Hayley Elsaesser Debuting New Clothing Line With Simons

Hayley Elsaesser Debuting New Clothing Line
Images by Che Rosales / LARAWAN

This post is based on the news that Hayley Elsaesser debuting new clothing line with the retailer Simon

Today, Hayley Elsaesser debuting exclusively new clothing line for Quebec-based retailer Simons for the very first time. Canadian Designer is recognize for its bold and irreverent prints like tacos, poodles, lightning bolts, etc.  Elsaesser usually designs apparels targeting people young at hearts and like to wear teenage clothing. Now Hayley Elsaessaer is debuting with mega-retailer Simons with an utterly new clothing line collection.

The collaboration is a part of Simon’s in-house collection of Twik, which is a clothing line for youngsters at affordable ranges. The assortment comprises of eight different types of threads in which dresses, tops and skirts are exclusively included.

Elsaesser prints are drawn from the inspirations based on Canadian old cowboy hat motifs, waves and mountains. Attires are completed with the touch of beautiful candy-coloured hues.

Hayley Elsaesser has also design cloths for her musical muse Miley Cyrus, Alessia Cara and Liz Trinnear, her perfect client.

In an interview, elaborating about the collection, Elsaesser stated that,” When I think of a place that really represents Canada as a physical landscape, I think of British Columbia. I was born in Vancouver, and I love the mix of the natural elements of the ocean and the mountains, juxtaposed against a beautiful city. I think this represents Canada so well and was a major starting point for the collection.”

Hayley distil the essence of her collection in three intriguing words: “Colourful Canadian Chaos.” Assortment is price between the ranges of $39-$69 and finished with knit, fleece, neoprene and denim fabrics.

This is not the first when both of them collaborating. Previously, Hayley has collaborated with different labels and work with the brands like Microsoft, Mike, My Little Pony and Barbie whereas Simons has his name attached with Catherine Lavoie, Marie Eve Lecavalier, TOMS, and many more.


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