Home Remedies For The Treatment Of Diarrhea In Children

home remedies for treatment of diarrhea

Looking for home remedies of diarrhea? There are varied causes of diarrhea and if your child is suffering from the issue, then here is a list of home remedies of diarrhea treatment. Diarrhea is actually characterized by water stools with or without abdominal bloating or cramps. The primary symptoms of diarrhea include liquid and water stools. Treatment of diarrhea depends on the causes of stools and general health of the patient.

Diarrhea… this word sounds so scary even with a thought of imagination. When it is about the upset tummy of children, the problem is much more than our imagination. Generally, the reason of diarrhea is infection, fall out of antibiotics and many others.  Actually, it is importaBut what is the medical reason to it?nt that our intestines have adequate water and this is acquired through the food taken by the body of a person. So when the intestine is not able to soak up the water from the food, diarrhea is caused. A person passes many liquid stools within a day which results to severe weakness. There are enough prescriptions available but they differ according to the condition of the patient as diarrhea can differ from normal condition to complicated one. Though there are various effective medicines available in the chemist store for its cure but they also carry equal side effects which are hazardous for the health. But home remedies work fabulously in case of various health issues and so is in the case of diarrhea as well. Do remember that at times severe diarrhea transforms in dehydration and if not treated and cured instantly, the later result might be disastrous.

Causes of Diarrhea: Here are various reasons of cause diarrhea in children and adults.

  1. a) Consuming allergic foods
  2. b) Intestine disarray
  3. c) Bacterial infection
  4. d) Viral Contagion
  5. e) Excess eating
  6. f) Indigestion
  7. g) Taint in the intestines
  8. h) Eating impure food or drinking unpurified water

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Here are some amazing home remedies that will provide a quick relief to your child troubled from diarrhea. Ones who have tried these have appreciated their use. So, there is no harm in trying these and the best part is that there are no fallouts of any of these. Check them out:

1. Fenugreek Seeds for Diarrhea Treatment:

Fenugreek Seeds work nothing less than a magic stick when your child is struggling with diarrhea. It is considered to be one of the best gifts of nature with amazing properties to cure diarrhea. For quick relief you just need to take one teaspoon of fenugreek seeds blended well in a small bowl of yogurt and eat it for about two or three times in a day. This is definitely an effective remedy to solidify your stools and relieve you from the irritation caused by Diarrhea. The stomach ache will also disappear soon if you follow this cure sincerely.

2. Ginger:

Ginger is blessed with an endowment to not only bestow you relief from the problem of diarrhea but also helps in digestion process of the stomach. It is one of the best for diarrhea treatment. Children and even adults can follow the same. Take a container of water and coil it along with one teaspoon of ginger juice. Drink it hot in every one hour interval for speedy recovery. But yes, do mark a point on board that all the ones who are the patient of hypertension should not try this treatment in any condition.

3. Apple Cider Vinegar:

Apple Cider Vinegar has been naturally conferred with endless antibacterial qualities and from those one of them is to battle the dangerous bacteria which contribute to the causes of Diarrhea. It also comprises of a chemical within itself, known as pectin, which serves as a protective covering and even comforts the intestinal cramps also. So, children can be undoubtedly given Apple cider vinegar in case of diarrhea. Enjoy the health benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar!

4. Bananas:

Bananas are superbly robust in potassium which assists in subbing electrolytes. Moreover, just like Apple cider vinegar, bananas also consist pectin and helps in curing diarrhea in children. The best part is children won’t run way from taking such a fruit which loved by all. It soaks up the additional liquid excreted from the intestines and hence it leads in diminution of fluid content during diarrhea.

  1. Mustard Water:

Mustard is also a boon of nature which possess of various remedial and anti inflammatory qualities. When it comes to treating the children suffering from the problematic diarrhea you need to follow these steps: Take a pan and heat one teaspoon of mustard in it. As soon as the mustard starts producing the crackling sound, immediately add one glass of water to it and let the water boil for few minutes. Now let this boiled water be cooled down and then filter it. Once this is done, the last step should be to add little honey to it and now can be given straight away to your child. For effective results, you are advised to give it twice or thrice a day.

6. Yogurt:

To palliate children from the trouble of diarrhea, yogurt can either be eaten directly or there are many dairy products that are rich in Yogurt, so even those can be consumed. On general basis, all the dairy products are not recommended for curing upset tummy but Yogurt is one of them which is specifically advised. The reason behind it is that Yogurt comprises of a gut-friendly bacteria which is known as ‘live-cultures’. This gut-friendly bacteria yields lactic acid which helps in eliminating the dangerous bacterial toxins and also outlines a safety layer around the intestine.

7. Chamomile:

In the first place, Chamomile is consumed in the form of tea but in addition to this, it has many other advantages that benefit the body in many ways. Chamomile is widely known for curing the tummy related problems and one of them is diarrhea. All you need to do is to add one glass of boiling water to one tablespoon of chamomile and your tea is prepared. This thing is a recognized anti-convulsive which is drummed with tannin thereby becoming a perfect cure for more venomous forms of diarrhea. Any sort of inflammation and stomach infections causing diarrhea in children can be cured by this herbal gift of nature. The correct procedure is: boil chamomile for ten minutes and let it cool for some time and then give to your child. Divide the whole in small portions and keep giving to your child in equal intervals throughout the day. It will lend instant solution to soothe the disturbed tummy.

