brazilian butt lift recovery in dallas

Brazilian butt lift recovery in Dallas

By transferring excess weight from many other parts of a person’s body, a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) technique is utilized to increase the volume of the hips. To get the optimal size and appearance for every individual, surplus fat is extracted through liposuction and infused into the buttocks.

Brazilian Butt Lift recovery in Dallas treatments have increased by 112percent of overall between 2000 and 2020, by research on statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgery, indicating that perhaps the surgery is becoming more and more popular over the past decade. This has caused many people to wonder what to do to recover from a BBL and how to get the best outcomes possible.

The article answers a few of the most important Brazilian butt lift recovery in Dallas recovery-related queries and offers advice and details regarding maintenance.

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BBL Heading Stages

  • 1 to 2 weeks- Individuals must have one such period off from their jobs to allow their bodies to heal from fat grafting and liposuction treatments. The discomfort and any negative impacts, like inflammation, are likely to be their worst in the initial days following the treatment; however, most sick people usually move within a few days, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgery. Use any compression garment throughout this period, consume plenty of water, and take care of any scar areas.
  • 3 to 4 weeks- Many patients typically need 3 to 4 weeks to recuperate from a Brazilian butt lift recovery operation in Dallas. The vast majority of people may resume their own routines & jobs at about this point, though strenuous exercise should continue to be prohibited.
  • After eight weeks- The majority of individuals are capable of resuming their regular routines or starting exercising again. Nevertheless, it is crucial that you adhere to the specialist’s explicit descriptions, and the speed of overall restoration may reflect how people respond to the operation and how their body heals over it.

BBL Result

A portion of the fats infused into the system during whole liposuction surgeries is eventually consumed. Following a recent BBL surgery, the human body will store 20% to 50% of some fat implanted further into the hips, as per BBL.comTheir bottoms would, therefore, continue to be accentuated by the residual amount of carbs that have been pumped.

Depending on the technique, one ultimate outcome might be observed anywhere from six to twelve weeks after the surgery. Based upon that person’s subsequent dietary and living decisions, such outcomes could become long-lasting. Because fat cells serve to improve the hips, these would become vulnerable to fluctuations in body composition similar to any other fatty tissue in the body.

BBL treatments typically provide even more organic outcomes than Butt Implants, albeit having lesser substantial results overall. Your doctor can often suggest the best approach for achieving your objectives.

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BBL Recovery Tips

BBL Post-Op Care- The operator would provide special outpatient recommendations for this Brazilian Butt Lift treatment. Nonetheless, certain broad guidelines for post-operative treatment entail:

To lower the chance of blockage formation, it’s crucial to move after such treatment.

To prevent the body’s natural inflammation from worsening edema or liquid collection in regions wherever liposuction was already done, individuals must consume a lot of fluids and stay away from salty foods.

To lessen hazards following the treatment and speed up your recuperation, sufferers are advised to refrain from consuming cigarettes and drinking alcohol.

BBL Massages- By gently tapping towards the newly formed fat deposits and potentially affecting blood circulation, buttocks massages can have a detrimental effect on the outcome. Because of this, advises against massaging your hips after a BBL surgery.

Nevertheless, massaging the affected regions following liposuction is frequently advised. Since a liposuction operation, oedema and extra fluid accumulation are all common adverse effects.

Several doctors advise getting lymph drainage therapies a few days after their surgery to prevent fluid retention. For further details on how to heal from liposuction treatment, visit this article on liposuction afterward.

BBL Compression Garment- Many doctors advise sick people to maintain a compression bandage across all regions that received liposuction as an aspect of the BBL surgery, per the American Society of Plastic Surgery. Doctors recommend putting on these clothes throughout eight weeks to assist your skin retracting and minimize oedema.

Only after treatment shall people wear tight clothing the entire day, save for showers. Make absolutely sure it must be relaxed and not excessively baggy or tight. Since a Brazilian Butt Lift recovery in Dallas, keeping a compression bandage just on the buttock is indeed not essential and may harm outcomes by eradicating any recently implanted fat stores.

There seem to be Brazilian Butt Lift compressive clothes that offer assistance for something like the belly, spine, and leg but utilize various materials from across hips that are frequently appropriate for individuals who have done 360 BBL operations.

Sick people must heed the doctor’s advice, bring up any issues or queries alongside them, and adhere to all afterward guidelines. 


Analyzing the healing time following surgery, i.e., Brazilian Butt Lift recovery in Dallas is essential to learning about the treatment. It’s essential to keep up your study about the surgery if you’re considering doing it, including the surgical technique, potential dangers, and ideal applicants. Furthermore, to get professional guidance regarding the eligibility for the surgery, one must make an appointment with a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon.

For just an appointment with such a board-certified Dallas plastic surgeon, get in touch with Dr. Liland.

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Q1) When Can I Sit After BBL?

Ans- 8 weeks should pass following your BBL Aftercare before you should sit at the table. This seems to be because spending time on their buttocks could put so much tension on the region while it is healing. Furthermore, seating will decrease the blood flow to the hips, which could also negatively affect the outcomes of a BBL and increase the death rate of donated fatty tissues.

Hence, it is also recommended that you wait eight weeks before sitting regularly or even for extended periods to optimize the overall volume of the fatty transplant in the buttock.

Q2) How To Sleep After BBL?

Ans- Patients who have had a Brazilian Butt Lift should perhaps lie upon the back or their front. Again, lying on your back will impose excessive force on your buttocks, disrupt blood flow there, and maybe impair the outcome. The surgery shouldn’t significantly affect daily sleep, except for preventing you from resting on your back. Medications are recommended for any ache, and getting enough sleep is crucial to your body’s recovery.

Q3)When Can I Sleep On My Back After BBL?

Ans- This recommendation to wait 8 weeks applies to seating and sleeping on their spine. This is because sleeping on the back might boost the ingestion of fat tissue in your buttocks, exactly like when you’re sitting. 

Q4) What To Eat After BBL?

Ans- In order to safeguard the quantity of the hips following treatment of Brazilian Butt Lift recovery in Dallas, several doctors advise following a diet heavy in fat. A diet rich in fats would help bolster the newly formed fat cells in the buttocks, promoting their survival and growth. Consuming foods high in good fats, such as Avocado, Salmon, Olive oil, Eggs, Almonds, etc., is encouraged because it will aid the body’s recovery and maintain the viability of your just-injected fat cells.

Q5) When Can I Wear Jeans After BBL?

Ans- Anything tight apparel should indeed be avoided following a Brazilian Butt Lift treatment for any and all patients. Post liposuction, there is inflammation; thus, clothes should indeed be kept while healing. Furthermore, wearing tight dresses can severely affect the outcome by placing excessive pressure on the buttocks. Jeans should indeed be abandoned for at least two months after receiving the treatment. A few surgeons suggest waiting three months or longer before donning tight clothing, including jeans, and others will even advise waiting too long than that, though.