Increasing Trends of Sleeve Tattoos with Essential Tips on it

In today’s modernized world applying tattoos on the body has become a style statement especially among the youths. It adds a unique touch to their personality thereby making them a fashion follower in their group. Though there are many types of tattoo designs and it becomes tough when you have to choose among so many of them but presently the most popular design is Sleeve tattoo design.

As the name speaks its feature itself, Sleeve tattoo designs are those tattoo designs that are made on the sleeve portion of the body that is arms and legs. Sleeve tattoos are generally made colligating many small tattoos together in such a creative way that it covers the whole sleeve portion thereby appearing just like a large tattoo. But designing a single large tattoo is not a tough task however colligating various designs of small tattoos in a unique style is very time taking and expensive too. A sleeve tattoo might take few days or even months to be completed if it is a distinct one. Moreover, its assumed time depends on the expertise tattoo designers.

It is important to know some important tips before you go for a sleeve tattoo design so that it turns up to be an easy task for you. These ideas are framed keeping in view every single requirement while planning to have a sleeve tattoo. Let us follow step by step as these are sure to prove a great help to you. So, are you all set to rock your friends’ group, then get, set and go!

First step is knocking at the right door, of the sleeve tattoo specialist who can give you the desired look that you actually wish for. He should be an experienced one, to give you the best suggestions and any feedback if required regarding the designs and the place of getting the sleeve tattoo sketched. Take a confirmation that there will not be any type of chemical reaction or allergy to your body if tattoo is applied. To add on, you can even go for that tattoo designer whose designs you have evidenced from your own eyes and appreciated it and in case if he is unknown to you completely then do not waffle asking questions like the earlier client experience, if any kind of references, and records of the prior made designs etc along with building a good bridge of communication between each other with simple and light talks. All this will prove to be a great help to you.

Secondly, go for such a tattoo design selection that looks perfect on your body because it should be such a type that you cherish forever and wherever you go, it compels other people to turn their head around by complementing you. If you have decided to get it sketched on your arm then as a piece of advice you are suggested to sketch it on your dominant arm. Though the tattoo designers are expert in their work but if you have god gifted creativity then even you can make some efforts to give your tattoo a distinct and complementary look. Then finally go for the appointment once you are satisfied with every small and big aspect.


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Thirdly, once you are done with both the above tasks, then comes the day of tattoo sketching. Make sure to take any of your family member or friend along with you because it is also painful to get it done and there needs to be someone closer to you to render you with strong mental support and strength. This will help you in building up rich level of confidence and within few hours you will start enjoying getting the tattoo engraved on your sleeve.

Then after sketching of the sleeve tattoo is done, take a deep breath and relax and imagine the time when others will also be able to see it on your arm and make you a star. Do not forget to take proper care and attention once the process of sleeve tattoo is finished. As soon as the bandage from the sleeve tattoo area is removed wash it lightly and softly with little warm water and cover it again with an immediate effect with cotton without applying any sort of ointments.

Finally, as a precious piece of advice, do not take any action according to your own view. After washing and covering the place where tattoo has been made with cotton, make sure you do not forget to apply the lotion as advised by your tattoo designer. This should be done before getting yourself completely dressed up. Lotion is suggested because it renders calmness to that particular place.

It is but obvious for today’s generation to love having long hours shower and regular exercising in the form of swimming especially in hot summers but once you get tattoo engraved you have to compromise on long time showers and swimming too till the tattoo designs get healed completely. If you are a girl, then avoid beauty enhancing ideas like waxing your arm or leg after applying the tattoo. Also avoid getting out in sun to save your tattoo from harmful ultra violet rays because it is also made from the usage of chemicals only particularly till the time your tattoo portion gets healed properly. In addition to all these, be careful and do not scratch the tattoo place even in case itching in fact rub your fingers slightly on it.

If you follow the above given steps as directed then you are sure to face no issues at all else not following any of these simple steps might let you enter into the world of many issues and problems. Desiring a sleeve tattoo is very simple but getting it fixed without any problem is a difficult task. Remember a proverb that in order to achieve something one has to compromise something. Similar is the case with tattoo also but only till it gets mended or recovered.


