10 Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Hangover

Were you the star of yesterday’s party night? Was it a Sunday? Gosh! It is Monday today… working day! The fun you had last night made you completely forget that you have to hit the office door the very next day. Well, you should have thought this before taking pegs one after another and dancing madly on the rocking tunes. But what to do now? We bring you some fantastic remedies that will help you to settle down your hangover within few minutes and no one will be able to come know about the last night secret. So, get ready with your next weekend plan as well. Kick off all your stress of the complete week and drink and dance your heart out!

What happens when Hangover reacts to your body?

The tolerance level of a person differs from one another when it comes to drinking and handling the alcohol drink. If compared, men have high tolerance level in comparison to women. But it is sure that whoever drinks it, is sure to face hangover symptoms which includes: nausea, anxiety, dehydration, headache, fatigue, palpitation and wretchedness. The whole situation is sure to worsen if you had more than you can handle, you drink alcohol on empty tummy, if not taken ample sleep and if not taken any sort of remedies on time for the proper cure. As soon as the alcohol gets into your bloodstream, the pituitary glands stop producing pitressin. Pitressin is such a hormone which manages the moisture inside our body. Without this, the liquid within the body is moved right away to your bladder and this is the reason that you pee excessively in the morning when you wake up from the last day fun. The excessive excretion of water in the morning in the form of urine after hangover also urinates the magnesium, salt and potassium along with it, that are essential for strengthening the body and so you will feel exhausted and feeble.

When you drink alcohol, the body gives up four times more liquid rather than gaining even a bit of it. This further result to dehydration followed by a severe headache and nausea. Now, you must be thinking what is the relation between dehydration and headache caused during hangover? This is because of the inner organs that urge the water for proper functioning and when do not get in adequate quantity; they result in stealing it from the brain. And your brain shrivels up. It also micturates the glycogen which is an essential source of energy to your liver.


1. Tylenol and Bread Sandwich:

The first remedy for hangover is Tylenol & Bread Sandwich… sounds weird, isn’t it? But yes, it works superbly on bringing down your hangover after the crazy fun that you had the very last night with your friends. All you need is some Tylenol accompanied by two pieces of sandwich bread and exactly thirty ounces of water and all these are easily available. It is tough to believe that this remedy can do wonders because it a strange combo but once you take this, then only you can understand it’s worth. However, the main issue is to memorize it even when you are out of the world. So, better make them available on your dinning desk before you leave for the party so that you can manage the same while you are captured by the dizziness of hangover. That is all that you need to care about and enjoy carefree.

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  1. Tomato Juice:

This is something which you can keep ready in advance. Did you ever think that tomato juice can ever assist you as a remedy against hangover? But yes, it can. The reason is because tomato juice is rich in fructose, enzymes, minerals and vitamins that deal in getting over the outcome of hangover effects very rapidly. Moreover, it also imbibes of sugar content in it which facilitates the body to metabolize the alcohol with a great pace. Now, what needs to be done is to prepare a tomato juice as you normally do and add one tablespoon of honey and freshly squeezed lemon juice and sprinkle slight cayenne pepper powder. The remedy for hangover is ready. Drink this twice a day, in morning & afternoon.

3. Eat Bananas:

Alright! So you partied the whole night and now you are feeling queasy. Are you actually feeling like someone is hitting your head hard? Don’t worry, it happens. Here we go with the second remedy to bring down a hangover. Turn banana lover for some time and peel and eat them quickly. You must be wondering how come bananas can bring down the hangover. The reason is that the more your drink and rush to restroom number of times, the more your body releases the amount of potassium. It is important for a body to have ample of potassium within it for an effective working and as you know bananas are a rich source of potassium and helps the body to regain the lost number of electrolytes. Make sure you place the bunch of bananas in your room or on dining table so that you can quickly get out hangover. Hope this doesn’t sound tough at all!

3. Go for Ginger:

Oh God! The head is hitting the wall and you do not know in which world you are… such is the situation when you are not bothered to count the number of drinks in the fun filled night. Well, before your last night fun turns out to be a nightmare by the scolding of your boss, rush up to the solution. After all, no one wants to be insulted before the office colleagues. This is an easy cure to treat nausea caused due to hangover. You will need to manage somehow and go to the kitchen. It will take ten odd minutes and your hangover will flee away in another few minutes. Take a container with four cups of water and boil about ten slices of ginger in it for about five to ten minutes. Now, filter and add half lemon and little orange juice for a good taste and drink it immediately when it is lukewarm. Also for the rest of the day, you can chew tiny pieces of ginger in regular intervals for the whole day to relax your body properly from the effect of hangover. Drinking ginger tea is also a good option. You will experience the magic very soon and can make an instant rush to office. If you have honey, add it too in this syrup.

  1. Coconut Oil:

Coconut oil is also a fantastic way to say good bye to your hangover. This is such a natural method which will kick away the dangerous toxins straight away that has entered within your body due to drinking alcohol. Follow carefully that you need to do: Take one tablespoon of coconut oil and swish it around your mouth and teeth properly. You can do this with the help of your finger as well. Continue the same for about fifteen minutes and then spittle the oil out in the basin and clean your mouth with water. Mind you: Neither swallow the oil inside nor gargle your mouth for quick results.

5. Magical Honey:

Hangover has screwed up your head and you do not feel like getting up from your bed! Are you repenting on the thought that why did you go for the party last day? Then don’t, because when partying nothing seems to be under our control especially when the question is about fun and frolic. Instead, keep the things ready on your kitchen counter and when you wake up in the morning with a heavy head, just take the remedy as advised. Take a glass of warm water and add some honey and lemon to it. Drink it immediately. For your information, do not use sugar as the substitute of honey because it is of no use. Honey is the best option because comprises of fructose and clears up the alcohol content in your body. Quick and easy to be made and make a rush to the office on time!

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  1. Drink Plenty of Water:

Last but not the least; this is also an amazing remedy. Hangover begin to take its shape quickly so as soon as you start realizing its impact on the head, drink as much water as you can before you go to the bed. This will help you a lot in overcoming hangover by helping your body to gain the lost water and scouring out the chemicals and make you wake up normal as nothing happened last night. It is one of the easiest remedies to get relief from the side effects of hangover.

  1. Peppermint:

Peppermint proves to be an amazing herb when it comes to cure hangover and its seeds accelerate the process of detoxification. It helps in the digestion and relaxes the mind from stress and worries. The hangover issues like bloating and feeling of sickness, vomiting all comes to an end by taking this wondrous herb. One of the simplest ways to take this is to simply chew few fresh leaves of peppermint during the whole day. By this, you will recover speedily because this will provide an instant relief to your intestines. The other way could be to make peppermint tea and for this you will need to take a container with one cup of water and put it to boil with one teaspoon of dehydrated leaves for about five to ten minutes. Once done, cover the container with a lid and let the water absorb all its essential contents. Then filter and drink one or two cups of this tea. You can make this tea in prior before you are going for a night out and keep it stored. There is one more way out. Fill your bathtub with lukewarm water and add little peppermint oil to it. Now take a bath with such soothing water, which will freshen up your mind and body instantly.

  1. Lemon:

All the later effects of hangover like: muscular pain, headache, restlessness, wooziness and sensitiveness towards light and sound can be prevented just by the magic of a small yellow ball, known as lemon. It brings the lost balance back to the body by curbing the increased blood sugar levels and modifying the pH levels in the body. But, what you will need to do? Check this out: Take a lukewarm glass of water and add one teaspoon of honey and two teaspoons of lemon juice to it (freshly squeezed). Mix it well and drink it little tardily. You can repeat the same remedy at least twice or thrice in that day but take it once as soon as you up from the bed. So, this remedy making does not require much of your efforts but will ease your hangover in minutes.

  1. Cabbage:

The healing power of cabbage for preventing the hangover is famous since the times of ancient Romans and Greeks. What they used to was to eat low of raw cabbage in the night just before drinking. This would not lessen its side effects to a great extent but also permit them to drink as much as alcohol as they wished to. Perhaps, this might be a strong reason of regarding ‘cabbage along with vinegar’ as the best home remedy. All you need to do is to jaw raw cabbage while doing any sort of work or watching T.V. It cures the severe headaches and nervous issues caused due to excess drinking. Moreover, you can also blend the juice of cabbage and tomato together and drink it. The best part is that is lessens the thirst of alcohol and facilitates the process of metabolism in our body. After all, there is no harm as it is a form of salad which is good for health.

  1. Egg:

Last but not the least, another remedy to bring down the effect of hangover is to make an omelet and have it with bread as soon as you wake up in the morning. The question that might be striking to your mind is, how does this help? Well, Egg is a strong source of energy and had protein in abundance. Thus when consumed it helps the body to get back its lost energy thereby bumping off the compiled toxins inside the body because of drinking. So, it will serve your both the purposes: breakfast with bye-bye to hangover.


Apart from the above ones, there are some other ways also that can ease a hangover and they are as follows:

  • Never ever drink alcohol in an empty tummy.
  • You can intake a multivitamin pill like B complex which will act as a way to nurture your body and regain the lost minerals and vitamins due to hangover.
  • In the case of excess headache, you can apply an ice compress on your forehead. This will tranquil your nerves and make you feel very relaxed.
  • Never consume any sweet eatables or drinks while drinking.
  • Take a sound and proper sleep. The after effects of hangover lessen a lot if your body gets adequate rest in the form of sleep. In case if you are not able to sleep due to excess drinking, take deep breaths, darken your room and switch on some soothing music.
  • For the next day when you are struggling with hangover, it is good to take light meals for the entire day.
  • It is understandable that in a hangover state, one does not want to have anything but it is strictly advisable to eat something nutritious so that the body can retrieve the lost energy. Prefer foods like: juices and soups so that it will add water content to your body and can be digested quickly. To add on, toast, crackers and many other gently seasoned carbohydrates will absorb the alcohol content disturbing your body.
  • Say NO to smoking with an upset tummy caused due to hangover and if possible walk a little in the fresh air.

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  • Though drinking alcohol is of no use and is considered hazardous for health. So, try and Say No to this, but still if you cannot at least strictly avoid driving after you get drunk. It is not at all safe to put yours and anyone else’s life in danger just because of your fun.
  • Never keep taking pegs with a thought that it will kick off the hangover because it will increase the problem more rather than pulling you out of it.

Hope this piece of information, highlighting some amazing home remedies proves to be of a great help to you in your difficult time when you are struggling to get back on your feet after a horrified hangover night. Just take care and you will be fine soon. Do comment and let us know about your views. Also share if you have any other remedies to kick away hangover that you have found much more beneficial. Do not ever risk your life just for some enjoyment. It is very precious. So, have fun but a safe fun!

