Best Night Creams For Glowing Skin In India

best night cream India

Our skin is exposed to so many impurities like dust and pollution every day. It is only during the night when the skin relaxes and opens pores to repair the damage. One best way to wake up with fresh skin in the morning is by using the best night cream in India. 

Our skin absorbs ingredients better during the night as skin regeneration power is incredibly between when asleep. The night cream helps to enhance the skin, repair damage incurred during the daytime, and also hydrate the skin to reveal glowing and plump skin.

Here are some of the best night creams available in India, which work for almost all skin types and target different skin concerns.

Best Night Creams For Glowing Skin In India

Olay Natural White 7 IN ONE Night Nourishing Repair Cream

Olay is one of the most popular skincare brands. This 7in1 night cream helps to lighten the skin tone by reducing melanin production on the skin surface. If you are struggling with dark spots, open pores, or dull skin, this night cream will help in getting rid of all your skin concerns. Your skin will feel smooth and moisturized by regular usage.

Olay is the best night cream for aging skin. Enriched with apple, lime, grapefruit, orange, and jujube and antioxidants in the form of Vitamin E, B3, and B5, get radical to counter free radical damage with Olay natural white 7 in one repair cream.

Biotique BIO WHEATGERM Youthful Nourishing Night Cream

Biotique Wheatgerm Nourishing Night Cream is one of the best anti-aging night creams in India. The rich texture of this cream is enriched with wheat germ extracts and moisturizing emollients like apricot seed and almond oil to soothe dryness.

Vitamin A, C, and E paired with galangal extract help reduce any signs of aging and make your skin look firm, youthful, and hydrated. With consistent use, your dark spot will fade away, and pigmentation on mature skin will lighten. This night cream will reveal supple skin with few applications. 

Himalaya Herbals Revitalizing Night Cream

Himalaya Herbal Night Cream is nourishing and gentle and is a must-have in your night skincare kit. It contains crab apple, lemon, white lily, wheat, and tomato that revitalizes dull skin. Lemon and crab apple helps to improve overall complexion and reduce inflammation with their natural bleaching properties.

Wheat extracts soothe damaged, and sunburn skin and also improves the appearance of dark patches and wrinkles. White lily contains natural glycolic acid that helps in tightening wrinkles and fine lines. Tomato is rich in antioxidants like Vitamin C, which helps in controlling skin sensitivity and aging. This is a great night cream to restore the natural glow, texture, and elasticity of the skin.

Lakmé Absolute Perfect Radiance Skin Brightening Night Creme

Another best night cream for glowing skin in India, Lakme Absolute Perfect Radiance. It is infused with micro-crystals that are designed to brighten the skin and nourish deeply, revealing glowing skin the next morning. Lakme absolute night cream contains Vitamin E and B3 that reduces the appearance of dark spots, open pores, and inflammation.

This night cream also contains allantoin, which helps in shedding dead skin cells and keeps your skin supple, fresh, and blemish-free. Titanium dioxide blocks sun damage and also repairs any UV damage by slowing down the photoaging process. It is suitable for all skin types.

Lotus Herbals WHITEGLOW Skin Whitening & Brightening Nourishing Night Crème

Whiteglow skin whitening and brightening Night Cream by Lotus Herbals is best to achieve glowing skin during the summer season. The lightweight triple-action formula penetrates into the skin deeply for long-lasting hydration. It is enriched with the goodness of saxifrage extracts, milk enzymes, grape, and mulberry concentrate.

Mulberry extract is antioxidant-rich and neutralizes free radicals that come with anti-aging benefits and minimize fine lines and wrinkles. It also contains resveratrol which protects the skin from UV damage. Saxifrage extracts prevent excess melanin production, lightening pigmentation, brighten the skin, and reduce blemishes or dark spots.

This is the best night cream for oily and aging skin in India. It tightens skin pores and helps to even out the texture. Milk enzymes will impart a natural glow and lighten the skin. While grape concentrate exfoliates the skin and works to make your face look brighter. 

Garnier Skin Naturals Light Complete Yoghurt Night Cream

Garnier Light complete yogurt cream is super lightweight and is a fast-acting skin treatment. It is enriched with white speed serum, Vitamin C, yogurt Bifidus, and lemon essence that helps to brighten and repair skin. This night cream works as an overnight skin-brightening serum that exfoliates and renews the skin. Garnier night cream is dermatologically tested and will effectively reduce dullness, lighten dark spots and clear dead skin cells.

