Different Types of Water Filters for Residential Use

shower head

The type of water filter that you use in your house should be determined on the basis of different criteria. The factors you should consider before choosing a water filter include water pressure, your budget, the material of the pipe, and the biochemical properties of the water. All these properties differ from household to household. 

This article aims to introduce you to the common types of water filters for residential use. It also includes discussing the pros and cons of each water purifier to help you find out the best one for your home. 

Water Filter Pitcher

It is one of the most common types of water filters popularly used among people. All thanks to the portability and low cost. 

A water filter pitch comprises two parts. The upper half is filled with activated carbon in which the water is treated. The filtered water gets collected in the lower half, and you can pour out water from here. 

These water filters have lower capacity due to which they are used for purifying tap water to cook and drink. you can drink filtered water from Waterdrop. 


  • Easy to use
  • Low cost
  • Portable


  • Slow
  • Confined Capacity

Showerhead Filter

You have to install this device to the showerhead, and it filters the water for your shower. Many filters come with a showerhead attached to them. There are various best shower head filter in the market to choose from. 

If the water in your area is loaded with fluoride and chlorine, a shower head filter is a perfect choice for you. These chemicals are known to cause irritation and dryness to people with sensitive skin. 


  • Easy to install
  • Inexpensive
  • Removes contaminants


  • Reduces the flow of water

Faucet Water Filter

You need to install this small device on your faucet. It is best to remove contaminants and provides you with purified and freshwater for washing and cooking.

The best part about faucet filters is that they are generally inexpensive, which makes them a popular choice for household uses. This is the best for enhancing the taste and smell of tap water in areas where the water is clean and safe. 


  • Inexpensive and small
  • Easy to install
  • Convenient as you do not have to fill water regularly


  • Might not work with faucet
  • Slows down the flow of water

Countertop Water Filter

Countertop water filters are a better choice to purify tap water as you will not have to fill and empty the water containers again and again. They are small and can get easily connected to the faucet. Various best countertop water filters are available in the market to choose from. 

Countertop water filters are small and easy to use. Sometimes a countertop water filter comes with a faucet. These filters are small. They acquire some space on countertops due to which these are less favored as compared to the others. 


  • Middle-ranged price
  • More filtration as compared to other faucet filters
  • Fast and easy to use


  • Acquires more counter space

Under Sink Water Filter

In this type of filtration system, the water filter is installed under the sink present in your kitchen. It helps in getting rid of pollutants and bacteria, which makes the water safe and healthy to use. 

Under the sink water filters are large, expensive, and less portable. The best part about them is that they can filter water faster than other types of water filters. 


  • Hidden under the sink and is not visible
  • Treats more water in a short span of time
  • Able to filter different types of contaminants 


  • Difficult to install
  • Expensive

Whole House Water Filter

These types of water filters are suitable for households in which there is no availability of water. They are installed at the water tank, get connected to the main pipe, and purify the water that is distributed to different areas in the house. 


  • Large system and highly effective to remove contaminants
  • Saves money on cleaning water
  • Filters water directly at the main pipe


  • Requires professional installation
  • Expensive

Final Words

It is essential to use the right type of water filter in your house. We have defined the different types of filters so that you end up buying the right one. Opt for a filter that enhances your water’s taste and smell and provides you with fresh and healthy water.