Multani Mitti Facial Packs For A Glorifying Look

Are you tired of using those expensive anti-ageing and facial creams and still not find any improvement in your skin? If the answer is yes, there is no need to worry anymore because we have the perfect solution for you. It is time to avoid all those chemical solutions and switch to a natural way to get radiating and flawless skin. Straight from dadi ma ke nuskhe book, we have for you an enormously effective natural element called ‘Multani Mitti’.

Multani Mitti is also known as fuller’s earth or ‘Betonite’. It is an extremely popular element since decades. Its ability to defy skin problems has made it an integral part of almost all skin remedies. Apart from resolving skin problems it is also very effective for treating hair and health. It is a magnesium chloride compound which makes it the best cure to fight acne and reduce blemishes.If we talk about the ways of using it, you can use it as a cleanser, toner or in the form of a face pack too.

It is because of all the properties that it possess that this element which was conventionally used as an absorbent in wool industries is now used in numerous skin care products. Adding a cherry on the cake, you do not need to spend even 10% of what you had to spend on all those worthless treatments and beauty clinics.It isa very cheap and an effective element that possesses no side effects and leaves you with fresh and glowing skin.


  • Multani Mitti can be used to heal several body problems.
  • It has been renowned as an antiseptic for a long time as it helps in dealing with illness like: skin irritation and itching.
  • It also serves in reducing blackheads and dead skin. In addition, it also clears the blocked pores by removing dirt and dead particles.
  • Do you want to get rid of sunburns and tan? If yes, then trust this blessing of nature. Multani Mitti packs applied over the affected area can yield the best results for you.
  • Adding to the removal of tan, it also makes the skin cleaner and allows you to look fairer.
  • It contains plentiful of nutrients and natural oils which are healthy for skin thereby keeping it nurtured forever.

One of the reasons of Multani Mitti being an appropriate solution for treating skin problems is because it improves the blood circulation and thus rejuvenates the skin. Most of the skin diseases are causedeither due to improper circulation of blood or due toblood infections. When we apply Multani Mitti to any part of the body it stimulates blood circulation in that part and leaves the skin glowing and shining after the use.

It can also be usedas a medication at the time of menstrual cramps or muscle pain. Are you thinking how? Just form a mixture of Multani Mitti with lukewarm water and apply on stomach or where you feel the pain. It will provide you an immediate relief by relaxing the muscles. Besides that; in case of burns or insects bites you can use it by mixing with cold water hence forming a cold compressor. It will turn out to be a savior by solacing you against the irritation. Not only this, it is also efficient in maintaining your clothes look fit and beautiful. Therefore it is prominently used in laundries to wash off greasy and oily stains. No matter how stubborn the stains are they can be easily removed using this incredible natural element.

Nevertheless the benefit of this awesome home remedy doesn’t end here. Adding to all the benefits mentioned above, it is also a superb hair cleanser and strengthens the roots of hair. It cuts down the dandruff issues and also the related problems like eczema. And thus all this makes it a vital component to be used in various hair care products. Adding to the never ending benefits of this amazing compound, the best part is that it is very pocket friendly. Now that you are aware of how helpful this simple organic substance can be we will also suggest you some of the best ways to use it.

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Here we enlist some fabulous face packs that you can use to get the ageless skin:-

  • For Oily Skin:

Does merely the idea of stepping out on a hot humid day with that filthy oily skin scares you? Does the urge to use the wipes to clear the sweat and oil off your face again and again irritates you? If the answer is “Yes”, it’s alright, don’t scream. We understand how difficult it could be to deal with sticky, oily skin. But you don’t need to be concerned about this trouble any longer because we have an amazing cure in store to resolve the problem. A face pack made with the concoction of Multani Mitti and rose water acts as an incredible aid to get rid of the patchy-oily skin. Both the ingredients are excellent cooling agents and freshen up the skin by dispatching all the impurities and dirt. It cools down the stimulated sweat glands and regulates the blood flow therefore relaxing and rejuvenating the skin. Apart from removing oil from the pores, it also balances the pH level of skin and imparts a soft and delicate texture to it.

2.) For Soft Skin:

Who doesn’t desire to get a beautiful soft skin just as that of a baby? If you too have ever wished to have got that smooth and gentle skin, then with this magical organic element your wish can come true. It would just take a few minutes and ingredients like milk and crushed almonds to prepare this Multani Mitti face pack. All you need to do is to add 2 teaspoons of milk and one of crushed almonds into powdered Multani Mitti. Mix it well and form a paste. Apply this pack on your face and neck for about 10 minutes and let it dry. Once dried up you can scrub it off with circular motion of hands. Later, wash your face with cold water.You would be able to feel the suppleness and softness of your skin almost immediately. Mark a point on board that you move your hands in circular motion only while scrubbing the face otherwise it may lead to loosening of skin.

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3.) Glowing Skin:

Now-a-days we come across a lot of brands advertising and bragging about different products. Most of them promise to make you fairer and give a glowing skin within certain span of time.But how many of them actually show the result? To be honest, none of them because the effect is slow and proves to be really expensive. Well, after reading this article you might never need to use them again. If made the regular use, Multani Mitti face pack can prove to be simplest and cheapest treatments to get glorifying appearance at home. To prepare this face pack, we would require a bit of raw tomato juice, sandalwood powder and a pinch of turmeric. In a bowl mix all the ingredients with Multani Mitti and apply for at least 10 minutes. As soon as it dries up, rinse it off using lukewarm water. It will make your face look fresh and glowing with an immediate effect. Along with that; this particular blend is also testified to reduce black spots from your skin and leave you with spotless and flawless skin.

4.) Radiant Skin:

Do you envy those perfect radiating faces in magazines? But there is no need to do that anymore because your face can have that spark too. This face pack can be the sure shot to that beautiful radiant skin which you have always admired. A perfect blend of some natural cleansers and beautifiers can leave behind the effects of all those parlor facials and clean ups. These natural ingredients are tomato, lemon, honey, milk and of course fuller’s earth. It is very simple to make this face pack. Take powdered Multani Mitti and add some tomato and lemon juice into it. Mix them well and also pour some quantity of milk and a little honey into it. Blend the pack well and apply on the skin. After some 10 odd minutes, rinse it off and wipe your face with a soft towel. The change effect would be the best if you use it regularly. So replace that chemical filled face wash with this super natural and effective solution.

5.) For Treating Sunburns and Tanning:

Does the complexion of your face differ from that of rest of your body? And do you feel annoyed after seeing double shades of color on your hand? Well, no longer now. We have the perfect pack that is much more effective than any other lotion. And will definitely cut down the problem to an unimaginable level. To compose this pack, just add a few crushed mint leaves and yoghurt in Multani Mitti in the proportion of 1:1:1. Apply on your face and forget for almost 20 minutes. Along with it cut some slices of chilled cucumber and put onto your eyes to relax them. Wash your face afterwards with cold water. Both the sub ingredients that are mint and yoghurt are cool in nature. Morevoer, when they combine with betonite, they discharge the heat out of the skin and clear the dirt from inside the pores. In addition to that, it removes all the grunge and dead cells, which thus lightens the skin color and makes it look fresh and bright.

6.) For Toned Skin:

If you would have noticed at any point of time, every person has two basic complexions in his/her lifetime. The one is; with which they are born and the other is the change in color (which is usually dark in comparison) with the span of time. However the original color of your skin is the one that they were born with. But if it has got dull with time you need not to worry because you can get it back and no one can assist you in this task except the miraculous Multani Mitti.

Multani Mitti if used regularly for a certain period of time it might impart a breathtaking and beautiful effect on your skin tone. Nevertheless if you combine the properties of sandalwood and milk to it, the results would be even more astonishing than your expectation. Therefore these are the three ingredients that you would need to make a perfect face pack especially for toned skin. Mix all the three ingredients together in the proportion of 2:1:1. Apply it on the affected areas and leave it as it is for 20 minutes. Wash off the pack using moderately warm water. It releases all the stickiness and impurities gradually. In addition, it also depletes the layer of dead skin developed over a long of time and thus leaves you with absolutely admirable skin.

7.) For Clean Skin:

Are you aware about the benefits of papaya extract? If not, no issues at all. Let us enlighten you with the fact that papaya extract is the best natural purifier available. When we combine the benefits of both papaya and betonite; the by product is a clean-flawless skin. You just need to prepare a mixture of these two ingredients to attain it. Take Multani Mitti and papaya extract in equal parts add a spoon of honey to it and ruffle them. Massage it on your face and neck and then rinse it off. And be ready to stare at your own reflection because it will leave you with a glowing, clear and unflawed skin.

8.) As Body Wash:

Here is something that can prove to be better than your regular bubble bath. What could be better than a cool and refreshing body wash on a hot summer day when everything seems to be heating up? You can prepare a bottle of this natural body wash and store for numerous uses. To make it, you will need to mix one cup of both; oatmeal powder and neem powder. To this mixture add 1/4th spoon of pulverized white chandan and a single spoon of haldi powder. Then finally, add the master ingredient that is fuller’s earth to this mixture. To blend them together pour some milk to it and ruffle well. Use this body wash regularly and you will be amazed to see the gradual improvement in your skin texture.

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  • Do not ever consume multani mitti, it can develop kidney stones or cause blockage in tracts and nerves.
  • Always store it in a cool and dry place. Try to always keep it away from excessive warm places.
  • Do not keep it exposed to air and rays of sun
  • Make sure to choose the real quality betonite.

So, next time when you plan to go to any party or occasion, do try any of the above face packs and say good bye to the parlor facials, which do no good to your skin. Do comment and let us know about the face pack that you used and made you earn praises from one and all thereby making you the center of attraction.

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What is the new talk of the fashion town, these days? It is none other than the Aztec Prints which has captured the hearts and minds of one and all. Aztec prints are said to be inspired from the tribal prints which appear to look graciously graphic and extremely stylish yet elegant. To acknowledge you, Ancient Aztec clothes were introduced to the world by the tribal people who formed the Aztec Empire in Central Mexico. This print which has been originated from the cultural group of Central Mexico has superbly succeeded in stamping the ramp and retail permanently. It adds attribute and character to the look of wearer in abundance. The Aztec prints are so cool and funky that they can be accompanied with anything and the best part is, they will still bestow you with a vibrant look. These prints imbibe of different solid shapes like triangles, circles, outlining etc with any of the two, vibrant and decent colors on the fabric, as per your choice. Though, even being listed on the top in the rating of latest trend, this print is not worn by many, but once you wear it with a proper styling, you are sure to fall in love with it. This Aztec print is a mixture of polkas, dots, stripes, chevrons and many more. The debut of the Aztec print was conducted on the modern runway in the year 2009 at the famous Matthew Williamson Spring /Summer Show.


