Bon Appetit! How to Make Healthy and Low-Fat Caesar Salad at Home

Salads are one of the best ways to treat your body with delicious yet nutritious food items. Incorporating this simple change in your life has long lasting health benefits. We all know it, don’t we? Cool, crunchy and incredibly fun to eat, salads are fully customisable with the addition of fruits, vegetables, and meats of different kinds. The only apprehension that keeps a lot of people away from the wonderful benefits of salad is the fear of pesticides in leafy vegetables. We have a solution for that as well. Owning a vegetable purifier from any of the popular healthcare brands like Kent will make the fruits, vegetables and poultry items free from pesticides. Sounds amazing, right?

So, before you go ahead and buy a vegetable purifier for yourself, here we have listed a few benefits of salads and a super delicious recipe for low-fat Caesar salad.


Health Benefits of Eating Salad

  • A bowl full of high-fibre salad can easily prevent constipation and help lower cholesterol
  • Eating fibre-rich food keeps you feel fuller for a longer time which results in less eating and ultimately weight loss.
  • Frequent consumption of green salad increases the oxidant level in the body that helps protect the body from the damage caused by free radicals.
  • Legumes, orange and green vegetables in the salad contribute to the overall health.
  • The inclusion of beans, peas, peaches, plums, tomatoes, carrots and apples in the diet lower risk of developing cancers of the head and neck.
  • Eating salad can easily cut on calories and increase satisfaction. So, if you are aiming weight loss, start eating green salads today.

Low-Fat Caesar Salad Recipe


  • Sourdough Bread (2-3 slices)
  • Olive Oil (1 Tablespoon)
  • Peeled Garlic Clove (1)
  • Lettuce
  • Grated Parmesan Cheese (1 Tablespoon)

Dressing Ingredients

  • Egg Yolk (1)
  • Mashed Oil Reserved Anchovies – Olive Oil (4)
  • Grated Garlic Clove (1/2)
  • Juice and zest of ½ Lemon
  • Mustard Sauce (1 Tablespoon)
  • Finely Grated Parmesan (25g)
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil (2 Tablespoon)
  • Black Pepper

Preparation Method

  • Wash lettuce in the vegetable washer to make it free from harmful pesticides.
  • Heat a pan on high heat with little oil. Put the bread slices on the pan and rub the garlic clove.
  • Cook the bread well on each side for 30-40 seconds. Keep aside to cool and cut them into bite-sized pieces. Make sure the slices turn golden brown before cutting them in pieces.
  • For the dressing, put anchovies, egg yolk, garlic, mustard, parmesan, lemon zest and juice and a tablespoon of the reserved anchovy oil in a food processor with a pinch of salt and blend. Blend it until you get a smooth paste.
  • Add oil gradually and if the dressing looks thick to you, add two teaspoons of warm water and mix Add more pepper if you want.
  • Take a deep serving bowl and layer it with lettuce. Pour dressing over it and scatter over the toasted bread pieces. Garnish it with grated parmesan, mustard oil and serve.

So, if you are planning to go on a salad diet with an aim to lose weight, this recipe would help you fight food cravings and easily keep you full for a longer time. You can also experiment with the salad dressing according to your cravings and give your salad a taste twist. Also, make sure you are giving the veggies a thorough wash before making them salad ready. Try and incorporate as much healthy food as possible to your day to day life and have that perfect body you have been craving for since years.

Dietary Plan Chart To Reduce Weight In Just 4 Weeks

Daily workout assists a lot when it comes to fitness and shaping up your body. But if your target is dropping weight and look perfect then just regular exercise won’t be sufficient. You will need to think something more apart from exercise. Are you thinking what it is? Well, all you need to take care of is your daily diet. Remember this; Regular Exercising and Healthy diet walk parallel when it comes to lose weight and so either of them could not be ignored.

