Is Savannah Georgia safe – Savannah, a coastal Georgian city, is well-known across the nation because of its breathtaking coastal scenery, interesting history, and well-preserved buildings. It is a thriving Southern getaway wherein Spanish moss is a backdrop for architecture, society, artistry, and ghost stories.

Despite having beautiful scenery, this city is a bit dangerous to tour. For individuals considering moving, the violent crime rate in this seaside town will be 845.18 per 100,000 inhabitants in 2020.

How safe is Savannah for travel?

Thinking of Travelling to Savannah, Is Savannah, Georgia safe? According to statistics, traveling to this lovely coastal town is not very secure. By 2020, Savannah’s violent crime rate was approximately 845.18 per 100,000 residents.

The town’s violent crime rate seems to be more than twice as high as the national median and is steadily rising. Major cities like Newark, Tucson, and Dallas are comparable in size. Walking alone during the late hours of the night is not advised, even though Savannah is a very secure place to visit during the daytime. Regarding safety, this town ranks in the 13th percentile, implying that 87% of other cities are safer and 13% are riskier.

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Natural Disaster in Savannah, Georgia?

It’s crucial to understand the typical natural disasters Savannah experiences if you’re relocating to Georgia. Hurricanes, tornadoes, strong cyclones, floods, and wildfires are common in this city. While tornadoes are frequently linked to springtime, they can originate in the Savannah and Atlanta regions anywhere. If you’re curious if it snows in Atlanta, check the most up-to-date weather reports and make travel arrangements appropriately. A Savannah environment is also threatened by agriculture, which worsens the impacts of grazing, overfishing, other farming activities, and climate change.

Savannah, Georgia, has flooding?

Yes. Because Savannah is a coastal community, flooding seems to be a medium threat there. Around ten times a year, on normal, Savannah experiences flooding, which would be significantly more frequent than the five or fewer times it did ordinary 40 years ago. Within the next thirty years, the danger will rise, indicating that floods will probably affect daily living in the neighborhood.

Are there often earthquakes in Savannah?

No. Georgia rarely experiences earthquakes, particularly when contrasted to seismically active areas in the western US. Many residents in Savannah haven’t ever felt the 10 to 15 mild earthquakes that occur there each year. 1886 had the greatest earthquake yet to hit Savannah.

Rates of violent crime in Savannah

Savannah is considered one of the most unsafe areas in Georgia due to the rising violent crime rate there. The city recorded 1249 violent crimes in 2020, with an overall savannah Georgia crime rate of 845.18 per 100,000 residents.

Which city experiences the most violent crime?

St. Louis is considered the most dangerous city in America to visit, even though the crime rate is rising nationwide in Savannah, Georgia. The main cause of this city’s rising crime rate has been its dire state of the economy.

Savannah’s highest rate of assault?

For LGBT people, is Savannah, Georgia, safe? In Savannah, there are 397 sexual offenses per 100,000 people. According to the data, Savannah has a higher rate of abuse victims than some other GA cities, such as Atlanta.

Vandalism in Savannah reports that this city has a property crime rate of 51.5, which is significantly greater than the national average of 35.4. 4,426 property offenses were recorded in Savannah in 2020, with a property crime rate of 2994.99 per 100,000 residents. Property crime rates in Savannah are roughly 1.53 times higher nationwide and 1.5 times higher than in the state. The city’s property rate of crime is comparable to that of large cities like Long Beach, Las Vegas, and Sacramento, even though it has reduced by 32% over the years.

What type of property crime is perhaps most common in Savannah?

Burglary, larceny-theft, theft of motor vehicles and arson are some of Savannah’s most common property crimes. In most cases, it is estimated by dividing the overall population by the number of crimes reported. 

Other Savannah crime statistics

All across the US, including Savannah, crime is on the increase. Do you wonder, is Savannah, GA, safe at night? Make a final determination based on the Savannah, Georgia, crime rate. One should be aware of measures such as abduction, narcotic crimes, burglary, animal cruelty, and many more, in addition to property and violent crimes.

The level of crime in the Savannah area

In this seaside city, there are roughly 56.17 crimes committed per 1000 people each year. The difference between it and the national average is almost 33%. Savannah seems to have a high crime rate, which is true in all its neighborhoods. They both constitute a significant risk and thus are extremely destructive.

Towns like Thunderbolt, Garden City, Whitemarsh Island, Vernonburg, Montgomery, and others in the Savannah area are among the frightening ones.

Comparison of Savannah, Georgia’s annual crime rates 

The safety of Savannah, Georgia Makes a selection in light of this analysis of the annual crime rate. The pattern reveals a progressive rise in some crimes and a fall in others yearly. 

Why should Savannah be your home?

There are several benefits to residing in Savannah. There are numerous museums, top-notch restaurants, and certain other tourist destinations across the city. It annually hosts live shows, concerts, and cuisine festivals to amuse visitors. Additionally, this city frequently appears on lists of “best locations to retire” and “most cheap cities.”

Where should I live in Savannah, Georgia?

Most people agree that residing in Savannah’s southeast neighborhood is safe. In the northeastern neighborhoods, the odds of becoming a crime victim are as much as 1 in 8 and even as low as 1 in 29 in the city’s southeast. River Street, Gwinnett Street, E Broad Street, Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, and other nearby streets are the nicest neighborhoods in Savannah.


That’s all there is to it! We believe that our thorough investigation has answered your question, “Is Savannah, Georgia safe?” Although this seaside city has many tourist destinations and a beautiful atmosphere, residents and tourists are concerned about the high crime rate in Savannah, Georgia. Savannah is considered one of Georgia’s most unsafe cities because of increasingly violent and property crime. 

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Q1) Is Savannah, Georgia, Safe?

Ans: No. Savannah is a lovely city featuring breathtaking scenery, but it’s not the safest place to either live or travel. Savannah’s level of crime runs from medium to extremely high, leaving it less secure than some other Georgian cities.

Q2) Is Savannah’s downtown safe at night?

Ans: To point you in the right grasp of this coastal city’s safety, the following is a detailed breakdown of the total criminal activity and data.

Assaults, burglaries, robbery, violent crime, vandalism, drug addictions, etc., are the main offenses in Savannah. The city is safe to wander around during the day but very unsafe at night.

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