Tips For Men To Increase Weight

A well-built man is adored by all. Have you been trying for long to get a physique that could capture the attention of everyone around but are not able to achieve even a bit closer to it? If yes, then here is your chance to learn some astonishingly helpful tips that can help you to put on some weight and bid goodbye to that lanky and lousy body. Get your muscles elegantly rebuilt and toned just by following a few easy ways.

We are enlisting some never failing tips that can help you achieve the physique you always admired to have.



Men have more muscle mass as compared to that of women. It is a fact that muscles plays an important role in burning more calories than fats hence, causing faster metabolism. Fast metabolism does not support muscle building or weight gain, because whatever you eat gets digested quickly and the fat doesn’t accumulate. Therefore to deal with this situation you need to consume something extra than the three meals of the day. This is because your body is burning excessive calories and thereby it becomes necessary for you to increase your diet to balance the fat proportion in the body.

So, instead of sticking to the normal 3 meal diet routine; start consuming 5 days a meal, it need not to be a proper meal but healthy snacks such as fruits or granola bars and peanut butter.

Bananas are highly recommended especially if you aim to have a strong built. So, mark a point to consume 2 bananas with one glass of milk every morning and this will surely prove to be very helpful.



A healthy diet is very essential in every case whether you are willing to increase our weight or decreasing it. If we go with the fact then, 3500 calories are required to enhance the body mass by 1 pound. Hence, while preparing your diet plan cleverly choose the compounds you intake and their calorie content. Make sure that at the end of each day you consume at least minimum of 2500 calories for a well built and fit body and maximum could be around 3500.

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Muscle built up happens when the muscle tissues gets ruptured and then spread. One best way to increase the muscle mass is by putting pressure on the muscle and therefore, weight lifting is one prominent method to do so. It is preferable to lift weight under a trainer’s guidance because it is a work of technique. If you lift the weight in a wrong manner or without considering the technique then it can lead to serious muscle problems and even cause issues like slip disk which are tough to get cured. Never do without a proper guidance of any expertise. Hence, without wasting one more day go and get yourself registered in a gym or hire a trainer and pull up some weights to see a change that you actually desire.



After a long day at work and tiresome gym routine make sure to give some peaceful time to your body. It will help the muscles to develop stronger and better. Also, make sure to give your muscles break during the workout routines as well. How can you do so? It is by; not focusing on exercising on the same muscles continuously. Keep a 48 hours gap before repeating the lifts on the same muscle set. Also take a day off in the week and help your muscle mass to rejuvenate and rebuilt. If you are under the training of a professional trainer, then he will be the one to take care of all these things and if not, then make sure you mark all these points on board.



Keep a regular check on your weight to continuously supervise the target v/s achieved record and this will surely help you to reconsider your gym routine along with the regular diet plans in such a way, that they can prove to be more effective and beneficial. Remember the thing that our concern is weight gain and so everything should be done in accordance to it.

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Water, in true sense is the best gift of nature. It is proved to be helpful in resolving any and every disorder. In the context of weight gain; it becomes very necessary to drinking adequate amount of water on daily basis. It plays a vital role in assisting the metabolism of our body by processing the calories and proteins that we consume in our diet. Hence, we would suggest you to drink at least 10-12 glasses of water every day. To add on, make sure that you consume other water based refreshing elements like smoothies, lime juice etc also.



As mentioned earlier, proper rest is required to acquire a healthy and fit body. No matter how busy does your routine go, always manage your time in such a way that you get at least 7-8 hours of sleep every night. This will help you in increasing weight. Thinking how is it possible? Well, whenever we take rest our muscles starts rebuilding and further it bestows our body with refreshment which our body demands for, especially after a long working day which is a must to lead a healthy life.

We hope these strategies help you to get the look and appearance you always dreamed of. There are a lot many supplements available to that help to weight gain. Thereby, along with adapting these methods you can also look for some suitable supplements to help you in the process of weight gain. However, always make sure to consult with a physician before opting for any supplement diet and never do anything risky with your body.

Do comment and let us know your feedback!

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Food And Supplements To Defend Depression

Life is too short to make worries a part of it and live it sick and unhealthy.

In the current era, depression is amongst the leading disabilities suffered by people. It can be characterized as the state of mind where the person becomes dull and low and starts leading an inactive life. There exists a lot of antidepressant drugs that can not only help to let go off the depression but also can cause ill effects to the body and mind. Everything has some advantages and disadvantages and so is the case of here as well. There are even possibilities that it can even lead to increase depression to the highest stage which might further result to suicide. Besides that, it gives birth to strange mental conduct and behavior of the victim. Hence they do not have much worth against your health but this doesn’t imply that there are no mood boosters at all. What about replacing these anti depressant drugs with some healthy food which are not just healthy but are really delicious! So, it becomes easy for you to consume them.

Don’t be surprised because you read it right. Tasty and yummy fish dishes can be your mood up lifters and can help you to combat depression. There have been many studies done in the same regard which has clearly proved that fatty fishes such as salmon, Pollock, Sardines and Tuna can spectacularly pull you out of depression. If we discuss about the reality if these studies, it has been proved that women who preferred fish in their meals were 16% lesser prone to depression whereas for men the chances were 20% lesser compared to those who consumed very little or absolutely no quantity of fish in their meals.


You must be thinking what is the reason after this? Well, the reason behind consumption of fish being such good remedy for depression is considered to be the presence of Omega 3 fatty acids in them. Now let us tell you what role does Omega 3 play? Omega 3 stimulates the condition of brain by modifying the levels of two vital neurotransmitters namely dopamine and serotonin. Serotonin is also known as happiness hormone. Dopamine is efficient in controlling the pleasure centers and energy channels of brain. Hence both of them together, smartly play their roles in reducing level of depression.

Are you worried because you are pure vegetarian? No… not to worry and don’t be unhappy even if you are strictly a pure vegetarian and eating fish isn’t your cup of tea. There are other depression vegetarian foods which are suggested specifically for you. They are such as: Yoghurt, Apricots and Walnuts which will assist you to get out of that state of mind within very less time. Also, to add on, dark chocolates are superbly effective mood boosters and can immensely help in combating depression. For sure, this is something that you will have without giving a second thought. After all, there are hardly any of us who does no love chocolates.

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Omega-3 Fatty Acidsor Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA) and Eicosapentaenoic Acid (EPA) are most prominently found in fat layers of fishes of cold water streams. They have been proved to be an efficacious prevention to deal with depression and descending cognition. Omega -3 is also a vital component present in nuts and oil such as walnuts and algae oils. There are many supplements of Omega 3 that are also available in the market. But yes, the quantity and form of its presence differs in varied sources of supplements and food items. So, you can even consult a doctor before you prefer any of its sources.


There are various conclusions that have been achieved through many studies done in the same regard. Some of the statistics and observations have resulted to the fact that consumption of Omega-3 fatty acids is a good deal as it can immensely protect you from the conditions of depression. For an instance, one study was held by observing 22,000 Norwegian people, among which, some were made to consume cod liver oil regularly while others did not. The results of this study showed that people who were consuming it were 30 times lesser prone to depression than those who didn’t. So, with this study, you can understand the importance of Omega-3 fatty acids in healing the stage of depression in anyone suffering from it.


Now that you know that Omega 3 and Depression are closely related to each other, let us also learn how it can help us to come out of the gloomy mode in the best way. This fact cannot be ignored that depression is a definite signal of weak condition of brain. Not just to fight depression, but it is also a crucial component that is needed to ensure the healthiness and active working of our brain. Hence omega 3 is a must nutrient to be consumed by everyone now days. In fact, it is a naturally required element and you will be surprised to know that it is even present in mother’s milk so that a new born can get all the required fats. To add on, it also ensures the development of a healthy brain and strong immune system.


A consumption strategy for Omega 3 can be really helpful in both; short run and long run. In short term, it can help you to come out of depression blues and get all happiness back. However in the long run it can prevent us from getting into the depressed zone. Along with that it precludes the occurrence or development of diseases and any kind of disorders that are related with aging of brain. As a conclusion, it is a fact that if we intake the supplements of Omega 3 and the food items that are rich in it from day one, then it will work wondrously thereby optimizing its goodness to the maximum.


Our body requires Omega 3 fatty acids in abundance and amole quantity to battle the evil of depression. Hence, a big dose of Omega 3 supplement is a major requirement of any body. However, you do not need to intake supplements of any other Omega fat such as Omega 6 or 9. This is because Omega 6s should not to be increased as it inversely affects the state of mind. So, to attain a balanced ratio of both; Omega 3 and Omega 6, it is better not to increase the quantity of Omega 6s in the body. Also, it is preferred to consume olive oil rather than taking supplements of Omega 9s. Thereby, we advocate you to stay away from ingestion of Omega 6 & 9 supplements and advice you not to opt for a combination of all the three together of these omega fatty acids. You might suffer a huge health loss if you do so.

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Regular diet plays an important role in managing and enhancing the functions of the body. Same is the case here as well. You would require a diet turn over in order to fight depression in the long run. In the current times people generally consume more of Omega 6s than that of Omega 3s (unknowingly) which further leads to more mental instability. The reason behind is, the uneven ratio of two fatty acids in the body, disturbs it wholly. So, you will need to cut down the quantity of intake of Omega 6s and eat those food items which are rich in Omega-3s so that there is increment in Omega 3s.

There are also a lot many eatable oils but you will need to choose the best oil which contains correct amount of Omega 3s. This will in return help you to overcome the problem. Along with this, cold water stream animals, specifically fishes are a good source of the correct proteins and fatty acids. Apart from animals living in water; grass fed beef’s or sheep’s liver also contains considerable amount of Omega 3s but does not show as appropriate results as that of cod liver oil or seafood items.

Are you a vegetarian and eating seafood and beef meat is completely out of your league? If yes, don’t get disappointed because we also have some vegetarian solutions for you. Flax seeds are the best vegetarian alternative to adapt. However if you are comfortable with eating eggs, then egg of a chicken who have been roaming and feeding freely on bugs and weeds would be an enormous source of the required fatty acid. So, whether you are vegetarian or non-vegetarian, for both, it becomes mandatory to consume required amount of Omega-3s.

Nevertheless, if you are allergic to fish items or seafood then completely avoid it and follow the diet of vegetarian people as it will serve a great help to you. Moreover, don’t even consider to intake supplements or liver oils, instead settle up for either a plant based solution or good quality eggs. Another option could be to reduce the Omega 6s level in the body instead of increasing the amount of Omega-3s. This will maintain the ratio between the two fatty acids and thus will dissent depression. You will enjoy your life as normal.


Mark a point that trans fats are absolutely of no use for the body. They not only add onto the calories and fats in your body but also restrict the capability of your body to absorb Omega 3s fatty acids. So next time; while grabbing those French fries, keep in mind that it is not only increasing the fat layers in your body but also making your body unable to induce a vital nutrient to your brain. Hence we suggest you to avoid them and rather go to the nearby seafood restaurant to redevelop Omega 3 levels in your brain so as to combat depression and ascertain right working of brain and body.


  • Salmon and liver of pork, lamb, beef and chicken are the most preferable depression food items for many people as it enhances the presence of Omega 3s fatty acids is the body and affects the brain. However, we advocate you to stick to the liver of those animals who have been grazing over grass because in this case the content of fatty acid in the liver is appropriately high, besides that is also rich in vitamin B.
  • Also, as mentioned earlier, you need to hike up your consumption of nuts such as apricots and walnuts along with the regular intake of yoghurt in a good quantity. The reason is that, these are also antidepressant agents but can be an equal help you to get out of the depression hole if you have already stuck with it.
  • Are you a chocolate lover? If yes, then it is time to be happy because there could not be any better mood booster then chocolates. It is because of the stimulants present in cocoa which thus make it a quick and tasty remedy to fight dull mood. However dark chocolate could be of more help in combating depression and cognition than milk based chocolates.

An ancient Chinese proverb states that, “The best time to plant a tree is twenty-five years ago. The second best time to plant a tree is today.” Hence, no matter if you are already going through the problem it is the right time to deal with it and not letting it grow further. Also getting depressed would not find you solution to your problems so always stay happy and fight back all the evils of the life with a pretty smile on your face.

Promise us that you won’t let depression be a part of your life ever. Even if you are grasped with it, right from today begin to kick it off far from your life and never let it enter again. Live life, king size!

