Guide to glowing skin: Cleanse Tone Moisturise


Dust, pollution, sun and harsh chemicals are scary words when it comes to the welfare of your skin. Your skin is the most sensitive and delicate part of your body and hence, it requires special care. It does not matter if you are blessed with a clear skin or cursed with skin redness, acne, pimples or black heads; you need to take care of your skin no matter what. But how to cleanse your body and face?

Dirt and sweat clog the pores of your skin. They did not let your skin breathe and results in dullness and dryness. The pollution forms a layer of grime on your skin which, if, not cleansed on time becomes a part of your epidermis. The harsh chemicals in makeup and the sun strip your skin of its natural oil; making it look dull and lifeless.

Not caring for the skin can not only make it appear dull but can also lead to various skin diseases such as fungal infections. You can keep your body toned by doing toning exercises and you can eat healthy to keep your body fit. But, what do you do to keep your skin toned? To keep it healthy, fresh and clean? It is essential for everybody to have a cleansing routine and give the much needed attention to your skin.

Read on to find out how you can care for your skin!

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Step 1: Wash your hands

Yes! That is the first step. Your hands are laden with bacteria that can do worse to your skin. Before beginning the cleaning ritual, wash your hands to wash away all the germs that have made your hands their home.

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Step 2: Know your skin

It is vital to know your skin and its type. Dry, oily, sensitive, normal, they all have issues of their own. You must know what you are allergic to and if certain things can cause you an allergy. You may develop a rash if you do not know what suits you and sometimes, the damage is irreparable. You can only buy the products or make natural homemade remedies if you know your skin type and what suits you best.

Step 3: Soak your face

Use lukewarm water, remember: not hot. Hot water can damage and dehydrate your delicate skin. Soak your face and ensure all the areas of your face are wet. Soaking the face softens the skin making it easier to get rid off the dirt.

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Step 4: Cleanse

Squeeze the cleanser on your palm. Slowly massage it on your face with finger tips in circular motion. Avoid eye contours. Spread the cleanser down to your neck since it is closer to your face and may seem like a contrast if it is dirty. Massage for two minutes and rinse the cleanser. Use a cleanser that is not too harsh. Buy products that say ‘for sensitive skin’. Even the products that read natural are sometimes harsh on your skin. If your face feels tight, dry or sore after cleansing, immediately change your cleanser. Use can opt for Himalaya’s cleanser for sensitive skin. For a natural remedy, milk is the best option. Dip cotton in milk and wipe your face clean. You may also use face masks made of papaya and yogurt.

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Step 5: Dab your face

Take a soft towel and dab your face dry. Do not wipe your face too roughly. It can be painful and can cause your skin to redden and may develop a rash.

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Step 6: Tone

We have plenty of tutorials out there that would guide you on how to tone you body. But what about toning your skin? To term it simply, A toner is used to even your skin tone. Due to tanning and pollution, we all end up with a patchy, uneven skin tone. It is, therefore, important to tone your skin to make it look smoother and glowing.  It is also used to restore your skin’s natural pH levels making it more resistant against bacteria and other microorganisms. Toning is mandatory for people with oily skin. Take little toner in a cotton swab and remember to wring out the excess liquid. Simply wipe your face with swab. Pay extra attention to your nose, chin and forehead as they are frequently the oiliest parts of your face. Avoid the mouth and the eye contour. Do not rinse off the toner. Let it stay on your skin. It causes no damage to the skin. Use Oriflame’s sensitive skin toner. For those who prefer natural therapy, use lime juice but avoid if you have a dry skin. You may use potato juice instead. The natural toners need to be washed away.

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Step 7: Moisturise

This step cannot be avoided even if you have an oily skin. It is imperative to moisturise your skin in order to rehydrate it. When you cleanse, it washes away essential oils with excess oil. So, to regain the moisture, use a moisturiser. Take some moisturizer on your finger and apply spots of the moisturiser directly on the face. Rub it in and massage your face with the finger tips. Massage at least for a minute. Choose a moisturiser that matches your skin type. An oily skin type may develop pimples if a dry skin type cream is applied on it, whereas, moisturizing for oily skin maybe too mild for dry skin. For dry skin, Pond’s cold cream gives good results and for oily and sensitive skin Nivea’s cream is best suited. Glycerin is a great moisturiser for any skin type and gives a glowing skin. You may also use gels such as Aloe Vera to hydrate your skin and keep it healthy.

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  1. Avoid using soap on your face. It contains harsh chemicals that affect your skin and imbalance the pH level
  2. Drink lots of water to have a clear skin. Water flushes out toxins and cleans your body internally.
  3. Use products that are gentle on your skin. Products that are made for sensitive skin may suit any skin type since they are low on chemicals.
  4. Stick to natural remedies as much as you can as they do not have any adverse effects.
  5. Have a routine and follow it twice a day.

Apart from these 4 steps, you can also use natural face packs like these and after having this wonderful pampering to your skin, please leave your comments in the section below.


11 ways to remove pimples in two days

We girls have a lot of problems to worry upon: social, emotional and physical. Social and emotional are still a task to handle; but when it comes to the physical part, we sure have the swarming alarms rising fastly!

If all the other problems are manageable, then while solving those, an awful tragedy happens to many: protruding pimples on the face! and the cause being the stress of solving those “other” problems! Duhh! and what it leads to? More stress.

Take a deep breath and think: is this trouble really worth your time and panic? NO.

Everyone desire clear and flawless skin. And you desire it too right? and its no harm wanting that!

So here, to help you overcome this unsolved and ever-growing tragedy of life, we will discuss the measures to remove these pimples off your face as soon as possible. Don’t panic; pimples are quite natural; everyone has it at some point or the other in life. If you are facing freckles on your face, check this. Don’t lower your smile or be depressed if you have these marks. Pimples are mainly caused due to the dust and oil glands of our skin and the everlasting Stress element of course!



You can follow some easy and effective tips to get rid of pimples easily and quickly without any mess.Before going to the procedure, follow these few basic rules to avoid pimples in just 2 days:

  • Drink water as much as you can.
  • Wash your face at least 10 times a day. Always remember to wash your face as soon as you enter your house.
  • Try to cover your face if you are in direct contact of sun and dirt.

Now let’s just look at the solutions to remove those awful pimples. Below are some homemade tips which are very effective. It will roll down the fastest results.

 1. THE LEMON AND HONEY REMEDY: Lemon and honey team up to be the best combination together for skin diseases. They not only works for pimples but also for allergies and other skin diseases. It speed up the heeling process of pimples to give you faster results.



Lemon and honey both contain antibacterial properties which help to fight against the bacteria causing pimples.

So, follow these steps to see the desired results:

  • Take a fresh lemon and cut it into half.
  • Squeeze it to apply the lemon juice on the affected area and let it be dry.
  • Now take some honey and put it on affected area and leave it for an hour or so.
  • Wash your face with lukewarm water and see the difference.


2. BABY POWDER AND ALOE VERA REMEDY: You heard it right. Baby powder is a good source to dry up the pimples. Follow these simple steps and see the results.

  • Firstly, wash your face and pet your face dry.
  • Now apply baby powder on the affected area and leave it for about 30 minutes.
  • Wash your face and then rub Aloe Vera on your face and let it be dry.
  • Wash your face again and see the difference.

TIP: This mixture will definitely help you gain some more nutrients for your face when applied for a decent amount of time.



TIP: If you have any kind of allergy from talc powder, use cornstarch instead of baby powder.


    • Firstly, make a paste of cinnamon and honey.
    • Now wash your face and pet it dry.
    • Apply mixture of cinnamon and honey on your face now.
    • Leave it overnight or as long as you can.
    • Wash your face the next day and see the magic.


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TIP: For the best results, use this mask overnight.

4. ICE CUBES FOR FAST RESULTS: For instant results to fuse your pimples, you can use ice cubes. Here is how:

    • First, take an ice cube and wrap it in a soft cloth.
    • Now, apply it all over your pimples and leave it for some time.
    • See the results instantly.





5. APPLY A PINCH OF TOOTHPASTE ON PIMPLES: It is the most easy and quite effective way to get rid of those ugly dots. If you don’t want to do any hard work and wants to avoid the mess, you should try this once:

  • Wash your face clean.
  • Take small amount of white toothpaste and apply it on your pimples.
  • Now the easiest and loved step: Go to bed and sleep well.
  • Next morning, your pimple will get dry.



6. BASIL LEAVES EXTRACT LIQUID: Liquid extract from basil leaves is another effective weapon to remove pimples.

  • Take some basil leaves and dip them in hot water for around 20 minutes.
  • Before going to bed, wash your face and apply this liquid on the affected are of your face using a cotton ball.
  • Leave it overnight and let it work.
  • Rinse in the morning and see the change.


7. ORANGE PEEL AND ORANGE JUICE: According to the doctors and dermatologist, Vitamin C and acidity present in an orange juice are the most effective elements to cure pimples.

  • Wash your face with lukewarm water and pet it dry.
  • Take some orange peels and gently rub it on your face
  • Now take a cotton ball and pour some orange juice over it.
  • Let it be dry for some time and wash it.



8. PAPAYA FOR PIMPLES: Papaya helps to remove dead skin and extra oil from the skin. It contains enzyme called papain which reduces inflammation. Here’s how to apply it:

  • Rinse your face firstly.
  • Mash some papaya to make it consistent and apply it to the skin.
  • Let it dry for 15 to 20 minutes and wash it off.
  • If your skin is dry, apply moisturizer to hydrate it.



9. RUB BANANA PEEL ON SKIN: Bananas are good for health, as we all know. But do you realize the power hidden in the banana peels? They are very good source for skin. Let us see the method to use it:

  • Peel the banana and rub the peel on the skin in circular direction to avoid redness of the skin.
  • Keep that peel for around 30 minutes on your skin and then, wash it off.




10. GARLIC PASTE: Garlic has a large amount of antibacterial property. Apply it every other day to see the fast results.

  • Take 2 -3 cloves of garlic and soak it in water for some hours.
  • Make a paste of it and apply it on the affected areas. (You can substitute it with the Aloe Vera gel)
  • Wash it after 20 minutes.



11. FRESH LEMON JUICE: Lemon juice contains bleaching agents. It could be used to lighten your body color. So, if you are applying lemon juice, make sure it is of fresh lemon not a bottled one.

  • Take a cotton ball and put some lemon juice over it
  • Tap the ball on the pimples.
  • Let it be dry for some time.
  • Wash it and see the results.



