Mattress that prevent allergies

Taking a sound sleep is equally important as breathing. Sleep makes a person ready for the next hour activities with complete energy and fresh mind. It is only possible to have a sound sleep if you have proper bedding or mattresses for your bed. Good quality mattresses not only gives you a comfortable sleep but also saves your body from various diseases like backache, headache migraine pain which results due to improper sleep. These diseases further lead in spending lot of money in doctor, check-ups and medicines. So always prefer good brand with no compromise on quality when it comes to the purchase of bedding.

In the same way, different types of mattresses are made of different types of fibers. Moreover, there are also many people who are allergic to some kind of fibers which cause them allergy or skin reaction. This is generally due to those mattresses which are not dust resistant so the ones, who are allergic to any material, the below given mattress are the best for them describing the type of material it is fabricated with. These mattresses are especially designed keeping the problem of allergy in mind. They are as given under:


First kind of mattresses that is beneficial especially from allergy point of view is Memory Foam mattresses. It is superbly amazing when you are actually in urge of relaxed and comfortable sleep. These Memory Foam mattresses are fabricated out of visco elastic foam which is a strong dust-resistant and do not allow even a minute particle of dust to enter in it as it happens in other fibers extracted from nature like cotton. Cotton is considered to be the quick catcher of dust. While purchasing the Memory Foam mattresses you need to give attention to the density of the foam also because the thicker the foam of the mattress is, the lesser it will allow the dust to let inside your beautiful mattress. So, consider every small bits and bytes while choosing a memory foam mattress. Therefore, Memory Foam Mattress is the perfect one for you if you allergic to dust.

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But there are many people who love only natural materials when it comes to bedding because they hate even slight smell of chemicals while breathing when it comes to sleep. It makes them uncomfortable and they are not able to cope up with it. To add on, having dust allergy does not mean that you cannot go for any other mattresses that are fabricated with natural materials, you can definitely go for them too but before doing do make an exact experimentation of the material that you are actually allergic with and then follow one simple rule and that is ‘why to suffer when we can prevent it’!!


The second kind of mattress that is regarded as the best one for the people suffering with allergic sort of reactions is Latex mattress. This type of mattress gives you a complete relief in terms of any kind of skin allergy or body allergy. The special part about this kind of latex mattress is that it is made from those natural materials which do not cause allergy or any other kind of skin reactions. They feature all type of allergy free elements. Though there are some those latex mattresses also which are made of both, synthetic and natural latex, which is generally a mixture of two of these materials while other latex mattresses are completely natural that is without any mixing of synthetic material.

Latex which is purely natural is one of the best kinds of material which saves person from any sort of allergic reaction. This is because the natural and lifelike fibre known as Latex is derived from the sap of the rubber tree and is considered to be the most greenish and most environment-friendly material on the earth bestowed to us by the nature and God. The mattresses made with Latex do not allow the dust to enter inside it in any way thereby making it completely dust-free. It is awesome in terms of strength enduringness when it comes to render support to the whole body. Above all, mattresses made of Latex are rich in possessing anti-bacterial elements that withstand in developing moisture from sweat or anything else thereby preventing moisture from entering the mattress and resulting into damaging the original shape and texture of the mattress. It possesses efficient and good factors in terms of hygiene and healthiness.


Whenever you purchase any such mattresses that do not cause any allergy then make sure it is mentioned in the list of features of mattresses that it is ‘hypo allergic’. Also check on the guarantee and warranty period of the mattresses so that if there is any problem you can return them in the given time. All this gives no chance for any unwanted inconvenience to enter in your life. Moreover, in order to re-iterate you, these allergy free mattresses do not come in cheap prices; they are comparatively expensive in comparison to other mattresses that do not highlight the label ‘hypo allergic’. Do a good search on the internet to go for the best quality with guarantee services and affordable prices. Just don’t get stuck to a single shop and make a decision.

Moreover, it is also a piece of advice to consult a doctor specialized in the field of skin and allergy causing diseases. If you are allergic to dust, the doctor will give you necessary medicines and important precautions to get rid of it. Though such allergies do not have a cure instantly but one can definitely get rid of it if taken proper care and consultation of the specialist. Never let a disease become huge in shape instead start its treatment as soon as you know about it because once it get into the roots of your body it is very difficult to get rid of it.

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Hope all the above given information helps you in taking a right decision!

Things you aren’t aware of about nail salons

Who in this era of modernization isn’t leaving no stones unturned to achieve the looks and appearances that would help them acquire a position in society and people’s minds as well as would raise their standards? Everyone has scheduled periodic visits to salons, malls, stylists, and what not in their planner. Not to forget, these grooming and beauty centers are actually rapidly growing industries whose per year profits are way beyond our imagination and all credit goes to our competitive and insecure self which makes us want to be the best. It forces us to try hands on anything that can help us look better.Afterall, in today’s world, appearance does matter!

This sometimes leads us in making wrong choices and going for things which are not at all required, one such thing is pampering your nails and heading to nail salons frequently. You might question me on this and relentlessly not agree as this soothing and relaxing exercise makes nails amazing (after those manicure and pedicure sessions) but believe me, if you would know the truth ,you might not think of visiting again or at least think twice before planning a visit. My lovelies, it is very easy to give yourself that good manicure and pedicure at home and not go to those salons which hardly care about your health or well being.

So, to start with….

  1. As already mentioned above, these industries have great profits and their businesses are increasing rapidly, so these little luxury providers try their best to increase customers and want people coming for more.

When it means beyond excellent service, cleanliness and technique to some and to some, it means cutting corners, deceiving and fooling people to keep costs down and business booming.

  1. This is not to scare you; but to present before youthe truth- The pampering session is not safe, and dangerous enough to cost you your life. A large number of women go for manicures and pedicures and come out safe, without any disease or any issue but still you can never be hundred percent sure if same case stays with you. This nail cutting and treatment ceremony can even let the skin infection causing bacteria, fungus, viruses be the guests which in turn would bug you your whole life, for whatever time you have it (life). Nail salons which undertake poor sanitization practices are not cleaned properly and have inadequately trained nail technicians which proves to be a good breeding ground for bacteria and fungus and a really dangerous place for you to have your luxurious treat!



