How to Install Perfect Landscape Lighting?


We all want our backyards to look magical! One of the tools to create perfection is landscape lighting. Following are a few tips you can employ in landscape lighting to present an architecturally beautiful image well under budget to impress the family and friends:

  • The primary focus of the landscape must be the terrain and the décor, which the lighting will complement. It is a lovely intention to boost your landscape terrain. However, before limiting the landscape, focus on the pathways and other features like trees or flower pots. 
  • The placement of the lights also matters a lot. You do not want the lights to appear in the middle of the pathway so the guests can topple over one by one. It would also be preferred if the lights are not placed so far apart that their installation negates the illumination purpose. You can highlight an object or space such as a patio or swimming pool, installing the lights wisely.
  • The landscape lighting must complement the architecture of the house. Without the house, there would be no landscape. Therefore, a clashing aesthetic would present a confused perspective that might deter the selling process if you plan to part with the property. Ensure the lights pay attention to the home while providing safety too.
  • Instead of installing one gigantic light, which will surely increase the utility expense, go with multiple layering. The lights can be individually set to provide different light intensities and colors to present a unique landscape image. The feature is perfect for a sculpture or a fountain where the color changes with each pattern or perspective. 
  • The worst injustice you can do is plant the landscape lighting in a straight line. Your landscape or the front yard is not a runway for the planes to land, so think of creative arrangements and installation points. Revolve the arrangement around making the entrance warm and welcoming.
  • There are numerous creative ways to install landscape lighting. You can cascade them on the high walls to create a pattern. Furthermore, you can shine them down a pathway from a nearby wall. You can create a stagger with the lights. You can join the lights of different sizes to create your custom light!
  • The correct way to illuminate these lights is by employing LED bulbs. These lights do not emit the odd blue undertone in fluorescent lighting. Furthermore, you can also choose warm and cold undertones because the LED lights are available in many different colors. However, for the perfect landscape lighting, choose a soft light that focuses downwards without any glare.
  • Carefully spread out the lights in the cascading area. Fill the dark spaces by installing these lights in the corner for security and safety purposes. 

The Secrets of Landscaping Lights

Whether accent lighting or complete layout, Kirkland Washington Landscape Lighting will send over experts to create an extensive lighting plan, the services are necessary to achieve a balanced illumination in the dead of night for the years to come.