How to sell Homemade product on instagram


A fairly large part of the people who maintain their profiles on Instagram are people whose hands grow from the right place, who know how to do something beautiful — from jewelry to furniture, and want to make money on it.

The whole difficulty of selling hand-made products is to explain to people their necessity. The malls are full of inexpensive goods from factories. Then why is an author’s product better than a factory one? In this article, we’ll tell you why users are interested in this kind of content and why you don’t even have to buy Instagram followers to build an audience.

There are two reasons why people can buy handmade:

a) people will like the author of the product, his lifestyle;

b) the product is a symbol of something (wealth, happy family life, health, etc.)

A little more detail about these two points.

1. The identity of the author

The personality of the author is the most important thing in handmade. People think that through the hands of the master, his energy is transferred to the product. And the person who bought the product will receive this energy. Therefore, for example, many are afraid to buy vintage because it is not known who the previous owners of these things were.

Therefore, on instagram, the identity of the author and a piece of his personal life must be visible. And from the profile should breathe positive and cheerfulness.

If you interest people with your personality, then you will not need to spend money to buy real Instagram followers.

2. Symbolism

It is much easier to sell a handmade item if you say that it is a symbol of something important to a person. Those who know how to do something with their own hands always study symbolism in detail. After that, they write that their thing is a symbol of wealth / happiness / health, etc. This is a good life hack, because if a person puts a lot of time and effort into his work, then he wants to be paid a lot.

What to do next?

Even though you’ve already spent a lot of energy getting the job done, you need to take the time to gather positive customer reviews. Ask customers to take pictures of items they bought from you. It must be shown that many users already have your work and are very happy with it. Customer feedback is the main engine of trade.

Only after the master makes his business real in the opinion of many people (with all its attributes, such as reviews, comments, and so on), comes up with the main idea and justifies the importance of his product, it is necessary to promote, namely work with bloggers and launch targeted advertising.


If you want to start an account with handmade products, then everything is in your hands. Many users like to buy things that have been made by hand. We wish you success in your business and hope that our article helped you get motivated to get started!