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Best Meal Of The Day Is The Post Workout Meal


Let’s peek into the definition first: What does that term mean?
“Workout is a physical exercise to make your body fit.” And in this age of competition, to be fit is the most important thing to work upon. If we refer to a doctor’s advice: workout or any physical exercise is compulsory on regular basis so their sane advice is that every individual should add some sort of exercise or workout in their daily schedule to live a healthier and more balanced lifestyle. Workout makes you fit and if you stay fit; you automatically feel happy. So while you are up with a well- trained workout, it is important to take a healthy and good diet after workout to improvise and increase the results.


Eating after a workout is important even though it does not matter at what time of the day you are working out. Want a logic behind it? Here you go: At the time of the workout, our body losses its glycogen and protein and if we don’t eat a good meal, our body muscles get break down. To avoid this awful thing to happen, here are some wonderful tips from the experts.

One should follow up these simple rules to gear up their body:

  • Eat within 30 to 60 minutes after workout: Meal which you had after workout is like a “Recovery” meal. So, it is better to have it as soon as possible. As we know that during workout, we lose our pretty high amount of energy and nutrition; so, to “get back” our energy and body strength, a meal after workout is compulsory. If you do not eat a proper meal, you can get weaker till the next workout and hence, the effect of the workout would be adverse.
  • Think beyond Protein: “Protein” is the most desired ingredient you take after workout but just the protein factor is not sufficient to “get back” your strength. So, some amount of fat, nutrition, lots of vitamin and starch is the need your body wish.
  • Keep it real: During a workout, we lose all of our energy and if we do not have a healthy diet, our muscles break down very steadily. Not only a post meal is necessary; but meals which we intake the whole day should be healthy and full of nutrients.
  • Don’t Overcompensate: If losing weight is your main motto, then dear peeps, please don’t punish your body with your “so-called” illusion that you have to decrease your diet to get in shape. We agree that it is important to have a perfect diet but a perfect diet should at least compensate the amount of calories you had burned during the exercise. And besides gaining that much back, an addition of some healthy substitutes is a must.
  • Rehydrate: Dehydration is a common problem which most of the people face in their workout sessions. We need to understand that everyone has a different body temperature so the level of dehydration differs. If you sweat like a pig or if you work out for longer hours than others, try those energy drinks to pump up your energy more than just the normal water. Energy drinks restore your “electrolytes” which you lose during your tiring workout.

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What to eat after a workout is the biggest question everyone is searching an answer for. Do you know the accurate answer? No? Well, we are here to help.
A best post workout meal should be full of nutrients, proteins and glucose. So, these are the 10 eatables that topped our list of the best items to eat after a workout:

  1. EGGS: After the sweaty workout, what we need the most for our body is a good amount of proteins and carbs. The best suite for both of our requirements is an egg. As we know, an egg is a very rich source of proteins and carbs. It has 6.3 gram of protein and it is a natural source of vitamin D which serves just the right for athletics.


  1. Quinoa: Brown rice is a very good substitute after a workout but instead of that, we would suggest you all to go for this tricky term: Quinoa (pronounced as KEEN-WAH). It is definitely not as complicated as its name and indeed it is a better choice than your usual boring brown rice. What makes it win is the ingredient slip which proves that it has more protein and fiber than brown rice and the bonus is, it takes much less time to prepare. Hurrah!


  1. Orange juice: Familiar? Of course everyone is! We don’t think we should tell you all the importance of an orange juice. We hope you guys have read it in your school books in nursery! Well, jokes apart, let us just revise it: Orange juice is a rich source of Vitamin C and various high nutrients which makes it a drink which we can sip on anytime and it is good for health always! Go and fetch your glass!


  1. Kefir: Kefir. Well, don’t give us that expression. We know that it is not known to everyone. Let us redefine it to you: it is a drink made of fermented milk. Recipe? Go search it on the net but yeah, the nutrient count is the main motive to discuss it here. Here we go: one cup of kefir contains 11-14gram of proteins which is more than sufficient for a day. So, just a cup every day and you are sorted!


  1. Banana: We could hear that “Yumm” sound! Who is that?
    Well, we know that it is one of the most favorite fruit from ages and it is one of the best fruit you could eat after a workout. Perfect!
    Wait. Would we have to give a reason for that too? Fine. It is the best as it contains the “best” carbs and helps us restore our lost glycogen.


6. Salmon: We hope that’s a familiar word now. What makes Salmon enter this list is its high quantity of protein and a pretty decent amount of omega3; which is a good source to rebuild your muscles.


  1. Blueberries: These small berries might not appeal a good source of nutrients to you but you people are still in a myth. Haven’t you heard the saying? “Big surprises come in small packages?” Well, we think this saying is named after the discovery of this fruit. These small berries can give you a much higher boost. Studies shows that blueberries triple your rate of recovery. Fill up your pockets today!


  1. Dry fruit and nuts: Dry fruits are one essential food item everyone is aware about. How rich and important they are as a source of nutrients; sort of everyone knows. Munch up a few of them and let them do their work! That’s called a “Smart” diet!


  1. Pineapple: Juicy and tasty: a brilliant and a rare combo for a perfect diet lover! Talking about scientific stuff: It contain a high amount of vitamin c and it is good component to heal sprain and swelling. So, eat pineapple and stay fit.


  1. Water: Last but not the least, Water. It is the most essential substance to sustain life. (Of course! That is why the geeks are searching for it on Mars now). Yet, we don’t pay it that much attention. There is no use to say that water is important; everyone knows it. But, most of the people forget to have it after or during workout. 8-10 glasses per day is the average estimate of drinking water for an adult. So drink it generously after or during workout.


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During workout, our muscles break down at micro level and our body needs best nutrition to cover it. By opting for the best nutrition after a workout, we can improve our body composition, performance and overall recovery. Benefits of a post workout nutrition are:

  • Improve recovery
  • Less muscle break down
  • Increase ability to build muscles
  • improve immune function
  • improve bone mass


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Sometimes, we get bored eating the same “not-so-delicious” diet foods after the workout. And the other times, we don’t get that mood and hunger to eat a full diet meal. Plus, it is not a strict necessity that everyone gets hungry after a workout; but it is utterly important to eat something after a workout. So, instead of eating something heavy, one can have variety of snacks to compensate the hunger. So here we present some of the best post workout snacks:

  • Turkey, cheese and apple slice: Grab some slices of Turkey, Cheese, Apple and pear or you can eat any fruit with high protein to go on with the diet.


  • Juice and roasted nuts: You can have soybean nuts too to serve as a post workout snack. It contains less fat than any other nut and you can have a glass of juice to go along with it but make sure to use low sugar containing juice.


  • A sandwich on whole grain bread: A Sandwich of “whole grain” bread can be your ultimate choice for the best snack after workout. Believe us, a whole grain bread sandwich can be tastier and healthier too with some add-ons of munchy vegetables.


  • Leftover pizza: We know that you guys are a bit surprised seeing this item in our “best” list but hold on, it is proven that a leftover pizza could be the best snack we can have after a vigorous workout.


  • Low fat yogurt: A low fat yogurt is an extra delightful item you can have after a workout. You can savor your “favorite” yogurt with a deadly combo of some dry fruits with it to make it yum.


At the conclusion part, we would remind you one last thing: A “healthy” diet after a workout is very important for every individual. So, one of the most important thing which we have to deal with is: “A Balanced diet”. Do make sure to gulp down a proper diet to stay healthy. Kudos to a healthier you! Best of luck.

Do comments and let us all know what diet are you taking??


10 Natural Supplements To Combat Fatigue

In the urban life style it is not easy to keep a pace with all the activities one has to do, managing everything from profession to family and social lives altogether leads to a state where we temporarily lose all our strength and energy. This state of fatigue or tiredness only contributes to worsen the already dreadful situation.

You wake up tired and dazed, getting ill- tempered day by day, feeling sick due to falling energy levels. All these things lead to cut off from social and family gatherings, unproductivity at work and all the other things that make the situation even depressing.

There are a lot of day to day factors that could lead to fatigue such as unbalanced or improper diets, unplanned lifestyle, non – static wake up and sleeping time, overly working, physical inabilities like thyroid or anemia. And for females, factors like menopause, pregnancy and life in the post pregnancy period also leads to fatigue and aggravated tiredness.

A lot of patience is required to deal with such a problem, but you can bring back the lost peace and happiness to your life by implementing few changes in your lifestyle. And adding some supplements for regular uses will help in the best way to overcome fatigue leading you towards a healthier and stress free life.

Here we list some of the most fruitful supplements to your rescue against Fatigue:

1) Whole foods:

Do you eat junk food every day or too often? If yes then it’s time to weigh health above taste. Whether it is a cookie or a pizza, all come under the category of refined food which is produced using all-purpose flour to add to the taste and richness. We recommend you to choose whole food over the refined ones in your regular diet. The reason is because lack of whole food in your regular diet can lead to immense loss of energy whereas proper consumption of whole food will supply the required amount of iron and magnesium to your body. These are such minerals that are of utmost importance to provide energy to the body, control the level of blood pressure and to ensure that the muscles function properly.

An average human being requires iron in the minimum quantity of 8 to 27 mg daily and magnesium intake should not be less than 310 to 420 milligrams per day. Are you thinking what should you eat to fulfill the daily nutrient’s requirement? The answer lies in your fridge and kitchen itself. For an instance where a cup of white beans yields 8 mg of iron, the needs of magnesium can be met by having 1 cup of spinach (boiled / cooked) as it contains 157 mg of magnesium. Other than these, the healthy options also imbibe of oatmeal, black beans and pumpkin seeds that hold ample quantity of magnesium. Moreover, the consumption of black sesame seeds, jaggery and finger millet also proves to be good source of iron.

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2.) Theanine:

If the reason of your fatigue is lack of sleep or improper sleeping cycles then theanine is the best supplement to use. Theanine is not any kind of a drug but an amino acid that can help you get sound sleep at nights leading to fresh and energetic mornings. If you take a look on the tea packets in your kitchen shelf especially the white tea, it contains the most adequate amount of theanine. So now you know what you need to do before hitting the bed! Just prepare a cup of white tea and go fatigue free forever. Try to completely avoid black tea as it is caffeinated. But if your habit demands the same, you can substitute it with decaffeinated green tea too which has uncountable healthy advantages over one’s life.

3.) Creatine:

Creatine is a combination of amino acids composed of glycine, methionine and arginine. This proves to be the best way to cope up with, especially when the reason of your fatigue is vivid exercise routines. Creatine is a natural supplement, which hikes up the energy which is required to carry the vigorous workouts and hence lessen the chances of fatigue.

4) Glucose:

Glucose has always been the first recommendation when it comes to finding remedies to overcome any kind of weakness or tiredness. It is the quickest source of energy present in the simplest form for an immediate use. It is a magic remedy that will help you to fight against fatigue on a busy working day or a vivid gym routine. All you need is a bottle of glucose water which comprises of the following process: Mix glucose powder about 40 grams to 250 ml water and sip it during the workout sessions or once amidst of the long field day. Sound so easy, isn’t it? Then hurry up and make a change.

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5.) Gotu kola:

Overthinking, depression and stress can never solve the problems but only give a hand to enhance the already existing ones. Evident in the present era; stress and depression has ruined many happy and healthy lives and if they are the reasons behind your raising fatigue syndrome then it’s high time to take an action. We advocate the use of Gotu kola which is a herb known for its usage in traditional medicines and its ability to descent the stress and depression levels. This herb has the power to put the sense to ease and make you feel relieved and relaxed. Gotu kola is also beneficial to overpower insomnia or any other sleeping disorder of the body.

6) Spirulina:

Spirulina is a natural supplement prepared from blue-green algae and is highly popularized since the year 1519. It is renowned for being the natural source of energy and an effective supplement to regain the energy loss. It is highly robust in protein of superior quality and also contains required amount of vitamin B12. Hence, it demonstrates to be a significant natural therapeutic to avoid tiredness or fatigue. So, boost up your energy and live the life king size.


7) B Vitamins:

In the beginning, B vitamin was known to be a single vitamin but when studied by the researchers, it has been found that this is a combination of 8 different vitamins. Each of them being a tremendous source of energy and when they work on your senses in a synchronized manner, the result appears to be flawlessly advantageous. They ensure sound physical and mental health and boost up energy levels. However B vitamin is particularly available in the form of pills which needs to be consumed on daily basis. We suggest you to personally recommend an expertise doctor or a chemist before bringing B vitamin into your regular use.