A healthy diet should be immediately begin and make sure that you follow it with extreme sincerity to achieve the best results. To know what to include and exclude in your diet, you can take the help of a professional dietician or even consult with your gym instructor. A professional dietician will check all the necessary details before starting your diet. Details like: your actual weight, your height, required reduction, some blood test (only if necessary) etc. Considering all these, the diet plan is made. In case if the reason behind your increased weight is incorrect dietary habits, fickle routine, slackness, sluggishness or wrong sleeping and waking routine then the first thing that demand a change is your overall daily routine. Right from waking up on time to sleeping on time at night along with proper diet chart is the summary of your weight lose plan. You must be thinking how does routine matter? Summing up in a line, it can be said that if you mess with your daily routine then your body will also mess up all. The body has a clock of its own and so should be rightly timed for its proper and healthy working.

Here in this article we bring you a diet chart that you will need to work on in four consecutive weeks. Do weigh yourself before you start with this mission and note it down. Keep this notepad handy so that the progress report of every week can be jotted down and you can measure the smile on your face later on by viewing the complete journey. Take care of the points given below whenever you begin with this four week diet plan:

  1. Say NO to salt after 7:30 pm.
  2. A big NO to any aerated or oxygenated drinks and this imbibes of the diet version as well.
  3. Confine any sort of artificial juices too.
  4. Curtail rice and potato strictly.
  5. Restrain two fruits: banana and mango.
  6. Do at least 30 minutes of aerobic exercise regularly. Doing gym is also a good option for it but in case if anything restrain you from going to gym then even doing it on your own will do its job. Fresh air of garden will also work. Wear a comfortable pair of shoes while doing aerobics. To add on, also do skipping exercise daily. Five set of hundred skips that is in total five hundred skips at least and can increase the number gradually.
  7. To tone up your upper body, exercise with one and a half to two kilograms of dumbbells.
  8. Last but not the least, give leastwise twenty minutes to breathing exercise every day. (such as: Baba Ramdev’s Pranayam)


Now without any more delay let us begin with the Indian diet chart that you will need to follow for four weeks and here it is:




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8:00 am (or even early; whenever you wake up) – A night before the day you are all set to begin your diet plan; the first thing you need to do is to take a bowl filled with two glasses of water and soak one teaspoon of methi seeds in it. Then the next morning as soon as you wake up, what you need to do is to filter the methi seeds and drink that water. This works a lot in water retentivity and bloating. Then later, take five soaked almonds for healthy skin. After this, one black pepper ball which you need to swallow straight away without chewing it.


9:00 am (after an hour) – You can select any from these:  1 brown bread only with Amul Lite Butter/ Salad and chutney/ hung curd garnishing

Nothing for next one and a half hour!


11:30 am – any fruit as per your wish but just one in quantity


Then after next one and a half hour:


At 1:30 pm – Before you begin with your afternoon meal, you need to have a pocket-size plate of salad. Now you must be thinking why this? Well, salad is rich in fibre and thus these fibre help in satiating the urge of false hunger which compels you to overeat. Then comes to the turn of meal in which your menu is: 1 chapati made with the concoction of wheat bran and wheat flour in equal ratio. Meal also includes one normal sized bowl of dal as it is a healthy package in itself.

Long break of three and a half hours…

5:00 pm – As you wish, one cup of tea or milk with two biscuits but only Marie. You can even take one normal size of air popped popcorn (those without butter)/ one small bowl of roasted chana.


Then, one and a half hour later:

7:30 pm – Like the mid day meal, at this time also begin with a small plate of salad followed by one bran chapatti and one bowl of green vegetable which is healthy. (This time no kadhi, chana or rajmah)


In a short span of an hour:

8:30 pm – You can eat one fruit of your wish and after this nothing till the next day. Then follow the same diet for complete one week.


As soon the first diet week end, don’t miss to weigh yourself. The results will definitely bring smile to your face. As per the research, one looses the maximum in the first week because the body looses all the water weight and bloating pooped off. Though you notice loss of weight in every following week but little less to that of the first week achievement and this is how this four weeks diet plan chart works.


After the success of first week, it is the time to get closer to our goal by abiding by the second week diet plan and here it is:

Morning 8:00 am (as you as you are awaken) – Previous night you will need to immerse five tulsi leaves in about 2 glasses of water and then next morning first thing you will need to do is to filter out those leaves and drink that water. Also, don’t forget to have five soaked almonds (do not peel their skin off) and one black pepper ball (kali Mirch). You will find few diet steps similar to that of first week.