  1. No salon is completely safe as there is always a risk of infection. You can never know what customers were served right before you and if they suffered from any infection that probably could spread andyouwould never know if the instruments, solutions and other stuff used in the process were properly sterilized as per the protocols or not. It is nearly impossible to actually know this, so a definite risk about your health persists.


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  1. As per the saying, it is not good to turn customers away or to make them unhappy, so going by it, customers are not served or refused to be served in any business, this means even a sick person, who might pose a threat to your health mightbe being worked on next to you instead of being asked to seek professional medical help. So the greatest danger of salons stays “The Mission Infection Transmission” *wink*


  1. People have come a long way in this business so all tricks to deceive and fool people are being implemented quite like a pro. They swap bottles, put cheap local lotions and solutions in bottles labeled with some international or famous brand for that product. They dilute nail polish bottles, which not only compromises with the quality of the product but also cannot prevent germs from spreading. To add to the misery, not all disinfectants are hundred percent effective and some products used by these salons are not even recommended for use as they aren’t safe. Not all the tools are sterilized and even some can’t be. Last but not the least; cuts and scratches that might appear during the process are actually a way for germs to enter your body; blood might not appear always, but a cut is a cut and is dangerous. The people giving you manicure or pedicure even suggest cutting your cuticle which should be completely avoided and should be refused the very second it is asked!


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Some tips to follow if you plan to have a visit to nail salon near you:

  1. Look for cleanliness: What pleases your eye should be pleasing to your body and health as well. Check if workstations, instruments and the environment is clean. Even make sure to check if salon is certified or not.
  1. Sterilization and sanitization:Make sure that the people undertake proper practices to sterilize stuff and their hands are sanitized before they start working on you. Also look if pouches and bottles of solutions are opened right before your eyes or not.
  1. Have your own kit: It is always advised to bring your own kit, your own polish, the reasons are all mentioned above. It is all about your safety and nothing else.
  1. Cuticle cutting: It is a big NO. I repeat, never ever yield to this. You have to deny and I mean it.
  1. Let people know: Do your part. Let the workers know if you have had any cuts so that they know how to deal with you and provide you with extra care and attention.
  1. In the end, it is all your choice. So choose wisely and think. It is required, isn’t it?

So, you now are well informed about the dangers these nail salons pose and salon secrets they have been hiding for long. I hope it might at least force you to rethink before going to any nail salon for any treatment. Even now, if you feel you do need to go to these centers for beautification and grooming purpose, make sure to follow the above mentioned tips so that at least your visit doesn’t stay dangerous for you.These tips would keep you away from any trouble which might keep on bugging you for life.

Now no more of this frightening and saddening truth, lastly I would like to say, just take care and be safe. Do tell us if you liked the article and give us your suggestions in the comment box below. We would love to hear from you. So here I sign off. Bye!



Red blood shot eyes is also called as RED EYES. Red eye is an ecumenical term used to describe red, irritated or bloodshot eyes. Red eye is caused by swollen or dilated blood vessels on the sclera, the white outer surface of the eye.




Red eye can attend by eye pain, itching, eye discharge, swollen eyes or visual disturbances such as blurry vision. The bloodshot eye can appear suddenly, especially in reception to allergies or an eye injury.


• If your eyes being red for more than 2 to 3 days.

• If you have pain and vision changes in the eye.

• If you feel an object in your eye.

• If you have yellow or green discharge from your eyes.

• Pain

• Itchiness

• Swelling/ inflammation

• Headache/ neck pain

• Dryness/ dry eyes

• Stomach ache/ bloating/ pain.

• Sniffing/ sneezing/ coughing

• Twitching

• Mucus/ pus

• Swollen feet / hands.




Conjunctivitis is one of the most common and contagious eye infections. It haps when conjunctiva the thin, normally transparent membrane that covers the sclera and lines the eyelids becomes infected.

When the conjunctiva is infected the blood vessel within become swells and irritated devoting the red or pink appearance. In fact, a reddish-pink eye is a blabber symptom of conjunctivitis.

There are different types of conductivities and variant ways to treat them so consult your doctors in such case.


2) DRY EYES: dry eye syndrome occurs when your eyes do not acquire enough amounts of tears to properly ailment and lubricate your eyes. This can extend to irritation and eye redness. Inveterate dry eyes can cause the surface of an eye to becoming inflamed and irritated, making your eyes look red.


3) ALLERGY: the red eye is often referred as allergic eyes. Red eye is the common indicator of allergy. When your resistant system reacts to a foreign system, such as pollen, pet dander, dust or certain chemicals found in makeup or contact lens solutions. This attack response may involve inflammation, sneezing and a host of other symptoms.

As a result, the histamine released caused blood vessels in your eyes to enlarge, making your eyes become wet and watery.


4) CONTACT LENSES: One of the perpetrators of red eye is over wearing or not properly caring for your contact lenses. Red eye while wearing contact lenses can be a sign of infection, such as keratitis or fungal eye infections. Contact lenses can also cause dry eye syndrome as they reduce the amount of oxygen reaching your cornea and can resist normal tear flow production.


And some other causes are:

• Computer vision syndrome

• Eye injury • Sleep/ sleep apnea / sleep deprivation.

• Alcohol

• Food and diet

• Cosmetic products use at night.

• Environmental toxins

• Sun exposure

• Eye strain / overuse

• Fatigue

• Cigarette smoke

• Chemical fumes

• Blepharitis

• Corneal ulcers and infection

• Diabetes

• Iritic

• Ocular lacerations and intraocular foreign bodies

• Uveitis

• Blood thinning drugs

• Stress and anxiety

• Cold and flu

• Pregnancy

• Kidney failure and problems such as the kidney stone

• Liver disease

• High blood pressure or hypertension

• Glandular fever

• Menstruation/ menopause

• Mumps


• Dry air

• Infections

• Improper diet

• Deficiencies in vitamin B2 (riboflavin), B6 (pyridoxine) and the amino acids histidine, lysine or phenylalanine.



1. DO YOUR RESEARCH ON EYE DROPS: There are varieties of eye drops available and each one is for unlike considerations. So, before choosing your eye drop; always do research or consult your doctor.


2. CONSULT YOUR EYE CARE PROFESSIONAL: The best way to cure your red eye is to talk to your specialist about your red eye.

o If your red eye is because of allergies, then go for eye drop which contain antihistamines. It can also cause eye redness or dryness.

o If you have the infection, go for the prescribed eye drops which contain antibiotics.