8) Ginseng:

Ginseng is one vital herb which superbly helps in reviving mental peace and physical comfort by overpowering tiredness. Moreover, even in the cases like cancer it is recommended to combat fatigue and exhaustion. Ginseng stimulates the nervous system and boost up the physical energy besides offering fuller resistance towards fatigue. But again it is suggested to consult to a doctor before adapting this supplement because this herb is known to be an adaptogen and thus impacts the affectivity of some medications.

9) Bitter orange

Synephrine, which is present in the core of bitter orange, is proved to be an effective resistance for fatigue. It is known to be very effectual in relieving stress and tiredness. Being similar to a stimulant named ephedra which is also famously known to be an energy boosting agent, helps in raising the falling energy levels and exiling laziness making you productive and your routines efficient.

Make a note you don’t need to juice the bitter oranges for consumption. Also amazingly it does not possess caffeine within it and thus can also be preferably consumed before going to sleep. It will bestow you with a sound sleep and kick off the problem of insomnia.

10) Caffeine:

Whenever we feel dull and tired, the first thing we do to gain the energy back and freshen up the mood is to prepare a cup of tea or coffee. It surely does rescue us from feeling lethargic and exhausted and bring charge to the nerve cells. But did you ever think how it is so effective? It is proven to be an evergreen solution to fight fatigue because of the magical ingredient in it called “caffeine”. Caffeine is the best savior when it comes to tolerating laziness and tiredness and is the best thing known to uplift dull mood and energy. But it’s a strong stimulant to nerves and that is a concern to deal with . While consuming caffeine the most vital factor to keep in mind is to decide in what quantity it should be taken or what is the appropriate amount of intake of caffeine If it is taken in the right proportion it is the best supplement to reduce fatigue as it gives an immediate blow of energy and consciousness to combat fatigue. But it’s a strong addictive hence needs to be consumed with vivid caution to prevent unwanted side effects.

These supplements could be the best solutions to combat the problem of fatigue but you would continue using them endlessly until you would decide to make some prominent changes in your living style. Here are some tips to add to your day to day life and keep fatigue aside.

  • Water is a magical solution. So, it is that amazing drink that can prevent you from catching any sort of disease if taken in proper quantity. So we suggest drinking at least 8-9 ounces of water every day.
  • Giving some attention to your mind and body can reduce all the problems, hence doing yoga or meditation or adopting some exercise routines to be practiced regularly can be of great help.
  • If you choose a workout routine make sure to intake a balanced diet consuming appropriate amount of iron, magnesium and other nutrients.
  • 30 minutes of full-fledged walk a day can burn all those calories and reduce the fat levels of the body which causes hypertension and increasing stress.
  • Avoid refined food and switch to a proper whole grain meal 3 times a day. Healthy diet is the way to a healthy mind and body.
  • No wonder our ancestors were so particular about having at least one glass of milk every day, and thus we need to adapt this secret to get an evergreen health and strength alike them.


These natural supplements to fight fatigue and tiredness are surely effective but as It is noted many of them requires a doctor’s consult so we strongly recommend to pay a visit to doctors if your stress levels are increasing and you feel lethargic because it is not an illness to be forgone lightly however if not given proper attention it can even lead to the state of depression.

In this era we usually let health forgo to meet and achieve our dreams and goals but never to forget the saying “Health is wealth” and if you ruin your health no wealth would be of use. Thus managing work and time according to your competency and leading a satisfied life should be the utmost vital goal of one’s life. It is good to break routines and take a leave from work to take care of yourself for the day and make sure to relax once in a while. It gives you an aura and even more enthusiasm to work much more brilliantly from the next day onwards. Also regular visits to the doctor for monthly checkups could not only keep you aware of your body but also minimize the chances of possessing an unrecognized disease. Just a few simple changes to lead a strong – stress free life, and we can sure do this for no one else but our own self.

Also if you have any other remedies or know some another supplement that we might have missed on, please do let us know by leaving a comment below. Stay active and enjoy the life to the fullest!

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Give 10 Minutes To Yoga And Experience Its Magical Effects

Are you fed up of dealing with that extra belly fat and going to gym is not your thing? Don’t worry there are various other alternatives that are also available, rather than choosing the option to gym to excrete out excess sweat by working out on treadmills and by lifting weights. The best way to manage your body and maintain the figure is to do YOGA but on daily basis. It is an effective way to lead a healthy life and discard diseases. Also, it is the best channel to capitalize energy in a productive way and remain energetic for all day long. Since most of the diseases are caused due to cholesterols or excessive fat in the body, nothing can work better than Yoga. Therefore, here we are enlisting nine amazingly efficacious yoga routines which are not at all time consuming but can astonishingly make you lose weight. All you need to begin with is; 10 minutes from your morning mundane and a yoga mat. It is equally important to wake up early so that fresh air can be inhaled because the morning air is the most pure air with maximum oxygen in it.

Let’s get started!!



The first and foremost pose of yoga is Mountain pose. It affects and strengthens the limbs, thighs and core. This pose also helps in elongating the body trunk or spine.


  1. Get in the mountain pose by placing your legs together but heels at a marginal distance.
  2. Place your arms on the sides, the palms lining frontwards.
  3. Straighten the spinal cord and pull back your shoulders keeping them at a considerable distance from your ears.
  4. Now press your feet into the mat.
  5. Then unfold your toes and press all the four corners of your both the foot in such a way that mat becomes their center point. Also, engross the lower portion of your belly and thighs.
  6. In the same position, keep your eyes closed and tardily wreak your both the hands together marking the center of the heart. You can get a clear idea from the picture given here. Hold about three breaths inside in such a way that it billows your lungs fully and relieves your upper body.


Standing side lean is also one of the weight reducing yoga postures that also helps in strengthening the core and provides appropriate lengths to arms and side body. Go through the steps to perform it with perfection:


  1. Take your arms over your head and tangle your fingers leaving the thumb and index finger free.
  2. Now tenderly compress your arms into the direction of your ear.
  3. Next, inhale some fresh air and along with that stretch your body upwards while pressing your feet into the ground’s direction. Then bend towards your right.
  4. Exhale after holding onto the breath for a while. On exhalation, assemble belly towards back pressing the feet down and transact yourself back in the center position.
  5. Repeat the same steps while doing this standing side lean pose towards the left side.

Repeat the steps for four times on each side and then switch again to the mountain pose.



Mountain Pose-Chair Pose Flow is a combination or a link between to poses, the mountain pose and chair pose. This pose will be a great help to you in strengthening the trunk of the body along with the thighs and claves. Moreover, it also works superbly in lengthening the arms and the trunk. The following steps should be followed for the correct posture:


  1. Take a deep breath and stretch your arms upwards.
  2. Then drag your arms down while exhaling the air and then take your arms behind your body and bend on your knees besides lowering your butt, hence making a chair position.
  3. Now again inhale and stretch your hands overhead remaining in the previous pose i.e. chair position.
  4. Last, Exhale the air by getting onto your knees again.

Replicate these steps for at least 10 times for speedy results.

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Warrior II Flow Yoga Pose is a perfect way to strengthen the shoulders, torso and thighs. Nevertheless, it also helps you in getting the appropriate length for your arms and side body thereby maintaining the weight of your body according to your height and age. Check out the steps to do this yoga exercise:


  1. Stretch your legs apart and extend your hands on both the sides. Make sure that the legs are spread enough wide to align with the wrists.
  2. Now outstretch your left leg at the back in such a way that it goes parallel to the mat and bend your right knee while keeping your right foot pointing on the front side.
  3. Drag your hand in the upward direction. This is where you exactly come in warrior II position.
  4. Take a deep breath, and try straightening your right leg. Along with this, also join your palms with each other.
  5. Then immediately return to the warrior II position on exhalation.

Do this exercising for at least 10 times. Keep on switching to different legs while repeating in order to avoid cramp like situation.



Downward-Facing Dog is such a yoga pose that helps in toughening shoulders and elbows. Besides this, it also elongates calves, spine and hamstrings. Now, how would you perform this yoga posture? Here comes:


  1. First of all, get onto all four limbs of yours. Then, spread your hands and waist line a bit more than the normal alignment.
  2. Now make a strong grip of mat with your palms and toes.
  3. Push your hips up making an arrow with your body pulling the belly inwards. Widen the space between toes and raise your heels above putting the base on the toes.
  4. Hold this pose while breathing and breathe for at least 5 times before exiting this pose.


Downward-Facing Dog-Plank Flow is again such a yoga pose that acts as a link between two different poses and they are: The downward facing dog pose and the plank pose. Apart from losing weight, this yoga strengthens the shoulders, forelimbs and trunk. Check out the steps on how you can perform this pose:

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  1. Switch from the earlier pose into the plank or straight pose. Stretch your spinal cord and press your heels onto the back of wall while exerting pressure on the thighs.
  2. Push the body back into the downward-facing dog pose, by making toes the base and lifting the hips upward again. Exhale the breath while getting into this pose.
  3. Repeat this for 5 to 10 times for quick results.


The modified side plank pose gives strength to the core, abdominal muscles and shoulders and hence keeps you to stay active throughout out the day. Wish to know about the correct steps and then here they come:


  1. Switch from plank pose by lowering your left knee and resting it onto the mat while letting the right leg remain extended.
  2. Turn your upper body towards the right side, exerting the pressure on your left hands finger and left toe.
  3. Lift the butt slightly up and drag your right arm above the head.
  4. Keep on holding the same position till at least 5 to 10 inhalations and exhalations. This is all.

Repeat the same steps on the opposite side of body when you perform it for the second time. Keep changing the sides.



Wide-Arm Cobra pose is the most effectual exercise to brace up the back muscles. It also provides extended lengths to chest and spinal cord. We bring you the accurate steps to do it appropriately. These are:


  1. Lay on the mat in an upwards-don position; that is by facing in the direction of the mat. Bend your elbows and place the palms in the alignment of breastbones but at a slight more distance than that of the width of the mat.
  2. Rest your hand on the base of finder tips in such a way that your elbows point into the sky’s direction.
  3. In the similar way, rest your feet on the toe tips.
  4. Now slightly lift your body upside from the mat thereby stretching the spine. Inhale and exhale breathe for at least 10 times before leaving this pose.


To perform the Chest Opener yoga, you would need a yoga block to work out correctly. If yoga blocks are not available then you can use some cushy pillows or rolled towels. The steps are given below:


  1. Lay on the mat in an upright direction; that is, facing the sky in a relaxed position.
  2. Keeps your knees bend and at a slight more distance than the width of hip.
  3. Place two yoga blocks (or alternatives), one underneath your head and one betwixt the length of shoulder blades.
  4. Bring your knees together and spread your arms out on both the sides.
  5. Exert the body weight onto the blocks in such a way that it helps the chest area to expand with every breath. Rest in this position for at least 2 minutes.

Working out this routine every day for at least 10 minutes can reduce the fat contents in your body to immensely to levels and make you stay slim, healthy and happy for time undefined.

These exercises do demand some effort and a bit of sacrifice by giving up your extra sleep of 10 minutes in the morning but if you follow them sincerely on regular basis then we are sure that the results would be worth your sincerity, sacrifice and efforts. At least, give a try and let us know how these yoga exercises helped you. Also, highlight the other benefits that you cherished. Don’t be surprised, if you see your weight reduced at the very first instance when you stand on weighing machine after doing these yoga exercises regularly for couple of days.

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Break The Myth: All Birth Control Methods Result To Weight Gain

It is the dream of every woman to be a mother but today every woman wants some time before she goes for it. So, even if you are not planning pregnancy very soon and thinking to prefer some birth control means, it doesn’t mean that you cannot lead a normal life. With the advancement in the medication world, there have been a lot of birth control methods available at the chemists’ shops to rescue you from the unwanted responsibilities when you actually are not ready for it. The Patch, The Pill, The Ring, The Implant, The Shot and the IUDs are few of the most prominent birth control techniques that are actually made keeping your healthiness in mind. However, different tactics of birth control shows different impact on the body of every individual. Hence you should choose the method and the brand considering what will suit your body in the best and appropriate way and impacts you positively without any future fall outs.


