Guidelines For Hiring the right Tow Truck after a car accident or breakdown

Hiring the right Tow Truck after a car accident or breakdown

What happens when you are driving to your office, and midway you are involved in a car accident? You don’t have many choices in this scenario, expect to figure out how to get your car towed and get going.

Usually, emergency cases where more than one vehicle is involved in an accident are handled by the Police department, Firetruck, etc. However, when only your car is involved in an accident like engine trouble, break down, slide-offs, etc. you need reliable towing services to support you in this stressful situation. Hiring the right Tow Truck after a car accident or breakdown is not that difficult. Check these guidelines mentioned below to get the most of your tow truck service.

Guidelines for hiring tow truck services

  • Check the Reputation of Towing Company – reputation is a crucial factor to consider which towing company services to get. You would want to hire a towing service you can completely trust. You never know when you might need the help. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to keep the I formation and contact of a reputed towing company on your phone. Ask for the companies pricing policy, and the type of services they offer and don’t forget to ask if they accept credit cards. Also, make sure to check the reviews of the company’s previous clients online. You can also ask for references. Once you have found a great tow truck company keep their number in your vehicle and phone for future emergencies.

Towing services

  • Don’t Trust a Towing Company that randomly shows up– scamming towing trucks are very common on highways. In case of emergency services coming to tow your car, you may not have much choice to decide who tows your vehicle, but when the engine fails or involved in slide-off, don’t trust any tow truck driver that shows up unannounced. Reputed towing company trucks always have the company’s logo, transportation ID number, or any new license number as required by the state law. This indicated that the company is officially insured to provide towing services. If anything goes wrong, you will be covered by an insured and registered towing company.
  • Click a picture of your vehicle- If you have a camera or phone with you capture some photos of the vehicle pre tow condition and before it reached the destination. This documentation and pictures can come handy if there are any unexpected and unexplained damages that occur to your vehicle.
  • Be wise when signing the Paperwork- You have to be very careful when signing the service company’s paperwork. Read the paperwork thoroughly and all the terms and conditions of the agreement. When you are about to sign, make sure to place the signature near or right below the agreed amount. This will restrict the chances of adding any additional amount later in the bill by the company without your knowledge.

Towing services

  • Don’t forget to take the receipt- after all the paperwork is completed, get your copy of the receipt or invoice and make sure to recheck the charges mentioned on the receipt.
  • Two can be covered by insurance companies- In some cases, your insurance policy may provide cover for towing expenses. Insurance companies have their own collaborations with towing business or a tow person for the job which dispatch the vehicle on your behalf. If you belong to AAA or any other third party assistance organizations, make sure to understand your coverage beforehand.

Benefits of hiring a good tow truck driver or towing company:-

  • Your vehicle will be taken care of by a good tow truck driverGood tow truck driver
  • A good tow truck driver has knowledge and experience to handle every vehicle
  • A good tow truck driver will have a sense of responsibility when handling the vehicle
  • A good tow truck driver will handle the cars carefully and adequately
  • A good tow truck driver will always high-quality tools and equipment
  • A good tow truck driver will provide timely and efficient services.
  • A good truck driver will always be fast in responding.