3. AVOID SMOKING:Smoking causes thorns like aching which bother your eyes and cause unnecessary redness. Smoking also increases the risk of a variety of eye diseases including cataracts, macular degeneration, uveitis and dry eye syndrome. Smoking while pregnant can even cause eye diseases in the unborn baby.




 EYE RINSE: Rinse your eyes with this homemade recipe. This recipe works best for tired, dry or bloodshot eyes. Before using utensils for this remedy, make sure they are well washed. Things you need to make this remedy are:



• 1 cup distilled water

• 1 tablespoon of eye bright.

• 1 tablespoon of chamomile flowers

• Or crushed fennel seeds.

PROCEDURE: Boil the water and let it cool then crush the fennel seeds. Then, add both eye bright and chamomile to the bowl and cover the pot for about 30 minutes then strain the liquid twice. Pour the strained liquid into a vessel or bottle and you can keep it in a refrigerator for 7 days. Wash your open eyes with this solution and before using this, every time shake it well.


COOL EYE MASK: This mask is quite refreshing and it will help to get rid of eye bags also. So, the things you need to prepare this mask are:



• 2 tablespoon of cucumber or raw potato

• Peeled, seeded and finely grated

PROCEDURE: Combine the ingredients in a bowl and let it cool or refrigerated for 30 minutes. You can add slight water if it’s too thick. Lie down, close your eyes and apply this mixture on your eyes and relax for about 10 minutes and then rinse it off with cold water. You can use this procedure twice a week.

So, that is all about the red eye bloodshot eyes! If you are suffering from the red eye than apart from these remedies, you also have to take general care like going to bed early, staying away from the TV or monitor as much as you can, don’t rub your eyes and wash your eyes every hour with cold water. Take care of yourself and stay safe.

Feel free to write to us in these comments section below!


Conditioners for damaged hair

Hair is very important to enhance the beauty of a girl. If you have long, straight and gorgeous looking hair then you need not do anything to look beautiful. Beautiful looking hair adds a style statement to your look. Nowadays hair styling is in trend and by excessive use of heat, straightening, curling and styling, you end up damaging the hair. So it’s important to take care of your hair and conditioning it regularly. Shampooing is not enough to get rid of dry and damaged hair. Generally, we don’t realize that our hair are damaged. Below are some signs through which you will get know the signs of ultimate damage:


  1. SPLIT ENDS: Wrap small section of hair around your finger or a pen. Any small, uneven strands sticking out indicate that you have a split ends, a snitch sign of damaged hair.


  1. HEAT DAMAGE: You will know whether your hair styling tool is adversely affecting your mane—the texture will be brittle and you will probably have split ends.


  1. EXTREME BREAKAGE OR SHEDDING:If you see a large amount of falling when you comb, brush or style your locks; then your hair are weak for sure.


  1. DULL SHINE: If the shine of your hair gets dull, you can go for gels, pomades and sprays if your locks are lackluster.


  1. DYE OVERLOAD: If you frequently color your hair, the hydrogen peroxide in hair dyes can leave your tresses dry and damaged.


  1. TOO MANY TANGLES: Using cheap, plastic brushes rather than those with nylon bristles will tear at your head and leave your hair in a tangled mess.


  1. LACK OF MOISTURE: Healthy hair is supple and soft not brittle and dry. If your hair is dry, you should use conditioner ofa good quality and should use it more often- preferably, every time you wash your hair. Conditioner locks and seals moisture in your hair shaft and let you attain the desired quality.


A conditioner is the most important element for dry and damaged hair and it is also a must to use the best brands of conditioners on your hair. Some of the top brands and best conditioner for damaged hair are:

  1. TONY AND GUY NOURISH CONDITIONER FOR DRY HAIR:This conditioner nourishes and regenerates dry, dull hair for manageable, soft and smooth hair. It penetrates into hair fiber to lock the moisture from root to tip.

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  1. L’OREAL PROFESSIONNEL EXPERT SERIE LISS ULTIME LEAVE IN CONDITIONER: This leave in conditioner treatment hydrates and moisturizes dry and frizzy hair. It leaves hair soft, smooth and radiant. This conditioner is quite different as after shampooing, applies it and you don’t have to rinse your hair after applying it.




  • TRESEMME KERATIN SMOOTH CONDITIONER FOR DRY AND FRIZZY HAIR: This conditioner makes hair sleek with less frizz which are easy to manage and style. It nourishes each strand to leave hair smooth, shiny and manageable.



  1. MATRIX BIOLAGE DEEP SMOOTHING CONDITIONER FOR DRY AND FRIZZY HAIR: It softens and detangles hair as it conditions the hair for a polished shine, smoothness, lasting control and manageability.



  1. DOVE NOURISHING OIL CARE DAILY TREATMENT CONDITIONER: It has 3X more nourishing power and provide deep nourishment to dry and frizzy hair. It contains weightless nutria oil which hydrates hair without weighing them down. Its advanced care and repair formula lessen the damage resulting from styling.



  1. HIMALAYA PROTEIN CONDITIONER- REPAIR AND REGENERATION: It moisturizes hair and makes them vibrant and full of life. It is enriched with Aloe Vera, yarrow chick pea and sprout which helps in strengthening, providing a cooling effect and moisturizing hair with unique essentials. Dryness and frizziness will be controlled and hair will be left smooth and silky.



Some of the top LEAVE-IN CONDITIONERS: Leave in conditioners are specially designed for curlies, coilies or wavies. A leave in conditioner is not same as the daily conditioner, also known as a rinse out conditioner. Leave- in conditioner are light and more watery than the daily conditioner. Top brands of leave-in conditioners are:




BEST DEEP CONDITIONERS AND DRUGSTORE CONDITIONER FOR DAMAGED HAIR: If you are dealing with hair dryness on the regular basis, you should definitely try a deep conditioner. These are some of the best drugstore deep conditioners that will allow you to completely rejuvenate your locks without breaking the bank.

Some of the renowned brands are:



Deep conditioner should be used at least once per week if your hair is dry or damaged. To get the most effective results from a deep conditioner, apply a generous amount to clean, towel-dried hair and comb through with a wide-tooth comb. Cover your hair with a shower cap or plastic wrap then applies heat to the area. Let your hair absorb the conditioner for 20 to 30 minutes and rinse thoroughly. Dry and style your hair.


