How Hotels are Expanding Health and Wellness Amenities


The high-end resort industry continues to push boundaries regarding what they can offer guests. In a post-pandemic world, one thing hotel guests are clamoring for is better health and wellness amenities. As a result, hotels are finding all sorts of ways of answering that call. The following are some ways high-end hotels are changing things up a bit.

Spa Treatment

One thing people love about hotels and resorts that offer wellness amenities is the spa treatment. Each resort varies its spa offerings; some just have saunas and a place where guests can meditate, while others offer much more. Some include things like providing oxygenated pools and detoxifying drinks, just to name a few things. It’s no secret that guests that want the best spa treatment will call hotels to ask questions about their offerings before even booking. Hotels that offer many spa-related perks get more business. It’s wise for hotels to offer spa treatments every day rather than once a month. Some resorts and hotels limit the number of times you can take advantage of a spa treatment, which is not suitable for business.

Adding a Nursing Staff

One thing that might be hard to imagine is a nursing staff at a resort or hotel, yet that’s happening around the nation. Many resorts now have around-the-clock nursing staff managed by someone with BSN to DNP credentials. The nursing staff is there to help guide the wellness and health of guests. For example, the nursing staff can help with minor injuries, cold symptoms, and other common ailments. Sometimes, the nursing staff will help monitor the physical fitness of guests. They could help encourage them to stay focused on their health. Having a nursing staff at the location will also help people feel safer.

In-House Massage Therapist

Tension can be stored in various places in the body. This can cause a person to feel stiff, and that’s not a good thing for anyone. A massage therapist can help with this. Top-rated wellness resorts and luxury hotels have in-house massage therapists for their guests. These folks might come to the guest’s room directly, or they might have their own spaces somewhere in the resort or hotel. If guests feel more limber and relaxed after one or a few of these sessions, they’ll thank the hotel for focusing on health. A massage therapist can also help address pains or aches guests might be dealing with. Many folks complain about some type of pain, and a massage therapist will come in handy for this issue.

Yoga Practitioner

Some resorts and hotels now have an in-house yoga practitioner. This is someone who can help guests try guided meditation along with exercise. Yoga is one of those things that could be pretty intense or relaxing, depending on the instructor. Yoga can be tailored to fit anyone’s physical state. Guests who are already familiar with yoga and want to take things up a notch will probably enjoy advanced yoga classes. Folks who don’t know the practice and need time to practice will appreciate yoga for beginners. All types of yoga are being offered to people.

Registered Dietitian

Many hotels and resorts now employ a dietitian to make guest’s lives a bit easier. These folks can curate the menu for each guest, should they have specific dietary restrictions. They’re also there to curate a menu plan based on each guest’s health goals. Sometimes, this means curating a menu filled with ingredients that increase mental power, while other times, the ingredients boost the immune system or a person’s heart health. Having a registered dietitian can make a big difference, which is why many hotels and resorts are making this change.

Hopefully, companies keep improving their offerings as time moves on. These changes will likely stick around the industry because the importance of wellness and healthcare seems to continue growing.