Can Playing Or Learning Music Improve Our Lives


Playing or learning music is a hobby for many people. But did you know that it can benefit our lifestyle in many ways?

Avid music lovers who regularly visit the top music websites feel that music is like therapy to them. They can spend hours and hours with their favorite musical instruments and feel a certain sense of liberation!

Many of us might think this is impossible.

But in reality, playing a musical instrument or learning music can actually help improve our lives. How?

Let us find out below.

Learning to play music can make you smarter

Looking into the history, you would see that many notable personalities were music-lovers. They played or listened to music, and that is for a good reason. Researchers have claimed that there is a positive correlation between music and academic success. Musical training among people of all ages can stimulate the brain. This improves reasoning skills and memory, which are the two important aspects of being academically smart.

Music can reduce stress

It is a known fact that music can help in relieving stress. Listening to the melody produced by your favorite musical instrument helps reduce your cortisol levels or stress hormones. If you are someone who gets stressed out very easily, then take a deep breath and start playing your favorite song on the given instrument. As you get more comfortable, you will create your rhythm to express your emotions.

Learning a musical instrument increases your patience level

Learning to play a new musical instrument is not an easy task. You will need to train your body and mind properly to coordinate properly to play a given rhythm. It takes time to develop the ability to do this with ease and memorize all the information associated with playing an instrument. The only way you will be able to play music properly is by dedicating your time to practice. It will enhance your skills and make you better, but the whole process needs time. Hence, the process of learning a new musical instrument can potentially increase your patience levels.

It will benefit your social life

Music is indeed a good food for your brain, but do you know that music can help to increase your social circle? Let us explain. There are more music lovers than we can ever think of. When you are good at playing an instrument, it will attract more people to your talent. You can also join a group of musicians and meet with different people who have the same taste as yours. Music is also considered to be a great team-building activity. On the professional front, playing music together will strengthen your team bond.

Enhances your creative skills

Music is not only an art form; it’s a language. The more words you learn in a language, the better you can express your emotions. The same is the case with music. You can start by practicing simple songs until you get them right. Once you are confident about the music you are playing, you can create something better and unique. You can even create your music and play them in front of the audience to see their reactions. Music is about exploring new ideas and rhythmically expressing your emotions. As you explore your emotions, you will be able to dig deep into the sea of creativity. Learning music and playing them is going to enhance your creative skills.

Learning music helps to increase your self-confidence

Once you become confident with expressing yourself through music, you will notice a boost in your self-confidence. The emotional benefits are something to look out for, and you will notice this more among children. A child starts playing music, first in front of their parents, but then the audience gradually grows, and soon enough, they can play confidently in a concert. With time they become more positive about their work, and that will help them play music in any and every environment. Music helps to build confidence in a person, which is indeed an extraordinary quality.


Scientists have observed that music creates a very deep and positive impact on our overall wellbeing, which automatically reflects in our lifestyle and relationships. It is no wonder that music is like worship to many!