What is Drawing Bases?

drawing bases

Drawing bases is a very famous website in which users are free to post their drawings, whereas they can also act as critics and observe others’ work. The website is a combo of both beginners and professionals in the field of art. Moreover, people also share their drawing tutorials for beginners, and the paintings are also put for purchase. 

Unfortunately, the website is only partially free. But the benefits that it offers compensate for the price. If someone is willing to create their own authentic art, then ‘Drawing Bases’ is the right choice. This website is solely helpful for people who draw simple sketches. So, you should make certain attempts to make your sketch interesting, like adding a background to the scene. 

For beginners, drawing bases is helpful as it improves their skills and abilities. It offers easy and simple drawings that can help you learn distinct styles, strokes, and patterns. A good sketch base consists of several attributes like texture, colors, effects, and shapes. By following these guidelines, you can construct a beautiful and stylish sketch. To catch the viewer’s eyes, the user has to be a professional in his/her art. 

Start the Bases For Drawing

As we start drawing, the first line is the toughest one. As in everything, the first thing paves a base for all the other things. Similarly, the first line is the fundamental point for all the remaining lines. Any mistake in the beginning can jeopardize the whole sketch.  

Where a beginner might be aware of only one or two baselines but actually, several exist. 

For example- If you want to draw a hand, there are several ways, such as starting with the thumb and following the fingers. It is a bottom-to-top process. After finishing this foundation, start drawing the remaining body and its parts. Out of all the shapes, Sphere is the easiest one to draw. It is not hard to remember that heads are in spherical form. The Sphere is used to dictate the head; after the dictation is done, you can begin with the rest of the body. Therefore, you can draw the head in any shape or size according to your wish.

Drawing Bases Rules

For systematic learning in any field, rules and regulations are mandatory. Drawing Bases Rules make the sketches more specific, authentic, and compatible. Rules guide us in every type of drawing, be it a simple drawing or a high-profile sketch. With the help of these rules, one can draw any designs like cartoons, doodles, and detailing. The most flexible and easy-to-draw drawing is the figure. You must draw the rough model with outlines and then continue with the fine detailing. You can work with any shape and pose. Flat or column background can be used. 

The figure drawing base is considered to be very famous among the bases for drawing. To master the art of drawing art, practice is a must. You should practice drawing the figures in the sketchbook/drawing book. A variety of styles, patterns, and poses can be used during the sketch. 

Drawing Bases Tools

Drawing Bases Tools are used to insert shapes, illustrations, and ratios into the drawings. In this, we can import the images and even adjust their dimensions accordingly. It comes with a button, ‘Autosave,’ which saves our work automatically, saving our artwork from getting lost. This option is a lifesaver for people who are always in a hurry. 

The app consists of over 25000 distinct Sketch Bases of several artists. We can select any sketch and can add our touch to them before sharing it with others.

After signing up yourself, you can freely purchase the art you like and can gain feedback on your own designs. The app is sometimes free; you can draw sketches beautifully and quickly if used properly. 

Benefits of Drawing Bases

They lay a fundamental base for the drawing, which makes it easier for beginners. It includes various bases such as Curved Base, Grid Base, Viewfinder Base, etc.

It becomes easier if we use a base for a particular drawing. A good drawing base helps you make space for sketches in a sketchbook.


This article is all about a website, ‘Drawing Bases,’ which helps beginners to learn from professionals in the field of art. People can even sell their pieces of artwork on this site. There are various rules and tools used in drawing sketch bases. It was explained to start the drawing with easy steps. 

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