Gold Mangalsutra – The Perfect Paradigms Of Pure Love

Karvachauth is a special day which is celebrated like festival in many parts of the world. This significant day speaks a lot about the deep love, blind faith, unquestioned trust and never-ending care and concern that she has for you as a partner. The strict fast that she keeps for the entire day is the reflection of her sincerity towards you which means – She is, she was and she will always be yours forever. This day holds a special place in her heart and life; just like you do. So, if nothing much but your genuine gratitude is what she definitely deserves!

Though your true love and honesty for her is everything but a precious gift is something for which she will never say a No. With the changing time, the ways of expressing love has also changed. has given the best ways to make her happy at heart with an enticing collection of jewelry that can be viewed and purchased from there. All you need to do is to sign up and purchase the jewelry online.

Designs that set the trend

The world of jewelry always has a lot to offer for ladies but the modernization has changed the overall trend. This time, brings you a superb aggregation of Gold Mangalsutra at very reasonable pricing especially for the occasion of Karva Chauth. So, what could be a better gift than a gift that promises your love for her forever?

The designs available on are really unique. Made with pure gold and combined with black beads; is what defines their beauty to the best. The designs are elegant yet stylish and traditional yet trendy. All the design varies from each other thereby making each one unique in its own way. Overall, has given you the best idea to make your lady the happiest lady on this special day of Karva Chauth. So, don’t miss the chance to steal the deal. Do get a special one for her. We are sure that she will not be able to take her eyes off this time!

Value for the money

Here all your unanswered questions get an answer when it comes to give an ever-lasting gift to your better half on the eve of karva chauth. The categorization of the jewelry has been properly done according to the making charges, sizes, and weight of gold and black beads so that you can make an intelligent choice with a complete clued-up information. Assuring the best prices of promising gold jewelry, also covers the price range from low to high. This enables a person to take a pocket-fit decision.

Each is one its kind

When it is about evincing the unuttered words and unveiling the hidden love, a gold mangalsutra has all of it to create the magic. The Vinita Mangalsutra; displaying four gold strings with the woven black beads and pendant in the mid is one of its kinds. If you desire for something that is very simple and light at art, then Mahi beaded gold mangalsutra is just made for you. Similarly, there are plenty of patterns to attract you.

All the subtle yet aesthetic Gold Mangalsutra when given as a gift will not only delight her but also strengthen your bond for the time undefined.

Your Satisfaction is their gratification

The other big benefit to sign up with is – its ‘Try at home’ feature. You might be wondering as to what is this? Well, after signing up, you get the opportunity to appraise the appearance and feel the spirit of the jewelry that you have selected right at your door and that too before you pay for it. This is to ensure a cent percent customer satisfaction.

So, right from artistic designs to utmost customer satisfaction, gives you each and every reason to shop for gold jewelry without any botheration and confusion.

Hello Winter, Hello Style!

Are you winter ready? It’s time to make a fashion statement this winter with the latest designs and trends. Don’t complicate your winter wear with baggy clothes and scarves when you purchase chic outfits that could be worn all the year through.

The best way to choose a great style and follow the latest trends is by caring it off with a sense of poise and confidence. This winter is a little warmer so try a mix of casual wear and throw in a dash of colour to get heads turning.

Here’s my picks:

The Blue Soho Narrow Fit  Chinos is simple but stands out from a casual pair of jeans and accentuates your designer tees. With pair of chinos, you can add a range of accessories and wear it well by folding the bottom to ensure that its sits just above your stylish but comfortable loafers.

The Gant Orange New Haven Trousers will let you carry off a more casual look as you sport a checked shirt with minimal accessories. They are the perfect pair of casual pants to grace at any office or casual get-to-there. The key here lies in feeling comfortable and at complete ease without yourself.

What caught my attention was the White Printed Maxi dresses by Moda Rapido. A sleeveless dress with an interesting neckline will give you the attention that you truly deserve. Teamed with a pair of metallic bangles, it would give you that new look that you’ve always longed for!

Why miss out on all those compliments? The A-Line dress is just what you need when you have guests over or if you’re looking to get noticed. This deep blue navy piece from Zima with a pair of heels and a chic bracelet will be perfect for a night out of the town or a simple brunch.

When shopping online, take note of the sizes, fabric and delivery options. You can  browse through both a mix and match of traditional and western collections designs. What’s better is that you can try on a range of similar dresses from brands like Forever 21, Vero Moda, ONLY and Miss Chase. With Chinos, you can browse through brands like Indian Terrain , Tommy Hilfiger, Allen Solly and Burberry’s amongst others.

Don’t forget to make your wish-list this Winter so that you come back to your favourite designer labels and label them as future gifts to pamper yourself and your loved ones. At such great prices, it’s time you revamp your Winter Collection!

80’s fashion trends : Like it or Leave it!

80’s fashion had a charm of its own. The popularly called retro style is followed in many theme parties or even adopted as a different style statement altogether in the twenties era. 80’s costumes were highhanded in terms of looks and expenses. It was a common practice then, to show off wealth and class through garments. Talking of clothes, shiny, bright and expensive costumes became a part of big magazines like Vogue; during the late eighties.  Accessories were equally vivid to match up with the garments. Large gold earrings and pearl necklaces were class statements in the 80’s. 80′ s clothing donned sequins and diamonds, to exhibit the richness.

Talking about hair: Hair styles in the 1980s were typically puffed up in bouffant style to adorn it with 80’s dress style. But 80’s fashion trends took turns to change at intervals in that decade. Early 80’s attire was simple and tame in comparison to the late 80’s. Even middle 80’s had its own set of style statement. So, to take you to the world of old fashion, we would like you to take a look at the changing trends adopted by the 80’s fashion women. 





