Be Free from Chapped Lips by Eliminating 5 Popular Mistakes!

If you have been religiously following a strict facial care routine, you will attest to the fact that the lips require a substantial amount of tender loving care. There is no denying that the lips are the most utilized facial feature. It is essential for functions such as eating, speaking and even kissing.

Ironically, the lips are protected by an impossibly thin layer of skin. The impact of this skin layer is such that its existence is often negligible. Due to this unfortunate characteristic, the lips endure a heightened sensitivity and become extremely vulnerable to damage.

Chapped Lips

Due to the lack of adequate protection and in the absence of oil glands, the lips can be easily dried out, and exposure to external elements can cause symptoms such as irritated lips. Within the beauty industry, this phenomenon is commonly referred to as chapped lips.

Although a multitude of factors can lead to the occurrence of chapped lips, a majority of them can be prevented by implementing certain tried and tested solutions including the regular use of lip balms. On a more personal level, chapped lips can be avoided by eliminating some bad habits. Listed below are 5 frequent mistakes that stand in the way of healthier lips condition.

  1. Dehydration

The best method to hydrate the lips is to provide it with the necessary moisture through regular water consumption. The symptom of chapped lips is a clear indication that the body is not receiving enough intake of liquid. On a daily basis, at least, 8 glasses of water are recommended. This guideline should be adjusted according to the weather as well. For instance, a higher water intake would be required during the winter when the weather becomes dry. It is also important to note that beverages such as coffee, tea and any drink with alcoholic content actively promotes chapped lips and should be avoided at all costs.

  1. Dry Environment

In a specific study, researchers tested out the prevalence of chapped lips on soldiers who trained in the open desert. Essentially, the researchers were interested in how a dry environment and a lack of hydration correlates with the onset of chapped lips. Conducted in Fort Irwin, California, a total of 1,053 soldiers were enlisted for this experiment. After the testing period of 4 weeks, it was conclusively provided that a dry environment positively correlates to chapped lips. Up to 33% of the soldiers suffered from varying degrees of chapped lips. Although the statistics do not overwhelmingly associate dry conditions to chapped lips, it does prove the existence of a relationship. Similar to dehydration, chapped lips can be prevented by increasing the amount of water intake.

  1. Lip Plumpers

This is probably the newest factor that is attributed to the development of chapped lips. The best lip plumpers in the beauty industry market themselves as alternative ways to enhance facial features. However, individuals should tread with caution towards the use of these products. Lip plumpers use harsh ingredients to stimulate the lips, giving it more volume and making it appear fuller. These strong ingredients tend to make the lips dry and promote chapped lips. Other than a higher water consumption rate, lip moisturizers are also required to correct the damage done by these lip plumpers.

  1. Licking lips

The act of licking the lips comes almost naturally to many people whenever their lips feel dried out. This instinctive reaction is totally understandable. It makes sense that when the lips lack moisture, the tongue bails it out by hydrating it with saliva. The problem with this solution is that in the long run, the saliva does more harm than good to the lips. Firstly, constant friction between the tongue and lips can easily wear out the thin layer of skin protecting the lips. Next, when the saliva evaporates, the natural moisture is also carried away with it. Lastly, saliva contains enzymes that are effective in breaking down food to aid digestion. Applying these enzymes to the lips would disintegrate the skin, leaving it exposed to the harmful elements of the environment. Based on this three distinct disadvantages, individuals should actively work towards eradicating this subconscious habit.

  1. Orange/Lemon Juice

Oranges and lemons have no lack of admirers and many people actively include these fruits in their dietary plans. Unknown to them, eating or drinking these fruits have a negative effect on their lips which can promote the development of chapped lips, due to the high citrus content in them. For those are reluctant to eliminate these great tasting fruits from their diets, a higher daily consumption of water is necessary to balance out the harmful effects.




The prevalence of chapped lips can be quite disconcerting to some people, especially if they are persistent and constantly present itself as a problem. Although viable solutions are readily available to cure chapped lips, a few preventive measures can be taken as well. The next time your lips start to feel dry, consciously make mental notes not to lick them and hydrate yourself immediately. If you are searching for tips on how to plump your lips, bear in mind that the harsh ingredients in these products will most definitely worsen the condition of your lips. By keeping this list handy, you can significantly reduce the chances of sustaining chapped lips.

