How Long is a Minecraft Day?


The game heads and especially the Minecraft freaks, in the very first place, would want to know the day and night cycles of the game. It is said that the nighttime of the game is really dangerous so in order to play safely it is very important to have clear-cut knowledge about the timing cycle. It becomes even more crucial for the players who are new to the game or have recently begun playing it to know how long is a Minecraft day? So, here is this article to help you out with gaining the proper knowledge regarding the day and night cycle in the Minecraft game. 

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How to read time in Minecraft?

There is always a specific way to execute things and so is telling the time in Minecraft. Though this whole game is about giving a platform to the players to explore and enhance their creativity in the virtual gaming world. But when it comes to the time-telling part of the game, you do not need to make your own assumptions. Here in Minecraft players can so easily generate a clock. But now the question arises is, How? 

So in order to generate a clock in Minecraft you just need two ingredients. Those two elements include- 1 Redstone dust and 4 Gold Ingots. Now the next query that comes in is, How does the clock work? One can read the Minecraft clock by looking at the colors of the day cycle over to the night sky and so on while moving between both dusk and dawn. The clock really helps the ones who are underground, it tells them the safe time to come out from the mines to the wild overworld. In order to have the idea of passing day and night in Minecraft make sure to add the clock to your hot bar. 

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Map of the time in Minecraft!

If we talk about the day duration in Minecraft then it is about 20 minutes long in real-world time. As per the in-game clock, the day here starts at 6 am and just after 5 minutes, it appears to be noon with the sun reaching its peak. Since the night time in the game is very dangerous, scheduling things according to the daylight is very important. There are in total 10 minutes of daylight available and then the night starts to appear. 

The night in Minecraft is for about seven minutes or so. The bed available there can be used at 10 minutes and 30 seconds into the day and can continue using it till morning. At a mark of 15 minutes midnight starts and then soon after a few minutes, you will see the sunrise. 

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Real-world time Minecraft time 
0:00Beginning of the day 
0:23Sunrise ends
11:32Beginning of the night 
19:30Moon sets