Headline: Must-haves in your bridal makeup kit.

If you are shelling much on a proficient wedding photographer and a photo album then we bet you want to look stunning in the photographs!

Oh hey! In case you need help looking for a professional MUA, then you could browse some of the professional bridal makeup & hairstyling studios in Delhi, Mumbai or any city you are getting married in. You can choose your makeup artist based on your budget and preferences. And, also look at their reviews and portfolio for better selection.

Of course, your MUA is going to help you keep up with the perfect look on your big day, but hey we have a few recommendations regarding what you should include in your bridal makeup kit. We’ve made a small list regarding some makeup essentials to have in store for the big day!

  • Primer/Setting Spray: For your makeup to look invariable until you’ve exchanged your vows and the event is done!
  • Foundation: Crucial element to eliminate all your blemishes and flaws.
  • Eye Makeup: They say an Indian woman’s makeup is said to be incomplete without kajal so we recommend you to carry a good eye shadow palette, eyeliner (liquid and pencil both), and mascara of course! (Fake lashes, if you want).
  • Lipstick: Carry on bright shade (red, fuchsia) and a suiting nude shade.
  • Blush: Go for peachy or rose-ish tones. (And a highlighter, if you want)
  • Compact Powder: For the finishing touch, in the end!
  • Nail polish: It depends if you want matching colours with every outfit you wear or pick one solid shade that would look good on all your outfits.

Use a primer before you apply anything to your face, it prepares your skin for the base. Note that foundation cannot cover your pimples; you have to visit a dermat for it. Start off with the eye-makeup; use an eyebrow pencil if necessary. Focus on one feature of the face and highlight it – eyes or lips. Pick a colour palette according to your outfit and makeup style (monotones for neutral look, vibrant colours for the party look). Opt for winged eyeliner for the royal vibe. Then apply kajal (you could tight line your eyes for a perfect finishing). Define your cheekbones with blush. Depending on what look you are opting for – a no makeup look or an alluring one, pick your shade of lipstick. Now to set your look, use a setting spray!

You should probably carry your own makeup brushes and sponges, to avoid the risk of getting an infection. There are extra essentials we would like to mention such as a perfume and moisturiser. You could also carry contouring palettes, BB/CC cream, wet wipes, nail polish remover, lip balm, bobby pins, safety pins and a makeup remover. Or make a checklist of all these to be on the safer side!

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Gold Mangalsutra – The Perfect Paradigms Of Pure Love

Karvachauth is a special day which is celebrated like festival in many parts of the world. This significant day speaks a lot about the deep love, blind faith, unquestioned trust and never-ending care and concern that she has for you as a partner. The strict fast that she keeps for the entire day is the reflection of her sincerity towards you which means – She is, she was and she will always be yours forever. This day holds a special place in her heart and life; just like you do. So, if nothing much but your genuine gratitude is what she definitely deserves!

Though your true love and honesty for her is everything but a precious gift is something for which she will never say a No. With the changing time, the ways of expressing love has also changed. has given the best ways to make her happy at heart with an enticing collection of jewelry that can be viewed and purchased from there. All you need to do is to sign up and purchase the jewelry online.

Designs that set the trend

The world of jewelry always has a lot to offer for ladies but the modernization has changed the overall trend. This time, brings you a superb aggregation of Gold Mangalsutra at very reasonable pricing especially for the occasion of Karva Chauth. So, what could be a better gift than a gift that promises your love for her forever?

The designs available on are really unique. Made with pure gold and combined with black beads; is what defines their beauty to the best. The designs are elegant yet stylish and traditional yet trendy. All the design varies from each other thereby making each one unique in its own way. Overall, has given you the best idea to make your lady the happiest lady on this special day of Karva Chauth. So, don’t miss the chance to steal the deal. Do get a special one for her. We are sure that she will not be able to take her eyes off this time!

Value for the money

Here all your unanswered questions get an answer when it comes to give an ever-lasting gift to your better half on the eve of karva chauth. The categorization of the jewelry has been properly done according to the making charges, sizes, and weight of gold and black beads so that you can make an intelligent choice with a complete clued-up information. Assuring the best prices of promising gold jewelry, also covers the price range from low to high. This enables a person to take a pocket-fit decision.

Each is one its kind

When it is about evincing the unuttered words and unveiling the hidden love, a gold mangalsutra has all of it to create the magic. The Vinita Mangalsutra; displaying four gold strings with the woven black beads and pendant in the mid is one of its kinds. If you desire for something that is very simple and light at art, then Mahi beaded gold mangalsutra is just made for you. Similarly, there are plenty of patterns to attract you.

All the subtle yet aesthetic Gold Mangalsutra when given as a gift will not only delight her but also strengthen your bond for the time undefined.

Your Satisfaction is their gratification

The other big benefit to sign up with is – its ‘Try at home’ feature. You might be wondering as to what is this? Well, after signing up, you get the opportunity to appraise the appearance and feel the spirit of the jewelry that you have selected right at your door and that too before you pay for it. This is to ensure a cent percent customer satisfaction.

So, right from artistic designs to utmost customer satisfaction, gives you each and every reason to shop for gold jewelry without any botheration and confusion.


Are the white Spots over your fingernails making you worried??

Well, we understand your concern. Though this is not a big health issue but their appearance still makes you worried. Rather, you should be. The healthiness of nails is equally important as the healthiness of the entire body. In some of the people you may find these white spots in the form of tiny dots or lines whereas in some others you may find it in big dots that are expanded. So, it varies from person to person and so do the causes. There are certain causes that result in these white spots on nails:



  • Any injury to the nail
  • Inadequacy of minerals and proteins in the body
  • Infection caused due to fungus
  • Due to allergy
  • Manicures done very frequently

Any of the above could be your reason and if not, then it is better to consult your doctor to know the exact cause. But there is no harm in following few home remedies that can help you to get rid of such white marks completely. There are no side effects and the results are just mind blowing.



Apple Cider Vinegar is enriched with anti-fungal properties and this makes it an outstanding home remedy for curing white spots over the fingernails. Take consistent quantity of apple cider vinegar and water in a bowl. Put it over your nails and permit it stay for 15 minutes. Then wash your hands with regular water.

Be a regular follower of this home treatment and you will see the ridges disappearing in no time. To add on, you can even prepare a fungicide scrub with this ingredient. Make a paste with some rice flour and little ACV. Scrub your nails gently with this paste. This will eliminate all the dead skin cells and keep your nails healthy.


Another pick from your kitchen is: White Vinegar. Take a bowl full of lukewarm water and the quantity of vinegar should be half of it. Now drench your fingernails into this liquid for 15 minutes. Then dry your nails in order to ward off fungus. Isn’t it a simple yet wonderful recipe? Do give it a try.

Mind you, in case if you feel any sort of infliction, reduce the quantity of vinegar. Stick to this remedy for a month and the results will make you happy at heart.


Orange oil is also an effectual home treatment to clear off the white patches popped up over your fingernails. You can even use this oil by mixing other oils to it. The ratio of orange oil should be equal to those of other oils. Use a dropper or cotton to apply it and give yourself a good rest for an hour. Then wash your hands thoroughly with moderately warm water.