Positive Aspects with some important tips on High-heeled shoes

Now days every small and big thing has become a part of the fashion world. The list is long and indefinite when it comes to list the fashion accessories. But the question that arises is what we actually desire in fashion?? The answer to this question by most of you will be ‘Everything’. For example: Appealing attires, stylish handbags, mesmerizing makeup, attractive jewelry, bewitching watches and pretty high heeled shoes.

Today high heeled shoes have also become a mark of style adding grace and glamour to the personality of ones who are wearing it. They come in different varieties like: Wedge heeled shoes, stilettos equipped sandals, high spike heeled footwear etc. Any of these can accompany you with any of your attires thereby bestowing a perfect look to you. You can embellish them on saris, evening gowns, trousers, wedding dresses etc. But there are always pros and cons of everything and similarly is the case of high heeled shoes too. Let us know what positive and negative aspects of it are!!

Positive aspects

The shoes with high heels impart an elegant look to the wearer. Legs appear to be more delicate, slim and slender thereby giving an attractive look to them. If you are the wearer, it makes you look more harmonious and graceful by bestowing a refined look. When you know that you are looking stunning it engulfs more confidence in you which add five star reviews to your complete personality.


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But there are some such women also who do not feel comfortable while wearing spike high heeled shoes in the beginning but later they feel fine once they become habitual to it. When we talk about variety of high heeled shoes, the one with chunky heels are far better than the other ones especially when it is all about comfort. While adoring any fashion accessory it is important to keep the comfort level on the top. So, there are few things to take care of while purchasing any kind of high heeled shoes and they are as under:-

  • High heeled shoes should not be worn for complete day and if you are doing so then take care of your feet by doing some exercises that circulates the blood well. Massage can also work.
  • Don’t purchase the high-heeled shoes with more than 2 inches high as it results into discomfort and uneasiness. Increase in inches might lead to excessive back or knee pain, numbness of the feet and legs also.
  • Go for those shoes only which fit your foot properly and easily. Neither opt for the shoes with small size nor for the ones with bigger size in comparison to the size of your foot.
  • While wearing high heels always walk slowly and prefer taking small steps. Make sure that heels of your shoes are well proportioned else they can cause blisters resulting in unbearable pain.

Last but not the least, all the above points do not restrict you from wearing high-heeled shoes but make you conscious of the consequences that can take place. Though it gives you stylish look but also invites many health issues with it. So, make sure that if you are a high-heeled shoes lover then first become very familiar to it by learning to balance your body well while wearing it. Always prefer branded shoes with good quality and high comfort level.


Reasons for hair loss with some remedies

Hair loss has become a very critical issue in almost every person’s life. The worst part is it is not because of two or three reasons but there is a big list. One thing is sure if you read these reasons that are responsible for hair loss sincerely and avoid those reasons to occur in your life you are sure to enjoy happy, healthy and shiny hair. Always remember the proverb which a true fact too ‘Prevention is better than Cure’ meaning thereby why not to take proper care of our hair in advance rather than after being surrounded. Let’s know twelve primary reasons behind hair loss:-

Ageing factor

Age is one of the factors that are responsible for hair loss. According to a survey, it has been observed that hair fall is seen generally between age group of twenty to fifty years but there are some exceptional cases too where hair loss occur at very early age. The reason could be any of these: hereditary, hormonal imbalancing, disturbed lifestyle, unbalanced diet etc.

Use of cosmetic chemic products


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Second reason behind hair loss can be excessive or at times even lesser use of cosmetic products like: using hair gel, hair colors, bleaching etc. All these have strong component of chemicals and harmful substances that are sure to damage your hair.

Regular usage of Medicament and drug doses


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If your drugs addicted, or take medicines or pills on every second day problem of hair loss is sure to prevail in your life. These includes various names like: drugs inferred from Vitamin A, drugs taken for high blood pressure, few antibiotics, few arthritis medications, antidepressants, contraceptive pills, few blood thinners, drugs taken for ulcers, amphetamines.

Moreover in case of treatments like cancer termed as chemotherapy given along with radiation therapy also block the development of hair vesicles. The outcome of which is unexpected hair fall with full speed.


Here comes another reason for hair loss and it is hereditary. This occurs due to genetic sensitivity in male or female for patterned phalacrosis or in simple language hair loss. This whole process is termed as Androgenetic alopecia. Generally both, male and female are equally responsible but majority of times male person is responsible for transmitting this alopecia.