Aztec prints have been highly successful in capturing the fashion industry too and hence turned up to be a great source of inspiration for all the fashion divas out there throughout the entire world. The attractive color combinations, the distinct looking shapes and the combination of various styles and patterns have been the reason behind its craze and cult. Any simple or trendy accessory when added to the company of Aztec Prints, gives it a complete look. Nothing has been left untouched by the hue of such crazy looking print. Right from head to toe, everything you wear can have Aztec print involved in it. So, one can imagine the popularity and increasing love for these. Here we will guide you on how can you pop up your look with Aztec printed leggings, Aztec printed skirts, Aztec tops, Aztec scarves, Aztec nail prints and various other Aztec accessories. For instance: If you have planned a Saturday night out at disco, Aztec printed shoes or sandals with any of your attire will add to the eve. Its morning and your boss ring you to call office immediately for an urgent meet, just get ready with any Aztec formal wear and be there on the given time. The meeting will have all eyes attracted towards you. Moreover, if it is about your meet with your beloved, carrying an Aztec printed clutch or handbag will also mark a statement of style. Anything and everything goes perfect when it comes to Aztec.

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One need not to be bounded by any peculiar occasion, event, and seasons or time to wear this print. You can enjoy wearing it whenever you wish. Even if it is your personal choice to go according to the seasons of the year, you can introduce a style statement in every season of the year.

Aztec Prints for summers: In summers, when you want nutritious Vitamin D for your body and want to enjoy the hotness too, you can opt for an Aztec printed bikini. Turn fresh and saucy hottie, for a hot weather! You can even try for Aztec printed cotton kurtis, if you have planned a date out during summer.


Aztec Prints for winters: During winter, Aztec printed leggings will go best with a short leather jacket. In addition, you can encircle an Aztec scarf around your neckline to become the head turner wherever you walk. Another idea could be to flaunt yourself by wearing an Aztec printed sweater along with simple denim jeans. Any of such ideas can make your winters go trendy.




The style celebrity and famous Singer, Beyonce is a super fan of Aztec printed dresses especially the Aztec printed crop tops with high waists skirts. In the year 2012, March, during Paris Fashion Week, the brilliant fashion designer, Manish Arora also captured the rich hue of bright and vivid Aztec prints in the dresses designed by him. They had fuzzy edges as if designed with spray paint, was his creativity. The renowned accessory designer, Mallini Agrawalla from accessory label Malaga, quoted in her words, “”The beauty of Aztec prints is that they are adaptable and flexible. They come in gorgeous shades that appeal to the Indian sensibility and recent western fascination with colors that pop.” The Bollywood movie, Cocktail featuring Diana Penty and Deepika Padukone, also captured our attention with both of them wearing many Aztec printed outfits. Their simple and trendy look respectively made many audiences to fall in love with them. Such is the magic of Aztec Prints. On one hand where Deepika showcased the Aztec printed tops on miniskirts similarly on the other hand Diana showcased Aztec printed playsuits. You can even witness this by looking at the poster of the film. All in all, the celebrities love for Aztec prints is reaching its peak. So, are you all set to flaunt in a celebrity style look?


Not only ladies, but men can also enjoy the magic of Aztec Prints. There are various options for men too like: pair of socks, handkerchiefs, T-shirts or even backpack. If you do not love the bold prints much then there is a variety that can exhibit one color with all type of shades to choose any. You can even go for a simple and elegant T-shirt with an Aztec Printed pocket. How about sober jeans with Aztec printed pockets at the back? Designers are working hard on creating Aztec printed menswear that is really subtle for men to wear.



Aztec printed leggings can go well with any of these: large sized T-shirts, subtle looking tees, knit tops, crop tops and even chiffon blouses. Depending on your choice, you can go with either multiple colored legging or with single or dual colored Aztec printed leggings. To add on, a simple clutch in the shape of envelope is the best accessory to carry with such Aztec attire. When it comes to choosing footwear, you can either go for high heels or ankle boots. So from top to bottom, you have come to know how to wear Aztec printed leggings.


Though denim is the first choice of everyone because of its comfy feel and trendy look but Aztec Printed Cardigan can also be best accompanied with skirts and leggings, any of the two even. Prefer bold prints, if you have no objection. For more stylish look, long length necklace or funky looking pendants can also be worn. High heeled footwear will add five stars to your complete personality.



Introduce a chunky style accessory embellishing your neck or your wrist, with any Aztec printed attire of yours. You can even opt for necklaces fastened with strikingly different buttons to become the centre of attraction. If your top is Aztec printed, make sure the bottom you wear should be simple and decent and vice-versa. In addition, always wear single colored footwear with any of your Aztec printed dress.



Aztec printed skirts looks lovely when you wear them with wither denim tees or buttoned chiffon tops. Funky looking bracelet and thick long neckwear will be the best accessory to go with Aztec printed skirts. Though high toes shoes will look awesome but also carry an additional pair of flats, if you are heading towards a disco party. This will help you to relax your aching feet which happened due to dancing.



Apart from Aztec printed clothing, can you imagine that the fashion world brings you uncountable Aztec printed accessories too? You will be shocked to know that the list is too long to describe all of them but to highlight, few amongst them that have these prints are: phone covers, watches, earrings, phone cases, handbags, scarves, frames of spectacles, hair bands, clutches, hair pins, flats and many others. The good part is that one can carry any of this anywhere and anytime. No special occasion or event is required to do so. Such Aztec printed accessories also make a valuable and unique gift to your loved ones on any of their special days.



No one could have ever thought about this! Nail art has gained a unique place in the fashion world and has firmly conquered the hearts of uncountable young girls. For the ones who are die-hearted fans of Aztec prints; you will be glad to know that there is Aztec styling nail art also. It imbibes of a huge variety of Aztec printed nail designs. So, now the famous Aztec print is not only limited to clothes and accessories but nail art has also become a major part of it. You can apply this aesthetic nail art for any of the special occasions or any simple day of yours. Do try any of these for your kitty party and see the magic!

So, this is just the beginning of this modernized Aztec print and with the passage of time there will be lot more o come in the same regard. Bestow your look with a change that will be loved by everyone and be ready for more.

Here, we are anxiously waiting to know about your fashionable Aztec look, so please comment about your experience. Also, share if you have any new ideas and style related to trendy Aztec prints.

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Have you ever come up with such a situation that you feel kicking out some of the old T-shirts just because you are too bored of wearing them? Even, adding different accessories or anything else is not helping you much? Well, many of you… right? But did you ever try to think differently apart from getting rid of them? So, think now. Inspite of wasting new money on the same sort of T-shirts, you can design creative T-shirts with artistic cutting ideas. This can be done to alter and give a new look to your old boring tees. Mind you, one does not need to be a fashion designer or skilled in stitching and sewing. One just needs to be sure that she will do it because it is really very easy. You must also be thinking why to do so when you have so many options available in the stores of the market? Because there are many such designs which are not a part of market too and even if they are, you are priced heavily for them. To add on, this will not only re-utilize the old T-shirts but also lend them a brand new stylish look. Hanging them in your wardrobe will make you feel happy just like when you feel while wearing your own designer creation. When your friends will question you that from where did you get this stuff, you will be the one to proudly answer that you created it yourself. Imagine that feel which will make you star of your group. Doesn’t this sound great? So, what are you waiting for!! Begin it right now.


Here we bring you a superb solution to your boredom of wearing same attire repeatedly. These nineteen different artistic T-shirt cutting ideas that are really creative and simple to be executed will turn you a designer overnight. You just need a passion to do it along with little patience and time. Check them out:



Are you fed up wearing the same style T-shirt every time but you do not want to leave it as it is one of the best in your wardrobes? Not to worry, there is an idea which is just the perfect one for you and this I, designing a T-shirt simply without sleeves. Mark five inches from the bottom and let it remain the way it is. Right from the sleeves cut the t-shirt till the point where you have marked five inches. The breadth of the shoulder strap can be cut according to your wish so you have the right to make decision. Now, elongate the cut properly else the whole look will get spoiled. Hence, your simple yet stylish sleeveless T-shirt is ready to wear!



Crop tops are one of the most loved by the youth of today and when purchased from the market they cost you a good amount. Why not you try to design your own Fashion project? Sounds to be a great idea! In order to accomplish this simple DIY fashion project, you just need to pick any of your top from your wardrobe which you think will look great when turned as a Crop top. To begin with, cut the sleeves of your T-shirt in the same way as it is given in the picture below. If you want to wear the tee with a broad neckline, you can cut the neck broader like a boat neck but keep the front longer and the sides shorter in comparison. With an idea, to give your designer tee a stylish yet original look, do stretch the cuts evenly. Isn’t this an awesome idea to turn oneself as a designer instantly?



Well, if you are really good at cutting and stitching, this one is suitable for you. But this is not a good idea for the beginners at all, as it needs enough practice on scissors. Accumulate any of your old t-shirt which you want to renovate along with a pair of scissors and a marker. Now pick up your marker and at the backside of your tee, draw stencil like style. You also have an option to search any such image online and then trace it on your t-shirt back. This idea is for the ones who are not good at drawing or need no extra effort to put. With sharpen pair of scissors, start cutting the designs one after another with such perfection that they give you the best look rather than any sort of messy look. Though it is quite tough, but you can take any rough piece of cloth to practice before you do it on your tee.



A perfect example of Bow-Tie crop cut top is given right below which gives you’re a clear idea of how the steps need to be followed. If you are not good about directly using scissor for the formation of tracing lines, then the best and easiest way could be to draw these lines with the help of light marker on your t-shirt. The hem, the neck style and the sleeves should be exactly copied from the given image which is not so tough to do and you will have your own designer piece ready to wear. You will definitely mark a statement of style wherever you walk.



Now this designer neck cut tee can be tried by anyone as it is simple to be executed. Only the neck design is the main highlight of this chic looking t-shirt in the picture given below. To give a proper shape and cutting to the neck and the sleeves, you can draw the rough outline and then apply the scissors on the same. An appealing neck design gives this T-shirt the desired look. After all, who doesn’t wish to be complimented as the ‘fashion diva’ in her friend circle! There are many more T-shirt ideas coming to your way.



When DIY accessories are used to design a T-shirt they turn up to be a great designer piece and is loved by one and all. Here, the bow back design makes the tee looks really modernized and appealing. All you need to do is, form a horizontal slice from one end to the other on the backside of your T-shirt along with some cutting on the neck of your tee too. Then cumulate the back piece from upwards to downwards in such a way that a bow design is formed and do the necessary stitching so that the bow can stay permanently. Are you not able to believe on your eyes, that you are the one who created this master-piece? Well, you are!