The Early 80s

  • Fashion sense in early 80s reflected aestheticism and class. Clothing colors were far from bright. Subdued colors like brown, tan and light orange were fashion for the ladies. Accessories were not so much of a highlight till then.
  • Sweaters and pullovers were highly fashionable in the early 80s. The sweaters either donned the turtle neck, V shape collar or some had the crew neck collars. If you see now in the current fashion scenario, some pullovers are styled by the 80’s fashion sense. They are still considered as the hit retro style fashion. Fur line puffer jackets and velvet blazers were classics of the early 80s.
  • Leather tunics had special place in the 80’s outfit. Do you know that crop tops and tube tops had their origins during the early 80’s?
  • Knee length skirts and flowing knee length dresses were a rage in the early 80’s. Tube tops and crop tops are girls’ favorite even today at clubs and discotheques. Low necklines were in vogue in the early 80’s too. Necklines were self assessed in early 80s. There were no hard and fast style statements for necklines when it came to dresses. Both high necklines and low necklines were in fashion then.
  • High waist loose trousers were a typicality of early 80s. Along with that, embroidered jeans entered the style zone of early 80s gradually.
  • Accessories of early 80s were mostly carry overs from late 70s. Embroidered jeans were accessorized by knee high boots and thin belts. Thick kitten heals were also in.




Women were as much of a fitness freak in 80’s as they are in the 21st century.  Sweatshirts and sweatpants were the common fitness wear. Tracksuits, by early 80’s were already in the sports fashion list. Sports accessories in 80s were very athletic in nature.  Those included leg warmers, wide belts, head-bands and for the legs, it was either sneakers or trainers.

Corporate Wear

Women that step out for work were very serious about their equality in the corporate field. Their seriousness was reflected in their professional clothing.  Knee length skirts and wide legged slacks were topped with a matching blazer. To make it slightly striking, corporate women wore different colored blouse under the blazer.

The Mid 1980s

The early 80’s subdued clothing style, took a bright turn in the mid-1980s. From knee length skirts, the style went to either tight miniskirts or long flared skirts.  Women preferred tapered trousers rather than loose trousers. Pastel bright jumpsuits and heavyweight sweaters started pouring in as the new trend. Mid 1980s saw the introduction of large scarves and beanies.  During winters, women started wearing leather gloves along with leather jackets. Rather than sneakers, the plums and keds became more popular as sports shoes during the mid-80s.

Madonna, the famous pop star was a huge influential fashionista in the 80s, especially from 1985. She brought in the style of skimpy skirt worn over tight leggings.  That was her famous “street urchin” look!

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She popularized the fishnet stocking and laced or finger less gloves.

Black was considered as a fashionista’s colour, unlike in early 1980s.

During 80s, visible undergarments straps were either a taboo or a fashion faux. But mid 80s witnessed a drastic change in this respect. Women wore fancy slips and the visibility of lacy straps took an entry into the fashion list.



Television shows like ‘Dallas’ and ‘Dynasty’ had powerful impact on shaping the shoulder pads as the new style statement.  Taking influence from the daily soap ‘Dallas’, women started dressing in sparkling clothes and expensive jewelries.

Pointed toed shoes and spiked heels were a rage in 1950s and 60s. The style revisited in mid 80s too as corporate friendly shoes.

Power dressing was a new concept in the mid-80s. It was largely an attempt to look masculine and powerful in and around workplace. Thus large sleeves, padded and wide shoulders were in high demand in the mid-80s.




Another women, whose style statement was attracted like a magnet in 80s, was the British Leader, Margaret Thatcher.  The single toned color suit, with matching hat, jacket and knee length skirt were a rage among st the women power fashionistas.

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Late 80s

This era was totally committed to consumer friendly fashion. Fashion designers were all in all into making short skirts. Though knee length and long skirts were not totally out of fashion, but miniskirts still ruled. This trend was popularized more by young and teenage girls. Large shoulder pads were shifted towards smaller shoulder pads. Baby doll dresses and pouf dresses were the new “cool” statement in the late 80s. Jumpsuits, jackets and reversible coats were equally in fashion.

Neon hues, plum, gold and bright wines were the popular late 80s colors.

For accessories, bright colored sandals with long heels were preferred. Beaded necklace and plastic bracelets were more popular. Lacy gloves were also a rage in the late 80s.

So, in the conclusion, you see in a decade, 80s saw quite many fashion varieties to talk of. The most striking part is, some of the fashion trends and styles are coming back in the present century as well. So, grab some fashion out of this article and apply it today. Nobody would say it is out of fashion! Even if they say, who cares! Right girls? Just dress up like you want with a charm of confidence! Good luck.

Feel free to write to us in the comments section below!

5 Trends We Don’t Want to See Again

Yes, vintage and retro fashion are all the rage today. But before we view the past with rose-tinted glasses, we should be reminded that there were some things we’d rather not wear again. Here are 5 examples:

  1. Nik Nik Shirts

Back in the 70s, these shirts epitomized cool on the disco dance floor. Made of shiny polyester and mostly worn by men (though later on there were women’s versions), these shirts were printed with colorful designs and patterns.

Sure, before you object, some Nik Nik shirt designs were actually quite nice. But today, most of these designs look dated—if not downright tacky. The polyester fabric also makes it hard for the average person to pull off well, as it tends to accentuate the belly regions. So yes, it’s time to switch into plainer pieces, especially those popular in Korean fashion for men, for a classier look.

  1. Big hair

We conducted an informal survey of people who lived through the 70s and 80s (aka our moms and dads) and this was the unanimous choice. There’s really nothing that can be said for these hairstyles except that they look messy, frumpy, and dated. That, and you’ll probably end up harming the environment from the amount of Aqua-net you’ll have to on your hair just to get these looks.

  1. Shoulder pads

It’s true that the appearance of broad shoulders is sexy, whatever decade you’re in. However, if you need to use a lot of foam padding to achieve that look, then maybe it’s time to rethink your getup. While shoulder pads do have a purpose—they help create shape for lightweight fabrics—the 1980s brought their use to a whole new level.

