Remember wherever you put the tiny metal SIM Card equipment you periodically receive with new phones? No, neither did I, but just don’t give up.

Luckily for you and me, I was able to remove the SIM card tray & microSD card slot without using the included tool. These 4 simple techniques will help you unlock the SIM slot without the need for a SIM tool. Although SIM cards are largely standardized, they do exist in a few distinct sizes and designs. You must locate the SIM card slot if you want to know how to put your SIM card on a cellphone.

Here, we’ll demonstrate how to access the SIM card slot on an iPhone or an Android phone.


How to Unlock the iPhone’s SIM Card Slot?

For each new iteration, the procedure for opening the SIM card slot on an iPhone hasn’t actually altered all that much. On the side of your iPhone, search for a tiny pinhole to reveal the SIM card slot.

When you’ve located it, you’ll have to open the SIM card slot using the SIM card ejector pin tool. Each iPhone comes with this in its box. If you do not possess this device, you can also pry open the slot with an unfurled paper clip or pin. Nonetheless, use caution while using a pin because you do not want to hurt yourself!

Put a paperclip or even the SIM card ejector tool through the pinhole just on the side of the iPhone to unlock the SIM card slot. The SIM card tray will eject if you pull it fully out with significant force.

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How to Unlock the Android SIM Card Slot?

Similar to how iPhones do, Android smartphones also use SIM cards. To make calls or send messages over a cell connection, you’ll have to insert a SIM card unless you’re utilizing a far more recent e-SIM. You must first locate your smartphone’s SIM card ejector tool; most Android device companies make one. Acquire an unfolded safety pin or pin to use in its place if you don’t have one. Use a pin with caution, though. Every smartphone has a different location for the SIM card slot, but you can typically locate it by searching for a tiny pinhole on the back of your Android handset. If your phone has one, you might need to remove the detachable back case.

Put your SIM card extractor tool or pin into the slot on your smartphone to unlock the SIM card slot on the majority of Android phones. Press into the slot till the SIM card holder is partly dislodged with light pressure. The remainder of the holder might then need to be physically removed.



Q1) What can I use to hold my SIM card?

Ans: Paperclip. If you work in an office, it’s definitely the second most frequent occurrence. Any small metal paperclip—not the fat plastic-coated ones—will cause the SIM tray to eject. And once you’re finished, you may use it to join different pieces of paper.

Q2) Can you fix a SIM card slot?

Ans: Examine the sim slot to discover any potential weak spots in the factory solder. Once located, dunk the soldering gun within flux to stop the solder from adhering to the tool. To fix the damaged section on the sim slot, use a 60/40 lead solder.


In conclusion, the article has attempted to give you a clear answer to the question- of how to open a sim card slot. Hope the above information was helpful for both android and iPhone users.

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