Speak your heart out: Do you avoid using birth controls courses? Do you think that birth control induces weight to the body? Do you wonder that the reason behind gaining that extra belly and under belly fat is due to the birth control course that you have been taking for a while now? If these questions are haunting you for a long time, then relax and take a deep breath of relief because here we feel very felicitous to break all such myths. Don’t be surprised because yes these are nothing less than myths that almost every woman believes in. But the crystal clear fact is that, any birth control method which is of a good brand does not lead to increase in weight. You can even take the help of a good doctor too to make a right selection. After all, it is your health that matters the most.

There have been a lot of researches and studies done in the same regard and hence it is proved that no birth control contributes to weight gain. All these researches are based on relevant studies and observations done by a team of medical specialist to neutralize the effect of birth controls on an average basis. This means that the results are derived after a calculative research of its effect on a group of ladies and not on any peculiar individual.

The research that has been done imbibe of following observations:

  • Examining whether the use of birth controls lead to mounting hunger or not.
  • Analyzing the thing; if taking birth control pills regularly leads to bloating and clogging.
  • Comparing hormonal birth control methods with that of other birth control techniques.

And as mentioned above, considering all these observations, it has been proved that they do not cause any sort of increase in weight in a person. But yes, exceptions are always there and so there is one exception but other than that there is no connection found between the two theories.


Both pros and cons are attached with every birth control technique, notwithstanding the thought that these methods can make you induce pounds of fat and weight, because it is nothing greater than a myth.

Don’t you think that everything that gains a belief in this world has some or other base? We do believe this fact too. In this context, if we talk about this myth, it has been spreading its roots since 50 years now. You will be amazed to know that it was around in 1960s, when a birth control pill was sold for the first time and it comprised of more prominent quantities of the two basic hormones namely progestin and estrogen. If compared, the gap in the level of hormones in those pills is nothing less than thousand times to that of the earlier ones. If high dosages of estrogen are ingested in the body, it increases the starving or hunger rate and this further leads to continuous weight gain. It also restricts the excretion of fluids from the body which thereby results in adding excess fat to the body. So, it is true that birth control has made many women to give up on their favorite jeans and their various attires which she used to love the most, but this was the situation 50 years a gone. However now a days, none of the birth control programs possess high quantity of either of the two hormones. Thus do not cause any weight gain or fatty addition to the body of a woman. Hence it is proved that this thought is nothing more than a mythical fear that used to persist earlier.

In this article we have included the impacts of all kinds of birth control methods which would help you in a great way to understand this thing in a better way, thereby highlighting the truth as to how each birth control tactic works and what all effects it can bequeath on your body.

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The first and foremost kind of birth control that we will discuss here is, IUDs. There are two types of IUDs. One type of IUD does not release any hormone and the other one possess progestin but in a very less amount. But none of them cause any difference to the body as their function is effective only within the inner walls of uterus. And when we say none, it means that even the IUDs that releases hormone does not wallop any other parts of the body. And hence it does not lead to weight gain. The fact is testified through various studies and it has been leavened via comparison that there is hardly any divergence between weight changes in a women who opt for hormone based IUDs and those who choose any other kind of birth control programs with a non-hormonal base.


Studies show that at least 1 woman out of 20; choose to get rid of implantation within a small span of time. The reason behind this is nothing else but the outlook and the myth of weight gain being related to implantation because myths don’t die so early. Alike IUDs, implantation also releases a bit of progestin. Nevertheless, the theory is completely faux. Implantation does not have any differentiated effect on weight of the woman, than those of birth control options that does not discharge hormones. But since this method is comparatively new, we strongly recommend you to concern with a gynecologist before adopting it. It is always safe to go with the advice of an expertise doctor especially when it is about your health.


Birth controls are broadly divided into two categories. First type is the one that ejects a fusion of both estrogen and progestin whereas the other kind discharges only progestin. However the quantity of usage of both the hormones differs in different brands of pills. This signifies that the same or slimly unlike kind of progestin is used at varying amounts by different brands to manufacture the birth control pill. This is among one of those medicines which are studied to the highest degree all over the world. Through all those studies it has been testified, that if correct amount of hormones are used in making the pill, then it cannot add up to the weight of the consumer’s body. But still the myth persists that retains many a women to choose this method of birth control. We understand that differentiation of thoughts is normal and especially when we have people influencing our mind and thoughts. But the choice is yours.

The same myth exists about the ring and the patch as well; because the formulation of both of these methods is similar to that of the pill. However, neither of them cause increase in weight of the user. So, next time you would not need to think twice before opting for the simplest birth control method with no side effects at all. It is one of the most reliable ways to control birth for the time you want and does not make you gain superfluous fat at all.

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Do you remember, we mentioned about an exception in the beginning of this article? The shot is that one exception among all the birth control techniques that can lead to weight gain. Nevertheless, the fact is that, only 1 out of 10 women’s weight may get affected because of this method. Do you even wish to know that what is the reason behind a woman to gain weight because of shots? Well, it is interesting to know that, young women who already weigh more than the standard weight for an average age group; are more vulnerable to the side effects of the shots. Adding to it, the woman would not instantly get to encounter changes in her body because it takes approximately six months for the changes to get drastic and properly visible to others.

Shots are listed under those methods of birth control which causes hike in hunger and appetite. Also, to some capacity they resist the discharge of fluids from the body. So if you are among those ladies who are already dealing with the problem of obesity, then we strongly recommend you to either switch to the brand of shots that will be most suitable for you or change the method of birth control to any of those which has been suggested here. Besides this, your doctor can be the best consultant to help you make the appropriate choice.


Do you curse birth control courses for every hormonal imbalance that occurs in your body? Don’t worry because alike you there are a lot of women, who promptly blame their birth control techniques for every pound they gain. But as you now know that it does not lead to increased weight rather there could be changes for short time period but does not affect the body of the user permanently. However your lifestyle plays an important role in balancing the hormones, especially when you are taking birth control measures. So if you are not giving enough attention to your body and not planning your diet chart appropriately, then it is time to seek for some changes instead of blaming your savior. A correct lifestyle is the reason of a healthy lifestyle!

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Are you the one who eats too often in restaurants or love to party in your favorite hotel every other day? Or are you boozing too rapidly these days? If yes, this could be a matter of serious concern because you might not notice the petty changes but they can lead to a speedy weight gain.

To prevent getting over weighted, there are certain changes that you would need to induce in your lifestyle and your diet. One of the changes that you should adapt is to; start following a well maintained and balanced diet chart on a regular basis. You need to sternly avoid including refined foods in your daily diet and replace them with ample of fresh and healthy fruits and vegetables. All the ones which are a great source of vitamins and minerals and have nothing to do with weight increase. This simple switch over is far better and much more effective than following any peculiar diet courses.

To add on, water retention in the body also leads to increase in weight because reducing the quantity of salt consumption let go off the excess water from your body. Hence it can also benefit to counter weight gain. So, take care.


Are you a gym going person on daily basis? If not, then you cannot entirely blame your birth control pills for gaining those additive kilos. Even if you are a gym person and your routine includes lifting weights, then that this too can be a reason of increasing body mass. Confused with the idea of what to do then? The most preferred solution to this problem is to follow cardiovascular exercise as a regular workout routine. Having cardio every day for minimum 30 minutes will not only burn those extra calories but is also very effective and healthy for the heart.

The Side Effects of Birth Control Pills:

As discussed earlier as well, all the birth control methods do not have same effects on the body of every lady. It varies with the brand and quantity of hormones induced in them so impacts every woman differently. However the results are usually effective, but for some, the effects can turn out to be unsuitable as well because exclusions are always there. In such situations we suggest you to immediately consult your doctor who will either shift you to some another suitable brand or change the current method of birth control that you are using. However, ill-effects and side effects are two different conditions. So don’t take any decision in haste by misinterpreting fall outs with those of ill effects because no matter which brand and whatever method you choose, some or the other side effects do accompany them.

We have enlisted some of the very common side effects. They naturally occur irrespective of what sort of birth control technique you are on. Therefore, knowing and understanding them can be of great use and can prevent you from being panic stricken. Go through the below mentioned impacts and get ready to make a right decision:

  • Tender breast and irregular bleeding: These are the most common symptoms that are associated with each and every birth control method especially if you use pills. This is because of the presence of estrogen and progestin hormones.
  • Headaches and Nausea: Sudden headaches and feeling nauseated at some incidences are also a few common side effects. They are also related to almost all the techniques.
  • Mood swings: Normally, even the slightest hormonal imbalance can cause mood swings. And when two such hormones are released in the body it undoubtedly leads to mood swings. Sometimes good and sometimes bad!
  • Frequent cravings for food: It is also one of the prominent side effects. It could be the only reason if you feel that you are gaining weight because of birth control. However it can make you put up weight only up to one or two pounds and not anything as drastic as some 20 to 60 pounds. Also, this change remains for a temporary time and does not permanently affect your body. So there is absolutely nothing that you need to freak out about. Moreover, carry on with your daily exercises too to stay healthy at heart too.

These are few side effects that people go through who adapt birth control techniques. But not to worry; because these effects bother your body for a period which is as short as three months only. They do not permanently affect your body. The best part is that the chances of occurrence of such consequences are very minute. Don’t think too much, at least give a try and analyze yourself. Last but not the least, do not forget to consult specialist before you step ahead.

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Everything About Diverticulitis : Right From Causes To Cure


As difficult as the name is to pronounce; it is much more difficult to deal with this disease. Diverticulitis is a situation in which the smooth muscles of intestine gets ruptured thereby producing a budding saclike structure. Or if we define in laymen’s language, tiny sacs or pouches develop in the intestinal tracts and hence result to the cause of this disease. Medically, these outgrowths or sacs are termed as Diverticula. They block and clog the colon path way. However in certain cases these bodying structures do not cause any life threatening problem but in some cases it does lead to inflammation and terrible pain in the lower abdomen.

Diverticulitis is one of those ailments which are majorly affected by choices of what to eat and what not to eat. A faulty, less or no diet plan for the intake of vital nutrients causes the colon walls to rupture and germinate diverticula. If we talk about the treatments available to cure this illness, the major part of it is concerned with correcting our regular diet. If you or anyone in your relation is going through this trouble; then read this article very carefully as we have included everything in this, which you need to know about diverticulitis.


The questions that arise are; what lead to the growth of these pouches? Or what make the intestinal muscles rupture? There could be a lot of probable causes but the institutes of medical studies and medical communities are still not certain about the accurate reason. In fact not all the people who develop diverticula suffer the pain and inflammation. And the reasons of how that is possible are still not clear. However the most prominent causes as per observations are.

  • The walls of the colon gets ruptured or torn due to implication of external stress or pressure.
  • It is believed that pain and inflammation is caused because of the growth of bacteria in the sac or diverticula.
  • Diverticula is also developed due to unorganized or uncoordinated movements in the colon.
  • Improper diet is one of the eminent causes of diverticulitis.

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Symptoms of diverticulosis are the ways through which our body tells us that it is high time that our body and its diet need to be taken care of. These symptoms play the most crucial role of alarming us of any disease so that we can take some action before it gets into the worst state. Symptoms of diverticulitis last for the span of some hours to a few days, so it becomes easy for a person to acknowledge the problem easily. Moreover, the treatment of this ailment greatly depends on the symptoms highlighted in someone’s body. Here we will share some of the major symptoms, only by recognizing them right you can opt for the best treatment.

  • In some cases it causes fever and shivering of body.
  • It may also cause constipation because of the blockages in the intestinal path way of large intestines because of the sac.
  • The person suffering this ailment would start losing its appetite.
  • If the bacteria are developed in the sac, it causes pain and muscular contractions. The pain at times could be so much that the person becomes unable to stand.
  • Infection in urinary pathway or irritation in bowel and such health issues are also some major symptoms.


The treatment for diverticulosis depends upon what symptoms the patient shows. Usually at the initial levels some antibiotics are given to the person. The course of antibiotics should be completed to get relief in the long run. Besides that if we consider long term cures, the major part of it consist of changing the diet routines. As mentioned above diverticulitis is eminently affected by what kind of food do we eat and what all nutrients we intake. In situations where the cases are quite serious, where the victim feels tremendous pain and clogging in the stomach, along with difficulty to intake food even in the liquid form, immediate hospitalization is required and energy liquids like glucose are injected in the body of the patient. There are minimal cases where surgery is required to deal with the problem. Nevertheless diet control is the most prominent method to treat diverticulitis and even if you want to avoid any such dangerous upcoming in the future.