Unbalanced hormones

Hair loss is also the result of hormonal imbalancing. To re-iterate you, the hormones in men are known as androgens while in females are known as estrogen, when these hormones are not in balance in one’s body it shows the symptoms of hair loss. In addition, hyperactive and hypoactive thyroid gland also conduce in unexpected hair loss.

Dangerous infections and diseases

It is always said to live a healthy life by concentrating on your lifestyle, balanced diet etc and thus if you follow it from beginning you need not face any disease. To inform you, diseases like diabetes, cancer, thyroid imbalancing like hyperthyroid and hypothyroid etc all these also cause hair loss along with fungal infections in scalp too.

Weak immune system

In case of the immunity system of your body is disturbed and perturb, this also contribute to hair loss as it weakens the inner strength of the body thereby destroying blood cells which restrict the growth of hair on scalp.

No proper blood circulation

Make sure you are a regular doctor visitor at least once a month for routine check up as this always helps to get rid of any health problem before they become too large. At times, it is observed that blood is not circulated properly in complete body in which scalp is also one the place. This is due to deficiency of sufficient nutrients and glucose in the blood.

Maternity months

Many a times, new mothers also face the problem of hair loss. It generally ranges for a period of 3 to 6 months after delivery. Again this might be either due to hormonal changes or physiologic effect of pregnancy over the complete body.

Plucking hair

It is always a piece of advice that if you are pony tail lover or bind your hair in any other way, don’t tighten it as it might result into unnecessary pulling and breakage of your hair. This way of hair binding weakens the root of hair and thus causes hair loss.

Stressful lifestyle


Stressful life has been a true hazardous in living a healthy life. But do you actually know what stress can lead you to? Then go through this, taking stress suddenly or too much can adversely impact the growth of new hair. The hair follicles that are responsible for the generation of new hair go on a resting stage within very few months of stressed life and still if not broken the circle of stress it might result in shedding your hair down.

If you are a hair fall sufferer too then above given reasons gives you an option to choose your reason as well. Understand how crucial this all can be and make sure once you discover your reason you definitely visit hair specialist who can give you the best piece of advice and any medical treatment too if needed.

Have healthy hair with proper care!!

To add on, ‘Where there is a will there is a way’ so whenever there is a problem there is always a solution to it. In summarized way, Hair loss can be controlled if you intake those food items that are rich in Vitamin C and E as it provides more healthiness to the capillaries thereby circulating blood to the scalp. At times it is seen that deficiency of copper also causes hair loss so induce little quantity of nuts in your regular diet like: beans, milk, cashewnuts, peanuts, almonds etc.

Do massaging on your scalp with almond oil or castor oil at least twice a week. Enwrap them with a hot towel for better absorption. Fenugreek also serves as an amazing conditioner. All you need to do is soak them in water for few minutes and apply to your scalp, and then wash after 30 minutes. Try this at least twice a month.

Alcohol also works as a miracle in terms hair conditioning. You just need to mix two teaspoons of brandy along with an egg and give a soft massage to your scalp. Leave it for about 15 minutes and then wash it well.

Above given home remedies will work mysteriously for you and work great in getting rid of hair loss gradually.


Look younger with 5 anti-aging skin care techniques

Who does not want a beautiful, stunning and young looking skin?? Everyone, right!! But in spite you try a lot one or the other reason in our life itself becomes a reason for early aging. Though aging cannot be stopped once forever but if you follow below given five anti-aging skin care techniques you are sure to retard it or lessen it a lot. The five techniques are:-


Cleaning always keep a body fresh and flair. If you do not want to be a victim of anti aging give an extra care to your complete body when it comes to cleaning. Make sure that your skin remains free of dirt, germs or any such thing that increases the chance of anti aging. A routine cleaning of skin twice a day should be a regular habit. You can make use of cleanser but only those that suits your skin rather than resulting into any skin infection. Obviate the usage of those cleansers that comprise of alcohol content in eminent quantity instead go for organic cleansers as they are completely free of those chemicals that can provide harm to your delicate skin.


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Our eating habits are directly co-related to our physical appearance. What you eat impacts your look and personality too!! So, it is very essential to follow healthy diet chart if you wish to look younger and live a healthy life. Prefer eating that food which is a complete healthy package thereby bestowing regeneration of new skin cells in your body. Foods like: broccoli, tomatoes, apple, and all types of green-leafed vegetables should be a part of regular diet. Such foods are said to be highly rich in proteins, vitamins, calcium and especially antioxidants. All these are the major requirements of our body that help us to stay strong and healthy.