With large shoulder pads attached to blazers and shirts, some wearers end up sporting too-broad shoulders that make their heads look small and disproportionate to the rest of their body. That, or with the rise of decorative studs in that era, they come across more as sci-fi villain than corporate chic. So while they may make a comeback this time around, we hope they’re less jarring than their forerunners.

  1. XXXL shirts

The late 90s and the early 2000s weren’t immune from trends that we don’t want to see again. One of these trends is the extra-large shirts worn by, well, regular-sized men. Usually sporting designer logos or the emblems of a sports team, these shirts made their wearers look shapeless. We’d take Young Thug’s Gucci dress anytime over these. At least we see its proper fit.

  1. Low-crotch elephant jeans

If loose tops were once fashionable for men, the same can be said of loose jeans. But these weren’t made of gracefully flowing fabric. On the contrary, these are jeans that sag so low, guys end up exhibiting the upper half of their briefs or boxers to the general populace. They’re also a potential safety risk—there were stories about the frayed ends of these loose jeans getting caught in escalators.

Dress-Up For The Cocktail Hours With The Perfect Cocktail Attires

Are you excited about the invitation received for attending the Cocktail Hours of fun and frolic? After all, why not! Everyone loves enjoyment and fun-filled hours. But there seems a line of worry over your forehead and your expressions seem like you want to hold your hair tight and scratch your head. Is it because of your confusion of what to wear as the ‘Cocktail Attire’? Seems like you have turned your complete wardrobe up-side down! Take a deep breath and relax as we have some brilliant ideas for you to make a right selection of your ‘Cocktail Attire’ for your pleasing ‘Cocktail Hours’. Yes… you heard it right and the magic of our ideas will do it all.

Before we begin with the ideas, let us first understand that what actually ‘Cocktail Wear’ is and how does it carry out your look perfectly during the cocktail hours?

First of all, analyze the occasion of cocktail hours. The most common occasions that take place during cocktail hours are: birthday assembling, weddings, anniversaries, baby showers, formal gatherings, christenings, any sporting events or any sort of cocktail parties. To sum up, these events neither demand excess of radiance, shine and shimmer nor excess dullness, normal jeans, denims, t-shirts or any such combination. What it demands exactly is a refined look with the tinge of style and trend.

Cocktail Wear was firstly egressed as the sense of dressing in 1920s & 1930s highlighting the hours amongst casual day clothing and formal eve clothing. Since then, these hours are termed as ‘Cocktail Hours’. During these hours, pre dinner and post lunch drinks were served along with some starters. A formal wear for the day which lends you comfort and ease became the cocktail attire of that time. This is how the term ‘Cocktail Hours’ and ‘Cocktail Attire or Dressing’ came into the life of many of us. But time always demands the change and so with the changing trends, the cocktail vogue acquired an important place. So, what to dress, how to dress, what to choose and what not to; all these gained importance while planning for the hours. Our ideas will also assist you in the best way and mark your personality with perfection.



The first and foremost factor that you need to emphasize on for cocktail dressing is ‘Tailoring’. One of the most running taste to enlighten your cocktail hours is the combination of a grayish colored jacket or any dark shade with best going trouser. If you have to be on a safe side and do not want to take any risk of trying something new at the last moment then prefer grey wool coarse-textured cashmere merge suit. It is an evergreen taste. But yes, if you are in a mood to try something different this time and look unique then you can go for somewhat vivider or unconventional tints.  These could be burgundy shade or olive green or any such shade which imparts you a voguish look at contemporary end. For the ones with more of adventurous mood, an elusive modeled suit will be the right choice. To add little more style, you can even try a hushed black watch tartan or a benighted windowpane check.

The trend of mix and match is also popular. Hence you can go and mix and match the combination of your shirt, jacket and trousers. It is one of the latest trends which is the best suited for your cocktail hours. But don’t even give a thought to dress-up even the smartest denim at cocktail hours as they look the good at casual weekends only. Also, mark a point to always go for a lean cut for your suit as this will fit all the natural contours of the body very well thereby making you look perfect in every sense.


The second factor that needs to be in the list of your consideration is ‘Shirting’. To capture the eyes of one and all, a crunch cotton shirt is more than enough to spread its magic everywhere. All you need to take care of is that your crisp and crunch cotton shirt that you have selected for your cocktail hours is properly ironed and newly laundered because these little points will make a huge difference. As per the current trend, solid tone picks are the most conventional but if you do not want to go for anything like that; then a subdued check or a light fabric will be the only choice and will do justice with your day. Well, if this is something that you have chosen then make sure that your suit is not exquisitely patterned else it might spoil its overall appearance.


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To add on, ignore the idea of double cuffs as it might not go perfect for the daylight time but yes, if you have evening hours to visit somewhere then it will definitely a great idea. In such a case where the both of yours; day and evening hours are booked, you can keep it decent and simple by choosing a couplet of trim silver cuffs. All in all, your purpose should be to look stylish, even in the simplest way of your dressing.


The third one; Selection of the footwear is also equally important as the above two factors. You can either go for black color Leather Oxfords or any dark shade in it. These mark an astounding style statement and accompany your attire in the most suitable way especially when twinned with tailoring. Sleek Tassel Loafers are also the incredible choice for your cocktail hours. So, choose any among these which you feel will go well with your attire and make you earn compliments. Mind you; irrespective of whichever footwear you select, polish them very well. If you have chosen the Leather Oxfords, don’t forget to spray leather protector nebulizer over it so that they look wow.


Apart from the two, other awesome alternate can be monk strap shoes which have earned numberless accolades in the recent seasons. With their kinky, offbeat and clasp featuring, the monk strap shoes will impart you with a little jauntier look to your persona. When you have dressed stylish, walk with style too!


If the occasion is not too formal, then you can even go without a tie in your neck but somehow the old but rich tradition does not allow you to do so as you realize something missing. After all, wearing a tie is the traditional emblem of maleness. At the end of the day, it is your choice to wear a neck wear or not. As a part of guidance; if you have chosen black colored shirt and suit for your cocktail hours then you accompany it with a jaunty wool or silk shade along with a voguish pattern that turns all the head towards you.