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Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Embarrassing Flatulence

In generic term, Flatulence is also known as ‘passing gas’ or ‘passing wind’ which is a natural and conventional physical disorder. It is ideally a situation which occurs when excessive gas enters the ‘gut or ‘alimentary canal’ thereby causing burping or farting. But who cares of this fact? The truth is that it is an embarrassing and awkward disorder to deal with. Well, don’t worry because no problem comes without a solution. If you have been trying hard enough for a long time now to find something that can prevent you from this, then here your chase ends. We have some extremely effective natural home remedies that can help you to avoid flatulence.

However the cure turns out to be the best solution when we are aware of all the symptoms of any disease or problem. In this context, when we talk about flatulence, some of the common symptoms are as follows:

  • The excessive air in the stomach and intestines causes cloggy and swelled up stomach.
  • Aching abdomen
  • Burping and uneasiness

Here we enlist 10 super quick and effective remedies which will help you a lot in overpowering this problem and balancing your digestive system as a whole:

  • Ginger:

According to the herbal medication, ginger is one of the best organic medical and is purposely used to eliminate the problem of exuberant air in the intestines. It is also effective in decompressing and easing the intestinal pathway. Besides being effectual it is really easy to make use of it. All you need to do is to soak some sliced ginger into lemon juice for about an hour’s time and consume one slice of this soaked ginger after every meal by chewing it. This home remedy can unimaginably descent your problem within no time. However we understand that its taste is inversely proportional to its efficiency but no medicine is ever sugar coated. Still; if bearing its taste is completely out of your league, then the other impressive alternative could be to sip some raw ginger juice.

2.) Nutmeg:

Nutmeg has been a popular home remedy since ages, especially for treating and curing many sort of physical disorders; right from flatulence to insomnia. Not only this, it is also recommended as a testified brain tonic and as a cure to overwhelm the state of depression. To pull its utmost advantage in order to avoid flatulence, you just need to add a little quantity of nutmeg into the regular vegetable soup recipe and say goodbye to this ill-at-ease disorder.

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3.) Peppermints:

Have you ever wondered why restaurants serve mints after the meal? If you think that they do it because mints are merely mouth fresheners, then let us reveal the secret to you. Peppermints contain abundance of methanol in them. Apart of being a good mouth freshener, methanol comforts the gut muscles, hence eliminating the gas trouble. So if next time your stomach feels cloggy and bloated just follow this simple home remedy: Chew a peppermint gum or some peppermint leaves and you can experience the relief from this uneasiness with an immediate effect.

4.) Asafoetida (Daily Drink mix):

Asafoetida hit the highlights of medicine world from the times of Ayurvedic medication and has served as an efficacious home remedy to prevent flatulence. Fundamentally, it soothes the inflammation in the intestines and thus extinguishes the abdomen problems such as gas and acidity. Now, the question that arises is to know how to make use of asafetida to avoid flatulence? The answer to this is: Take a glass of lukewarm water and drop one teaspoon of each of them, which are, asafoetida, black salt and pulverize ginger and mix it well with a spoon and then drink it. For quick improvement, make sure you do not forget to drink one glass of this drink once in a day.

5.) Cardamom (A Drink after meal):

There is no particular timetable to take this home remedy. Cardamom can be consumed on daily basis for healthy digestion. But when it is about getting rid of the flatulence problem, all you need to do is to form a pulverize mixture of three vital organic substances namely black pepper, ginger and cardamom seeds, in the proportion of 1:1:1/2. Then, add this mixture to warm water and drink it after each meal keeping an equal interval of one hour. Well, what if this drink does taste as good as orange juice but it proves to be the best home remedy for getting rid of this physical disorder. After all, Cardamom serves as an amazing detoxifying agent.

6.) Fiber Ingestion:

Are you worried looking at your fibre ingestion chart because you have crossed the limit? Is it causing inner disturbance in the form of flatulence and making you humiliated? Don’t worry; you will soon get it resolved. It is just that you have consumed excess of fibre in your diet today and you just need to reduce it. For time being, do some walking so that the excess fibre can be sourced out in the form of sweat. But mark a point that you should not consume more than 20 to 30 grams of fibrous contents in your regular diet. Balancing the fibre ingestion can reduce a lot of stomach problems along with flatulence. However the increase in the consumption of fiber may affect your overall health adversely resulting into many other serious health issues.

7.) Decrease Carbohydrates

If you are a food freak and eat those food items that contain a good quantity of carbohydrates then it is high time to improve your diet. With the increasing modernization, the diet of many people has also turned modernized, especially the youth. Lot more consumption of carbonated drinks and foods have increased gradually and this has become the major cause of flatulence. This does not mean that one should not take carbohydrates at all rather one must definitely should, but in very limited quantity. So, if you balance the content of carbohydrates in your diet, your body will also remain balanced forever. So, take care always.

8.) Soaked Beans:

Beans contain carbohydrates, but the fact is that, these carbohydrates are soluble in water. So, if we soak up the beans in water for all-night and then cook them after disposing that water, then all the carbohydrates will also get strained along with that water. Hence, through this, you can reduce the chances of developing gas in the abdomen and prevent the urge of flatulence. Ideally, this is also a reason that why we drench rice, pulses and beans in water and wash them off numerous times before cooking. So, a safe cooking can be a great help to you.

9.) Artichokes:

Globe artichokes can impressively reduce various problems related to digestion. Artichokes can solve anything from an irritating stomach to acidic burps and flatulence. However, lack of knowledge about the variety of artichokes can put you in a worse condition. On one hand, where globe artichokes can unimaginably reduce the evil of flatulence, on the other hand its first cousin Jerusalem artichoke can magnify the problem to a dozen times. Thus, we propose you to be very peculiar while picking an artichoke. So, choose sagely!

10.) Food Intake:

There are two major things that impact the process of digestion in your body. First is the way you eat and second is the timing when you eat. The way and time you eat your meal, greatly affects its digestion. Since the digestion procedure starts in the mouth itself with the help of saliva, hence it is always suggested to chew food slowly. The more you chew, the more easily it is digested by intestines. So, chew properly and slowly and bid good bye to many other digestive problems too. Moreover, if you are too choosy about what to add on to your plate then this can majorly increase the problem like: eating too oily food, Burgers, French fries etc. So, always eat healthy food by balancing everything that is demanded by the body but nothing more than advised.

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Nonetheless it’s been rightly said that precaution is better than cure. A few cautions can safeguard you from dealing with the problem. We here enlighten you with a few precautions, if you follow them you would not need to cope up with this embarrassing disorder.

  • Reduce the consumption of carbonated and high yeast level products.
  • Discard items like broccoli, cauliflower, beans, cheese etc. from your diet.
  • Do not indulge into any kind of smoking habits.
  • Chew each bite of your food at least 32 times.

Sometimes this abashing disorder leads to even more awkward but funny situations. Where you feel ashamed but cannot help laughing hard holding your stomach. To add to your surprise there are many funny and interesting facts related to farting. Laugh as you read and forget about its lousiness for a while.

Fun facts about flatulence:

  • It is normal or an adult to pass gas 15 to 20 times every day.
  • Fart contains only 1% of sulphur that makes it stink. The rest 99% is nitrogen, hydrogen, carbon dioxide, methane and oxygen in ascending proportions.
  • It travels at a speed of 10 feet per second. So next time if you urge to pass gas make sure that no one is standing lesser than 10 feet away from you.
  • The gas that is produced is flammable. So beware of farting near fire.
  • America has a national day to celebrate farting, no! We are not joking. It is celebrated every year on 7th of January as national pas gas day.

Adapting these cures and precautions and also changing your food and eating habits only a little bit can make you avoid this malodorous distress forever. These result in eliminating numerous other problems as well. We truly hope you that will make the best use of these remedies and enjoy the change. In addition if you have any doubt on these or if know some other cures that can be added to this list; please write down in the comment box.

Also if these cures worked for you and in case if you have come across someone who have faced the same trouble; go to them and kindly share the word of help.

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15 Effective Home Remedies To Attain Relief From Pink Eye

Got struck by pink eye? No medicine is working effective?

Pink eye also known as Conjunctivitis, is equivalent to a menace for any person who is going through it. It becomes really tough to carry our daily work normally because it turns out to be a complete nuisance. After all, nothing can compare the gift of clear vision bestowed by the Almighty. But it is impossible for us to escape from the problem of sore eyes because today’s hectic lifestyle includes working on computers and laptops for hours and hours and this is the main cause of pink eye. Generally, it gets cured within 10 to 12 days but these days are not less than years, especially when you go through the trouble. It is such a transmissible disease that it can taint other family members or friends quickly. So, it is really important for you to get rid of it as soon as possible. Though there are numberless home remedies available on cyberspace but it is really confusing to make a decision to choose. Hence, we enlist top 15 home remedies that will cure your pink eye at the earliest. Check them out:


1. Saltwater Eye-lotion:

Since time undefined, salt is acknowledged for its antiseptic attributes. So, when it comes to cure a problem like Pink eye, it will serve as one of the best home remedy. But then you have to bear a little pricking sensation. What you need to do is, to boil one cup of purified water and mix one teaspoon of salt into it. Now wait till the water cools down and resolves the salt properly within it. Once it is done, spirt this saltwater eye-lotion with the help of an eyedropper about four to five times in a day and you will surely analyze the relief instantly. Some irritation is but obvious so if you can handle it easily, then only for this home remedy.

2. Boric Acid Eyewash:

Our kitchen is full of granny’s secret and superb remedies. All that is required is the ability of our eyes to find it out and a sharp memory to remember them for our current and next generation. One of the many remedies is Boric Acid Eyewash which also imbibes of wondrous antiseptic elements within it, just like the salt and this makes it a very effective cure. Boil a cup of distilled water and mix some boric acid in it. Let the water come down to the normal temperature and then it becomes ready to be used as eyewash for healing pink eye. You are sure to notice a lot of relief with every cleaning and by the next day the problem of pink eye will be cured.

3. Honey:

Honey is such a boon from nature that if we start counting on its qualities, the words will be too less to describe. Highly plentiful in antibacterial and antiseptic qualities, Honey proves to be an effectual home remedy to deal with the trouble of pink eye. Now, you might be thinking, how is this possible? But yes, it is. Quickly take a container and add two cups of water in it along with three tablespoons of honey. Now put this water on boiling. Once done, wait till it cools down. The honey eyewash is ready to be used and you can wash your eyes with the help of it. This amazing home remedy will not only assuage you from the bothersome symptoms of Pink eye but will quicken the mending process.

4. Potato:

Potato for pink eye… Don’t be amazed, because this actually works! Apart from loving potato for yummy French fries and masala mashed potatoes, you will also praise its sanative properties which work efficaciously to cure the vexatious Pink Eye and lend you with a lot relief. Pick up one potato from your vegetable basket and cut sleek slices of it. Now place those slices on your pink eye for about 10 to 15 minutes. Do it for various times during a day and undergo the result yourself. Do not re-use those potato slices else discard them immediately once used. A great relief from itching, reduction is puffing and redness can be seen after the proper use of potato slices as a home remedy. After all, at that point of time, you won’t ask for anything more than this.