Pimple is the worst thing that could happen quite often in your teens but remember, whenever you touch your face; make sure your hands are washed well as dust is main reason to form pimples. So, to summarize it, these are some easy and truly effective tips to remove acne and its marks too. Besides these techniques, yoga is also a very good way to keep your skin mark-free. Check here how to perform yoga.
If you are not a pimple-victim, then too, you can use these tips to make your skin clean and pure. Some tips to keep in mind: Try not to stick makeup for a longer period. Take your sleep for the prescribed hours. Avoid taking much stress and lastly, do not go for plenty of medications.

Get rid of those spots girls; because you really are worthy of all the beauty and praises in the world!
We would be more than happy to hear from you, do leave the feedbacks in the comment section below.

The Best Hair Conditioners to Moisturize your Dry Hair this Winter

Winter is a very tough season for people with dry skin and dry hair. Dry hair needs extra care from the fall of winter till the end of it. The cold winds absorb the natural hair oil and make it excessively dry and frizzy. Now if your hair looks unimpressive, then you lose on your total look. We have to accept that hair largely complement our looks. Not only that, excessive dryness is capable of damaging our hair. The best and easiest way to prevent hair damage is to condition your hair. Oiling and shampooing your hair daily, may not be enough for complete nourishment of your hair. Plus, when you need to try new hairstyles with your long hair like these  or for short hair like these, you need to condition your hair well for the perfect look.

There are many conditioners available in the market which vows to bring back the natural softness to your hair. This post sums up some of the best conditioners available in the market. Take a look:


1) Tony and Guy Nourish Conditioner for dry hair

This hair conditioner may be slightly high priced but you are bound to be happy with it. It nourishes each hair stand from root to tip. It penetrates the hair fibre and locks in the moisture, thus revitalises dry and dull hair. So as a result you get shiny, smooth and manageable hair.



2) Garnier Fructis Fortified Cream Conditioner

I totally vouch for this conditioner.  Garnier has always come up with the best nourishing products for face and hair. The Garnier Fructis Cream conditioner has the goodness of fruit extract to nourish your hair naturally. If your hair is too dry, this conditioner will help to keep it moisturized throughout the day.




3) Neutrogena Triple Moisture Deep Hair musk

This hair mask is specifically manufactured to give your frizzy hair a relief from the rough cold winds. It smoothens the rough portion of the hair and gives each hair stand nourishment from the root. According to the hair experts, if you keep this mask for some time on your hair, the end result will be a beautiful and soft hair.




4) Tresemme Conditioner for dry hair

You will notice the difference from the first wash itself.  It effectively nourishes your hair from the first wash. So for quick and immediate result, Tresemme is the right choice.  If you want that shiny look for the party, condition your hair with Tresemme. It gives you the soft, supple and moisturised look with a diamond glow.




5) The Body Shop Rainforest Moisture Conditioner for Dry Hair

It effectively reduces dryness from your hair and moisturises it with care. It is enriched with pracaxi oil, manketti nut oil, babbasu oil and coconut oil. It also has community trade fair honey contained in it. Together, they give the effect of soft, shiny looking and damage free hair. It is a colour free and paraben free moisturizer.





6) Aveda Dry Remedy Moisturising Treatment Mask

If your hair is extremely unmanageable, then try this product. It moisturises your hair and soften it from the roots. It comes with gentle and light formula to give that extra soft and manageable effect to your hair.

If you want a daily conditioner which nourishes your hair with care, then include this conditioner in your toiletries.




7) Dove Nourishing Oil Care Daily Treatment Conditioner

It contains a very mild nutri oil which has 3x nourishing power to moisturize your dry and frizzy hair. Its mild yet powerful nourishing formula, provides deep moisture to hair and hair roots. If you have coloured or styled hair, then use Dove Nourishing Oil Care as it has an advanced repair and care formula to bring the moisture back into your hair.





There are plethora of hair care conditioners to choose from. But these above few listed are our favourites and has been voted among the best. They will keep your hair fresh and happy and if you are a constant dandruff victim, you should first check out this and then go for choosing the best conditioner here. So this winter season, you should have all the reasons to be happy for your hair girls!


If you think we have missed on any specific product or something, do let us know in the comment section below. Feedbacks and questions are always welcome!

Hairstyles For Long Hair… Easy & Quick

Are you the lucky one to be bestowed with long hair?? You must be thinking what is so amazing about this. Well, there is a lot that you can do with your long hair. There are many stunning hairstyles that will go perfect with long lengthen hair and make you look flawless. Even if it is an ordinary day, a simple change in your hairstyle can lend you with an extra-ordinary look. In addition, you can add few hair accessories if you are planning to go in any party or wedding. We bring a list of superb hairstyles that will suit your long hair in the most amazing way. Some of them are such which can be made within few minutes especially when you are running late for office and need some captivating look for your new day. The best part is that these are not only easy to be made but take least time of yours and also save the precious money being wasted on parlor.

  1. Easy To Go:

If you are the one who hates to wake up early and is skilled of getting everything ready at the last minute then this hair style will help you a lot. When properly assembled, this easy to go hairstyle is sure to look lovely. All you need is few bobbypins and the perfection to make it. Whether you are going for a professional meet or a casual one, it will give a trendy look.


  1. The Hunny Bun:

A graceful accumulation of hair in the form of bun will definitely turn all your friends jealous of your look. This is really quick and simple to be made. To lend it a perfect shape, you can take the help of a sock and tie it tight. Make sure to hairspray the bun for a shiny look and flaunt your rich looking hairstyle in the most beautiful way. So, are you ready? You will get praises for this hairstyle exclusively for long hair.


  1. A Wavy Look

Is it your first date with your beloved? Make it memorable forever and spread the magic of your appealing look on one and all. For all the ones with long straight hair, this wavy look hairstyle will lend you a distinct look altogether. Though little extra efforts are required to get such a superb hairstyle but your efforts will be worth it. Stylish and sleek are the compliments that walk hand in hand when you choose this hairstyle for yourself.


  1. Sleek & Silky

Look the best as much as you can! Whether you wear a sari or anything western, this sleek & silky hairstyle will accompany both. You just need to be peculiar about each step while doing it yourself. Begin with straightening, then section, twist and form a slight ponytail. Then wrap it to one another and pin it properly so that the proper look is visible and the actual grace can be revealed when you style in such a way.


  1. Tuck & Fold

Here comes one of the coolest hairstyle ever! Just like its name, this hairstyle involves of two steps only and that is: Tuck & Fold. You need to tuck your hair in the way given in the image and then make a smart fold so that the desired look can be acquired. This is an awesome hairstyle for your friend’s birthday party but also casual enough for any professional meeting at your office. So, for when have you kept this reserved for!


  1. The Wriggled Ponytail

Do you just want a slight change of look? Ponytail is loved by everyone and its wriggling style makes it look a little trendy. This wriggled ponytail hairstyle will be definitely loved by simple yet stylish girls and will lend you a slight twist in your look in the most decent way. Just mark a point that you pull this ponytail on the side of your face when you tie it. A boho look will accompany this hairstyle in the most appealing way.


  1. Half Tied & Half Opened

Straight or curled, both types of hair possessors can get this hairstyle done. This is very easy and takes only few seconds to be made. So, if you are running short of time to go to office or reach to family function, you can quickly go for this half tied & half opened hairstyle. You only need to tuck on two layers of your hair of both the sides and rest will be kept opened. Isn’t it a nice idea!!


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  1. The Knotted Pony

Once again for all those who are die heart loved of pony, here is a captivating hairstyle for your long hair. All you need to do is to gather your hair as you do while making a simple pony and then tie a knot to it inspite of any clutcher, rubber band or buckle. Make sure that you tie the knot properly to get the desired expression. A sober taste for the simplicity lovers!


  1. A Twisty Bun

In the hot summers, this twisty bun hairstyle will help you a lot. If you want the hair to be perfectly tied up and do not want them to fall of neck or shoulders then this hairstyle will be your first choice. It gives you a cute look altogether. Give a slight twist to your hair and then roll them into a bun style. Even if your wear a western attire or a sober traditional dress, a twisty bun hairstyle will rock your appearance. To add on, if you are going for swimming, such a style of yours can make you look stylish there as well and save your hair from getting wet.


  1. Sleeked Ponytail

Sleeked ponytail is such a hairstyle which is loved a lot by almost everyone in the fashion world. It is the first choice of every fashion loving girl who wants to look elegant but extra ordinarily. Even if you wear the simplest attire, this hairstyle will bestow you with an esteemed look. You can apply serum to give your long hair a shiny look.


  1. Weaved Style Low Ponytail

Again, for the one who love tied hair instead of opened, the combination of weaving style with a ponytail is definitely amazing. The ponytail is tied on the low height and hair flicks are left on both the sides for give a weaving session at the back side which rolls around the pony. You need to keep in mind that your hair should not be washed on the same day else hair won’t hold weaving properly. A happy-go lucky style!


  1. Ponytail with Braid

Are you confused, what to choose; a braid or a ponytail? Both are your favorite!! Then, go with both of them. Given below is an awesome example of a ponytail with braid hairstyle and it looks simply wow. A cute band highlighted with any accessory can add to its overall look. If you have been wishing to get a girlish look, then this is the right choice. You can also add any flower or ribbon to beautify it.


  1. Twice Twisted Chignon

Though this looks quite complicated to be made, but if you follow the correct technique, it is easy. You need to hold your hair firmly while you pass the chignon twice. Keep a beautiful hair pin ready to tuck as soon as the twice twisted chignon is made. Even flowers and bow will bring out its beauty to the maximum. This hairstyle is an appealing way to flaunt during any wedding or party day.


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  1. The Hair Bow Style

This is also one of the unique hairstyles which will make you stand out in the crowd. Distinct to that of the above one, half hair is kept open and with the rest of the half, bow is prepared. It looks as if any artificial hair bow pin is attached to your hair, so you can imagine how captivating it looks. Cute but catchy are the two best words to define its look.


Though there are many other lovely hairstyles for long hair but these were few of those which you can quickly make by yourself and add a twist and change in your look. No one can judge that it is not made by a parlor type professional. You will definitely receive endless words of compliments for your new talent when you go with any of these hairstyles. So, have you decided which one to adore for which occasion? Do let us know about the reviews that you earned when got ready with any of the above, your new thoughts and ideas are also heartedly welcome.




How To Go Away With Dark Lips Through Gifts Of Nature ?

Lips… Lips… Lovely Lips!!