We are mentioning some of the important factors, considering which you can manage your diet plans. It would astonishingly cater with the problem and keep you healthy.


1.) Fibrous Diet

Have you ever wondered why doctors and dietitians always advocate the intake of fibrous substances? Let us enlighten you with the reason. Fiber greatly affects the digestion of food and thus puts a great impact on our intestinal health. Studies also state that pure vegetarians or people who include good amount of dietary fibers in their meal are least prone to such disorders and weaknesses. In case of diverticula, eating whole grain and fibrous food is not just a cure to treat it but also can prevent you from its occurrence or reoccurrence. For an instance, people from Asian and African regions rarely suffer with this disease. The reason behind it is that; their diets possess right amount of fibers.

Fiber helps in proper digestion of food and thus makes the stool softer which can easily pass through the colon. Due to easy passage of stool from colon, no pressure or stress is exerted on the intestinal walls and thus prevents the rupture of walls and formation of diverticula. Whereas, low quantity of intake of fibers lead to hardened stool which thus exerts pressure on the tract walls while passing through the colon. This pressure and stress can cause diverticula to develop. Hence it is very important to include appropriate amount of fibers in our day to day meal.

Do you think it is difficult to increase the proportion of fibers in your diet? Well, if you are very used to refined food then, it might be a bit difficult. But for the sake of good health; taste needs to be compromised. However it is actually not that difficult, because all you need to do is to add 30 grams of more fiber intake in your regular diet on an average basis. This is an enough amount to help you combat diverticulitis. Here we will highlight some of the food items that can provide you with adequate amount of fibers. Check these out:

  • Opting food made of whole grains, rather than choosing refined food could be of great help. Whole grain food items are not processed and hence contain more fibrous contents. Just a little difference in choosing what you eat can make a huge change. If we take an exemplar; eating brown bread rather than white bread and brown eggs instead of white eggs can provide you with required amount of fibers. Well, that’s not tough to do as at all, isn’t it?
  • Fruits and vegetables are the most fibrous substances available in the nature. Including fruits such as apple, berries and bananas or vegetables like carrots and spinach in your day to day diet can prevent you from the problems. To get the utmost nutrients out of the vegetables do not deep fry them. Boiling and baking are the best options to cook the vegetables as the nutrients remain intact.
  • Water is one magical compound that can keep you away from any and every disease or ailment. On an average basis, a person should intake 7 to 8 glasses of water every day as it leads to better digestion. Apart from this, consuming other fluids such as smoothies, vegetable soups and fruit juices will provide you both ample of fiber contents and water.
  • Nuts are also considered to be a good source of fiber. Along with fruits and whole grain substance, different varieties of nuts such as groundnuts or walnuts can supply plenty of fibrous nutrients to your gut. In the same way, intake of legumes can also benefit your digestive system and minimize the problem.

However, it is to be noted that more than the required or in other words, too much consumption of fibers can even adversely harm the digestive system. How? It can cause constipation which is one of the major causes of diverticulitis. At times, it also leads to irregular or rapid movements of bowel which is again a cause of stress on the colon walls thus causing formation of the pouches. So, always remember this line – ‘Excess of anything is not good in life, irrespective of whatever it is.

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2.) What Not To Eat.

To balance the diet chart it is necessary to subtract some items while adding the new ones. So, now that you are aware of what all to add, we will also tell you what to avoid so that you can overcome this disorder. In addition to it, one thing that needs to be taken care of is the fact that, the food items that help in curing the disease; if ingested in excess may become the cause of the same problem. Hence it is necessary to be very peculiar about the quantity of nutrients that you intake. However the stage of the disease also affects the measure of the quantity.

For an example, food items like nuts and whole grain based products are healthy in the initial stage of the ailment. However in acute cases this can even worsen the situation. Besides this, berries should also be strictly ignored to eat to avoid the occurrence of diverticulitis along with strawberries, as it can cause bothersome irritation in the bowel. So we strongly suggest you to visit a doctor or dietitian and take their recommendations while preparing your diet plan.

Some more things to avoid if you are suffering with this problem include chilies and hot spicy food. This is because the already inflamed bowel cannot bear anymore heat. It will lead to unbearable irritation and also might cause pain and swelling in the colon. Along with chilies, food rich in fats and fried foods should also be debarred from your diet plan. So make sure that you sincerely minimize the intake of fast food items and junk food as they do no good to the body and in fact descent the immunity system along with resulting in many other problems too.

3.) For Recovery:

For recovery and to avoid the occurrence of diverticulitis, it is very important to follow the above mentioned treatments. However these treatments have different impacts depending upon the stage, the acuteness and symptoms of the problem. Therefore it is suggested to be very calculative before selecting any sort of treatment. Also, in order to get the treatment, one should only follow the prescription advised by a doctor. Hence, it is a mandatory aspect.

Aside from all the above, we have also noted some essential points for your consideration to help you to choose the best treatment:

  • As stated above, excess intake of fiber rich food can also ruin the situation instead of improving it. Also, if you are not at all habitual of consuming more fiber then it is suggested to you to not to increase the amount of fiber in your diet drastically. Rather in such cases it is advocated to slowly and gradually increase the ingestion of fiber rich products.
  • At times of vigorous inflammation in the colon and irritation in bowel, we suggest you to consume cool liquid diets. Pulp less fruit juices are the best diet in situations when your abdomen feels like burning and trouble you extremely. Gradually as the situation turns better than before, you can also include vegetable soups and light food in liquid form to your meal chart.
  • Once the patient is out of acute conditions and symptoms seems to be a bit subsided, then the person may switch to consuming canned food such as fibrous cereal(mark a point that since the situation is getting improved so make sure the cereals do not have superfluous fiber content). Also; items like boiled fruits and vegetables and other sources of protein intakes like boiled eggs are advisable to eat.
  • Including dairy products to your diet can also be fundamentally helpful. Products like low fat cheese and yoghurts and a glass of cool milk everyday will prove to be an effective solution to reduce the inflammation because of its chilling quotient. But please note the fact that only low fat dairy products are found suitable to deal with the situation. On contrary, if dairy products containing high fat contents are consumed, it may harm the abdomen which might spoil the whole effort of yours.


Though when and how of diverticulitis are extremely unpredictable but there are a lot of factors such as lifestyle and health considerations which can lead to diverticulitis or related ailments.

  • Cholesterol – Extra body fats and cholesterol can make a person more exposed to the threat of this ailment.
  • Age – the chances of being affected by diverticulitis is increased with increasing age.
  • Ill habits – If you have a regular habit of smoking and boozing then it may lead to diverticulitis. As both of these factors are injurious for the digestive system.
  • Inactive routine – Do you hate waking up early in the morning and going to gym? If yes, it is high time to carry on an active life ahead. An inactive or sedentary lifestyle is the root of almost all the health diseases now-a-days. Similarly it can make you deal with this painful ailment too. Hence along with ingesting correct amount of fibers it I also required to burn down the extra calories and making your body active.
  • Drugs – There are numerous drugs whose consumption can lead to diverticulitis. For an example: Steroids and NSAIDs are major drugs whose intake affects the digestive system enormously.

We hope that now you this article has assisted you in know all the required information about this highly unpredictable and tremendously painful sickness. Nevertheless; being clear about the symptoms and considering the treatments accordingly can help you a lot to overpower diverticulitis. However we strongly recommend expertise doctor’s prescription to be taken on time to prevent the worst case scenario. May you be always blessed with a healthy and happy life!

Do comment & share if you have anything that can be a great help to others.

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Home Remedies For The Treatment Of Diarrhea In Children

Diarrhea… this word sounds so scary even with a thought of imagination. When it is about the upset tummy of children, the problem is much more than our imagination. Generally, the reason of diarrhea is infection, fall out of antibiotics and many others. But what is the medical reason to it? Actually, it is important that our intestines have adequate water and this is acquired through the food taken by the body of a person. So when the intestine is not able to soak up the water from the food, diarrhea is caused. A person passes many liquid stools within a day which results to severe weakness. There are enough prescriptions available but they differ according to the condition of the patient as diarrhea can differ from normal condition to complicated one. Though there are various effective medicines available in the chemist store for its cure but they also carry equal side effects which are hazardous for the health. But home remedies work fabulously in case of various health issues and so is in the case of diarrhea as well. Do remember that at times severe diarrhea transforms in dehydration and if not treated and cured instantly, the later result might be disastrous.

Causes of Diarrhea: Here are various reasons that cause diarrhea in children and adults.

  1. a) Consuming allergic foods
  2. b) Intestine disarray
  3. c) Bacterial infection
  4. d) Viral Contagion
  5. e) Excess eating
  6. f) Indigestion
  7. g) Taint in the intestines
  8. h) Eating impure food or drinking unpurified water

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Here are some amazing home remedies that will provide a quick relief to your child troubled from diarrhea. Ones who have tried these have appreciated their use. So, there is no harm in trying these and the best part is that there are no fallouts of any of these. Check them out:

1. Fenugreek Seeds:

Fenugreek Seeds work nothing less than a magic stick when your child is struggling with diarrhea. It is considered to be one of the best gifts of nature with amazing properties to cure diarrhea. For quick relief you just need to take one teaspoon of fenugreek seeds blended well in a small bowl of yogurt and eat it for about two or three times in a day. This is definitely an effective remedy to solidify your stools and relieve you from the irritation caused by Diarrhea. The stomach ache will also disappear soon if you follow this cure sincerely.

2. Ginger:

Ginger is blessed with an endowment to not only bestow you relief from the problem of diarrhea but also helps in digestion process of the stomach. Children and even adults can follow the same. Take a container of water and coil it along with one teaspoon of ginger juice. Drink it hot in every one hour interval for speedy recovery. But yes, do mark a point on board that all the ones who are the patient of hypertension should not try this treatment in any condition.

3. Apple Cider Vinegar:

Apple Cider Vinegar has been naturally conferred with endless antibacterial qualities and from those one of them is to battle the dangerous bacteria which causes of Diarrhea. It also comprises of a chemical within itself, known as pectin, which serves as a protective covering and even comforts the intestinal cramps also. So, children can be undoubtedly given Apple cider vinegar in case of diarrhea. Enjoy the health benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar!

4. Bananas:

Bananas are superbly robust in potassium which assists in subbing electrolytes. Moreover, just like Apple cider vinegar, bananas also consist pectin and helps in curing diarrhea in children. The best part is children won’t run way from taking such a fruit which loved by all. It soaks up the additional liquid excreted from the intestines and hence it leads in diminution of fluid content during diarrhea.

  1. Mustard Water:

Mustard is also a boon of nature which possess of various remedial and anti inflammatory qualities. When it comes to treating the children suffering from the problematic diarrhea you need to follow these steps: Take a pan and heat one teaspoon of mustard in it. As soon as the mustard starts producing the crackling sound, immediately add one glass of water to it and let the water boil for few minutes. Now let this boiled water be cooled down and then filter it. Once this is done, the last step should be to add little honey to it and now can be given straight away to your child. For effective results, you are advised to give it twice or thrice a day.

6. Yogurt:

To palliate children from the trouble of diarrhea, yogurt can either be eaten directly or there are many dairy products that are rich in Yogurt, so even those can be consumed. On general basis, all the dairy products are not recommended for curing upset tummy but Yogurt is one of them which is specifically advised. The reason behind it is that Yogurt comprises of a gut-friendly bacteria which is known as ‘live-cultures’. This gut-friendly bacteria yields lactic acid which helps in eliminating the dangerous bacterial toxins and also outlines a safety layer around the intestine.

7. Chamomile:

In the first place, Chamomile is consumed in the form of tea but in addition to this, it has many other advantages that benefit the body in many ways. Chamomile is widely known for curing the tummy related problems and one of them is diarrhea. All you need to do is to add one glass of boiling water to one tablespoon of chamomile and your tea is prepared. This thing is a recognized anti-convulsive which is drummed with tannin thereby becoming a perfect cure for more venomous forms of diarrhea. Any sort of inflammation and stomach infections causing diarrhea in children can be cured by this herbal gift of nature. The correct procedure is: boil chamomile for ten minutes and let it cool for some time and then give to your child. Divide the whole in small portions and keep giving to your child in equal intervals throughout the day. It will lend instant solution to soothe the disturbed tummy.

