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How tall is Ranboo – Ranboo, is a very well-known Influencer on Social media and Youtube. He is an American Twitch Streamer who is known for his content and collaborations in ‘Minecraft. He has over 4 million followers on Twitch and more than 3.8 Million subscribers on Youtube. After finishing his Secondary School Graduation, he interviewed for many positions but still was dismissed. Apart from his capabilities, he looked after several jobs in distinct fields.

Later, when he acknowledged that he’s good at playing Minecraft, he chose to achieve something out of it. He started using his skills by moving the recordings regarding Minecraft.

More about Ranboo!

He was born on 2 November 2003, in the United States of America. His educational qualification till now is ‘High school,’ and he has not continued with his further studies. There is no possibility that he will choose studies over his social media career. 

What is Ranboo’s Real Name?

Ranboo’s real name is ‘Mark’. Although he is very well known by the name ‘Ranboo’ on all his Social Media platforms, some sources tell us that his actual name is ‘Johnathan Schlatt’.

How old is Ranboo?

At the start of 2022, Ranboo touched 18 years of age. As he was born in 2003.

Ranboo’s height

Ranboo’s height gained him a huge fan following. His height is6 feet 6 inches or ‘199 cm’ approx.

Ranboo’s Social Media Career

After deciding to make his career in ‘Minecraft’. He started his youtube journey on 30 January 2020. It was witnessed that a humongous amount of fans were waiting for him. 

As a result, he was approached to join the Minecraft Server Dream in the month of December 2020. Fulfilling the demands of his Minecraft fans requires the proper focus of time. Therefore, on youtube, he was not able to make content for quite a while. On his Youtube channel, he used to upload a miscellany of computer games like UNO, Minecraft, Super Mario, and many others. All of this started when he started sending recordings on Twitch in September 2020. 

Nevertheless, his career got a huge hit in his career by his influential associates of Minecraft. His skills and abilities to stream recordings on computer games have helped him to earn over 3.5 Million followers in just a few couples of months. In current times, he has vigorous followers of about ‘56k’.

After gaining success in Twitch, Ranboo’s decision of starting a youtube channel is kind of seen as beneficial. As the recording preceded by Twitch has been posted on youtube. There are about 5 total videos that he uploaded in his five months journey. And it is surprising to see that all his videos combined have 56 Million views.

How did Ranboo get famous?

Ranboo gained huge popularity of about 200 Youtube subscribers on his very first day by just posting a TikTok. Later, when he started screaming, his raid controversy with Punz got him many more followers. Due to this, he got associated with other streamers like ‘Eret’ and ‘Nihachu’

Ranboo BillBoard TimeSquare

After wiping off more than 200,000 likes on a Twitter reply, Ranboo, a Minecraft streamer was featured front and center on a Billboard in New York City’s Times Square!

On 13 June, ‘ARKH’ a social platform posted a tweet saying they would throw whoever manages to get the highest likes on the Billboard in New York City’s Times Square. Later, Ranboo answered back with a GIF (his character in a heart-shaped locket). 

On sunday morning, 20 June, after other content creators like Spifey, Jschlatt, and badboyhalo, Ranboo tweeted the whole Billboard. Even five screens at the same time displayed his tweet with his in-game character.

Rambo claimed, “ he really did take over Times Square”.

Ranboo’s Net Worth

Ranboo’s net worth is calculated as $ 4 million (estimate). If we talk about his sources of earnings, it has to be his merchandise and his streaming on Twitch. Because he has a good number of youtube subscribers, but he is not regular when it comes to posting or uploading content. And because he has an interest in computer games like Mario and Minecraft, therefore, he makes a good earning out of it.

Twitch: Being a professional streamer on Twitch, his consistent posting and streaming of recordings have got him something. He is earning money through advertisements, promotions, referrals, and gifts that he gets while putting on live sessions. Not only this, but membership subscriptions also have a role in his money-making. 

For example: Per subscriber, membership costs about $5, so ultimately, his monthly income lands on about $283,000.

NOTE: Paid subscriptions are not fixed.

Ramboo’s Merchandise: Another source of income was his own fashion store named ‘Rambo. fashion’. He sells products on his website of this merchandise store. Attires like T-shirts, Hoodies, Sweatshirts, Hats, Masks and so on. His apparel does not take much time to get all sold out. But there is no figure for his earnings shown in this source.

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How much money does Ranboo earn?

The only source of the highest income in Ramboo’s career is ‘Twitch’. His channel ‘RambooLive’ is a famous one. In his initial years, he touched 100K subscribers very rapidly. Therefore, 60K-70K subscribers is not a great deal to him. 

He has an estimated income of almost $1.5 – $2.0 million yearly. Adding his Twitch channel money with Youtube income makes him a wealthy man with income above $2.2 Million. This figure is calculated without including his gifts, promotions, sponsorships, and others.

In the News

While he was doing his 10-hour Charity Stream, Ranboo earned a huge donation amount. He collected more than $100K for the LGBTQ community. After this, he also gained more fan following of about 45K. 

Moreover, Ranboo was also appointed as a Twitch Partner on 18 November 2020, that only after 10 months of the formation of that account.

He won the rivalry with his in-game character GIF by displaying it on screens of Times Square, New York.

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I have attempted to enlighten you about the topic on which the article is based i.e, How tall is Ranboo?”. The article combines assembled data and information about his age, height, net worth, and controversies.


Q1) How old is Ranboo?

Ans – Ranboo has touched 18 years of age in 2022.

Q2) How tall is Ranboo?

Ans – Ranboo is 6’66’’ or 199cm tall.

Q3) What is Ranboo’s Real name?

Ans – According to sources, Ranboo’s real name is ‘Johnathan Schlatt’.  

Q4) Is Ranboo Gay?

Ans – On 24 April, Ranboo came out as unlabeled and gay.

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