Soft and pink lips are the dream of every woman! Why not! After all, it adds a lot to her beauty and grace thereby making her smile as the most beautiful smile in the world. But with the changing time and hectic schedule, the problem of pigmentation and having black lips has also increased. There are various reasons behind it like: surplus consumption of tea and coffee, excess vulnerability to sun, attitude of negligence, improper care etc. Apart from these, one of the major reasons of having black lips is the habit of smoking. So, if you have any such habit or are not paying required attention towards your lips care, then it is high time to start caring about the same. Using costly lip balms or scrubs are not a good idea especially when it is about lightening the lips and polishing off pigmentation rather try to make the best use of nature. There are many natural gifts of Almighty that works wonder if you know the proper use of them. So, here we bring for you such wondrous ways that will leave you amazed.

Check out some informational tips and ideas that will be a great help to you in alleviating dark lips and that without any sort of side effects:

1. Lemon Honey Lip Serum:


An excellent home remedy to lighten the tanning over your lips! Here is a simple and quick process: Squeeze a fresh lemon juice in a bowl and mix some honey to it. The lemon honey serum is ready for use. Apply this over your lips for a period of one hour and when the time is over clean it with a soft wet piece of cloth. Now how does it work? Lemon is a citrus fruit which is capable to alleviate the tan and honey nurtures the lips to give them a pinkish look. You can apply this without any limitation of number of times to say good bye to the problem of pigmentation and tanning. If you are a busy person and cannot spare much of time, you can prepare this serum and keep in the refrigerator which can be used for a week time but not more than that. So, isn’t it a superb idea that can be prepared at home? At least, give a try.

2. Sleep With Glycerin:


There are many reasons behind the darkening of lips which cause pigmentation and few of them are: Excess exposure to sun, dryness, not properly maintained and taken care of etc. So, spare few seconds out of your busy schedule and take proper care of your lips. Here is a simple way out through which you can overcome the darkness of your lips and all you need to do is to apply glycerin on your lips. You can do this by your finger (make sure you wash your hands properly for this) or by cotton bud before you jump to your bed at night. Do this regularly and see the change. You must be thinking, how glycerin works? Let us tell you, glycerin contains plentiful of moisture within it and when applied on the lips it leaves it moisturizing feature on the lips thereby removing dryness, which is the main reason behind dark lips. Another awesome idea to get natural pink lips!

3. Keep Your Body Hydrated:


We are lucky to be bestowed with a healthy body by the Almighty and thus taking care of it so that it can remain healthy forever is completely our responsibility. Every parts of the body have direct connection with each other and so if we eat and drink healthy, overall body is sure to remain healthy. Drinking sufficient water also plays an important role. It not only glorifies the skin but also assist us in attaining beautiful lips. Hence, make it a habit to drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water daily. This will help you in many other ways too apart from preventing dehydration which is one of the causes of dark lips.

4. A Beetroot Slice:


Right from the grocery section of your kitchen, here is an amazing home remedy which has not fallouts but a lot of benefits. What needs to be done is to cut a slice of beetroot and store it in your refrigerator for some time. Now when you are ready to spend some minutes on your lip care, take out the slice and gently massage it over your lips. While massaging, you will notice that the juice of beetroot will hydrate your lips. You can even do this while watching T.V. or talking to someone. You don’t need a particular time table to be followed. This will not only assuage the darkness and tanning from your lips but will also color them pink. In addition, beetroot is also considered very healthy for the body as well. So, one idea with numerous benefits! Mind you, that you need to do this regularly for desired results.

5. Check Your Lip Products:


Are you fed up of the crumby and allergic lip balms that are helping you in no ways rather increasing the problem of your dark lips? Then, what are you waiting for? Kick all of them hard; out of your house and introduce natural way of caring your lips. Do not ever try local branded products instead you can use soft herbal lip balm. Though, they are friendly to your pocket but hazardous for you. The best idea is to pull fresh pulp of fruits and apply them like lip balm. All the damage caused due to sun tan will be repaired soon and the trouble of pigmentation will also disappear. So, add fruits to your regular diet and use them as fresh lip balms.

6. Almond Oil:

Are you ready to hit the bed? Wait, just a second! Quickly pick up your almond oil bottle and pour few drops of it on your palm. Apply some almond oil on your lips with the help of finger. Make sure your hands are thoroughly cleaned. Almond oil is such an oil which is considered excellent for good hair, rich skin and even for the muscles (used in massaging). When applied on lips, almond oil remove the darkening of lips and also make them soft. So, use it regularly and experience the magic!

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7. Cucumber Juice:

Do you love cucumber so much that you never forget it to include in your daily salad? Then, you are sure to love it more. The cooling property of cucumber works wonder when applied over the lips. All you need to do is to grate cucumber and squeeze its juice in a bowl. Then gently mask your lips with it and after an hour or so, wash it. It will assuage darkening of lips and also remove dryness thereby adding hydrating them.

  1. Rose Leaves:

Rose… The first choice of every woman on floral shop! The fragrance and soothing color of rose makes you fall in love with it again and again. Take some fresh leaves of rose flower and pluck its leaves. Now crush those leaves properly and also mix little honey to it. The natural lip lotion is ready to be applied. Keep it on your leaves for about ten to fifteen minutes and after that remove it from a moist cotton ball. In case, if you are struggling with pigmented leaves, then also add one teaspoon of milk powder o this rose and honey mixture and see how the magic works. The magic of rose turns your lips pinkish and honey and milk powder helps in lightening the dark color of your lips.

  1. Aloe Vera Gel:

This is a quick home remedy to lighten and brighten your lips. Pull out some fresh aloe vera gel and apply it for hydrated lips. Especially, when you have an urgency to go out in sun and do not want to harm your lips because of it, then applying aloe vera gel will work in the best way. It does not let harsh sun rays adversely impact your lips. So, make a habit to mask aloe vera gel before you step out of your place in hot sun. Sounds easy, isn’t it? Do share it with your friends too and become the beauty queen of your group.

  1. Balm of Your Own:

As you know, lemon is bestowed with natural bleaching elements and so assists smartly in getting rid of dark lips through the natural means. When lemon is accompanied by honey it is sure to create wondrous effect. Go through this two minutes process and create a lemon balm of your own. Take a small bowl and integrate one teaspoon of lemon and honey, both. Also, add about half a teaspoon of castor oil to it and mix them properly. Now before you get lost in your lovely dreams at night, mask your lips with your own created balm. Lips will absorb the same during the night. For desired results, do not miss this remedy even a single day in a period of fortnight.

  1. Flax Seed Oil:

Gain the lost beauty soon!

Flax seed oil is robust in possessing fatty acids along with nurturing properties too. It has the ability to diffuse in the deep tissues of your lips thereby repairing them and turning them very soft and bland. So, all that needs to be done is to softly apply flax oil over your lips for some hours (best would be during night) and leave it as it is. Do apply it regularly and see how your lips change into the most beautiful ones. A work done with sincere dedication gets the best prize, after all!

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  • Always carry a herbal lip balm with you and keep applying it oftentimes. This will reduce the dryness gradually thereby making them hydrated.
  • Choose any good oil that is rich in Vitamin E and mask it over your lips before you go to bed at night. You can even try for small capsules that are easily available in the chemist shop. Vitamin E is a great source of moisture. In morning, you will wake up with softer lips.
  • Avoid mouth breathing even in fun because it speedily dries up your lips and cause further problems like pigmentation.
  • Before you put a coat of lipstick, make sure that you apply any qualitative herbal lip gloss so that they had moisture to your lips and do not let dryness impact them which is caused due to lipstick. Avoid using matte lipstick as they make you lips drier.
  • Do not prefer dark colors of lipsticks as they pull out the natural pinkness and cause pigmentation. Use only branded lipsticks and those ones which are soft or transparent shades.
  • Avoid the use of chlorinated water because it is the primary cause of pigmentation over your lips. So, drink water which is free from chlorine.
  • Do not worry at all about the hyper pigmentation induced because of pregnancy or any sort of illness as they will disappear within the passage of time.
  • These were some fabulous home remedies along with some do’s and don’ts which will be a major help to you in attaining soft and radiant lips. Hope you appreciate our efforts. Also comment and let us know how do you take care of your lips and what home remedy has turned to be a magical trick for you.
  • If you are habitual of biting your lips every now and then, it’s high time to stop doing this. The reason is that biting your lips continuously or even normally takes away all the moisture from your lips and result to pigmentation and waterlessness.
  • Followed by the previous one, Say a big NO to the habit of licking your lips as well and the reason stays the same.

What products or remedies are you using to get rid of Dark lips. Please comment and share.

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41 Makeup Products To Accompany You In The Best Way

There has never been a woman who doesn’t wish to look good. In ages ago there were a lot many natural elements that helped the woman of that time to get pretty and flawless skin. However, the time has changed and with passing decades those natural elements have somehow lost. But no matter what, the urge of having mesmerizing look is irreplaceable. Therefore in the present time, man has invented brilliant make up products to personify the angelic beauty. Makeup is undoubtedly listed on the top as one of the mad loves of every lady. After all, it deserves to be, because there cannot be anything better that can enhance and glorify your appearance within no time. It is one effective solution to combat all your skin imperfections. Right from blemishes to acne, dark spots to skin redness; there are no such problems that cannot be concealed with it.

There are some people who resist using make up products. If you are one of them who think that continuous use of make-up ruins and dries your skin, reconsider, because it is not always true. With the genuine product that suits your skin type appropriately you can get that angelic look without any worries.

However it could be a bit tricky to choose the idle product. Not every product proves to be the best in terms of delivering the quality especially worth the price. Hence, we have listed some of the most trending and effective make up products, for which we hope that they will surely contribute a lot in easing your task of making a choice and will also help you to pick out the most beneficial product which impart you with the desired results as soon as possible.




Do you want to get rid of those unpleasing blemishes? Well, then here is an amazing iteming that you should immediately add to your make up kit. Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant is a cleanser that shows its impact even on the most delicate skin and that too very efficaciously. It removes all sorts of impurities from the skin from deep inside the pores thereby making you feel rejuvenated. All in all, say good bye to all the annoying blemishes and acne forever.



Dry and cracked lips are a nightmare for every girl. A lips exfoliator can be a sure shot way to rescue this problem. One such exfoliator is; Bliss Fabulips Sugar Lip Scrub. It is made up of walnut, almonds and sugar. It has a high butter content that nourishes your lips and softens them. The best part is that it is not at all harsh to the sensitive lip skin. To add on, other than softening your lips it also gives your lips, a moisturized & polished appearance.