Some general tips to make your hair healthy:Mereconditioner is not enough to solve the problem of damaged hair. There are few general techniques which you should use and they are:

  • GET A TRIM: Be careful about choosing a right stylist. Hair stylist is the main cause of hair damage. If you have split ends then first thing you need is to get your hair trimmed.


  • STOP USING HEAT: Use heat only if you use heat protective spray along. Minimize the use of blow dryers, curling iron or straightening iron to help making your hair healthy.


  • STOP DYING OR PROCESSING YOUR HAIR:Bleaching the color from your hair and adding chemical to dye it can seriously harm your hair. Bleaching or dying hair can lead to hair breakage, hair loss and bald patches.


TIP: Always remember girls, shampoo and conditioner go hand in hand; so never use any one alone.

Meanwhile, feel free to write to us in the comments section below!

Stay beautiful and healthy always!


Shampoos for dry hair

Hair is the most popular feature of a girl’s beauty. Being a girl, I can say no one’s hair are perfect. Every girl gets worried and conscious about their hair and its problems. There are many types of hair: it can be long and wavy, short and straight, frizzy and unmanageable, or smooth and shiny. Hair comes in many different lengths, styles, color and texture. No matter what kind of hair you have but at some point in life, you will face at least one of the biggest hair problem.

We will now analyze different hair problems and best shampoo to solve that problem:

  1.  DRY HAIR: Blow drying, straightening, highlighting, curling regularly can harsh your hair and make your hair brittle, broken and unmanageable. Split ends and dry hair are just two casualties of over styling.

Inordinate styling and heat can cause split ends, which occur when the cuticle i.e. the outermost layer of your hair gets damaged and flakes back. Some general care which you should do while you have dry hair are:


  • Don’t over brush your hair, brush gently with the soft, flexible hair brush.
  • Avoid towel-drying. If you do dry your hair with a towel, rub it gently.
  • Use a conditioner and leave on a deep conditioner once a week.


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Hair needs moisture and a certain amount of oil to keep looking healthy. Some of the measures that may result in dry hair are:

  • Washing it too often.
  • Using a harsh or hard shampoo.
  • Excessive use of the dryer, straightening or curling iron.
  • Exposure to sun, wind and dry air.
  • Perms and dyes.
  • Poor nutrition.
  • Certain medications.


If you have dry hair, you can use these general tips to avoidcausing dry hair:

  • Don’t wash your hair daily unless you have a scalp condition such as dandruff which needs daily shampooing to control. If you are washing your hair daily, use a mild or gentle shampoo. Also, use conditioner at each wash.
  • Limit the use of blow-dryer, curling iron, straightening iron or hot rollers. Increase the time between the hair treatments like dyes and perms.Wear a hat on cold, windy days and put a bathing cap while swimming.


Best shampoos available in market for dry hair and for damaged hair:

1)   SUNSILK VELVET SOFT: Sunsilk velvet soft shampoo is available in the yellow bottle and especially designed for dry hair and features olive oil and eggs proteins which helps in making hair soft and silky.

2)   FAB INDIA PROTEIN SHAMPOO: Fab India protein shampoo contains Aloe Vera extracts which soothe the scalp, thus making the hair more smooth and manageable. This is perfect for dry hair. It has a mild smell which is loved by most of the users.



3)   MATRIX BIOLAGE ULTRA HYDRATING SHAMPOO: This dry hair shampoo has the creamy formula which cleans scalp deeply. If you have thick and dry hair then this is most suited for you.


4)   DOVE INTENSE DAMAGE THERAPY SHAMPOO: Dove is the most trusted hair care brands in the world. Dove intense damage therapy shampoo helps in repairing dry and damaged hair while helping regain the shine.


5)   L’OREAL PROFESSIONAL VITAMIN COLOUR RANGE SHAMPOO: L’Oreal professional range of shampoos has been designed especially for dry, colored, bleached or rebounded hair. This also serves as a good shampoo for dry hair.



  1. FRIZZY AND CURLY HAIR: Wavy hair has S-shaped curl down its length and much of the hair can appear straight with slight bends towards the ends of the hair. Wavy hair can frizz fairly easily and requires care to achieve perfect waves. The curly hair tends to have S-shaped down the entire length of the hair shaft. The greatest challenge for curly hair types is frizz, lack of curl definition, shrinkage, and dryness.


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Best shampoos available for frizzy and curly hair are:

  1. GARNIER FRUCTIS HAIRCARE FORTIFYING SHAMPOO, SLEEK, AND SHINE: If you have unmanageable curls, then this is a great shampoo at a great price. It chased away frizzes.
  2. L’OREAL VIVE PRO HYDRA GLOSS MOISTURIZING SHAMPOO, DRY HIAR: This is not only for curly hair but it is also for dry hair. It infuses moisture and gives the hair that glossy shine you wanted always.


  1. FINE HAIR: Fine hair is the most fragile texture and can be easily damaged. Fine hair can tend to be oilier than other hair types. For those of you with fine hair, you may find difficult holding a style; your hair is light and can fall flat against your head. Volume is often desired but not often attained. Some of the disadvantages of fine hair are:
  • Doesn’t hold styles well.
  • It can weighed down with heavy products, causing the hair look stringy.
  • It can look thin.
  • It can break easily because it’s fragile.



Best shampoos available in market for fine hair are:



INGREDIENTS WHICH SHOULD BE IN YOUR SHAMPOO:the best brand ingredients are:


1)   GLYCERIN: it acts as a protective barrier to follicles, helping hair retain moisture long after you have rinsed.


2)   NUTS AND SEEDS OIL: Jojoba, avocado, and Shea naturally add moisture and shine to hair while removing oily build up.


3)   ACIDIC INGREDIENTS:Sodium citrate or citric acid helps keep shampoo at the right PH balance to wash away dirt and oil. So the hair looks shiny and smooth.


4)   PANTHENOL: A form of vitamin B, it thickens hair follicles and helps to retain moisture and shine.


In the conclusion, I would just say that whatever your hair type may be, always use shampoo which suits your hair best. And never compromise with the quality of your shampoo.

Stay safe and feel free to write to us in the comments section below!