You can even opt for the color scheme as it will add stars to your personality. To highlight the color scheme with a patterned shirt or patterned suit, keep your look simple and shrill with less of design for the best look. Say No to bow ties until and unless the theme involves something of the 1920s era.


Sharp Accessories; Last but the most vital factor to complete your look! This can either add five stars to your look or can spoil the whole of it. The final components that can make or break your look are the accessories. How does this go? If you have selected the patterned look with the solid shades of shirt and suit, then you have to be extra careful while choosing your tie. In such a case, only a clean-cut styled tie with a jauntier design will bestow you with the best look.

Never ever opt for the pocket squares and ties made of same texture. The fabric of the two should surely vary from each other. This is one of the most common mistakes made especially when you follow the ‘matchy theme’.

Undergarments: Mind you that the base of any good looking attire always commences with good underwear. Hence, go for the qualitative cotton fabric undergarments only. This will keep you comfortable too. Moreover, always wear calf length socks. Taking care of these small points will ascertain that everything you have worn on the top looks superb.

Belt: Never underrate the worthiness of a qualitative belt. Right from the looks to durability; a reversible premium leather belt or the suede leather designed belt will be the best. These will not only enhance your look but will prove to be a fruitful investment.

Coming to Cuffs; Select a pair of elegant, simple and evergreen cuffs inspite of something that you will hardly pick to use again. This will heighten the grace of your attire and will not be outdated soon.

Eyewear: Lastly, if your party is an outdoor one, then don’t forget to wear your eyewear. Just imagine yourself not able to pose because of scorchy sunlight because you missed your eyewear. So, add it to your list for sure else your happy face will turn to an irritated one soon thereby spoiling your complete mood. You will just look wow with a pair of excellent round framed sunglasses or whichever suits your face the best.


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Final Words:

Though following all the above concerns will lend you with what you desire but at times there is no harm in breaking all the rules and dressing up how you want to. Follow your heart and be happy. But make sure that however you dress up; you just look great in every way. And yes, there are no ifs and buts to express the individuality of one. After all, dressing is the mixture of reflection and expression, not the compliance.

Hope we have done our bit and helped you a little. Next time when you get an invitation, you won’t seem confused rather will get ready at a go perfectly. Do share if these thoughts proved assistive to you and you are most welcome to share your views and ideas too.


Importance Of Toner In Men’s Grooming Regime

Every beautiful face and a smart look has a secret behind! This unveiled secret is nothing but the right usage of grooming products at the right time and in the right manner. Today, the cosmetic world has bestowed you with numberless products which not only enhances your beauty but are very essential for the healthy looking skin. Each product has its own importance and for a perfect grooming it is important for you to understand what to use and when. It might be that you are doing your best but still lacking something. One such grooming product that most of the guys are missing is the use of ‘Toner’. Here in this article; you will know every bit and byte about the toner and its grandness. Let’s begin with:


Do you feel something missing while taking care of your skin or are you not able to understand the reason behind your incomplete look? Well… give a pause to your interrogative mind because we have the answer to all your questions. Yes, it is the need of ‘Toner’ that your skincare regimen has been calling out but you are just not able to hear. Before we begin with, first understand what a Toner is. A toner is that missing thing which will give your skincare mission a complete success. Though your dressing wardrobe is plentiful of many sorts of lotions, creams, serums, masks, face wash and potions but the only missing link is Toner. One of the reasons behind your unaware attitude about toner could be that lot many guys are not aware about the magic that a toner can create for their complexion. Personating as a light lotion, toners are available in the market in the form of toning pads and spritz. Whichever form it comes in; the purpose of toner is to tend your skin in one or a lot many ways, like:

  • Toner polishes your skin tone and freshens up your complexion.
  • It abridges the size of the pores thereby making them normal and invisible.
  • Toner assists in controlling breakouts and then gradually getting rid of them with regular usage.
  • It does not let the pores getting choked off with grunge and dirt which further prevents causing blackheads too.
  • It helps you to get rid of excess oil that causes unnecessary shine.
  • Toner also lends comfort after shaving thereby preventing infliction.



To make the right use of Toner, it is important that one must know when to use it. Its incorrect usage will neither benefit you nor will justify its importance. The skincare regime involves of three basic steps and they are: Cleansing, Toning and Moisturizing. The first and foremost step is to clean your skin with the help of the regular face wash that you use. Then rinse off your face properly and pat dry your skin with the help of a gentle towel. Next step is to apply the Toner. Now you must be thinking how to apply it? Well, you might need a toner pad or a cotton ball to apply the toner. Actually it depends on what type of toner you are applying. When you find that the toner has dried, then apply the moisturizer and give the finishing touch to your skincare mission.


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But that’s not it! There are many other benefits too for which toner can be used. If you are struggling with the greasy or oily face of yours, then here is the time to get rid of it. Apply the toner as per your complexion and feel free from this irritating problem. Toner has the ability to control the secretion of oil from your skin and further helps in precluding breakouts. Similarly, toner also works superbly on the skin which has been the victim of dryness and external assailers. A freshening toner spritz is the right choice to put a new life to the lusterless skin. For such sort of neatening quandaries; toner pads or toner sprays are just the perfect option to add five star reviews to your one go touch-up.

Another most amazing benefit of the toner is it’s after shaving benefits like: cooling off the irritation caused after shaving, minimizing redness and snug the pores once the razor work has been finished. Hope all this makes very clear that why the usage of toner is important in terms of benefitting your complexion. All in all, using a toner is as important as using the other grooming products and so make it a routine to add toner to your skin.


For Oily Skin: All the ones with the oily skin also have a usual complaint. The ailment is about the oleaginous (oily) appearance due to the excretion of excess oil within your skin which further causes acne-like breakouts. Isn’t it?? Well, there is nothing much to worry about because the solution is simple and quick. As mentioned above; toner helps to restore the natural balance to your skin when you have a combination skin – similarly it works in the same way on the oily skin too and cures the oily skin issues very effectively.