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A fabulous concealer is the stark factor required to give the perfect blend for a toned and spotless skin. PeauBeaute “ocher” is a creamy concealer that melds in the skin very well and give an even tone and radiating skin. Investing in this concealer can be the best deal to get a sharp and elegant base for your make up. We are sure that you would never want to miss that ‘special look’!



Oil patches and unevenly toned makeup can be big disaster. But don’t worry; you would not need to face this disaster if you use NYX cosmetics makeup setting spray. To use it, you just need to spray it over your face once and your make up is been done. Surprising, isn’t it? But yes it work so well that at one shot it bestows you with It provides sheer perfection. It will help in keeping the make-up intact and avoid patches on the skin. It also provides a matte finish to the overall look which is simple yet very stylish in its own way. Get ready to turn to an everlasting beauty!

So now while dancing on occasions and in parties, you do not need to worry about your makeup and can enjoy care free.



A bad hair day is a thing that no girl wants to deal with, at any point of time in her life. It could be so annoying to wake up early to style those frizzy strands and then running late to the place where you have to reach on time. However, with a suitable shampoo you would not need to worry about this issue anymore. We recommend you Kerastase Cristalliste Bain Cristal Luminous Perfecting Shampoo. This shampoo does not contain any amount of silicon and appropriately suit feather like hair. It gives the hair a bouncy and smooth texture. Also, if you have long length hair but they are crimped, then you nothing can serve you better other than this shampoo. The reason behind is that it liberates your lengths from get curled and cause them to appear beautiful and nourished like never before. The best part about this make up product is that, this shampoo can also be used by men.



Optimized is a hydrating mist and an Anti-Aging agent. It is used as a cleanser and nourishing agent by a lot of professionals. This is because it is the best product to detoxify and nourish the skin. It is not only an effective product to remove face impurities but can also be used as a hair cleaner. Besides that, it also improves hair growth too. To get the best outcome it should be used as a foundation which can be prepared by mixing it with purified water.



Garnier is itself a renowned brand and there could not be anything better than this. Garnier Skin Renew Anti-Puff Eye Roller Gel is a perfect idea to get away from those swelled up panda eyes. All you would need to do is to roll the eye roller gel under and around the eye. Do it very gently and delicately as this movement helps to enhance the blood circulation in that area. Thus it treats dark circles and puffiness around the eyes and leaves you with radiant and shinier eyes.



Colored and highlighted strands look beautiful. Nevertheless the color fades away very rapidly, especially if you do not use the suitable shampoo and conditioner. Most of the shampoos prove to be harsh on the painted stands and thus make the lengths rough and frizzy too.We recommend you to use Pureology Reviving Red Shampoo 8.5oz & Conditioner. It is a distilled and sulphate free formula which not only protects your hair color from withering off but also refills the cuticles with layers of lipid that gives your hair strands a vibrant and shiny appearance.



Eyeshadows are tricky to use. It needs a professional hand to perfectly blend those variant colors together on your eye and give them an ace look. However with Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion, you can get that look easily by yourself. It is such an eyeshadow make up product that adds an elusive luster to eyes and makes them glow and gleam.

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Vacations are the time to be carefree and enjoy in the best mood. Who does not wish to flaunt with hair full of bounce; so why not to give your hair the same expression and click some amazing pics to make holidays memorable? Are you ready for that captivating cult look? If yes, all you would need to do to is, to spray Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray on moist hair and comb it after your hair gets dry. It will give your hair a bouncy and vibrant texture which you will love a lot.



A good hair brush plays an important role in maintaining texture of your hair. Tangle Teezer is an amazing hairbrush. It is widely used by professionals to detangle all hair types, whether they are rough, smooth, wet or dry. In addition, it also massages your scalp and gives a refreshing experience that you will cherish forever.



There are a lot of moisturizing lotions available in the market and to choose the best one can be a brain storming job. But you do not need to worry because here we come with an idea which will make your work easy. DDF Weightless Defense Oil-Free Hydrator is something that you have been looking for, since long. It is the best hydrating lotion, light in weight and lasts for a longer time. It is a non comedogenic formula which protects the skin from UV rays and moisturizes the skin well. Nevertheless it doesn’t block the pores of skin.



Kiehl’s Skin Rescuer Stress – Minimizing Daily Hydrator is a hydrating moisturizer that prevents facial discomforts like irritation and redness. It is an ideal product to be applied on sensitive skin because it is very smooth and tender in texture, when applied on the skin. It is a sure shot way to get a complete protection for your skin from dryness and wrinkles.



The Philosophy Microdelivery Purifying Peel One-Minute Purifying Enzyme is an exfoliator that smoothens and cleanses the skin thereby bestowing a ravishing glow. To add on, it is also effective in repressing fine lines and visible wrinkles on the face. It is an excellent make up product that ameliorates the overall texture of the skin and brightens the tone.



Beautiful nails are one important aspect of a presentable personality. But in the everyday routine; it becomes difficult to keep a pace with manicure appointments on regular intervals. However, with Nailtiques Nail Protein Formula 2 Plus, this problem can be resolved forever. It treats all the issues like: excessive softness of nail enamel, inordinate peeling and ridgelines in the nail. It instantly starts working on it and rebound any sort of splits and peels. Nonetheless this make up product also gives strength to the nail enamel and nourish them so that they can grow longer and stronger.



Schwarzkopf Professional Osis+ Session Label Dust It Flex is a product which is highly recommended by a lot of professional hair stylists. It gives your hair a voluminous and matt impression. It is not at all sticky and oily and doesn’t make your hair look greasy. Instead, it adds a bounce in the hair and makes it easy for you to style them in whichever way it may suit you. This make up product can be easily applied and polished off without any hardships and clumsiness.



A secret behind every glorifying face is for sure a perfect make up brush and mousse. However, it can be really difficult at the time when you have to select the correct one. The New Revlon Photo-ready Airbrush Mousse Makeup helps in providing an airbrushed finesse to the make-up. It provides a smooth texture to the face and evens the tone. Besides this, it does not contain any oil or fragrance thus minimizing the chances of side effects.



At some or the other point of time we all have experienced the pain caused by shoe bites but not any further because we have got a remedy to permanently demolish this problem. Application of Band-Aid Friction Blister Block Stick reduces the friction caused between the feet and foot wears. All that needs to be done is to apply make-up lubricant that prevents the surfaces from rubbing together and hence protecting from awful shoe bites.

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For ages, Coconut oil has been proved to be the best solution for all types of hair problem. Trader Joe’s Organic Virgin Coconut Oil is an effective coconut oil derived from the top quality coconut’s extract. It has the modest flavor and possesses all the qualities of coconut that are essential to nourish and moisturize hair and scalp.



Vincent Longo Lip and Cheek Gel Stain offers a wide variety of lip colors that can satisfy everyone’s choice. Besides the beautiful and vibrant range of colors it also promises to nurture the skin lips. This product does not require high maintenance and is very effective. It provides gentle texture and is resistant to water. This is such a makeup product that lasts for a longer time and provides an even color tone. Hence it is an awesome product which is totally worth every penny you spend for it.



Long and lovely eyelashes can make anyone’s eyes set upon you. Do you too crave to get such dense and beautiful eyelashes? Here is an enormous resolution to make your wish come true. The Sephora Collection Celebrity Lash Trio is a pack of eyelash enhancements which perfectly fits above the original lashes and makes them look denser and blacker. If you are looking to add some more grace, apply kohl pencil in such a way that it imparts a smoky eye shadow look to make your eyes more appealing.



Being a working woman and managing beauty along with it turns out to be a real hassle at times. When you need to manage everything; right from home to office, it is obviously difficult to take out some spare time to pamper yourself. Thus in such restricted timelines one cannot even think of applying makeup. But that doesn’t imply that you need to let go of your skin health and look. Therefore we have something amazing for you in store and that is Stila One Step Correct make up product. It is a serum that can give your skin a perfect ravishing shine instantly. It also effectively covers up all the spots and blemishes and bestows you with a flawless look immediately.



Origins Clean Energy Gentle Cleansing Oil is a lightweight cleanser that takes all the dirt particles out of the skin pores which are hidden deep inside. Now, how does it work? It works without damaging the lipid layer of the skin. It is made up of zest of all natural substances namely, lemon, grapefruit and orange. Besides cleaning, the skin it also helps to heal skin irritation and redness.



Maybelline New York Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circles Treatment Concealer has been leavened to brighten the area around the eyes. It also helps in reducing fine lines and slushiness. Thus making the eyes look more elegant. So do you want to get rid of those sleepy swollen eyes? Then go and get this incredible concealer soon and experience the magic.



As the name speaks; Jonathon Product Dirt Texturizing Paste is a paste or pack which works as an excellent exfoliator. It is a water based paste that is not at all oily and greasy. It does not stick to the skin and does not create any mess after use. It provides a beaming and flawless skin after use.



On occasions where lipsticks can be too vibrant to use, lip balms work just appropriately. Revlon ColorBurst Balm Stain is one such lip balm that provides your lips a blossomy and fruity appearance. Along with this, it moisturizes your lips to the core and makes them very smooth and soft. The best part is that, it is available in ten thrilling colors and shades and so lends you a variety to choose from.



The best Eyeshadows are the one such make up product that blends well with the texture of skin thereby making you look stunning. Hence, MAC Eyeshadow Matte Saddle proves to be the best because it evenly spreads over the skin and results to a perfectly decorated eye. You are sure to make others fall in love with your eyes!


CeraVe Foaming Facial Cleanser helps in removing the oil and dirt particles from the skin. In addition, it also prevents the skin from being too greasy or too dry. It does not have a smell of its own. Unlike many cleansers it has a very smoothening element within it which tenders the skin deeply and doesn’t make it tight and rough. Moreover, it can also be used to dispatch make up.



Seaweed Mattifying Day Cream is a cream for everyday use. It nourishes, glorifies and protects your skin from various skin related problems. It also acts as an effective matte base for make-up and makes its application easier and helps in keeping it intact. It is a light in weight, non-oily and non-sticky product and can provide you a refreshing look for the whole day.



Maybelline Baby Lips Moisturizing Lip Balm Quenched SPF 20 is one of the most trending and demanded product. This is all because of its qualities and availability of wide range of shades. It is water proof, extremely glossy and cushy which lasts for long eight hours. It not only nurtures the lips but also renews the damaged lips to make them soft and tender.