Note – Do pre-examine the effect of oil over skin. Take a drop or two and check if you are not allergic to it and then only go for this remedy.


Tea tree oil is a magical medicament that has the potential to treat numerous skin issues. For treating white spots, take little olive oil and merge it with tea tree oil. The remedy is ready for the use. Apply this commixture to your nails and allow it to persist there for 15 odd minutes. Then you can wash your hands with lukewarm water. You will definitely experience its magic.


Garlic has accilin within it which is a known component to prevent the emersion of fungus. Thus, the oil of garlic also comes out as a superb treatment of white patches over the finger nails. What you need to do is – Unify garlic oil with an equilibrated amount of vinegar to make a perfect home remedy for curing ridges in nails. Apply this mixture over your nails and wrap it with a bandage or a cloth.


The ridges in the nails are not a good sign and so needs to be cured instantly. Baking soda is one such home remedy that restricts the further formation white patches over the nails and cures the existing ones. The remedy requisites are:

  • One-fourth cup of Peroxide
  • Half cup of Epsom salt
  • Half cup of baking soda
  • Four cups of hot water

Mix all the above ingredients and home remedy is ready to use. But before you put this concoction make sure to plunge your nails into one-fourth cup of vinegar for one minute. Then apply this homemade remedy. When applied, cover your nails with a soft cloth.


Continue to follow this procedure for one month. If you are sincere enough to do so, this home treatment for white patches will leave you speechless.

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Lemon is a rich source of Vitamin C and so, citric acid is also present in abundance in it. This makes it capable enough to restrict the emersion of bacteria which are responsible to cause infection over the nails. This infection is then visible in the form of white spots or patches on the nails.

Just squeeze the juice of lemon and put it directly on the nails. Now forget it for ten minutes and then cleanse your hands with moderately warm water. Keep doing this treatment for a month regularly to get completely rid of white spots over your nails. You can even mix lemon juice with olive oil and give a gentle massage to your nails.


Listerine mouthwash is regarded as a medicated solution which works surprisingly well as a bactericide. Take a small bowl and merge lemon juice, Listerine and vinegar into it. Now put it over your nails with the help of cotton and allow it to rest for 10 to 15 minutes. Then wash your hands with normal water.


Vicks Vaporub also serves as a wonderful home remedy to flaunt your healthy nails. You will just need to apply it over your nails and then cover them with a patch (bandage). But before you apply, do not miss to properly wash your hands and cut the extra grown nails. Let your hands dry and then only put the Vicks Vaporub.


Oregano oil is nothing less than a perfect remedy for curing white marks on fingernails. In order to cure white spots, mingle a few drops of olive oil with oregano oil and apply it over the nail. You can take the help of cotton ball. Follow it punctually for some weeks and the results will leave you amazed.


Coconut oil is said to be an efficacious antimycotic agent – an agent that restricts the growth of fungi. You need to do is: Dip a cotton ball in the coconut oil and apply it over the impacted area. Replicate the same thrice in a day and see the results.

Also, being a fungicidal, coconut oil restricts the nails from getting in contact with moisture. Hence, this precludes the emergence of fungus over the nails. So overall, this turns to be an amazing home remedy to cure the problem of white patches on nails.


Vitamin E oil is also an incredible way to get rid of the problem of white spots over the nails. All you need is a cotton ball to swiftly apply Vitamin E oil over the affected nails. Do it whenever you mind remind you! The more you apply the quicker will the results.


Strip the skin off from an onion and cut it into the circular slices. Rub it over the septic nails which have white spots over it. Make it a habit to follow this treatment twice in a day and you will experience its effect in no time.

  1. YOGURT:

Yogurt is considered to be a pro-biotic edible that aids in the treatment of white marks on finger nails. All you need to do is to just put some amount of yogurt over the white patches on nails. Let it stay there for some time and then clean it with water.

Apart from the above home remedies, you need to take care of few other things as well. Protein plays a significant role in keep your nails healthy. So, always intake a diet that is copious with protein element. Milk, cottage cheese, fish, chickpeas, peanuts, chicken and baked beans are some of those foods which contain protein in abundance.


Lavender oil is bestowed with multiple uses to treat fungal related problems. It not only works as an astounding remedy to heal white marks on fingernails but also cures the problem of discoloration. Apply this oil on to the nails and then wrap it with a soft cloth. This will enable the oil to engulf effectively.



All you need to do is:-

  • Keep yourself hydrated as much as you can. Make it a habit to drink three to four liters of water every day.
  • Add more of green veggies and healthy fruits to your daily diet. This would also strengthen the immune system of your body
  • Always keep your nails neat and clean – away from any sort of dirt
  • In order to get rid of toxic elements from your body, it is advisable to drink cranberry juice on regular basis
  • Immediately confer with a doctor in case the white spots over your nails are progressing and stringing out.


All that you don’t need to do:

  • Do not apply nail paint over your nails
  • Do not get worried on finding tiny white spots over your nails because they are of no harm at all. Moreover they get vanished soon.
  • Reduce the intake of white sugar as it promotes the development of fungus
  • Stay in less humid environment


Hope this piece of information helps you to ‘Just take a little more care of yourself!’ Do leave your comments and please share your feedback.


Hickeys can be commonly seen nowadays. A hickey is something that is not for a gender in peculiar; it can happen or be given to both men and women from their beloved partners as the sign of their love making. For few, who wanted it willingly; it is a matter of proud as they do not shy on getting this love mark from their partners rather they love showing it off. But for few others who got it unwillingly, hickey becomes a matter of disgrace. They want to get it removed as soon as possible or they keep hiding it. So, opinion differs. It is true that hickeys are mostly seen in women in comparison to men but then this does not signify that men do not have them. The only difference is that some hickeys are hidden while some can be well interpreted.   Generally, hickeys are neither painful nor dreadful but then situation varies from person to person. Here we bring an article to acknowledge you regarding every little and big thing about hickeys.


A love bite or a kiss mark is generally termed as Hickey. It is a sort of contusion caused due to aggressive sucking, kissing or biting. This aggressiveness ensues in cracking of the small and soft blood vessels, known as capillaries. As a result of which the blood oozes out into the environing tissues making a red colored mark over your skin.



If you are the one who has got hickey unwillingly, then the first question that pops up to your mind is “for how long will it lasts?” Well, do not worry at all because a hickey is not everlasting at all. It withers away with the passing time; leaving no proof behind as if it ever existed. On a general note, hickey usually endures for a week or two and there are two reasons behind why it takes so much time. They are:

  1. Severeness: Some of the hickeys last for such long time and also takes a good time to cure. The length of time taken to heal entirely depends on the amount of destruction caused to the blood capillaries within the skin. The severe the hickeys are, the more time it will demand to mend.
  2. Your own health: Your own health also defines the time period a hickey will take to fleet. The healthier and stronger you are internally, the quicker the hickey will vanish. So, live a life; healthy life!


