Healing Stones- List Of Crystals And Health Benefits Of Healing Stones

Health stones of healing stones

Healing stones are claimed to have amazing healing abilities for the mind, soul, and body. Healing crystals promote the flow of positive vibes and get rid of negative mental and physical energy. Healing stones are being used since ancient times in Buddhism and Hinduism to cure depression and other problems. People find them really beautiful and colorful and love to collect them. When you go to select a healing stone for you, identify what issues you are dealing with yourself and pick a stone based on your intuition. Let us dive into the list of crystals and Health benefits of Healing stones.

List Of Crystals and Healing stones Health Benefits

  • Jasper-    Jasper is one of the healing stones which help in empowering your soul and supporting through the difficult times and stress. Jasper is the “Supreme Nurturer.” This crystal absorbs negative energy and promotes quick thinking, courage, and confidence. This Empowering stone helps in tackling the problems by making you stronger mentally.
  • Rose quartz- This healing stone is the crystal of “love.” This stone is a symbol of Love + Forgiveness + Self Esteem. This stone helps in protecting relationships by building Harmony, trust, and respect in every relationship. This stone is the best friend that you need at times of pain and grief to provide comfort and heal your heart. Rose Quartz helps in promoting self-love and boosting self-confidence.
  • Amethyst-  This crystal symbolizes Healing + Peace + Intuition. This crystal is very protective and can help in getting rid of mental negativity, keeps the mind calm, and promotes spiritual wisdom by helping in meditation. This crystal is also known to provide sobriety by curing hangovers and preventing Insomnia. Amethyst also cleanses the blood and boosts hormones. Follow these meditation tips for beginners.
  • Citrine-  Symbolizing Happiness + Vision + Abundance, this healing crystal is known for its Optimistic energy. This crystal brings warmth, creativity, joy, and enthusiasm. It enhances the imagination and concentration and boosts confidence. Citrine does not require cleansing, unlike other healing crystals.
  • Clear Quartz-  This healing crystal promotes Clarity + Cleansing + Healing. This is also known as the Master Healer. Quartz help in stimulating the brain, making you more active, increasing memory, and concentration. This healing stone enhances the healing power of other healing crystals and also helps in relaxing you both mentally and physically.
  • Iron Pyrite- Iron pyrite the crystal of Protection + Prosperity + Confidence, strengthens the Willpower and promotes positive thinking. It deters negative energy and activates intellect and will boost self-worth. 
  • Emerald- The symbol of growth, hope, renewal, and friendship, Emerald is a crystal of “love.” It helps in promoting mental focus, sensitivity, and loyalty. The stone helps in enhancing the friendship and aids the recovery process.
  • Celestine- Dreaming + Prosperity + Spirituality, this crystal is great for balancing and calming effects. People have claimed that it helps them in remembering their dreams. The crystal has an association with divinity, natural intuition. It also provides peace and clarity to the body. 
  • Desert Rose- This crystal is a symbol of Harmony + Energy + Motivation. This stone helps in meditation and providing mental vision. This is said to be used for accessing past and future lives. It helps in calming the mind and encourages Love and Harmony. Desert Rose will help you project more confidence.
  • Moonstone- This healing crystal is a symbol of “New Beginnings.” This stone helps in starting afresh without feeling stress and uneasiness to help you move forward with stability. This healing stone encourages positive thinking, inspiration, and intuition and brings good fortune and success. Black obsidian. Many people wonder what does black obsidian do, as unlike other crystals and stones it is not commonly used. In fact, it can not only protect your energy from negativity but also heal you from toxic emotions, such as resentment and anger. Moreover, Black obsidian helps in grounding and balancing your life.

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