Things to Consider Before Visiting Tattoo Shops

Millions of people around the world wish to get tattoos. With increasing demand, there are many modern and high-tech parlors, which also draw traditional designs. Although, there are many shops and artists across providing the best service, it is important to consider a few things to experience awesome tattooing.

Here follows some interesting information to help Find the Best Shops:

  • Type of Tattoo Needed:

This will be the foremost consideration before choosing a shop. Before walking into the parlor, try to make it clear about what type or style of tattoo would interest you. Most of the parlors have ample choices such as Japanese, Asian, Tribal, Traditional, Modern, Buddhist and many more designs. However, it is important to be specific and sure of individual preference.

  • What Style are the Artists popularly known for?

This is another aspect to be considered, as all artists are not specialized in all designs or styles. Therefore, make sure if the artist is skilled at the style that is specifically expected by an individual. Each artist is known for different skills. If the preference is for modern Japanese stuff, then it is essential to look for an artist who is capable of drawing such images. Therefore, try to do some research before choosing an artist. Go through books and photos of their past tattoos, which will give an idea, if to choose or not.

  • Get some Recommendation:

This will be another way to find talented artists. Taking recommendations and references from friends and known people can help find experienced artists as expected. This further simplifies job along with saving time and efforts.


  • Search Online:

If there is no one to recommend reliable tattooists, then another best way is to search online. Here, one can find many shops that are offering competitive services. Moreover, the job also becomes simplified, as the list of artists can be narrowed down based on required styles. Remember, tattoo will permanently be on the body once drawn and it cannot be removed easily. Therefore, it is important to think numbers of time before tattooing it.

  • Distinguish between Real and fake Tattoos:

This will be another important aspect to be considered. Some tattoos are really typical to be drawn. Besides which, the ink used must be safe that it does not cause any health impacts over the time. It is not enough that the drawings look pretty, but it is also imperative that it does not cause any health impacts or disappointments as days move.

  • Script or drawing:

Some people would prefer drawings, whereas some prefer scripts. If the choice is in the script, then spelling must be checked carefully while working, as once it is written, then it cannot be erased easily. Moreover, the entire appearance would go worst.


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Try to have some flexibility while choosing styles, as some works look better and some disappointing. But, this obviously matters with the artist and his photographic capabilities.

However, by selecting the right image for the right part of the body, the overall tattoo becomes attractive and worthy spending. Try to know the cost, time taken and if there are any other artists in the shop who could draw some unique style.

Hope you get all information when you find the best tattoo shops. If you like to know more about tattoo, then visit here.

How Tattoos can harm your skin ?

What comes in our mind when we hear the word “TATTOO”?
Probably some bikers or rock stars showing off their skin, tattoos on celebrities ranging from name tattoos to something that they strongly believe in or idolize and even young girls showing off their butterfly tattoos or angel tattoos. This is the picture that comes in our head almost instantly and it also appears quite intriguing to some who even admire these people and their tattoos. Tattoos weren’t in people’s interest earlier but now, they have entered the mainstream and people from young adults to old ones, children to teenagers, all think of getting a tattoo at some or other point in their life. There are plenty of tattoo shops boards flashing a red light that says: “tattoos for men” or
“tattoos for women” to brag some attention from the people passing by.
But BEWARE! We should ponder some words of wisdom to begin with: “Always think before you ink”. People sometimes take just a fraction of seconds to think with their own head rather than just following the crowd. They are never bothered to even know the complications that might occur after getting tattooed and then after it is all done, they rant about themselves being ill-informed and blame it all on the circumstances. You don’t want to do the same, right?
The image might be appealing but it is quite deceiving too. You actually aren’t aware of the threats it hides within. So, here is a quick guide to tell you everything you need to know when it comes to your safety and if you are planning on getting inked!