Oily skin is prone to expel sebum in good quantity which results your skin to be extra shiny cum sebaceous for the whole day. Here is the point from where the problem begins and thereby leading to many more issues. This sebum chokes off your expanded pores and in return becomes the cause of daily breakouts. In such a condition, using a toner as a routine activity will be a great assistance. It will keep the skin clean, purified and oil free by controlling the production of excess sebum by your skin. Also, it will minimize the size of pores and restrict the appearance of blemishes too.

Make sure that you use a qualitative and branded toner only. It is the excellence of a qualitative toner only that keeps the natural moisture within your skin safe even after removing excess oiliness, spots and marks. So, prefer quality over the quantity.

As an alternative, you can even use oil control toning pads (For an example: Anthony Logistic Astringent Oil Control Toner Pads) to handle abashing greasiness.

For Sensitive/ Dry Skin: Dry skin demands hydration especially during the winter season to avoid tenderness and discomfort. Honestly, normal toner is not sufficient enough to aid dry skin so if you are the one with the dry skin, you will need a high quality toner. Follow the three initial grooming steps: Cleansing, Toning and Moisturizing to have a tranquilizing and lightening impact over your skin. The high quality toner will work in aiding the hidden skin cells replenishment and help in convalescing dryness speedily and the qualitative moisturizer will assist your skin in regaining the hydration back.

For Combination Skin: Those with the combination skin; face a common problem and that is their struggle to manage the looks of the dry areas along with treating breakouts generally found on the T-portions (like nose, forehead and chin).  One of the solutions to this is to apply the mixture of a mattifying moisturizer and general moisturizer (which you use normally). But mind you that this option is less effectual and more expensive in comparison to the use of a good toner. So, the best idea would be to take a branded toner and apply it on the spots and blemishes. This will minimize the problem of breakouts that you have been facing frequently. Moreover, later you can apply little moisturizer as well to prevent dryness. A toner justifies the term ‘restoring balance’ which means that the normal skin look is resumed after the regular usage of toner. In addition, it also furbishes up the natural look and balance of the combination skin thereby kicking off all the sort of irregularities harming the skin and your overall look.



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The irritation caused after shaving is quite normal. Though using an aftershave lotion has always been the most common alternative but using a toner instead, will not only heal the irritation caused but will also freshen up your skin by adding soothness and softness to it. Moreover, you will be surprised to know that there are toners which you can use pre shaving as well and they work amazingly. One such pre shaving toner is Clinique Scrubbing Lotion which needs to be applied before shaving. After applied, it will tighten the skin and raise your shaving hair straight thereby allowing the razor to smoothly clear of the hair without any rigidity. Highlight a point that not all the toners work as pre shaving toners so always check and confirm before the use. You are sure to experience a far convenient shaving which you have never thought of before.

The conclusion says that Men’s grooming is just not complete without the toner. It is a mandatory part too. Here we have spotlit all the pros and cons of using a Toner so that you can make the right and best use of it. Hope all this proves to be a great help to you. Your ideas, questions and tips are most welcome so please do share.


Men’s Grooming: All About Maintaining Stubble With Perfection


Clean Shaven was a fashion earlier or you can say that it has been an evergreen fashion vogue for ages but now with the changing time and trends, a lot many styles have been introduced to the world of fashion. Nowadays, Stubble is one such style which has not only been on the hit list of the most stylish men but also has captured the attention of the most sophisticated ones as well. For a change in look, many men are willingly and happily adopting this sturdy approach to the facial hair; which also proves that stubble is no more seen in the form of shabby and untidy look.

If you do not give proper care and time to your stubble look then it can turn your look raddled and rough. This means that the stubble needs to be trimmed and maintained very properly for that changed look that you have desired for long. But yes, if you are the one who gives ample attention to maintain the stubble look then it has all the magical powers to transmute your sweet baby face to a handsome manly look. The term ‘Stubble’ has been used for the short stiff hairs which grow on the face of a man when he has not got shaving done since couple of days. Basically stubble can be termed as short beard. In this piece of information we will highlight the following points: How to grow it perfect, who wears it considerably and the entire bits and bytes hat you need to take care of.

Does it need anything extra to maintain a short beard or stubble?

You are trying it for the first time and so it’s but obvious for you to be conscious about the new and distinguished look! So, how to begin with? Is it just that you need to ignore shaving for few days and wait for your short beard to grow? Well, that’s not it because you need a little more patience and effort to make it look perfect on you. It can be said that it seems to be an effortless task which actually demands a lot of effort. After all, achieving anything calls for some sincere travail.

Will the Stubble look suit me?

First and foremost thing that you need to do is to question yourself  that will the stubble look suit you and make you earn complements because it does not go perfect for everyone. With this question in mind, we have listed some general indicants for you which will be prove to be a great help to you in adjudicating whether to go for this short beard trend or not. After all, it is the look that matters the most and lays down the first impression on everyone. You can choose this statement of vogue if:

  • You want to transform your innocent baby looking face to a virile handsome one.
  • You are not shaving friendly on daily basis.
  • You are willing to grow a proper beard but is not allowed (may be at your work) so wish to have something change from a clean shave look.

So, if the above given three indicators exist in your list, then opting the stubble look is the right decision for you and hence you can go ahead to give yourself a try. After all, every look has a different reflection over the personality of a person so there is no harm in trying for once. You never know who falls in love with your new look.

Another thing that you need to think on is; to not to grow designer stubble if the following reasons prevail:

  • You are a bit lazy and not sure to maintain it properly. If this is the scene, then you should wipe off the idea of growing designer stubble because it will definitely demand enough time and maintenance for a perfect appearance.
  • Your lady love doesn’t like this look of yours due to personal reasons like: she might not like kissing on such an unsmooth face. Then it’s better not to go for the designer stubble. Don’t forget to take her consent if you are still willing for this in any corner of your heart.
  • Say a big NO to designer stubble if you can’t! Remember there is nothing strange than looking weird with a half baked stubble. Hence, it is better to stay as you are.