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  1. Cinnamon:

As soon as cinnamon reaches to the tummy, it instantly starts working on killing the dangerous bacteria of the tummy which are the cause of diarrhea and other types of stomach infections. Hence it is highly effective for diarrhea treatment. Cinnamon is advised in many tasty food dishes as well so that it not only adds taste but helps in quick digestion as well. All you need to do is to take one cup of lukewarm water and mix one teaspoon of cinnamon powder to it. Now, give it twice a day to your kid who is suffering from diarrhea and see how its magic works.

9. Blueberries:

Blueberries are marked by richness and fullness in anthocyanosides which comprises of antioxidant and antibacterial qualities. There are two ways in which you can give to your child for diarrhea treatment: One is to chew the dried blueberries themselves and if this is not possible then the other way could be to make blueberry tea from these dried ones. You need to boil water in a pan and add dried blueberries to it and after five to ten minutes you can give away to your child. Like apple cider vinegar and bananas, blueberries are also rich in a solvent fibre known as pectin which is helpful in the same way as mentioned above.

10. Diarrhea treatment by Orange Peel Tea:

Orange has numerous health benefits and remedial features. It is highly robust in Vitamin C, fibre, minerals, roughage and other effective antioxidants and so is its peel. Stomach infections and the problem of diarrhea can be easily cured by the orange peel. You will need to pull out the peel of the orange properly and clean it before ripping up. Now boil these in water for about ten odd minutes and once it is cooled, add little honey for sweetness along with few drops of lemon to it. It turns out to be like an orange drink with a nice taste and hence it does not seem challenging to give it to the children. They happily drink it. It is advisable to give it to children about twice or thrice a day.

  1. Honey:

Honey is one of the best blessings of nature which works wonderfully when it comes diarrhea treatment in kids. It is always good to prefer the organic form of any eatable because it is excellent for overall health of a person. A teaspoon of honey is more than enough to cure. But if in case your child is taste specific then there is one innovative way which will make your task less challenging and that is to add little ginger juice or garlic juice to honey or even mixing honey in one glass of water with few drops of lemon to it will also taste nice. You can choose either whichever your child loves to take. To add on, this trick will not only help your child from diarrhea but also keep your tummy healthy and happy from any bacterial reaction.

  1. White Rice:

White rice are highly beneficial for diarrhea treatment. Starch obtained from boiling the white rice is also a great way to relief your kid from diarrhea. Even the process of digestion remains good with this. To begin, small portions of white rice can be given and gradually the quantity can be increased. Do not prefer the spicy taste of rice at all else it might increase the problem instead of curing it. So, apart from adding the taste to your dinner or lunch the starch of white rice is a superb cure of diarrhea.

  1. Diarrhea Treatment by Black Tea:

Black Tea can quickly comfort a distressed tummy and effective home remedy of diarrhea because it also imbibes of inflammatory properties within itself. It is really simple and quick to do, just make a cup of black tea and add few drops of lemon juice to it and give it your unhappy kid. It instantly provides you relaxation and should be drunk twice or thrice a day. Now you must be wondering how it works so effectively. The reason behind this is the presence of tannic acid in black tea that kicks off the bacteria causing diarrhea.

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  1. Potatoes for Diarrhea Treatment:

Foods rich in starch work very well when you are a patient of diarrhea and one of the best home remedies of diarrhea. Potatoes have starch in abundance and thus they turn up to be an amazing remedy for healing this problem. Children suffering from diarrhea can be asked to have boiled potatoes. Do not every try the fried forms of potato in such a state like: French fries or spicy potato curries. So, give it simple so that starch can reach their tummy and provide them with quick relief rather than spice and oil that can increase the issue. Moreover, you can also drink other starchy fluids like: coconut water, fruit or vegetable juice that has starch because any liquid that has starch will be a great help.

Though these remedies work fabulously in treating diarrhea in children but in some cases if the problem persist then it is must to visit a doctor. The same treatments can be a great help to the adults as well because there is no harm from any of them. Along with these treatments, make sure to give healthy liquid in regular timings to your kid so that the weakness can be recovered. The diet should have those foodies that can be digested easily without any effort and do not increase the problem further. But if there are following symptoms, then do not waste a single minute trying any of the remedies or medicines on your own and rather contact the doctor as soon as possible.

Contact the doctor at the very same moment if:

  • The kid is less than six months old.
  • The kid seems to be very unwell and has the problem of diarrhea persisting for more than three days.
  • Diarrhea seems to be converted in dehydration
  • Also has severe fever
  • Has not peed (for a baby – 6 hours & for a child – 12 hours)
  • If he/she is vomiting and the color of fluid is greenish or yellowish
  • Not able to carry fluid in tummy and passing five liquid stools in a period of eight hours
  • Has rashes and weak immune system
  • Has stomach ache for two hours in continuation or more
  • Is repeatedly facing the problem of diarrhea for more than once in a month
  • Has bloody stool

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Mark a Note: Never give your infant any fever medicine if the fever is caused due to diarrhea and is above 100.4 F


There is a virus known as Rotavirus which is generally the reason of diarrhea in children. Now, an efficacious vaccination has been given against this in order to save children from the trouble of repeated diarrhea. The rotavirus vaccination has been made compulsory for babies along with the other vaccinations which are given in the form of drops when a baby is two to three months old. So, stay protected!

Hope this article proves helpful to you. You can also let us know if we have missed on any of other home remedies and share your precious ideas which can prove helpful to everyone. We sincerely wish that you and your family always stay healthy and happy.