9:00 am – Then after an hour, you are allowed to have one brown bread toast with only amul lite butter over it/ salad and chutney/ amul lite butter. That’s it.

11:30 am – After a break of one and a half hour, you can have a fruit of your choice. Here is the place where your choice is considered 😉 rest all as per the diet plan chart.

1:30 pm – Yes… you guessed it right! One small plate of salad is what you will begin your meal with. Now here is the slight change. This meal involves just one single sandwich. So, in case if you are a vegetarian your sandwich will comprise of two brown breads with the filling of paneer in it and in case if you are a non vegetarian egg whites.

5:00 pm – Three and a half hours later you can have one normal sized cup of milk or tea, depending on your preference along with two marie biscuits.

7:30 pm – As per the rule; here also you need to eat Salad before the meal and later accompanied by one bran chapatti with 1 K vegetable (now in this second week of four week diet chart you can have chana, kadhi or rajmah as vegetable).

8:30 pm – Keep your fruit selection ready and have that one fruit. This is the end of the diet chart which needs to be strictly followed for the whole second week. On the completion of the week, do check your weight again and be delighted at the result.


After looking at the desired results, you are sure to begin your third week diet chart with much more enthusiasm. Getting closer to your goals, rejuvenate new energy in the body, mind and soul! If you will observe keenly, you will notice more or less the diet chart is alike but you will surprised to know that these minor changes in the diet chart of every week plays the most important role in reducing your weight and maintaining your overall health. Check out:

8:00 am (or even early; the moment you wake up) – The first & foremost thing you need to follow in the third week as well is exactly same as the last two weeks. Follow the procedure of soaking methi seeds a night before in two glasses of water and drink that water in the morning after straining the methi seeds. Also, don’t miss to take five soaked & skinned almonds followed by one black pepper ball which you need to swallow.


9:00 am (after an hour) –:  One glass of milk and a fruit will be enough. Then, wait for next one and a half hour!


11:30 am – A fruit as per your wish but just one. We know it’s too less but don’t forget that you are on diet 😉


At 1:30 pm – No salad before the meal in the third week and so you can straightaway have one bran chapatti (mixture of wheat flour and wheat bran in similar proportion) and a vegetable of your choice; keeping in mind that you are on diet.

Break of three and a half hours again…


5:00 pm – Pick any among these: One normal sized cup of tea or milk with two biscuits/ one bowl of air popped popcorns (NO to the butter ones)/ one small bowl of roasted 9bhuna) chana.

7:30 pm – Here the menu differs for vegetarians and non-vegetarians so read carefully. For Vegetarians: There are two options: 1) one bowl vegetable + one bowl curd + salad or 2) one bowl dal + one Bowl Curd + salad.

For Non-Vegetarians: Three Pieces of Roasted or steamed chicken or fish (your preference) along with compulsory salad.

8:30- pm – The legacy continues! You can have any one fruit depending on your choice. This ends the first day of third diet week as well and hence same needs to be complied for the whole third week with sincerity. After all, your hard work and sincerity always pay.


Are you sharing your happiness with all your loved ones? Well, why not! You deserve every bit of it because you have proved that nothing is impossible. Your weighing machine is speaking the result of your efforts and what else does one need. Arrives the much awaited last & final week of your four weeks dietary plan and here you go:

8:00 am (first when you are awaken) – We are sure that you must have got into routine of what you need to do the foremost. Yes, you are absolutely right. You need to drink your methi seeds soaked water. No confusion, just follow the same procedure to get it ready.

9:00 am – Followed by one glass of cold coffee and one brown bread toast after an hour. Happy to have a taste change, aren’t you?

11:30 am – Same as the last three weeks; at this time you can eat any one fruit whichever you want to.

