International Travel Must-Haves


With the new year and vaccine rollouts, so many things we once took for granted are finally back on the table. Not the least of which is international travel. While many people have been itching to get back out there because it’s their passion, the lockdowns have also inspired many people to stop talking about traveling during their lives and actually to get out there and to do it. Whether you’re the former or the latter, you may need some brushing up on the must-haves for international travel as you get out of your home and back into the world. Keep reading to get ready.

It’s in the Bag

First things first, you need the perfect backpack for your travels. Whether you are literally backpacking through a country or several, or you just need the ideal carry-on, a backpack is a must-have. Backpacks are perfect for international travel because of the number of compartments and space they have, making them easy to stay organized with all the things you’ll constantly need at the ready. Think passports, snacks, a change of clothing, reusable water bottles, literally everything. So, find the perfect backpack and make sure to invest in a style you’ll use beyond just travel but when you’re back home as well. 

Cash Rules

Of course, you’ll want traveler’s checks and a couple of credit cards – though it’s important not to travel with all your credit cards; but you’ll also want cash from where you’re from as well. Having domestic currency can come in handy in certain situations. You also want to make sure that you come prepared with the currency for the country that you’re visiting. It’s easy to do this type of exchange prior to your trip, so it’s not something you’ll have to worry about later. A simple online search for currency exchanges near you can help you be prepared with this, and if you don’t have any in the city you live in, they can also be done in airports and at most hotels upon arrival; but luck always favors the prepared. 


You’ll also want to register a VPN before you travel. A VPN is a Virtual Private Network, and they’re very important for your protection. Sure, free Wifi is tempting, but it’s not just about always having a connection. Your VPN protects your data on your phone, and let’s face it, most of us keep almost our entire lives on our phones. A VPN will also allow you access to websites and apps from your home country that may be blocked or behind paywalls while you’re traveling. They’re simply a must when traveling abroad. 


Essentials cover a broad range of things, but there are some universal basics. It would be best if you obviously had your chargers for all your devices, but make sure you’re also packing an outlet adaptor if the outlets differ in the country you’re headed. You also want to protect your phone with a waterproof phone case. Essentials also come down to necessary prescription medications and extras of them just in case of an emergency. It’s wise to pack these in your carry-on just in case your luggage gets lost at some point. Another essential item to have with you is a first aid kit. The chances are high that you’ll be traveling somewhere that you shouldn’t be too worried about sufficient medical care, but accidents do happen, and it’s a good idea to have some essential first aid items in your bag just in case. 


Traveling as a minimalist takes some time to master, so it’s never a bad idea to pack multiples of things since you never know where the day or night will take you. When it comes to dressier items, you may only need one dress, but several pairs of shoes and plenty of undergarments are critical. You also want to make sure you’re thinking of all the extras regarding personal care items. Don’t forget essential things like sunscreen, especially if you’re traveling to a location close to the equator.

Travel Insurance

Lastly, something that often gets overlooked or skimped on is travelers insurance, which is usually a mistake. Travelers insurance protects you from all kinds of emergencies that could arise. Even if chances are they won’t, it’s priceless to have peace of mind during your travels, especially if you’re traveling with children.