For a strap back design, your body fit T-shirt won’t work so you will need to borrow a loose tee from your elder or younger brother whoever is good in physique. Do say him thanks because he is the one to encourage you for your new talent. Now begin with the designer process, turn your brother’s tee back side and cut out a deep V-shaped neck. Then connect the broader part of V shape with any stretchable fabric like elastic at three or more regular intervals. The color of the elastic could be same or contrast to the color of the top. It will lend the tee with look that you wish and you can wear on any casual meet of yours.



Just like its name, is its design! The best part of the T-shirt with blade cut design is that the shapes and styles can be given according to your wish. You can roughly mark the border and the designer styles and start cutting them with the scissor. As in the image given below, you can go for a designer piece like this, where on one side it is horizontal and other it is vertical. A chic looking blend of trends combined in one piece of art, will make you stand out of the crowd!



The confidence is at its heights, when you wear a designer piece of your own. Ample of creativity and exactitude is required to create such a designer T-shirt because if any detailing is incorrect, it will waste of your hard work. The whole look of your T-shirt will be spoiled. So, keep every minute thing in mind while executing this designer piece. Pick your scissor and cut the sleeves, then the neck portion and finally the shoulder. Cut them in equal proportion else unnecessary gaping will make it look obsolete rather than artistic. You can keep this designed tee for any of your special friend’s birthday and be the centre of attraction among your friends.



Make a shrug yourself! There is nothing much do in it. Pick up the T-shirt that you want to transform into a shrug and mark the centre front of it. Then enforce the scissor to go on that cut thereby extending those cuts in a shabby cut look and there you are! Wear it in the way you wish to flaunt either with the shorts or jeans, whatever you like.



If you are the one, who love the back designs the most, then this crescent moon designer piece will be loved by you a lot. As you can see in the picture given below, you need to draw a crescent moon on the back side of your T-shirt and then cut accordingly. Now, to enhance the look of this designer T-shirt, a contrast color lace can be sewed in the space of the crescent moon. The T-shirt shown in the picture, not only looks voguish but also graceful.



It looks complicated to design but is simple and quick when executed. Lay down your T-shirt with its backside and cut an unbent (straight) slit in such a way that the top portion of the T-shirt looks like a sober long piece. It will look like a reversed ‘V’ on the back bottom portion so cut down the fabric of the tee to acquire such an angle. Then add a Velcro on the opposite side just as given in the image underneath. What a superb look a simple tee has been bestowed with!



Are you planning your first date with your beloved and want to wear something that makes it memorable forever in your lives? Here is the right choice baby. First and foremost, turn your simple T-shirt into a cropped one and then sketch a heart shape on the back side of the tee. Once done it accurately, cut the heart shape with the scissor and twist the border by sewing. Depending on your choice, you can draw the size of the shape of the heart in your tee. A big heart shape as portrayed in the image beneath, will lend you with an ultra modernized look. You can call this a perfect blend of cropped top dipped in the hue of romance.



This do it yourself upper and lower front cut out T-shirt looks very perplexed at the first sight but when we look to it with a designer approach, the designing does not seem to be that tough. In fact, it is a superb idea to add such an outfit to your wardrobe. The best way to do it perfectly at one shot would be to draw the stencil first and then make the use of scissor. You can add more of your creativity to this designer piece if you wish. The picture describes the process in the right way. Could you have ever imagined your old tee in such a chic way??



For this Slit Right Cut T-shirt, you need to pick that T-shirt from your wardrobe which is loose in fitting and gives you a comfy feeling. Mind you that a tight fit tee won’t work well this design. So, for the ones who love a voguish look, can instantly go for this designer piece without giving a second thought! A small tight skirt or shorts will accompany this T-shirt in the best way.



With a heart shaped style at the backside of the tee was one of the creative T-shirt cutting that we had worked on and here comes another flaunting piece for your romantic eve. Choose any contrasting color inner wear with this lovely designer T-shirt. Lay the tee and draw a heart in the mid front and encircle the heart with numerous perforations in such a way that the contrast color if the inner wear is visible. Hence, this will become the Heart cut-out designer tee. Wearing this on your meet with your beloved will express your love and feelings for him automatically. There will be no need of words to do so.



This is really simple and quick to be designed. Once you have selected the T-shirt that needs to be designed by you, pick the scissor and cut the bottom of the tee in fringes so that the funky look can be given. The size, depth and thickness of the fringes can be differentiated as per the choice of the wearer but if we talk about the look, the thinner the fringes are, the more they will be in number and the better they will look. So, are you all set to design a Fringe tee yourself and show off in your friends’ group?



Here comes a Tie-Up Cut trend… A stylish example of fashion and flair! If you are planning for any beach holiday or party, this designer piece will give you the desired look. A ramp walk theme on the beach or any resort will surely make you win the accolades of many. As per the comfortable zone, one can wear it with or without inner. As given in the image below, the back of the tee is cut into numerous slots and a series of bow like design is made at different levels.



Are you super bored with your plain T-shirts and want to throw it out of the cupboard? Then, wait and give a look at the picture beneath and try out DIY sleeve cut-outs. A simple tee is turned to a designer tee. All you need to do is to aesthetically cut the sleeves of the T-shirt which is very simple to do and explore a new designer piece. Shorts will go best with such a sleeve cut out designer T-shirt.

So, do let us know with your precious comments below as to, which one you tried to design yourself and how did you feel. You can also share the additional creativity ideas with us that made these cutting ideas more stylish.

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Are you fed up of freckles ?… Here are some treatments for you

Do you know anyone who has freckles or are you the one fed up with them?

Everyone wants to have a healthy skin and look young and beautiful always. But the coin is not always on our side. With the passage of time there has been a lot in increase in various skin problems due to whatever reason and Freckles is one of them. Medically, Freckles are little round light brown colored patches on the face which appears due to excess exposure to the sun. The harmful ultra violet rays of the sun are its main cause. Mostly, the people with fair skin are seen the victims of Freckles. They are found on cheeks, nose, forehead, arms and shoulders. They began to slightly appear from a very young age like one or two years. At times, the color of freckles may differ from person to person. Like, they might even be reddish, black or yellow but they are sure to be darker in comparison to the complexion of your skin and so they appear to be visible to everyone. In winters, somehow they get lighter but in summers they turn to be darker and denser. The usage of sunscreen is mandatory for the ones who have Freckles.

Facts about Freckles

  • Generally, one can recognize freckles as flat and tiny tanned spots on the sun-exposed skin, which are light brownish in color.
  • Freckles are the indication of skin damage which occurs due to the increment in the production of Melanin in few cells of the body. It also results in the change of color of freckles thereby turning darker.
  • Apart from dangerous ultra violet sun rays, the other cause of Freckles is hormonal imbalance or hereditary.
  • Though these are quite harmless and hardly develop into skin cancer till they are of unusual nature.
  • If anyone notices uncertain change of color in them or any sort of pigmentation, one should immediately get in touch with dermatologist or any skin specialist.
  • The medical science has become highly advanced and hence there are effectual interventions available for its remedy.

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Through this piece of information, we will share some natural remedies and few cosmetic treatments that can help you to get rid of Freckles and return your natural skin tone back. Frankly speaking, the cosmetic treatment might help you to get rid of Freckles permanently but also carry side effects along with it and on the other side, some simple natural remedies can help you by lightening or even removing these but no side effects are there at all. So, it is your choice completely as to want you wish to choose. We bring you both the solutions here:


The medical science has bestowed us with various cosmetic treatments for curing freckles like: Fractional Resurfacing, Chemical Peeling, Cryotherapy and many others. Though these treatments are highly effectual but are highly-priced and have equal risk of side effects too. Check few of the treatments given below:

  1. Cure through Microdermabrasion


This is one of the cosmetic cures for freckles. Very little particles are used to remove the topmost layer of the skin and in the similar ways different sessions are carried out to remove them permanently. This complete process is known as Microdermabrasion.

  1. Photofacial Treatment

Photofacial treatment done for getting rid of freckles is also known as Intense Pulsed Light Treatments in the medical world. Though, this is not a laser sort of method, but an intense light source.

  1. Cure through Laser Treatment

This is one of the most usually used treatments for getting rid of freckles with huge success results and least chances of skin discoloration. There are various types of lasers that assist in lightening the freckles or reducing their appearance safely. Laser technique is followed for this type of treatment. First of all, get in touch with a skilled and professional dermatologist and confirm back that freckles like dark spots are not the indication of skin cancer. Once you have received the confirmation, you can opt for the laser treatment which will be executed by the dermatologist himself.

  1. Cure through Retinol Solution

The cure through retinol solution is also an effectual way to lighten the freckles in case of deep dark spots or to remove them permanently if is already light in color. Through the dictated retinoid or with the help of retinol solution this treatment is carried. Mark a point that at times, negative side of this cure is also seen and as a result of which the retinols lighten the skin nearby the freckles rather than lightening the freckles themselves. This in turn makes the freckles more seeable. Again, the choice is yours.

  1. Cryotherapy

Some peculiar types of freckles are treated by this method named, Cryotherapy. A light freeze along with liquid nitrogen is performed at the dermatologist lab for this process. Mind you, not all sort of spots or are healed through freezing.