1:30 pm – Here is the magic box which has brought numerous options for you in this finale week for you to eat. After all, who doesn’t love the change especially when it is much anticipated? All of us…right! The options imbibes of: 1) one bowl sprouts + fruits 2) one bowl vegetables + one brown bread toast 3) One bowl dalia + One brown bread toast 4) One bowl kadhi + one-fourth plate rice (any one of these)

5:00pm – Same are the picks as before: one cup milk or tea with two biscuits/ one bowl air popped popcorns/ one small bowl of roasted or bhuna chana. So, what are you picking this time?

7:30 pm – Simple and Similar but healthy! All you can eat for your meal is one bran chapati (compounding of what bran & what flour in equalized ratio) and one bowl vegetable.

8:30 pm – Any one fruit of your pick and that’s the end of the last day of four weeks dietary plan chart.

And hence your four week diet plan chart ends here. Your happiness can be truly felt. As per the search, you will certainly loose three to six kilograms in this one month. If you are looking for some more weight reduction, you can continue the same for a week or two more but do as per advised so that diet does not lead to bad health. Diet meanings maintaining and managing your eating habit not just decreasing it.

Be careful of what you actually want because dieting in order to stay fit and healthy is perfectly ok but not fine at all if you want to be skinny. Love with what the Almighty has bestowed you and always carry a positive outlook. Never choose to lose weight because somebody has challenged you or your society comments on your weight. If you don’t love yourself then no one will.

Hope this piece of information proves helpful to you. Do share your reviews and your thoughts and ideas that you think can add positive results to the efforts of everyone who is complying this.

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Tea Or Coffee ? Which One Should You Prefer

Tea or coffee? It is hard to choose one of them. Are you also wondering which one you should prefer? Tea and coffee both have discrete benefits and what we prefer; depends on its usage: like if we get up in the morning, then coffee is a sturdy choice and if we endure sleep and wants some refreshment to open up our eyes straight, than tea is a better choice. (Many people have opposite choices, I know!)

Tea and coffee are two most common beverages in India. Found in almost every Indian household, coffee has become a part of the Indian culture. With the influx of coffee joints like Barista, Starbucks and Café Coffee Day, drinking coffee has become a style statement. Coffee had become an excuse to hang out for today’s kids and teenagers.



According to a recent study, India is the fifth largest coffee producer in the world. Karnataka alone is responsible for the 70% of the total coffee produced in India. The top coffee brands in India are: Tata, Nescafe, Bru. There are so many types of coffees but black coffee is more preferable and its beneficial too. It serves best when no additives like milk and sugar are added to it. Many don’t exactly know how to make coffee and that is why they miss out the perfect blend of it to acquire the perfect taste in the end.

Talking about the TEA…

Tea is one of the greatest uniters. There is no such crises which can not be solved by a cup of tea. There are some reasons why tea is better than coffee:


While coffee can do the same, tea has added the benefit of generally being just pure H2o with that awesome tea flavor, which means, if it is hot summer then it’s more beneficial to have a sip of tea either hot or cold to replace any fluid deficiency you had through excessive sweating. It is good for your skin too and you get hydrated while consuming some.


Scientists have ensured that tea is proficiently linked to the improvement of your health. And looking at the history, 5000 year ago an emperor also wrote about it.


Tea contains much less amount of caffeine than coffee. If you want something to keep you going throughout the work day, tea is the best choice.


Isn’t it? It is the best reason to prefer tea over coffee, jokes apart. Place a teabag in a cup of hot water, remove it after few minutes, and you are done!


Antioxidants are fantastic for keeping your body ticking and feeling fantastic. In short, antioxidants keep you fresh.


Tea is also good if you wish to maintain a good set of tooth. Drink a reasonable amount and it would keep your teeth in their original color unlike coffee, which delivers the unwarranted side effects of discoloration.


An advantage we can all use from time to time. While the physical cause behind this remains unknown or murky. But, tea surely is a great source to reduce those wrinkles from your forehead.


Relatively recent research has indicated that green tea might be a great aid for people who want to loose some weight. It is a fact that green tea helps kick start your metabolism and so, is helpful in shedding that extra kilos off your body.


An Australian study shows that people who use tea regularly had stronger bone density than those who don’t. And drinking tea promotes healthy bone formation. While I am not suggesting you guys to drink too much of tea; a cup of tea in a day is sufficient to keep your bones stronger and healthier.


