How to interview someone for a descriptive essay

According to Purdue University, a descriptive essay is an essay question to write about a particular subject, as an object, place, person, emotion, experience or personal situation. Descriptive tests allow write creatively about the chosen topic. When writing a descriptive essay about an individual, usually an interview conducted before starting writing. This gives you the additional information you need to write an effective descriptive essay.



Conduct a thorough research on the person you are interviewing before the interview. Gathers information about the personal and professional achievements, current occupation, likes or any other relevant information that you can use as an introduction or description in your descriptive essay.


Call the person you want to interview and set a time and place for the interview. Please note if the subject you want to interview in person or by phone. Prepare for your interview a few minutes ahead of schedule. Ten written questions you want to do, and all the research you’ve collected.


Introduce once the interview is started, and begins with a short talk about the interests of the respondent and his profession. Keep the conversation light and relaxed. Ask permission to record the interview if you want, but remember that the recording is not necessary. However, a recording will help you when you’re writing your descriptive essay.


Make each question carefully and taking notes as the interviewee responds. Pay close attention to each answer, ask again if you do not understand the answer, but keep the interview flowing steadily. Always makes open questions in order to obtain a more elaborate answer. Avoid any questions the subject may respond with a simple yes or no. Be nice throughout the interview, and be sure to show your appreciation to end the conversation.