For the ones who do not feel fine to flaunt their hickey and are looking for the ways to get rid of their hickey, here we bring some of the most amazing home remedies to get rid of hickeys quickly. Check these out:

1. Magic of Massage

This is an awesome home remedy to get rid of hickey is massaging. You can take any essential oil that suits your skin to massage. But yes, you need to do in a proper manner. For this, put two fingers over the affected part and firmly rub it in a round gesture. This massaging should be always done in one direction for first two minutes and then the direction can be changed. Do it for at least 15 minutes and then you can repeat the procedure at any time of the day. Moreover, don’t be surprised if you observe some outlines after the massage. Though it is rare, but nothing to worry about.   Basically, massaging disperses the clogged blood thereby abridging its color. It is believed that the potency of massaging completely counts on the severeness of hickey. So make sure that you do it in the best and right manner for effective results.

2. Rubbing Alcohol

Well, this method of getting rid of hickey will only work if it has been just some hours around after you have got a hickey. The chilling, bactericidal and soothing elements of rubbing alcohol will make you attain your goal speedily. Take a cotton ball to apply alcohol. If not painful, you can a gentle massage through the same. When done, do not forget to put on a moisturizing cream or lotion over it. This is because of the dryness caused by the alcohol. Rubbing alcohol is experienced to be the quickest method to get rid of hickey. But just do it for a day or two and that too twice to thrice in a day. Don’t forget to apply a lotion every time after you are done with it. Isn’t it the simplest home remedy to get rid of hickey?

3. Cocoa Butter

Another effective home remedy indeed! Cocoa butter is an excellent gift of nature to not only cure hickey but also other injuries. It serves to be a fantabulous beauty product by being a natural moisturizer thereby enhancing the development of skin tissues. In order to cure hickey, you will need to massage the affected place with cocoa butter for some duration and leave it for a while. To add on, if you are looking for more effective result, apply cocoa butter after the procedure of warm compress. The results are sure to leave you amazed.

4. Arnica Salve

Arnica Salve is a clinically tested and proven curative emollient or balm. It is also considered as an efficacious home remedy to get rid of hickey. This ointment not only helps in repairing the collapsed blood capillaries but also trims down the irritation and puffiness caused due to hickey. Simply, apply Arnica Salve over the hickey and impacted area nearby to it. You are sure to feel much better.

5. Peppermint

Peppermint ameliorates the circulation of blood due to the stimulant impact it leaves. It also assists in the mending of capillary blood vessels. When applied over the affected area, one might feel the prickling sensation but it dilutes within few minutes. For the ones who want to get rid of hickey, you can either apply a toothpaste containing peppermint or even use peppermint oil. As an alternate to peppermint oil, the use of olive or almond oil is also advisable.   All you need to do is to gently rub either of them (peppermint containing toothpaste or oil) and let it rest over it for some time. Once you stop feeling the prickling sensation, remove it through a warm washrag. Remember few things: if you apply peppermint ointment immediately after getting hickey, then it will disappear in no time. Secondly, the application of peppermint should be done only once in a day. If exceeded then it might result into skin irritation.

6. Peel of Banana

Now this is something that will give you instant comfort right in your home! You will need not to go anywhere for this remedy of hickey removal. But what is it? Well, it is a fruit that is always available in our homes. Banana peel is the way to get rid of hickey this time. The peel of banana is bestowed with many natural curative properties to impart comfort in many conditions.   You will just need a ripe banana for this remedy. Cut a new and clean piece of banana peel from it; somewhat as the size of your hickey. Now put that piece over the hickey and let it rest over it for 20 to 30 minutes. The cooling and soothing effect of banana peel will lend you great relief from the discomfort. You can repeat the process thrice or even more times in a day to get speedy results. Just make sure that you throw away the used piece and use a fresh one every time.

7. Vitamin K

Vitamin K is also used to get rid of hickeys and discomforts caused due to it. Its decoagulant qualities are capable enough to dispel clogged blood in your body thereby hastening the therapeutic and curative process of your hickey. Wondering, what you need to do?   Well, without a delay, begin the intake of those food supplements that are plentiful in Vitamin K. These will instantly alleviate the curing process. Also, there are various medicated creams and lotions available on the medical stores which work effectively on hickey removal. Just pick one of them that is rich in Vitamin K and apply it twice or thrice in a day to get the healing results quickly.

8. Vitamin C – Lemon or Orange

Vitamin C has plenteous bleaching properties which also makes it an incredible element for curing and clearing the marks of any sort of bruises. Thus it also helps in getting rid of hickeys. Lemons and oranges have the highest amount of Vitamin C in them. So, you are advised to drink freshly squeezed lemon or orange juice as soon as you discover a hickey. It will add on many other health benefits too. You can even make the orange pack and apply it over the hickey as a substitute. If any of these forms of vitamin C are followed, then hickey is sure to get vanished as if it was never there. So, a little extra effort can help you gain quick results. A home remedy that also serves as the fastest way to get rid of hickey removal!

9. Use a Toothbrush

To your surprise; yes, using a toothbrush is also an amazing home remedy to get rid of hickey. But you will need a new toothbrush with strong and firm bristles for this remedy. Comb can also be used as a substitute. What you need to do is to gently brush the hickey and area around it with the comb or a toothbrush. Then give a break for 15 minutes to observe the outcome. You will notice that after brushing, redness and puffing has also scattered. Don’t, don’t worry! It will become a lot okay after 15 minutes.   As a word of caution; ‘Do not press it too severely while brushing, else the results might be worst.’ Only if required, replicate the procedure else do not. If you are thinking, how effective is this remedy? Well, this entirely depends on the harshness of your hickey. But yes if you are lucky enough then this method can turn out to be a savior for you within no time.

10. Cold Compress

Cold compress is one of the fastest ways to get rid of hickey. Now the question is what to do. All you need to do is to take a towel and roll four to five ice cubes in it. Then just press that wrap and roll over the hickey for about 8 to 10 minutes. Ice plays an important role in curing the pain and swelling stimulated by hickeys. Never place the ice cubes directly onto the skin as it may result into destruction of internal tissues by freezing or even ice burn.   The other way of using cold compress method is by placing a frost metallic spoon inspite of ice cubes. For this, you will need to put a metallic spoon in deep freezer for about ten to fifteen minutes. Then take it out and enfold it with a towel type of cloth. Press it over the impacted skin or gently rub over the hickeys. You can make use of these cold compress methods as many times as you are comfortable. The more time you invest in taking care of it, the sooner it will cure. The primary role of this hickey removal method compresses the collapsed blood capillaries and minimizes bleeding.