5. Black and Green Teas:

There is no one who has been unknown about the benefits of green tea and so are those of black tea. Both, Green tea and black tea are satiated with bio-flavonoids which assist a lot in fighting against the dangerous bacteria and viruses causing severe infections. They also abridge the trouble occurred due to inflammation. When the issue is about curing pink eye, these tea can turn to be miracle in your life. Make few tea bags of both these tea and soak them into purified water for couple of minutes. Now, enforce these tea bags on your eyes for 15 to 20 minutes in a comfort mode. Remove them when the time is up and throw away these used tea bags into the dustbin. The phenophyles and tannin available in tea will allay the swelling in or nearby your pink eye and grant you relief against the infection caused. Moreover, you can even take the use of that water which had tea bags soaked in it as eyewash for the rest of the day.

6. Cucumber:

Cucumber is bestowed with such cooling qualities that its impact is bound to be there. It works as an awesome home remedy to heal the nuisance caused by pink eye. It imparts a solacing relief against the inflammation and also relaxes oneself from the irritation. Now, as a curative treatment for pink eye, you need to take a fresh cucumber and cut two slices of it. Now immerse these slices in chilled ice water for a period of ten minutes and then immediately put these on your closed eyelids. Within few seconds, you will be able to feel the soothing effect of cucumber which will further grant you a lot of comfort.

7. Pro-biotic:

Medically, Pro-biotic is skilled in killing the dangerous bacteria of our body. Hence, they turn out to be an excellent home remedy to cure the bothersome pink eye. One of the best examples of pro-biotic is: Natural yoghurt. Now, the question is how to make use of it? Take a small bowl and pour ample quantity of natural yoghurt in it so that two cotton balls can immersed properly. Once these balls soak yoghurt properly, apply these on your closed eyelids. Let it remain there for a period of 15 to 20 minutes. An instant comfort against the irritation, swelling and redness will be attained. Also, this home remedy is effective in killing the bacteria that has caused pink eye so you will definitely take a sigh of relief.

8. Hot and Cold Compresses:

The worst part of pink eye is that it leads to lot of uneasiness like: continuous itching, pricking sensation, puffing, watery discharge, swelling, redness and even burning sentience. One feels like scratching his or her hair, with so many discomforts. So, we get a brilliant home remedy for you that will alleviate all your troubles regarding pink eye. It is hot and cold compresses but one should know, which compress to use for what trouble. So, here comes a proper guidance in the same regard. The cold compress serves as an effective helping hand to heal inflammation, itchiness and pricking sensation and for this you need to put water-soaked aseptic gauze bandage inside your freezer for half an hour. Then take it out and place it on your closed eyelids. You will undergo the comfort instantly. On the other hand, hot compress assists in healing the watery discharge speedily. What you need to do is to dip a clean washrag in a warm water bowl and when properly wet, take it out and place on your eyes for about five minutes. This is sure to grant a lot of relief.

9. Milk:

Milk has the best properties to heal your eyes with the soothing effect and so it is sure to benefit you to overcome you from the trouble of pink eye. Now what you need to do is to take a bowl filled with cold milk and soak two cotton balls in it. Once the milk is properly absorbed by the balls, it is ready for use. Put them on your eyes to derive a quick relief from the nuisance caused by pink eye. This is sure to become your first preference in order to heal this issue. The same idea can be used hot compress as well. Inspite of soaking cotton balls in cold milk, use warm milk in its place. But the soothing effect will remain the same and deliver equal comfort to you. Mark a point on board that so test the warmness of the milk before you use warm milk as an eye wash else you will result in hurting or burning your eye.

10. Golden Seal:

Golden Seal is a popular herbal plant which constitutes of awesome threesome and they are: It is an astringent with anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory qualities. It is highly plenteous in contending infections and stamping out bacteria because it comprises of a compound known as Berberine. You need to take one cup of water of boiled water and resolve two teaspoons of golden seal in it. Then soak two cotton balls in this and when absorbed the mixture completely, put them on your eyes. Other way to make use of this medicative herb is to make eye drops out of it and for this you will need three different herbs: comfrey, golden seal and chamomile. Now soak all the three in a boiled water bowl for about 15 minutes and then filter the solution and use it as eye drops.

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  1. Aloe Vera:

Aloe Vera is bestowed with healing qualities and hence serves to be very helpful to heal pink eye. Blend the gel of aloe vera and freeze it into the form of ice cubes and when ready, you can use it to comfort the problem of pink eye by enfolding it in a cloth and placing on eyes. In addition, you can even blend the juice of aloe vera with little cold water and use this by soaking two cotton balls in it and placing it over your closed eyelids. You will feel great with such a soothing effect.

12. Castor Oil Eye Drop:

Have you ever checked the ingredient listing on the bottle of eye drop? Never… then, check it now. Most of the branded eye drops have castor oil within them as a common constituent. So, why to go for a medicative eye drop when you have the original one? With the help of an eye dropper, drop one or two drops of pure castor oil in your eyes. Now close the eyes for next five minutes and remember, little irritation but normal. Do it couple of times in a day and see how quickly you get relieved from the pink eye infliction. Easy and quick to do!

  1. Chamomile Eyewash:

Chamomile flowers are naturally bestowed with cooling and solacing calibers. Hence works as an excellent cure for pink eye. All that needs to be done is to prepare chamomile eyewash and for this, you will need to boil one cup of water and add one teaspoon of dried chamomile flowers to it. Let it steep only for five minutes and then filter the solution. Once it is cools down to a normal temperature, you can use it as eyewash. The best part is that the same chamomile eyewash can also be used as a compress.

14. Indian Gooseberry Juice:

Now, apart from eyewash and compress, the last way to treat eye soreness is drinking Indian gooseberry juice. Make a juice from Indian gooseberry and mix one teaspoon of honey to it. This will be a major help in dealing with infection and other pink eye troubles. In addition, this juice will also boost the immune system of the body. Being good in taste when mixed with honey, this is a favorite drink of many people especially during summer season. So, to cure eye soreness, drinking a tasty juice is not a bad idea at all, isn’t it?

  1. Use Chilled Spoons:

Even idea of putting chilled spoons over pink eye works superb. There are two ways: Take four spoons and keep them in the freezer for five minutes and let them turn chilled. Now get two of them out and out on your closed eyelids and when they return to normal temperature, use the other two. The other way could be to dip spoons in chilled water and follow the same process. The cooling effect will give you a lot relaxation against all every botheration occurred by pink eye.

In addition to the above home remedies, what you can always do to have healthy vision are:

  • Within every two to three hours gap, swash your eyes with cold water. This will relax the inner nerves and clear the dirt thereby lending ease to your eyes from pain caused due to its continuous usage.
  • You can even dip a towel in chilled water and keep it in your closed eyes for some time. You will surely love the feel of relaxation.
  • If you have forgotten to keep he bottle in the fridge or freeze ice, then you can even try to get relief with the packets of frozen foods in your freezer. Wrap the frozen food packet in a clean cloth and place it on your eyes for about 15 minutes.
  • Rose water, also known as gulabjal is an instant relieving home remedy for pink eye. It is simple to use. Either you can use it as an eye drop or you can dip two cotton balls in rose water and after squeezing them a bit, you can put it on your closed eyelids. It starts working effectively within seconds and you will love its solacing quality.
  • Drink as much water as you can! It is really essential that your eyes are kept hydrated to cure the eye soreness. The more water you drink, the more coolness is revived in your body thereby ameliorating your immune system and stimulating the body.
  • Eat nutritious food; full of vitamins and minerals so that it can contribute to the healthiness of your eyes as well. Oil and spicy food can result in increasing the irritation like swelling and itching. So, take care of it.
  • Wear sunglasses to save pink eye from getting worse through the harmful ultra violet rays of the sun. Moreover, sunglasses will also protect eyes from getting affected by dust and dirt. Hence, needs to be covered.

We wish that you never face any such troublesome problem but if you do, then give a try to any of the above given home remedies. You would never ever go for any sort of other conventional medicament. Comment and let us know if you have any other effective home remedy that can help to cure the bothersome Pink eye. Also lend a helping hand to your near dear ones, if they are struggling with the same. But in case if you have tried these remedies and still not fully recovered from pink eye, then visit to doctor is must so please don’t delay.

Do comment for feedback!

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20 Home Remedies To Deal With Sore Throat

Sore throat is a serious issue, so never take it lightly. Basically, sore throat is a problem which involves irritation, scratchiness, severe pain and the problem in swallowing foods and liquids. The pain in the throat accompanied by the cold is the first symptom of having a sore throat but later on it can also involve of dry throat, tonsils, puffed glands inside the throat and huskiness. The problem of sore throat is not age bounded that is it can impact people of any age; right from children to old aged. There are two major types of infection that causes sore throat – one is bacterial infection and other is viral infection. Other reasons apart from these two can be the environmental factors which imbibe of dust allergy, pollution allergy, dry throat, cold and flu etc. So, whatever might be the reason, the reality is that if sore throat is not taken seriously and is not cured properly it might lead to severe complications.

So, if it’s just the beginning, go for home remedies to cure it, rather than going for counter treatments which are no good to health and also have later effects. So, here we bring you a list of 20 amazing home remedies whose results will leave you spellbound by their natural treatment without any sort of fallouts.

Home Remedies for Sore Throat

1. Salt Water Gargle:

This is something which has a special bonding with us since childhood. You remember that whenever you used to get struck with the problem of sore throat, the first thing your mom used to do was to get you a glass of warm water and ask to you gargle with it. Willingly or unwillingly, you obeyed her and next day to your surprise, you use to wake up with a great relief. So, why not to try the same today as well? Salt water works fabulously in alleviating the troublesome sore throat and throat pain. Here is the process by which you can prepare the warm salt water gargle yourself:

Take one cup of warm water and mix 1/2 tablespoon of salt in it. Once the salt is dissolved properly, gargle with it. Follow the same process only thrice a day and not more else redundant salt gargle can result to dehydration of the delicate tissues in mouth and pharynx. This home remedy is one of easiest; cheapest and quickest home remedies to cure sore throat. Not only puffing inside the throat will subdued but also the salt will flush out the surplus mucus gradually.

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2. Sip Hot Toddy:

No one ever imagine that the hot toddy could ever do the magic! If you struggling with sore throat problems like throat pain and severe cold, then sipping little hot toddy will pull you out to the comfort zone within few hours. But for this, you need to the correct process of making hot toddy and here it is:

Take a warm glass of water and merge little honey and lemon juice into it. Now decorate it with a sleek slice of lemon so that you feel it a little more interesting to drink. This is non-alcoholic hot and tasty toddy which you will need to sip slowly. Just like the salt water gargle, do not over take this home remedy else it can also dehydrate your inner system thereby increasing the problems for you. Hot toddy is an effective remedy to solace your throat and clean your nasal transitions.