L’Oreal Paris White Perfect Night Cream

L’Oreal Paris White Perfect Night Cream is all you need to treat dull and dry skin at night. This potent skin brightening cream is formulated with Melanin Vanish technology to reduce dark spots and brighten skin complexion. It is also enriched with tourmaline gemstone to stimulate microcirculation into the skin and vitamin E to treat pigmented and damaged skin. 

l’Oreal night cream gives an instant boost of hydration into the skin, which makes it the best night cream for dry skin or combination skin in India. It also contains 0.3% salicylic acid that exfoliates dead skin cells and also reduces inflammation.  

St.Botanica Bulgarian Rose Otto Glow Night Cream

Bulgarian Rose Otto night cream has a nourishing, brightening, and hydrating formula. It is formulated with Bulgarian Rose to deliver healing properties. It also offers antibacterial properties that soothe irritation and provide a calming effect on the skin. 

The non-greasy formula makes it the best night cream for oily skin. It contains cold-pressed oils coconut, avocado, rose, aloe vera, oats, and neem. This cream penetrates deeply into the skin, moisturizes it, lightens dark spots, repairs micro-damage, and reveals a toned and healthy-looking skin.

St.Botanica cream also protects the skin against any free radical damage, while cocoa butter and shea butter retain moisture to reveal a plump appearance. The good part is that this night cream is free from phthalates, parabens, mineral oil, and sulfate-free, which makes it worth including in your night skincare regimen.

kaya yOUTH OXY-INFUSION Night Cream

Onyx-Infusion Night cream by Kaya is developed specially by dermatologists to enhance oxygen levels in skin cells. When your skin matures, the oxygen supply to your skin cells drops by upto 25%. This can result in pigmentation and dullness, which can worsen by everyday pollutants and sun.

Kaya Oxy-infusion Overnight glow night cream will give your skin a much-needed overnight boost. Shea butter, vitamin E, and niacinamide will restore the moisture and nutrient balance which helps to maintain the natural skin barrier. This weightless cream is suitable for all skin types, including acne-prone and oily skin.

JOY REVIVIFY Hydra Renew Regenerating Night Cream

Joy Revivify night cream is formulated using Hydro Boost technology, ceramides, and hyaluronic acid. Ceramides intensely moisturize the skin, while hyaluronic acid enhances skin elasticity, retains moisture, and softens the skin. These ingredients also help promote collagen synthesis to preserve skin texture. The milk lipids, allantoin, and vitamins soften wrinkles, fine lines, blemishes and soothe irritation. This night cream will leave your skin feeling smooth, radiant, and supple.

POND’S White Beauty™ Night Cream

Ponds white beauty is the best night cream for glowing and aging skin in India. It keeps your skin hydrated to reveal soft, well-rested, and glowing skin in the morning. The ingredients of Ponds night cream helps in improving blood circulation, boost collagen production into the skin layers to minimize sagging. 

This night cream will brighten your skin tone and get rid of your tired-looking complexion. Nourishing vitamins penetrate into the skin deeply and get absorbed quickly to soften your fine lines, wrinkles, and dark patches. 

All the night creams mentioned above are soft, the best night cream options in India. All these creams target different skin cancers and are suitable for most skin types.

However, before you buy a night cream, here are a few points to consider when you buy a night cream for yourself. 

How To Choose The Best Night Cream For Glowing Skin?

  • Skin Type: You should pick a lightweight night cream. Most night creams work on dry to combination skin types. For acne-prone or oily skin types, pick night creams with a water-based or aloe-based gel formula. 
  • Check The Active Ingredients: fruit, vitamins, flower extracts, exotic botanicals, essential oils, natural exfoliants, gemstone microparticles, emollients, plant butter, marine extracts, minerals, and anti-aging agents.
  • Green tea extracts, niacinamide, hyaluronic acid, glycolic acid, and retinoic acid are some of the ideal and effective components to search for in a night cream.
  • Avoid Harsh Chemicals: do not use any skincare product that contains alcohol, parabens astringents, sulfates, mineral oil, silicones, or synthetics. Use night creams with preservative-free, clean products because you will put them on for the whole night. 

Final Words:

Waking up to fresh and youthful skin is no longer a dream with the best night cream available in India. These brightening night creams are the best sellers and deliver consistent and effective results. Keep our buying tips in mind when ordering the best glowing or anti-aging night cream for yourself. 

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