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On one hand, in order to get rid of freckles fast thereby ignoring the later side effects, the cosmetic treatment can help you but if you are the one who believes the proverb ‘Slow & Steady wins the race’, then the treatments through natural remedies is the best option. Though the cure process takes time but has no fallouts at all. These natural remedies might not obviate freckles completely but will lighten them to the maximum. Go through such effective natural remedies below:

  1. Mint, Banana & Lemon Face Pack:


This is a quick and easy method to make a face pack on own to treat freckles. All you need to do is:

  • Take one banana and mash it properly. Then, add few drops of lemon to it with two teaspoons of crushed desiccated mint leaves. Mix this well in such a way that it turns up to be a smooth face pack. Once done, softly apply this face pack on the freckles and let it remain on them for about half an hour from the clock. The moment time is up, wash your face off.
  1. Sour Cream with Butter Milk:


The sour cream and butter milk are highly rich in lactic acid and has hence proved to be very successful in removing freckles naturally. This face pack is the best one for all the ones with delicate skin. You can apply it daily once a day to derive the maximum result. Follow these steps:

  • Take some sour cream and put it on the part highlighting freckles. Now let it dry for about a period of ten minutes and then immediately wipe it away using a wet sponge or cotton. Then with some buttermilk, massage your face for two to three minutes and finally rinse off your face with water. If you feel dryness after this application, you can use moisturizer. In case, if you do not have sour butter, you can use yoghurt.
  1. Yogurt, Honey & Turmeric Face Pack:


Here comes, an awesome natural remedy for lightening freckles which can be prepared at home with much of ease. In this combo, Honey is rich in a special type of enzyme which works to lighten up the pigmentation and so this works superbly. You are advised to strictly continue this for a month at least once each day and looking at the results you can continue further. The process is:

  • Take equal proportions of yogurt and honey in a bowl and add a pinch of turmeric to it. Now blend them well and apply it gently on the freckle impacted area. Once applied, let it remain and dry for few minutes. When completely dried, wash this pack with moderately warm water. Also remember that in case, if your skin results to darkness due to turmeric, you can avoid it and make a face pack of the rest of the two.
  1. Potato & Buttermilk Face Pack:


This is a sort of Ayurvedic face pack which not only helps in curing freckles but also makes your skin look rich. There is no sort of side effects at all of this. For the desired results, you should make the repetition of this natural remedy thrice a week. The process is:

  • Pick a potato and cut into slices. Now take a bowl and pour buttermilk in it and soak all the slices in it. Let the slices be soaked for the complete night. When you wake up the next morning, rub and gently massage these dipped potatoes slices on the freckles for about five to ten minutes. When your face dries, wash it off with lukewarm water.
  1. Magic of Onion:


Have you ever known about the wonders of Onion? You will be shocked to know that Onions can help you a lot in curing Freckles because of the rich sulfur content that is naturally bestowed within it. It has superb exfoliating property. If you follow this treatment twice in a day on regular basis you are sure to love the change. It is advisable to keep this treatment continue till the time freckles disappear completely. Here is the process:

  • Pick an onion from your vegetable basket and cut it into dense wedges. Take any of the wedges and softly apply of the freckle affected portion. The other way to make the use of onions to cure freckles is to extract the juice of an onion by grating it and put that juice on the freckles. This is all that you need to do. Isn’t it really simple? Well, as per your choice, you can try either of the two.
  1. Marvelous Caster or Almond oil:


Almond & Caster oil is also one of best gifts of nature which helps thoroughly in the treatment of skin problems like: mars, sports, freckles and many more. It adds moisture to the dead or dry skin and gives you an even skin tone. You can follow the below given remedy on daily basis until you get the desired results.

It is really simple and quick to be done. Take few drops of Caster oil or Almond oil on your palm and apply it in the massaging way on the freckle impacted area lightly. Let the oil be absorbed by the skin so leave your face as it is for the whole night. In the morning, clean your face with lukewarm water or soft towel. That’s it.

Fruit Face Masks for the treatment of Freckles:


For the ones, who is in love with the fragrance of fruits and would prefer fruits face packs rather than any other, then here is an easy option for you, which will need least of time and effort. At least, give a try before coming to any conclusion:

Ingredients that you will need:

  1. A) Tomato pulp B) Papaya juice C) Cucumber slices D) Pineapple pieces

Process – Take all the above four ingredients and blend them together so well that the mixture can be applied as a face mask. Once it is ready, apply it on your face and let it remain for fifteen minutes. As soon as the time is over, wash your face with normal water. This is all that you need to do at least twice in a week till you get the desired result.

You can choose any of the above natural remedy and begin the cure immediately and as mentioned earlier, for any sort of cosmetic treatment you should hire a professional and trustworthy skin specialist (dermatologist). Apart from all this, you should also take few preventive measures which targets at the protection from sun exposure. They are:

  • Before going out, make sure you apply Sunscreen cream SPF 50 and lotion as well.
  • If it is urgent to go out in the sun, you can either cover your face with soft cloth or wear wide hats which do not let harmful rays of sun reach to your skin.
  • Make sure that you wear sun protective things like: Summer coats, full sleeved tees or long lengthen trousers etc.
  • Try avoiding going out in the sun during peak sun hours that is from around 11a.m. to 4 p.m.

The prevention of freckle is far more important than the freckle removal. So, stay safe from the sun as much as you can. Do share if this piece of information helped you or not and also share if you have any other effective solution to this bothersome freckle problem.

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Every girl dreams to be like Cinderella… the one with long beautiful hair!! But no dream comes true without few efforts. Just like the other parts of the body, hair also needs utmost care and concern on the regular basis. With the increasing pollution, stresses life and hectic timetable, hair loss is one of the most common problems that the generation is facing and is actually fed up of. If you spare few minutes from your busy schedule in giving adequate attention to your hair, then no one can stop you from being an eye turner wherever you walk. Rich and healthy looking hair gives you a complete look. Whether you are ready for a professional meet or a lovely date, your good looking hair is sure to add more of confidence and modishness within you.


There are many hair care products that can be of a great help to you. These products are highly effective in imparting nourishment to your hair thereby nurturing them with vitamins and calcium which are crucial for your hair growth and healthiness. Though there is a huge variety of such hair products available in the market but to select the most appropriate one is not an easy task. This selection completely depends on the quality of hair one has as it varies from one person to the other. Moreover, both men and women can make the use of the hair care products in order to have lustrous and hefty hair.

To make your task a little easier, here comes a list of fifteen hair care products that can work wonders for you. Right from enhancing the root of the hair to the journey of getting shiny hair, these hair care products are sure to lend you a great help as each and every peculiar point is kept into consideration:-

  1. A Soft Brush:-

One of the most important hair care product that is essential for each one of us, is a soft brush. Always make a point to comb hair only with soft hair brush else even the strong bristles will face damage and breakage with the rough ones which further results in lots of unnecessary hair fall. To add on, if you are making the use of a brush cum blower with a metal plate, just do not go for it as it detonate fast resulting in destroying the cuticles. So, only prefer a softer brush with a rubber plate with small balls at its ends and which also consist of highly smooth synthesized bristles. Such a hair brush will be very gentle for your scalp and hair both and save unnecessary breakage.

  1. Aveda Control Paste:-

A great hair care product to bestow your hair with excellent texture without any sort of sticky or greasy look! A point that you need to keep in mind is that the over use of Aveda control paste over your hair can lead to a great mess resulting in stickiness too. All you need to do is take a very little of it on your palms and gently apply to your hair. So, for lovely shine with light fragrance this hair care product is the best one.

  1. Korres Hair Care:-

Korres is a branded hair care product that is made from original used medicative herbaceous plants. It is rich composition of lively medicated plants and Greek flora. It is one of the best hair aliment and scalp scrubber which is highly rich in minerals and completely oil free. If you are fed up of dry and dull hair, lots of hair falling, dandruff, itchy scalp and split ends this Korres hair care product will provide you a perfect solution to all of these hair issues. The right way to apply it is to slightly massage it on your head twice a week and each time let it be on your hair for about ten odd minutes and then rinse it off carefully. This procedure not only initiates the blood flow of your scalp but also eradicate dead skin cells as well.

  1. Himalaya Herbals Protein Hair Cream:-

As the name speaks for itself, this Himalaya hair care product is wholly herbal and robust in proteins. Bestowing a lustrous look to your hair, this Himalaya herbal protein cream strengthens the root of hair and boosts their development as well. So if you love, long hair then this is the right product for you which also work as an antioxidant. It is so plentiful in natural extracts that it strongly fights against the dandruff, hair fall and split ends thereby fortifying hair vesicles. All this further lead to hair growth with a shiny and soft look.

  1. Fekkai:

Fekkai is a rich composition of awesome olive oil, aromatic almond oil, jojoba and soothing sunflower seeds. When all of these are combines in one single bottle, they work miracle on your hair. On general basis as well, all of these are known for enhancing superb shine to your hair thereby boosting the healthy growth and development. Applying Fekkai hair care product will definitely make you feel like hair spa at home. So, you can cherish big achievement through small investment without any need of prior appointment.

  1. Fabindia Lemon Mint Shampoo

FabIndia Mint Shampoo is also one of the most demanded hair care product. It works smartly by retaining the natural oil of the scalp and removing the additional oil secretion of the hair which generally occurs due to climatic condition, change of water etc. Moreover, it does not let the excess oil impact your hair or your overall look even. As the name of this hair care product speaks itself, lemon and mint are its main components and they work individually. On one hand where Mint is known for its cooling properties, it lends your scalp with chilling impact and says good bye to the hair fall too. On the second hand lemon manages the need of oil on the scalp and in the hair and also do not let the dandruff enter in. So, all in all both of them works magically together on your scalp thereby saving scalp from any sort of skin malady as they are well known for their anti-bacterial properties.

  1. Redken:

Redken is a famous hair care product well known for deep conditioning and maintenance when you are actually fed up of rough, dry, delicate, thin and colored hair. When we talk about colored hair, it is easy to understand that the usage of chemicals done over your hair to color them is not so good for the natural hair and it becomes very important to take extra care of them before they turn out to be a disaster. Redken is also termed as the soft silken fuel for hair. It lends utmost moisturization and softness to the hair. Colored hair and sun damaged hair can surely get a protection with this product. It is advisable to use it twice a week for the best results.

  1. Moroccan Oil:

Every hair oil has its own speciality and so is the case of Moroccan hair care oil too. This is such oil which is bestowed with high natural properties and has antioxidant argan oil too. In every corner of the world and in the heart of every lady this oil has made its special place which cannot be replaced by any other. Well known for its immediate impact, Moroccan oil works wonders when it comes to boost up the healthiness of hair, its length, softness, silkiness and shine. After applied in the hair, it is quickly absorbed by the hair within few minutes to produce all these wonders and so there is no question of your hair being left sticky or greasy without any sort of hair locks too.

  1. Remington Style Therapy Frizz Therapy Flatiron:

Flairton is especially known for rendering silkiness to your hair which is highly recommended by hair expertise. This is a silicone-expelling flatiron. Its plates are so rich in pervious ceramic coating that it expels a silicon grounded conditioner which works as a therapy to get rid of frizz.


  1. Matrix Biolage Keratindose Pro Keratin Conditioner:

Matrix Biolage Keratindose Pro Keratin Conditioner works simultaneously over both, the smoothness and moisturization of hair. It has all the properties to fortify the spoiled and fragile hair thereby preventing further damage too. This hair care product is a excellent formulation of silk amino acids, keratin, pro keratin conditioner and biolage keratindose.

  1. Habibs Henna:

Habibs Henna is also one of the most branded hair care product and it has a remarkable specialization over the grey hair because it is zero in terms of any harmful side effects. This hair care products is completely natural as it does not have any content of ammonia just like the other products have. So, no ammonia… no chemicals and no harm at all. It also soak up the extra oil so that you do not get a greasy look at all. For effective conditioning, Habibs Henna also comprises of Amla and Bhringraj which efficaciously conditions the hair and scalp both.