11. Hot Compress

Here comes a question for you… what do you do for the stubborn type of hickeys? Are you fed up of trying everything? Well, we have a magical solution to your problem. Hot compress is the way to get rid of obstinate sort of hickeys. Where all the efforts go in vain, this method kicks off the problem with root. Check out on what you need to do. Dip a washcloth in hot water for few minutes. Then take out the washcloth and twist and squeeze the excess water from it. Put this washcloth over hickey and impacted area for some time. Dip it again if required and follow the same process. Inspite of a washcloth you can even use a recyclable a heat patch. Heat patches are easy to execute with least investment required and stay hot for longer duration. You can get them from a nearby medical shop.   Now how does it work? The warmth exerted from the washcloth aids in distending the blood capillaries. This further allows the fresh blood to enter to the hickey thereby removing the clog of blood. Even the hair dryer can be an option for hot compress to treat hickey. Turn on the hair dryer at normal speed and massage the place with two fingers.

  1. Aloe Vera

Here comes another endowment of nature! Aloe Vera, known for its countless qualities, also serves as an effective remedy to get rid of hickeys. This is also used as a medicine to reduce inflammation by providing relief for various causes. Cut a piece of fresh aloe vera and massage its gel over the impacted area. Do it at least three times in a day. Aloe vera accelerates the healing process of the cracked blood capillaries thereby minimizing the skin sensitivity too. It is also said to be a natural moisturizer hence you can also apply the Aloe Vera grounded cream, gel or lotion as a replacement if you do not have an Aloe Vera plant nearby. Thus, Aloe Vera serves to be an incredible hickey home remedy.


Well, there is no magic that will make hickey vanish instantly within few seconds so let’s be practical and learn on the methods to hide it. There are times when hickey pops up on the place where its visibility becomes an issue. The reason to hide can be either: you have to go to a party or there are guests coming at your home or any reason which is valid enough for you to hide your hickey. It could be anything.   Now the question is ‘how to hide a hickey?’ One way is to hide it through the art of makeup. Apply concealer and other make up tricks that will surely help you to hide hickey smartly. The other way could be to wear such clothing which hides it automatically. When it will not be visible, your mind will be automatically relaxed. Such are the ways to hide a hickey.   Hope all the above home remedies prove a great help to you. Do comment and let us know which home remedy proved to be a savior to you and also share other remedies if you have any.

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Best Makeup Brushes And Tips On How To Keep Them Clean

A huge range of makeup brushes are available in the market by renowned brands for lending flawless makeup to the owners. These branded brushes are highly qualitative in terms of fibre quality, bristles gripping, and firmness in sticking the product. Above all, they bestow you with a makeup that you will cherish forever. So you can go for the branded ones or make a combo of the ones which not only gives you the desired results but fit in your budget too.

But if you do not take the best care of these makeup brushes, then you are sure to lose your favorite beauty blenders soon. Polish up your knowledge with this special guide on types of makeup brushes and ways to keep them safe. So, are you ready to transform yourself from simple to stylish?

Types of Brush Textures

  1. Natural Bristle Brushes

Natural bristle brushes are made up of animal hair and so they are quite pricey. The best quality about these brushes is that the products stick to them firmly and thus blending is done in an amazing way. If you are thinking to buy one, then Sonia Kashuk gives you the best of all. Unluckily, these natural bristles make up brushes have a tendency to slough. Even the cleanliness of these brushes is a challenge due to the quantity of pigment they catch. As word of caution, do take care in case you are allergic to animal hair as they are originally made up of them.

2. Synthetic Bristle Brushes

Next that comes is; Synthetic bristle make up brushes. Though it is pretty easy and quick to make coating with natural bristle brushes but for the ones who are allergic or do not prefer to use animal hair, then synthetic bristle brushes are just the right choice. Comparatively, they fit in your budget much easily and do not require extra efforts for cleaning. Many people have the views that the synthetic brushes are not as soft as natural ones but then the choice differs from person to person.

Types Of Makeup Brushes

type of makeup brushes

There is wide range of types of makeup brushes in the world of beauty to enhance your look from every angle. But here we will highlight few of those makeup brushes that are used most commonly. Check them out:

Duo Fibre Brush

Burnishing and blending colors is the peculiarity of this duo fibre makeup brush. Its hair is an accumulation of synthetic fibre and blend of goat which are extremely light in weight. With a flat and round feathered head, this duo fibre makeup brush strikes amazingly with any cream, liquid or powder to bestow a tinge of luminance to the brow bones and cheek.

Foundation Brush

A perfect foundation makeup brush lends your makeup with a flawless finishing. Its specialty is hidden in its bristles which are firmly packed with the help of a pointed tip for applying foundation.  First of all; moisten your foundation brush in lukewarm water and properly squeeze the surplus water over a tissue or towel. This will enable you to attain a much better and even distribution overall.

Blusher Brush

The apples of your cheeks get a perfect highlight with this circular headed blusher makeup brush. The delicate fibers blend and swing on your cheekbones so elegantly that it delineates the brush upwards within the hairline.

Concealer Or Camouflage Brush

A concealer makeup brush also known as camouflage brush is the best way to add the magic of makeup by applying concealer underneath the eyes and spots. It is a flat makeup brush which has a sharpened tip, broader base and gentle bristles. It also assists in treating the camouflage affected areas like portions of discoloration and cracked capillaries.

Bronzer/Powder Brush

This makeup brush works ‘two in one’. It can be used for both; bronzer and compact powder. The bristles of this powder makeup brush are smooth and so plentiful that it lifts up the perfect measure of color without leaving any faults behind. The circular design of this brush enables it to spread the bronzer or powder very cleanly over the skin. All you need to do is to blow away the extra powder from the brush before swinging it over the skin.

Eye Shadow Brush

The eye shadow makeup brush has a chamfered edge which allows it to confer a fluent application without embroiling the eyelid. It is short, flat and brimful of bristles which cover it superbly for an even application. It makes the task of putting color much easier and better.

Makeup Brush For Eyebrows

The firm bristles of this spiral shaped eyebrow brush masters for reclaiming the unmanaged hairs. It organizes the eyebrows well into shape by brushing them in the upwards direction. If required trimming can be done for the excess growing eyebrow hair to attain a neatened eyebrow look.

Smudge Brush For Makeup

Smudge makeup brush is basically a sort of eye pencil with the double ends. The tip of this brush is frothy and foamy which helps in softening the abrasive line of the pencil thereby rendering a smoldering touch to the eyebrows. In addition, you can apply eye shadow with the larger one end.

Lip Brush

The short and stiff bristles of this lip brush forms a graven tip on the top. This helps in imparting an unflawed line to the lips that too with the utmost perfection. Now let’s learn on the cleaning methods of the makeup brushes.

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How The Makeup Brushes Can Be Cleansed At Home?

Mainly, there are two methods that are considered safe and quick to clean the brushes at home.

How The Makeup Brushes Can Be Cleansed At Home

1. Spot Cleaning

Simplest and Speediest! If you are running short of time, then spot cleaning is the right method you can opt for. During eye makeup; there are times when artists run short of available brushes. All that is needed at that time is clean brush.  Thus, spot cleaning is the only way to come out of the trouble. And such brushes can be cleaned easily on the spot.

What Are The Requisites For The Cleaning Of Makeup Brushes?