How to get rid of stuffy nose

 A congested or stuffy nose is caused by inflamed blood vessels in the membranes lining the inside of your nostril, usually due to the flu, cold or allergies. The excess mucus in your nose can make it difficult to breathe. While this can be life-threatening to newborns, it’s simply annoying and intolerable for anyone. Here are some tips to get your nose unclogged so you can feel and breathe better.





Breathing in moist air can help soothe irritated tissue and swollen blood vessels in your nose and sinuses. A humidifier machine can increase the humidity in your room easily. The machine converts water to moisture that slowly fills the air. Humidifiers also thin the mucus in your sinuses, which can help empty the fluids in your nose and return your breathing to normal. When you breathe in the humid air, you will help relieve the inflammation and irritation that cause your congestion.




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Taking a steamy shower can make you feel relax. Like the humidifier, the steam from a shower helps to thin out the mucus in your nose and sinuses and reduce inflammation. As a result, your breathing should return to normal, at least for a short period.

You can get the same effect by breathing in steam from hot water in the sink. Turn on the hot water. Once the temperature is right, place a towel over your head and the sink. Allow the steam to build, and take in deep breaths. Be careful not to burn your face on the hot water steam.




Keep the fluids flowing when your nose is stuffed up? Almost all liquids- water, sports drinks, tea, soup, even juice- can help keep you hydrated when you are sick. They help thin the mucus in your nasal passages, which decreases the pressure in your sinuses and pushes the fluids out of your nose. Less pressure means less inflammation and irritation. If your stuffy nose is accompanied by a sore throat, warm tea and soup will help ease the pain.




Take one step further with saline. Use a nasal saline spray to increase the moisture in your nasal passages. The spray helps thin the mucus in your nasal passages, which decreases the inflammation of your blood vessels and helps empty fluids. Saline sprays are available over the counter.

Some saline sprays also include decongestant medication. Take your pharmacist advice to before using the saline sprays with decongestants. They may actually make your congestion worse if used more than three days. Plus, if you are taking other medications, the decongestants may cause side effects.





The same way from a shower helps open your nasal passages from the inside, a warm compress then help to open them from the outside. Soak a towel in warm water squeeze the water out of the towel, then fold it and place it over your face especially at your nose and forehead. The heat will provide comfort from any pain, and the warmth may help relieve some of the inflammations in the nasal passages. Repeat it till you don’t feel relax.





A decongestants meditation can help reduce swelling and ease the pain associated with irritated and inflamed nasal passages. Many decongestants medications are available without a doctor’s prescription. They come in two forms: nasal spray and pills. Common decongestants nasal spray includesafrin and sinex and common decongestants pills contains Sudafed and sudogest. You should not take decongestants medicines for more than three days without a doctor’s prescription.




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Blowing your nose while it’s stuffy when there’s nothing to expel will only make the congestion worse. Walk away from the tissues, and resolve to use them only when you have a runny nose.

Blowing hard repeatedly will make the delicate membranes inside your nostrils get more inflamed, leading to increased stuffiness.




Most chest or vapor rubs contain menthol, eucalyptus,and camphor which some people believe; helps ease the congestion when the vapors are inhaled. Popular rubs that can be used for this purpose include Vicks, Tiger Balm, and Icy Hot. Although, the ingredients in these remedies may effectively relieve the sensation of a stuffy nose in many people, there is insufficient evidence to suggest that they effectively treat cold symptoms. Some application to use this:

  • Rub it on your throat or chest while you are going to sleep. Put it close enough to your nose so that you can breathe it.Don’t put it so close that it irritates you.
  • Put some vapor rub on tissue, and then hold the tissue to your nose so that you inhale it deeply.
  • If you don’t have a vapor rub with you then put some peppermint oil beneath your nose. It will give you the same effect.


If you feel your congestion get worse when you lie down then try to elevate your head a little bit. Put an extra pillow beneath your head it will help you more.


If your sinuses are congested; eat slightly spicier dish which you enjoy. Drink plenty of water as you eat, then you would find your nose running by the end of the meal. Blow out as much as you can.

If these tips don’t give you relief then you must go proceed to doctor as soon as possible. If you wish to ask something, leave your comments in the box below.

Dry skin

The effect of any product or material which you are using on your skin totally depends upon the type of your skin. If you have oily skin and you are applying oil based products then it will only harsh your skin and make your skin looks more oily. So, before spending on any product for your skin, make sure of knowing your skin type. When we talk about makeup; if you are using makeup without knowing your skin type, it will worsen your look. So at first, confirm your skin type and use products based on that type of skin. There are dissimilar types of skin and every skin has variant characteristics. So concentrate on the characteristics and know your actual skin type.



There are different skin types like:

  • Oily skin
  • Dry skin
  • Sensitive skin
  • Normal skin

Some people also have combinations of skin type invariant areas of their skin. If your skin type varies, then it may depend upon these factors:

  • Water content, which affects your skin’s console and elasticity.
  • Oil content which affects your skin softness.
  • Sensitivity level.

Let’s know the characteristics of dry skin type and discuss which type of makeup a girl should use for dry skin:


DRY SKIN: Dry skin produces

  • Almost invisible pores.
  • Dull, rough complexion.
  • Red patches.
  • Less elasticity.
  • More visible lines.

Makeup will surely help you hide the dryness of your skin, but there are some of the tips too for taking a better care of dry skin:

  • Take shorter showers or baths, not more than once daily.
  • Try to avoid deodorant soaps. Use mild, gentle soaps or cleansers.
  • Don’t scrub while bathing or drying.
  • After bathing or drying, apply rich moisturizers. Reapply your moisturizer or creams if it needed.
  • Wear gloves while using detergents, cleaning agents or solvents.

Now let’s move on to the makeup part for your dry skin. If you have dry skin then you must choose your makeup which hydrates your skin. Without a right makeup technique, dry skin can look dull and uneven. So here are the dos and don’ts for dry skin which leads to the best makeup for dry skin.



   START WITH CLEAN OR HYDRATED FACE: If you have dry skin, moisturizing should be the first step for your makeup routine. Makeup primer is the best option there to do so. Makeup primer will moisturize your skin, helps in healing dry skin and let your makeup last long. As you know, you have dry skin so go for creamy primer. This type of primer usually comes with fine micro shimmer particles, which will endow the skin an instant glow which lacks in dry skin. Below are some primers which are best for dry skin:



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DON’T USE BODY LOTION ON YOUR FACE: When it comes to moisturizers, make sure you choose one that’s specially formulated for the face. Body lotions may have specific ingredients which are healthy for the body but can dry out or irritate your face skin.