1. To start, first of all it hurts!! It is a really painful process to get a tattoo and one needs to be strong enough to go through all that process which, in fact is no less than a torture on skin.
Let’s dig it more deeply: The tattoo process involves penetration of ink needle into the skin repeatedly and a tattoo takes about 1-2 hours at least and if the figure or symbol to be tattooed is complicated, it might even take more hours sitting that awkward way and taking up all the pain. So, just imagine it as multiple hours of needle penetration into the skin which is traumatizing for you. Not all are brave and strong enough. Are they?

2. The agony doesn’t end with the pain during the process, it is much more sometimes after the tattoo is been made.
Let’s come to the complications it might lead to: Getting a tattoo done is not safe. I repeat, it is not at all safe!
It might lead to some infections. The reports from various surveys indicate the involvement of Mycobacterium bacteria which is the cause of many serious skin problems ranging from mild rash to even serious abscesses that require surgery and several months of antibiotic therapy. Some infections aren’t common but they do occur, so they cannot be overlooked. Evidence suggests presence of some bacteria which is difficult to treat and it infects the whole body making the tattoo its base. These infections do not find a way with everyone but yes, in many cases they certainly are present. The most common reasons of these infections are:

a. The artist and his studio: Not all the artists have license to run their tattoo shops and practice this profession. They might not be registered with the concerned authority nor are their techniques acceptable in some cases. Many don’t use sterile techniques and this gives home to the infection and it can spread quite easily. Sterile techniques refer to the use of sterilizing tools, sterilized needles, washing hands, using gloves and even using sterilized water to dilute the tattoo ink. Some states and countries have even set standards but not every artist follows that.

b. The tattoo ink: Tattoo ink is nothing but a cosmetic product. It needs to get approved before being used but as certain standards have not been laid down properly, people aren’t aware of the good or bad products and are mistaken sometimes. This definitely is quite bad as someone might end up getting into inevitable circumstances. Also, a proper authority has not been formed regarding this act, so no proper check holds the place. After all, the tattoo is just a puncture wound made deep into the skin filled with a cosmetic ink.

What can be done to ensure you are undergoing safe tattooing?

a. First, get the tattoo done only from a licensed or registered tattoo artist. This would reduce the complications to a bare minimum.
b. Always ask the artist about the sterilization techniques he/she uses and make sure he/she has the experience tattooing.

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c. During the process, always see if the artist uses sterile new needle and wears a new pair of gloves. If he doesn’t, make him do that immediately.

Having a tattoo done without infection is a testament to safe practices of an artist and the ability of human body to resist the infection. But after the initial care, it is important to prevent any kind of infection from haunting you later in life. So, here are some measures you should follow:
a. After a tattoo session is over, take off the bandage within three to five hours. Wash your hands with antibacterial soap and warm water and then wash the tattooed skin. Pat dry with a paper towel or clean cloth towel.
b. Allow the skin to air dry for 5 to 10 minutes. Then apply a very thin layer of Vaseline, Aquaphor, or other ointment.
c. Repeat the washing, drying, and moisturizing process three to four times a day for four days.
d. When the tattooed skin starts to shed a thin flaky layer of skin, do not scratch or pick at it. At this point, you can switch to a moisturizer—don’t let your tattoo dried out for the first few weeks.

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e. Call your doctor—not the tattoo artist—if redness or swelling persists after a few days or you have a fever or you notice a rash in or around the tattoo.
6. Last but not the least, quite a few people are fickle minded and they don’t stick to their decisions for long, they might do something one day and the other day regret it. Tattoos are permanent, once done, it is nearly impossible to get it removed. So you need to be double sure before getting a tattoo as it would be a mark on you forever. Though nowadays, some techniques for tattoo removal have queued up but they are not only expensive but the pain they deliver is excruciating and not in the least terms delighting or easy; to be honest!


So, you have been told what all it is and what all harmful effects it may cause. So now, it is your call and your wish to decide but you should always know the repercussions of your actions and should accept the situations it might lead you to. So to conclude with: Happy and safe tattooing.*sarcasm intended*
Feel free to leave any comment below!