3. Drink Apple Cider Vinegar:

It is not always possible that you all the healthy things taste good and can be taken easily. At times you have to undergo through little bitterness, to achieve sweet results. This goes perfect for Apply Cider Vinegar. But the best part is that every home remedy is blessed with excellent healing qualities which later make you forget its bad taste with the comfort they provide you. Take a warm cup of water in mix equal amount of honey and apple cider vinegar in it. Drink it immediately. You can imagine; when two gifts of nature possessing disinfectant elements work together, they are sure to throw the best results. On one hand where the acidity factor of apple cider vinegar kills all the harmful bacteria inducing sore throat similarly on the other hand honey helps in comforting you against the pain. As soon as this remedy get into your throat and make contact with the walls of throat, you will be able to experience an instant relief. For quick results, you are advised to gargle with this every hour.

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4. Suck Garlic Cloves:

Garlic is another most popular home ingredient which has numerous curing capabilities and works miraculously. When it is about getting rid of sore throat, Garlic will not disappoint you at all rather will stand first on the list of your home remedy preferences. It speedily assuages the painful sensation and throat infliction.

Peel the garlic cloves and then cut them into half. Suck those garlic cloves like lolly and then softly chew them. Though it is not easy to suck garlic as it causes pricking inside the throat but hold on with a little patience and continue sucking it. You will soon be benefitted by it. Remember, the proverb that there are no gains without pains and same goes with the garlic cloves as well.

5. Marshmallow Roots:

Marshmallow root is such a cure that has been used since the time undefined in whole of North America for curing various health issues along with that of sore throat. The root is glutinous, that is, it is sticky in texture but is undoubtedly a brilliant way to solace even the worst sore throat issues. All you need to do is this: Take a contained and boil one cup of water with one tablespoon of marshmallow root in it. Let it plunge for a period of one hour and then filter it. Now it is ready so you can drink the same and ease your sore throat.

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6. Inhale Steam:

Inhaling steam is an effectual home remedy to heal pestering sore throat and the issues related to it. If you remember, this is something that your mother also opted to cure cold during your childhood days. Hence being an oldest home remedy, it works superbly now as well. If you are suffering from sore throat along with nasal congestion, you can get an instant relief by inhaling some steam. Let us know how to do it? Take a container and boil enough water in it. Bring it down once boiled. Now add some drops of eucalyptus oil in it so that the process of inhaling can become more solacing. Bend towards the container with boiling water thereby enshrouding your head with the help of a big towel and intake the steam. This will also open your blocked nasal pipe and relax you from cold. As a substitute, you can take warm water shower and inhale steam to attain relief.

7. Chill Out With Cayenne:

Cayenne Pepper consists of a compound, known as Capsaicin which has the ability to assuage your throat ache on temporary basis. Know the ways, how can it help you: Take a container and boil 200 ml of water in it. When the water comes to boiling, add half teaspoon of cayenne powder to it. But to reduce the spiciness, it becomes important to add one tablespoon of honey also. Now mix them well and keep the container down. Now wait till the hot boiling water cools down a bit and becomes warm enough to drink. Pour this drink in a cup and drink slowly. Keep moving the spoon in the cup so that the cayenne pepper does not settle down. This will surely serve as a great help to you. Moreover, eating hot food can also relax your throat.

8. Licorice Root Tea:

Licorice root is conferred with such natural anti-inflammatory qualities that can assist in alleviating the puffing in your throat and solace the mucus membrane thereby rendering relief to the pain and irritation. What needs to be done is: Take little water in a container and add some dehydrated licorice root to it. Now keep that water for boiling. Once boiled, keep it aside for 10 to 15 minutes and then filter it. Licorice tea is ready to sip. If you wish to add some flavor to this tea, cloves and cinnamon will do their job. A home remedy that is tasty to intake, is not a bad deal at all, isn’t it?

9. Bourbon Gargle:

Even if your sore throat problem has reached to its heights, the magic of Bourbon Gargle will grant you relief to the quickest. Nothing can beat its speed in healing this troublesome problem. All you need to do is: Take one glass of warm water that can be drunk easily. Now mix one tablespoon of bourbon to it and gargle with the same. Isn’t it really quick and easy home remedy to bestow you relief against the pouty throat and pain.

10. Baking Soda Gargle:

Coming right from the treasure of kitchen, Baking Soda Gargle have the ability to destroy all filthy pathogens that have created nuisance in your throat by unbearable pain, cold and scratchy irritation. The process is: In a glass of warm water, dissolve half tablespoon of baking soda and common salt. As soon as it is done, sip it in a big amount and after fifteen seconds begin to gargle. Do the same for about three times in a day and get comfort from the bothering sore throat.

11. Honey Up With Honeysuckle:

One of the oldest Chinese remedies that still hold a major place to alleviate the troubles of sore throat! It has all the capabilities to kill the harmful bacteria which are a major cause behind sore throat, swelling, scratchiness, irritation and pain. Put some water to boiling and add one cup of honeysuckle flowers to it. Now let the water become normal warm by keeping it aside for 10 minutes. When the water absorbs complete content of these flowers and is appropriate to drink, filter it and pour it into a glass. Take small sips of this tea. If you do not like the taste, you can add half lemon to it for a good flavor. But if you do not find honeysuckle flowers, lozenges will serve as its substitute.

12. Cloves:

Clove is robust in a compound known as Eugenol and this is an excellent painkiller. Now how does this release? When we chew the cloves, it results to the release of Eugenol which gives instant comfort from the pain that is making your problem worst. Once chewed the cloves properly, you can either spit the remainders or swallow them, as per your wish. Using clove oil instead of cloves is not advisable. Moreover, keep a water bottle nearby when you chew cloves because they savor spicy.

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13. Gargle with Hydrogen Peroxide:

In order to eliminate harmful bacteria causing sore throat infection, you can also choose hydrogen peroxide gargle as one of the options. This is also an efficacious home remedies. All you need to is to mix a cap of hydrogen peroxide to the glass of warm water and gargle with it. Be sure of not taking it inside and spitting it outside at every gargle shot.

14. Pomegranate Tea:

The most loveable fruit, Pomegranate is plentiful in antioxidants which help a lot in attaining relief against infection thereby killing the bacteria and germs. To add on, Pomegranate also possesses awful astringent components that assist in bringing down swelling and pain caused due to it. Boil the rind of pomegranate in three cups of water for 15 minutes. This tea needs to be drunk when it is warm or if you don’t want to drink it, you can gargle with it. Other alternative could be to drink a sugar free Pomegranate juice as it will also leave the same impact.

15. Soothing Chamomile Tea:

Along with ginger, honey and lemon, Chamomile tea is also such a home remedy that comforts you against the painful sore throat. Chamomile is one the herbs that has been used since ages to cure many health issues. Here is the process to prepare Chamomile Tea: Take one cup of boiling water and immerse a chamomile tea bag into it. Let it remain dip for about 10 minutes. After pulling out the tea bag, add half teaspoon of honey to it. Do not use the same tea bag again so it’s better to discard it. Your pain will reduce to a lot extent thereby killing all the bacteria and germs.

16. Ginger Tea:

Ginger is an effective home remedy to solace the sore throat trouble caused due to cold. It coheres to every corner of the throat. It also assist in boosting blood circulation so that more and more oxygen can be supplied to the blood cells thereby making you healthier and rid of pain and infection. Squelch a ginger root piece with a beetle. Now take a container and boil three cups of water in it. As soon as this is done, keep it aside and let it turn warm. Then mix little honey in it and filter before you pour it to drink. You are to experience a sigh of relief by drinking this warm drink.

17. Sage Gargle:

Sage imbibes of both, analgesic and astringent elements. On one hand where the analgesic elements alleviate the pain similarly on other hand the astringent elements bring down irritating inflammation very rapidly. Moreover, it is also plentiful in possessing antiseptic and bactericide properties to solace the sore throat. Depending on your choice, you can either fresh leaves of sage or dried ones. Boil two cups of water and bring down the container to soak sage leaves in it. Now keep it away for next 15 to 20 minutes. Once the time is up, filter and a pinch of common salt to the solution. Get up and gargle with it to fight that dreadful sore throat.

17. Vodka:

Yes… yes, we are not kidding at all… we are very serious! Vodka is also one of the home remedies to combat sore throat. What needs to be done is to purchase a vodka bottle of less cost and dilute its sharpness by mixing it with warm water. For speedy recovery, you can even add a pinch of common salt and little honey to it. This is all. Now you can gargle with this warm vodka cum water solvent. Replicate the same process for about four to five times in a day for quick retrieval.

18. Spice Up With Cinnamon:

Cinnamon is a quick home remedy to make a way for blocked sinuses thereby combating pain and annoyance. In 200 ml of boiling water, soak at least three cinnamon sticks for next five minutes. Filter it and take small sips of this tea. If you do not prefer plain cinnamon tea like this, you can also add some milk to it.

19. Marjoram Tea:

Marjoram has become a famous name in the medicine world as it has many benefits like: curing indigestion, muscular cramps and sore throat. Even the doctors advise you the same to get rid of sore throat because it also cleans the mucus. The process to be followed is to: Take 200 ml of boiling water and soak one teaspoon of marjoram leaves to it for about 15 minutes. The filter the solution and mix little honey and few drops of lemon juice to it. These both will also add flavor along with curing pain and irritation caused due to sore throat. This tea will also render you relief you from continuous coughing episodes. The same thing can be used to gargle as well for about four times in a day. You choked nasal passage will also be fine with this.

20. Turmeric Gargle:

You can even gargle with turmeric powder solution to get well soon. Very popular for anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and antiviral qualities, turmeric stands among the top three in the list when it comes to cure sore throat. In a warm glass of water with 200 ml quantity, mix half teaspoon of both, turmeric powder and salt and gargle two times a day. The other way could be to mix one teaspoon of turmeric powder, black pepper powder and honey to a warm glass of milk. Any of them can be chosen to ease you.


A Big NO to excess hot and cold:

When drinking ice water, it feels like it has solved the problem of throat dryness but actually it aggravate the complete problem of sore throat. So, say NO to ice cream or any sort of cold drinks. Same is the case with excess hot food because it feels like comforting you, but in reality, blisters the soft tissues in your throat thereby making the pain unbearable. Go for warm ones, not extremely hot whether soups or teas. These home remedies with the addition of little extra care and rest will definitely help you a lot in comforting you. To add on, take ample rest because apart from these home remedies, rest is one thing that can help to you recover speedily. Go for Vitamin C fruit juices or prefer warm water to keep your throat hydrous.