   USE A MOISTURIZING CONCEALER: Concealer is essential for covering the symptoms of dry skin, even redness or uneven pigmentation. When choosing your concealer, look for moisturizing formula and some of the best concealer for dry skin are:








DON’T APPLY CONCEALER IN THE END: Always apply concealer before foundation. Concealer, at first, will reduce the amount of foundation you need to apply.



SKIP POWDER FOUNDATION: If your skin is dry or flaking, skip the powder foundation. Powder foundation will not only dry your skin, but it let your skin look dull or tired. Powder settles into lines or wrinkles.

DRUGSTORE FOUNDATION: While everyone like smooth and flawless skin, not everyone is blessed with that. So, if your goal is to achieve that look then you can go for the drugstore foundation. The key to finding the best liquid foundation is by matching the product to your face. Always take a test drive of your foundation in natural lighting. Some of the awesome drugstore foundations are:









  1. LIPS:

USE A MOISTURIZING LIP BALM: Lip balm is the best way to protect your lips from being chapped and dry. Try to use a lip balm which contains high moisturizing agents. This will moisturize your lips and make it worth looking.



DON’T OVERDO MATTE LIPSTICK: While matte lipsticks are best for long lasting color but matte lipstick contains the agents which tend to dry your lips. If you are fond of matte lipstick then to make your lips hydrated always coat your lips with gloss or lip balm. It will enhance your look.


  1. EYES:



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CONSIDER CREAM SHADOW: Dry eyes and fine lines often go together especially around the eyes. Powder eye shadow settles into the lines and worsens your look. If you have dry skin, go for cream eye shadows; it will make your eyes look beautiful, bright and smooth.



   Acne prone skin needs extra care so always take care your skin if you have high pigmentation. Makeup removers are the products designed to break up and remove the pigments of your makeup. Always go for oil free makeup remover if you have acne prone skin. And some of the products which are best for sensitive and acne prone skin are:





So, above is everything you may wish to know about your dry skin. Never sleep with makeup on no matter what your skin type is or how tired you are at the end of the night. Always use the quality products for your skin and take care of yourself. Stay safe and hydrated.

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Lip piercing

There are several varieties of lip piercing in the market to go for. Lips are the most delicate part of our body so it takes a little more time to heal. Approximate healing time of lip piercing is about 2 to 3 months.

Lip piercing needs extra care as there are high chances of infection if the piercing is not taken care of properly, bacteria in and around the mouth may increase the risk of infection to much larger scale.

At times it is peculiar just after piercing as your jeweler can hit your teeth and gums directly, therefore to settle it or to make it habitual,you may need some time. Try to keep your mouth clean and dry so it is preferable to avoid crispy food mostly.

In lip piercing, swelling and bleeding is quite normal and here are some new and effective ways of reducing lip swelling:


  1. COLD COMPRESS AND ICE CUBES: The best and easy way to reduce swelling is applying cold compress using ice cubes. Put some ice cubes in cotton cloth or a paper towel and place it on the affected area. Do it till your swelling gets down and repeat it after every 10 to 15 minutes. Never use ice cubes on affected area directly as it can damage the lips tissue.



  1. TURMERIC POWDER: Turmeric is highly known for its healing property. You can use turmeric powder to get rid of swollen lips. For this, you will need turmeric, cold water, and some fuller’s earth. Mix all of them well and make ointment, apply it on affected area and let it dry then wash it carefully with warm water. Repeat this twice a day for quicker and better results.



  1. ALOE VERA GEL: If your pierced area is highly infected, then aloe Vera gel is best to opt. Aloe Vera is well known for its anti-inflammatory properties. To use aloe Vera gel you can either buy ready-made gel or you can extract some juice from fresh aloe Vera and massage it gently on the affected area for two to three times a day.



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  1. TEA TREE OIL AND ALOE VERA: Instead of directly using tea tree oil, you can mix tea tree oil and aloe Vera gel in 2:1 proportion and apply it on affected area, washing it off with cold water after it gets dry. You can use this mixture numbers of times in a day if your swelling does not reduce.



  1. BAKING SODA: Baking soda is also a good option to reduce swelling. To use it, take about one tablespoon of baking soda and mix it with water till it turns out in the thick paste. Now apply it on affected area and let it stay until it dries then wash it with cold water. Use it till swelling subsides.



  1. HONEY: Honey has antibacterial properties which lead to getting rid of swollen lips. It will keep your lips moisturize, prevent infection and reduce inflammation, swelling and pain. Dip a cotton ball in honey and apply it on affected area, leave it for about 20 minutes and rinse it with cold water. Repeat it 2 to 3 times a day.



  1. BLACK TEA BAG: Black tea contains astringent quality and a compound known as tannins which can reduce swelling particularly in the soft tissues of the lips. For applying it, soak a black tea bag in warm water for about 10 minutes, remove the bag from water and let the water cool down. Gently rub it on lips for 10 minutes. Repeat it several times in a day for better results.



  1. SALT: Salt contains natural disinfectant property which helps to kill germs that may cause infection in a cut. Add a tablespoon of salt in warm water and apply it on affected area with the help of a cotton ball. Initially, there will be a burning sensation, but this is very useful in lowering down the swelling. You can do this once or twice a day.



  1. WARM COMPRESS: Similarly to cold compression, hot compression is another effective way to treat a swollen lip. It will improve the blood circulation in the lips and reduce the accumulation of blood in the swollen area, which will help in reducing swelling and inflammation. If you have heating pad, you can use that otherwise soak a clean cloth in warm water and wire out the excess water. Apply it over your lips for 10 minutes. Repeat it after every hour.



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  1. WITCH HAZEL: Witch hazel can do wonders to reduce swelling. It can soothe the pain and clean the cut. Mix one tablespoon of witch hazel with one-half teaspoon of salt. Now take a cotton ball and apply it on affected areas and leave it for about 30 minutes then wash it off with cold water. Repeat it frequently to get the best results.




