Debunking Winter Window Installation Myths

window replacement myths

There are various myths and misconceptions related to replacing the windows in the winter season. It is not too good to have these misconceptions in your mind, and not replacing the window may cause some other damage to the house, especially in winters. We want to make our readers get clear about the myths related to debunking the window installation in the winter season. 

These myths are cleared by the experts of the big window installation companies so that you can get the right information and be comfortable to start your window replacement at whatever season you require installation as well as repairs. 

Here are the myths and facts related to window installation:

window replacement

Myth 1: Window Replacement Is Not Possible In Winters

Fact: It is a belief among the homeowners that window installation and replacement is not possible in the winter season due to the heavy cold and freezing temperature. This belief can be said logical as replacement or installation opens your home in winter to such elements.

However, the window replacement specialist says that they know how window replacement is correctly done in winters, and they take all the required precautions so that there are damages to your house and installation can be done safely. 

Myth 2: Window Installation or Replacement Can Damages The Structure Of Home

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Fact: Homeowners also worry that if they do window replacement or installation, it causes damage to the structure of their house. Homeowners mistakenly believe that the installation and replacement of windows include the tearing of the exterior side too.

So experts say that for installation or replacement, all the windows are customized, which means that it can be fixed for the existing size of your home’s window frame if you hire a window replacement services from a licensed and professional installer they know very well how to carefully remove the old window from the frame and fit the customized window to the frame without damaging the structure of your house.  

Myth 3: Professional Window Installer Is Not Needed For Window Replacement

Fact: This can lead to damage to your house structure, and even the replacement of windows without professional hands can be improper window installation. Thus, it is very critical to hire an experienced and skillful handyman for the installation or replacement of your home’s window.

You may have seen so many proven DIYs from online sources, read lots on websites for self window installation, but do yourself, in reality, may not be done right and cause damage to the window frame. Thus, it is better to hire a professional window installer. 

Myth 4: Newly Installed Window Do Not Require Any Maintenance Services

Fact: Some companies provide the fully assembled as well as ready for installation window. These windows come with pre-painted, faux-wood finishing, and no-fade patches on the frame and go with the home design too. Despite all these qualities, timely maintenance is required to keep windows well for a longer time. Remove dust, water drops, and dirt from the glass and frame frequently.