In addition to the all above, also take care of the following:

  • When suffering from sore throat, strictly avoid cigarette smoking as it will increase your problem.
  • Avoid exposure to allergy causing things like: dust, mold, pollen etc as this might worsen the problem of sore throat overall.
  • Apply humidifier in the house or your personal office to combat dryness.
  • Make regular use of hand sanitizers within every hour so that no bacteria can cause further infection.
  • Say NO to sharing drinking glasses or eating utensils because infection can be contaminated from one person to another.

Mark a point: If your sore throat lasts for long duration that is more than a week and also includes of other related issues like: pain in ears, severe fever, rashes on the body, pain in joints and muscles, difficulty in breathing, bloody mucus etc that don’t delay in contacting the doctor and take necessary medicines and treatments advised by him or her.

Hope you found this article very helpful! Do comment for any sort of feedback and also let us know if you have any other home remedy too for the cure of sore throat which proved a great help to you.

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Kegel exercises are those exercises which help a person to either preclude or control the involuntary urination and defecation. Even many other types of pelvic floor problems can be cured by doing these exercises. Kegel exercises are also termed as pelvic floor muscle training, which you can perform prudently as per your convenience. The pelvic floor muscles support the other inner organs like: small intestine, bladder, rectum and uterus. Hence, such exercises beef up the pelvic floor muscles. It is important for you to understand the importance of Kegel exercises and then you will be guided on how to perform these exercises step by step.


  • What is the primary reason of doing Kegel Exercises?

There are various reasons behind the weakening or dampening of your pelvic floor muscles like: Excess weight, aging, pregnancy, surgeries and childbirth (delivery). If you perform the Kegel exercises regularly, you can definitely get a lot of benefit against the following issues: wetting of clothes with some drops of urination while laughing aloud, coughing and sneezing, laxation, feeling like urinating immediately again when you are done with it just a minute before (involuntary urination). All these health problems are a big issue in one’s life and make the life very difficult to lead. So, the Kegel exercises play their role effectively in eradication all such health issues. You can even do any of these after your delivery or even during your pregnancy. This will assist you in forestalling the problem of urinary incontinence. The counseling session and sex therapy is also given as the additional advantage along with the Kegel exercises especially for the women who have tenacious trouble in making contact with the orgasm. But these exercises would not prove to be of a great help for the women who have the difficulty of extreme urinary discharge during coughing, sneezing and laughing or even due to full bladder.

  • How to perform Kegel exercises

It is really important to know how to perform Kegel exercises in order to discover your pelvic floor muscles and in what way you can contract and then relax them. Here are some crucial points that you need to understand deeply:

Search for the right muscles: In order to find out your pelvic floor muscles, you need to stop the urination in the middle, which is quite difficult to do so. But in case if you succeed in this tough task, you will be able to identify the right muscles with an immediate effect.

The technique should be perfect: As soon as you discover the pelvic floor muscles, the next step you need to follow is to vacate your bladder instantly and lay down on your back. Now, stiffen your pelvic floor muscles that is make them tight and confine the contraction for a period of five seconds. Then relax and loosen up for next five seconds. Repeat the same for about four to five times. If you are able to easily hold the contraction for five seconds, you can try it for ten seconds, for the next times and similarly you can increase the relaxation time too.

Be very concentrated: If you wish to achieve the best results and that too within less time then follow the entire process in a very concentrated manner. Do not bend the other muscles like that of thighs, buttocks or abdomen. Moreover, never hold your breath while exercising instead breath in a free manner as much as you can.

Repetition: You are advised to target for leastways about ten repetitions in a day comprising of three sets each. As a piece of strict advice, do not take this process of performing Kegel exercise as a joke that is do not try this exercise just to begin and end your urine stream because doing that again and again without a purpose can really weaken your abdomen and uterus muscles. In case of unfinished evacuation of the bladder, you might have to go through the problem of Urinary Tract Contagion.

  • When Kegel exercise should be and should not be performed?

You can perform the entire procedure of Kegel exercise whenever you wish. Why not to make it a part of your regular routine task? Rather you should practice it in such a way that you time is fully utilized like while checking your mails, surfing net, relaxing on your couch, chilling at your desk etc. Once you have understood the way to get the grip over it, then performing this exercise is not a big issue at all. So, it is completely your choice as to when to perform Kegel exercise.

Should not be – Kegels should never be performed at the time of urination because making it a game by doing it always might hurt and harm your urinary bladder. This may further give rise to various other health related problems.

  • Wonders of doing Kegel Exercises

Let us also know who all can enjoy the fruits of performing Kegels. They are: a) Women who are currently pregnant b) Women post pregnancy c) women who are suffering from urinary incontinence d) women who wish to prevent prolapsed uterus d) women who are into heavy lifting work e) Even those women who are completely healthy but not pregnant as well. Here term Urinary incontinence means the involuntary leakage of urination. And prolapsed uterus happens to be for the women who have naturally given birth to children that means through the way of vagina, without any surgery. In such condition the uterus slips from its original place at times or the pelvic muscles have weakened a lot.

With the help of the Kegel exercises, one can strengthen the pelvic floor muscles which are meant to control the flow of urine and holding the pelvic organs in their proper position and place. There are three major reasons as to why Kegel exercises are advised by any doctor or health care supplier. Those are:

1) When there is involuntary urination while any such activities like: laughing, coughing, sneezing, heavy lifting or jogging. If Kegels are done properly and regularly, one can get over these embarrassing situations.

2) Your urge of urination is so firm that you can’t even make up rushing to the toilet and things are out of your control. Kegel Exercises work effectively to overcome such a problem.

3) During the normal delivery, pelvic floor muscles face a lot of pressure and so are weaken and stretched a lot, which further results into urine controlling issue or sagging of any pelvic organs as well. In case, if the uterus is sagged, this is termed as Uterine Pro-lapse in the medical science. Now such problems of women can only be solved by doing Kegel exercises. A pregnant woman can also do these exercises to get rid of any such health problems or even after pregnancy, it can be done.

  • How to manage, if exercise is causing you difficulty?

Well, there is nothing that you learn at once and above all when we talk about Kegel exercise, of course it is not so easy to do. In case, if you facing any sort of difficulty while doing the exercise, never hesitate to ask for assistance because if you continue doing it incorrectly, this will give birth to other health issues inspite of curing the one we wish. You can share the difficulty that you are facing with your health care provider or even the doctor. In return, they will be able to guide you on the correct process, give you any feedback if required and will also lend a perfect solution to your problem for sure. Moreover, there are always some exceptions you know, so in such a case biofeedback training session will be the best help. You can call it a live session where your doctor or health care supplier put in a tin probe into your rectum or vagina. There is monitor which will assess and exhibit your pelvic muscle floor activity as the contraction and relaxation of these muscles take place. Hence, your difficulty will actually be solved with a proper solution.

  • When can the outcome of Kegel exercises be anticipated?

If you are performing Kegel exercises on a daily basis and that too with the perfection, you will see the outcome very soon within some months itself like: very least frequent urine outflow even at the time of coughing, sneezing laughing aloud and along with many other benefits too. All the problems mentioned above will definitely attain a cure with the help of Kegels. Some will find the cure early and some a little later as per the depth of the health problem. It sounds really good, isn’t it? So, in order to derive more and more benefits from these Kegel exercises, they should be made a part and parcel of your everyday life. After all, exercises do no harm to your body rather benefit it a lot in one or the other way, if performed correctly. Wish you All the Best!!

Would love to hear your thoughts and experience about Kegal exercises.

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Your face speaks of your soul! It is the first and foremost way to express your heart out. The way we look before others, it actually shows how much time we devote for the care and healthiness of our skin. With the growing age, the skin also ages and its signs are clearly visible. The skin around your chubby cheeks becomes less stiff and droopy thereby highlighting the undesirable facial lines. If not taken care of, this loosening of the skin later results into wrinkles. Sounds scary, isn’t it? But the worst part is that these signs are not quickly seeable till they begin to give their own impression on the face. Though make up, plastic surgery, injecting Botox, acquiring a face life and other skin treatments work for sometime but does not help much. Such options only cover up the upper layers of the skin and make you look nice but do nothing good to the surface below the skin which is originally the reason of wrinkles and sagging. So, why not to prefer such an option which works well for both, the upper and the inner layer of the skin and maintain the real look of your skin.



For this, there has been a fresh approach introduced which is termed as Facial Yoga. Facial Yoga also called Face Yoga comprises of those exercises that are exclusively performed for the healthiness of the face and its skin. They enable you to look younger for a long time and do not let your skin loosen up with aging. Our face has total of 50 muscles and to relax them and keep them healthy, facial yoga is one of the best ways of all. Right from giving a youthful skin to make us stress free, these exercises will work wonderfully and create an unseen magic. To add on, with the help of facial yoga, you will be able to have a slim and stiffed face precluding the wrinkles to no more become a part of your facial expressions. Such facial yoga works like a two in one formula, meaning thereby you will not only have an adorable face but also a slim and healthy body as this yoga comprises of facial and other fat burning exercises for the overall body too.


Apart from all these amazing benefits, Facial yoga bestows you with other miracles too. It ends up your need of going through dangerous and costly treatments like plastic surgeries as well. No peculiar machinery is required to perform yoga, only your fingers and naturally bestowed organs will work well. The most convenient part is that you can do any of the facial yoga anywhere you want. No specific place is required. By doing these exercises, you will completely freshen up, attain mental relaxation and peace and even increase the metabolism rate in your body. Moreover, if you perform these facial exercises regularly and also manage your eating time table as per the balanced dietary chart, you can even enjoy your weight decreasing constantly. Haven’t this been your dream since long? Of course, this all sounds nothing less than experiencing a magic… a healthy magic!


Are you fed up of searching the right skin cream for you? Does that cream is doing no good to you? What are you waiting for!! Give a natural boost up to your skin and face. The above given exercises will give you the most waited results. If you are the one who practices yoga for face on daily basis, there are various changes that you can expect very soon. Such facial yoga helps to have a wrinkle free skin with no face lining and no chubbiness. In fact it helps you to achieve a youthful look they you have lost somewhere along with a stiffened and toned skin with a slim looking face. You need not to wait to perform these exercises only when you are facing any such problems rather you should do all of these exercises from your young age itself just like you go on morning walk since beginning. There is no harm in performing these exercises for face at any age. You can begin whenever you wish to and continue them always for appealing facial features and gracious look. The best part is that their advantages are not only confined to your face but your overall body will enjoy its positive effect. These will also help you a lot in getting rid of double-chin, spots, acne, harsh skin, dark complexion and dull face thereby enhancing the shape of the face and getting rid of unnecessary facial lines as well. Increase in blood circulation of the body and preventing sagging are also its additional advantages.


Experiences help a lot to make things and situations better in your life. From small to big, everything holds a past experience as its base. So, if you want to make the best out of this facial yoga, there are few ideas to heighten the result of it. After all, you have all the rights to enhance your facial features and this can be done by performing some facial yoga on regular basis. So, let’s begin our health filled journey.