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  1. Cinnamon:

As soon as cinnamon reaches to the tummy, it instantly starts working on killing the dangerous bacteria of the tummy which are the cause of diarrhea and other types of stomach infections. So, cinnamon is advised in many tasty food dishes as well so that it not only adds taste but helps in quick digestion as well. All you need to do is to take one cup of lukewarm water and mix one teaspoon of cinnamon powder to it. Now, give it twice a day to your kid who is suffering from diarrhea and see how its magic works.

9. Blueberries:

Blueberries are marked by richness and fullness in anthocyanosides which comprises of antioxidant and antibacterial qualities. There are two ways in which you can give to your child who is suffering from diarrhea: One is to chew the dried blueberries themselves and if this is not possible then the other way could be to make blueberry tea from these dried ones. You need to boil water in a pan and add dried blueberries to it and after five to ten minutes you can give away to your child. Like apple cider vinegar and bananas, blueberries are also rich in a solvent fibre known as pectin which is helpful in the same way as mentioned above.

10. Orange Peel Tea:

Orange has numerous health benefits and remedial features. It is highly robust in Vitamin C, fibre, minerals, roughage and other effective antioxidants and so is its peel. Stomach infections and the problem of diarrhea can be easily cured by the orange peel. You will need to pull out the peel of the orange properly and clean it before ripping up. Now boil these in water for about ten odd minutes and once it is cooled, add little honey for sweetness along with few drops of lemon to it. It turns out to be like an orange drink with a nice taste and hence it does not seem challenging to give it to the children. They happily drink it. It is advisable to give it to children about twice or thrice a day.


  1. Honey:

Honey is one of the best blessings of nature which works wonderfully when it comes to heal diarrhea in kids. It is always good to prefer the organic form of any eatable because it is excellent for overall health of a person. A teaspoon of honey is more than enough to cure. But if in case your child is taste specific then there is one innovative way which will make your task less challenging and that is to add little ginger juice or garlic juice to honey or even mixing honey in one glass of water with few drops of lemon to it will also taste nice. You can choose either whichever your child loves to take. To add on, this trick will not only help your child from diarrhea but also keep your tummy healthy and happy from any bacterial reaction.

  1. White Rice:

Starch obtained from boiling the white rice is also a great way to relief your kid from diarrhea. Even the process of digestion remains good with this. To begin, small portions of white rice can be given and gradually the quantity can be increased. Do not prefer the spicy taste of rice at all else it might increase the problem instead of curing it. So, apart from adding the taste to your dinner or lunch the starch of white rice is a superb cure of diarrhea.

  1. Black Tea:

Black Tea can quickly comfort a distressed tummy because it also imbibes of inflammatory properties within itself. It is really simple and quick to do, just make a cup of black tea and add few drops of lemon juice to it and give it your unhappy kid. It instantly provides you relaxation and should be drunk twice or thrice a day. Now you must be wondering how it works so effectively. The reason behind this is the presence of tannic acid in black tea that kicks off the bacteria causing diarrhea.

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  1. Potatoes:

Foods rich in starch work very well when you are a patient of diarrhea. Potatoes have starch in abundance and thus they turn up to be an amazing remedy for healing this problem. Children suffering from diarrhea can be asked to have boiled potatoes. Do not every try the fried forms of potato in such a state like: French fries or spicy potato curries. So, give it simple so that starch can reach their tummy and provide them with quick relief rather than spice and oil that can increase the issue. Moreover, you can also drink other starchy fluids like: coconut water, fruit or vegetable juice that has starch because any liquid that has starch will be a great help.

Though these remedies work fabulously in treating diarrhea in children but in some cases if the problem persist then it is must to visit a doctor. The same treatments can be a great help to the adults as well because there is no harm from any of them. Along with these treatments, make sure to give healthy liquid in regular timings to your kid so that the weakness can be recovered. The diet should have those foodies that can be digested easily without any effort and do not increase the problem further. But if there are following symptoms, then do not waste a single minute trying any of the remedies or medicines on your own and rather contact the doctor as soon as possible.

Contact the doctor at the very same moment if:

  • The kid is less than six months old.
  • The kid seems to be very unwell and has the problem of diarrhea persisting for more than three days.
  • Diarrhea seems to be converted in dehydration
  • Also has severe fever
  • Has not peed (for a baby – 6 hours & for a child – 12 hours)
  • If he/she is vomiting and the color of fluid is greenish or yellowish
  • Not able to carry fluid in tummy and passing five liquid stools in a period of eight hours
  • Has rashes and weak immune system
  • Has stomach ache for two hours in continuation or more
  • Is repeatedly facing the problem of diarrhea for more than once in a month
  • Has bloody stool

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Mark a Note: Never give your infant any fever medicine if the fever is caused due to diarrhea and is above 100.4 F


There is a virus known as Rotavirus which is generally the reason of diarrhea in children. Now, an efficacious vaccination has been given against this in order to save children from the trouble of repeated diarrhea. The rotavirus vaccination has been made compulsory for babies along with the other vaccinations which are given in the form of drops when a baby is two to three months old. So, stay protected!

Hope this article proves helpful to you. You can also let us know if we have missed on any of other home remedies and share your precious ideas which can prove helpful to everyone. We sincerely wish that you and your family always stay healthy and happy.

22 Wondrous Benefits Of Green Tea

Green Tea is derived from a plant named Camellia Sinensis plant. There are different ways to prepare and consume it. One of in the form of a beverage and other is the form ‘extract’ which is made from its leaves to serve as a medicine. It does not go through a fermentation process like other tea; rather it is actually made by the process of steaming the new and fresh leaves at high temperature. The wondrous part is that even after going through steaming process, it preserves the significant molecules that are responsible for bestowing it with huge benefits. They are known as polyphenols. It can only be called as the blessing of nature. Other substances like antioxidants present in green tea also lend a great help in contributing to its overall benefits.

Green Tea… now one of the healthiest drinks in the whole world! Though it belongs to the home of India and China but is most consumed in US. Since centuries, Green Tea is known for its healing advantages universally. Earlier, this was used in conventional Chinese and Indian medicament to cure the wounds, curb the bleeding, help in digestion, ameliorate mental and physical health and maintain the body temperature. If compared with other drinks like coffee and tea, green tea is the best from the health point of view. In comparison to these, green tea has least caffeine content and is a strong source of energy. The presence of caffeine in green tea is only about two to four percent. The best part about Green Tea is that it is derived from the unoxidized leaves and because of being the least processed type of tea it comprises of natural antioxidants and advantageous polyphenols which assure you of a healthy skin and body. Weight loss and liver problems caused due to type II Diabetes are also cured effectively by including green tea in your daily diet. Even the recent studies prove the same. It is advisable to consume green tea brewed through the loose tea leaves inspite of choosing the use of tea bags just for the easiness. It not only adds more antioxidants to your body but is also far better in taste. If you can have unsweetened form of green tea, it is said to carry zero calorie.

Why Are Antioxidants Good For Us?

There are few molecules that are produced when either our body crushes food or even if you smoke and drink. These are called Free Radicals and they assault the healthy cells within our body which in further results to various health issues. Even ageing, wrinkles, dark circles are some of its negative results. Now here comes the role of antioxidants. They are such substances that safeguard the cells of our body from any harm obtruded due to the impact of these free radicals.

According to the scientists, there are six types of catechins available in green tea and one of those is EGCG… Epigallocatechin Gallate. This initiates the rate of metabolism in the person’s body thereby escalating the phases of fat oxidization along with the rate at which body converts food in calories. This successively assists the weight loss also. In addition, it also detoxicates the body, subdues ill-timed food urge and cuts down the body fats, swelling and puffin. Green Tea also comprises of diuretic drug which tends to increase the flow of urination thereby helping the body to get rid of extra water and decreasing the excess weight.


  1. Weight Loss:

The whole world is suffering from a major disease and that is Obesity. An inactive way of living which imbibes more of sitting work with less of physical activeness and increase in starving for junk food and drinks in regular diet has lead to many threatening health issues in the life of many. These diseases could be: stress, insomnia, heart diseases, hypertension and many others. The life is turning hectic day by day and so all these things are sure to increase gradually. Hence, to fight against this devil, it is important that each one of us include Green Tea in our every day diet. It has been highlighted earlier as well that green tea has lot of natural antioxidants within it which are termed as Catechin Polyphenols. Moreover, you will also be amazed to know that Green Tea comprises of antioxidants in abundance, and if calculated it will be more than ten times as compared to fruits and vegetables.

2. Say NO to Bad Breath:

Halitosis is the medical term that is used for bad breath. It is something that happens to be really unpleasant and embarrassing. Now, the question is, why does this happen? Well, there are numerous reasons to it but the best part is that here again, the green tea serves to be of a great help. Green Tea is efficient enough to suppress the emergence of bacteria and viruses in one’s mouth that causes dental problems like bad breath. There is a superb idea which can prove to be a great help and that is to wash the mouth with green tea. You need to take one tea bag in one cup of water and wash your mouth thoroughly. The freshness inside is really inexpressible.

To add on, the inflammation caused in gums and the emergence of plaque on the teeth is also decreased to a great extent by the magic of green tea. There are two ways through which you can intake green tea for treating bad breath: Either you can make the paste of green tea leaves or you can take one teaspoon of baking soda and mix it with a severe concentration of green tea liquid to make toothpaste of your own.

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3. Reduces Cholesterol:

It is always advisable by doctor to maintain your cholesterol levels or else it can turn up to be disastrous for your health. The increase in cholesterol level also increases the risks of heart diseases like attacks and strokes. Green tea works tremendously in bringing down the level of cholesterol in the body, if it is high. This is because of tannins that are available in green tea which decreases the levels of low-density lipoproteins (LDL) in the body. LDL is termed as ‘bad cholesterol’ which is the reason of building up bacterial plaque in the arteries which further causes blockage. But no such problem occurs if you regularly drink green tea because it keeps a person extremely healthy at heart. But this does not mean that you enjoy having high cholesterol foods. For a healthy heart, say a strict NO to such dangerous good and enjoy drinking green tea. Also, keep checking your cholesterol on regular basis so that no problem occurs ever.

4. Rich & Healthy Skin:

There have been numerous studies done in regard to the advantages of green tea and successfully discovered that the antioxidants present in it are highly beneficial for our skin. Green tea works superbly when it comes to attain a shiny and rich looking skin. Apart from drinking benefits, one can apply green tea externally as well. If the skin has been damaged sue to excess sun exposure, this remedy is just the best. It works effectively on free radicals and decreases inflammation. Not only this, green tea also retards the signs of ageing because of the polyphenols that are present in it. Are you thinking what needs to be done? Check this out:

Take half liter of water in a small container and combine about hundred grams of green tea into it. Now let it remain at room temperature for about half an hour. Now filter this liquid and store into the fridge as the face pack is ready. Whenever you are tired after a stressed out working day, you can immediately use this pack and freshen up yourself quickly. The other additional benefits of this face pack are: clear acne, blemishes, minor rashes and cuts thereby precluding it from returning back. Moreover, green tea can also be used as a toner as well. All you need to do is to freeze the newly soaked green tea leaves in the form of ice cube and apply it softly over your skin whenever required. Wow! What a bracing feel it will be!

When talking about healthy skin, how we can forget to mention that green tea can also work as an excellent exfoliator also, which you can make yourself. Take a big bowl and blend these: one teaspoon of green tea leaves with three teaspoons of yogurt. Now massage your face gently with this for a period of five to ten minutes. Once done, let it remain as it is for another five minutes and as soon as the time is up, wash your face with slightly warm water. Last but not the least, Nature is bestowed with many powerful antioxidants in abundance and one of the many is Oligomeric proanthocyanidins. This is present in green tea in adequate quantity and helps the skin to remain vernal for longer time rather than turning aged before time.

5. Kick off the Allergies:

As mentioned earlier as well, Green tea is rich in EGCG which further assist in barring the key cadre receptors that exhibit Immunoglobulin E and Histamine which are responsible for causing allergies. Thus, drinking green tea regularly helps your body to save you from the irritating allergies such as dust, pollen, pet hackles etc. You can make the use of green tea as given in the above methods. So, kick off the problem of allergy just by including green tea in your regular dietary chart.

