Can You Put Crystals In Aquarium?


Can You Put Crystals In Aquarium: Yes, polished rocks are safe for aquariums as it does not change the pH level of water and completely dissolve in water with some toxic chemical reactions. The only issue with polished rocks is that when you think you have removed all the impurities from water, you might have dug up more. Furthermore, polished stones are highly reactive to cleaning. Stay tuned until the end of article to know everything about all good and bad stones for aquarium.

Therefore, if you want to remove a bit of algae from your tank, then it would not be right for you to use these polished rocks.

Numerous products are available in the market to remove impurities from your water tank which are effective too whereas others can’t perform this task.

Polished stones are nothing but sandstone or tumbled stones that have been used for hundreds of years to protect and clean aquifers. For instance, you have seen emerald-colored flecks of water in Japanese aquariums as these natural colors of polished rocks have been famous and shiny for years, the original black shades and green look stunning in the Aquarium.

Do you want to add an exotic and stunning touch to your Aquarium? If yes, don’t go for the traditional green and black floor stone instead, consider purchasing some orange or vibrant red polished stone to add content to your house aquarium.

Why do you need to boil stones before putting them into Aquarium?

Many people are unaware of the fact that you should boil the polished rocks for 10-15 minutes before putting them in the Aquarium.

By doing this, the amount of heat that rocks produce is reduced and also reduces the time taken by water to travel via rocks.

The heat produced by rocks on boiling is actually produced by the minerals and keep in mind that you should not remove these from the rocks until you place them inside the tank.

 There are certain precautions that you should take before cleaning the water aquarium at home. Don’t try to use anything like rock salt inside the water tank until you have cleaned the Aquarium with any good quality filtration system.

Another is that; don’t use any acidic cleanser in the water that will fill in the Aquarium. The acidic cleanser includes any sugar-based cleanser, baking soda, or any other acidic-nature cleanser.

This is because this acid cleaner eats all the salt in the water tank, which is not good for fish. Therefore, if you are doing such an activity, then take this fact into consideration.

The temperature of the water is another very important factor. Note the temperature level of all the rocks and counter how long these rocks can stay out of the water.

What Kind of Lacquer Should Be Used on Stone in Your Aquarium?

Use of Lacquer is important because it can damage the fish as they stay on the surface of the water and also change the color of the fish present in the Aquarium. Moreover, it can attract all the foreign presence in water along with insects.

If you want to avoid using Lacquer, rinse the gravel or rocks before adding them to water.

Therefore to keep the rocks clear and clean, avoid using chemical cleaners since they damage the rock’s structure and make them break easily. And also, avoid scratch marks on stones as they become less beautiful.

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Which Stones Are Harmful To Fish In An Aquarium?

Some stones in an aquarium contain sulfur, iron, calcium, and manganese. Although they are harmless, read the instructions given on the package to know how they may affect your fish present in the Aquarium.

For instance, there are some corals that eat other corals to get enough nutrients.

In reef and marine, there are some common metals present like cobalt, copper, manganese, sodium, titanium, selenium, mercury, lead, potassium, and Zink. Therefore, some rocks are harmful to fish as they can kill them; hence, they should be removed from Aquarium, which includes rainbow corals, tropical fish rocks, sponge corals, red corals, stalagmites, and stalactites.

Can You Put Polished Stones in an Aquarium?

You should consider some important points to decide between putting colored rocks or stones in the Aquarium.

Some people might think that putting colorful stones in Aquarium adds color. It is true only if you are dealing with the normal or flat stones. Otherwise, if you are considering coral or something like it, you should read the instructions given on the package as they may harm your fish. Coral is a plant type made up of plates and whose shape is made of coral skeleton.

Although they add beauty to the Aquarium, they may be dangerous for your fish.

Is Amethyst A Good Stone To Add To A Tank?

Amethyst is considered one of the best stones used to divide the Aquarium into separate sections. Amethyst is nothing but quartz gemstone that has purple, red, or blue color to it. Apart from it, it also gives an impression by diving into the environment in different sections.

Amethyst is one of the best stones to divide a tank into separate sections, which provides ease in cleaning the Aquarium.

If you have goldfish waste, algae, or other similar waste in the tank, it would be very difficult to clean the Aquarium.

Amethyst is the best stone that is easy to clean and gives great health to your fish.

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What if there are bad stones in an aquarium?

The main problem of the Aquarium is to clean it, to solve this problem, you can clean the stones using water and a brush. If you think the brush is too hard to use, then you can do it with a cotton swab r soft-bristled brush.

When water is added to the Aquarium, it undergoes through various chemical reactions with the stone present in the Aquarium, which cause the green algae, which is bad in the water.

Whenever there is a large amount of calcium, algae formation will take place, and the worst conditions come when the algae are mixed with the freshwater.

After some time of algae formation, it forms dark black residue, which makes fishes unable to see the bottom of the tank.

How To Deal With Bad Stones Present In The Aquarium?

If you have bad stones in the Aquarium, it would be the worst condition. It would be more difficult to clean if there are bad green algae present in the water on Garnet and Emerald stones with scrubbing, though.

The main problem is that heavy stones don’t like damp or wet environments.

The Aquarium takes very less time to clean; however, it needs proper care regularly as water contains a large amount of minerals present in stones and if the mineral stays for a long time in the water, the pH level of water drops and stones start to begin form again.

There are numerous alternatives to cleaning the Aquarium with ease. Therefore, you should take regular care of it and don,t let the excess mineral to build up in the bottom of the tank.

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How much of Nutrients Should You Put In Aquaponics System?

If you are a beginner in building the Aquaponics system, the first thing you should be aware of is how to get the best nutrient system for your fish.

Calcium nitrate and rock salt are some of the main substances you can add to their nutrient list. You can use these two substances altogether in the tank to give the best results, though both are not necessary to use.

Calcium nitrate will help fertilize your water as it keeps everything clean and healthy for fish. Rock salt makes the water settle down at the bottom so that your fish get a fresh environment.

Another thing you should know is that don’t overfeed the fish as an excessive amount of nutrition is not good for their health; therefore, you should know the exact amount of nutrition.

Is Bumblebee Jasper Dangerous For Fish?

Bumblebee Jasper is another famous metamorphic rock that is not possible to drill easily and is also not safe.

It is good to place some Jasper as it contains lead (hematite), arsenic, and sulfur. The yellow color of Jasper is due to sulfur present in the water. Therefore, if you put it in the water, you are giving poison to your fish.

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