It happens with most of the people that the nail polish starts peeling off within a day of its application and it looks very annoying. Thus we have got a perfect solution to resolve it. Orly Bonder Rubberized Nail Base Coat is a tremendously effective base coat that keeps the color intact with the surface of the nail and marks the lacquer last for a longer time. And when we say for a longer time, it means that it can make your nail stay on your nails at least for two weeks. Sounds surprising, isn’t it? But, yes it works that good!



Smashbox is a wrap makeup remover; It is very effective in dispatching the make-up from every part of the face whether eyelids or lips. It gently takes off even the long lasting waterproof make up and is not at all harsh to the skin. It does not cause any sort of irritation or redness after use, rather leaves that skin much softer than before. Such is the magic of this makeup product.



Tweezerman LTD Mini Slant and Point Tweezer Set provides you everything that makes a tweezer worth it. It is available in pocket sizes and has hand filed tips that helps in griping every single hair. Also because of its small size you can carry it in your purses or bags at time of trips and travels and enjoy doing makeup wherever and whenever you wish to.



Beeswax Hand and Nail Salve is a naturally occurring salve. It contains by-products such as vitamin E, olive oil and organic beeswax. It has been testified as an effective moisturizer for dry and cracked skin. It fathoms straight into the cuticles and repairs the skin from deep within thereby starts healing it instantly. Apart from nails it can also be used over the elbow skin and cracked feet.



If you have bleached your hair with the perhaps faintest shade of color and want to add some denseness to your strands then this is the best make up product for you. Virgin Snow Hair Color is a hair color that comes in a just open-mix-and use packaging. It is present in various vibrant shades of color and can be used as beautiful highlights for dark hair.



Invisible zinc Environmental Skin Protector is a product that prevents our skin from being affected by hazardoussun’s UV rays. Also, it restricts pollutants to get into our skin pores thereby getting the skin from getting damaged.



If you are troubled because of eye irritation caused as the result of continuous working on laptops or cell phones, then here is something that can put you to relief. Rohto Cool Redness Relief is combination of mild acids such as amino acids and hyaluronic acid. It helps to moisturize the eyeball and nurture them which imparts a quick ease and prevents from further dryness or irritation.



Gloves in a Bottle 80995 Shielding Lotion, is a body moisturizer that shields the skin from being infected by impurities and also helps in its prevention from UV radiations. It is a waterproof product and thus gives protection for longer hours. So, whenever you step out in the sun, don’t forget to apply it in prior.



Is your hair too oily and greasy? If yes, then this dry shampoo named as Rusk Deep Shine Color Care Invisible Dry Shampoo Spray is particularly a superb solution for you. This shampoo imbibes all the stickiness and leaves your hair clean and shiny. Also, if you are very peculiar to choose shampoos because you have your hair colored then consider this one. It can be a good choice as it does not rinse the color and enables it to last for a longer time.



DHC Mineral Mask is a purifying mask that helps to withdraw impureness from the skin. It makes the skin very refreshing and stripped. Nevertheless, it also conditions and softens the texture of the skin hence resulting in a vibrant and glowing complexion. After all, who does not wish to have such a lovely skin!



As the name says, Dr. Brandt® blemishes no more® oil-free hydrator is a purifier that helps in eliminating blemishes and acne from the face. This is because, it consists of vital oils that are naturally the best ailment to battle impurities and removing dead cells that gives birth to blemishes and other related problems. Besides this, it is not a very convenient to use as well as it comes in a new tube packaging and spreads mild fragrance.

Every woman dreams to look like a princess of the eve and catch attention of one and all around. Well, now that you have a complete list of the most promising make up products and brands we are sure that next time whenever you will get ready for any occasion, you will mesmerize everyone with your look and glow. Don’t forget to let us know which product suited you the best. We hope that we proved to be a little help to you. Comment and share your views.

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Amazing benefits of neem shampoo for dandruff


Let’s grasp some technical and interesting information first: The word “Shampoo” is derived from a Hindi word “Champo” and in English it is called “Shampoo” and it was first delivered into markets in 1762.

In ancient times, Indian people used variety of herbs to clean their hair and “Gooseberry” is also used to clean hair like aamla, shikakai etc to make hair healthy, strong, shiny and thick.
According to the ideal definition: “Shampoo” is a hair product which is used to clean and nurture hair and it is basically in liquid form. Shampoo provides leather in hair.

The exciting things we will explore in this article are the “secrets” about shampoo which you can never think a shampoo can have.


Ingredients in a Shampoo: Shampoo is mainly made by “Surfactant”, most often “Sodium lauryl sulfate” and “Sodium laureth sulfate”. Shampoo contains sulfate in high amount which is quite irritating. Less irritating shampoos are also available in market especially for children and such type of shampoos contain less amount of sulfate and a good ratio of “Organic Product”. Some other ingredients are also added to shampoos to maximize some qualities like:



  • Making foam
  • Easy to rinse
  • Minimum eye irritation
  • Attractive fragrance
  • Less toxic
  • Less acidity
  • No damage to hair
  • Less dryness
  • Fresh feeling

Some of the commonly used ingredients in shampoos are:

  • Ammonium chloride
  • Ammonium lauryl sulfate
  • Glycol
  • Sodium laureth sulfate: It is made from “Coconut” oil yaw! You heard it right: coconut oil. It is used to form leather easily.
  • Sodium lauryl sulfate.
  • Sodium lauroamphoacetate: It is used to make shampoo less irritable.
  • Polysorbate 20: Used to spread equally in hair and form leather.
  • Polysorbate 80: Used to remove oil from hair which is the main motto of a “Shampoo”.
  • Citric acid: It is used to balance the PH level of “Shampoo” because if PH value will be less or more than required; hair could get rough. “Lemon” is good for hair and it contains a higher amount of “Citric acid” to make your hair healthy and shiny. You can also use lemon directly on your hair for brilliant results. You can check more benefits of it from Google.
  • Quaternium-15: It is used to remove fungus and bacteria from hair.

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Specialized shampoo: Some specialized shampoos; specific for different kinds of hair and hair problems are also available in market and here are some categories:


  • Dandruff: Some shampoos are available in markets which are specialized for Dandruff removal. These shampoos contain fungicides like ketoconazole, zinc pyrithione and selenium sulfide which reduces the bacteria of “Dandruff”.
  • Colored hair: Many companies also launched color-protection shampoo’s which contains gentle “cleansers” that keeps the color stay longer in hair and doesn’t leave the hair harsh.
  • Gluten-Free and Wheat-Free: Some people have “Eczema” and some have allergy from Gluten and Wheat. Shampoos can accidently go into the mouth, especially with the children, you need to take special care. So, people with such type of problems can use “Gluten and Wheat free” Shampoos.
  • All natural: If you are slightly possessive about your hair and afraid to use such shampoos that contain chemicals; you can use shampoos made up from all natural products like (plant extract or oil).
  • Baby: Looking out by name, you can visualize that this type of “Shampoos” are usually for babies and they are irritation free. A very popular brand Johnson’s baby really kicked it right with their tagline: “No more tears”. They have minimum PH value which result in less dilution and it is almost irritation free.
  • Animal: These type of shampoos are specialized for Animal use. In India, we realize that most of the people use the same shampoo for animals which they use for themselves. Animals have different kind of body structure and logically, if their food is different from humans, then why are their shampoos the same? The type of shampoo for animals contain special chemicals which contain insecticides and pesticides. So if you have a pet in your house, do take care of its personal health as much as you take care of its food.

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Firstly, let us tell you the importance of “Neem”. Our ancestors used to tell us the importance of “Neem” but by using it, you will too feel the difference. “Neem” is not only good for hair but it is beneficial for our skin also and those who have skin problems knows it well.

There are so many home remedies of raw “Neem” which you can search but in this busy schedule no one have time to do all that searching. You can easily buy any neem product from market and see the difference yourself.



Neem is a very good ingredient to remove dandruff from scalp. Neem contains ingredients which helps to get rid of scalp problems like dandruff, head lice and dry scalp. Neem oil is good for scalp as well as skin diseases; especially for acne.


  • Neem shampoo is best for scalp problems.
  • Neem shampoo makes your hair shiner and thicker.
  • Neem shampoo is also known as anti-lice shampoo.
  • If you are facing hair problems like hair loss and premature graying, then you should try Neem shampoo it will definitely work.
  • You can also use Neem oil with Neem shampoo for better results.
  • The best part about Neem shampoo is that it is totally safe and doesn’t have any side effects.


We know that you are still in a confusion on the way to use this “not-so-common” shampoo so here are some instructions to rely upon before using Neem Shampoo:

  • First, take sufficient amount of Shampoo in your hands, rub it on your head using your palm.
  • Leave it for five minutes and rinse it thoroughly.

How Neem is beneficial to reduce Dandruff ?

Neem is a plant which is used as an Ayurveda medicine from generations. It is beneficial for skin diseases, dandruff and some diabetic issues also.

It is an evergreen tree which is used for its medicinal properties in 30 international locations of the world.



  • Bacterial removal
  • Fungal removal
  • Inflammatory removal

Neem extract is used in so many products like bathing soap, brands of shampoo, toothpaste and lotions.

Neem is basically a solution to almost every problem we face nowadays.

Dandruff is formed by the useless skin cells of scalp. It may lead to itching and redness of scalp.

It can also be an embarrassment many a times. Here are varieties of ways to get rid of dandruff from neem leaves:

Purified Neem H2o: As per the heading, you can take some Neem leaves and mix it with water and boil it till solution gets thick. Now, cool down the solution and rinse hair from it and you will see the difference.

Neem hair conditioner: Take some neem leaves and boil it to make it thicker; now make a paste and add honey to it and use it as a natural conditioner.

Neem and Fenugreek Seeds Paste: Fenugreek seeds also have anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.

Soak some Fenugreek seeds in water for 2-3 hours and make a paste of it along with neem and use it on your scalp to get rid of dandruff.


Organic Shampoos are slightly costly but when it is about our hair, quality matters isn’t it? By using Organic Shampoos, your hair becomes soft and silky and it reduces the bad effect of the harsh chemical products you used steadily. Traditional products are easy and cheaper to buy but leaves bad effect on your hair. So use “Organic Shampoos” and feel safe.


Benefits of Organic Shampoo:

Organic shampoo contains the Organic ingredients like “Tea tree” which we discussed already and from ancient time benefits of Tea tree are well known. Tea tree is best to treat dandruff, burns and blisters. Tea tree contains antiseptic quality which is used to kill bacteria in hair.