Some tips about healing aftercare of lips piercing:

  • Avoid eating, smoking and drinking within the first three hours of the piercing.
  • Avert alcohol, tobacco, and drugs just before and after piercing and till the wound is completely healed.
  • Wash your hands every time before touching your piercing.
  • Use a new and soft-bristled toothbrush and keep it clean.
  • Brush twice or thrice a day and try to keep your mouth clean and dry.
  • Don’t share your cups, plates and other eating utensils.
  • Always keep your mouth sanitized.


Tips on how to clean infected lip piercing:

1)   Wash your hands before cleaning your affected area. It will reduce the chances of re-infection.

2)   Use an antibacterial mouthwash that is alcohol-free, clean the area around the piercing at least twice a day.

3)   On the outside part of your mouth, you can use antibacterial soap or warm water to clean that part.

4)   Keep your lip jewelry clean all the time it will reduce the healing time.

In the conclusion, we would like you to try these basic and effective tips to take care of your piercing. These tips should be followed by everyone who got pierced to reduce chances of infection. So take care of yourself and stay safe. Happy piercing!

Eyebrow piercing

Body piercing is getting immensely popular among the youth nowadays, and out of all the different kinds of body piercing “eyebrow piercing” is the most famous. Eyebrow piercing is also among the most visible body piercing. Eyebrow piercing has become a fashion statement among the youths. There are lots of people that have got and want to get eyebrow piercing performed. Ordinarily eyebrow piercing is done in a vertical pattern and commonly pierced at the end of the eyebrow, but it can be done at any extent of the eyebrow as one desire.





Basically, three types of jewelry are available for eyebrow piercing and mixtures of colors are available in each type of jewelry. The pressure of piercing depends upon the type of jewelry. And the types of jewelry which often used are:

  • Barbells
  • Curved barbells
  • And captive bead rings.



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Pain of eyebrow piercing:

Trying or experimenting something new on our body gives so much of excitement and Goosebumps. The nervousness level can be high and so many things cross our mind at that point of time. But believe me after getting pierced your pain will change into excitement and you will feel good. The hurting level is not as one thinks and it’s the same amount of pain which you experience while eyebrow plucking. On scale of 1 to 10 hurting level of eyebrow piercing is 3 and aren’t we mature enough to bear that much of pain? So if you are thinking about eyebrow piercing than go and enjoy the experience. You need not to be anxious at all.



Aftercare is so important while getting any kind of piercing; else your piercing can lead to infection or may require extra time to get healed. There are some normal things of which you have to take care; you need not put any extra effort on that. Some of the tips are:

  • My mother used to say don’t eat “Bengal gram” on the piercing day, otherwise your piercing will definitely get infected and it’s so true.
  • Don’t touch the pierced part without washing your hands.
  • Clean the piercing spot regularly by applying warm saline water with the help of cotton ball.
  • While taking shower or washing your face, clean the pierced area with mild soap or body       wash.
  • Use disposable tissues or paper towel to clean your pierced area. And always try to keep your pierced area dry.
  • Avoid plucking or threading your pierced eyebrow.
  • Do not apply makeup, lotions, cream and antibiotic ointments over the piercing.
  • Avoid sleeping on the pierced side.
  • If you use hair spray on regular basis then always make sure it doesn’t affect your pierced area.


Cost of the piercing depends on so many factors such as:

  • The location and popularity of the piercing studio. If a studio is flooded with the customers every time and is highly popular than be ready your artist will definitely charge high.
  • Another factor on which price depend is on the material or jewelry which is used while performing piercing. The healing time is directly proportional to the jewelry selected.
  • The cost of piercing can range anywhere between Rs. 2333 to Rs. 3000 and the additional cost of jewelry which are used to pierce can vary anything between Rs. 1000 to 2333 rupees and by adding all the different costs, the approx cost of eyebrow piercing can range anything between Rs. 3655 to Rs. 3998.



Approximately 6 months are needed to heal piercing completely, but the initial 6 to 8 months after piercing are quite critical and requires extra care. After 10 to 12 months, you can change your jewelry. It is quite normal to have the white crust or yellow discharge at the area of your piercing during healing period. One can have some makeup on daily basis but should try to avoid the pierced area, it can cause irritation and excess use of makeup may lead to infection.





  • With the help of a hollow medical needle, eyebrow piercing can be performed.
  • The needle is put into that part of the body where the piercing is to be done, but it does not penetrate all the way through.
  • When eyebrow piercing is performed, the jewelry to be worn is shoved through the opening, dragging the rear of the needle.


RISKS OF EYEBROW PIERCING: Some common eyebrow piercing risks are:


    INFECTION: Lack of care could lead to serious infections such as blood poisoning.

    ALLERGIC REACTION: Some people are allergic to a particular metal, so usage of such metals can lead to severe allergic reactions.

   NERVE DAMAGE: If a piercing is not positioned cautiously, it can penetrate a nerve, detaching it and making the adjoining area devoid of any sensation.



1)   VERTICAL EYEBROW PIERCING: This is a most popular type of eyebrow piercing that is done vertically on your eyebrow ridge. This piercing is usually performed on 35-degree angle from the side corner of your eye. This type of piercing is done just below or above the eyebrows.


2)   HORIZONTAL EYEBROW PIERCING: In horizontal eyebrow piercing, the jewelry is placed horizontally on someone’s upper eyebrow ridge. This is done commonly on the surface bar, thus making the surface bar go perpendicularly into someone’s skin.




3)   ANTIEYEBROW PIERCING: Anti eyebrow piercing is also known as teardrop brow piercing, where a piercing is placed as if you had an upside down face. The anti-eyebrow piercing is therefore done on the lower side of eyes instead of the usual eyebrow position.



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This is all about the eyebrow piercing; if you are interested in changing your look and opting for some cool look, eyebrow piercing can be a good choice. Always choose a good artist to get yourself pierced. Be safe and keep experimenting with your look. Have fun!!!!

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All about receding hairline; it’s meaning, signs & causes…from teens to men

Are you horrified with the trouble of receding hairline and that too at such an early stage, when you are in your eighteens and twenties? Well… this happened because you were unaware about the causes and signs of this issue else if you would have taken the correct measures timely, you might have not suffered this amount of loss. Hair loss is a huge loss because hair enhances your overall personality and makes you look smart and handsome. Still, not to worry because here we bring an informative piece of article for you centering the topic of receded hairline in men.