1) The very first idea speaks about the concentration. You really need to be attentive while performing any of these faces exercises. Be clear of the area of the face where you want to see the actual results because at times it happens that you mistaken of doing a right exercise on the wrong area and so the desired result of facial yoga cannot be achieved. In such a case, you are urged to perform any of the facial exercise before a mirror so that there is no chance of any confusion and you can get the result of your efforts.

face-yoga-meditation 2) Another experience that counts is; facial yoga and body workout exercises should not be done immediately or at the same time. It is advisable to sit and relax for few minutes and then proceed to the other. The reason is that, the workout exercises consume a lot of your energy and force and if facial exercises are also performed at the same time, they will not produce the desired result. Instead, go for facial yoga once your workout yoga is done and do not forget to inhale (take deep breaths) while performing any of the face yoga.

yoga-face-workout 3) For this exercise, you need to posture yourself in a relaxing seated manner and take in deep breaths. Now form a fist with the help of your palms and close your eyes with extreme tightness which will automatically lead in stretching of the facial muscles and the task of this facial exercise will be over. You can give an imagination as to wonderfully this exercise will work in enhancing your facial beauty.

face-yoga 4) One more exercise that can assist you in decreasing the chubbiness of your face is by pressing your lips unitedly which will automatically close your mouth too, as required in this exercise. Now to fill the space beneath your upper lip, blow ample air and in the same pose count from one to ten. Then shift this entire air to your right cheek and do the same counting and same goes for the left one too. Replicate this facial exercise for 10 to 15 times leastwise.

Face-Yoga-Exercises-1 5) While you are the new performer of the facial yoga, it is recommended to go with the easy ones foremost, like those of face-lift exercises. Do not mix the workout yoga and facial yoga together at the very beginning. Once you are comfortable performing the facial yoga easily and have started relishing its magical impact, you can gradually move forward with few easy workout exercises. Remember, it’s a quite later part so do not hurry up. But yes, no doubt, when both of these exercises and yoga are performed together in an arranged series, they are sure to create an unexpected magic. To add on, maintain the process of deep breathing properly while doing any facial yoga. It is one of the best ideas to heighten the results of facial yoga speedily. So, take deep breath and enjoy a young look always.

6) This facial yoga is simple but awesome. If you are trying to reduce the rolypoliness of your face, inspire as much air as you can, till your mouth is fully filled with it. Then just like you do at the time of mouthwash to clean your mouth, you need to perform this exercise too. Displace the air from one cheek to the other in your mouth. Doing this face yoga regularly will help you a lot to make your face look slim, which has been your desire since long.

7) Now comes the second one, which is to cut down the problem of double chin and tone the chin muscles too. Before you perform this face exercise you should know that it is obvious to face a little pain in jaws while doing this yoga. Now, get your lower lip over the above one and effort to get them close to the nose as much as it is possible for you. Once you are able to do so, stay in the same position for about 15 seconds and then return to the normal position. You are advised to replicate this facial yoga, at least ten times a day for speedy results.

Face-Yoga-Exercises-2 8) This facial yoga has a name and it is sunken cheeks exercise. As the name speaks, it is performed for the face portion. You need to draw in your cheeks in such a way that you can analyze the muscular skin of the both the cheeks at one points. The perfect example could be: to drink anything with the help of the straw. This is itself a form of the exercise. Now you need to stay in the same posture for about 15 seconds and just like the previous one, you need to repeat this facial yoga at least ten times a day.

Face-Yoga-Exercises-3 9) Do you wish to decrease the pudginess of your cheeks and buoy up your jaws? Here is an exercise for you which will help you with the same. With an open mouth inhale the maximum amount of air you can and during this, also pull your cheeks with great force. Then slowly and gradually expel the air of your mouth.

Face-Yoga-Exercises4 10) Wrinkles are a great cause of disappointment on your face. So, why not to get rid of it and boost your lost confidence back? All you need to do is to broadly open your eyes and elevate your eye-brows upwards and choose any point to stare at to maintain your concentration. Now stay in this posture for few seconds and recur this exercise for about five times a day.

Face-Yoga-Exercises5 11) With an aim to stiffen your cheek muscles, you need to do regular exercise for them as well. This one is extremely simple and can be performed while doing other household works too. You just need to smile as broad as you can and hold this pose for some seconds. It is advisory to restate the same for at least 15 to 20 times for desired results.

Face-Yoga-Exercises-6 12) It could be any place on your face where the wrinkles can make their home. So if you have been fed up of the wrinkles close to your eyes and few lines that have been formed nearby it then we have an amazing exercise for you which will stiffen and tone them very well. Smile again… but how? Place your index finger on the out nook of your eyes and life them in the upward direction in such a way that your cheeks are also automatically pulled like you are smiling wide. Remain in the same posture for some seconds and then release. You will get a wrinkle free face which will gift your youth back.

Face-Yoga-Exercises7 13) To tighten up the muscles of your lovely face which has now lost it, you have to perform this exercise on the daily basis for about 8 to 10 times a day. Place your thumbs on the sides of your mouth and the index fingers on both the sides of your eyes and give a pull to your skin with the help of your fingers. Stay the same for few seconds, then relax yourself and replete the same. This will definitely stretch your face muscles very well.

Face-Yoga-Exercises8 14) For a steady jaw line and strengthened cheeks, go for this exercise every day. Elevate your face in the upwards direction and looking at the ceiling is the best way to do so. Then exhale the air out of the mouth and that’s it. Do repeat this for some seconds and notice the result gradually.

Face-Yoga-Exercises13 15) Here comes an exercise named Fish Face exercise which is very easy to perform. Just like the name, the exercise is performed. Take in your cheeks with the help of your lips and you will see you have a fish like face. Now smile broad as much as you can. Make the repetition of this facial yoga for about ten to fifteen times in one day.

Face-Yoga-Exercises12 16) Strengthening of the face muscles will definitely return back your entire glow and grace. Now the question is how to do that? Open your mouth very broad as best as you can and stay in the same posture for the maximum time you can easily do. In case, if you start feeling pain due to excess stretching, come to the relaxing position instantly. Then give a try again.Face-Yoga-Exercises14 17) For next facial yoga, follow these steps: You need your palms and eyes to be kept open broadly and then breathe out through your mouth and also stick the tongue out. It is as simple as mentioned. Make the repetition of this exercise for only three to four times in a day.

Face-Yoga-Exercises10 18) The last one… but this one is the dose for one in all because it will boost up all your facial muscles at once. Place your middle and index fingers on both of your cheekbones and stretch the skin upwards to your eyes. Then open your mouth in such a way that it figures out to be an oval shape. Hold on to the same position for few second and then sigh relax. Once relaxed, give it again another try.Face-Yoga-Exercises15

Above given were some of the exclusive exercises for face, but there are many other activities apart from them which also work equal to these. Chewing is such an exercise in itself that it stiffens your cheek and jaw muscles very well. Loosening of the skin is also reduced to a good extent. So, chewing gum is the best option to perform this exercise. In addition, they help you to prevent bad breath also. There are varieties of chewing gums available in the market so you can choose the one as per your wish. For the ones who are diabetic and are advised not to intake sweet things, there are various sugar free chewing gums available in the departmental or medical stores. So, exercise while enjoying, is not at all a bad idea, isn’t it? All you need to do is to incorporate the facial yoga in your routine life and then enjoy its fruits for the whole life.

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Good Health is the best gift from The Almighty and to value it is in completely our hands! It is such a treasure that if it is sincerely cared, it will bless us with many more happiness in our life and if not, it will not make our life nothing less than a hell to live.

Bad Breath… This is one of the most common problems faced by many in today’s time. Youth and old both are in this list. About twenty five to thirty percent people are surveyed, suffering from this dental health problem. Medically, bad breath is termed as halitosis and it has become very hard to deal with. How embarrassing it could be for you… this can be imagined! The primary cause of bad breath is poor dental habits which many further lead into uncountable health issues. There are many other reasons of having bad breath including dental habits like: consumption of tobacco, cigarette, dry mouth, respiratory tract infection, gums infection, onion and garlic eatables in diet, sinus infection, indigestion, bad oral hygiene and many others too. So, it is really important to consider each and every cause and find a solution to it. It becomes mandatory for every person to maintain oral hygiene because it decreases the bad breath to a great level and many a times even get rid of it completely. So, any unhealthy eating habits can result into the dental health problem. Here you will come across various other ways that will be highly helpful in curing this disease of bad breath.


How does eating impact the breath?

You will find that whatever we eat, the particles are still left in our teeth and mouth. Once the digestion of the food takes place, it is then engrossed into the bloodstream which is further channeled into the lungs and then immediately emitted in your breath. This means if you consume the foods like onion and garlic which are high in aroma will instantly impact the smell of your breath resulting into an unpleasing one. Even if you try to get rid of it by eating some mouth freshener or through brushing, the aroma will only lighten down temporarily and later will again come up to its real effect till the time that food is completely out of your body.

If you do not follow the advice of brushing and flossing teeth regularly, the food remains will be still in your mouth which will foster the emergence of bacteria in your gums and on your tongue. These bacteria are so dangerous that they not only fill your breath with bad odor but also stain your teeth. All this initiates in irritation of gums and reduction in the natural ability which defines the taste of food.

Dental Health Issues related to Bad Breath

If we list the health problems that are closely associated with bad breath, this list will be too long. Dental cavities and yeast contagion is one of them. Regular bad breath is the symbol of a warning against the gum disease which is induced due to the bacterial plaque on the teeth. These bacteria form the toxins resulting into irritating gums issue. If the treatment is not done on time, you are sure to harm your jawbone and whole of gums.

The other dental problem is Xerostomia, which is generally known as dry mouth and this is caused due to the impact of many medicament, regular breathing through mouth inspite of nose or salivary gland health issues. It is saliva which dampens the mouth, eliminate the dead cells collected on gums and tongue and also mitigate the acids raised by plaque. When it happens to form less saliva or not at all, the problem of bad breath captures us.

Whom should we approach?

If the smell is not due to natural origin in fact there seems to be any other reason behind it then only a specialist will cure you. Though there are many dentists, but the ‘Periodontist’ who is highly specialized in treating the diseases of the gums and other structure surrounding the teeth, will serve you in the best way against your dental problem of bad breath.