6. Healthy & Hefty Hair:

Who does not wish for long healthy hair? Green tea is also a blessing when it comes to accelerate the growth of hair thereby maintaining its softness. As discussed above, polyphenols are present in green tea which helps effectively in enhancing the shiny hair. Once you are done with shampoo and conditioning of your hair, just make a green tea cleanser at the end and wash your hair by taking a bucket of water and immersing three to four bags of green tea in it. Furthermore, green tea is also rich in antiseptic qualities which are a superb help in healing and precluding the usual hair problems like: dandruff, itching, hair fall etc. It strictly stops the occurrence of Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) which is the major reason behind obstructing hair growth and stimulating hair fall.

7. Controlling Diabetes:

Did you ever wonder that green tea can be so awesome when it comes to count on its qualities? Just one word… Amazing! Medical world has also not been left untouched by its positive impact. You will be surprised to know that natural antioxidants present in green tea cures and manage Type II diabetes very effectively. The secernment of an enzyme named Alpha-glucosidase is restricted by these natural antioxidants which in addition also retards the assimilation of glucose into the primary blood stream. All this means that very less insulin is needed to wield the glucose supply in blood stream and hence, drinking green tea daily aids in controlling and handling this dangerous disease. Not only in a diabetic patient but in healthy persons as well, green tea can be of great assistance in ameliorating the glucose tolerance. So, do you promise to take green tea every day?

8. Managing Blood Pressure:

Green tea comprises of caffeine in a very limited quantity and stamps down the angiotensin 1 – converting enzyme. Though it is not considered good for the people enduring hypertension but due to the least percentage of caffeine present in it, it has no adverse effects all. The problem of caffeine can also be solved easily by swapping a decaffeinated form of green tea. One, who takes green tea daily, is sure to be healthy at heart. Moreover, it also controls diabetes and cholesterol levels thereby controlling high blood pressure also.

9. Prevention of Platelet Accumulation:

Do you want to know how does green tea help in the prevention of platelet accumulation? Here is the answer. The platelet accumulation in a body invites various heart diseases through numerous mechanisms and the antioxidant flavonoids acquainted in green tea helps a lot in preventing platelet accumulation. Hence, if a person is a patient of coronary heart disease and consumes green tea on daily basis, then he or she is sure to be highly benefitted by it. As per the reports of researchers, Green tea cuts down the mortality rates that occur because of the cardiovascular disease on a person’s body.

10. Genital Warts:

Green tea is also miraculous in treating the problem of external genital warts and perianal warts. An FDA authorized drug, named sinecatechin is extracted from green tea which assist in any such treatments.

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11. Pregnancy:

For a safe and secured pregnancy, which also ensures good health of the baby in the womb and the expecting mother, green tea plays a vital role. In the earlier discussions made above, there are many such amazing benefits of drinking green tea which popularizes its use in the life of pregnant woman as well. Due to eminent antioxidant available in green tea, body quickly retrieves from inner health issues like: regulating insulin levels, curbing hypertension, recovering from any cell damage inside the body and also maintaining the blood sugar levels of the body. All these factors are responsible for a proper working of a person’s body. Moreover, there are other health problems that enter in the body of a pregnant woman in the later stage of pregnancy like: gestational issues, acidity and diabetes. Drinking green tea during whole pregnancy and generally as well, speedily reduces the chances of such issues thereby advancing the immune system of the mother to-be.

Caution: There are always pros and cons of everything and the same goes in the case of green tea especially for an expecting woman. This fact cannot be denied that green tea has little components of caffeine present in it which is considered to increase the flow of urination than usual which often results to dehydration. As a result of dehydration, the body is sure to lose its necessary vitamins, minerals and nutrients that facilitate the growth of the baby. This is not considered good for pregnancy because it is highly crucial to maintain the levels of liquids in our body because the healthier a mother is the healthier and happier a baby will be.

12. Prevents Arthritis:

The list is too long when we discuss about the wondrous advantages of drinking green tea. Another benefit of green tea is that it minimizes the danger of rheumatoid arthritis and in many cases it even prevents the occurrence as well. Now what is Arthritis? There is an enzyme termed as Chemokine that initiates inflammation in a body and ruins the tractability of the cartilage and hence Arthritis begins to take its shape. Now how does green tea work? Green tea takes care of your health by safeguarding the cartilage by barring the yield of that enzyme in our body and thus saves our body from the dangerous impact of Arthritis.

13. Precludes Skin Cancer:

As you know that Green Tea has polyphenols present in it which suppresses the emergence of two proteins and they are: Hepatocyte Growth Factor (HGF) and Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor (VEGF). Both of these are known t initiate the growth of tumor cell. It also effectively mends the pre-cancerous leprose known as keratosis. It is a sort of skin illness that happens due to unneeded and continuous exposure to the sun. Furthermore, it also cures the modest skin issues thereby keeping it immune to other serious harms like those of skin tumors. To prevent the cancer, green tea assists in stopping the actions of the cancer causing carcinogens and UV rays. So, do not wait for any diseases to occur and then begin to drink Green Tea, rather make it a habit and stay healthy always.

14. Reduces Stress And Depression:

There are two devils that have taken away the peace of everyone’s life and they are: Stress and depression. With the hectic lifestyle, both of these problems are increasing day by day. But why to talk about the problems when we have a superb solution? Green Tea is a magical treat for the life of everyone. It assists a lot in fighting against these two devils. In accordance to a research carried on by the American Botanical Council has detected that the more green tea a matured person (who takes care of his entire family) drinks in a day, the least depressed or stresses he/she was found. This is because drinking green tea has direct relation with your brain system as well. It is amazing for your brain as well and it is due to the polyphenols exhibited in it which manages a regular supply of glucose which is mandatory for a healthy brain.

Second reason as to why green tea is an excellent remedy for curing stress and depression is the presence of theanine in green tea. It is such an amino acid that quickly relaxes your mind deeply and relieves you from both the monsters. Theanine is also known as an Anti-depressant agent. Last but not the least, the lower quantity of caffeine available in green tea is also an extra benefit for those people who are the sufferers of anxiety disarrays and other stress related health issues.

15. Increases Immunity:

Wonders after wonders, one after another in is the queue! The adequate quantity of flavonoids, antioxidants and polyphenols present in Green tea altogether gear up the immune system of your body thereby making you far healthier than before by fighting against the bacteria and infections. Moreover, the presence of these awesome threesome also protects your body from getting cold, dust allergy, flu etc. Even if you catch any sort of infection, drinking Green Tea regularly will cure the problem and this is because of abundance of Vitamin C present in it. After all, who does not love to live a healthy life and stay away from doctors!

16. Helps With Asthma:

Here comes good news for all the persons who have been struggling with asthmatic issues. As remarked earlier, green tea protects the body against allergies and infections so it is also an awful cure of asthma also and this is because of theophylline present in it. The job of theophylline is to unstrain those muscles that provide strong support to the bronchial tubes thereby decreasing the inclemency of asthma. Hence, drinking it regularly can make your body free from the negative impacts of asthma.

17. Healthy Liver:

It is well said that if the liver is healthy then almost the whole body is considered to be healthy. It is where the healthy roots of the body are inlayed. As read in the above information, green tea works well in losing weight and kicking off the obesity by enhancing metabolism thus it discards the motion of glucose inside the fat cells thereby decreasing the unnecessary pressure on the liver. To add on, the antioxidants hidden in green tea works in eliminating the dangerous free radicals and let the liver stay healthy always. It also minimizes the risk of having a fat filled liver where all the fat collects inside the liver and increases the risk of many harmful diseases. So, if you wish a disease free liver then begin to drink green tea daily.

18. Forestalls Osteoporosis:

As per the research, it has been found that low bone density is the most common health issue in women which generally happens after menopause. Green Tea turns up to be super savior in such a situation. Osteoporosis makes the bones turn extremely weak and brickle, thereby raising the risk of cramps and fractures every now and then. The content of high fluoride found in green tea not only strongly strengthens your bones from the roots but also slacken their breakdown. Such is the magic of green tea!

19. Heals General Stomach Ailments:

Undoubtedly, Green Tea is an astounding antiseptic and all the credit goes to its bacteria demolishing power. Hence, it turns up to be a miraculous medicament for preventing or healing general stomach ailments such as: stomach infection, food poisoning, ache due to indigestion etc. But mark this point on board that do not take it in excess quantity than it has been advised else the result will be opposite. The tannins in green tea might raise the secernment of acid in the tummy thereby resulting in ulcers and acid reflux. So, always act as advised and say good bye to all your stomach complaints!

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20. Natural Sunscreen:

Green Tea not only serves as a useful drink but also acts as an excellent sunscreen. It is one of the best gifts of nature to be bestowed in the form of natural sunscreen. It strongly fights against the harmful exposure of ultra violet rays of the sun which in return does not let the free radicals enter our skin cells and dampen the protection circle of our skin which is a major cause of wrinkles on our skin. Now the question is how to use the green tea as a sunscreen? Begin at your own home, take a container and boil two cups of water in it. Add about half cup of green tea leaves to the boiling water and let it boil for about ten minutes on a normal heat. Now strain the water from the leaves and let it cool down on a normal room temperature. Once cooled down, take a cotton ball and dip it into that watery solution and apply on the face. Wash the face after few minutes after applying. The best part is that you need not to throw the rest of the sunscreen solution; rather you can store it in an airtight container and use it when required.

21. Strengthen & Shinier Nails:

Are you screwed up with your nails breaking and dull finishing? Well, here is the solution to your problem. If you wish to have strong nails that do not break every now and then when you think of growing them up to make your hands look beautiful, then start drinking green tea at least twice a day. Also, for the shiny look, you can do away with yellowish look of your nails just by dripping your nails in the green tea. This needs to be done only once in a week and the results will definitely shock you. This will also strengthen your nails. There is also green tea oil known as cuticle oil available in the market. You can polish your nails once in a week with this oil and see the change. You are sure to love it!

22. NO to Neurological Diseases:

Green tea enhances the learning capacity and memory power of an individual and all the credit for this goes to polyphenols present in it. Furthermore, they also retard the procedure of less acetylcholine in the brain and preclude the damage of cells inside the brain. If you make a regular habit to drink the advised amount of green tea then even the dangerous neurological diseases won’t be able to touch you. If you are healthy from brain, you can achieve the heights of success.

Always remember the proverb that ‘Excessiveness of anything is hazardous to health’! So, looking at the long list of advantages of Green Tea do not consume it in excess else it will take no time for advantages to turn to disadvantages. It is strictly advisable for everyone to consume maximum of two cups of green tea regularly. Our target should be a healthy life and that can only be achieved if everything works in a system.

It will be a great pleasure if you share the benefits that you earned after including green tea in your daily dietary chart. Please comment and also let others know your secret.

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20 Home Remedies To Heal The Mosquito Bites

For most of us, saving oneself from the mosquito bites is an ineluctable part of life. Whether you plan for a candlelight dinner under the open sky or enjoy fresh air in the balcony of your luxurious home, there is no place where the entry of mosquitoes can be prohibited. Some or the way, they catch hold of us. Almost everyone’s skin is sensitive to their irritative bites. It is nothing less than a nightmare to be bitten by mosquito. So, here we will acknowledge some of the amazing home remedies that will relief you from the trouble of mosquito bites. They are as follows:

1. Green Tea Bags:

Apart from weight loss, green tea can be of a great help to you in many ways. As you know that green tea possesses anti-inflammatory properties which makes it an awesome antiseptic too. The green tea bags are highly robust in antioxidants as well which serve as an antihistamine cream when fed up of the irritation caused on the mosquito bitten area. You need to just place a moist green tea bag over the bitten portion and see how quickly the bothersome inflammation, redness and itching disappears and within no time you will forget that there was something troubling you the last minute.

2. Baking Soda:

Baking Soda is also a superb remedy to ease oneself against the troublesome mosquito bites. Are you searching where you kept it last time in your kitchen? As it is one of the most less used ingredient hidden in the shelf of the kitchen. Take a small bowl with few drops of water poured in it and mix one tablespoon of baking soda in it. The cure is ready. Before you apply it make sure your hands are properly cleaned because at times dirty hands might result to infection. Now apply the mixture softly over the bitten area and let it dry for some time. Then clean it by using lukewarm water and a soft cloth or cotton ball. To add on, for instant relief from itchiness, you can mix any ammonia containing household cleanser with baking soda. Try this only if you do not have a delicate skin but this is sure to benefit you.