Hope all these make the picture clear in your mind to whether go for a designer stubble or not. So, take the decision after considering all these things.

Stubble or Short Beard Look Review

For the ones who are still in a confused state and where the mind is dangling between the thought that whether to go for it or not, we are highlighting few designer stubble guidance for you. These guidelines will give you an actual idea of the look that you will get and then you can take a decision accordingly:

Shaping & Grooming:

As mentioned earlier that stubble is no more seen as the shabby & untidy look but then this statement can only be justified with the thing that how you actually maintain it. The most appropriate way to maintain your stubble look is by ‘shaping’ your facial hair from time to time. This will lend your stubble with a cleaner and incisive look. To understand better, one must know the primary purpose of shaping. With the help of shaping, the portions around the stubble and nearby to it are cleanly shaved. Those portions are mainly- the tip of your cheeks and lower portion of the neck. Shaping imparts a neat and clean line to the boundary of the stubble thereby removing each and every stray hair. Mark a point that you do not try to over-shape your beard with unnecessary preciseness, else you might lose the natural look of your stubble which will spoil your overall look too.


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One of the most important advices while shaping stubble is to use a branded shaving gel or shaving oil which does not create lather while shaving. Now you must be thinking that how does this help? Well, this will help you to apparently see beneath of stubble and making you realize how much to shave thereby not resulting into over-shave. Therefore, shaping plays a vital role in maintaining stubble.

Step 1: Exfoliate

Clean your face with a branded face wash or you can even use a branded scrub to dispatch the dead skin cells from the pores deep inside. This will further elevate the beard for a smooth slide.

Step 2: Shaving Gel

Second step will be to mince the beard which means to make it soft and damp. For this, put on a branded shaving oil or shaving gel on the portion that you need to shave. Now let it rest for half a minute and you will find your beard turned soft and smooth.

Step 3: Shaping

The aim of shaping is to lend a proper shape to your stubble so that you look smart and handsome. Carefully shave the excess hair with the help of a shaper or trimmer or razor. Don’t do this in hurry rather do it slowly to keep an eye of where you need to shave and how much. Mind you; hurry makes curry so if you do not pay cent percent attention while shaping then you might end up ruining your look.

Maintaining the Length:

Stubble demands more maintenance and second point that stands under the list of maintaining stubble is ‘Controlling the Length’ of the stubble. You should know what kind of stubble look you want so that you further know where to draw the line of length else it won’t take too long for your stubble beard to turn to a full length beard. Here is the need of the amazing gadget which works nothing less than a guardian for you. With the help of handy changeable cutting feature, these gadgets act as guides and keep a check on the length of your stubble thereby making sure that the stubble always look well groomed; without any fault. All in all, they ensure everything in regard to your short beard is up to the mark.

One such gadget is: BaByliss for Men i-Stubble which is an all rounder to maintain your stubble considerably but a lot depends on the growth of your beard and the length you wish to keep. Generally, for the ones with normal growth of facial hair; grooming beard once in three or four days works fine and the ones with less growth can even do it once in a week. So, this is how it depends from man to man.


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Compared with regular shaving, this way of maintaining stubble is a major help especially when you are new to stubble fashion.

Maintaining Short Beard Stubble

One main thing that needs the utmost attention while maintaining the short beard stubble is; how you shape and lengthen the hair beneath your jaw-line. So, for this you can set your trimmer as per the beard length that you wish to keep. Generally, 3 to 5 guard setting is fine as this will keep your natural look alive. Then moving towards the underneath of your jaw line, you can change the guard settings to a little lower setting (reduce it by one and make it 2 guard setting) and proceed for the neck hair. Again, when you reach nearby the Adam’s apple, you can again reduce settings by one (make it 1 guard setting). This is how it works. This enables a clean, tidy and groomed look to your short beard stubble with extreme perfection.

Do not forget to remove any tramp hairs as that might spoil the edge of your neckline.

To Conclude:

This is all that you need to take care of while maintaining stubble beard. Initially, you might find it a little tough but once you are habitual you will not. At least you can do this bit for your much desired look. A proper maintained stubble will add a sturdy and strong masculine look to your personality; something that has been missing with your look for so long! Moreover, you can even take the help of experienced and professionals in saloons for giving a perfect designer look to your stubble and then you can carry on once you are comfortable doing it yourself. Good idea, isn’t it?

Let us know if you any other questions pooping up in your mind as we are more than happy to help you. Also, don’t miss to share your experiences and ideas on designer stubble if you have.


Latest Dresses-Make them a summer staple

With the advent of summers, the dress-code of the workplace goes terribly wrong many times. Employees come up in crept up hemlines, sleeveless dresses, skirts and shorts ditching out the jackets, blazers and heavier winter wears. The skin is getting exposed, shirts are getting loosened and there is no name of dress code or uniform ethics which you can see around. And no wonder, the boss is a little cool with the shirts not tucked in properly and heading to casual summertime garb. But who to blame, and why? No one, can be put to blame on for such change in summer season, and in fact, with the rising temperature, the situation is going to get worse. Sophistication would be forgotten and comfortability would be privileged.

Warmer temperatures can not only be fixed with air conditioning, fresh air and lighter clothing, especially for employees working for the 9-5 shift. Summer creates a laid back or a sluggish kind of environment naturally and thus revealing more skin or being stylish is not much of a choice when the temperature is shooting. Seeing the climatic change, and employees getting casual day by day, sometimes could be a bit frustrating. Flip-flops, short skirts, tank tops or loosening the tights and removing the layers is a big NO-NO for office attires. It is a dicey situation for the employees, work is the food of life, but at the cost of health baffles you up. So there are some summer, cool latest dresses for women from which they can opt to keep them within the boundaries of office wear yet being comfortable.