You are advised to drink good amount of water daily if you are scared of ghost named anti aging, if not much then at least 8 to 10 glasses of water daily to keep your body and skin up to date. It helps in kicking toxins out of your body thereby giving rise to body’s hydration. The more water you drink to more healthy you stay. Water is such a nature’s gift that bestows your skin with natural beauty and saves it from getting dull, deadly and dry.



This is one of the major reasons behind anti-aging which cannot be ignored at all. Sun rays and UV rays both act as a strong enemy for a younger looking skin as they make skin tanned and wrinkled by damaging skin cells. Make sure you do not forget to wear sun-block, cloth made scarf anything that saves your skin from being directly affected from harmful sun rays. So, prevent staying in sun for long time and make use of organic sunscreen creams.


3 - Copy

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It is a fact that today everyone’s life has turned into a busy time table thereby leading into more of stress and less of sleep. Make sure to take an average sleep of 8 hours daily because if you take proper sleep those hormones are generated that build cells and reincarnate your skin. Either learn managing stress or avoid being a part of stressful life because it pre-invites aging and counteracts your immune system.


Do’s and dont’s of wearing a perfume

Who does not want all heads turning around at him/her?? Everyone and the reason could be anything like outstanding outfit, classy clothing, jubilant jewelry and the appealing fragrance of your perfume too. Today wearing perfume has also become a style sigma. But the right fragrance with correct way to apply can only make it that attractive. Check out some do’s and dont’s of ‘Wearing a Perfume’:-

Do’s of Wearing a Perfume

  • You can apply perfume once you have turned fresh and energetic that is after taking bath. The reason behind this is after shower your body is completely clean and perfectly prepared to engulf the appealing fragrance of perfume completely.
  • If the purpose behind wearing perfume is attracting people around you then don’t over wear it else they are sure to get away from you by getting irritated with overdose of fragrance. Applying perfume on pulse arenas like necklines, wrist, finger tips, chest, back of earlobes, elbow etc is alright as it permits the perfume to disseminate speedily. Moreover, these arenas are those place of your body where blood circulates nearby to the skin surface.
  • In case if you are wearing perfume with a spray bottle then spray it from a little distance away from your body. This will allow a fair spray all over where ever required. One other way could be to spray it in the air so that it will be absorbed by your body slowly and gently and turn into a lovely light fragrance.



  • If you want your perfume fragrance to last from morning till evening then the best way is to spray it from down to up. This will result into long lasting fragrance in you.
  • You need not to worry if you feature an oily skin because that retains fragrance quickly due to natural oil present in the skin but if you are a dry skin holder you need to take care of something. Ones with dry skin will either need to wear perfume several times in a day or use of a good branded moisturizer before putting perfume will solve the issue.
  • Don’t just rush up!! If you love wearing perfume then apply it before dressing up yourself with clothes an let it dry for sometime else it would stick to your attire thereby resulting into making it wet.
  • Also remember do not make the mixture of many fragrances in your body at one time. Meaning thereby while you have thought of applying perfume, don’t go with mixture of other sprays like deodorants, body wash, after shave liquid etc. else all this would result into a traffic jam of different smells.
  • Climate also plays an important role while you are thinking of wearing a perfume. The fragrance will stay longer and deeper in case of hot climatic conditions in comparison to the cool-cool weather.


Dont’s of Wearing a Perfume

  • Everything has got two aspects, similarly along with do’s there are dome dont’s too while wearing a perfume which you need to take care of.
  • Make sure you wear a perfume before you are completely dressed up with jewelry and clothing because the purpose is to aromatize your body not the embellishment. This would retrain your jewelry from getting spoiled and clothes getting wet marks.
  • It is often seen that people spray perfume on one hand’s wrist and rub it on the other hand’s wrist but this is also a wrong way to apply perfume. Do not rub this way as it might change the aroma of your spray.


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  • If you are able to cherish the fragrance of perfume do not keep re-applying it repeatedly. As this might happen because of the usage of one type of perfume always so changes are always good, enrich your dressing table with more addition of perfumes imparting different fragrances.
  • Last but not the least keep your hair safe from the reach of perfume as it might harm them. For an example: The chemicals imbibed in your morning shampoo in mixture with the aroma of perfume can result to a bad combination producing harmful result.