It is like a security software for your computer. A cup of tea can give you a sudden boost as drinking tea can really help your body to set up and improve the immune system.



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While on the other hand…

There are many types of coffee, the finest quality being the arabica coffee, which today holds 59% share of the world’s total coffee production. The interesting part about the Arabica coffee is that it is the only species with 44 chromosomes of coffee!

Green coffee” is the best coffee in the world. Coffee can only be good if its source is the finest. So, you need to find a coffee roasting company that has an excellent green coffee import to bliss your tastebuds.

Coffee contains a high amount of caffeine, most of us like drinking coffee but want to limit their caffeine intake for some reasons. For those people, decaffeinated coffee is an excellent alternate. Decaffeinated coffee is just like a regular coffee, except that the caffeine has been removed. It is a coffee from the coffee beans that have had at least 97% of their caffeine removed.

Likewise, there are many types to tea too: Teas tea is created by Japanese. Teas tea is a collection of all tea leaves and it is the  purest form of tea you can have.

Have you ever heard people criticizing your choices of having caffeinated drinks like coffee or tea? Though over-indulging in anything will have negative consequences, having an extra cup of black tea might not be as bad as you imagined.

I personally prefer and love a cup of tea. Its how I like to begin my day and I want it as soon as I am awake! Well, that’s my personal take. What about you?

Do let us know about your preference in the comment section below!

Everything About Diverticulitis : Right From Causes To Cure


As difficult as the name is to pronounce; it is much more difficult to deal with this disease. Diverticulitis is a situation in which the smooth muscles of intestine gets ruptured thereby producing a budding saclike structure. Or if we define in laymen’s language, tiny sacs or pouches develop in the intestinal tracts and hence result to the cause of this disease. Medically, these outgrowths or sacs are termed as Diverticula. They block and clog the colon path way. However in certain cases these bodying structures do not cause any life threatening problem but in some cases it does lead to inflammation and terrible pain in the lower abdomen.

Diverticulitis is one of those ailments which are majorly affected by choices of what to eat and what not to eat. A faulty, less or no diet plan for the intake of vital nutrients causes the colon walls to rupture and germinate diverticula. If we talk about the treatments available to cure this illness, the major part of it is concerned with correcting our regular diet. If you or anyone in your relation is going through this trouble; then read this article very carefully as we have included everything in this, which you need to know about diverticulitis.


The questions that arise are; what lead to the growth of these pouches? Or what make the intestinal muscles rupture? There could be a lot of probable causes but the institutes of medical studies and medical communities are still not certain about the accurate reason. In fact not all the people who develop diverticula suffer the pain and inflammation. And the reasons of how that is possible are still not clear. However the most prominent causes as per observations are.

  • The walls of the colon gets ruptured or torn due to implication of external stress or pressure.
  • It is believed that pain and inflammation is caused because of the growth of bacteria in the sac or diverticula.
  • Diverticula is also developed due to unorganized or uncoordinated movements in the colon.
  • Improper diet is one of the eminent causes of diverticulitis.

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Symptoms of diverticulosis are the ways through which our body tells us that it is high time that our body and its diet need to be taken care of. These symptoms play the most crucial role of alarming us of any disease so that we can take some action before it gets into the worst state. Symptoms of diverticulitis last for the span of some hours to a few days, so it becomes easy for a person to acknowledge the problem easily. Moreover, the treatment of this ailment greatly depends on the symptoms highlighted in someone’s body. Here we will share some of the major symptoms, only by recognizing them right you can opt for the best treatment.

  • In some cases it causes fever and shivering of body.
  • It may also cause constipation because of the blockages in the intestinal path way of large intestines because of the sac.
  • The person suffering this ailment would start losing its appetite.
  • If the bacteria are developed in the sac, it causes pain and muscular contractions. The pain at times could be so much that the person becomes unable to stand.
  • Infection in urinary pathway or irritation in bowel and such health issues are also some major symptoms.