If you want PERFECT hair, you should try natural Shampoos. Natural Shampoo is made at home and it is inexpensive. You can make it from ingredients which are easily available in your kitchen. And neem is the natural ingredient which can be used frequently as a natural shampoo to treat and care your hair well.




These type of Shampoos are safe for all type of hair. I know they take time to prepare but after using it, the wait would be worth and you will see the difference.

Before making natural shampoos on your own, please read the ingredients and method twice before applying on your scalp.


Here are some tips to get “Over” the problem which you faced thoroughly.

  • Be sure you trim your hair regularly.
  • Use shampoo wisely; as less as you can(maximum thrice in a week)
  • Avoid using heating elements like curl, flat, blow drier etc)
  • Try to massage your hair once in a week with a tbsp of “Olive oil”.
  • Use coconut oil in your hair.



“Hair” is one thing that is most important for everyone as it adds up a crown of beauty on a person. Most of the people become victims of Hair thinning; may it be men or women. The main reason of hair thinning is hair loss and it had been shown in a survey that 40% women are victims of hair thinning.

But have you wondered the main reason of Hair loss? It is the improper diet, hormonal changes and due to hard water that the hair gets thinner.

Want to know the method to get rid of it? Sure. The basic rule is; to find the reason of hair loss and try to get over it. Or you can use some home remedies to stop “Hair loss” and make your “Hair Thicker”:

Hair loss is normal if you lose some strands of hair daily, but if it is more than the normal hair fall, it is quite abnormal! And you need to worry about that! Scientifically speaking, the main reason behind hair loss is alopecia, Malnutrition, accumulation of toxics, lack of moisture etc.

If you are looking for the best home remedy then believe us, you will not find any ingredient better than the “Neem”. Plus, it is the most affordable and easy to locate plant you could find near every alternate house.

Neem is used since years to treat skin problems. The anti-microbial and blood purifying properties of Neem address the root cause of hair loss. Neem can make your hair much more strong than they are.


Additional benefits of neem:

  • Prevents premature graying
  • Removes head lice
  • Treats the itchy scalp
  • Reduce the redness / inflammation of scalp
  • Treats infections in the scalp

Neem is best way to treat all hair problems so try it once. It will definitely works. So girls, show off the perfect hair you always wished! Good luck.




Mandatory Hair Care Tips For Your Rebonded Hair

It is a great feeling to see your straight hair really manageable even when you wake up from the sleep. All thanks to the modernization technology who have bestowed us with the option of Rebonding. If we go in a little flash back before twelve to fifteen years, no one among us would have ever thought about anything like this. It has come like a boon to all the ones who always wished for straight hair with no management required. Hair re-bonding has become one of the most preferred choices of every girl or woman. After all, who does not want to look stunningly beautiful? The hair has to go through a chemical procedure to get rebonded. It not only looks amazing but lasts for a good long time as well.

Rebonded hair demands much more care and attention than your natural hair. It is due to the usage of chemicals over hair to get them rebounded, which further makes your hair brickle and sensitive. In order to protect your hair from getting harm, it becomes important to nurture them with regular maintenance and protection else you are going to face a big time loss. Now the question is how to take proper care of hair after rebonding so that they not only look appealing but also stay healthy always.

The Process of Rebonding:

To begin with, a chemical formula is applied on your hair to break the bonds of your hair and then again those bonds are reconstituted with the help of chemicals. This breaks the persisting curly bonds to straighten the hair and as soon as hair is straightened, immediately new bonds are made again to rejig the complete physical look of your hair. This method is a much better method than compared to keratin smoothening. Rebonding straightens your hair in the sleekest way for a good period of time and if taken utmost care, they are sure to lend you with a princess like look. Check out the steps one by one to get a clear idea:

  • First and foremost, your hair is washed with a soft shampoo. Then majorly, two chemicals are used for hair rebonding. One is Called Relaxant, which is also known as Cream Softener and the other one is Neutralizer. First of all, cream softener is applied to your hair for some time so that it can settle down in your hair. The Neutralizer works in molding new bonds that bestows our hair with straight texture. T
  • Once the hair is wiped with towel, relaxant (cream softener) is applied and allowed on hair for next half an hour. Then, they are nurtured with steaming process for 15 minutes and then rinsed off properly.
  • Now, if you observe, you can see straightened hair various sections but not as wholesome. So, to straighten them all, neutralizer is applied that readjust the bonds. Then after some time hair are washed off.
  • Blow and dry is done and then hair serum is applied to your hair. And it is done.

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Some of the Obvious Results after Hair Rebonding:

  • Regardless of the fact how heedful you are, but it is a sure shot thing that the usage of chemicals over your hair to get them rebonded can cause chemical damage. The reason is because the process of rebonding undergoes the use of various sharp chemicals which are not good for the overall health of your hair.
  • Don’t be surprised if you face the problem of hair fall because it is but obvious as this process weakens the root of your hair. Hence, you must be extra careful after getting the hair rebonded.
  • If not taken care, there are always probabilities of getting your cauterized (fired) which is either due to strong chemicals or due to the heat of hair straightener.
  • The process of hair rebonding demands your hair to be kept open for the maximum times because tying them can also harm them in any way.
  • Every time you think for getting a retouch to your rebonded hair, be prepared that there is every possibility to get hair more weakened because as and when the chemicals are applied, it is but obvious.

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Re-bonded Hair Care:

Once you have got the rebonding done, your hair will require much-much more care, concern and time for their proper caretaking. As mentioned earlier, hair rebonding dampens your hair and might result to too many hair issues. Below is enlisted some effective ways to lends protection to your hair after rebonding. These tips will serve as a great help to you if you follow them sincerely:


Do not wash or wet your hair for about three to four days after getting them rebounded. This will help the chemicals to ooze in and root well properly else if you don’t follow this advise, all your money and patience will go waste. Your hair will turn greasy and sticky which is nothing less than a nightmare. So, make sure that you do as per it is advised.


For about two to three days, you are not even allowed to bind your hair or even tuck them behind your ears as you used to do earlier. The reason is that till the time the chemicals are not decently settled it might result in bending of your hair and spoil the whole look of yours.


Also, before sleeping, place your hair in such a position that they remain straight for the whole night else you won’t be even able to judge the shape that your hair has got within one night. They will give a spoiled look.


Once it has been three days to your hair rebonding, you are allowed to wash your hair but with the recommended shampoo by your parlor expertise. Even the conditioner should be used as per their advice. When done with shampoo, leave conditioner for few minutes and then wash your hair.


For some days, don’t even try blow & dry machine on your wet hair to dry them or for any other purpose, instead let your hair be free from any kind of heating instruments. After all, why not enjoy the change?


Now as you have got your hair rebonded, enjoy its look and uniqueness solely and do not try any other tricks on your hair for at least six months like: hair coloring, streaks, highlighting etc. This is because it not only spoils the overall look but also makes your hair unhealthy for always due to the usage of excess of chemicals and treatments. Hair needs enough time to settle and get used to those chemicals that have been already applied for rebonding.


Something that needs to be done at regular intervals after hair rebonding is, to get trimming. This helps in keeping the hair secured from the problem of split ends which travels from bottom to top speedily and cause harm to your hair. Trimming also helps in maintaining the healthiness of your hair.


Never ever wash your hair with hot water because hot water has the tendency to steal all the moisture from your hair thereby making them rough and dry. So, always use cold water or normal tap water to wash your hair.


Take care that there are no remainders left over your hair else problems like: hair fall, dandruff, excess itching and dryness of the scalp will become a part of your daily life. So keep your scalp and hair thoroughly cleaned to save hair from any such damages.


Use a broad toothed comb to dress up your hair. If you prefer a wooden comb instead of the plastic one, it would be a right option because it won’t result to unnecessary breakage of strands and help you in fine combing.


If you are the one who used to shampoo your hair daily, then this habit needs a change. Until and unless your hair seems oily, avoid washing your hair or you can even prefer the option of washing your hair every alternate day. In case, if you are going out and need to shampoo your hair, you can go for co-washing. Co-washing involves of shampooing your hair only with the conditioner and then wash them off after two to four minutes.


Whenever you shampoo your hair or make them wet, it is important to apply hair serum to your hair. You can even apply it on daily basis. Hair serum does not let the external environment like: dust, pollution etc affect your hair directly thereby safeguards them and maintains their quality.


Other best way to take care of rebonded hair is to make the use of a leave-in conditioner. A leave-in conditioner holds the required moisture in your hair thereby preventing crimp and roughness which is caused due to dryness.


Neither the ultra violet rays of the Sun are good for rebonded hair, nor are the too cold winds considered fine. Even wetting your hair in the rain water is not a good idea at all. Any of these environmental changes can adversely impact your rebonded hair. So, even if you cannot prevent these, at least safeguard yourself with the help of an umbrella or a wide round hat when you step out.


Don’t miss to get the hair spas on regular intervals as it plays a major role in keeping the rebonded hair healthy. You can even choose to wear a hair mask frequently if you do not get ample time to visit parlor regularly. Any of these options will work because both of them provide essential nutrition to your hair and keep them well-hydrated.


If by chance your hair gets wet in rain, then all you need to do is to get them cleaned by washing your hair as early as possible. The reason behind this is that, rain water consist pollutant elements and impure salts which can cause a disastrous harm to your hair.


This is one of the most tips to take care about! Eat healthy… intake a diet which is plentiful in nutrition like vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates because all these contribute a lot to the healthiness of your hair. Some of the good examples of nutritious foods are: Almonds, nuts, green vegetables, fruits, juices, cashewnuts etc. So, the more nutritive food you eat, the healthier your hair will stay for long.


Enjoy the change for which you have invested a good amount and checked your patience to get it done. Do not do any hair styling for some time especially till the time the chemicals are absorbed by your hair properly and they get used to it. Getting hair styles needs heating instruments and gel to be used which can ruin all your efforts, so better say NO to such things.

The above given tips are the mandatory tips to follow after you are done with hair rebonding. If these tips are followed with sincerity, then you will enjoy a stylish look with extreme healthiness because there is no charm to enjoy a look which leaves its fall outs at the backside. Remember, good care means no trouble!