Women dresses for Summer to Workplace

Workplace, the name itself is full of ethics, rules and principles, it does not feel like home wherein someone can sit, walk, talk or wear anything in a comfortable manner. But this is how it works. Every company has its own code of ethics for dresses one should wear to office. Being professional and sophisticated is the thumb  rule for all and should be followed diligently. Being formally dressed can help the women to be ready for the meetings that can be conducted at the drop of a hat. A formally dressed employee reflects the discipline and formal structure of an organization in front of others. As women are leading in the corporate business, it gets indispensable for women to be formal at all times to portray a disciplined picture of the company.

What women should not wear at offices in  Summer:-

Women dresses gain the most of the eye, whether on the streets or at the workplace. Dressed improperly at the workplace can be a huge mishap for her. Not only it affects her personality and character, but also her career. So, ladies who are working professionally need to be very cautious about what they wear and carry to the offices no matter what the temperature is outside.

  • Warmer weather does not imply shorter hemlines and revealing blouses. Women dresses which are not appropriate under these categories must be avoided.
  • Sheer fabrics which are too thin to handle and bare legs are often cited as common blunders made by women in their dresses which are completely unacceptable for a professionally run organization.
  • In relaxed offices, women are seen pushing the boundaries to a great extent by wearing halters, tank tops, spaghetti, mini skirts which are never allowed no matter how much relaxed an office is. The office needs to be maintained as an office only rather as a beach, bar or a gym.
  • Not only the women dresses, but also women footwears lose the importance in warmer months of the year. Women resort to casual sandals, flip flops and sometimes in sunglasses indoors, which is a huge offence to summer attire. Its mandatory to be always dressed in heels, however small or comfortable they may be, stick to wearing heels in the office.

Designers design women dresses as per the events and occasions. Women mixing them up for their convenience do not suit the elegance and class for any professional woman. She needs to maintain a balance in her attire, what she dons and how she represents herself (without being messy and distracted) is important for her career graph. Dressing for the career is pivotal so that everyone takes you seriously, the promotions, hikes and appreciations always suit a professional attire rather than a halter top.

What women should don to office in Summer Season:-


Daily Morning blues become our habit no matter what the climate says. Be it summer or winter season, standing right in the front of the open wardrobe is too tedious and perplexing. There seems nothing to wear in spite of an overfilled wardrobe. And the problem does not rise due to the insufficiency of dresses, but due to the dress code that women have to adhere to. She is always baffling  between the hemlines, sleeves, the length of a skirt, back cut of the blouse, front neck of the top. All such issues keep her busy in the morning and when she reaches the office she realises that the task still has not gotten fulfilled appropriately despite putting in the effort and so much time.

So, to combat the situation, here are a few women floral dresses which she can carry to office without worrying for complying the dress code and can face it with style:-

  1. Pastels and neutrals:- Summer does not really mean exposing more of the skin. A woman can opt to layer in subtle neutral shades which could be over the midi dresses, midi skirt, formal pants or so. Shades of beige, ivory, gray, blush are some soothing and cooling hues which not only soothe the skin but also the eyes of the spectators.

The Pink Arie shirt is one such formal design in georgette which is completely suitable for the summer office wear. It can be dressed with a formal trouser in the beige or neutral shade with neutral pumps and grey leather tote bag to accentuate the elegance and classiness of the shirt.

  1. Florals:- Flowers bloom in the season of spring, which calls out for the latest dresses and trends in most of the womenfloral prints dresses. Wearing a well tailored dress an office, a flared skater dress, a shirt dress or a shift dress looks appropriate which is cool yet stylish for an office goer. And looking for floral prints in such dresses or tops is a cherry on the top. Stylish Floral dresses keeps you trendy and the outfit keeps you within the boundaries of the dress code policy of the company

A Floral Print cotton shift dress is yet another choice that could be made by women, which could be of the latest design or it can be an ethical formal dress to be donned in the company. Buttoned up dress is not revealing and gracious to beautify your personality in front of your colleagues and bosses. The same can be styled in with stud earrings and straight hair, blush heels and a navy tote bag to accomplish the final look.

  1. Monochrome:- This pattern of styling would never go wrong with any formal office attire. It is one such style that has been vintage to many offices in many women. Be it a jumpsuit, a dress, a shirt or a top, women love to don these styles for office from 9-5 and even after work to an evening barbecue with the colleagues. Solid hues, whether bright or dark or block solids all go well for a summer office attire.

The Ivory Adriana dress is the symbol of such monochromes which completely fits the office attire. The dress in white symbolises purity, which brings a positive vibe to the office environment, as well as being white is soothing and relaxing for the hot season. It could be dressed down on its own and could be paired up with stylish stilettos or bellies and leather satchel in a contrasting shade.

  1. Jumpsuits:- Nothing could be as comfortable as a jumpsuit in an office to the summer season. Not much revealing and in accordance with the ethics, it is a stylish piece of attire which is easy to wear and stay in for the long duration of time. Striped or solid shade jumpsuits for girls in cigarette pants style or in loose bell bottoms both work week for an office wear.

The Lava Jumpsuit is one such description which makes a woman look chic and elegant at the same time. The Polyester brown suit in black buttons and collars could be styled with a belt to segregate the mono look and a classy shoulder bag on the sides would make you look awesome and pretty for the season. Being comfortable yet stylish can never have better opportunities than natty Jumpsuit for girls.


  1. Striped skirts:- The skirt is the most suitable attire for summer, which keeps you airy as well as elegant when dressed properly. Women can don skirts with tops, shirts and blouses and can even layer on with blazers. Skirts can sometimes be called as inappropriate for office wear as they can go against the length of the coded policy which necessarily be kept in mind while wearing them because your career could be at stake just because of an inch short length.

The Zebra skirt can be given as an example to prove it. The white and black striped pencil skirt is all formal in its shade, pattern and style. Covering till optimum knee length is an office attire that every woman can opt for her closet. Dressing the skirt with a white blouse and black pumps with Black leather shoulder bag can be the perfect ensemble for any given day.

