehydration is a common problem which most of the people face in their workout sessions. We need to understand that everyone has a different body temperature so the level of dehydration differs. If you sweat like a pig or if you work out for longer hours than others, try those energy drinks to pump up your energy more than just the normal water. Energy drinks restore your “electrolytes” which you lose during your tiring workout.

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What to eat after a workout is the biggest question everyone is searching an answer for. Do you know the accurate answer? No? Well, we are here to help.
A best post workout meal should be full of nutrients, proteins and glucose. So, these are the 10 eatables that topped our list of the best items to eat after a workout:

  1. EGGS: After the sweaty workout, what we need the most for our body is a good amount of proteins and carbs. The best suite for both of our requirements is an egg. As we know, an egg is a very rich source of proteins and carbs. It has 6.3 gram of protein and it is a natural source of vitamin D which serves just the right for athletics.


  1. Quinoa: Brown rice is a very good substitute after a workout but instead of that, we would suggest you all to go for this tricky term: Quinoa (pronounced as KEEN-WAH). It is definitely not as complicated as its name and indeed it is a better choice than your usual boring brown rice. What makes it win is the ingredient slip which proves that it has more protein and fiber than brown rice and the bonus is, it takes much less time to prepare. Hurrah!


  1. Orange juice: Familiar? Of course everyone is! We don’t think we should tell you all the importance of an orange juice. We hope you guys have read it in your school books in nursery! Well, jokes apart, let us just revise it: Orange juice is a rich source of Vitamin C and various high nutrients which makes it a drink which we can sip on anytime and it is good for health always! Go and fetch your glass!


  1. Kefir: Kefir. Well, don’t give us that expression. We know that it is not known to everyone. Let us redefine it to you: it is a drink made of fermented milk. Recipe? Go search it on the net but yeah, the nutrient count is the main motive to discuss it here. Here we go: one cup of kefir contains 11-14gram of proteins which is more than sufficient for a day. So, just a cup every day and you are sorted!


  1. Banana: We could hear that “Yumm” sound! Who is that?
    Well, we know that it is one of the most favorite fruit from ages and it is one of the best fruit you could eat after a workout. Perfect!
    Wait. Would we have to give a reason for that too? Fine. It is the best as it contains the “best” carbs and helps us restore our lost glycogen.


6. Salmon: We hope that’s a familiar word now. What makes Salmon enter this list is its high quantity of protein and a pretty decent amount of omega3; which is a good source to rebuild your muscles.


  1. Blueberries: These small berries might not appeal a good source of nutrients to you but you people are still in a myth. Haven’t you heard the saying? “Big surprises come in small packages?” Well, we think this saying is named after the discovery of this fruit. These small berries can give you a much higher boost. Studies shows that blueberries triple your rate of recovery. Fill up your pockets today!


  1. Dry fruit and nuts: Dry fruits are one essential food item everyone is aware about. How rich and important they are as a source of nutrients; sort of everyone knows. Munch up a few of them and let them do their work! That’s called a “Smart” diet!


  1. Pineapple: Juicy and tasty: a brilliant and a rare combo for a perfect diet lover! Talking about scientific stuff: It contain a high amount of vitamin c and it is good component to heal sprain and swelling. So, eat pineapple and stay fit.


  1. Water: Last but not the least, Water. It is the most essential substance to sustain life. (Of course! That is why the geeks are searching for it on Mars now). Yet, we don’t pay it that much attention. There is no use to say that water is important; everyone knows it. But, most of the people forget to have it after or during workout. 8-10 glasses per day is the average estimate of drinking water for an adult. So drink it generously after or during workout.


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During workout, our muscles break down at micro level and our body needs best nutrition to cover it. By opting for the best nutrition after a workout, we can improve our body composition, performance and overall recovery. Benefits of a post workout nutrition are:

  • Improve recovery
  • Less muscle break down
  • Increase ability to build muscles
  • improve immune function
  • improve bone mass


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Sometimes, we get bored eating the same “not-so-delicious” diet foods after the workout. And the other times, we don’t get that mood and hunger to eat a full diet meal. Plus, it is not a strict necessity that everyone gets hungry after a workout; but it is utterly important to eat something after a workout. So, instead of eating something heavy, one can have variety of snacks to compensate the hunger. So here we present some of the best post workout snacks:

  • Turkey, cheese and apple slice: Grab some slices of Turkey, Cheese, Apple and pear or you can eat any fruit with high protein to go on with the diet.


  • Juice and roasted nuts: You can have soybean nuts too to serve as a post workout snack. It contains less fat than any other nut and you can have a glass of juice to go along with it but make sure to use low sugar containing juice.


  • A sandwich on whole grain bread: A Sandwich of “whole grain” bread can be your ultimate choice for the best snack after workout. Believe us, a whole grain bread sandwich can be tastier and healthier too with some add-ons of munchy vegetables.


  • Leftover pizza: We know that you guys are a bit surprised seeing this item in our “best” list but hold on, it is proven that a leftover pizza could be the best snack we can have after a vigorous workout.


  • Low fat yogurt: A low fat yogurt is an extra delightful item you can have after a workout. You can savor your “favorite” yogurt with a deadly combo of some dry fruits with it to make it yum.


At the conclusion part, we would remind you one last thing: A “healthy” diet after a workout is very important for every individual. So, one of the most important thing which we have to deal with is: “A Balanced diet”. Do make sure to gulp down a proper diet to stay healthy. Kudos to a healthier you! Best of luck.

Do comments and let us all know what diet are you taking??




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