The treatment for diverticulosis depends upon what symptoms the patient shows. Usually at the initial levels some antibiotics are given to the person. The course of antibiotics should be completed to get relief in the long run. Besides that if we consider long term cures, the major part of it consist of changing the diet routines. As mentioned above diverticulitis is eminently affected by what kind of food do we eat and what all nutrients we intake. In situations where the cases are quite serious, where the victim feels tremendous pain and clogging in the stomach, along with difficulty to intake food even in the liquid form, immediate hospitalization is required and energy liquids like glucose are injected in the body of the patient. There are minimal cases where surgery is required to deal with the problem. Nevertheless diet control is the most prominent method to treat diverticulitis and even if you want to avoid any such dangerous upcoming in the future.

We are mentioning some of the important factors, considering which you can manage your diet plans. It would astonishingly cater with the problem and keep you healthy.


1.) Fibrous Diet

Have you ever wondered why doctors and dietitians always advocate the intake of fibrous substances? Let us enlighten you with the reason. Fiber greatly affects the digestion of food and thus puts a great impact on our intestinal health. Studies also state that pure vegetarians or people who include good amount of dietary fibers in their meal are least prone to such disorders and weaknesses. In case of diverticula, eating whole grain and fibrous food is not just a cure to treat it but also can prevent you from its occurrence or reoccurrence. For an instance, people from Asian and African regions rarely suffer with this disease. The reason behind it is that; their diets possess right amount of fibers.

Fiber helps in proper digestion of food and thus makes the stool softer which can easily pass through the colon. Due to easy passage of stool from colon, no pressure or stress is exerted on the intestinal walls and thus prevents the rupture of walls and formation of diverticula. Whereas, low quantity of intake of fibers lead to hardened stool which thus exerts pressure on the tract walls while passing through the colon. This pressure and stress can cause diverticula to develop. Hence it is very important to include appropriate amount of fibers in our day to day meal.

Do you think it is difficult to increase the proportion of fibers in your diet? Well, if you are very used to refined food then, it might be a bit difficult. But for the sake of good health; taste needs to be compromised. However it is actually not that difficult, because all you need to do is to add 30 grams of more fiber intake in your regular diet on an average basis. This is an enough amount to help you combat diverticulitis. Here we will highlight some of the food items that can provide you with adequate amount of fibers. Check these out:

  • Opting food made of whole grains, rather than choosing refined food could be of great help. Whole grain food items are not processed and hence contain more fibrous contents. Just a little difference in choosing what you eat can make a huge change. If we take an exemplar; eating brown bread rather than white bread and brown eggs instead of white eggs can provide you with required amount of fibers. Well, that’s not tough to do as at all, isn’t it?
  • Fruits and vegetables are the most fibrous substances available in the nature. Including fruits such as apple, berries and bananas or vegetables like carrots and spinach in your day to day diet can prevent you from the problems. To get the utmost nutrients out of the vegetables do not deep fry them. Boiling and baking are the best options to cook the vegetables as the nutrients remain intact.
  • Water is one magical compound that can keep you away from any and every disease or ailment. On an average basis, a person should intake 7 to 8 glasses of water every day as it leads to better digestion. Apart from this, consuming other fluids such as smoothies, vegetable soups and fruit juices will provide you both ample of fiber contents and water.
  • Nuts are also considered to be a good source of fiber. Along with fruits and whole grain substance, different varieties of nuts such as groundnuts or walnuts can supply plenty of fibrous nutrients to your gut. In the same way, intake of legumes can also benefit your digestive system and minimize the problem.

However, it is to be noted that more than the required or in other words, too much consumption of fibers can even adversely harm the digestive system. How? It can cause constipation which is one of the major causes of diverticulitis. At times, it also leads to irregular or rapid movements of bowel which is again a cause of stress on the colon walls thus causing formation of the pouches. So, always remember this line – ‘Excess of anything is not good in life, irrespective of whatever it is.

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2.) What Not To Eat.

To balance the diet chart it is necessary to subtract some items while adding the new ones. So, now that you are aware of what all to add, we will also tell you what to avoid so that you can overcome this disorder. In addition to it, one thing that needs to be taken care of is the fact that, the food items that help in curing the disease; if ingested in excess may become the cause of the same problem. Hence it is necessary to be very peculiar about the quantity of nutrients that you intake. However the stage of the disease also affects the measure of the quantity.

