What to Do When Things Get You Down

Life can be rough sometimes. We all have felt low on our luck in one way or another. Instead of falling into the trap of negativity, take action and read these six answers on what to do when things get down.

Let the Tears Flow

Most of us feel ashamed of crying when we feel down. Never hold back your tears for they can actually make you feel better in an instant. Tears is your body’s own method of releasing stress and if you keep on denying your emotion you will only worsen the current situation. Crying is no way a sign of weakness but just a mere expression of emotion. Next time you feel terrible, let the tears flow.

Hug someone

Physical contact like hugs can naturally increase oxytocin in your body. Oxytocin is a powerful hormone released whenever you feel loved and cared. Give or get a good hug every day from people around you. Initiate the physical connection if necessary to help you maintain a healthy level of this love hormone in your system.

Change your thoughts

If you want things to change then you need to start changing your thoughts. Replace your weak thoughts with strong ones, replace the negative with positive and replace hate thought with a loving one. Remember that the nature of our thoughts determines the quality of our life. Act like an enthusiastic person and just be on fire. Start creating goals no matter how small or big they are. Produce a list of actionable items you can start doing.

Practice Gratitude

Counting your blessing can actually make you feel better. Gratitude means thankfulness, counting your joys and blessings as well as acknowledging the simple pleasures in life. Try writing three thinks you are thankful for today. Introduce each item with a bullet and reflect upon the things that make you happy and content inside.

Physical Exercise

Regular physical activity can relieve you from depression. Research show that workouts can help manage physical and mental stress. You don’t just burn calories but also pumps up endorphins that make your brain feel good. Exercise will surely free positive mental outlook and feeling of well-being. Follow a regular exercise routine, even if brisk walk through the park or an hour of solid activity in the gym near you.

Learn When To Stop and Let Go

The hardest part when things get down is accepting the situation. Stop fighting the universe and allow yourself to get control of your life finally. With right eating habits, right exercise, right thinking and right living you will definitely find the sense of living again. Do yourself a favor and stop the things that make you more miserable deep down. Things like trying to make things what they are not, pretending that what is happening is not happening and wanting things to change in an instant. You will only start to feel real happiness when you let things be as it is.

Bounce back when life gets you down by following the above tips. Experience the happiness, peace and joy you deserve once and for all.


How Men Express Their Love Without Saying ‘I LOVE YOU’

Are you one of those wives or girlfriends who usually complain about their men’s inability to express themselves? Believe us, we really understand the feeling when you want your lover to express his love but he just couldn’t put it into words. But once upon a time someone said beautifully that love doesn’t always need words because it is much better expressed through actions and ideally, may be this is the theory that men believe in. Guys use a lot of gestures to imply their love to you. Yes, that’s true so notice all those gestures and all you need to do is to put some efforts to understand what better way they opt. In this article we have enlisted some innocent and loving gestures and actions that men use to show their love instead of saying I LOVE YOU directly.

Read it carefully so that when next time he expresses his deep hidden love through his own style, you quickly understand what he means and this would make you happy that you were wrong because your beloved loves you to the moon and back.


What better gesture could be to express love of a warm heart than a long passionate kiss? So, if he does try and initiate it just try to get into the flow and feel the passion he has for your love. This in a way implies that he just could not resist loving you. Thus try and understand the hidden words.


If his friends find you likable and feel very comfortable to jell up in your company this means that he has been talking to them about you and telling them how lucky and happy he feels to have you. Trust us ladies if a guy does this he really appreciates your presence in his life and love you loads.


When he comes down to you to you to just lie in your lap and feel better, nothing can define how much he adore you as his better half and is thankful that you are always there for him.


This is one of the sweetest gestures of his love, which is natural and genuine. Undoubtedly when we do something we like we are ought to have that ear to ear smile. If he had one alike after kissing you this strongly means that he is in over with that feeling and with you.


Did you ever think that listening can be an alternative to speak? It can, in fact it is. A good lover will always be a good listener. Therefore, if he listens to your opinions, ass you how was your day and is interested to know the same and when he pays attention to you problems and happiness he surely loves you.


Ideally when we not aligned to someone and still we had to listen to them, often our postures would be slouchy with cold expressions. So next time whenever you will be having a deep conversation make sure to listen what his body language says. If he sits attentively with a spark in his eyes that’s enough you do not need any other clue.


If he likes to hold your hands especially when you are out with friends or in a gathering, he surely is proud of your company and of the fact that he has a lady like you in his life.


If he catch up some free time just to call you up and listen to your voice he guys are true soul mates and he surely wants to tell how much he love you even I he doesn’t mention it. However this point need not necessarily suit every person so please do not completely assume things based on this judgment.


If he stands beside you in everything you want to do. Whether you want to go sky diving or grocery shopping he never leaves your back and always accompany then he really is a keeper and would never let you go.


On a candle light date night sitting across each other if he has a gentle eye contact when you talk about your interest, or in a loud pub with friends sitting in different corners if his eyes wander around to check whether you are fine and comfortable or not. He actually tells you that he care without even saying a word.


People are ought to ruffle their own hair in situations where they fall nervous or feel shy, if he does it often when you compliment him or he compliments you or at times when you amidst of having an intimate conversation, believe us girl he is one adorable, cute lover.


As per observations, if a person possess interest in the personality and talks of the person he is talking to then possibilities are that he would depict his/her body language unintentionally. This is a strong signal of how deeply he intends to listen to you and care about all your words and actives that he loses himself in you.


It is one thing to offer flowers and gifts but what matters in a gift is never its price but it’s worth and usefulness. A guy in love will always take time and put efforts to find out the perfectly suitable and useful gift to be presented to you. Along with that, he would never wait for an occasion to present you something he would do it when he realizes that you need it and he can get it for you. However on your part please try to never judge the gift with its grandness but appreciate his efforts and accept with a warm lovely smile and a kiss in return would be the cutest deal.


If he cannot resist but adore your silliness and childish behavior, also if he laugh out loud and looks at you with starry eyes when you do something stupid and no one can tell him how insensible you are at times because he already know it and he admires you for it. Do I still need to mention how much he loves you? You know it better.

Do let us know, what way of your beloved made you feel special.

Image Source : Pinterest