Makeup Hair Brushes ascertaining hairs and fibers

The selection of right makeup brushes depends on the quality of hairs and fibers they possess. It is just the magic of hairs and fibers that makes it worth of its price. The hairs and fibers should have a strong capacity to arrest the powdered cosmetic products in such a way that it distributes its content fairly on the skin by giving a complete look. The technology is getting so advanced that it has increased the modernization and advancement in cosmetic brushes also thereby acquainting both types of fibers: naturally organic and synthetic fibers.

There was also a time when the professional makeup artist of the earlier generations used to use hair brushes made form natural hair of animals. A change has also been noticed in this regard, because no doubt that the hair brushes made with hair of animals were delicate which used to get scattered easily but were also antiseptic in terms of designing. But now the hair brushes used for makeup are available in the market with more durability and that too in both the scenarios: in case of luxury and expensive brushes and in case of inexpensive and normal ones too.


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These hair brushes come in huge diversity of shapes and sizes. Some of them are available in the market looking at the general need of a common man and most of them are specifically designed keeping in mind the necessity of makeup artist. These artists are related to the world of entertainment and celebrities who make the use of special and highly modernized techniques when it comes to the usage of cosmetics that help in beautifying the skin. All cosmetic designers are well aware about the different shapes and styles of hair brushes and make use of them accordingly. They can be identified as: 1) Chisel 2) Round 3) Kabuki 4) Angled 5) Pointed

The first and foremost type of brush that was used by professionals especially in entertainment and celebrity world were the hair brushes made of animal hair. Animals like: squirrel, badger, mink, camel, goat, sable and pony contribute a lot in making animal hair makeup brushes. These makeup hair brushes feature extremely natural and soft hair with the power to carry and store coloring for a refined look. Though there are few brushes that are still made with animal hair but in this case it is taken proper care that animals are not harmed at all.

Nylon and polyester fibers are used to make the Synthetic makeup hair brushes. They are more versatile, soft, and free of allergy causing no skin damage or infection. Such hair brushes are successful in giving more natural and fairly distributed layer look to the makeup wearers. It is also simple to keep these brushes clean.

Hair brushes with the combination of both of them are also available in the market and they are termed as Duo or fiber optic hair brushes. Such brushes have two colored hair – generally black and white. The black exemplifies animal hair fiber and white exemplifies synthetic fibers. Their combination bestows more refined look with a natural glow to the makeup wearer.

So, choose the right makeup brush, to get the most desired look you have always been wishing for!


Top Hair Styles Magazine 2016

Just like attires need a change daily, similarly hair styles too. In today’s fashion generation different hair styles have also become a major style symbol. For an example: A simple pony tail can give you the best look if you are going for any professional meet, Puff hair style can add glamour to you in case of parties, rolled hair style can add elegance to your attire when going for any wedding and so on. There is no scarcity of options; it is just that knowledge varies from person to person. If you love your hair give them a perfect cut to bring out a stylish look in you.

American Salon: – The most heading magazine in the world of hair style magazines. We can call it a secret revealer too. This magazine features top secrets unveiled by top class hair style professionals which has led them to reach there where they are actually standing today. All types of bits and bytes regarding hair cutting, styles, color trends, hair treatments, skin care, and healthy products are enclosed in it. All sort of beauty and hair style articles beginning with how-to- are a part of it.


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Hype Hair Magazine: – This one is the perfect magazine for the ones with natural black hair. It is also popularly called as Black Hair magazine’ because all the modernized hairstyles, with interview sessions, quiz contest and trendy looking hair styles for all those who have black colored hair is wrapped into it. Hype hair Magazine is an amazing package of simple, sleek, voguish, stylish hair styles.


Celebrity hairstyles magazines: – Who does not want to be called as Mr. Celebrity or Miss celebrity?? There is no one to keep hands down when it comes to reply. If you wish to make your evening special and give yourself a stunning look just like the celebrities, then this magazine is the right way to take you to the celebrity world. Complete Hollywood and Bollywood hairstyle tastes and looks are shared in this. You just need to close your eyes, remember your favorite celebrity with best hair style you desire to have and start turning pages, you are sure find it in this magazine.


Modern Salon Magazine: – One can say this magazine as a Xerox copy of American Salon magazine as it is similar to it in many aspects. What not you can enjoy reading in this magazine!! It is equipped with all types of haircuts suiting to different length and texture. In addition to this, latest hair style trends, various stylish cuts, questions with renowned professionals all are a part of it.

