How to write an essay?

essay writing tips

Writing essays is an essential part of education and is included at levels in schooling, graduation, and even in higher studies. Students often find writing essays a dreaded task, and one of the most common problems they face is that they don’t know how to start writing essays. Whether the essay is for the scholarship, class project, or for a contest, they find it daunting and opt for hiring an essay writer.

A wide range of how to write an essay. Therefore, instead of surfing the internet for I need help writing an essay, you should learn to write essays so that you can complete your project easily. 

Writing an essay might seem like an overwhelming task; however, you can break it in steps in order to make it easy. Here are some tips that you can follow to write a good essay. 

Choose a Topic

You might have your topic assigned, or you might be given a choice to choose your topic. The first step in writing an essay is to choose the topic on which you want to write the essay. After choosing a topic, you should think about whether the essay should include a general overview or deep analysis on the basis of the word limit. 

After determining the topic, you need to do appropriate research on the topic in order to collect information that you want to include in your essay. 

Prepare Outline

After choosing the topic and collecting the data, the next step is to prepare the outline of the essay. In this step, you need to organize your thoughts. You should put whatever is in your mind and the data that you have collected on paper. Note down all the details you have. Then, the next step is to establish a link between the ideas and organize them properly. 

In order to organize the ideas, write the topic in the middle of the page, and then draw some lines branching off from it. Then write your primary ideas at the end of these lines. This will help you gather all the ideas in one place. 

The next step is to create an outline. In order to do this, write the topic on the top of the page then list your ideas one after another, leaving space between them. In the space, write small ideas in order to establish the connection. It will help you in writing more organized essays. 

Write the Thesis Statement

Once you have chosen the topic and created an outline, the next step is to create a thesis statement. A thesis statement helps in determining the point of your essay. You should write the thesis statement on the basis of the main ideas of your essay. 

The thesis statement should have two parts. The first part includes the topic, and the second part determines the main point of the essay. The thesis statement usually contains one or two sentences.

Write Introduction

After writing the thesis statement, you need to write an attractive introduction. The introduction paragraph should be attractive enough to catch the reader’s attention. The introduction also includes the focus of the essay. The introduction contains 10-20% of the word count.

Begin the introduction with attention-grabbing sentences. You can ask a question or include a quote or bold statement in order to emphasize the relevance of the topic. After writing the hooker sentence, you need to render the context in order to help the readers in understanding the argument. This should include an overview of the details that you are going to present in the essay. It should also include the thesis statement that focuses on the topic of your essay. 

Write Main Body

After writing the introduction, the next step is to write the main body of the essay. When you write the essay, make different sections of the main body using the main ideas that you wrote in the outline. 

The basic structure of all the paragraphs is the same. It contains the main idea at the beginning as the introductory sentence. The next lines of the paragraph include explaining the idea and mentioning the information that you collected regarding the idea. 

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Each paragraph should contain a topic sentence in the beginning. The topic sentence creates a transition from the last paragraph, and it also includes an introduction argument that is to be made in the current paragraph. Transition sentences help in creating smooth transitions between paragraphs. They also help in managing the interest of the reader in the essay. 

After the topic sentence, you need to provide details to the reader with the help of examples, data, or quotes. Make sure to present arguments in support of your statement. 

Your main body should include all the ideas that you wrote in the outline and should contain adequate information about the topic. The main body of the essay should include arguments supporting the thesis statement, evidence, and your ideas. The core purpose of the main body is to present, interpret, and evaluate the information that you have collected from different sources to support your statement. The length of the main body depends on the word count. However, the main body forms 60-80% of the essay. 

Write Conclusion

After writing the main, the final step is to write the conclusion. It is the final section of the essay and includes 10-20% of the essay. Your conclusion should draw a connection between all the arguments that are made in the main body. It should include the outcomes of all the arguments. It should emphasize the significance of the thesis statement. Finally, it should include broader suggestions and the importance of the topic. 

Check it for Final Touch

After completing the essay, you need to check it before submitting it. You should check the essay for small details. You should check the order of the essay and should check it for any mistakes if there are any. Finally, review the essay and reread it. Make sure the flow of sentences and paragraphs is smooth in order to manage the interest of the readers in reading the essay.