  1. Revlon 45 Days 2 in 1 Shampoo & Conditioner for Radiant Darks:

If you are the lucky one to be bestowed with the dark black natural hair then this product is made just for you. This Revlon 45 days two in one shampoo contains no sulphate at all. It highly engulfs such antioxidants that deflect the continuous failure of natural hair color which occurs while any sort of treatment or hair styling. This hair care product is said to be two in one because it works as a shampoo and conditioner both. It does not let the ecological assaulter impact and damage your hair and also creates a safe boundary across the delicate hair strands so that the moisture can remain in, in order to avoid unnecessary breakage. For lustrous and healthy hair, this hair care product is efficient enough to fight against the dryness and brittleness.

  1. Pantene Pro-V Relaxed & Natural Intensive Moisturizing Conditioner:

Live the way you want to and look like as if you have never! This hair care product is popularly known as ‘Pantene Paradise’ by many young hearts. Pantene pro-V Relaxed and Natural Intensive Moisturizing Conditioner has every required thing in it which is essential for proper hair growth and care. The Pro-V formula gives your hair a sifter and smooth look from the dry ones and its intensive moisturizer and conditioner thoroughly manages the hair. Say NO to all… No dandruff, no hair fall, no split ends! To add on, if you love the curly look, then this is sure to bestow you the one with more of flexibility and bounce. As you walk your hair will add more grace and style to your persona.

  1. Just Herbs Dandruff Control Ayurvedic Soya Protein Shampoo:

As the name presents itself, Just herbs Dandruff control Ayurvedic Soya protein Shampoo involves of only natural herbs and soya to lend it maximum protein. This hair care product is highly herbal and so is Ayurvedic too. If you are fed up of dandruff all the time, you are sure to bid goodbye to it forever. It thoroughly nourishes and moisturizes your hair and scalp with proteins and strictly stop the return of dandruff again and again. Its ayurvedic properties truly work medically too and so it is safe and secure from any sort of chemicals.

  1. Sunsilk Keratinology Heat Protector Spray:

Hair styling has become very popular with the passage of time and without any doubt, the heat and the chemicals applied to your hair to give the desired styling definitely spoils your hair. So, why not to have a safe hair styling without letting your hair being spoiled with its later effects? Sunsilk Keratinology Heat Protector Spray is such a hair care product that imbibes of kertain plus ultra violet filters which strongly save your hair from any dangerous heat. All you need to do is to apply this hair care product by spraying over your hair before you go for styling or straightening, curling, blow-drying etc so that the side effects actually do not harm your precious hair.

Care and Concern is the demand of your hair! So, it is just a matter of little attention that can save your natural gifted hair from any harm. As a piece of advice, one needs to take care of hair even, at regular intervals just like we do for our other daily life necessities. Lot of time, money and energy can be saved if you do so.

So what products are you using for your beautiful hairs???

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When it comes to the problem of unwanted hair, every woman would wish to become a magician where in, just with the help of a magic stick she will be able to get rid of this problem anytime she wants or even forever as well. Body hair and facial hair in women make her feel very embarrassing and she can do anything to get rid of it. The best part is: Right from ancient times to today’s modernized world, you have been given numerous options to get rid of this unwanted problem in your lives. It is just that the panic situation in your mind, is not allowing you to look at those options. In this piece of work, we bring you the combination of the oldest and the latest methods to remove unwanted hair that will prove a great help to you. We also advice you on the pros and the cons of each of them so that the decision making become simpler for you. In addition, there are some natural remedies too which you follow from the right time will not make you feel embarrassed at all.


Before you prefer any such methods, whether readymade or natural ones, make sure you consult your skin doctor to be on a safe side and then proceed with any of these. The skin of one differs to another and so it is an important issue. Below are some advanced methods to removed unwanted hair:

  1. Bleaching


This is one of the quickest methods to hide the unwanted hair. If you are to hurry up in some event or occasion, then Bleaching is right option for you. As the growth of hair is a natural process and cannot be stopped, but can be hidden in the nest way through this process. Bleaching lightens the color of your hair in accordance to your skin color and so they are not easily visible. Now the question arises, how to do bleaching? There are numerous readymade bleaching creams available in the market or even at beauty parlors. You can try any of them but make sure they suit your skin thereby not causing any sort of allergy or irritation. So, it is advisable to go for a patch test as given in the slip of every bleaching cream. Do not ignore it at all; rather follow the given instructions sincerely. This patch test is done over a small area of your hand and in case if you face go through irritation or red spots, do not opt this under any condition. Generally, bleaching creams are made by expertise companies and their teams keeping the skin care as their priority but at times some type of skin which is highly delicate may not suit this. Hence the ones with sensitive skin should prevent its use. Also, mark a point that bleaching works well only with fine hair not the thick ones.

  1. Shaving


This method is also one of the simplest and quickest if you are fed up of unwanted hair. Shaving is also an option for you when your delicate skin is not happy with the reactions of the bleaching cream. But this method is not meant for the treatment of the facial hair at all. Through shaving you can remove the unwanted hair of under arms, legs and hands (only if urgent). The process of shaving should be done in the correct way. The area from where you wish to remove unwanted hair put ample of moisturizer and go for only long upward strokes. Do not ever do dry shaving. Make the use of a sharpened blade in order to obviate the rashes from stiff razor. Though this shaving method works well when you have a very little time to get ready and remove unwanted hair instantly but the only minus point is that hair grows quite quickly after this and one needs to shave them very often.

  1. Threading


Here comes another way to get rid of those unpleasing unwanted hair. If we go back to ancient time, threading is considered to be one of the oldest methods to removed undesirable hair. Even Wikipedia has records that how long this process has been in use which says about its origination in the Eastern world. With the passage of time, the popularity of threading has increased speedily. This hair removal method was most used in western countries and now no corner of the world is left untouched by this technique. The best part is that the hair are removed deep and do not grow quickly. On the other hand the worst part is that if you are the one with very delicate skin, threading might cause skin reddening or even cut like marks and some alterations in skin pigmentation. All that is needed is: Simple cotton thread to pluck the unwanted hair. This thread is rolled in fingers and with a technique unwanted hair are plucked easily. Threading should always be done by expert beauticians and should not be tried on own till you are not well skilled by its technique of plucking hair.

     4. Tweezing


Tweezing is also a well known method to remove unwanted hair but through this only small-small portions of hair are removed as it does not work well for the large area of unwanted hair. Small and limited portion is covered at one time for hair removal while tweezing. This is done with the help of tweezers that are easily available in the market. Tweezers are helpful to remove the additional eyebrow and upper lips hair. You are advised not to repeat the method of tweezing frequently as you might have to face minute scars in that case. It is a bit painful method so you can rub ice cubes once the unwanted hairs are removed to give relaxation to that skin area. Also, never ever prefer plucking hair through warts and moles irrespective how urgent it is for you to get rid of undesirable hair.

  1. Waxing


Again, this method is one of the best methods of all to get rid of unwanted hair immediately and that too for a longer period of time in comparison to others. Waxing can be done by the readymade wax containers available in the market. Even waxing heater and waxing strips are available so you need not to go through any hassle bassle. These waxing strips have enough moisture and are really simple to be applied. Before you go for waxing, wash and clean the area that you want to be waxed. Pre heat the wax before you apply. Always apply wax with the help of the applier which is always given along with the wax container and perform waxing in the direction of the hair growth only else the hair would not be removed properly and you will suffer a lot of pain. It is just like swimming against the waves of the water. Now you paste the strip over the wax applied, and pull in the correct direction as explained. Though this process is a painful one, but the smoothness and shine it ends up with will make you really happy. This is a long lasting process among all. Still if you are the one with sensitive skin, even waxing can result to redness and spots even if the wax is little extra hot so be careful.

  1. Depilatories  


Using Depilatory creams is also one of the many methods to get rid of unwanted hair. Like others, these creams are conveniently available in the market. Now the question is, how does these Depilatory creams work? Such creams comprise of those chemicals which quickly dissolve the keratin that are in the hair of our body. For any cream that has chemical reaction involved within it, you are always advised to first and foremost go for a patch test. This is to see that there is no awkward reaction like allergy or spots, of that cream to your skin. To begin with the process, clean the area that needs to be depilated and then make it dry with a napkin. Read all the instructions given in the pack and use the spatula to apply the Depilatory cream. After the given time for applying the Depilatory cream is over, remove the same with a wet cloth or sponge. You will see hairs are easily removed wherever the cream was applied. Wash the complete area thoroughly and let it dry for some time. Then apply a moisturizer to avoid dryness. You can use this method for any: hands, legs or even under arms.

With the changing time, the trends and ways are also changing in every field. When it is about removing or reducing unwanted hair, treatments like laser technology and electrolysis are highly effective and have become the most famous invention of the technology world. Make sure that you always go to a licensed professional to have any of these treatments.

Some Natural remedies for removing Unwanted Facial Hair: 



  • Make a thick paste with these three: lemon, sugar and water. Apply it over the area from where you want to remove unwanted hair and as soon as this paste dries up, remove it instantly. You can perform this activity once in week to preclude the unwanted growth of hair.
  • Prepare a face mask with the white portion of the egg, lemon drops, sugar and honey. Apply it on your face and as soon as it dries pull the mask. You will also notice unwanted facial hair being pulled out too along with the face mask.
  • Lemon is known for its miraculous qualities. It is also serves as an amazing natural bleaching agent. Make a paste with besan (gram flour), milk cream, wheat flour, little water, mustard oil and some drops of lemon juice. Now apply this paste in circular motion and after massaging for sometime wash it off. If you use this face pack from early age when you air are less in quantity and soft in texture, you might not face the problem of unwanted hair at all.
  • Form this paste by mashing a ripe banana and two to three tablespoons of oatmeal powder. Then apply in the circular style on the portions of the body where you want to remove hair. Leave it for about 15 minutes and then wash your face properly till it is properly cleaned. Repeat the same twice in a week to restrict the growth of unwanted hair.
  • Make a fine paste by integrating two tablespoons of barley powder, some milk and few drops of magical lemon juice. Now apply this paste on your face for about fifteen minutes and then wash your face with lukewarm water. This natural remedy will help you to have least facial hair and that too of fine quality, nothing which seems to be removed.
  • Form a fine paste with equal quantity of the following: kasturi manjal powder, moong dal powder, neem leaves powder with some leaves of kuppai meni. Apply it on the face in the form of scrubbing following the direction of hair growth for about 15 to 20 minutes and wait till it dries. Wash the face and dry it with soft napkin.