  1. Paper Towel tops the list.
  2. Then comes is makeup brush cleaner. MAC, Clinique and ELF are all the amaze balls.

Methods To Spot Clean The Makeup Brushes With The Help Of ELF Brush Bleaner:

  1. Spot Cleaning Process:
  • Select your product: Makeup brush cleaner is what all you need.
  • Make your brushes wet: Dampen the brush by spraying the product on the brush.
  • Whirl on paper towel: Lightly whirl the makeup brush over the paper towel. You need to twiddle until the product is popped off from the brush.
  • Replicate the steps: get rid of extra moistness and replicate the same steps with the other brushes.
  1. Deep Cleaning Process:

Spot cleaning is just not enough if you want your brushes to be thoroughly cleaned. Foundation brush is one such makeup brush where the remains are still found even after done with spot cleaning process. Hence, deep cleaning is compulsory. Deep cleaning process ensures that your makeup brushes are completely devoid of any sort of remains which later turns out to be bacteria.

Essentials required for cleaning of makeup brushes:

  • Olive oil
  • A soft baby shampoo or dish soap
  • Vinegar (if you wish to)
  • Paper Towels
  • A soft bar shop
  • Gloves or Cleaning Brush Silicon Mat (it is optional)

What is the proper way to deep cleanse makeup brushes with a gently dish soap or baby shampoo?

  1. Pick your product: Using glove is optional so you can squelch little baby shampoo over your hand along with a drop of olive oil. It assists in keeping the brushes firm and moisturized. Also add few drops of vinegar if you wish. If the number of brushes to clean is more then you should prefer buying a silicon cleaning glove. These silicon gloves won’t make your hands go dry.
  2. Choose your cleaning surface: Your cleaning surface could be either a silicon mat or a silicon glove. Gently whirl your brush over the squeezed shampoo.

III.            Mildly rinse: Put your makeup brush under the flowing water of tap once you have enormously removed the traces hidden in it. To save the bristles of the brush from any sort of damage, make sure the temperature of water is not too hot. Also, the pressure of water should not be too much.

  1. Use a paper towel to clean it and let it dry: Squash surplus water from the brushes. Use a paper towel to dry them and then lay them down for whole night so that they can dry completely.

What Is The Right Way To Deep Clean Makeup Sponges?

Beauty blenders need an in-depth cleaning too; so do not miss it. Here comes the usage of soap bar.

  1. Choose your soap bar: soap bar makes your task of cleaning beauty blender much simpler.
  2. Select cleaning surface of your choice: Twiddle the sponge over the bar to acquire soap. Once done, whirl it over your hand or gloves.

III.            Wash: Wash the brushes properly beneath the tap water and assure that all the makeup is rinsed.

  1. Recur the same: If needed then repeat the full process.
  2. Let it dry: Squeeze the extra water in the brushes and let it dry all-night.

The cleaning of every makeup brush is completely your responsibility when you are using it. If you expect something to give you the best results then taking care of them is equally important from your end. If you ensure time to time cleaning of these makeup brushes then you will have to never regret on spending good amount on such beauty enhancing products. The cleanup of makeup brushes make sure that your skin always remains healthy and beautiful. There are many good brands which sell brush cleaners as well so do not forget to buy one along with these makeup brushes. This will make your task quicker and easier.

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How Often Should The Makeup Brushes Be Cleaned?

How often should the makeup brushes be cleaned? This is an important question that needs to be answered. One must keep all the information up to date on records. Bacteria develop in the unclean brushes very quickly. Hence, cleaning of makeup brushes should be done each and every day without a miss. This will always help to stay hygienic and healthy skinned. But it happens that due to hectic schedule of our daily lives this is not always possible. So, if not daily then cleaning process should be done at least twice a week.

But there is no escape for those who have a delicate and sensitive skin. Either they have to follow the cleaning procedure of makeup brushes daily or they have to keep ample brushes so that they can use different brush daily. Do not use the used brushes without cleaning at all.

Take care of few safeguards and tips that will be a real help to you in the cleaning procedure of makeup brushes:

Safeguards and tips to be followed for the proper maintenance of makeup brushes:

  • Always keep an arrangement for backup brushes by keeping two sets of brushes. This will help you when one set will need cleaning.
  • Never make brushes stand in upwards direction while putting them for dry. If you put this way, the water will flow inwards towards the glue part which holds the bristles firmly. Thus it will weaken the grip by letting the brushes exuviate faster.
  • Here comes a reminder. If your skin is delicate or prone to acne, then always make the use of new brushes only. Never use the unwashed ones.
  • Keep doing deep cleaning on regular intervals.
  • Mark your calendar for cleaning your brushes every weekend. Book some time in particular for this task. To make it enjoyable, put some soothing music on and then begin with cleaning.

Well, we hope that after understanding the importance of cleaning makeup brushes; you will never miss out on this important task ever. Make it interesting by doing it along with chatting with your beloved, conversing with your kids or listening to some good music. Let it be a stress buster rather than a bothersome task.

Shhh! Here’s the secret to finding the best wedding makeup artist

The wedding dates are fixed, and before you know it, you are prepping up for the big day. While it is quite difficult finding the right venue, caterer, outfits, etc. you may still find one task most humongous of all; the task of finding a perfect make -up artist.

Planning a wedding in a city like Mumbai will not save you much. Also, your budget may also have a chance of going much overboard than what you originally planned. But you still need to find an excellent bridal makeup artist in Mumbai and that too within your budget! Sounds impossible, right? Well, not anymore with mobile marketplace like apps in the market. Here’s how they can come to your rescue.

Booking the best wedding artist with a mobile marketplace app

Every girl wants to look her best on her wedding day and not hiring a bridal makeup artist due to an already jam-packed budget is not an option. In fact, if there is anything that tops a bride’s list as much as the perfect wedding outfit, then it’s the makeup!


Hence, we suggest taking help of a mobile marketplace app like UrbanClap which provides bridal makeup artists in Mumbai at your doorstep. This way you can choose only those makeup artists who suit your budget.

For the smaller as well as bigger wedding functions the app has a solution for all your makeup needs; which are available with just a touch of your Smartphone!

How to find the best bridal makeup artist on mobile marketplaces

  • Browsing for a good makeup artist

Mobile marketplace for services just spoil you for choices. Browse through the list of services and choose the ones you need (in this case a bridal makeup artist!). Alternatively, you can also select other services such as pre-wedding shoot, bridal mehndi artists, and so on.

  • Events

Indian weddings are gala events featuring several functions. The pressure of looking close to a movie star at these events bring higher expectations. Mobile marketplaces are platforms that help you pick the functions for which you need a makeup artist for. UrbanClap for instance helps you opt for a makeup artist best suited for your Mehendi or Cocktail party.

  • Choose your type of makeup

Want to choose a sweet, subtle look for your engagement, or a bold look for the reception, or maybe a fresh dewy and all natural look for a simple function at home- everything is available on these platforms. This way the artist has a heads-up from the beginning and will work with you only on those looks and ideas you like, hence saving a lot of time. It is best to book a trial session on the app before finalizing a makeup artist. What’s more, you can even schedule makeup sessions for your friends and family.