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There are some highly recommended products that are considered safe to be used on rebonded hair. These are the ones advised by the parlor expertise so you can try any of these:

  • L’oreal Professionnel Liss Ultime Shampoo
  • Schwarzkopf Bonacure Repair Rescue Shampoo
  • Matrix Opticare Smooth & Straight Shampoo

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Hairstyles For Short Hair…Look Superb Always

How many times it has happened that you have planned your next day attire, accessory and hairstyle to get ready for office but snooze the alarm and woke up late? All the planning goes fine but there is nothing that you can do about hairstyle in such a short span of time because you are already running out of time. Well, kick all the worries right now. Start up with a stress free morning and introduce a new statement of style to your personality. With the increasing love for fashion, hairstyling has also become an essential part of makeover. So, if you wish to change your look, change in hairstyle is the first priority. Depending on the length and texture of one’s hair, the hairstyles also differ from one another. Is your short length hair the cause of worry because you think there are no hairstyles for short hair? Well, then you are wrong here and here comes the surprise. Just because you love to keep it short and sweet, doesn’t connote that you have to carry the same boring style every day. You have all the rights to flaunt in the way you wish. Hence, here we bring you 20 remarkable hairstyles to enhance the everyday look for your short length locks. Check these out:

1) Top Knot Sock Bun

Top knot sock bun is the most preferred feminine choice but could be somewhat tricky when it comes to try it on short lengthen hair. The locks of the hair are brought together and a bun is formed high on the head. This hairstyle does not demand a perfect sleek and so is idealized for a trendy look. A messy top knot sock bun not only gives you a look like contemporary diva look but also adds to the much needed volume for short and straight hair.

Top Knot Sock Bun

2) Three Twisted Bun

Do you think that such a hairstyle works only for Rapunzel like hair?? Well, not actually. You too can swank like Rapunzel even if you have short hair. The Three twisted bun look works far more fabulous for shoulder length hair and the lazy girl within you need not to worry because it is really easy to be made and carried. You just need to follow these steps: Divide your hair in three divisions in the form of low ponytail and then braid them in the form of small buns. You can use hair pins to secure them properly and slightly push the buns upwards to make them look with little extra volume. Sound simple but lends you a chic look!

Three Twisted Bun

3) Faux Updo

Nobody cares about the length of your hair, if you adorn yourself with a stunning hairstyle and this Faux Up do can help you flaunt the best of your style ever. Adding some of the simple but trendy accessories to your pinned hair with knotting at the top will make you look wow. Accessories could be: satin scarf, broad hair band, hair pins and funky beads and any of these can enhance your overall look and show of this lovely hairstyle.

Faux Updo

4) Carefree Holiday Look

Don’t feel unlucky to have thin straight shot lengthen hair because this hairstyle is only and only created for you to bring out the most beautiful in you. All you need to do is to section your hair at center, spray and tuck in the locks with bobby pins. Replicate the same again and tuck to impart a finishing look. This simplex and adorable hairdo will give you a comfy and carefree holiday look and add grace to your personality.

Carefree Holiday Look

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5) The Triple Twist Updo

A hairstyle which was not purposely created but happened by chance! The Triple Twist up Do hairstyle is not bound by any peculiar pattern and needs no strict direction to be made. You need to pull your hair up, ounce them and tie them gently through pins. This hairdo will accompany you in the best way on every formal day especially when you are a young stylish boss of a company. So, get ready for a bossy look.

The Triple Twist Updo

6) Workout Updo

Why to hit the gym every time with that high ponytail especially when you have other wonderful ways too? In such a case; what can suit you the best is this braided bun hairdo because they go fairly well even with the any of your casual outing too. You need to French braid the hair from the side top and pin it at the opposite lower end using bobby pins and making it look far more stylish than just a simple ponytail.

Workout Updo

7) Summertime Beauty

The right choice for short hair! We all look for hairstyle that can not only compliment us in hot scorchy summers but can keep us hassle free so that sweat and irritation do not disturb the fun of the day. With the return of the momentous golden trends, this summertime hairstyle tops the list and reminds us of the evergreen 1930s epoch. All you need to do, to get this vintage diva look is to roll those strands upwards into vintage curls and pin them up firmly. Sober but voguish!

Summertime Beauty

8) Messy Top Bun

Girls with short length hair have all the rights to choose this messy top bun hairstyle for a casual eve of theirs. It is creative way to accumulate all your hair at the top and then whirl it in the shape of the bun. So, if you want to go for something different than a ponytail then this is the right choice baby. Cuteness with comfort is the appropriate way to define this hairdo.

Messy Top Bun

9) An Updo with Twist

If you are thinking that it is not the one that can be made on own, sorry to say but you are wrong here. Though it gives a complicated look from its outer appearance but is quite easy to be made and like the image given below it looks simple wow. All you need to spare is your little precious time. Brush your hair in straight direction towards the back and make small sections of your hair strands in the front. Now twist all of the sections one by one and pin them safely with the help of hair pins and the left over strands should be brushed towards the side. Such an up do with twist will go well with any of your evening gown!

An Updo with Twist

10) Loose Curls in Wavy Style

You wedding day is approaching nearer and nearer and you are still not able to decide about the hairstyle that you will choose for your big day. So, end up all your worries right now and without giving a second thought, go for this loose curl in wavy style hairdo. The best way to get such a flawless look is to superbly pin up the loose curls. For sure, no one guess the length of your hair with such a hairstyle. You are sure to turns the heads of one and all with your awesome look!

Loose Curls in Wavy Style

11) Side Hair Bows

Words are too less to describe this stunning side hair bows hairstyle! To get such a hairdo, a row of ponytail is engrossed in each other and bow like shape is formed to give it a spectacular look. If you are the one with light colored hair, this hairstyle will add more grace to your persona.

Side Hair Bows

12) An Amorous Updo for Bob Length

Are you desiring to get that aesthetic princess look on your perfect date night? Well, this is something that every woman dreams of but now it’s not just a dream. You can lend a captivating look to your persona even with your short, straight or slightly wavy hair. Now, see how it works. Style your straight hair to springy curls with the help of curling iron. Gently backcomb on the crown portion and divide hair with a deep side partition. Then make equal sections and pin them firmly above the neck. In case, if you find any such strand which creates a problem while attaching to the gathering pin, then curl it a bit and your problem will be solved.

An Amorous Updo for Bob Length

13) Side Messy Bun

Such a hairstyle requires the least efforts and lends you the maximum grace! Though messy in style but still looks very cute and adorable. Get hold of your hair, curl them with your fingers and pull the entire towards your ear side and tie it through a rubber band. Isn’t this really simple and speedy? Side messy bun can be a great help to you if you are running out of time and is looking for a distinct look. To add some extra grace, you can leave some flicks over the side portion of your pretty face. Any of your attire will work on this hairdo.

Side Messy Bun

14) Braid with Side Curly Bun

Ever dreamt of a princess like look? This hairstyle, braid with a curly side bun is a subtle and superb idea to look extremely beautiful on any special day of yours. With a lot of other planning, you just need to pick few minutes of your time and make this style a treat for everyone’s eyes. The moment you make the French braid, you half task is done and lend it a finishing look with a curly and messy looking bun at the backside of your ear line. Lovely smile on your face will make you earn the compliment of ‘Beauty personified’!

Braid with Side Curly Bun

15) Triple Twist

One of the most decent looking hairstyle for short hair! It adds plenty of volume to any ordinary hairdo and is appropriate for work and fun both. Meaning thereby that such a style will make you flaunt on any of your special day or even the formal day out. If you have got your hair colored then nothing can beat this lovely looking hairstyle. Pull your hair backside, twist them upwards and tuck them with pins; is all you need to do to get Triple Twist even for your short hair.

Triple Twist

We are sure that you would never regret on having short hair now and will rather you love them from now onwards. With a hope that you will appreciate these brilliant ideas for a quick and hassle free hairstyling exclusively highlighted for short hair, we also welcome your comments and any new ideas. Do let us know, which of these made you the centre of attraction among your friends and family and what was your unveiled feeling. We are waiting to hear from you soon!


Look For Some Staggering & Simplest Skin Lightening Home Remedies

If we do not have a fair complexion, that never means that we are not good looking or beautiful. One should have a healthy looking skin, to look attractive. A healthy & lightening skin includes all: shine, grace, glow, no marks, no spots, no blackheads and acne, hydrated and above all, always wear a smile on your face. For such a flawless skin, you not only need facial masks but you should also take proper care of it which can be done by following a healthy diet. We bring you some of the useful home remedies in the form of facial masks that can be easily prepared at home without any inconvenience. These will not only lighten and brighten your skin but will also save you from the hassle of parlors, where you need to book prior appointments, wait for your turn, pull out the time of your hectic schedule and then waste a good amount over it. Above all, in the end, those cosmetic treatments taken by you at the parlor will also lead to many side effects later which will have no cure. So, why to call for a situation where you have to sit and cry? Be beauty conscious but through natural means. All that is needed is: your little time, slight efforts and patience and you can enjoy the grace of your natural beauty for the time undefined.

Home-made Remedies for Skin Lightening:

Here are few simple facial masks that will serve as an effective treatment for skin lightening at your home and will assist you with many other advantages too:



This is our first and foremost choice when it comes to lighten the skin with the help of home remedies. A rich paste made by mixing dried orange peels and yogurt! Its soothing fragrance freshens up the senses and gives you a look like diva. In order to dry the orange peels properly, with no moisture at all, the best way is to dry them under the sun till the peels turn crispy and crunchy so that a fine powder can be made by grinding them. The process to make this paste includes of simple steps:

Steps to follow-

As soon as the peels of orange dry up, grind them into the mixer till we attain a fine powder. Now take a small bowl and make a paste by combining one tablespoon of orange powder and one tablespoon of fresh yogurt without flavor. Apply this mixture where you wish to get a clean and lighten skin for a period of 15 to 20 minutes. In the mean time, it will dry up and then can be washed with normal water.


All your skin flaws and marks will lighten soon with this amazing home remedy. Even those are fed up of blackheads, can do massage in rotary motion with this paste. You will see the impact soon which will compel you to say ‘wow’.



The home remedy that stands second on the list of skin lightening treatment is the paste made by awesome threesome and they are: Tomato, Yogurt and Oatmeal. You can easily imagine as to what a fantastic paste it will come out to be with the mixture of these three. The juice of tomato is a superb astringent and has the quality of lightening the skin quickly. Oatmeal is used for the process of exfoliation and is a natural agent of it. Thus it helps to alleviate the dead skin cells thereby giving a younger look. Yogurt has modest bleaching impact and facilitates in keeping the skin hydrated and lithesome thereby preventing the occurrence of blemishes.