Hope all these natural remedies prove a great help to you. They are really simple and quick to be made. If you sincerely follow these magical remedies on time to time basis from the right age, the results will definitely prove their effect. The hair growth will be minimal and even if you have few facial hairs, they will be of extreme fine quality, which does not impact your look at all. Don’t act too crazy in terms of getting desired results very speedily from these natural home remedies. As these are completely natural treatments, they are sure to take some time before giving the best outputs. So, have patience and do not leave the hope without giving enough time.

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Are you also the one fed up with the tanning on your face and want to know as to how to remove tan from face? Right… but before we move on to the brilliant ideas that can really be of a great help to you, everyone must know what is Tanning? During the whole year, especially the Indian skin suffers a lot from sun tan. Tanning has become obvious where there is hot or excess humid climate throughout the year because sun is extra active all the time. Tanning is said to be the process where the skin gets spoiled and darkened due to the harmful ultra violet rays of the sun for a good period of time. The other issues that the tanned skin gives birth to can be, red rashes, wrinkles on the skin, untimely senescing of the skin, spotty layer on the skin, droopy skin etc. It ruins your complete persona and all this leads to an unpleasant look thereby making you upset and stressed. All in all, sun tan on the face marks your face look really lifeless. So, whatever you try, like if you apply sunscreen lotion regularly or make the use of umbrella while going out of the sun, it still impacts your skin adversely and results in tanning. Even parlors are no good solution to it. You actually waste your precious time and money and still do not get a permanent solution and need to rush all the time there.


One can also witness calamitous skin infections due to lots tanning. No sunny day seems to be a fun day with such sun tanned face and we search ways of avoiding any public gatherings or get together. So, it is better to learn to fight against tanning inspite of finding ways to run away from it as it is something that you cannot ignore. We are lucky enough to be bestowed with different gifts of nature that are capable to do wonders in terms of healthy skin. So, why not to make the best use of them? There are some amazing ideas and methods that will kick off your tanned skin and will help you to regain the natural one. Below given is the list of anti-tan face packs that you can easily make at your home and get rid of sun tan. The fruits and other things used to make these face packs are superbly rich in such enzymes that brighten your face and lighten your complexion thereby remove the dead skin. The best part is, you neither need to have a prior appointment nor follow any hectic schedule as all this can be easily done while relaxing at your home like chatting on phone, watching T.V., surfing internet or any sort of free hand work.

Let’s begin with the wonder magic face packs that will leave you spellbound after their usage on the tanned skin and you will surely bid good bye to the parlors and say hello to the sun.

  1. Lemon juice, Rose Water & Cucumber Face Pack:

A face pack with three in one combination of lemon juice, rose water and cucumber will help you efficiently in getting rid of tanned skin damaged by the sun. Cucumber is bestowed with cooling properties and so is the rose water which leaves a chilling effect on your skin and also makes the dead skin look lively. Lemon juice which is highly rich in citric acid and Vitamin C, acts in pulling out your natural color thereby removing the darkened one. It also lightens the complexion and makes your face look appealing with more shine.

Instructions for its Usage- This face pack can be applied on regular basis to save the skin from tanning. Take a bowl and make a face pack by putting one tablespoon juice of all the tree items that is: lemon juice, rose water and cucumber juice. Then stir them well. The face pack is ready to be used. All you need is a cotton ball, dip in it and apply on the peculiar sun tanned portions. Leave your face as it is for about ten minutes. You will see that the solution is dried and then you can wash the face with normal/cold water.

  1. Papaya & Honey Face Pack:

When Papaya and Honey applied together can give you an astonishing face glow that you would have not expected. Such is the magic of these two. Papaya is considered very healthy for the skin and stomach both and Honey is known for its soothing to shining properties. Both of these when used as a face pack together will lend your face with mind blowing freshness and radiance. It is one of the most efficacious packs that can be quickly prepared at home with much of ease and less of time. No dead or tanned skin can stay before their charming effect.

Instruction for Use- Take a bowl and pour one tablespoon of honey in it. Take a properly ripe papaya and extract its pulp for a measurement of about half a cup. Mingle both of them in the right way and the face pack is ready for the use. Apply this on your face with tanned skin and leave it as it is for approx half an hour. Once the time is up, take lukewarm water and clean your face enormously. Instant results will prove the magic of the two. You will love the dignified look of yours!

  1. Lemon juice, Tomato Pulp and Yogurt Face Pack:

Lemon is a lucky fruit to be bestowed enough with uncountable benefits and it is considered to be one of the most amazing ingredients with astonishing properties. This face pack is again a combo of three incredible gifts of nature. When applied on the face it not only eradicates the sun tanned skin but also betters the natural tone of the skin by boosting freshness and concealing pigmentation too. To add on, the other fantastic benefits of this face pack involves: anti aging and anti wrinkle qualities.

Instructions for Use- Like others, take a bowl and strictly put one tablespoon of lemon juice, two tablespoons of tomato pulp which you can obtain after mashing the tomato well and then again one tablespoon of yogurt. Mix all of them very well so that all the three components unify well with each other to form a perfect face pack. Then apply it on your face gently for about a period of thirty minutes. Once the time is over, wash your face properly with the cold water. No words can express what your face will glow like.

  1. Butter Milk and Oat meal Face Pack:

A perfect exfoliation face pack made from the mixture of butter milk and oat meal. Both these ingredients used to make this face pack are tremendous in their work. On one hand where butter milk is well known as awesome deep cleansing milk similarly on the other hand oat meal also works as a cleanser and scrubber both. From dry to oil skin, pimples to blackheads, dullness to roughness, rashes and acne, oatmeal can cure one and all with cent percent efficiency. Buttermilk thoroughly nourishes the deep layers of the skin and softens it too. When both of these work as one, they serve to be an excellent treatment especially for sun burn along with many others benefits too. There are numerous facial creams that are made with the combination of two.

Instructions for Use – To make this face pack, you will have to take a bowl from your kitchen and add two tablespoons of oatmeal to three tablespoons of butter milk. Like other face packs, all ingredients should be properly mixed. Once done with the preparation, apply this wonderful face pack on your face and also massage it gently. This process should be done for right twenty minutes. When the time is over, rinse off your face with cool water. Along with your face, this face pack can be used on other body portions as well where there is tanned skin.

  1. Milk and Strawberry Face Pack:

This face pack is going to be a real treat for yourself. If you have an ongoing battle with dry skin, sun burn and acne then this milk and strawberry face pack is the right choice for you. It adds radiance to your dull face and tightens up the pores. The best part is that it can be easily made at home as per your convenience. As you know, strawberries are superbly robust in lots of vitamins and also contain precious salicylic acid which is essential for the healthy skin. This face pack will give you a feel of natural spa and that too at your home itself and is the most recommended one for oily skin.

Instructions for Use- First of all take four to five strawberries and properly wash them. Mince all of them and in order to get a rich paste squash them with the help of the fork. Now add two tablespoons of milk and shuffle them well. Then finally put a sleek layer of this face mask and leave it as it for about half an hour. Once the time is over, immediately wash your face with lukewarm water and apply any of your daily moisturizer. For better results, you can apply this twice a week. As a piece of advice, make use of fresh milk to make this face mask so that tanning do not stay for a minute more.


  1. Face Mask of Lemon Juice with Potato:

Potatoes and lemon both are such vegetables that are easily available in the market and preparing a face pack with the combo of these two makes the simplest deal. For any patchy part of your body like elbows, knees etc, or for lightening the acne problem, lemon juice is considered to be the best cleanser. It adds smoothness and makes them neat than earlier. You can imagine what amazing impact it will leave when added the potato juice to it. Potatoes accompany in the best way with lemon juice and turn up to be an effective face pack because it kicks the tanning straight away as soon as it comes in contact with the skin. It has been bestowed with ample of minerals and fibre by the nature.

Instructions for Use- Pick a medium sized potato and pull out the maximum juice you can from it. Now take a bowl and mix one tablespoon of lemon juice with that extracted juice of potato. With the use of cotton ball apply this face mask on your face for about 30 minutes. As soon as the time is up, wash your face with cold water and analyze the result with your own eyes. You will be surprised to see that tanning has bid adieu to your face.

  1. Face Mask of Turmeric powder and Fresh Milk:

Turmeric is well known to add taste while cooking a veggie but it also adds grace to your skin when added in a face pack. It’s healing properties and beautiful color has always been its strength. Though there are a variety of face packs available in the stores but going for the most natural one that is made by yourself is something that you might not have judged. So, why not to prefer this one? Milk as also mentioned earlier is one of the beautiful gifts of nature and its advantages on the skin are not hidden from anyone. This mask adds clarity to your face, removes dead sun burn skin, kicks the spots and lightens-brightens your complexion too.

Instructions for Use- Take a bowl or a jar and make a mixture of little turmeric powder and fresh milk in it which makes our face pack ready to use. Now apply it on your face with the cotton ball and leave it for 10 to 15 odd minutes and then wash your face with normal water. Though the result will not be seeable immediately but if you start using it regularly, you are sure to be the one to never opt out it of your life. Say good bye to the tanning!

   8. Curd, Lemon juice and Gram Flour Face Mask:

Now this is something which surely makes everyone remember her granny, the great. The old days blessed us with golden ideas to take proper care of skin so that it looks healthy and graceful always. The gram flour is popular for lightening the skin color which automatically brings glow wherever it is applied. Curd softens the skin and makes it look clean.

Instructions for Use- Take two tablespoon of gram flour, one tablespoon of curd and one tablespoon of curd in a bowl and blend them so well that they turn up to be a fantastic face mask for removing tan from the face. Then apply it on your face for a period of 15 to 20 minutes and then wash your face with little warm water. The glow will itself speak about the impact of this face mask.

  1. Coconut Water Face Pack:

One of the easiest ways to remove tan from the face! For all those who think that coconut water is only to satisfy the thirst or enjoy its taste, it is tough for you to guess what other benefits coconut water can bestow you with. It is also considered to be a beauty drink. Fresh coconut is also something that is conveniently available in the departmental stores and in the daily market. The coconut water is highly rich in fibre and minerals and can work wonders when drunk for a healthy body or applied on the face as a face pack. The external benefits of this mother-nature are: lightening the sun burn, removing tanning and reducing acne.

Instructions for Use- Empty the coconut water into a bowl and apply on your face with the help of cotton and let it be there for 10 to 15 minutes. Then rinse off your face with normal water and relish the freshness at any point of time you wish to. Its usage twice a day is recommended.

  1. Honey Face Pack:

Since ages, honey has been doing miracles in terms of beauty, skin and health. It is a rich nurturing skincare agent which is popular for its moisturizing and anti-bacterial qualities. From reducing pimples to acquiring natural grace on your face, this is super savior. It manages the tanned skin very well by rejuvenating the skin and decreasing mars and spots. Honey gives you a parlor like look.