  • Pick a reasonable budget

Those extra bucks saved will come to use when you plan a getaway with your hubby the next year. Specify the budget you are comfortable with and get connected with only those artists who match your budget. Since apps like UrbanClap provide only verified and professional experts, you can expect good quality artists to connect with you.

  • Give your details

Your requests are precisely matched to professionals, which help avoid any last-minute problems. Specify where you want the service, and the app will get you connected with the right professionals matching your needs.

So within few easy steps, you will soon have access to expert makeup artists and that too matching your budget. Within 24 hours the best professionals will call you or be at your doorstep, consulting with you about the gorgeous look you need to match your wedding functions.

So, don’t wait anymore! Can’t find a good bridal makeup artist in your budget? Go ahead and get the benefits of an expert makeup artist within your budget; by simple clicks and taps on apps like UrbanClap.

Hello Winter, Hello Style!

Are you winter ready? It’s time to make a fashion statement this winter with the latest designs and trends. Don’t complicate your winter wear with baggy clothes and scarves when you purchase chic outfits that could be worn all the year through.

The best way to choose a great style and follow the latest trends is by caring it off with a sense of poise and confidence. This winter is a little warmer so try a mix of casual wear and throw in a dash of colour to get heads turning.

Here’s my picks:

The Blue Soho Narrow Fit  Chinos is simple but stands out from a casual pair of jeans and accentuates your designer tees. With pair of chinos, you can add a range of accessories and wear it well by folding the bottom to ensure that its sits just above your stylish but comfortable loafers.

The Gant Orange New Haven Trousers will let you carry off a more casual look as you sport a checked shirt with minimal accessories. They are the perfect pair of casual pants to grace at any office or casual get-to-there. The key here lies in feeling comfortable and at complete ease without yourself.

What caught my attention was the White Printed Maxi dresses by Moda Rapido. A sleeveless dress with an interesting neckline will give you the attention that you truly deserve. Teamed with a pair of metallic bangles, it would give you that new look that you’ve always longed for!

Why miss out on all those compliments? The A-Line dress is just what you need when you have guests over or if you’re looking to get noticed. This deep blue navy piece from Zima with a pair of heels and a chic bracelet will be perfect for a night out of the town or a simple brunch.

When shopping online, take note of the sizes, fabric and delivery options. You can  browse through both a mix and match of traditional and western collections designs. What’s better is that you can try on a range of similar dresses from brands like Forever 21, Vero Moda, ONLY and Miss Chase. With Chinos, you can browse through brands like Indian Terrain , Tommy Hilfiger, Allen Solly and Burberry’s amongst others.

Don’t forget to make your wish-list this Winter so that you come back to your favourite designer labels and label them as future gifts to pamper yourself and your loved ones. At such great prices, it’s time you revamp your Winter Collection!

Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Dark Circles under eyes

Dark Circles have become the most common problem in today’s generation. The term Dark Circles means darkened discoloration of the skin beneath the eyes. The other synonyms that are used for dark circles are: Shadows or Dark Rings.

Both; men and women are affected by it. It impacts the overall look of the people by making them look unhealthy, fagged and tired always.  There are a lot many reasons causing dark circles like: changes in hormones, hereditary, stress, missing enough sleep, improper lifestyle, disturbed diet, dry skin, spending long time before mobile and computer, protracted crying, aging and many more. But the truth is that if these problems are not taken seriously and not improved then it might further lead to major health problems. Though the cosmetic world has a list of chemical based products to get rid of dark circles but it leaves one or the other side effect if you are the one with delicate skin. So, the best way is to make the use of nature gifted things i.e. only home-made remedies which are hundred percent pure, natural and safe for your skin. So, here we have listed some of the excellent home remedies that will be a great help in curing the problem of dark circles. They are as given below:

1. Almond Oil:-

The skin encircling around our eyes is quite delicate and so needs to be taken extra care of when dark circles have covered the area up. For this, one of the best remedies will be Almond oil. The daily and continuous usage of Almond oil over the dark circles will lighten them gradually and you will soon find them disappearing. Along with almond oil, you can also apply Vitamin E oil for quicker results. Now the process of applying this oil is:


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Before going to sleep, take few drops of almond oil on your palm and with your fingers lightly massage it on the dark circles area. Let it remain as it is for the whole night and very next morning clean it off with cold water. Espouse this remediation daily; till the dark circles vanish away completely. You are sure to experience the magic of almond oil!

2. Cucumber:-

Since time undefined, Cucumber is known for its gentle astringent properties. It is such a gift of nature which has been bestowed with skin lightening qualities apart from many other qualities too. Both these factors work effectively in evanescing the dark circles too; thereby leaving a freshening and soothing impact. The best part is that such natural remedies need least of your time and effort to show the desired results. Here is the process:


Take a fresh cucumber and cut it into thick slices. Then place these slices in refrigerator for about half an hour. Afterwards, put these slices on your eyes which will automatically cover up the portion of your dark circles too for about ten to fifteen minutes. When the time is up, wash your face with normal water. This remedy will not only cure the problem of dark circles but the cooling effect of cucumber will also make you feel rejuvenated. It is advised to repeat the same process twice in a day till you achieve the wanted results.

There is one other way also: Take a bowl and pull out some cucumber juice and mix similar amount of lemon juice to it. Now take a cotton ball and dip in this solution and apply over the impacted skin properly. Leave it for about 15 minutes and later clear it off with normal water. Continue following this remedy for approx one week at least once in a day.

3. Raw Potato:-

We should be thankful to the nature for its wonderful blessings which has always been helping us in uncountable ways. Raw potato is also an example of one of its blessings. Enriched with natural bleaching ingredients, potato is highly efficacious in attenuating the visibility of dark circles. Moreover, it also works wonder in eliminating puffiness around the eyes. But this demands a little effort and patience and for this you have to:


Infuse the juice of potato by grating it and then squeezing it. Take a cotton ball and dip it into the potato juice and apply gently on the closed eyes in such a way that it also covers the portion of dark circles. Now let the juice settle on the skin for about ten to fifteen minutes and then clean the whole with cold water. As the substitute of potato water, you can also use thick slices of potato. You are advised to perform this remediation twice in a day for few weeks till the results are achieved.

4. Rose Water:-

Rose Water works miraculously when it comes to skin and eye care. It is enriched with mild astringent qualities which also makes it an amazing toner for the skin. The soothing effect and cooling properties of rose water not only refreshes the skin but also relaxes the eyes from the inner core. Endless are its qualities! To get rid of dark circles, the right way to use rose water is to:


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Take cotton eye pads and soak it in the rose water for some minutes. When these pads are fully immersed; this will mean that these pads have soaked the rose water in adequate quantity. Then all you need to do is to apply these pads on your closed eyelids. Let them rest for next 15 minutes and then if you want rinse off your eyes or if you are comfortable you can even skip rinsing. The fragrance and freshness of rose water will keep you invigorated the rest of the day. For some weeks; twice a day, you will need to follow this.