So, it has been clear that women need to know that it is indispensable to dress formally while using her brains to achieve the heights of success. Carrying an appropriate dress, walking properly, communicating your thoughts precisely and clearly are all important for an achiever. So get ready to be clothed in the summer ready and HR approved outfits.


The desire to look and feel beautiful is easy to understand. However, it is not necessary to spend a lot of money to achieve this. Your house can be the best beauty salon ever because you will definitely find a few products that can be useful to heal your skin or hair. In fact, they are inexpensive or sometimes even free, and they and harmless to the body and the environment!

Are you ready? Bellow we are going to introduce the top five unconventional products you can find at home, which works just as well as the priciest beauty products!

Salt – from dandruff


Although salt is sometimes referred to as our enemy number two (after sugar),  it can be pretty good then it when we want to increase our beauty. One of the more interesting uses of it without eating is getting rid of dandruff. Knew it or not, but salt stimulates the scalp and helps to remove dandruff. It also removes excess sebum and moisturizes the hair, and even prevents the emergence of fungus.

How to use it? Use two teaspoons of salt and massage the scalp with wet fingers. Massage should last 10-15 minutes. After that, wash the head with regular shampoo. The results should be seen immediately.

Bananas – to feed hair


Super dry and disobedient hair signifies that your hair needs some food. Therefore, our beloved bananas can be quite ideal in this case

How to use it? Grind them in the blender; lubricate the hair as a conditioner, put on a shower cap and stay like that for good 20 minutes. Rinse your hair and enjoy nourished hair just like that! Bananas are actually super rich in vitamin C and B, and the latter is very useful for your hair. Even more, bananas are just full of other valuable qualities, so you can find many other ways how to use it to increase your beauty!

Baking soda – almost for everything


Do you want soft and gentle to touch skin? Before going to a bath, pour a handful of soda or baking powder into a bath and start your home spa procedures. After a bath, you will instantly feel how your skin became softer and smoother.

Moreover, baking soda is environmentally friendly and not harmful to the body in any way. It can also be used in a wide variety of other beauty procedures such as a body scrub, toothpaste, deodorant and so on.

Oatmeal – to treat acne


Oatmeal for breakfast is not only healthy but can help to treat acne or various inflammatory skin reactions like a rash. It is also suitable to feed or clean skin as well. Oatmeal stimulates the metabolism and the female hormone estrogen, which improves skin condition. Moreover, they have glucan which possesses various antioxidant properties, and silicon, which heals the skin.

How to use it? Boil a very small amount of oatmeal and cool it at room temperature. Apply it as a mask for a face and leave it for a few minutes. Wash the skin and see how your face starts to recover just like that!

Horseradish – to stop hair loss


Amazingly, this product found in almost every home (especially during the cold season) can help to deal with hair loss. Horseradish activates scalp circulation, cleanses it and improves hair structure all at the same time. Edible horseradish is rich in B vitamins, also has vitamin C and protein lysozyme, which stimulates and works in an antibacterial way.

How to use it? Grated fresh horseradish needs to be mixed with other household items that are useful for hair: olive oil, eggs or higher fat sour cream. The mass you get needs to be applied to the hair and scalp and left for several minutes. After some time, wash your hair with an ordinary shampoo and wait for great results!

Apart from these products’ benefits for your beauty, they are pretty damn good in cooking too, right? Therefore, shop for them comfortably and cheap via Boxed online store (don’t forget to use these coupons as well) and wait for a delivery guy to come with all these products which will improve your health and looks both from the inside and outside!


Positive Aspects with some important tips on High-heeled shoes

Now days every small and big thing has become a part of the fashion world. The list is long and indefinite when it comes to list the fashion accessories. But the question that arises is what we actually desire in fashion?? The answer to this question by most of you will be ‘Everything’. For example: Appealing attires, stylish handbags, mesmerizing makeup, attractive jewelry, bewitching watches and pretty high heeled shoes.

Today high heeled shoes have also become a mark of style adding grace and glamour to the personality of ones who are wearing it. They come in different varieties like: Wedge heeled shoes, stilettos equipped sandals, high spike heeled footwear etc. Any of these can accompany you with any of your attires thereby bestowing a perfect look to you. You can embellish them on saris, evening gowns, trousers, wedding dresses etc. But there are always pros and cons of everything and similarly is the case of high heeled shoes too. Let us know what positive and negative aspects of it are!!

Positive aspects

The shoes with high heels impart an elegant look to the wearer. Legs appear to be more delicate, slim and slender thereby giving an attractive look to them. If you are the wearer, it makes you look more harmonious and graceful by bestowing a refined look. When you know that you are looking stunning it engulfs more confidence in you which add five star reviews to your complete personality.


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But there are some such women also who do not feel comfortable while wearing spike high heeled shoes in the beginning but later they feel fine once they become habitual to it. When we talk about variety of high heeled shoes, the one with chunky heels are far better than the other ones especially when it is all about comfort. While adoring any fashion accessory it is important to keep the comfort level on the top. So, there are few things to take care of while purchasing any kind of high heeled shoes and they are as under:-

  • High heeled shoes should not be worn for complete day and if you are doing so then take care of your feet by doing some exercises that circulates the blood well. Massage can also work.
  • Don’t purchase the high-heeled shoes with more than 2 inches high as it results into discomfort and uneasiness. Increase in inches might lead to excessive back or knee pain, numbness of the feet and legs also.
  • Go for those shoes only which fit your foot properly and easily. Neither opt for the shoes with small size nor for the ones with bigger size in comparison to the size of your foot.
  • While wearing high heels always walk slowly and prefer taking small steps. Make sure that heels of your shoes are well proportioned else they can cause blisters resulting in unbearable pain.

Last but not the least, all the above points do not restrict you from wearing high-heeled shoes but make you conscious of the consequences that can take place. Though it gives you stylish look but also invites many health issues with it. So, make sure that if you are a high-heeled shoes lover then first become very familiar to it by learning to balance your body well while wearing it. Always prefer branded shoes with good quality and high comfort level.