The Best Bidet For Kohler Toilet-2022

Bidet For Kohler

The Best Bidet For Kohler Toilet-2022

In the present article, we’re checking out the best bidets from various brands that fit well with Kohler latrines.

It might appear to be that the undeniable response is simply to go with a Kohler bidet. However, the brand just has a couple of bidets to browse, a few of which are elusive, in addition to a ton of people needing to understand what different brands bring to the table like Bio Bidet, Brondell, TOTO, and so on.

As a rule, electric bidet seats fit standard Kohler one-and two-piece latrines. Most bidet connections will fit Kohler two-piece units, yet one-piece units might cause establishment issues. Kohler latrines with French bends are the most appropriate for Alpha and Blooming bidets.

Troublesome bidets, similar to those with French bends (San Raphael, Rialto, and Santa Rosa) or odd aspects, have the most constraints, and the most terrible guilty parties are scarcely viable with handheld sprayers.

Kohler likes to make smaller stretched latrines, making the latrine bowls somewhere close to extended and round. Most extended bidet seats will fit conservative lengthened bowls, yet don’t be astonished on the off chance that the bidet sticks out in the front by an inch or somewhere in the vicinity.

Remember, assuming that you have a latrine with an evaded tramway (as numerous Kohler’s do), you will require additional parts: a 3/8″ T-valve and likely some top-mounting bolts.

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The Best Bidet For Kohler Toilets:

Alpha GX:

They fit lengthened, conservative stretched, and round latrines. With conservative stretched bowls, the bidet will stand out by about an inch, however, it shouldn’t influence the capability.

The GX has a sideboard (rather than a remote) and is in this way a piece less expensive (around 2/3 the value, IME) however they’re generally a similar bidet.

Alpha is a genuinely new brand so fewer people know about their bidets, which is a disgrace since they offer probably the most sensibly evaluated premium and extravagance seats.


  • Dependable fit. As per the Alpha fitment guide, the GX and GXR fit all ongoing Kohler one-and two-piece latrines, except those with French bends. From my examination, I can express that there are not many exemptions, yet the latrines recorded above do fit.
  • Restricted warm water. With the GX and GXR, you’ll get around 40 seconds of warm water.
  • Warm air dryer. All electric Alpha bidets accompany warm air dryers.
  • Flexible temperature for the water-warmed seat, and warm air dryer. This goes for the remote and sideboard controls.
  • Self-cleaning wand for expanded cleanliness.
  • Movable water pressure w/best water tension of any electric bidet in the article. The GX and GXR win the honor for best water strain with a result of 1 L (0.26 lady) each moment per the “rear of” super mode.
  • Spout wavering and heartbeat/rub modes for better cleaning, more noteworthy inclusion, and max solace.
  • Browse a smooth sideboard or remote. A handheld remote is accessible with GXR. It accompanies a wall mount also.
  • White LED nightlight for simple evening time washroom route.
  • Tough, stable cover. The covers on the GX and GXR are sufficiently able to permit clients to sit on the latrine when the top is shut.
  • Customizable, treated steel, 2-in-1 self-cleaning spout for back and front female purifying. Rather than double spouts, the GX and GXR have a solitary spout with two openings to stir things up around the town’s perpetual district. Essentially change the spout position with the control board/remote for exact pointing.
  • Slow-close seat and top with the speedy delivery system. The sluggish close capability saves mileage and the fast delivery takes into consideration simple bidet expulsion/connection and cleaning.
  • Power-saving eco modes for energy effectiveness.

Alpha JX:

For some extra, you can get the Alpha JX extravagance bidet, Alpha’s very good quality choice (associate connection). The Alpha JX is the most sensibly valued bidet in the extravagance class, as I would like to think.

Amazon in some cases has the bidet, and you can look at their ongoing stockpile here (subsidiary connection). In any case, I suggest helping Alpha bidets through Bidet King since they own and work with Alpha and give a decent guarantee and extraordinary help.