5. Tomato:-

Known for its bleaching properties, Tomatoes have amazing qualities to lighten the skin very effectively. Hence, it works superbly when it comes to lighten the dark circles thereby making the skin soft and slender. So, it is a two in one formula. Now the question is how to make use of tomatoes to get rid of dark circles.


For this you need to take a bowl and squeeze one-half teaspoon of lemon juice and one teaspoon of tomato juice into it. With the help of cotton ball; gently apply this mixture around your eyes covering the portion of dark circles. Now let it rest for ten to fifteen minutes and then clean it with the normal water. Keep following this remedy for some weeks till the results are visible and twice in a day. The other way could be to drink tomato juice with the mixture of lemon juice, salt and some mint in it on regular basis. Drink twice a day if possible. Moreover, you are advised to drink this juice immediately after making it. This remedy also works very effectively in getting rid of dark circles.

6. Lemon Juice:-

As you are aware that Lemon is highly rich in Vitamin C and hence the presence of Vitamin C makes it an awesome remedy to fight against the problem of dark circles. It even works efficaciously on lightening the skin. The process that you need to follow is: Squeeze lemon juice in a bowl and with the help of cotton ball apply it over the dark circles. Then let it stay for ten minutes and clean it off with normal water. Follow this for few weeks at least once in a day.


The second way to make use of lemon to get rid of dark circles is to make a sludge paste by following: two tablespoons of tomato puree, one tablespoon of lemon juice and one pinch of turmeric powder and gram flour. Now mix them all well and apply it around your eyes coating your dark circles. Then after 10 to 15 minutes, wash it with normal water. Replicate the same procedure at least twice to thrice a week and you will be left amazed by the result.

Mark a point on board: In case, if you feel burning sensations after applying lemon, then immediately cease its usage from the very moment.

7. Coconut Oil:-

Coconut Oil has always been known for its endless benefits and one of the benefits is lightening the appearance of dark circles encircling your eyes. To add on, this will also make your skin smooth and kick off the fine lines and wrinkles below the eyes. All the credit goes to the moisturizing caliber and cooling effect of coconut oil.

The right way will be: Take little extra-virgin coconut oil on your palm and with the help of fingers apply it over the affected place. Let it rest for some hours and then rinse it off. Keep continuing this process for few months for about twice to thrice every day until and unless you achieve the desired results.

8. Tea Bags:-

Tea bags are said to be an incredible remedy to cure the issue of dark circles. This is because of the antioxidants and caffeine present in it. The tannins in peculiar assist in lessening the discolored appearance and swelling too. Furthermore, it also wipes off the puffiness girding your eyes by contracting the blood vessels and decreasing fluid retention. Chill two used green or black tea bags in the refrigerator for about half an hour. So, all in all it is a complete therapeutic package. Now the question is how to use tea bags to cure dark circles? The answer is: Take two tea bags and place each of them over your eyes and relax for sometime in the same position. Then after 10 to 15 minutes, take away those tea bags and clean your face with normal water. Keep following the same thing once or twice regularly for some weeks.

Mark a point: That the tea should not enter your eyes else inspite of curing one problem, the other might arise.

9. Cold Compress:-

The cold compress is an amazing way to compress the blood vessels beneath the eyes which also decreases the swelling and visibility of dark circles. For this, all you need to do is: Take a washcloth and soak it in the cold milk or if not available due to any reason then you can even do the same in cold water. Then squeeze it a bit so that excess water is removed and put that washcloth over your closed eyelids for few minutes. This is it. The other substitute of cold compress is: Ice Cubes. You can twine some ice cubes in soft piece of cloth and put in underneath your eyes for some time. Similarly other alternatives could be like a cold spoon, icy tea bag, frozen peas etc.

Follow this for twice to thrice daily till you observe positive results.


10. Turmeric:-

Being an antioxidant, Turmeric also possesses anti-inflammatory components which help in lessening the appearance of dark circles. Moreover, it will also turn the skin around your eyes much smoother and softer than before. What you need to do is: Take two teaspoons of each – pineapple juice and turmeric powder and mix it so well that it turns out to be a thick smooth paste. Then apply it over the impacted portion and let it stay for next ten minutes. Next step will be to wipe it off with a gentle moist cloth. Keep doing this regularly for once and you will be stunned at the results.


  1. Orange Juice:-

Orange juice is always considered very beneficial for good health. Drinking orange juice in the morning is the best way to begin your morning diet and remain healthy and beautiful. The other way to make use of orange juice to cure dark circles is to mix few drops of glycerin in little orange juice and apply it over the area of dark circles. Apart from lessening the appearance of dark circles it will also lend your face with a natural glow. Such are wondrous benefits of nature’s gift – Orange!

  1. Exercise and Meditation/Yoga:-

In everyday’s life, there is one thing that has affected one and all and that is: Stress/Depression. It is the cause of hectic life schedule; which is but obvious. Mind you, neither of the above given remedies will prove a help until and unless you kick of the stress from your mind and stay always happy. To keep your mind calm and chill and the entire working system of body healthy, the only way is Exercise and Meditation/Yoga. So, give enough time in doing yoga or meditation. This will not only heal dark circles but also keep your soul happy. Moreover, it will also balance the entire system of the body.



Some More Tips:

  • Take plenty of sleep so that the body gets ample rest.
  • Never sleep with makeup. Clean and clear your eyes and face before you go to sleep. This will prevent unnecessary irritation and any sort of allergic reactions too.
  • Drink adequate water to prevent the problem of water retention which further leads to many other health issues too.
  • Confine exposure to the sun.
  • Be conscious about your eating habits and regular diet. Include more of green vegetables in your diet and such foods which are enriched with Vitamin A, C and E.
  • Never rub your eyes a lot or too frequently because it enlarges the blood vessels thereby increasing the visibility of dark circles.
  • Say a strict NO to smoking and drinking alcohol or any sort of caffeine intake because all this leads to the destruction of skin cells. Moreover, caffeine and alcohol also results to dehydration which in turn subvert the soft skin cells encircling the eyes thereby causing dark circles.
  • Ignore sleeping on too thick pillows or more than one more pillow below your head.
  • Last but not the least; always stay happy and stress-free.          Source:

80’s fashion trends : Like it or Leave it!

80’s fashion had a charm of its own. The popularly called retro style is followed in many theme parties or even adopted as a different style statement altogether in the twenties era. 80’s costumes were highhanded in terms of looks and expenses. It was a common practice then, to show off wealth and class through garments. Talking of clothes, shiny, bright and expensive costumes became a part of big magazines like Vogue; during the late eighties.  Accessories were equally vivid to match up with the garments. Large gold earrings and pearl necklaces were class statements in the 80’s. 80′ s clothing donned sequins and diamonds, to exhibit the richness.

Talking about hair: Hair styles in the 1980s were typically puffed up in bouffant style to adorn it with 80’s dress style. But 80’s fashion trends took turns to change at intervals in that decade. Early 80’s attire was simple and tame in comparison to the late 80’s. Even middle 80’s had its own set of style statement. So, to take you to the world of old fashion, we would like you to take a look at the changing trends adopted by the 80’s fashion women. 