Advice to help you to kick off Bad Breath

  • In order to save mouth from drying and causing bad odor, you are advised to drink enough water. This will keep your mouth dampen without making it dry.
  • It is strictly advisable to brush your teeth at least twice a day in order to throw away any food junks. In fact gargle up your mouth thoroughly after every meal is a superb idea. Brushing should be done in the right way where in up and down, left and right, middle and every corner of the teeth should be properly brushed. This helps to prevent teeth from being rotten and result into bad breath.
  • The tongue needs equal attention as teeth do, so clean your tongue too, while your brush twice. You can do this with your toothbrush.
  • Within a period of every two to three month, don’t forget to change your old toothbrush with a new one.
  • Do not smoke or eat any sort of tobacco products. If you are finding difficult to quit your habit then your specialist can prove to be a great help too.
  • If you notice the bad breath is repeating while consuming some peculiar eatables or even medicines, do make a note of them and consult with your dental specialist. At times, medicines have such drugs that cause bad odor.
  • Just like you go for a regular body check up start doing the same in terms of your dental health too. Visit your dentist at least twice in a year in order to prevent yourself from any upcoming dental health issues.
  • If you are the one who wear denture, make sure you don’t wear them in the night time. In fact clean them properly and let them be out in a clean area till the new morning.
  • Stress has never been good by any means and so is in the case of causing bad breath too. It has been noticed that due to stress or depression, there are more chances of dry mouth so avoid taking stress at any cost if you want to save yourself from health issues like bad breath and many other too.

Mark these points on board to help yourself as best as you can because ‘Small precautions save us from huge disease’.


Home Remedies for Bad Breath

It is very important to know the reason of bad breath so that proper treatment can be done. Here are some of the natural home remedies that will help you to keep your breath refreshing and free from bad odor as much as possible. So, at least give a try:

  1. Salt Water

Every night, once you are done with your dinner, gargle up your mouth and throat with salt water. Make this a regular practice and see how wonderfully it works for bad breath.

  1. Cloves

In order to refresh your breath, chew two cloves after meals. Cloves are bestowed with anti-bacterial properties which not only reduce the bacteria emergence but also do not allow bad breath to enter in. You can even make clove tea by boiling one teaspoon of cloves in one cup of water for ten to twelve minutes and then drink once cooled. It is advisable to drink two times in a day for best results.

  1. Guava Leaves

You can use this as mouthwash: For a period of ten minutes, boil the guava leaves. The moment it cools, filtrate it and then gargle your mouth with the same. You can even chew the new guava leaves to abolish bad breath.

  1. Parsley

Parsley is highly rich in chlorophyll that nullifies bad odor and helps in quick digestion. Either you can chew this herb naturally or can pour it in a vinegar and then drink. The second option is to pull out the juice of parsley with the help of mixer and drink it as a mouth freshener.

  1. Fennel Seeds

Fennel is rich in anti-microbial elements and also assists in controlling bad breath. It serves as a superb mouth freshener and even accelerates the supply of saliva in the mouth. You can either chew a small tablespoon of fennel seeds or prepare fennel tea by adding fennel seeds in a cup of boiling water for about 8/10 minutes and drink few times a day.

  1. Fenugreek Seeds

Fenugreek seeds also work wonder in abolishing bad breath because of its pleasing aroma. All you need to do is to take a cup of water and boil one teaspoon of fenugreek seeds. Filter it once cooled and then drink this fenugreek tea regularly.

  1. Lemon Juice

This is a remedy that has been used since ages for curing bad breath. Lemon is well known for its acidic property and pleasing smell and thus it eliminates the growth of bacteria in the mouth thereby kicking off the bad odor too. The process that will help you to get rid of dry mouth causing bad smell is: Mix one cup of water, little salt and one tablespoon of lemon juice together and then mouth wash through it. Do it at least, twice a day.

  1. Cinnamon

Cinnamon is naturally blessed with a rich essential oil within it which quickly decreases the growth of bacteria in the mouth and kick off the bad breath. All you need to do is: Take one teaspoon of cinnamon powder and boil it in a cup of water. Filtrate the solution and when cooled, use it as a fantastic mouth freshener.

  1. Baking Soda

Baking Soda also termed as Bicarbonate Soda, is also one of the nature’s gift to cure bad breath. It not only battle against oral bacteria but also equilibrates the acid level of the mouth which are the causes of bad aroma. One option is to simply brush your teeth with baking soda. Second one is to take one glass of lukewarm water and mingle one and a half teaspoon of baking soda in it and once in a day gargle with it for sure.

  1. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar is popularly known for its pH balancing effects and thus it becomes a superb medicated solution for saying good bye to bad breath dental issue. Depending upon your choice you can try either of these: Take a cup of normal water and mix apple cider vinegar to it. Rinse your mouth with it once in a day. Secondly, Mix one tablespoon of raw apple cider vinegar to one glass of water. Now drink this solution before your mealtime. Bad odor will be removed and good digestion you will enjoy.

Well, all these are the nature’s blessings to get rid of bad breath. You can try any of them and enjoy their taste too. Such home remedies do away with bad breath to a huge extent but if you are not getting a great help from these then kindly visit the specialist so that the original cause can be known and treated on time before things get worse. Remember the proverb… Precaution is always better than cure! So, if you take care of your body from the very first day, you will need not to face any such issues. Such problems occur when we ignore these health issues thinking that they don’t need much attention and will go right with time. But things do not go according to us always. Hence take best care to enjoy every bit of it.

Image Source : 1 & 2


Are you scared of looking yourself in the mirror? Are the aging effects running much faster than your age over your face? Then what are you waiting for!! Begin with the easy and quick exercises that can work in an amazing manner. It has been noticed that most of us do not want to go for home remedies, instead prefer cures like face packs, creams and medicines which at times do not work so well and all you get is disappointment. But not to worry when we are the lucky ones to be bestowed with the charming wonders of nature. Hence, utilize them as best as you can. Moreover, there are no side effects of them at all. When we say, Yoga is one of the best ways to cure aging it means there is no doubt at all. Since uncountable number of years Yoga has been doing miracles in terms of curing one’s ill health, maintaining good health, enhancing overall personality, bringing beauty etc. So, why not to make the use of this best gift of nature!! Begin your morning with these anti aging facial exercises and other yoga aasans if you are fed up of the aging effects or any sort of health issues and notice the positive impact of these.

It is the dream of everyone to look smart, beautiful and cool. Without giving a second thought, we do whatever we are advised to, in order to attain a slim waistline, models like look and an overall perfect personality. We prefer going to gym, maintain diet and what not to get that look which has always been your first love but we result in ignoring the fact that it is the face that is first and foremost noticed. So, does it sound worth of having a perfect figure with a wrinkled face? Undoubtedly, not! Go through this detailed description given on the anti aging facial exercises which will not only maintain your complete look but also give you a wrinkle free skin forever. The most appropriate time to perform these anti aging facial exercises is the morning time because this is the time when your body is fully relaxed physically and mentally. These will not only enhance your personality and look but will also help you to overcome aging. You will notice your body is filled with immense energy and gives you a fresh feeling altogether.


Though earlier there were many doctors who opposed to the fact that these facial exercises are of any benefit in terms of removing aging effect. But slowly and gradually when these anti aging facial exercises started showing the results, they also took their words back and supported this fact happily. Logically, these facial exercises are successful in their job because our facial muscles are directly connected to our skin and so the oxygenated blood that is produced while doing these facial exercises enters and flows in the tissues of the skin properly thereby making your skin look young and vibrant as before. Here we are marking the words of Madam Rowland who laid down these wondrous anti aging facial exercises who said “To maintain the lift, you need to devote yourself to the program’. The word program refers to this complete phenomenon of anti aging facial exercises.

Whatever we do definitely has logic and it is important for us to understand the same to justify your mind with the fact that you are doing it for a reason. The logic behind the facial exercises is as simple as, when the compression and relaxation of the muscles can give the shape and tome to your entire body which you generally acquire by going to gym, cycling or doing yoga then why cannot the facial exercises can tone up the facial muscles and make it wrinkle and aging free! Exercising in the right manner for the right body part will work similarly in the case of entire body. Do not expect the results in a day or two give ample time exercising for your face as well and then anticipate for the desired results. At least give your bit to attain a bit.



  1. Chewing the gum:

Chewing the gums is said to be one of the most efficacious exercises for anti-aging. Does not sound tough at all, right?? In fact, this exercise is something that you can do anytime and accompany any other work as well with it. You need not to spare particular minutes for this. Now the question arises, how does it helps and the answer is while chewing the gum there are movements in your cheeks and jaws in such a peculiar way which is best to get rid of aging impacts. In addition, this work out also enhances our overall facial expressions. As a piece of advice, do not perform this in excess as overdose of anything is always harmful. Also do it sincerely and slowly by implying the right amount of pressure on the cheeks. All you need to do is to make sure that you perform this exercise regularly so that the best results can be achieved as quickly as possible.

  1. Tighten up your eyebrows:

The second exercise that stands second on the list of anti aging facial exercise is, tightening your eyebrows. The area of eyebrow is also one such place where the effects of aging are very much visible. With the increasing age, you will notice that the eyebrows loosen their steadiness and appear less in comparison to before. All this is the effect of aging but there is a solution to every problem and so does this. With the help of the tip of your fingers, hold the eyebrows from the right side and apply some pressure on them. Then raise them upwards thereby keeping the eyes broadly opened. Perform the same for both the eyes for about five times each for the desired results and see the magic. Also remember, while doing any exercise one’s mind and body needs to very relaxed else if your mind is somewhere else you won’t get the desired output of any of your efforts.

  1. Give a surprising reaction!

Now, this sounds the simplest of all… one of the most frequent reactions that we perform in our daily lives. You just need to give a super surprising reaction and that will be your anti aging facial exercise. The right way to perform this exercise is; broaden your eyes with eyebrows lifted upwards, open your mouth as you do when you are actually surprised, amplify your cheeks and widen your forehead too. This makes a perfect surprising reaction face. You are sure to get aging free forehead. The best part of this anti aging facial exercise is that there is no limitation as to how many times you can do this exercise. Repeat as many as times it is easy for you to do. So, learn to be happily surprised even at small things and them watch how this effectively this work. Even if the situations do not demand the surprised reaction, you can still do so because it will be two in one for you. The action and reaction together!

  1. Reduce your Double Chin:

One of the most common aging problems faced by many especially the ones with heavy weight and min you, this is not at all easy to get rid of it. So, in order to figure up your chin and neck, this exercise is right one for you. Keep the position of your body and neck erect and then compress the lower lip over the upper one. Lift up the corners of the lips by smiling and then rub the rudimentary muscles smartly for four to five times by the help of your palms. Once you begin to realize the clue of strain on the below portion of your neck, stop immediately. Go for this exercise on daily basis to get rid of double chin as well as neck. Don’t give up without giving your hundred percent effort and come out of lazy zone to get the successful results.

  1. Facial yoga:

Since ages, yoga has been giving best results in terms of good health. One had always attained what one has wished by doing the necessary yoga regularly. Even the medicines have been failed to give results in the medical science at times, but yoga has always proved it’s worth cent percent. So, when the question is about performing anti aging facial exercise, facial yoga will do wonders. It imbibes of some simple steps to perform: Stand erect with mouth opened and then take a deep breath. Now, with the closed mouth hold this breath for the maximum time you can. Once you are ready to relieve the breath, do it through your nose and this is all. For eradicating the aging effects, perform this facial yoga for about five to ten times and that too twice in a day. Such facial exercises can be practiced anytime of a day if your morning is fully occupied in house-hold works. You can practice these while listening to music, watching your favorite daily soap, talking to your children etc.

