A Full-Fledged Guide to Cat Costume


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It is quite a trend in America to celebrate Halloween, Christmas, and thanksgiving by adorning pets in matching costumes. Yes, people quite often in these times love to show off their pets in different types of unique clothing. Such a trend is adorning your pets in Halloween costumes as well. Dressing up your cat or dog could be a very tedious job, and choosing their perfect fit is also necessary so that they are not uncomfortable. Are you planning to make or buy your adult cat costume for this Halloween? Oh, we some exciting ideas and some tips to help you out with the same:

Free to move

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You should be getting your furry feline, something in which she feels comfortable and not restricted. Something which allows her to move, run, climb, sit, scratch, eat and empty her bladder and bowel without any additional efforts. You should prefer something like a ‘cat in the hat costume’ or maybe ‘puss in boots’ style. This way, she won’t be struggling with her normal movements and motions. You sure don’t want to trouble your kitty without her even understanding why she is facing such problems.

Material of costume

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If you are buying a cat costume from a shop, you need to beware of the material of the costume to check whether its a highly flammable one or not. If you have kittens and are going to dress them up until you surely would like to look for toddler cat costume so that even if they run around flammable substances, their attire doesn’t catch fire or light up. Hence, checking the material is very necessary, especially if you are buying for kittens who love to run and play around a lot.

Minimal costume

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Even if you are choosing cat Halloween costumes, which consist of 2-3 apparel, it will look too much on her. Too much of hanging dangles and sparkly embellishments in your toddler cat costume might get her stuck, stumble, or irritated every minute. It is not so only in the case of toddlers, but adult cats can also face such problems. There is also a possible danger of her chewing it off to reduce irritation or to play with it, which could create further serious problems. A button, bell, or gem-studded in your black cat costume could make her swallow it, which could choke her throat or even go down to her stomach, causing a reason to conduct invasive surgery.

Do not cover or block her senses

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When you dress your cat up for any occasion whatsoever, you should make sure that you are in no manner covering or blocking any of her senses. A cat costume should be in a way that does not make her visually impaired or obstruct her hearing capability. You could try a Cheshire cat costume in which you could dress her up in a cute purple cap. But make sure that the cap or its strings do not impair her visionary or hearing ability. If you cover or block her senses in any manner, she would start reacting differently and might even refuse to wear the cat Halloween costume. They start feeling vulnerable in such cases and reflect absurdly according to change in the environment.

Add some Hi-Viz material

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If you are looking for a black cat costume because you are going to let your black cat outside then, you need to make sure that she’s visible at night. Buy your cat a costume that has some Hi-Viz material in it, which could make it easier for you and others as well to spot her on roads and streets. If you do not get to buy such stuff, then make sure that you get some fluorescent or reflective material to be attached or pinned with your adult cat costume. This way, she will be safe from cyclists, motorists, and other kinds of dangers.

Choose the right fit

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It is necessary that you buy the right fitting clothes for your furry companion and make sure that it is not too tight for her. Never try to squeeze in your cat into small-sized clothes, for example, if you want her to look good in the Cheshire cat costume you bought for her. It might mean a lot to you, but the comfort of your pet should be your priority because they would not be able to express their discomfort. Take a proper measure of every body part of your cat before ordering or sewing an attire so that she could look and feel comfortable.


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This is one of the major tasks while getting your cat dressed for any occasion and in any type of cat costume. If you are planning on getting her dressed into a two-piece or multiple-piece apparel, then you’ll need assistance, guidance, patience, and time. Keep these few points in mind –

• Do not forget to get their size measured before buying, ordering, or preparing their costume so that the apparel doesn’t fit too small or too large.
• Go for simpler costumes for them without much weight, and hanging embellishments like maybe a ‘cat in the hat costume’ or ‘cat with a beard costume’ would be best.
• Do not use any masking stuff for their face, ears, or whiskers.
• Do not forget to introduce your cat with her dress a bit early so that she gets familiar with it, maybe drape her with it and treat her, let her sniff it, play with it when around her, and so on.
• Do not force any piece of apparel on your cat, and let her time to accept the dress, dress her first with the easiest of the apparels.
• Be patient because it is a time taking process.
• Remove the dress as soon as you feel that the cat is uncomfortable or scratchy in the dress. If your sole motto is to get a few pictures of your cat in the dress, then make prior arrangements for everything else, get her clicked, and remove her clothes if she is uncomfortable.