Short hair styles magazine: – This one is the most frequently found magazine in the salons. If you are short hair lover, this magazine is just the best one for you because it features endless Short Hair styles along with their looks on different models to get a real appearance as per your facial look. From soft curls to small pony tail look, all styles for short length hair are captured in it.


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Not just these, there are many others too which also serve as a guide when it comes to your hair care. Awesome advices and suggestions are also their part which helps you in one or the other way.


All You Need To Know About Fashion Footwear

Like jewelry and clothing, footwear has also entered the world of fashion. Footwear also stands on equal position when it is about selecting fashion accessories. As in case of other things, when it comes to fashion footwear selection choices vary from person to person. For some, high heels are a fashion footwear symbol while for other flats is their choice and no doubt every style carry fashion in one or the other way. It is just that it should prove to be an appealing combo when summed up with your outfit.

Though there are numberless stores proposing footwear of all types that are in vogue but Fashion Footwear store is such a destination that will surely help you to make the right choice out of many. It can be said, the ones with every taste and color as per your desire. If your footwear is a perfect choice it is sure to embellish your whole personality along with your outfit too. In today’s busy schedule, every customer wants all things with different taste under one roof so that different choices can be satisfied at the same time. For an example: If a person wish to purchase a casual and a formal footwear, he need not to search two different stores rather getting both tastes at one place will make him more happy and satisfied.



When we talk about ordinary footwear for men all these are marked under one list like: sport shoes, tennis shoes, regular ones, sneakers, sandals etc but when we talk about fashion footwear for men it could be anything apart from or imbibed in these that add a style statement along with a comfort level to the wearer. Similarly, everything from sandals to flats, ballet to boot shoes, formal to casual shoes, wedges to flip flops when blended with the tinge of fashion and style become fashion footwear.

Stores like Fashion Footwear offer a huge variety of footwear with endless diversity for every age group. If you wish to compeer with your wearing you can go for any color that matches your dress color and adds grace to your personality. It could be any black, white, pick, red, yellow etc. But if you want something that suits ‘one in all’ you can go for multicolor footwear that will also give a chic look to your each and every attire.

2 - Copy

Four most important factors that cannot be ignored while purchasing fashion footwear for any age group is that it should be qualitative, comfortable, and durable and justify their pricing. It is worthless to buy any such fashion footwear which does not meet these factors and this is only possible in case if purchase is made from trust worthy store. It should not matter even if it is little costlier because what you get in return is a complete package of happiness and satisfaction.

Last but not the least, one thing that only you can take care off is, the ‘maintenance’ of your footwear. All you need to do is: Take good care by keeping them neat and clean. Secondly, place them at the right place where they do not get cut or rugged. This will increase their long lastingness.



Nivea best body care products

Nivea, A renowned brand all over the world and blind trust of uncountable consumers!! Nivea has become the preference of every quality and skin loving person and it is all because of an amazing reputation it shares through the quality of products made by them. It has always emphasized on the quality, results and first and foremost the satisfaction of its customers.

Renowned pharmacist, Carl Paul Beiersdorf is the founder of the brand name named Nivea. It was founded on 28th March, 1882. His 125 years of experience and dedication has lead Nivea to the supremacy in the competitive world. Beiersdorf and his team have always followed the bridge that directly connects to the needs and requirements of the customers. Thus, they have always been successful in providing them with the highest level of satisfaction.

Today Nivea has been on everyone’s mouth whether it is regarding lip care, skin care, body care, sprays, deodorants, shower gel, sun lotion and few other too, not many because Nivea targets on producing products that highly effective not high in terms of quantity. It has become successful in capturing mind, body and soul of everyone. It is not only women who want to catch the attraction of everyone; men travel in the same boat too. So Nivea has been successful in keeping both happy. Let’s view some amazing products: –

Express Hydration Body Lotion

This lotion is perfect for a normal type of skin containing strong components of sea minerals and Hydra IQ which render a complete package of hydration to your entire body. Ones with normal skin type can undoubtedly go for it and cherish amazingly damp and smooth skin for a full whole day.


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UV Protective Lotion

As the name speaks its own quality, this lotion gives you a strong shelter against the harmful ultra violet rays. Just like Express Hydration Lotion, this UV protective lotion also features Hydra IQ along with boosted double UV protection. If you are going out in hot summers don’t hesitate it to apply on your whole body as it can be used as a body lotion too. You can make use of it regularly also in order to preclude ageing.


