Effective Online Marketing Strategies


Marketing is a multifaceted discipline that has evolved over time. It is a set of methods, processes, and strategies that help to enhance the company’s bottom line. Marketing is nothing but the creative and strategic application of the promotion of a product or service to acquire new customers while competing with other companies in the same category. Marketing, therefore, covers a broad spectrum. The three main elements of marketing are research, analysis, and advertising.

What Is Marketing Research?

Research is the process by which organizations gather and evaluate data related to their target markets. It, therefore, incorporates surveys, consumer attitude research, market research, etc. It is critically important as it helps organizations understand their target markets and decide what their selling proposition is. For example, a company can decide to use tiktokstorm to boost social media marketing efforts, but without researc they wouldn’t be able to know the best platform to use in order to target their target market. The selling propositions can be based on research or experience and hence the process of market research is often called the methodology of marketing. Market research thus covers all three aspects of marketing.

The Importance Of Analysis

Analysis is the process by which organizations come to a better understanding of their marketing situation and what they should do to improve it. Analysis thus incorporates survey, consumer attitude research, market research, etc. The concept of marketing is nothing but a set of business strategies designed to help sell a particular product to consumers. A set of marketing strategies are integrated into a comprehensive marketing strategy and these strategies are known as the tactics of marketing.

The Next Element Of Marketing Is Marketing Myopia

Marketing myopia is when an organization tends to view the whole market as one marketplace rather than seeing it as several different markets. This approach, while aiming at promoting a particular product concept or promoting a brand, tends to exclude smaller players in the market and thereby ensures that the concept or brand is not spread across a wide geographical area. Marketers, therefore, tend to focus only on a small segment of the consumer’s base. They fail to realize that consumers are picky and do not easily accept the hype created by marketers regarding a particular concept. Thus, a marketer focusing only on a small segment of the consumers leads to failure of marketing and hence does not realize the importance of the concept.

Social Marketing Management And Influencer Marketing

Social marketing is based on the concept that selling is done by creating and developing a group of satisfied consumers. These consumers have a unique psychological makeup and thus, are better able to identify with the product than any other consumers.

Influencer marketing is also another emerging concept that helps marketers reach out to the masses. An influential marketer is someone aware of what consumers feel and think about a particular product and this makes them an authority on the subject. A marketer, therefore, hires the services of a professional influencer to promote his/her ideas. Influencer marketing helps marketers take their marketing research and use it as an integral part of their marketing activities. Influencer marketing thus helps marketers to become better educated about the psyche of consumers and hence understand their buying behavior better.

Other Marketing Concepts

Marketing concepts such as mass media marketing, pay per impression, and pay per play are also emerging as important marketing management concepts. Mass media marketing refers to the strategies used by marketers to get the message of a product or service to the masses quickly. Pay-per-impression marketing is a technique where the marketer pays for a visit to a website only if he/she buys a product. On the other hand, pay-per-play marketing focuses on the type of advertisement as well as the way it is presented to consumers.

Last but not the least, a marketing strategy known as relationship marketing is an extremely important concept. This marketing strategy involves the use of a particular keyword in a relationship between two parties. For example, a marketer may use ‘make money online in his ad to attract consumers to his site. However, when a visitor clicks on this ad, he should be given some useful content related to ‘make money online. The content should not just be related to this keyword but should be useful for the visitor.