The Early 80s

  • Fashion sense in early 80s reflected aestheticism and class. Clothing colors were far from bright. Subdued colors like brown, tan and light orange were fashion for the ladies. Accessories were not so much of a highlight till then.
  • Sweaters and pullovers were highly fashionable in the early 80s. The sweaters either donned the turtle neck, V shape collar or some had the crew neck collars. If you see now in the current fashion scenario, some pullovers are styled by the 80’s fashion sense. They are still considered as the hit retro style fashion. Fur line puffer jackets and velvet blazers were classics of the early 80s.
  • Leather tunics had special place in the 80’s outfit. Do you know that crop tops and tube tops had their origins during the early 80’s?
  • Knee length skirts and flowing knee length dresses were a rage in the early 80’s. Tube tops and crop tops are girls’ favorite even today at clubs and discotheques. Low necklines were in vogue in the early 80’s too. Necklines were self assessed in early 80s. There were no hard and fast style statements for necklines when it came to dresses. Both high necklines and low necklines were in fashion then.
  • High waist loose trousers were a typicality of early 80s. Along with that, embroidered jeans entered the style zone of early 80s gradually.
  • Accessories of early 80s were mostly carry overs from late 70s. Embroidered jeans were accessorized by knee high boots and thin belts. Thick kitten heals were also in.




Women were as much of a fitness freak in 80’s as they are in the 21st century.  Sweatshirts and sweatpants were the common fitness wear. Tracksuits, by early 80’s were already in the sports fashion list. Sports accessories in 80s were very athletic in nature.  Those included leg warmers, wide belts, head-bands and for the legs, it was either sneakers or trainers.

Corporate Wear

Women that step out for work were very serious about their equality in the corporate field. Their seriousness was reflected in their professional clothing.  Knee length skirts and wide legged slacks were topped with a matching blazer. To make it slightly striking, corporate women wore different colored blouse under the blazer.

The Mid 1980s

The early 80’s subdued clothing style, took a bright turn in the mid-1980s. From knee length skirts, the style went to either tight miniskirts or long flared skirts.  Women preferred tapered trousers rather than loose trousers. Pastel bright jumpsuits and heavyweight sweaters started pouring in as the new trend. Mid 1980s saw the introduction of large scarves and beanies.  During winters, women started wearing leather gloves along with leather jackets. Rather than sneakers, the plums and keds became more popular as sports shoes during the mid-80s.

Madonna, the famous pop star was a huge influential fashionista in the 80s, especially from 1985. She brought in the style of skimpy skirt worn over tight leggings.  That was her famous “street urchin” look!

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She popularized the fishnet stocking and laced or finger less gloves.

Black was considered as a fashionista’s colour, unlike in early 1980s.

During 80s, visible undergarments straps were either a taboo or a fashion faux. But mid 80s witnessed a drastic change in this respect. Women wore fancy slips and the visibility of lacy straps took an entry into the fashion list.



Television shows like ‘Dallas’ and ‘Dynasty’ had powerful impact on shaping the shoulder pads as the new style statement.  Taking influence from the daily soap ‘Dallas’, women started dressing in sparkling clothes and expensive jewelries.

Pointed toed shoes and spiked heels were a rage in 1950s and 60s. The style revisited in mid 80s too as corporate friendly shoes.

Power dressing was a new concept in the mid-80s. It was largely an attempt to look masculine and powerful in and around workplace. Thus large sleeves, padded and wide shoulders were in high demand in the mid-80s.




Another women, whose style statement was attracted like a magnet in 80s, was the British Leader, Margaret Thatcher.  The single toned color suit, with matching hat, jacket and knee length skirt were a rage among st the women power fashionistas.

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Late 80s

This era was totally committed to consumer friendly fashion. Fashion designers were all in all into making short skirts. Though knee length and long skirts were not totally out of fashion, but miniskirts still ruled. This trend was popularized more by young and teenage girls. Large shoulder pads were shifted towards smaller shoulder pads. Baby doll dresses and pouf dresses were the new “cool” statement in the late 80s. Jumpsuits, jackets and reversible coats were equally in fashion.

Neon hues, plum, gold and bright wines were the popular late 80s colors.

For accessories, bright colored sandals with long heels were preferred. Beaded necklace and plastic bracelets were more popular. Lacy gloves were also a rage in the late 80s.

So, in the conclusion, you see in a decade, 80s saw quite many fashion varieties to talk of. The most striking part is, some of the fashion trends and styles are coming back in the present century as well. So, grab some fashion out of this article and apply it today. Nobody would say it is out of fashion! Even if they say, who cares! Right girls? Just dress up like you want with a charm of confidence! Good luck.

Feel free to write to us in the comments section below!

5 Trends We Don’t Want to See Again

Yes, vintage and retro fashion are all the rage today. But before we view the past with rose-tinted glasses, we should be reminded that there were some things we’d rather not wear again. Here are 5 examples:

  1. Nik Nik Shirts

Back in the 70s, these shirts epitomized cool on the disco dance floor. Made of shiny polyester and mostly worn by men (though later on there were women’s versions), these shirts were printed with colorful designs and patterns.

Sure, before you object, some Nik Nik shirt designs were actually quite nice. But today, most of these designs look dated—if not downright tacky. The polyester fabric also makes it hard for the average person to pull off well, as it tends to accentuate the belly regions. So yes, it’s time to switch into plainer pieces, especially those popular in Korean fashion for men, for a classier look.

  1. Big hair

We conducted an informal survey of people who lived through the 70s and 80s (aka our moms and dads) and this was the unanimous choice. There’s really nothing that can be said for these hairstyles except that they look messy, frumpy, and dated. That, and you’ll probably end up harming the environment from the amount of Aqua-net you’ll have to on your hair just to get these looks.

  1. Shoulder pads

It’s true that the appearance of broad shoulders is sexy, whatever decade you’re in. However, if you need to use a lot of foam padding to achieve that look, then maybe it’s time to rethink your getup. While shoulder pads do have a purpose—they help create shape for lightweight fabrics—the 1980s brought their use to a whole new level.

With large shoulder pads attached to blazers and shirts, some wearers end up sporting too-broad shoulders that make their heads look small and disproportionate to the rest of their body. That, or with the rise of decorative studs in that era, they come across more as sci-fi villain than corporate chic. So while they may make a comeback this time around, we hope they’re less jarring than their forerunners.

  1. XXXL shirts

The late 90s and the early 2000s weren’t immune from trends that we don’t want to see again. One of these trends is the extra-large shirts worn by, well, regular-sized men. Usually sporting designer logos or the emblems of a sports team, these shirts made their wearers look shapeless. We’d take Young Thug’s Gucci dress anytime over these. At least we see its proper fit.

  1. Low-crotch elephant jeans

If loose tops were once fashionable for men, the same can be said of loose jeans. But these weren’t made of gracefully flowing fabric. On the contrary, these are jeans that sag so low, guys end up exhibiting the upper half of their briefs or boxers to the general populace. They’re also a potential safety risk—there were stories about the frayed ends of these loose jeans getting caught in escalators.