How To Get Health Insurance For College Students


In most cases, college students are expected to get health insurance. According to their coverage needs, students might look for short-term insurance or a major medical plan. Short-term plans can provide temporary health insurance for a semester or even the entire school year, but they often only cover accidents and unexpected diseases, and they have fewer benefits than major medical policies. For students, a major medical plan provides a more complete, long-term health coverage.

Ways To Get Health Insurance As a College Student

Insurance coverage may not seem important to you as a college student. Perhaps you’re used to being covered under your parents’ plan or believe you won’t need it because you lead a healthy lifestyle. We researched several healthy options to help you find out the best possible health insurance plan for your circumstances.

  • Get your college health insurance – Almost every university has its student health insurance plan. These programs can be paid for by the school or by a third-party insurance firm. Some of these options are only available during the school year.
  • Get parent’s insurance – You may be eligible for coverage under your parents’ health insurance plan if you are a dependent under the age of 26. You can still request to be on your parent’s plan if you go to a different college state from where they live.
  • Get work insurance – The company may be allowed to add you to their health insurance plan if you work part-time while you are in college. If you work more than a particular number of hours each week, you can qualify for a workplace plan.
  • Get private insurance – The healthcare marketplace can also be used to obtain private health insurance. During the yearly registration period or a special enrollment period, you may be eligible to add a private health insurance plan.


However, if those options don’t work for you, look for different types of health insurance. Many of these policies are costly, and others may not meet your university’s standards for adequate coverage. You should confirm the exact requirements with your school before deciding so that you know what to search for. In case you need to write your requirements for your insurance while applying, here is the Top Writers Review to help you out with your writing skills and improve your paper.


How To Get Health Insurance

If you are under the age of 26 and live in the same state as your parents, you can either stay on or be added to your parent’s health insurance plan, or you can enroll in your health insurance plan, either through your school or independently. Depending on the family’s income, some students may be eligible for MediCal or Medicaid. Or if you are attending college in a state other than your parents’, you may continue to be covered under your parents’ health insurance policy, but you must verify the coverage documentation to ensure that the insurer’s provider network includes the area where you will be residing.

If you are over the age of 26, you are no longer protected by your parents’ health insurance policy and must purchase your own. You are eligible for a special enrollment period once you reach the age of 26 and can enroll in a healthcare plan through the Health Insurance Marketplace.

To summarize, healthcare is not a comfortable subject, yet it is necessary because everyone needs medical care at some time in their lives. Make sure you get as much insurance as you can afford, and get to know your plan’s mechanics. You’ll be glad you took the time to do so.


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