3. Apple Cider Vinegar:

Do you feel like killing each and every mosquito in this world when their bite perturbs you? It is but obvious, after all who likes to be troubled. So, to get relief from the mosquito bites, this golden imbued liquid will help you a lot. Here, this liquid refers to the Apple Cider Vinegar which is bestowed with pleasing medicative attributes and palliates one from the pain and ragging caused by the pointed mosquito bites. Now how to make use of Apple Cider Vinegar? Take a small bowl and make a sludge paste by mixing corn flour and apple cider vinegar. Apply to the bitten area properly and wait till it dries. As soon as dried, wash it with warm water. If you have some important work to carry, then after apply the mixture cover it with a bandage. Clean it once you are free. It is as simple as mentioned but far better when tried. Experience the magic yourself!

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4. Honey:

Honey is such a gift of nature which can be called as an ‘All rounder’. The word all rounder has three A’s in it – antibacterial, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory. Right from enhancing the beauty to curing any disease, honey is a miraculous blessing. So, how can its name go missing when it is about curing the mosquito bites! Honey has praiseworthy moisturizing elements within it and hence it turns out to be one of the fantastic cures for healing the mosquito bitten place on your body. All you need to do is to practice a little amount of honey on the bitten portion and leave it to dry. Mind you that being sweet in taste, honey might call for more mosquito bites so prefer applying this remedy in such an area where mosquitoes do not reach to you.

5. Tea Tree Oil:

Here comes another endowment from nature! Tea tree oil, which is also popularly known as an amazing medicine intended to lessen inflammation and inhibit the growth of the bacteria and viruses. It not heals the mosquito bitten region but also protects it from further infection. The moment you apply the tree oil, all your itching, puffing, swelling and tumefying begins to heal thereby making you relaxed and comfortable. So, what are you waiting for, go and get it.

6. Aloe Vera:

We should be thankful to the Almighty for empowering our nature with so many wondrous things. If we begin to count on the list, there is no end to it. Again, Aloe Vera is one of them which is commended with the maximum views to heal the problem of mosquito bites. Considering its inflammatory elements, it also assists in relieving oneself from the irritation caused due to itchiness and also settles down the swelling of the bitten area. Are you thinking on how to apply? Here is the answer, you need to cut an aloe vera leaf around the basal of the plant and peel of its one side and apply gel on the bitten portion from the other side. Make sure that you don’t peel the complete leaf else you won’t be able to hold the leaf due to slippery gel. Don’t worry if you do not have an aloe vera plant at your home or nearby. In the meantime you can aloe vera cream or moisturizer from your dressing rack and apply it immediately. But this is just an alternative, not a correct solution. Prefer to get the natural form of aloe vera for quick results. Another option could be to mix calamine with an aloe vera lotion. Go for the one which is available at that point of time so that you can be relieved a bit.

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7. Witch Hazel:

Another effective and recognized repellant for curing the mosquito bite is Witch Hazel. It is a source of essential oil which is robust in antioxidants thereby making it easy to heal the unpleasing effects of mosquito bites like: puffiness, infections, contusions and itchiness. Big thanks to its moisturizing and anti-inflammatory constituents. All you need to do to apply this is to mingle few drops of purified form of witch hazel with the calamine application on the affected portion to incur relief from the entire nuisance caused by a mosquito. Always think of solution, rather than cursing the problem!

8. Ice Pack/Ice Cubes:

Choose something that is chill and cool! The cooling effect of ice cubes also works superbly when the problem is to get rid of the irritation induced by the bite of mosquito. If you have forgotten to fill the ice tray, there are many other frozen things also, like: packed French fries packet or frozen peas packet in your fridge. So even they can serve you equally as ice cubes for the same cause. Just wrap such packets with a neat and clean cloth and apply it. Its chilling impact helps to decompress the itching and swelling on the mosquito pricked portion. Within no time, you will forget all your worries and enjoy the day as normal.

9. Warm Water:

After trying something cool, now is the turn to opt for something warm. If the place bitten by mosquito seems to be swelled and puffed up, you can apply warm water to it. For an exact idea, it is better to warm the water at 85⁰C temperature. Take a bowl and pour warm water into it and then dunk a clean piece of cloth into it. As soon as that cloth absorbs the water, you can gently press the cloth on the affected area. The other way out could be to take a warm water bath. It will moisten your skin and impart you relaxation against the itchiness. The swelling will also seem settling down gradually. Isn’t it an easy and quick idea?

10. Aspirin or Acetaminophen:

Very few of us know this fact that Aspirin or Acetaminophen can assist us in attaining relief from the mosquito bite pain and irritation. All thanks to our advanced medical world. Both of these are the most commonly used non-steroid pain killers. Their anti-inflammatory property provides you with an instant easing on the swollen area induced by mosquito prick. Inspite of taking the tablet, the better idea is to powder the tablet by crushing it and disperse it on the area causing irritation. Even the syrup of aspirin can be applied for speedy cure. The choice is yours but the cure is sure!

11. Meat Tenderizer:

There are enough of options available for the remedy and one of them is Meat Tenderizer. It works very well on the mosquito stung area and this is due to the enzyme called Papain present in it. Papain is a proteinase enzyme obtained from the unripe papayas which is used to tenderize the meat. Thus meat tenderizer turns out to be an excellent source of papain as it assists in crushing the protein left in the mosquito saliva thereby nullifying the impact of poison that the sting bequeaths on the bitten portion. Also, it comforts the person from itching and infliction.

12. Alcohol:

Did you ever think about any other use of alcohol apart from enjoying as a beverage? Well there are many other benefits of Alcohol and one of them is serving as an amazing home remedy for mosquito bites. Alcohol is acknowledged for its curative antiseptic elements. Dip a cotton ball in the bowl of alcohol and apply it gently on the bite to forestall infection and botheration caused by prick of mosquito. It also lends a feeling of comfort to alleviate itching and swelling. So, even if you do not prefer taking alcohol, do keep a small bottle of it for curing such problems. After all, you never what can turn out to be a savior in your tough time!

13. Basil:

Since ages, this natural herb has been used as a superb mosquito rebarbative. Right from adding flavor to some exceptional tasty dishes, it also relieves a person from the pain and trouble caused by mosquito bites. Just pluck some basil leaves and crush them. Then put on its juice on the bitten area to say good bye to the entire nuisance caused by the mosquito which includes itching, irritation, swelling and puffiness. There are many Tamil Brahmin families who have numerous basil plants grown in their courtyards. Give a try and enjoy the magic!

14. Mouthwash:

Hope you have a mouthwash with the content of menthol in it, just dab it over the mosquito bitten area and experience the relief from all the annoyance caused by the mosquito prink. This is because of the cooling properties of menthol that provides you an immediate comfort. Moreover, it is also known for its bactericide, anti-inflammatory and medication elements which imparts you a safeguard against any such insect bite. So, keep your mouthwash in place and don’t misplace it here or there because you never know what can help you and when.

15. Coconut Oil:

Affluent with anti-bacterial, antioxidant and antiseptic holdings, Coconut Oil is an awful ancient home remedy which works wonders. The most important thing before applying coconut oil is to make sure that it should be unprocessed, original and of splendid quality, for the best and quick result. This oil is famous for its cooling effect which renders an instant relief in pain. But how does it work actually? The moment it is applied to affected area, it forms a sparse layer for the protection against the bacteria and dust and hence safeguards the bitten place from getting infected in the form of wound. It also assuages itchiness and swelling.

16. Fuller’s Earth:

Fuller’s earth is popularly known as ‘Multani Mitti’. Apart from lending grace to the face, it plays a significant role in being a useful home remedy too. For getting relief against the discomfort caused by the mosquito bite, you will need to prepare a paste by mixing fuller’s earth and water together. Now apply this paste on the bitten place with clean hands or sterilized cloth/cotton ball. Now let it dry for about two hours and undergo its magical results with your own eyes. In addition, you skin will also become soft and clean. Last but not the least, the hydrous aluminium silicate imbibed in it, assists in kicking off the dirt from getting sticked to that peculiar portion thereby not letting it get infected.

17. Shea Butter:

This is sure to be there in beauty kit… check it out! So you have found it. Now swob a little on the mosquito bitten area and gently massage it so that it can be absorbed properly and reach to inner tissue cells as well for quick healing. You must be wondering how she a butter can help in such a way. Well, it is the miracle of Vitamin A present in it which reposes from itching and its humidifying elements assures speedy cure thereby not letting it get infected. So, next time when you buy Shea butter, make sure you buy at least two: one for your beauty kit and other for safety aid box. An anti-allergic and antiseptic treat for you!

18. Sandalwood:

The breathtaking fragrance and ultimate coolness of sandalwood leaves everyone mesmerized. It is obtained from the rare sandalwood trees of rarified jungles. But there are very less people who know that sandalwood can even be used for achieving comfort from the bothersome mosquito bites or caused from any other insects. All you need to know is the process of applying it. Take a small bowl and squeeze one teaspoon of fresh lemon juice in it along with one teaspoon of turmeric powder and little sandalwood powder. Make a paste and apply it to the affected area. Now let it dry for a period of 15 to 20 minutes and then rinse it off with cold water. This formula will ease you from itchiness and eliminate your redness.

19. Turmeric:

This is one of an amazing home remedy which comes right away from your kitchen’s treasure. From enhancing the beauty to increasing the taste of the food, Turmeric also serves as a mind blowing mosquito repellant. Turmeric is also rich in antiseptic elements that have superb healing and curing qualities. It also does not let the infection occur. To apply over the mosquito prinked portion, take a small bowl and mix a pinch or two of turmeric in little water and put it on that portion. You will notice the relied straight away and all the perturbation will seem flee away soon. In case, if the bite has converted to wound, you will need to integrate turmeric powder with butter and apply this. You will see a lot of difference after this application and the wound would not turn more infectious and will turn fine soon.

20. Neem:

Neem is known all over the world for its magical medicinal properties and it is nothing new about it. Since ancient times Neem is used as a medical treatment for many diseases, for long healthy hair, for adding flavor to food and for a healthy skin. Its advantages are uncountable and thus it is the first choice of many when anything needs to be healed. It also possesses the wonders of three A’s and they are: antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. There are many ways in which you can use neem. Take a big container of water and boil it with some neem leaves and then strain it and use it for bath. Not only the trouble caused by mosquitoes will be solved, but all the bacteria that cause infections and are not visible will also be killed. Another way could be to prepare the juice of neem leaves by squeezing them and apply to the mosquito affected area. You will see the redness and swelling disappearing within no time. Moreover, there is one more way to make the use of neem and that is to apply neem oil on any such infected place. You can apply such oil generally as well so that mosquitoes do not dare to even touch you.

Few Additional Home Remedies for Mosquito Bites:

Do not be dispirited if any of the top given home remedies did not prove much help to you because here comes few more options and they are as given under. So give a try:

  • Apply the oatmeal paste on the bitten area and rinse it off as soon as it dries.
  • Sprinkle some table salt if you want to relief yourself from itching on the bite.
  • To relax the prickling sensation caused by the mosquito bite, you can spray any of your antiperspirant deodorant on it.
  • Even the application of plain vinegar will ease the itchiness quickly.
  • To bid good-bye to the redness and itchiness, gently rub the inside portion of the peeled banana.
  • Put some clove oil on the bitten area and after few minutes wash the same with soap and water.
  • To cure itching, you can even chafe a fresh garlic clove over the affected area.
  • To reduce the tingling sensation of the mosquito bite, place a hot metal spoon in the peculiar place.
  • Apply little Vicks (vapor rub) as it also contains menthol and helps to ease this trouble.
  • To impart cooling and reduce the redness and itchiness, apply any of the plain toothpaste.

Do not dishearten yourself if one remedy does not help you out, go for the other one. There are ample of remedies which will definitely help you a lot against the bothersome bite. This is because different things interpret different results varying from one person to other. As everyone has their own experiences, do share with us also if you have any of the tested ones with a successful result.

Words of Caution:

  • Before you choose any of the above remedies, make sure that you are not allergic to the one that you are applying, else the situation might get worsen. In case, if something such has happened, rush to the doctor immediately and do not try for any other remedy please.
  • If you are an expecting mother or feed your baby with your milk, then consult your doctor before trying any of the above highlighted remedies. The reason is because the body and the skin undergo various sensitive changes during such time. So, take care and stay fine!

Do share about what did you try among them and got succeed! Also, let us know which of the above given home remedies turned out to be a rescuer in your bothersome time.

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