The GX gives the best value for your money, however, the JX has a few noteworthy highlights, so I’d suggest it over the GXR since the value distinction is negligible. With the GXR, you pay a decent offer more than the GX however just get a remote distance by paying extra.

Like the over two bidets, the JX fits Kohler latrines in the round, extended, and reduced stretched, and may loom over the front of the latrine by an inch or so with the last option.


  • Surefire fit. As indicated by the Alpha fitment guide, the JX fits generally current Kohler latrines, aside from those with French bends. I can say that they will fit the above recorded Kohler latrines.
  • Perpetual warm water supply. The Alpha JX accompanies a tankless water radiator for a moment and perpetual warm water.
  • Warm air dryer. Like other Alpha bidets, the JX accompanies a warm air dryer.
  • Self-cleaning wand with w/antimicrobial nanotechnology. For max disinfection, the spout is self-cleaning (like with the GX/GXR) but at the same time, it’s treated with added substances that oppose microbial development.
  • Smooth remote with an LCD show and wall mount. Control all elements of the bidet from a handheld remote.
  • Flexible temperature. Control temperature for water, warm air dryer, and warmed seat.
  • Flexible water pressure w/super mode. The JX offers a water result of 0.7 L (0.185 ladies) each moment through the “rear+” super mode.
  • Spout wavering for more noteworthy inclusion and more viable cleaning.
  • Simple activity modes for accommodation and youngster/senior-amicability. The JX has two distinct one-contact auto modes. One mode enacts a conventional cleaning cycle and the other a cleaning + drying cycle.
  • An inherent white LED nightlight with an encompassing sensor. The component takes into consideration non-blinding washroom brightening for evening time trips and the sensor helps save energy.
  • Solid, stable top. The JX accompanies areas of strength for a top permitting clients to sit on the latrine.
  • Single, flexible, aluminum spout for back and front ladylike purifying. Like other Alpha bidets, the JX has a solitary spout with different openings to raise a ruckus around the town’s enduring locale.
  • Slow-close seat and cover with simple expulsion component for manual bidet cleaning.
  • Power-saving eco modes for energy effectiveness.

Brondell swash:

The S1000 is one more great choice since Brondell underwrites it as viable with Kohler latrines. It’s the most costly one in the article, and I don’t know if the additional cost is worth the effort. However, some favor Brondell bidets, so assuming that is you, the S1000 merits consideration.

One thing I like about it is the large natural buttons which makes it ideal for youngsters and more established grown-ups. Of course, it doesn’t have a one-contact auto mode like a portion of different choices, which makes it less great for youngsters and the older.

The S1000 is the most ideal choice in the accompanying circumstances:

You favor Brondell bidets, overall.

You need an underwriting by the bidet maker that a bidet accommodates your particular Kohler latrine. Regardless of whether you have a standard two-piece Kohler latrine, it’s good to realize that a bidet is a reliable fit to limit the opportunity you’ll need to send it back.

You need an extravagance bidet. The S1000 is only one of two extravagance class bidets referenced in the article, the other being the Alpha JX.

The S1000 is a decent extravagance bidet, in general. It’s one of the main bidets in the article that flaunts a tankless water radiator for limitless warm water stream and is one of just two bidets that has a self-cleaning spout.

It has an on-request self-disinfecting capability that when enacted, triggers the spout to self-wash utilizing a silver-containing arrangement. Silver oxide has regular antimicrobial properties. This holds the bidet back from becoming polluted over the long run, which brings down the gamble of disease.

The S1000 is one of Brondell’s best bidet seats, second just to the S1400. I normally suggest the S1400 over the S1000 because they’re not entirely different in cost.

They do vary somewhat in shape, however, the S1000 has a bent backside, making it doubtful to present establishment issues, overall.

Given the slight contrast in shape and the way that Brondell supports the S1000 just like an extraordinary fit for Kohler latrines, I’d suggest the S1000 over the S1400 (my typical Brondell extravagance proposal).