  1. The cheeky way:

This is a must anti aging facial exercise which needs a proper work out on your cheeks. Like the previous facial exercise, first of all, stand erect with the broadest of all the smiles and lips sealed. The corners of the mouth should be turned up matching the direction of the ears. After this, crinkle your nose in such a way that the muscles of the cheek are elongated upwards. Before you come to your normal position, remain in this position for some seconds. You are advised to make the repetition of this anti aging facial exercise for about tem times in a day. So, stop being lazy and turn active if you want to cherish your young look for longer time.

Scientifically, there are about ten groups of muscles in our complete face and scalp. Now these muscle groups are well connected to the bones of your skin in such a way that it enables you to give uncountable facial expressions every day. As and when we repeat the facial expressions which we unknowingly do, it results in forming lines and causing wrinkles with the passing age. Now this is when these anti aging facial exercises works superbly in toning and stiffening your muscles back to the shape which further overlays the skin to look young and tauten. These exercises enhance the overall blood circulation in your body and expel the stress and depression to restitute a vigorous look.

  1. Jaw line Exercise:

A muscle names ‘Platysma’ colligate your jaw line to that of your shoulders so the laxation of this particular muscles results to flagging skin on the neck and also double chin. For this, you will need to sit or stand erect and then incline your head backside in such a way that you are looking at the roof. Let your head stay still for few minutes and with the help of your tongue touch the top of your mouth for about 25-30 seconds. This will lead to the contraction of muscles which you will able to feel by the minor tickling painful sensation in your neck. As soon this happens, slowly bring down your chin to the neck portion. You are advised to do this exercise for about five times a day and tone up your chin and neck elegantly.

In addition to all these exercises in your daily life, do drink at least eight to ten glasses of water regularly. Water plays a very crucial role in maintaining your overall health and keeping the skin look young and shiny. You are sure to overcome aging as well with this nature’s gift.

Whatever is your aim, to achieve it; one must be sincerely dedicated and devoted and then there is no one who can stop you from achieving what you wish.


Belly fat, when the excessive fatness accumulates at the waist portion… sounds so scary, isn’t it? Are you the one who also tops in the list of ones with belly fat? If yes, you are not alone. With every passing day, changing lifestyle, eating habits and stressed life, the problem of increasing weight, belly fat, obese is also continuously increasing. It is a serious health issue which can lead you to something you have never imagined before. It is pretty sure that you want to get rid of this as soon as possible but before that it is very important for you to know what the causes of belly fat are. This will help you to at least learn some unknown truths and understand how you can save yourself from such a disastrous disease. The issue of belly fat not only precludes you from living a healthy life but auspicate troubles like high blood pressure, heart disease, insomnia etc. Here is the answer to your question which has moved your life upside down. Just remember the proverb… Prevention is better than cure and hence you need to follow them strictly so that you can relish the precious life without any sort of hindrance.


What makes it necessary to lose belly fat?

Apart from looking beautiful, there are other reasons too as to why it is important for one to lose belly fat. From the above given causes, it is quite clear that health and belly fat are closely related to each other. The increase in belly fat leads to increase in various health related issues. The fat accumulated at other places of the body is not that harmful as in comparison to the waist portion which is termed as belly. If we talk about the human body, it is naturally designed in such an amazing way that it stores additional fat and expels when needed, especially at the time of hunger but when our weight has increased, this system works completely opposite thereby impacting the whole metabolism process of the body. The fat cells automatically start ejecting fat molecules in our blood at speedy rate which is quite harmful. As a result of all this, a rapid increase of risk is seen in your health like; unnatural lipids, diabetes, high blood pressure, metabolic syndrome, insulin immunity and even few types of cancers. The major reasons that result in belly fat are given below:


  1. Excess Eating:

There is a well known proverb which suits the best here and that is… The excess of anything is harmful. When it comes to health, one needs to be extra conscious and careful. From a balanced diet to regular exercise, everything is essential. Well, it is good to be a food lover but if you do not manage your body systematically then your love towards the food can really be dangerous. This can lead to the constant increase of fats and calories in the body, further resulting in the gain of more and more weight and finally turning up to be the reason of belly fat. So, avoid eating immodestly. Basically, belly fat starts emerging immediately when you miss on the proper dietary chart and daily physical exercise. The only way to burn off the extra calories in our body is regular exercising, so if you want to eat what you love and also maintain yourself, then do not forget it. Make it a part of your everyday activity and enjoy your life.

  1. Changes in the hormones:

Though hormonal changes in the body results to various problems in one’s body but continuous increase in weight causing surplus belly fat is one of those along with menopause. Menopause is a natural process that everywoman undergoes. It results into the least production of sex hormones like estrogen and this fosters the increase in the abdominal fat which is generally termed as Belly fat. Another negative impact of Menopause can be seen in the form of fats storing in the body which used to excrete out earlier. This fat increase can be seen on your waist, hips, arms, legs and also the abdominal area. Such hormonal changes are obvious to occur and it cannot be prevented hence exercising in the form of yoga or morning and evening walk can definitely be a great help to you. So, do your part and leave the rest because by regular exercising at least you will stay healthy at heart.

  1. Tension or Strain:

Today, tension is one thing that every second woman is prone to or rather it should be said that this is something that almost every woman falls in love with. Tension is much more harmful than one’s imagination. Whatever the reason may be behind being stressful, the result is just the same and that is the increase in weight along with many other uncountable health issues. Very rare of us know this fact that strain can be a reason to gain weight but the question is how? The increase of tension in the mind results in excreting the quantity of the hormone named Cortisol generally known as hydrocortone or cortef. This hormone is liable to the additional development and gathering of fat in extremum quantity and that too in the abdominal area. So, tension will take you nowhere rather mislead your health hence be happy, stay chill and kick the stress off your life if you love to look wow.

  1. Ageing:


With the increasing age, the problem of belly fat also tends to increase. The difference is just that, few people struggle with excess weight issues right from the beginning where in other few start putting on weight in their thirties and then it gradually keeps increasing with the passing age. This goes for both, men and women. One need to understand that with the age changing phase one also needs to change food habits, exercising, sleeping time and many more. Eating late hours and then sleeping later than was fine when you were in your youth age but now when you can see side effects like belly fat impacting your health, everything needs to be done on time and systematically. So, ageing is also one of the main causes of belly fat.

  1. Sugar Consumption:

Are you taking lots of sugar in your daily diet? Yes… then this is also one of the reasons of having belly fat. Consuming eatables that are rich in sugar also enhances the production of insulin in your body which further accelerates your craving for more food increasing hunger and also the development of visceral belly fat too. Please keep a safe distance from sugared soft drinks, desserts or candies. To add on, apart from belly fat all this will also boost your overall sugar level and gift you the disease named Diabetes. So, one precaution can save from many upcoming problems. The choice is all yours.

  1. Consuming surplus salt:

Like sugar… consumption of excess salt in your diet also results in belly fat. Though salt plays an important role in maintaining overall development of the body but surplus of this can lead to several health issues. The redundant usage of salt happens to shift water into the skin from your bloodstream. So, sincerely ignore adding surplus salt to your body by saying no to the canned foods, cottage cheese, various dairy products, over salads etc. You will be shocked to know that as per the scientific research, there are about 90 percent of people who consumes more salt than the one advised for the body. At least you don’t be the one and let’s start from you today!

  1. Performing incorrect workout:

Do as you are advised to! If you perform an exercise that is not meant for reducing calories or burning fat rather it is for something else, you will end up getting zero results when the examination is about deceasing belly fat. In fact, at times few exercises work adverse. For example: the exercise suggested for heart would never work for belly fat. Prefer doing muscle work out because muscles have the capability to exhaust additional calories in comparison to fat.

  1. Inactive lifestyle:

Now this is the main cause of health issue like belly fat… Inactive lifestyle, which means where the person is not at all an active worker, he performs very less or nothing at all, when it comes to physical exercise which needs lots of efforts and energy. Few examples could be like: sitting on the chair and then working, too much computer addicted work etc. Even if you have any such job profile, it becomes very important to involve yourself in the work where physical effort is required. All in all, go for an active lifestyle which will definitely help you in burning extra calories and fats.

  1. Scarcity of Magnesium:

Magnesium is an important element of the body that maintains the complete metabolism. As per the scientific report, our body urges for magnesium surplus than about three hundred chemical reactions. This nutrient also efficiently manages the stable heart beat and maintains appropriate blood sugar levels which in further helps to maintain the overall development of body by maintaining the weight and shape of the body. If there is scarcity of this nutrient in the body, it will adversely impact the body weight and shape both and result in becoming the cause of belly fat.

  1. Very less sleep:

Scientifically, eight to nine hours sleep is considered to be mandatory for maintaining a healthy body. If a body does not get the required, it makes you irritated thereby increasing the level of stress hormone named Cortisol and also boosts your urge for sugar foods. This in all, results to the cause of belly fat. So to keep everything under control or in a balanced form, make sure you take ample sleep so that your body gets the sufficient rest and the internal system does not act weird.

Include following in your dietary chart to get rid of belly fat:


  • Sleep on time and take ample sleep of about eight to nine hours as recommended by the doctors. A sound sleep will give you a stress free life. Also you can add Holy Basil in your dietary chart because it is an adaptogen herb which not only taste nice but effectively cuts down the production of stress generating hormones.
  • As per the research, it has been proved that one with the belly fat should eat those food items that contain zinc in it so that it restrains the production of cortisol hormone. Non vegetarians can go for beef and seafood such as oysters and strict vegetarians can prefer spinach, pumpkin seeds, cashews, beans etc.
  • Consume more of such fruits that are highly rich in Vitamin C like lemonade drinks, kiwis, oranges etc. This also reduces the cortisol production immediately. Add spinach in your daily dietary chart as it is highly rich in magnesium and worls for the same cause.
  • Dark chocolate also work wonders in terms of stopping the output of cortisol in the body, so one who are crazy for dark chocolates gets the advantage here. Reduce the belly fat with something you love.

Eat healthy and stay healthy. So, the secret of reducing belly fat also lies within you because the more effort you do, the more fit you will be. Understanding each and every cause of belly fat, make a point not to add any of them into your life instead follow the above given dietary chart sincerely in your daily life and enjoy a fit and healthy body. Make a point to exercise daily like regular walks, doing specific belly fat reducing yoga; few sit ups etc which initiates muscular work out more and more. A healthy body also enjoys improved metabolism and gets the power to fight against other harmful diseases. You are sure to get a great help from all of these.