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Steps to follow-

Take a small bowl and add one teaspoon of each of the three: Juice of tomato, yogurt and oatmeal. Mix them well till it turns up to be a fine paste and then immediately apply on your cleaned skin (whether face or anywhere else) for a time period of 15 to 20 minutes. As soon as the time is up, you can wash the pack with the cold water and the result will be a flawless bright skin.


All in all, these three thrilling ingredients are skilled in their task of lightening the skin effectively and also in extirpating sun tan. Your skin will be conferred with radiance followed by softness and healthiness. We can call this as an ‘All in one face pack’.



Here again comes another home remedy for skin lightening with a compounding of three thrilling ingredients and they are: Fresh Milk, freshly squeezed lemon juice and golden honey. Milk is known for its moisturizing property and lemon juice will help in clearing off the marks and spots. Honey will add shine to your skin. All that needs to be done is to make a beauty enhancer paste out of these.

Steps to follow-

Place a small bowl on the kitchen counter and add one teaspoon of each of them in it: fresh milk or if this is not available you can use milk powder, lemon juice and honey. Make a smooth paste by merging them well and it is ready for use. Apply it over the cleansed skin of your face or any other skin part which you want to lighten for a time period of 15 to 20 minutes and then clean it off with normal water.


This will not only help in skin lightening but make your skin much softer. It is a brilliant idea to get skin facial with less time and least investment. If knocked the door of parlor for such a facial grace, you are sure to lose your pocket heavily and that too with the cosmetic treatments which definitely have some or the other side effects sooner or later.



Potato is robust in B-vitamins, potassium and Vitamin C and thus serves to be an excellent home remedy for skin lightening. It nurtures the skin deeply and safeguards it from getting dry. Here is the way to make use of potato:

Steps to follow-

You can either pull out the potato juice or cut the slices of potato for this facial. If you are applying the potato pulp of juice, then mask your tanned skin with a thin layer of its juice. In the case of potato slices, rub or gently massage the potato slice on the tanned skin of your face or other body place and leave it as it is for about 15 to 20 minutes. The time period remains the same irrespective of whichever form of potato you choose. Once the time is up, rinse it off with normal water. You can do Potato facial twice in a day for quick results.

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This facial mask will also help you a lot to overcome the skin related pigmentation and discoloration. Also, if you are struggling with pimples or acne, potato is the best option for you to get rid of them. You can kick away the dark circles under your eyes with its help.



Lemon is blessed with many healing and beautifying properties. Whether consumed as a drink or applied over the skin, it works wondrously and so is the case when it comes to select it as a home remedy for skin lightening. Since ages, lemon is known for its miraculous properties.

Steps to follow-

All you need to do is to pour freshly squashed lemon juice into a bowl and apply it on the impacted area. You can dip a cotton ball into the bowl of lemon juice and then gently apply over the particular area where you want the skin to lighten and all the other marks and spots to disappear. Leave the solution for 15 to 20 minutes and then rinse it off with the normal tap water.


Avoid going out in the sun for five to seven hours after this treatment else you might have to face redness or irritation because lemon is known as the natural bleaching agent. In case if you have to rush due to some urgent work, the first thing you need to do is to apply a branded sunscreen which safeguards you from harmful ultra violet rays of the sun. Also carry umbrella and scarf with you.



How can you forget lemon and orange when your target is skin lightening? Both of them are a rich source of Vitamin C and hence are well known for their acidic properties. Their bleaching quality helps in lightening the skin tone very effectively. Lemon known for antioxidants, have always proved useful for the skin complexion treatment. You can use the rind (outer surface or peel) of any of the two.

Steps to follow-

As a skin lightening remedy, you will need two ingredients ready: Rind of lemon or orange (whichever you wish) and raw milk. Dry the peel of any one in the sun so well that no moisture is left in it. Then grind them and make a smooth powder. Now take a bowl and mix one tablespoon of that powder with two tablespoons of raw milk in such a way that it becomes a fine paste. The quantity can be altered according to the area to be applied. Apply this paste over the tanned skin for 10 minutes and then rinse it off with lukewarm water. After washing, instantly apply a cool toner.


This will not only lighten your skin but improve the complete texture of your skin wherever you apply it. You can even consume lemon juice or orange juice on regular basis for much better results. So, try it and experience the magic.



Searching for a quick home remedy to tone the skin color without spending much time and money? It’s got to be nothing else but the tomato juice facial mask. The juice of tomato is not only considered good for health but also is equally beneficial for the skin. Even if not mixed with any other ingredient, it works efficaciously alone.

Steps to follow-

All you need is some fresh red juicy tomatoes. Take one tomato of medium size and cut it into pieces and then blend it with the help of mixer or blender. Tomato facial mask is ready for use. Apply on the affected area either with a cotton ball or with your hands as you do massage. Leave it till the time it dries and then rinse it off with normal tap water.


The antioxidants present in tomatoes will also help you to preclude skin ageing issues like: wrinkles and fine lines. Acne marks and blemishes will also disappear with its effect.



A beauty secret from your kitchen! Turmeric is renowned all over the world since ages for its medicative properties. In addition it is an amazing skin exfoliant which imbibes of magical power to brighten the skin and add glow to your face because of the antioxidants present in it.

To prepare a turmeric facial mask, you need the following ingredients in the given quantity: one teaspoon of gram Flour (besan), two teaspoons of sandal powder (chandan), little raw milk (which can add proper texture to the mask) and one teaspoon of turmeric powder. Now mix all of them so well that it turns out to be a smooth paste.

Steps to follow-

The facial mask is ready for use. Make sure that wherever you apply it, that part should be moistened (like a moistened face) else it will result in stretching of the skin and will be difficult to remove. Also, do not let it dry fully, once you have applied it. Keep using water or raw milk to massage on it to keep it little hydrated. Do the same for about 15 to 20 minutes and then clear it off with a normal tap water.


Don’t be surprised at the instant glow that you have achieved because it is bound to be there. After all, the ingredients that have been used are known to bestow unending beauty and grace. Apply this at least thrice in a week and undergo the magic. Within no time, you will look flawless.

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Right from keeping a healthy tummy to glorifying the skin, Papaya has gained a lot of popularity in the world of beauty. All thanks to the presence of various enzymes in it among which Papaine is one of them, the most powerful one. It plays a significant role in agitating against free radicals which further helps in repairing the tanned skin due to sun exposure and treating ageing.

Steps to follow-

Depending on your choice, you can try any of the two ways: Either the raw papaya paste or the juice of it by grating and blending it. Now apply any of them for about 15 to 20 minutes and then rinse it off with normal water. Nothing can be simple and quick than this one, isn’t it?


The best part about this papaya facial mask is that it hardly takes any time to be prepared but give you an instant glow by toning your skin color and alleviating any sort of blemishes or dark spots. To add on, it also ameliorates the elasticity of your skin by enhancing the production of collagen in your skin. You are also advised to eat papaya regularly for a timeless healthy skin.



One of the main reasons for a spotty skin tone is; hyper pigmentation. Aloe vera plant comprises of a compound called Aloesin which has the ability to facilitate the production of melanin in your skin and kick off the problem of hyper pigmentation by lightening and brightening your skin tone. The cooling properties of Aloe Vera rejuvenate the damaged tissues inside the skin and renew the new cells and this is the most crucial for a healthy good looking skin.

Steps to follow-

Cut one leaf of aloe vera plant nearby from the base. Wash it well so that the dirt is removed. Now take a small part of the leaf and cut its outer layer from one side so that you can hold from the other side and it does not slip. Massage the aloe vera gel in circular portion for about ten minutes and then leave it as it is for about half an hour. Once the time is up, rinse off with normal tap water. For quick and effective results, you can apply this twice in a day and continuous for two weeks. Other option could be to purchase aloe vera gel from the market, only if you do not have a plant nearby.


Do apply as advised and see the change. All the dark spots will lighten soon and you will have an even skin tone as well. The antioxidant elements present in it will bestow you with a soft, shiny and smooth skin thereby adding grace to your persona.



Almond is rich in all those factors which are required for a healthy skin, like: Vitamin E, B2, B6 and PP (also known as Niacin). It is also robust in minerals and unsaturated fatty acids. So, along with hair almond works wondrously on the skin too. It has the ability to lighten the pigmentation which further helps in imparting you with an even skin tone.

Steps to follow-

Pout some sweet almond oil in a bowl and warm it through the indirect means, like you can place it in the hot sun or place the bowl in hot water vessel. When turned lukewarm, remove it and get ready to apply. Now massage your face or neck on the portion of tanned skin in circular way for about ten to fifteen minutes. Then, in order to absorb the additional oil, softly press the tissue over the place where you have massaged it. And this is all. Replicate this activity every night before you go to sleep. Continue doing it for 15 days and experience the result and then gradually you can increase the gap.


If you apply the almond oil as per the given instructions, you will soon find all the blemishes, dark sports and unwanted marks disappear. To add on, it also works efficaciously in hindering the skin ageing effects like fine lines and wrinkles. After all, this is what, that you have been trying since so long!



Cucumber… The first thing that comes to your mind is its cooling effect. Being loaded with ample amount of water, cucumber trusses the collagen within the skin and lends you with a soft and supple skin. The best part is that is suits all the types of skin so the chances of any sort of reaction or allergy after its use are minimal because exceptions are always there.

Steps to follow-

What you can do is to cut two normal slices of a cucumber and massage it on the face or other dark areas which you want to lighten. Doing it for ten minutes leave it to dry and then wash your face with little warm water. Do the same at least twice in a day regularly. If you wish, you can pull out the cucumber juice and mix lemon juice to it and apply the same. After 15 to 20 minutes, when it dries, rinse it off. Doing it once in a day is more than enough.


This is a successful home remedy over the sun tan skin as well along with the skin lightening. Especially in summers, this is going to lend you with great relaxation. You can even leave the slice on your closed eyes and enjoy its soothing effects.

These were some of the home remedies that will help you to get a lighter skin tone speedily and with no fallouts. In addition, they will solve your many other skin issues as well. So, the effort that you have put in along with your little time and forbearance is worth it and this you will only realize when you give a sincere try to any of the above given home remedies. Though there are no adverse impacts of the natural blessings but as a word of precaution, in case if you feel irritation or itchiness by applying any of these, do wash it immediately because different types of skin are prone to different things. Something might suite you but the same thing might not suite the other.

Spare few minutes to comment and let us and others know about the choice that turned up to be your beauty secret. You can also share if you have any other home remedies with sure shot results.

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