Receding Hairline is a sort of continuous hair loss, specifically underwent by men and rare women. When the hairline thins down on both the sides of the forehead and proceeds in the form bald speckle in the mid top of your head and then towards the front is termed as ‘Receding Hairline’. It is also generally known as male baldness patterns and androgenic alopecia in the medical world. In simple words, it is a stage of excessive hair loss in men. Moreover, it is highlighted by a widow’s peak where the forepart of the forehead contours a pattern forming ‘V’ shape.

                                                                    Receding hairline

While this trouble is usually found in men with 25+ age but with some of the changing factors, it is now common in very young boys as well, aging 13+. Surprised to know? Yes, it is a fact. It is just that the ones who face this problem in their teens do not notice it and when they are in their 19s or 20s, receding hairline can be easily seen. Below you will read about the causes that are supremely responsible for the beginning of this problem. But first of all, learn about the signs so that when you notice any of these, you immediately go for the cure.





After understanding the term ‘Receding Hairline’ and before entering into the depth of its causes, it is equally significant to know what the signs of this problem are. Knowing every bit of this problem will give you a clear picture and will be helpful in attaining its cure. You should know that the receding hairline is not something that suddenly happens in an overnight duration. There are various small stages that you undergo but actually do not notice the same. It begins with little baldness over your temples and forehead and hair on the sides and the middle remain as it is. This is the first and foremost stage of receding hairline. With the passage of time, the hair loss will be visible enough on the top mid of your hair. Then gradually it will impact both the sides and you will be able to notice this issue clearly. But yes, differing from person to person, the pattern of receding hairline also differs.



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As a matter of fact, the ones who are the sufferers will surely notice lot of hair fall while hair washing and combing. Many times broken strings can be seen on your shirt that you are wearing. Some other signs that symbolize this problem are: dead hair growth in catagen, anagen & telogen levels, very slacken growth of hair, very sensitive to cold etc.




When we have come to know about the problem, it is very important to know about its causes as well, so that the solution can be taken in the same accordance. Hence, let us acknowledge as to what are the primary causes of receding hairline one by one. Check out the list here:

1. Exuberant and Continuous Production of Dihydrotestosterone (DHT)

If we talk about the factors that are creditworthy for receding hairline, then hormones and genes will hold the topmost place. A male sex hormone known as Dihydrotestosterone (DHT), is considered to be one of the major factor causing receding hairline. If found more than the required quantity in the body, this hormone turns out to be a disaster in the growth of hair and hence starts producing undesirable side effects in the form of excessive hair loss. Logically as per the medical science, this hormone should be abridged after puberty but if its level keeps on increasing then it fortifies different places in the body thereby even causing hair follicles. In such a condition DHT adhere to these follicles and then clogs up the blood circulation. This further does not allow hair follicles to receive adequate nutrition and so they start weakening, shrinking and falling.


Now, if the problem of receding hairline is not taken care of, it will turn out to cause baldness gradually over the whole scalp and later on leading to permanent loss of hair. Mark a point that this problem only happens when DHT production in the body is more than required else DHT leaves no harmful effect if the production happens as per the requirement.


2. Genes – Inherited Elements

The hormonal factors are also equally liable for the problem of receding hairline along with that of genes factor. As per the medical science, the ones who face receding hairline trouble are detected to have a gene known as AR (Androgen Receptor) within them. It is said that as firmer as this AR is, the sooner you will face this problem. Hence, this fact also makes it clear as to why receding hairline is usual in teenagers and the ones till the age of fifteen. In the early research it was found that this gene known as AR could only be transferred from mom to son but as per the new research, it has been made clear that this gene can even be transferred from father to son. So, both the parents can be responsible for this problem.

In addition, apart from AR, there are few other genes as well which have been discovered as the reason for initiating baldness in males in different ways but AR is the primary one.


3. Age Factor

Moving further, another major factor behind the trouble of receding hairline is ‘Age Factor’. Even the researches have justified this point. As per the analysis and research done by National Institute of Health (US), it has been found that the problem of receding hairline is the highest in old aged people and there are nearly 65% of men who undergo baldness or sort of baldness. Among these 65% of men, there are about 25% of such men who are the sufferers from an early age of thirties. This shocked you, didn’t it?




4. Ecological Elements – Stress

It is not only DHT that is majorly responsible for baldness and receding hairline, but also there are various ecological elements that equally hold the credit of this problem. You must be thinking how? To justify this, it can be said that persons who undergo emotional and mental stress everyday are the supreme sufferers of receding hairline. They experience hair loss at a huge extent. So, stay stress free always.



5. Drugs & Medications

You will be surprised to know that there are some such medications that result to receding hairline. This goes for both; men and women. To add on, there are even some drugs that can quicken the issue of hair loss thereby resulting in the problem of receding hairline. Such medications and drugs are: the ones used for handling heart diseases, cholesterol, gouts, blood pressure etc. Even the drugs which have Vitamin A in high quantity and are anti-depressants are also risky for the hair growth. A therapy known as Chemotherapy, which is given to cancer patients also accelerates the loss of hair at the fastest speed.


6. Bad Eating Habits

Last but not the least, our eating habits play a major role in our body. It can impact our body both the ways: positively and negatively. Same is the case when we discuss about the cause of receding hairline in men. If the body gets healthy food which is rich in vitamins, minerals and nutrition, these will definitely accelerate the receding of your hairline. On the other hand, if you are a food lover and eat more of refined food in your daily diet like grains and sugar, then the problem of receding hair will increase speedily. Ascertain that you consume lot of protein eatables in your regular dietary chart because protein is considered as the most important element for hair growth. To add on, smoking is considered injurious to the growth of hair as well apart from the overall health. This is a sure fact proved by some researchers.


Additional Causes of Receded Hairline

Apart from all the above, there are many other specifies and diseases that also hold the credit of causing receding hairline in male. They are as follows: Trichotillomania, burns, thyroid issues, cancer in Adrenal Gland, Seborrheic Dermatits (causing both: dry scalp & excess oily scalp) and last but not the least, diabetic patients undergoing weakened immunity. Moreover, even scalp infections like acne (majorly cystic acne in relation DHT), fungal, eczema can also result to receding hairline. Excluding fungal contagion, rests of the causes are rare to be found. All these are also the reasons of normal hair loss as well.