Instructions for Use- All you need to do is, to take a tablespoon of honey in a small bowl and apply it with the help of fingers in the massaging form. Leave it on your face for few minutes and then wash your face with normal or little lukewarm water. This can be done on regular basis in order to save the face from tanning.

Image Source: Shutterstock


Fashion world is getting huge day by day and so is changing the trend and style of lifestyle with every passing day. From head to toe, one can embellish in beautiful ways and enhance the look. All thanks to the fashion world that gifted with all such creativity. When it comes to hands, nails are truly an important part of our body and can add lot of grace if beautifully decorated. Every small addition in terms of beauty and style definitely adds compliments to our personality. Though the trend of nail paint has been into fashion since long, but the art of nail paint is the talk of the town now a days. For this, Nail Acrylic is used which beautifully lends the hand with a captivating and distinct look. These nail acrylic imbibes of lovely colors in abundance that can be used in as much creative form as you wish to. Depending on the occasions or the event, you can make the nail paint designs with your own creativity and execute the designs accordingly. Matching to your outfit or contrast or as per the theme of the party different colors of nail paint can be used to draw the designs.

Let’s take an example: If the evening is all about your romantic date with your beloved then color of love that is red with white can appear to be the most appealing one. In case, if you are going out for pool party, you can opt for aqua color along with some green and yellow to it. The more imaginative you are, the more artistic your nail design will turn to be. The appreciation earned by your loved ones will surely add five stars to your hard work. Also, if you are in hurry at times, then you can also take the help of this article which will instantly lend you with the best of ideas. All in all, nail paint designs clearly reveals, the loveable and aesthetic nature of the woman.

The most ongoing trend is the Polka Dot Nail Paint design. From attires to accessories, jewelry to mehandi designs and now nail paint designs, nothing has been left untouched by the polka dot patterns. Basically, an array of similar sized circles placed between each others with similar gapping is said to be polka dot design. But with the changing trend, this guideline has been completely changed. When this polka dot pattern is used as nail paint design, though there is an array of circles but numerous experiments are done like: they could be of any size placed at different gapping depending upon the design that you have framed in your mind thereby marking a unique style as a whole. Different nail acrylic colors can be used for this. No one had ever imagined that polka dot designs will ever mark its entry into the nail art world too apart from the others. As a piece of advice, do prefer manicure on timely basis to enjoy the maximum look of this new art. It is rightly said when change is for good it is better to color your life with such changes and enjoy every bit of it.

So, now painting your nail with just one color is not really interesting. For you, we have brought top nine polka nail paint designs which you will certainly love and can be made with lots of ease.

The Bubbly pink:


Pink, the most preferred and loveable color by the girls and ladies of any age! Its soothing color and mesmerizing effect leaves no one untouched with its magical effect. When combined with the contrasting combination black and white colors in the form of polka dots, it is sure to go perfect with any of your special or casual evening.

Black and White dots:


This polka dot nail paint design is the best model of a trendy version exhibiting the mixture of modernization and style together in one. If you are not good at drawing perfect circles then by this design you can easily hide your mistakes as there are uneven circles and semi circles bordering the nails which display modern art. A chic outfit will be the right one to accompany it.

Holiday Mood Design:


What’s your plan?? A simple day out walking on the beach or two days night out… whatever you have planned, this nail paint polka design will accompany you as the best companion when you are all set for a holiday mood. The light acrylic nail color used in it is really soothing and eye pleasing and when dramatized with polka dots in pink and silver color, it reveals the best of it.

Love is everywhere, in the air:


If you are unmarried and also love to be an eye catcher wherever you walk then this polka dot design will definitely be a great help to you. A design bold and beautiful to express the unveiled thoughts of your heart! The ring finger whose nerve is said to straight connected to the heart symbolizes the mark of love… red rose painted on it and the rest of the fingers are painted deep black as the base color with polka dot in white color. If you have a clue to be proposed or is all set for engagement then this nail paint design will surely be a striking one for your beloved. This design speaks of the romantic phrase… love is in the air everywhere.

Combo of dots and flowers:


One can easily guess your hidden romantic feeling by this lovely nail paint polka dot design. The index finger, thumb and the little one is painted with red nail acrylic color and highlighted with polka dots in white color. While the base of the rest of the fingers, the middle one and the ring finger are painted with white color and ‘U’ shaped floral designs where flowers are colored red and leaves in green are drawn. For the one who loves bright combination this polka dot nail paint design is made just for you. However the colors can be amended as per one’s choice or depending on the color of the attire.

Easy with no time:


Running lack of time and want to hurry up to win the punctuality award for your kitty? Then, what you are waiting for, rush and get two colors white and black nail acrylic colors. Make a quick start, paint your nail black and make polka dot design with the white one and relish the look. Make the dots little thick so that the real look of contrast color combination can be pulled out to the maximum. The dark shades reveal their original form when you have done a manicure. The cleaner the hands are, the more appealing your hand will look.

Christmas festive time:


Jingle bell, jingle bell, and jingle all the way… so are you actually ready to welcome the Santa and enjoy the festive season? Then, here come the most suitable polka dot nail paint design which will make your Christmas a memorable one when you will earn endless words of appreciation for this. This design exhibits combination of three colors: white, black and red. Apart from the ringer finger, all others are painted in the same theme where white is the back ground and polka dots are made by using black and red color. As a centre of attraction, the ring finger is highlighted by making a small Christmas tree painted with dark green color and tinge of golden for the stem. This adds a festive flavor to your persona. The color combinations are superbly complementing each other.

Gorgeous and girly:


This polka nail paint design can be termed as gorgeous and girlish. On one hand where the golden nail polish simply implied to thumb, index finger and little finger gives the gorgeous golden look similarly on the other hand the rest two fingers middle one and the ring one are beautifully painted with different nail acrylic colors enhancing the polka dot design. The polka dots are made using the contrast colors of both the nails and along with the golden one. From teen to thirties, anyone can go for this without giving a second thought.

Polka and pearls:


No words can actually define the beauty of this polka dot nail paint design. In fact you will fall short of words even if you try to do so. This piece of art is a perfect combination of beauty with brain. Pearl has always been admired as the symbol of royalty and elegance. Here in this design, the addition of pearls to the zee black colored nailed gives a stupefying look to your hands. The big and small pearls are placed in three vertical lines. This one is to go the best with gown like attires or any evening occasion where you are sure to become the centre of attraction. An artistic design with the tinge of elegance!

Image Source: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9.


Hairstyling is also one of the most important parts when we talk about grooming our personality and look. Not only this, it also reveals your fashion sense and lifestyle. A perfect hairstyle depends on the length of your hair along with your face cut. For an appealing look, it is important to go for such a hairstyle which enhances your overall persona. As our country differs in cultures and traditions at every few kilometers, the hairstyles also differ according to the places and occasions. In this article, you will go through the famous South Indian bridal hairstyles that even you can opt for a distinct look. The rich imbue of Banarasi saree and heavy golden jewelry adds a lot to the South Indian hairstyle.

The South Indian girls are blessed to have thick, black and long length hair. On one hand where the traditional wedding is their culture similarly on the other hand it is the dream of every girl to be uniquely dressed up as a bride. With the changing time, trendy hairstyles and accessorizing them has also become a part of South Indian wedding along with the ‘braid’ culture. A little modernization in the hairstyles has given the South Indian brides, a chic look to embellish on the special day of theirs. Below are the top nine South Indian hairstyles that can be chosen by the bride to be or by any girl for any special event in her life or family. Look the way you have always wished to and earn loads of praises and appreciation by one and all.

  1. A look with accessories:


If you have long decent looking hair, then this is the most appropriate hairstyle for your wedding day. A traditional taste with a trendy twist… is the perfect line that defines this stunning hairstyle. You can also embellish yourself with this hairstyle on any type of special occasion apart from the wedding. Just like the picture showcased on the top, one can enhance the look of this South Indian Hairstyle with the rich imbue of fresh flowers which will also create an awful aroma all around. In addition, adding some of the glittering metals of different types can also lend you with grace. All this completely depends on the choice and preference of the one who is the bride to be or anyone who has chosen this hairstyle for the special event. Rich looking Banarasi saree with scintillating maang teeka in the mid will make you look extremely mind blowing.

  1. Perfect posing braids:


Are you the one who has always dreamt to look like a celebrity on the big day of yours? Here it is… A flawless South Indian bridal hairstyle, that will make your dream come true. This superb South Indian bridal hairstyle is the one where you can boast a long length beautified divisions with the golden colored accessories at the equal distance. These accessories have colored stones in the mid matching the color of the saree. The image is given at the top to exhibit how gracious it will look. The accession of kamarbandh and heavy looking necklace will add seven stars to your personality.

  1. The appealing glorious look:


For the ones with or without long length hair, this South Indian Bridal Hairstyle will give you an appealing glorious look. Right from the wedding function to a casual one, this hairstyle will make you fall in love for its centralized segmented theme. If the weather is summer like hot or humid like rainy, such a hairstyle can be quickly tried as it won’t let your look be spoiled because of either of the two. In fact you will be able to carry yourself graciously. The mixture of diamond and golden jewelry covering the neck along with the maang teeka dangling in the top mid of the forehead will make you earn endless compliments.

  1. The long length flowered braid:


The long hair length braid embellished with round shaped golden accessories segmented into the equal portions with the flowered touch will not only lend you with the most beautiful look but also fill the whole atmosphere with fascinating fragrance. The moment you step in the wedding hall, your flowered braid will mark your esteemed presence automatically with its magical aroma. Each and every one who is a part of your special day will praise your stunning look which is definitely the result of this long length flowered braid South Indian bridal hairstyle presented in the above given image. Also, the length of the segments can be increased as per your wish through the floral extensions. A white colored saree with mehroon golden border will add a lot to its grace.

  1. Reversed accessorized flowered hairstyle:


This reversed accessorized flowered hairstyle is also one of the most popular South Indian bridal hairstyles. For the one who loves extremely simple look enriched with the sense of fashion and trend, this hairstyle will mark a special place in her heart forever. The small garland of fresh or artificial flowers is draped around the bun of your hair in such a way that it also showcases the look of accessories in the most fabulous way. So, whether you are a bride to be or her friend or sister, this south Indian hairstyle will give you the desired look for sure.

  1. The small sectioned floral hair bun:


If you are a girl who loves to adore herself with small floral sections, then this is the best South Indian bridal hairstyle that will bestow you with the dream look of yours. A proper expression of the same can be seen in the image given at the top. Such a hairstyle is easy to be carried and fashionable to be shown. With the golden colored Banarasi Saree and shining border, you will look extremely glamorous. The addition of kamarbandh right above your waistline and the captivating kundan jewelry covering the neck will speechless to one and all. You will be a live example of the beauty with tradition and fashion both.