Smooth Milk

Fly away all your worries if you have a dry skin, because Nivea has introduced this product especially for the ones who have dry skin. Again to deliver more of hydration and moisture to your skin this body care product comprises of Hydra IQ with a new element named Shea butter which fights with reasons of dryness hidden in body layers. Its usage humidifies the skin strongly thereby leaving everlasting softness in the layers precluding the body and skin from drying.


Body Milk Nourishing

Nivea arrogates to render shiny and smooth skin within a tat of 24 hours with the magic of this body care lotion. Like others, this body nourishing milk also has Hydra IQ as one of its components along with moisturizing elements and natural minerals. The texture of this lotion is very creamy and rich equipped with a strong tinge of almond oil which is a perfect care taker of soft skin.


Happy Time Body Lotion

This is also one of the best body care products introduced by Nivea. All the persons featuring normal skin can right away go for this Happy Time Body Lotion without giving a second thought. There is every good reason to opt it: It is equipped with the regular component that is Hydra IQ and bewitching bamboo milk with the ultimate fragrance of orange. Its amazing fragrance is sure to attract wherever you walk and give your skin an amazing touch of beauty.

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All these are products have proven their promises of rendering you what you desire. So, what are you waiting for?? Rush and choose the one that is best for you to experience the result with your own eyes.


Tips to turn your lips pink

Lips are one of the most basic features that define your face and expressions. Your lips give the ultimate appeal to your face. But, if lips are such an important part of your overall charm then why do you pay such little attention on their care? Without proper care your lips can become dark and dull. To get a natural pink colour on your lips, it is very important to follow a proper lip care regime regularly. So, here are few effective tips that will help you get that natural pink colour.

Beautiful lips are a true symbol of natural beauty on a person. It is such an organ that speaks your heart out defining your facial expressions. Lips bestow a sound appeal to your face and overall personality. In spite of all these realities, many of us ignore to take care of our lips. Just like other body organs lips also need equivalent care and attention. Imagine, how your face would look if you have naturally pink colored lips with shine and glow instead of dark and deadly lips!! Amazing, isn’t it? So, a regular aid of lips should be a part of your daily work too. Now, the question arises, how to take proper care of lips to turn them into healthy looking pink lips?? Here are some effectual ideas for it:

Lip massaging

Just like you brush your teeth daily similarly make a regular habit of massaging your lips regularly. The magic of massage helps in decreasing the dark color of lips that too very speedily. You can see the result within few days only. Massage can be done with your home remedies only; there is no need to spend any amount of money on any massaging cream. You can make a lip gloss or lip balm with the mixture of lemon juice and almond oil and before going to bed massage it daily for few moments.


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Apply Moisturizer to your lips

Hydration of lips is a very important factor and this is possible only in case if you apply a good moisturizer daily. Dry and dull lips appear to lifeless so to add life to your lips you can make use of petroleum jelly as it has ample moisture in it especially when you are planning to go out in hot sun. If your are at home or at any indoor place then you can use cocoa butter as it is a god gift to turn your lips pink.

Lips scrubbing

 Do not go for any pricy cosmetics instead look for something natural that can make your lips go pink. One of those ideas is scrubbing your lips before going to sleep with the use of a delicate tooth brush, one which is soft just like your lips. Scrubbing will kick off dry and rough skin thereby increasing the intensity of softening.


Ignore Lip licking

This is something that most of us are in habit of and licking makes your lips worse day by day. It steals away softness, moisture, glow and redness of your lips slowly and gradually. Generally the reason behind licking is, dry lips which force our tongue to make them wait again and again. If you really want your lips to be pink color then leave this bad habit immediately.


Discontinue Smoking

Smoking plays a major role in turning your lips dull and more and more dark day by day. Not only is this, smoking is no useful in any way neither for lips nor for health. It kills a person slowly and steadily. Considering your lips and overall body that is affected by smoking like lungs and heart it is better to quit smoking.


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Use pomegranate seeds with milk cream

Blend the pomegranate seeds with milk cream and gently apply on lips, this is one of an amazing way to decrease the dark color of lips. But remember nothing can bring a change immediately because slow and steady wins the race.

Hope all this prove a great help to you or your beloved ones!!