For an example, food items like nuts and whole grain based products are healthy in the initial stage of the ailment. However in acute cases this can even worsen the situation. Besides this, berries should also be strictly ignored to eat to avoid the occurrence of diverticulitis along with strawberries, as it can cause bothersome irritation in the bowel. So we strongly suggest you to visit a doctor or dietitian and take their recommendations while preparing your diet plan.

Some more things to avoid if you are suffering with this problem include chilies and hot spicy food. This is because the already inflamed bowel cannot bear anymore heat. It will lead to unbearable irritation and also might cause pain and swelling in the colon. Along with chilies, food rich in fats and fried foods should also be debarred from your diet plan. So make sure that you sincerely minimize the intake of fast food items and junk food as they do no good to the body and in fact descent the immunity system along with resulting in many other problems too.

3.) For Recovery:

For recovery and to avoid the occurrence of diverticulitis, it is very important to follow the above mentioned treatments. However these treatments have different impacts depending upon the stage, the acuteness and symptoms of the problem. Therefore it is suggested to be very calculative before selecting any sort of treatment. Also, in order to get the treatment, one should only follow the prescription advised by a doctor. Hence, it is a mandatory aspect.

Aside from all the above, we have also noted some essential points for your consideration to help you to choose the best treatment:

  • As stated above, excess intake of fiber rich food can also ruin the situation instead of improving it. Also, if you are not at all habitual of consuming more fiber then it is suggested to you to not to increase the amount of fiber in your diet drastically. Rather in such cases it is advocated to slowly and gradually increase the ingestion of fiber rich products.
  • At times of vigorous inflammation in the colon and irritation in bowel, we suggest you to consume cool liquid diets. Pulp less fruit juices are the best diet in situations when your abdomen feels like burning and trouble you extremely. Gradually as the situation turns better than before, you can also include vegetable soups and light food in liquid form to your meal chart.
  • Once the patient is out of acute conditions and symptoms seems to be a bit subsided, then the person may switch to consuming canned food such as fibrous cereal(mark a point that since the situation is getting improved so make sure the cereals do not have superfluous fiber content). Also; items like boiled fruits and vegetables and other sources of protein intakes like boiled eggs are advisable to eat.
  • Including dairy products to your diet can also be fundamentally helpful. Products like low fat cheese and yoghurts and a glass of cool milk everyday will prove to be an effective solution to reduce the inflammation because of its chilling quotient. But please note the fact that only low fat dairy products are found suitable to deal with the situation. On contrary, if dairy products containing high fat contents are consumed, it may harm the abdomen which might spoil the whole effort of yours.


Though when and how of diverticulitis are extremely unpredictable but there are a lot of factors such as lifestyle and health considerations which can lead to diverticulitis or related ailments.

  • Cholesterol – Extra body fats and cholesterol can make a person more exposed to the threat of this ailment.
  • Age – the chances of being affected by diverticulitis is increased with increasing age.
  • Ill habits – If you have a regular habit of smoking and boozing then it may lead to diverticulitis. As both of these factors are injurious for the digestive system.
  • Inactive routine – Do you hate waking up early in the morning and going to gym? If yes, it is high time to carry on an active life ahead. An inactive or sedentary lifestyle is the root of almost all the health diseases now-a-days. Similarly it can make you deal with this painful ailment too. Hence along with ingesting correct amount of fibers it I also required to burn down the extra calories and making your body active.
  • Drugs – There are numerous drugs whose consumption can lead to diverticulitis. For an example: Steroids and NSAIDs are major drugs whose intake affects the digestive system enormously.

We hope that now you this article has assisted you in know all the required information about this highly unpredictable and tremendously painful sickness. Nevertheless; being clear about the symptoms and considering the treatments accordingly can help you a lot to overpower diverticulitis. However we strongly recommend expertise doctor’s prescription to be taken on time to prevent the worst case scenario. May you be always blessed with a healthy and happy life!

Do comment & share if you have anything that can be a great help to others.

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