  1. Overall modernization from head to toe:


Right from head to toe, when you are dipped in the hue of fashion and trend, what a spell binding look you will have!! It is so difficult to be expressed in words as only such an appearance of yours can justify it. Different to others, in terms of saree color, draping, jewelery, hairstyle will make you look unique and distinct from the crowd. As exhibited in the picture given at the top, a puffed sleeved and contrast colored blouse accompanying a multi colored banarsi saree in a free pallu style is imparting a stupefying look to the wearer. Moreover, the traditional cum trendy jewelry covering the neck and upper centre portion of forehead is adding endless grace to her chic look. An overall modernization can be seen showcasing her south Indian hairstyle where hair is tied in jooda sort of bun with flowered garland holding it.

  1. Captivating celebrity look:


Undoubtedly, when it is your wedding day, you are the celebrity meaning thereby, you are the centre of attraction. From attire to jewelry, make up to mehandi everything demands exclusiveness for a captivating celebrity look. The image given above will leave you with an impression… OMG! Completely speechless! Unique kundan jewelry with floral braided hairstyle and glorifying golden Banarasi saree is the major attractions. So, are you ready for such an appealing look? Well, you must have noticed this look in South Indian movies where the South Indian actress sport in their movies especially at the time of wedding scene. After all, who does not wish to be the celebrity of the day by all means!

  1. Traditional & trendy:


Traditional and trendy are the right words to define this South Indian bridal hairstyle. The garland of fresh flowers embellished on the hair bun with the red rose in the middle leaves this hairstyling as the most demanded one. Heavy worked zaree saree will accompany in the best way with this amazing hairstyle. From wedding to any sort of family functions will be the right occasion to put up this South Indian hairstyle. Accessories to the hair can also be added for an additional grace.

With the changing time, there will always be more and more good and new changes in the hairstyles too. If we look back the early times, hair cutting was also prohibited in many orthodox families but now there is a huge change in the thinking of many. We are the lucky ones to cherish these amazing changes in our society and live life king size. Today, hairstyling has also become a flourished profession along with a fashion trend. It has become a personality grooming part of both, males and females. When it comes to sporting hairstyling on the occasions like wedding, we have got numerous hairstyles, like the ones given above depending upon the place, preference and occasion. So, enjoy this change.

Images from: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9.



Are you scared of looking yourself in the mirror? Are the aging effects running much faster than your age over your face? Then what are you waiting for!! Begin with the easy and quick exercises that can work in an amazing manner. It has been noticed that most of us do not want to go for home remedies, instead prefer cures like face packs, creams and medicines which at times do not work so well and all you get is disappointment. But not to worry when we are the lucky ones to be bestowed with the charming wonders of nature. Hence, utilize them as best as you can. Moreover, there are no side effects of them at all. When we say, Yoga is one of the best ways to cure aging it means there is no doubt at all. Since uncountable number of years Yoga has been doing miracles in terms of curing one’s ill health, maintaining good health, enhancing overall personality, bringing beauty etc. So, why not to make the use of this best gift of nature!! Begin your morning with these anti aging facial exercises and other yoga aasans if you are fed up of the aging effects or any sort of health issues and notice the positive impact of these.

It is the dream of everyone to look smart, beautiful and cool. Without giving a second thought, we do whatever we are advised to, in order to attain a slim waistline, models like look and an overall perfect personality. We prefer going to gym, maintain diet and what not to get that look which has always been your first love but we result in ignoring the fact that it is the face that is first and foremost noticed. So, does it sound worth of having a perfect figure with a wrinkled face? Undoubtedly, not! Go through this detailed description given on the anti aging facial exercises which will not only maintain your complete look but also give you a wrinkle free skin forever. The most appropriate time to perform these anti aging facial exercises is the morning time because this is the time when your body is fully relaxed physically and mentally. These will not only enhance your personality and look but will also help you to overcome aging. You will notice your body is filled with immense energy and gives you a fresh feeling altogether.


Though earlier there were many doctors who opposed to the fact that these facial exercises are of any benefit in terms of removing aging effect. But slowly and gradually when these anti aging facial exercises started showing the results, they also took their words back and supported this fact happily. Logically, these facial exercises are successful in their job because our facial muscles are directly connected to our skin and so the oxygenated blood that is produced while doing these facial exercises enters and flows in the tissues of the skin properly thereby making your skin look young and vibrant as before. Here we are marking the words of Madam Rowland who laid down these wondrous anti aging facial exercises who said “To maintain the lift, you need to devote yourself to the program’. The word program refers to this complete phenomenon of anti aging facial exercises.

Whatever we do definitely has logic and it is important for us to understand the same to justify your mind with the fact that you are doing it for a reason. The logic behind the facial exercises is as simple as, when the compression and relaxation of the muscles can give the shape and tome to your entire body which you generally acquire by going to gym, cycling or doing yoga then why cannot the facial exercises can tone up the facial muscles and make it wrinkle and aging free! Exercising in the right manner for the right body part will work similarly in the case of entire body. Do not expect the results in a day or two give ample time exercising for your face as well and then anticipate for the desired results. At least give your bit to attain a bit.



  1. Chewing the gum:

Chewing the gums is said to be one of the most efficacious exercises for anti-aging. Does not sound tough at all, right?? In fact, this exercise is something that you can do anytime and accompany any other work as well with it. You need not to spare particular minutes for this. Now the question arises, how does it helps and the answer is while chewing the gum there are movements in your cheeks and jaws in such a peculiar way which is best to get rid of aging impacts. In addition, this work out also enhances our overall facial expressions. As a piece of advice, do not perform this in excess as overdose of anything is always harmful. Also do it sincerely and slowly by implying the right amount of pressure on the cheeks. All you need to do is to make sure that you perform this exercise regularly so that the best results can be achieved as quickly as possible.

  1. Tighten up your eyebrows:

The second exercise that stands second on the list of anti aging facial exercise is, tightening your eyebrows. The area of eyebrow is also one such place where the effects of aging are very much visible. With the increasing age, you will notice that the eyebrows loosen their steadiness and appear less in comparison to before. All this is the effect of aging but there is a solution to every problem and so does this. With the help of the tip of your fingers, hold the eyebrows from the right side and apply some pressure on them. Then raise them upwards thereby keeping the eyes broadly opened. Perform the same for both the eyes for about five times each for the desired results and see the magic. Also remember, while doing any exercise one’s mind and body needs to very relaxed else if your mind is somewhere else you won’t get the desired output of any of your efforts.

  1. Give a surprising reaction!

Now, this sounds the simplest of all… one of the most frequent reactions that we perform in our daily lives. You just need to give a super surprising reaction and that will be your anti aging facial exercise. The right way to perform this exercise is; broaden your eyes with eyebrows lifted upwards, open your mouth as you do when you are actually surprised, amplify your cheeks and widen your forehead too. This makes a perfect surprising reaction face. You are sure to get aging free forehead. The best part of this anti aging facial exercise is that there is no limitation as to how many times you can do this exercise. Repeat as many as times it is easy for you to do. So, learn to be happily surprised even at small things and them watch how this effectively this work. Even if the situations do not demand the surprised reaction, you can still do so because it will be two in one for you. The action and reaction together!

  1. Reduce your Double Chin:

One of the most common aging problems faced by many especially the ones with heavy weight and min you, this is not at all easy to get rid of it. So, in order to figure up your chin and neck, this exercise is right one for you. Keep the position of your body and neck erect and then compress the lower lip over the upper one. Lift up the corners of the lips by smiling and then rub the rudimentary muscles smartly for four to five times by the help of your palms. Once you begin to realize the clue of strain on the below portion of your neck, stop immediately. Go for this exercise on daily basis to get rid of double chin as well as neck. Don’t give up without giving your hundred percent effort and come out of lazy zone to get the successful results.

  1. Facial yoga:

Since ages, yoga has been giving best results in terms of good health. One had always attained what one has wished by doing the necessary yoga regularly. Even the medicines have been failed to give results in the medical science at times, but yoga has always proved it’s worth cent percent. So, when the question is about performing anti aging facial exercise, facial yoga will do wonders. It imbibes of some simple steps to perform: Stand erect with mouth opened and then take a deep breath. Now, with the closed mouth hold this breath for the maximum time you can. Once you are ready to relieve the breath, do it through your nose and this is all. For eradicating the aging effects, perform this facial yoga for about five to ten times and that too twice in a day. Such facial exercises can be practiced anytime of a day if your morning is fully occupied in house-hold works. You can practice these while listening to music, watching your favorite daily soap, talking to your children etc.

  1. The cheeky way:

This is a must anti aging facial exercise which needs a proper work out on your cheeks. Like the previous facial exercise, first of all, stand erect with the broadest of all the smiles and lips sealed. The corners of the mouth should be turned up matching the direction of the ears. After this, crinkle your nose in such a way that the muscles of the cheek are elongated upwards. Before you come to your normal position, remain in this position for some seconds. You are advised to make the repetition of this anti aging facial exercise for about tem times in a day. So, stop being lazy and turn active if you want to cherish your young look for longer time.

Scientifically, there are about ten groups of muscles in our complete face and scalp. Now these muscle groups are well connected to the bones of your skin in such a way that it enables you to give uncountable facial expressions every day. As and when we repeat the facial expressions which we unknowingly do, it results in forming lines and causing wrinkles with the passing age. Now this is when these anti aging facial exercises works superbly in toning and stiffening your muscles back to the shape which further overlays the skin to look young and tauten. These exercises enhance the overall blood circulation in your body and expel the stress and depression to restitute a vigorous look.

  1. Jaw line Exercise:

A muscle names ‘Platysma’ colligate your jaw line to that of your shoulders so the laxation of this particular muscles results to flagging skin on the neck and also double chin. For this, you will need to sit or stand erect and then incline your head backside in such a way that you are looking at the roof. Let your head stay still for few minutes and with the help of your tongue touch the top of your mouth for about 25-30 seconds. This will lead to the contraction of muscles which you will able to feel by the minor tickling painful sensation in your neck. As soon this happens, slowly bring down your chin to the neck portion. You are advised to do this exercise for about five times a day and tone up your chin and neck elegantly.

In addition to all these exercises in your daily life, do drink at least eight to ten glasses of water regularly. Water plays a very crucial role in maintaining your overall health and keeping the skin look young and shiny. You are sure to overcome aging as well with this nature’s gift.

Whatever is your aim, to achieve it; one must be sincerely dedicated and devoted and then there is no one who can stop you from achieving what you wish.