Hollywood Smile


Hollywood smile is one of the most common aesthetic procedures in the field of dentistry. The main concept behind it is to completely reconstruct the smile by using veneers and other dental prosthetics.

What is Hollywood Smile?

It is an aesthetic procedure that many people resort to in order to obtain the perfect smile. This procedure will fix chipping, stains, and correct any deformities in the shapes of the patient’s teeth. Patients may choose to have the procedure done on all teeth, or only the visible ones.  

Types of Hollywood Smile

  1. Veneers, Lumineers and Zirconium

Using veneers to create the perfect smile is one of the least invasive procedures. Veneers are very thin films of porcelain, between 0.5 mm to 2 mm, that dentist install on the front part of the teeth. In order to create a natural feeling the dentist will file the surface of the teeth before installing the veneers. Patients who receive this treatment are those who have healthy and complete sets of teeth.     

As far as lumineers they are basically a thinner type of veneers. Dentists also use lumineers to fix dental issues such as extreme teeth pigmentation, chipped teeth, poorly shaped and non-aligned teeth. Lumineers are 0.3 mm which means that the dentist would not need to file your teeth before installing them.

Ziroconium Veneers are made of titanium, this kind of veneers last for a very long time and have a natural appearance that is very similar to natural teeth. Many patients prefer this type of veneers because of its qualities.

  • Dental implants and Crowns

In some cases when the patient do not have a full set of teeth dentists will have to replace the missing teeth by using dental implants and/or crowns. If the patients does not have enough healthy teeth to install the crowns the dentist will resort to dental implants to fill the gaps.

It is important to note at this point that each smile is different and that is why it is important to have your individual smile designed only for you. At Dentakay clinics in Turkey for example, your dentist will design the perfect smile just for you. Check their website for more details https://dentakay.com/

The Advantages of Hollywood Smile

  1. The perfect natural smile.
  2. Straight teeth with no gaps.
  3. Long lasting and strong prosthetics.
  4. Increase self-confidence in patients.
  5.  When done properly it is also a treatment not just a cosmetic procedure.
  6. Time efficient, it depends on the procedure but it usually would not take more than a few visits to the clinic.

Some clinics who use the newest state of the art technologies like Dentakay, can now grant their patients the smile they deserve in only one day.

The Cost of Hollywood Smile

The cost of this procedure depends on the case. Patients should have a full mouth examination before going under the procedure. The examination includes x-rays and will affect the treatment plan directly. After the examination you dentist will provide you with the full treatment plan. 

Hollywood smile was once an exclusive treatment to movie starts, but thanks to technology everyone can get the smile they deserve.