How Can a Good Hat Enhance Your Facial Contours?


Finding a hat that goes with your face shape is a tricky task. It is not similar to buying any fashion accessories and requires bit of experimentation. A hat only looks good if it complements the face shape. Hats are usually marketed as one-size fits all approach; however, not always the hat seems right for the face. Remember that the same headwear will look different on each individual. It will not give the same appearance to everyone. Hence, you will have to select a hat that complements your face shape along with your personality.

First and foremost, you will have to discern your face shape and select a hat that goes with it. There are two vital parts added to this game. First, you will have to use a measuring tape for measuring your head and the length of your face. You may use your charger cord or headphone set for this purpose. If you do not find measuring tape close by, you can also use toolbox measuring tapes for getting the measurement. The next part of the game is a selection of the right hat that goes with the face shape. For this, you will have to understand the different styles of hats that may accentuate the best features of your face. Speaking categorically, you find six shapes of faces. These are long, round, square, heart, diamond, and oval.

How can long face individuals’ style themselves with hats?

Sun hats, cowboy hats, and wide brim fedora hats go best with long faces. It is because they will cut across your forehead and exaggerate the best part of your face. It is always better not to go with beanies because they cannot create the impression of a shorter face. Although they are ideal for the winter months, it’s better to go with wide-brimmed hats to compliment your look.

Headwear options for round-face individuals

It’s straightforward to style individuals who have round faces. It is because most of the hats look good on their face shape. For these individuals, caps with opposite features, that is, angular features, work well with their face shape. For creating a retro look, you can select cloche or fedora along with beanies to pull it off. Apart from this, you can also go with tall crown hats because they will create an impression of height. If you want to make an extended impression, you will have to go with a narrow brim and tall crown hats.

The angular features of the square face have few options

Now, styling square face individuals- individuals with angular facial features go well with various hats, and you can wear them at multiple angles. You will look fantastic with sun hats, cowboy hats, wide-brimmed fedora hats, and other options that will cut across your forehead. It will amplify their facial features and make them look enigmatic. To avoid style errors, you can create a dynamic impression with a wide brim and leather top hat. These are great options for people who have distinctive face shapes. Apart from this, the cloche is another viable hat that works well on these faces. It will create an impression of a shorter face and help you play with the overall features.

Heart-shaped faces have a different story

As the name suggests, heart-shaped faces are exactly how they sound. If you have such a face, you can benefit from fedora, newsboy, or baseball caps. These caps come with a clipped brim that emphasizes the jaw’s narrowness and the width of the face. You will have to avoid floppy hats because they will only add extra volume on the top. If you want to appear sleek and fashionable, your best option is sun hats, cowboy hats, wide-brimmed fedora hats, and other headwear that will give you a narrow impression. They will cut on the exaggerated effect of the wideness of the upper face and create a balance. It’s always better not to go for beanies because they will only reveal your face shape.

Hat styles for diamond and oval-shaped faces

The ones with oval faces enjoy the versatility of alternatives. It is because elliptic face individuals can select any hat of their choice. All of them will look best on these face shapes. On the other hand, diamond-shaped faces have to take special care at how they angle their hats. These individuals have a width on the upper part of the head and a narrow jawline. If you wear your hat towards the rear, it will create an impression of a short face. You can go with the pork pie, wide-brimmed Panama hats, and fedora hats if you want to make an impression.

When you are out there to select the right hat for yourself, you will have to try out every option to see which one suits you well. Irrespective of what experts say, you will have to take the final decision. Remember that you must flaunt your hat with confidence and enjoy your look when you wear it.