  • Reliable fit for everything except the darkest Kohler latrines (see the rundown above for each viable Kohler latrine). Like the above choices, it comes in round and stretched.
  • Perpetual warm water using a tankless earthenware center radiator.
  • Warm air dryer — a capability ailing in a portion of the other Brondell “extravagance” bidets like theSWASH 1200.
  • Movable temp for water, dryer, and warmed seat.
  • The remote handheld is a remote with huge natural buttons.
  • Slow-close seat and top with w/speedy delivery button for simple cleaning.
  • Double tempered steel spouts, the second being for female cleanliness. The two wands are movable across five positions.
  • Swaying splash capability, however, no heartbeat/knead mode.
  • Splash width settings, which is an uncommon component, IME.
  • Programmed self-cleaning spouts, w/on-request self-disinfecting capability utilizing a silver arrangement. Silver is a characteristic antimicrobial substance.
  • Deodorizer with w/initiated charcoal channels to keep the restroom smelling new. The channel separates rotten atoms rather than simply veiling them as do deodorizers.
  • Movable water strain with a nice max result of 0.13 lady (or ~0.5 L) each moment. Tragically, there are areas of strength for no, yet utilizing the tightest setting ought to give respectable tension.
  • Eco mode and circulated air through the wash for energy and water efficiency, individually. Being a tankless water radiator, it’s essentially as productive as the Alpha JX.

Kohler pure tide:

The fundamental advantage to this model is that it comes in a round front which can’t be said to describe the following suggestion.

Think about this bidet if you have the round-front adaptation of any of these Kohler latrines:

The Couture, a suspended latrine, maybe the main round-front Kohler latrine that doesn’t get suggested (by the brand) as working out positively for the Puretide. However, having taken a gander at the image and aspects, I see not a great explanation for why it wouldn’t fit.

It doesn’t fit the round-front variant of the San Souci or Rialto because the bends impede the control arm.

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Bidet For Kohler One-Piece Toilet:

Kohler one-piece latrines are viable with most prolonged seats, however, establishment on minimal stretched bowls might bring about a little shade. Round bidet seats won’t fit and bidet connections are frequently contradictory. Kohler’s one-piece latrines with French bends require further contemplation.

One-piece latrines are somewhat trickier, as a general rule, however more so with bidet connections because the control arm on connections (the part with the dial) normally reaches out descending. A bidet seat either accompanies a remote controller or a sideboard that is lined up with the remainder of the seat.

See the rundown of viable Kohler one-piece latrines beneath. I’d suggest these bidets (connections to the above segments of this article):

  • Brondell S1000 electric seat. *
  • The V2 non-electric seat.
  • The Alpha GX/GXR bidets or the JX bidet.

Kohler makes extravagant latrines so there are a few one-piece latrines (very nearly 20).

Kohler one-piece latrines include:

  • The one-piece variant of the Cimarron. It has a lengthened bowl and can be seen in both uncovered and disguised trapways.
  • The Reach smaller extended bowl and evaded tramway.
  • The Gabrielle w/stretched bowl and uncovered tramway.
  • One-piece variant of the Memoirs reduced the extended bowl and avoided the tramway.
  • Adair w/lengthened bowl and uncovered tramway.
  • One-piece form of the Portrait with its smaller prolonged bowl and covered tramway.
  • Kathryn w/conservative extended bowl and disguised tramway.
  • One-piece rendition of the Tresham has a smaller extended bowl and evaded tramway.
  • Saile w/stretched a bowl and evaded the tramway.
  • Harken with w/conservative extended bowl and evaded the tramway.
  • Uncanny rendition of the Veil reduced the lengthened bowl and avoided the tramway.
  • One-piece latrines with French bends: Santa Rosa, San Raphael, San Souci, San Martin, Rosario, and Rialto. These we’ll cover independently.
  • A couple of crackpot latrines have odd aspects, shapes, or elements. These incorporate the Brazn, Reve, and Trocadero.